Anatomy of propaganda, fascism, and censorship in amerikkka, 2014 edition

Hello, this is my first blog post on the platform. Why am I here? #1: Because twitter shut down My account at @forbidden_truth, after three years and 62,500 uniquely brilliant MInd Bombs of Forbidden Truth. And #2: Because I want to directly challenge WordPress to do the exact same thing.
In My very first blog here, I will do exactly what inspired twitter to suspend My account: I will post direct links to the three uncensored ISIS beheading videos, of amerikkkan citizen-slaves James Foley and Steven Sotloff, and british citizen-slave David Haines. I do this not because I am a glutton for punishment, having spent many hours of time to set up this blog account. I do this because this is what I AM: Relentless, untouchable, impossible to intimidate, answering to nobody but Myself and every Truth that exists in the universe.
But before I post the three direct links that might well result in this incredible gift that I am gracing the universe with, being destroyed by the society you represent and uphold, I will brutally dissect the Forbidden Truths of propaganda, fascism, and censorship of 2014 amerikkkan and western society, specifically as relates to what twitter did to Me and My @forbidden_truth twitter account.
All governments are brutally violent, towards their own citizen-slaves and towards demonized “enemy” citizen-slaves. ISIS began releasing videotapes showing them beheading western citizen-slaves on August 19, 2014, with James Foley. From the very beginning, usa and all western regimes imposed a media blackout upon these uncensored beheading videos, ordering the media not to allow the public to access them, not even via a link, which could clearly be described in such a way as to prevent anyone who does not want to view the uncensored beheading, from seeing it.
Because freedom does not exist in the fascist dictatorship of amerikkka, every media outlet obeyed the terrorist demand of government, censoring the James Foley beheading video, as well as the Steven Sotloff and David Haines beheadings which followed. It is mind-boggling to any sane thinker, to contemplate that you creatures consider yourselves free, as you allow your governments to openly conceal the undeniable reality of the most significant news story of the day. Of course ISIS beheaded Foley, Sotloff, and Haines for the purpose of propagandizing to its slaves and disciples. The greatest of all shames and hypocrisies is that YOU, in the west, dare to condemn this, even as you allow YOUR regimes to blatantly censor the Truth of these beheadings so that YOUR government may propagandize YOU.
The censorship of these three ISIS beheading videos directly contributes to your inability to understand the Forbidden Truth that YOUR government is your greatest enemy, and that the insane war ritual is deployed by usa and other western regimes as an act of terrorism AGAINST you. Terrorism is when a government creates an enemy, and demonizes that enemy as posing a great danger to its citizens, in order to coerce and extort patriotic allegiance under the lie of protecting its citizen-slaves from being harmed by THEM, so that it may continue to inflict brutal harm, injustice, and the slavery of citizenship.<p>Each of these victims of beheading explicitly blames his OWN government, usa and britain, as being directly responsible for and guilty of, causing him to be beheaded. And this is the Truth, a Truth that your government has conspired to conceal and deny, in part by censoring public access to these three beheading videos.
Twitter is a company. Every company is owned as a slave structure by a government, just as every individual is enslaved by a government. The owners of twitter threatened to suspend all accounts that tweeted direct links to the uncensored beheading videos, and did exactly that, in response to the terrorism of the amerikkkan government. You cannot blame twitter. You must blame government itself. You must recognize government as your greatest enemy, and anarachy as the only solution to the universal tyranny that is government.
And now, for My very first blog post on, I will provide direct links to all three ISIS beheading videos. I do this in the name of Truth, and to declare that I will not accept censorship of My mind, or of My actions.
James Foley beheading video exactly as released by ISIS:
Steven Sotloff beheading video exactly as released by ISIS:
David Haines beheading video exactly as released by ISIS:
Here you can see three different beheadings, and if your mind is open to Forbidden Truth, you will recognize that the billions of human beings who have been prevented from seeing these uncensored beheading videos, are victims of the propaganda of western governments. Would you rather be beheaded as they were, or bebrained as YOU have been?? I choose neither, and I remain, The Seer of Forbidden Truth


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    1. I do not make My blog posts with any intent to gain readers or increase “popularity” of Me or My insights of Truth, and I have no interest in grabbing any attention. I post to honor Myself, My brilliance, and the actual Truths that I articulate. I gain and lose nothing, whether My blog post receives zero reads, or a million reads. The loss is all on your side, the side of the humans who are already known to be incapable of properly appreciating Forbidden Truth. Therefore, your advice is not useful to Me and will not be implemented in any manner.

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