Birth School Work Death

The life cycle of the citizen-slave, the god slave, the culture-slave, the societal slave, the tradition slave, is always the same: Birth school work death. This is the path laid out for you slaves. Even if you possess some subconscious insight into this Forbidden Truth, it is useless unless you are able to integrate to True understanding the fact that you are already dead. As long as death is one of the injustices being imposed upon you, the horror of being its victim exists as denied reality.
I’m not dead yet, if I was dead I would not be able to experience life cycle stages, this is the mentally dysfunctional and diseased rationalization of the inferior. The Superior knows this to be pure Self-deception. He understands that life cycle stages exist as imposed illusion, the path of the coward who is trapped within an enticing matrix imposed upon him by his puppetmasters. You are alive! So says the puppetmaster, as he pulls the strings of his puppet. Look, you are moving, you are changing, every day is different. But the Truth is you are not moving, you are not changing, you are eternally motionless, You are the puppets, and you will always be the puppets, because you are blind to the reality of your puppetmasters.
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  1. I do not think it is the system, and I think the author may have meant that also.
    You cannot leave the system of death life,slave. For everything is leeching off you at every moment.
    One can only ride it out.
    Its strange, that’s all I got

    1. Humanity as a collective force is guilty of and responsible for choosing to sponsor all of the enslaving and harmful systems which victimize and destroy each and every human being. The social structures of humanity feed upon all individuals because humanity exists within a matrix of vampirism, every child stripped of the capacity and motivation to exist and function as independent, Self-aware, Self-loving, Self-sustaining creature who meets all of his own needs.
      Your attitude that one must simply cope with the genocidally harmful impacts of the system, rather than targeting and destroying the system, perfectly reflects and illustrates the success of society and government, in trapping all individuals within Self-contained mind cages which limit all individual capacity to envision as reality, a universe free of the toxic and enslaving structures each of us has been imprisoned within since our biological creation and sentient capacity for awareness, began.

  2. Life is so boring and meaningless because of the matrix cycle. I’m not sure if inferiors have questioned the cycles of life, if so, they would rebel against the system, seeing that their lives are utterly wasted and worthless

    1. You cannot question a matrix that you are hopelessly trapped within. First you must break free, as a conscious mind, at least to some degree. And the vast majority of all humans never even contemplate or attempt to break free. That is why school and education is deemed a very valuable bridge to a better future, work and employment is deemed a necessary step to enjoying a better future, and death itself is deemed as nothing more than the beginning of the best part of life, a continuation of life. The fact that any human who accepts any of these three deranged reality perceptions is already dead, requires an actual breech of the matrix itself, beyond the capacity of the unwashed masses of inferiors.

      1. Funny how it takes so much to break out of the matrix mentally, but physically it is virtually impossible. Actually, it is not funny at all, it just f*cking sucks. At least the matrix can be manipulated somewhat, be it at a pretty small degree.

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