Andreas Lubitz, Victim of Terrorism

Let us give a warm, posthumous welcome to Andreas Lubitz, newest member of the rather exclusive 100+ mass murderer harvestee count club.
Today’s date is March 26, 2015, and while this captivating news event continues to unfold, with many additional details still to come out in coming days, it now appears quite certain that 28 year old Andreas Lubitz successfully terrorized and killed 149 human beings, not including himself, by turning Germanwings flight 9525 into a weapon of mass destruction. The following article gives very preliminary details, and should not be considered fully accurate due to the developing nature of the investigation, but it does offer up an excellent initial account:
To begin My commentary, let us attempt to visualize the incident as best we can: A commercial airline pilot locks his co-pilot out of the cockpit and initiates a suicidal, eight+ minute dive into jagged mountains, propelling his aircraft into the side of a mountain at a speed of 400+ miles per hour, as his co-pilot desperately tries to break down the cockpit door, and passengers scream in terror. He says nothing once he initiates this act of mass murder, we know this because there was an audio recorder inside the cockpit.
What a powerful statement of personal victimization! I title this blog post, “Andreas Lubitz, Victim of Terrorism”. Why this title? If there are any sane thinkers among the creatures whose eyes are lucky enough to read My words, no explanation is necessary. But for the rest of you: Only a victim of terrorism, could or would choose to terrorize others as Andreas chose to do. He is a victim of the terrorism of human society and government, carried out against every child and every adult.
For at least eight minutes, victim and martyr Andreas was able to savor the terror of others, he could hear their terror, he was the sponsor of their terror. He knew they were doomed, destined to die by his hand, as he guided his weapon of modest mass destruction to its fatal impact. He knew the impact would be fatal, he knew there would be no survivors. For those eight minutes, he was a mass murderer in retrospect.
Of course things could have gone “wrong”, in theory. His co-pilot could have found a way to force open the cockpit door, overpower Andreas, and regain control of the aircraft. But the odds of that happening were very slim. After all, the aircraft was specifically designed so that under no circumstances, could anyone locked out of the cockpit, gain entry into the cockpit. For “safety” reasons. Is this not deliciously ironic?!?
From a tactical point of view, this incident beautifully illuminates the value of being the “inside man”, the sleeper. We will likely never know for certain, but it is not beyond the realm of possibility that Andreas decided to become an airline pilot specifically and solely because he had fantasized about and desired to carry out a mass murder in this exact manner. It is even possible that as a child-slave, aged 16, 12, or even 8, he specifically developed this revenge fantasy and desire, in reflection of the terror he was being subjected to.
In many ways, the operational details of this specific act of mass murder provide an opportunity for emotional catharsis which exceeds that of a gun massacre. Consider: As soon as Andreas locked the cockpit door with only Himself inside, he could be confident that his capacity to mass murder every human being on board this aircraft, was very high. He was, in essence, a “dead man flying“, and if his True Reality so dictated, he had time, 8 minutes or more, to genuinely embrace and immerse his consciousness within the terror of others, terror which was audibly obvious to him, thanks to the cockpit not being soundproof.
The problem of course, is that Andreas is dead. He murdered Himself as well, so his experience of personal vengeance is now eternally lost to him. But still, from the outsider perspective, speculatively contemplating the exact, second-by-second countdown of his 8+ minute journey of catharsis, from victim of terrorism to omnipotent terrorizer, is electrifyingly stimulating.
Let us understand from this incident, the value of long-term planning, and the untouchable nature of the tactically brilliant “sleeper”. The inside position is always advantaged, over the outside position. This is why governments promote and encourage organized political terrorism. The organized political terrorist is known, he is the outsider knocking on the door of the cockpit, trying to get in, not the insider, already in, which is of course a huge tactical advantage.
To be clear, it is quite possible that Andreas did not specifically plan out this mass murder years in advance. Unless he left a written, audio, or video manifesto, we will probably never know. But the point is, he successfully placed himself in the insider position, and took tactical advantage of this position, to seek and claim personal vengeance.
Humanity as a species is collectively suicidal. Heads of state, scientists, military leaders, secret service agents…every human being on earth has the potential to be, or to become, a long-term sleeper, intent on using his advantaged, insider position to claim a maximum degree of personal vengeance, as Andreas Lubitz did. This is why I am 100%, absolutely positive that humanity is doomed to near-term extinction, and will extinct itself by the specific actions of one or more individual humans, most likely advantaged insiders as Andreas was. Unless an asteroid or some enlightened extraterrestrials beat humanity to the punch.
One other interesting detail: The voice recorder inside of this cockpit was recording. If Andreas had been saying things, they would have been recorded and would now be known. But according to media reports, Andras said nothing. He was silent, even as his breath could be heard inhaling and exhaling. Why did he say nothing?? He knew he was being recorded via audio? Why not take this opportunity to leave humanity with a final message, perhaps a message of Forbidden Truth even??
I do not wish to try to speak for Martyr Andreas, but from My perspective, the answer is this: Nobody hears. Nobody cares. Truth is dead. Words of Truth are a waste on humanity, and not deserved by humanity. What Andreas was doing for these 8+ minutes, his actions, reveal all the Truth that is needed, all the Truth that you now choose to reject and ignore, just as you would do to any verbal expressions of Truth, had Andreas chosen to make them. Nobody hears, and so words would have been a waste of focus and of time. It is so much more reflectively appropriate that Andreas was silent for those eight+ minutes. Listen to this, embrace the Truth of universal child abuse, and you may understand:

