Blogging: Just Another Freedom Illusion

Societies and governments deliver a never-ending stream of freedom illusions to all citizen-slaves, successfully brainwashing them to perceive themselves as free, as they remain, in Truth, hopelessly enslaved. Let us briefly dissect this issue, as always, from a Self-centered perspective.
Consider ISIS, a social structure that western regimes demonize as embodying the worst forms of slavery and oppression. Yet ISIS successfully convinces its disciples that they enjoy valuable freedoms, by pledging allegiance to this social structure. The freedom to worship a god, by proxy to worship death, the freedom to be protected from exposure to ideas and traditions which defy their indoctrinated minds, the freedom to revel in rage, hate, and murder, without having to face up to their own True Reality motivations, The freedom to pretend to be free, because humans never want to be free, they only desire to be allowed to pretend to be free.
Now, compare and contrast the freedoms of the ISIS citizen, with the freedoms of the amerikkkan citizen. If your mind is sane, you will recognize that they are identical. They are identical because all humans in the 21st century exist as tortured ex-children, enslaved by the same diseased structures, limited by the same genetic pathologies of mind, and subjected to the same ongoing, externalized traumas. These freedoms are not freedoms, they are illusions of freedom, The freedom to exist as a slave, without having to face up to this Truth.
Look at a few common freedom illusions. We have voting. Here, the citizen-slave pretends he can choose a leader, but in Truth he is choosing a slavemaster, as given permission to do by the existing structure which enslaves him. He celebrates the freedom to choose between 2 or 3 or 4 different slavemasters, preselected by the government which enslaves him, knowing in advance that whichever slavemaster wins, his slave status cannot and will not be altered. How can any creature who even wants to pretend to be sane, decree such a horrific submission to slavery, a freedom?
Another widely embraced freedom illusion is the “right” to possess weapons. You insane creatures pretend to enjoy a valuable freedom, because your slavemaster governments selectively choose to allow some of you to legally own some types of weapons. Even as the slavemaster government owns weapons thousands or millions of times more lethal and destructive. Yes slave, we will allow you to own a Glock 17L with a 33 round magazine, while we own thermonuclear warheads capable of destroying every living thing on earth. Enjoy your freedom, which we can revoke at any moment, as we choose.
I love weapons of all sorts, and own many, but not for an instant have I ever been brainwashed enough to consider such ownership a form of freedom. Just because something might be useful to you in allowing you to express your True Reality, does not mean its possession can ever provide you with freedom. Freedom must be understood as the exact opposite of being allowed to do things or to possess things. The very existence of an organized structure judging and determining what you are allowed to possess or to do, is functional proof of your slave status. Freedom is never having to consider what you might not be allowed to do. There is no such thing as a limited or restricted freedom. The limitation or restriction nullifies the very idea that a freedom could exist.
Another freedom illusion offered by modern era slavemaster governments, is the “right” to quit a job, to change jobs, to choose a job that you personally desire. Freedom?? Employment is forced slavery, coerced under direct threat of suffering harm, deprivation, suffering, and death due tro malnutrition, untreated disease, etc. So, you are free to quit a job, and suffer harm as societal punishment. You are free to change jobs, to alter the specific details of the slave labor you are being forced to perform. How in the name of sanity can this constitute freedom? It is exactly the same as an 1800 kidnapped amerikkkan black being allowed to choose his new master. Labor in the 21st century is exactly the same as it was during the roman empire, everyone who labors for money is a purely owned slave, exactly as an 1800 negro in amerikkka was.
And what about families? So many of you celebrate this as a freedom. You can marry, fornicate, create children, live with your sex partners, so much glorious freedom, lots of choices, no? Come on, you fools! Don’t you see that the family unit is a prison, created by government specifically to lock you inside of cages? The freedom to marry is the freedom to legally subjugate your independence of mind and body, under direct terror threat of punishment by government. The freedom to fornacate is the freedom to become toxically dependent upon someone else to meet your own sexual needs, one of the most horrific slave statuses. The freedom to create children, is the freedom to be legally and culturally compelled to serve as a mother or father, robbed of all autonomy of mind, body, time, and of your very identity as a unique and irreplaceable singularity.
All of these diseased social structures are freedom illusions, that have nothing to do with achieving actual, Truth-based freedom. There are thousands upon thousands of freedom illusions, each of us is bombarded by them each day, and those of us who aspire to Superiority must recognize them all, for what they are. I still value My weapons, even as I completely reject the absurd concept that owning them is a form of freedom. Just because something is a freedom illusion, does not mean it should be shunned on a personal level. It might provide some useful personal benefits, as owning weapons does. But every freedom illusion must be consciously recognized as being just that, a freedom illusion.
Which brings us to blogging. This blog is only 7 days old, but I have been publicly revealing Forbidden Truth for 25 years, utilizing everything from xerox printed magazines sent through the mail, to Usenet newsgroups, to camcorder videos, to a million word Manifesto which has been posted online continuously for the past 11 years. None of this has existed, or exists today, as a form of freedom. The right to express Truth is not a freedom, because it is under the complete control of government, a slavemaster structure. There are thousands of things I could type in this very sentence, which would result in My being thrown into a cage, be it judicial or psychiatric, by the government which claims ownership of Me as a slave.
Every sentence that I have ever written over the past 25 years, has been Self-censored. Every sentence is written based upon the fact that no public writing can ever be free. Freedom of the press, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, these are all pure illusions. As long as government exists, nobody can be free to write or say what he wishes.
The internet poses a few specific challenges to universal censorship of ideas, that government, the universal censor, is fully aware of, and fully capable of successfully overcoming. The terrorist force of law and punishment is malleable enough to render every new invention, every new technology, utterly useless in terms of providing Truth-based freedom.
And yet here I am, blogging. Not because it is a freedom. But because words allow Me to express to the universe the Forbidden Truth, that blogging is a freedom illusion. The universe I am addressing is the universe I have created, the universe of one, the universe of Me.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

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