Assassination Attempt at Baseball Field in Alexandria, Virginia

Very interesting little shooting rampage took place just a few hours ago, 66 year old amerikkkan torture victim and Martyr James T. Hodgkinson opened fire on congressmen at a baseball field in Virginia. He successfully shot 4 humans, including congressman Steve Scalise. No fatalities, and Martyr James was himself shot by bodyguards.
Not a very successful rampage in terms of fatalities, but very high profile due to the specific individuals targeted, and very intriguing from a tactical perspective. Excellent pre-planning in terms of the chosen venue and time, and we must understand the difficulty of gaining access to high-ranking leaders in the 21st century.
It is worth noting the age of Martyr James. It is never too late to seek out cathartic vengeance, we should all appreciate this Truth. In fact, from a tactical perspective, older individuals can often avoid the type of extreme security focus that younger individuals might be subjected to.

james hodgkinson

James T. Hodgkinson, Attempted Assassin and Tortured Victim-Creation of amerikkkan Society.

James Hodgkinson 2

James T. Hodgkinson, Attempted Assassin of senator Steve Scalise, June 14, 2017

James Hodgkinson 3

66 year old James T. Hodgkinson, Victim and Martyr, Seeker of Vengeance Against the Leadership of the amerikkkan Regime.

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  1. Regardless of age, rage and vengeance is always inevitable, and inferiors shouldn’t be so quick to judge to those who act on it. We all are James T. Hodgkinson and have the same capabilities as he does. With that being said, we are no better or less than him. We are all the same regardless of our social standing–we are tortured-created victims, filled with rage and animosity. Psychologically, humans are capable of anything based on their horrific childhood experiences and ongoing victimization living by illusions and lies our entire existence. It’s compatible to a house of cards where the cards will eventually fall. Sorry, but it is the Forbidden Truth. Accept it and you will sleep better. DON’T JUDGE HIM, INFERIORS.

    1. Very well said!
      And of course all of amerikkkan society and media does the exact opposite, judging and demonizing Martyr James as evil, insane, wrong, unjustified, a monster.
      No, James is a perfect and accurate reflection of the society and the government he was born into, enslaved by, victimized by, and ultimately destroyed by. Just like every citizen-slave alive at this moment is enslaved, victimized, and being destroyed, in real-time.
      James tried to show his society the Truth of THEIR victimization, in reflecting back the Truth of his own victimization. Open your mind and see his sacrifice. The only horror here is that he gave his life for nothing, because the minds of 21st century amerikkkans are nailed shut.

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