Bad Samaritan, and Proud Of It

I am a bad samaritan. I do not help people. Even using the term “people”, offends my sensibilities. They are humans, and should be referred to as such. The mere word, “people”, bestows a sense of familiarity that the human being does not deserve to receive from Me. In this essay I will outline some of the primary reasons that I do not help humans.
I do not help humans because nobody helped Me when I was a child, and I honor the law of reflection: Do onto others as they have done onto you. This philosophical law is honorable and just, rational and sane and respectful of Self. I do not and I will not help, because I was not helped. I am a victim of willful harm, collectively sponsored and carried out via actions, and lack of actions, respectively, both of which represent the official behavioral and ideological standards of humanity as a whole, not of isolated rogue humans.
I do not help humans because humans as a whole, and humanity as a species, has proven itself unworthy of receiving any help from Me. They do not deserve to be helped. In a very real way, helping a human would directly harm Me, it would be a betrayal of Truth, of reflection, and of the universal injustice that every Superior must recognize himself a created victim of.
I do not help humans because the human being is a vampire, the human seeks to extract what is valuable, from others. As an adult, I have selectively and on rare occasions received “help” from others, as I have chosen and upon my demand. This help has always been formally requested, such as a dentist filling a cavity, an eye doctor conducting an eye examination, etc… All help I have solicited, I have sacrificed money to receive, in order to ensure that no vampiric obligation can be perceived or claimed. All offers of help from others, that I do not directly solicit, are rejected by Me. All offers of help that I do solicit, exist as professional exchanges, void of all emotional baggage. No vampires feed upon Me.
I do not help humans because humans do not help themselves. Humans sabotage and destroy themselves, as a species. To offer or to provide help to members of such a species is an affront to all decent standards of justice and rationality. Why would I help creatures who refuse to help themselves? Creatures who loathe themselves, sacrifice and sabotage their own health, endanger and destroy themselves, and embrace their own deaths?! No, let such creatures suffer, and recognize the perverse hypocrisy inherent in any request for help  that such a creature might make.
I do not help humans because I do not like humans, and because I do not wish to help them. Helping humans does not make Me feel good. Helping humans does not improve my experience of my existence, in any manner. I do not do what I do not desire to do. I answer to Myself, I do things which please, excite, satisfy, enrich Me as a mind and exalt my place in the universe I have created and now own. Helping humans fails to meet any of these criteria.
Do I help other creatures, the non-human?? Rarely and selectively, yes. In these situations, my aid is void of emotion, rooted within instinctual identification of mind with a fellow victim, as all animals are victims of humans. I identify with creatures that are not human, because I have spent decades seeking to transcend my humanity, and now have achieved this glorious feat. I do not “care” about these creatures that I may help. My aid, rare and selective, is also selfish. The well-being of the animal is not a primary, or even a secondary, goal or motivation, and no emotional bond or connection between Me and the animal, is ever created.
Would I ever help a human?? In terms of saving or preserving the existence of a human, no. If a situation presented itself in which helping a human could reasonably expect to result in a very great and real benefit to Me, such as receiving a million dollars or gaining technological immortality, of course I would consider it, reflecting the glory of selfishness, ego, and Self-love. Likewise, if, for example, a woman with painful corns and bunions, wearing high heels and hobbling in pain, asked Me to carry her to her house, I might well leap at the opportunity, but only because I have a female foot fetish and doing so would provide Me with sexual pleasure and excitement.
“Yes dear, of course I will carry you back to your apartment, now that you have told me your high heeled boots have rubbed bleeding blisters on both your heels, and your baby toe corns have become so exquisitely painful that you just can’t bear to take another step!”—A Bad Samaritan doing a Good Deed.
Those of us who recognize humanity for what it is, have a Self-obligation to be bad samaritans. Let us never go out of our way to help the disgusting creatures guilty of victimizing us, and collectively destroying and murdering us. Let us be good to ourselves, let us give ourselves the best of everything, as we sacrifice nothing for others. Let us be mentally healthy enough to meet all of our own needs, and to both reject and condemn all societal efforts to coerce us into vampiric enmeshment with humans.
All text is Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. This principle that has been instilled us to help others is really irrational when one think about it. When you help others they become emotionally attached and expect you to help them all the time. It’s like you become a security blanket for them, and they turn to you in meeting their mental and emotional needs. Also, they become vampiric in which they suck the life out of you. They are like stray cats. Once you feed them once, they will keep coming back for more. Besides, humans train each other to be that way and they complain when they are tired. Humans don’t see that what they have been taught about helping others is nothing more than enslavement and dependency? For starters, humans aren’t in no position to help anyone because they can’t help themselves. They are too mentally deranged to offer any type of assistance, specifically, emotional support. I am so sick and tired of broken humans who are clingy and needy. Surprisingly, they don’t think anything is wrong with until someone does it to them.
    Humans clearly haven’t analyzed the damaging effects of helping others has on their mental well-being and believe that is the right thing to do because that is what god wants them to do, and they will be blessed for their good deeds. Don’t they see how this nonsense is destroying them, literally and figuratively? Oh, let’s not forget the so-called blood relations involved in this charade. They believe whole heartedly that people who are related are supposed to help one another before they help non-relatives. At least, that was what I was told by slave owners. This is nothing more than enslavement and control to dictate the paths of individuals. Also, by helping others, as I mentioned before, you are only concealing the truth that life is horrific, and that if you help someone, things will get better. Shouldn’t society, in general, help these needy people? After all, society is responsible for everyone’s outcome in life. I don’t want to help anyone. I only want to be concerned about me, myself, and I, and no one else.

    1. Well-stated. Helping others is specifically harmful, because this help is in response to the individual having been harmed. Prevention of the initial harm is the only valid form of external “help”. When you help someone who has already been harmed, you legitimize the harm he has already endured, thus harming him further. You teach him that suffering is necessary and appropriate, and absolve him of the personal obligation to make himself untouchable.
      Helping others overtly harms Self, it is a diversion and a distraction which compromises the Self-focus that all sane and mentally healthy creatures must nurture and maximize. Universal suffering is the end result of humans pretending to be interested in helping each other. The only way for humans to avoid suffering the initial harms which inspire an obsession with being helped by others, is to proactively end the ritualized and universally imposed harming of all children and adults, as sponsored by all human societies and governments.
      Why do humans seek help from others? Very simply, because they have been stripped of the capacity to embrace an obligation to help themselves. They have been brainwashed to believe that they need and deserve to suffer and to be harmed. Seeking help from others is a way for Self-hating humans to pretend to be interested in help, while placing themselves at the mercy of other humans who are themselves Self-hating and victims of harm. External aid ensures an endless circle of universal harm being imposed from one victim onto another victim, with nobody facing up to the Forbidden Truths, and nobody genuinely achieving the help that they need, because they do not want it.
      To be helped requires an understanding of exactly how you have been harmed, and why you have been harmed, and how the help you might be offered by others, or you might solicit from others, can and will result in additional and ongoing harm. But on top of all this, you must become a Superior, a lover of Self, because otherwise even this understanding will be useless, as you will still, consciously or subconsciously, desire to suffer and to be harmed on an ongoing basis. He who accepts help from others, is consciously or subconsciously choosing to continue to experience external harm.

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