Bah, humbug! Heavy-Duty Version

Well, it is almost christmas. And even though I successfully stalked, murdered, decapitated, dismembered, buried, burned, cannibalized, and excreted god many years ago, I feel inspired to unleash yet another traditional yearly rant in which I expose christmas, christianity, and all who believe in god, as deranged and suicidal fools, guilty and responsible for sponsoring every torment that exists as embraced reality, right here on earth, right now, today and every day.
christmas is the ultimate expression of personal impotence and betrayal of Self and Truth, of the modern era of human existence. christmas celebrates the birth of a mentally ill and suicidal fool who committed suicide over 2000 years ago, and whose horrific choices and decisions as a coward and Truth-hater, have been ruthlessly exploited by the leaders of the genetic birth defect human species for the past 2000 years, to create a species hopelessly broken, addicted to death and to suffering, addicted to illusion and deceit and hypocrisy and the rejection of all that is True, of all that is positive, of all that allows for evolution of the mind and transformation of horror to triumph.
The mythology created upon the pathetic and wasted life of the deranged individual you now call jesus christ, is the most toxic mythology ever conceived by the human mind. The proof of its toxicity is the fact that it has become the most popular of insane god myths, successfully destroying the free will and the Truth potential of billions of human beings. The mythology of christianity is directly responsible for causing each of us to be doomed to die. The mythology of christianity is responsible for all of the suffering being experienced today and every day, throughout this planet. The mythology of christianity causes the reality of universal genocide, of body, mind, and soul, of every child and adult on planet earth.
No, islam, judaism, hinduism, buddhism, no other versions of the insane god myth receive a free pass. Each and every one must be condemned and eradicated, judged and recognized as the pathetic bleets of broken and destroyed minds. But christianity is to religion, as the atomic bomb is to weapons. christianity is the greatest of plagues, a disease of the mind unparalleled in degree of communicability, and unmatched in being a direct cause of humanity devolving to extinction.
islam is a sparring partner of christianity, it draws strength from the malicious, invasive genocide of mind which christianity actively sponsors each and every day. Far more so than islam, it is christianity which seeks to pathologically promulgate, it is christianity which uses terrorization as a primary method of gaining new disciples. It is christianity which has dispatched hundreds of thousands of terrorists, disguised as “missionaries”, to invade hundreds of sovereign territories and destroy billions of sovereign minds dating back 1000+ years and continuing to this very day, via the terrorist threat of eternal damnation from a creature that does not exist.
The birth of christianity signified the death of all human potential. In the mythology of jesus christ, broken and destroyed men laid down a diseased doctrine by which the insane embrace of universal injustice, suffering, and death, rationalized via the deranged concepts of god, heaven, and afterlives, became a mind virus which has hijacked the world from every path of sanity and Truth.  christianity is the darkest of all forces aligned against the human potential for enlightenment of mind and devotion to Self and to Truth.
So, to all men and women of good cheer who proudly proclaim themselves emulators of the jesus christ mythologized for you via the religion of christianity, I offer you My congratulations. You have succeeded, individually and collectively. You have done it! You have molded and shaped and created a world which perfectly reflects every horror personified by the mythological tale of who jesus christ was and what he did.

  • jesus was a coward, and you are cowards.
  • jesus was mentally ill, and you are mentally ill.
  • jesus hated himself, and you hate yourselves.
  • jesus was a suicidal masochist, and you are suicidal masochists.
  • jesus chose death over life, and you choose death over life.
  • jesus pretended to love others so that he could pretend others love him, exactly as you do.
  • jesus abandoned and rejected Truth, just as you abandon and reject Truth.
  • jesus died for nothing, sacrificed his life for nothing, and you choose to die for nothing, sacrificing your lives for nothing.
  • jesus was a slave to his inferior, genetically defective brain, as you choose to be slaves to your inferior, genetically defective brains.
  • jesus was a liar, he lied to himself and to others, as you lie to yourselves and to others.
  • jesus was a victim, in life and in death, as you choose to be victims, as you choose to allow his name and myth to be used by your greatest enemies to victimize and destroy you.

Christmas must be understood as a day of mourning, a day of mourning for all that the human species has already lost, and for the future, hopeless and eternally dead, thanks to the scourge of religion and christianity.

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  1. Nice! This essay is very demonstrative of how inferiors(Christians and god worshippers) worship the death cult and mentality of their savior Jesus Christ. Various religious beliefs have done nothing for humanity, but cause destruction, chaos, and mayhem in their lives , and has destroyed the overall mental health of humans in which they are not capable of distinguishing fact from fiction. That is what religion and believing in a mythical creature does to the human mind; it’s responsible for most mental illnesses(like schizophrenia, bipolar) that plague the minds of individuals who believe in nonsense

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