Attn. CNN, NY Times, Washington Post: His Name is Gabe Parker. GABE PARKER!

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As I type these words, it has now been over 72 hours, three entire days, since a 15 year old tortured child-slave and Martyr of 21st century amerikkkan society, went on a shooting rampage at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky, shooting 14 and killing 2.
The most singularly elemental obligation of journalism is to provide information and to disclose facts. Despite being a high school dropout, I know that on the very first day of all collegiate-level journalism classes, child-slaves are told the 5 elemental obligations of journalism: To discover and to disseminate: Who, What, Where, When, and Why.
But it is all a lie, a perverse illusion. Because journalism and media are directly owned and controlled by The Matrix of Universal Illusion. government instructs, authorizes, prohibits, and determines exactly what journalists and the media publish and reveal, specifically decimating and negating all of the primary obligations of journalism.
There are tens of thousands of government labelled and authorized media organizations/companies in amerikkka, from CNN to the local daily newspapers of small towns that print less than 1000 copies of each daily issue. Worldwide, there are hundreds of thousands of authorized media companies.
Yet here we are, 75 hours after a 15 year old boy shot 14 other children and killed 2 of them in Benton, Kentucky, a news event that has garnered local, national, and international media coverage, and every single news organization, in Kentucky, in amerikkka, and across the world, has universally refused to identify this boy. To provide readers and viewers with his name, or to show us a photograph or video image of him, of his face.
The single most elementary obligation of journalism, to answer the question of who, is being rejected not by one, not by some, but by all news media organizations across this entire putrid planet.
Any why? Because government orders it to be so.
government, enslaver of mankind. government, destroyer of all human potential. government, sponsor of Universal Child Abuse. government, guilty of creating the torment within this 15 year old tortured child-slave, that inspired him to choose to seek and claim cathartic vengeance via attempted mass murder.
government, this horror of mind and of consciousness genocide, controls everything that journalists and the media do, and fail to do, utilizing the terrorism that is law, alongside perverse ideological illusions of morality and justice that are imposed as overt acts of terrorism: Comply or you will be demonized and punished and stripped of your authority to claim title of journalist or media entity.
The name and identity of this 15 year old Martyr is known by 1000’s of people: his child-peers, enslaved at the same school, teachers, security guards, principle at the school, parents/slaveowners of children at the school, police-pigs, judges, juvenile prison guards…
The vast majority of all media organizations and all journalists know the name of this Martyr. If they do not, they can easily learn the name simply by making a few phone calls. Yet no media organization will reveal it to the public, to the Unwashed Masses of brainwashed slaves.
Look, here is a list of 100’s of news articles, as found by Me 30 minutes ago:
Not one will provide his name. You have to go outside of amerikkka, to a British tabloid, to learn that his identity is even being shared on social media:
There is video footage of his arrest, but the media blurs his face so it cannot be seen:
Meanwhile, the names and faces of the children he shot are repeatedly, ritualistically published and repeated over and over by all media organizations, thereby laying waste to the perverse lie this censorship has anything to do with “protecting” those who have not attained legal adulthood, from the “evils” of media attention.
The subhuman, garbage status of all children in the world is proven by how the amerikkkan regime, billing itself as the most progressive and advanced society in the world, renders its own tortured creation, this 15 year old boy, who had the courage to try to speak Truth to power, invisible, faceless, voiceless, nameless, lacking even the right to an individual identity.
So let’s go back to the five journalism tenets: Who, What, Where, When, and Why. How can any of you pathetic fools even begin to imagine trying to figure out the Forbidden Truths of why, when you sit passively and allow your slavemasters to deny you the elemental fact of who??!
Yes, I have found the name and a photo of our 15 year old Martyr, but not from any news media organization. I found it here:
This is not a news media entity, not according to Google or other government controlled search engines. You will not find this website by searching within Google News, you can only find it via a general Google search. Here you see how government selectively controls what is allowed to be considered a news media entity.
How perverse, that if I were to call CNN and tell them, “Hey, The Marshall County school shooter’s name is Gabe Parker and here is a really cool photo of him holding a giant tuba, don’t you think you should report it right now via Breaking News alert”, they would laugh and hang up and do nothing!
Because they know his name, all news media does, they simply refuse to publish it, as Truth remains forever dead and buried.
His Name is Gabe Parker. Gabe Parker I will stand up and shout from every rooftop. I will write his Name on every bullet the next time I visit the firing range. I will remember and I will memorize and I will Know his name and his face and his sacrifice. I will hold Gabe in My Mind as a soul mate, a fellow torture victim, a child destroyed by amerikkkan society, as every child is destroyed, via the crime of Universal Child Abuse, a crime the news media and every journalist is guilty of rendering invisible, nameless, faceless, non-existent.
Gabe Parker, 15 year old child, will now be punished, hurt, harmed, abused, victimized, even more, on top of the punishment, hurt, harm, injustice, abuse, victimization, that has already been inflicted upon him, as the collective mandate of humanity as a whole, to destroy the potential of every child, to render every child a broken slave, doomed to serve The Matrix of Universal Illusion and to die via retroactive unbirth.
Stay strong, Gabe Parker!
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gabe parker 6All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. It’s absolutely disgusting how the MSM has become such tabloid trash. All agenda & narrative. Mockingbird.
    Just like the derogatory term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was chosen to dimiss critical thinkers, same goes for the term I cannot stand, ‘fake news.’ I constantly blog about all the merchants of doubt & disinformation. Investigate & research, then investigate & research some more .. People hear ‘fake news’ & robotically dismiss without even looking into it. The lost art of critical thinking ..

    1. The primary conspiracy of media and government is to destroy all capacity of individuals to recognize and to understand the Forbidden Truths of their own, as well as of universal, human existence. To achieve this objective, false and fake conspiracy theories are consistently created and covertly popularized/promoted by every society and government.
      For a better understanding of this profoundly important Truth, read this essay:
      The concept of “fake news” being dispensed by SPECIFIC media entities, was created and popularized in recent year in order to successfully cloak from the collective consciousness of humanity as a whole, that the mandate of ALL news media is to provide an endless stream of “fake news” to everyone, so that the Forbidden Truths can never be consciously conceived, much less critically and analytically considered.

  2. SEER, everything you say in your manifesto is playing out right before our eyes, and humans are oblivious to the hardcore truths regarding , childabuse and the harm it does to children. As for Gabe, society and the judicial system will do everything to make him feel guilty and to have self-hate at an alarming rate.. Right now, as we speak, society is doing a “hit job” to destroy any love this kid has for himself. Childabuse destroys the souls of all children, making them feel worthless and invalid in every sense. It’s horrific!

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