Anarchy and the End of Child Slavery within Family Units

One of My readers posed an interesting question to Me via email, concerning the viability of Mandatory Parental Competency Testing within an anarchistic social structure, void of government dictate and rule. The answer to this question explores important Forbidden Truths and deserves a wide audience, therefore I am reprinting the question, and My response, in full.
The question: While I agree that anarchy is the only sane state of existence for humanity, I wonder, how would you have a mandated parental exam or enforce such a system?  I for one value a mandatory parental exam over lack of government/force in this case as a sane society requires a sane family system, free of the myths of parental “rights” and “freedoms”. But that is only my two cents and I would like your own take on the issue.
My answer:
Anarchy demands personal freedom from organized social/governmental oppression, law, and enslavement. The key word is personal. The ownership of children, what society terms “parenthood”, has nothing to do with personal freedom. The right to own and possess children is in Truth not a right, but an imposed obligation of the state. Society literally forces adults to serve as parents, based upon biological creation or sexual relationship with a biological creator. Anarchy must be rooted within the elimination of personal obligation as imposed by external structures.
Parenthood is a personal obligation imposed by an external structure. Therefore, anarchy and the child slavery that is blood or sex-based parenthood, are mutually incompatible. An anarchist social structure would consciously respect the autonomous right of every child to exist free of the toxic impositions of incompetent, damaged caretakers.
Within the freedom of anarchy, no child can be allowed to exist as owned property, just as no adult can exist as owned property of the state, which is the reality of existence under government. You do not need a government in order to implement Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, no more than you need a government to allow for physicians to be tested for competency. What you need is humanity to break free of the shackle of government and its imposed illusions, one of which is the sacred family unit. Emancipation of mind reveals the obvious Truth: That every child exists as independent, autonomous creature, entitled to exist within the same anarchistic freedom as adults, and the only way this freedom of mind and body to positively thrive can be assured, is via the establishment of clear competency standards of environment and treatment.
An anarchist society would reject the family unit in its current form, just as it rejects the shackle of government itself. The family unit exists as oppressive shackle, harming not just every child, but every adult as well. Anarchy would allow the need for Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, with clearly established standards rooted within logic, Truth, and the best interests of every child, to be recognized and implemented, absent all malevolent distortions which government indoctrinates upon every child, from birth, to cripple and destroy such positive, Truth-based insight.
This sane evolution of mind I am outlining, is impossible to achieve as reality. Humanity as a species cannot and will not embrace either anarchy or Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, because every generation of children is hopelessly destroyed by every generation of adults, who exist as destroyed ex-children. And yet the link I am articulating is perfectly valid. Parenthood in its current diseased and deranged format is specifically intended to result in the universal harming of all children. This need to harm is rooted within the Forbidden Truth that all adults exist as destroyed, brutally harmed and traumatized ex-children. This universal child abuse is sponsored by, government.
So here you see the paradox of a classic catch-22 situation. Serious scholars of Forbidden Truth constantly find these types of catch-22 situations, as they analyze the dysfunctional state of humanity. Consider: If parenthood in its current diseased structure did not exist, and children were positively nurtured within the light of Forbidden Truth, they would absolutely reject the legitimacy of government as adults, and demand/establish anarchistic freedom. On the flip side, if government did not exist, if all human beings were not brutally enslaved and traumatized by government, the insanity of the sacred family unit would become blatantly obvious, and adults, not being victims of child abuse as sponsored by government, would not be obsessed with owning children as slaves, and with harming them, using them as reflective Poison Containers. The equal value of every child would become obvious, as would the obligation of the adult population to protect all children from abuse, via Mandatory Parental Competency Testing.
Quite simply: If government did not exist, Mandatory Parental Competency Testing would be accepted as the best way to provide universally beneficial care to all children. And if Mandatory Parental Competency Testing were properly implemented, the brutally unjust and universally harmful structure of government would implode, would be rejected by the masses of adults who have been spared traumatic and soul/mind destroying child abuse. But because government and parenthood do exist in their horrific forms, neither enlightenment is possible, and there is no hope for either anarchy or Mandatory Parental Competency Testing to become functional realities.
The problem is that government sponsors child abuse, by choice. It will not allow the family unit to be positively reformed in any way. It depends upon universal child abuse to create destroyed adults who will allow their entire lives to be controlled, their entire existence to be oppressed, and to agree to suffer and die. government is the greater force of malevolent harm, over the family unit, only because government is the foundational sponsor of the family unit.
Both Mandatory Parental Competency Testing and anarchy, are enlightenments of the mind to Truth. Within the embrace of one, the other becomes clearly visible as necessary and appropriate. The great tragedy of the human condition is that a single genuine enlightenment could so easily create a domino effect and result in numerous, different enlightenments. And yet the human, en masse, is completely incapable of achieving and functionally embracing any of these singular enlightenments.
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