Let us take a few moments today, to reflect upon the sacrifice of victim and Martyr Andreas Lubitz. Andreas gave his life away in an effort to lay a little Truth upon the world. We honor ourselves, by honoring Andreas, and by condemning at every turn, all societal efforts to demonize Andreas, or to dismiss his actions as evil, wrong, or insane. I will tell you what is evil, wrong, and insane: The choice you humans make, each and every day, as a collective body, to terrorize and to destroy your children.
All text Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Lubitz hearing the screams and terror of others was able to relieve himself of the madness on this insane asylum planet; it was a sense of relief for him, and he did allow the moaning and self-pity from humans deter his actions. I know most broken humans won’t be able to put this in perspective and will rack out their brain trying to figure out how Lubitz could be so “cold-hearted and callous”by ignoring the pleas of his fellow pilot and the travelers onboard. I know why…Lubitz was tired of the absurdities of life and figured out, obviously, that our lives really have no meaning, and the achievements are utterly worthless

    1. Correct. Your comments are insightful and directly on target. It is no coincidence that the media and public now choose to focus on the mental health of Andreas. In labeling Andreas as mentally ill, you cowards and hypocrites successfully deny and reject the Forbidden Truth that Andreas is a pale reflection of the universal mental derangements which define every aspect of mainstream human existence in the 21st century. You, the inmates, are running the asylum, and you decree Andreas to be mentally ill, because to not do so would allow cracks to form in the facade of pure illusion and delusion which allows you to maintain the lie that you are sane, as you destroy both your children and yourselves via universal suicide.
      Andreas existed as murder victim. The accurate and honest reflection of personal suffering, injustice, and death, consciously or subconsciously understood, is an expression of mental health. WAs Andreas mentally healthy?? Of course not! It is impossible for a human being, born into and subjected to the universal derangements of human society, to maintain absolute mental health. But in direct comparison to his structural creators and victimizers, Andreas suffers from no mental illness, and for the mainstream, law-abiding member of human society to label Andreas as mentally ill, and to use this label to absolve himself of his direct and absolute guilt and responsibility for inspiring this act of reflective catharsis, is the height of perverse hypocrisy and denial of Truth itself.
      The worthlessness humanity as a collective species placed upon the existence of Andreas, was accurately and justifiably reflected by him, in his chosen actions aboard Germanwings flight 9525. As Superiors, it is this Forbidden Truth that we must understand, embrace, and integrate to consciousness.

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