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I received an interesting question/comment to this blog post:
I replied in full at the comment section, but the question is enigmatic enough, and more importantly, My reply is brilliant enough, to warrant a completely new blog post. So, here is the question:
Begin quote: “Seer, people should always hate their own government because it is responsible for their own harm and slavery, but what about ‘extreme’ examples like america? Since america causes such mass war, starvation, etc on a global scale wouldn’t it be reasonable for people in many parts of the world to hate america more than their own government? Would it be out of the question for them to see their own government as a line of defense?” End quote.
And My brilliant reply:
The answer to your question is No. government is a toxic structure. Imagine a mold growing upon your own body, versus a mold growing on the tiles of your shower stall. Which mold is more dangerous?? Which mold must be given priority in terms of elimination?? Clearly, the mold which exists and is growing upon your own body.
Every government is a toxic, diseased, harmful structure, and every government directly imposes itself upon a specific group of individuals it claims ownership of, as citizens or residents. This specific group of humans must recognize two different things: 1: That government itself is an illegitimate structure which causes universal harm. This is very important to fully integrate to conscious understanding, because otherwise all internal discontent can only result in a desire for regime change, which achieves absolutely nothing of positive value. 2: That the government which claims ownership over them, is their greatest enemy and should be directly targeted for destruction, within the understanding that no government can be allowed to replace the existing government.
Of course amerikkka is “more” genocidally evil, and causes more universal harm, than most other governments. That is True, but it is a Truth which cannot carry over to any individual supporting or pledging allegiance to the government which directly enslaves him. Let us use finland, a nation-state which generates a disproportionately  large number of page hits to this blog, as an example. To be certain, the government of finland, as a functional entity, causes far less global harm to non-citizens/residents of finland, than the government of amerikkka causes to non-citizens/residents of amerikkka.
As functional entities, in a side-by-side comparison, the government of amerikkka is more diseased and causes greater universal harm, than the government of finland. But, if the citizen-slave of finland supports and defends the finnish government, directing rage and hate and condemnation against amerikkkan and the amerikkkan government, he is overtly strengthening the finnish government, which is directly enslaving and victimizing him. Further, and even more importantly, he is legitimizing the structure of government itself, and what government, as an entity, does: impose universal harm, victimization, and oppression upon its own citizen-slaves. Therefore, even as the finnish citizen-slave embraces the Truth that some governments cause greater harm on a global scale than the finnish government does, he must concurrently embrace the Forbidden Truth that his government is causing him to directly suffer the greatest of harms and injustices, and that his government deserves to be hated, condemned, and destroyed, by him.
He should also understand that his government, the finnish government, maliciously exploits the pseudo-differences in foreign policy and in domestic doctrines/lifestyles that it promotes and holds, in order to terrorize allegiance from its citizen-slaves, in exactly the same way that amerikkka invokes the illusions of freedom, democracy, and opportunity, to terrorize allegiance from its citizen-slaves.
Any finnish citizen-slave who supports his own government as a line of defense against the evil of amerikkka, israel, isis, russia, or any other government, is in Truth strengthening the structural institution of government itself, and in the process, rendering amerikkka, israel, isis, etc.., stronger and better able to harm both their own citizen-slaves and the world as a whole. All revolution must be domestic. You cannot undermine the legitimacy of “foreign” governments, without openly and explicitly naming the government which enslaves you, as your greatest enemy, and demanding its eradication, concurrent with the clear voice of Truth that the structure of government itself is not and cannot be rendered legitimate, and therefore in calling for the eradication of your own government, you demand the eradication of all governments.
government can never be eliminated until every enslaved population group rejects the authority of their own slavemasters, their slave-state, to impose rule over them. To support “your” own government because you perceive it to cause less global harm, is to not merely strengthen the capacity of this government to harm and victimize you, but to strengthen the capacity of every government to inflict as much harm, both foreign and domestic, as it chooses and desires to inflict. Defense of one government, constitutes defense of the structure of government itself, and therefore the authority and legitimacy of every government to continue to exist, and by proxy, to cntinue to inflict universal harm, injustice, victimization, and death, upon every human being.
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  1. No, foreign govts aren’t responsible for the problems and sufferings of citizens in other countries. Foreign govts are only doing what these leaders allow them to do. The problem is the government in all countries; they are to blame. This is a perfect example for scapegoating, coercing their slaves into believing that they are in their best interest–and the slaves believe it.

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