An Understanding of Hierarchical Importance for Seekers of Forbidden Truth

A Forbidden Truth differs from an ordinary Truth, in that it is generally rejected, condemned, not known, and not accepted by a majority of all humans, and very often it is demonized and maliciously positioned as a lie, illusion, and deception, directly by human society and government, and influential cultural and media leaders given wide access to the Unwashed Masses of citizen-slaves.
There are many thousands of different Forbidden Truths, and of course they are all “important” to know, to understand, and to embrace, for any human who seeks and values Truth in general.
But at the same time, all such seekers must fully and consciously understand that there are complex and specifically ordered levels of hierarchical importance that should be known and followed, for anyone who is actively engaged in a real-time Forbidden Truth quest.
Peeling back the layers of illusion, delusion, and deception as created and maintained by the Matrix of Universal Illusion, is complex.
The mind-unveiling of Forbidden Truth is progressive and evolutionary in nature. For this reason, the hierarchy must be understood and respected. Recognizing and embracing primary-level Forbidden Truths can and should directly lead to the mind-discovery of secondary-level Forbidden Truths. Failing to recognize and embrace primary-level Forbidden Truths will render the discovery of secondary-level Forbidden Truths much more difficult or impossible.
Just as devastating, an initial discovery and focus upon a secondary-level Forbidden Truth can and does often result in failure and inability to perceive or accept the validity of primary-level Forbidden Truths which override the secondary level Truths in importance.
Let Me give you just one perfect example and illustration of this hierarchical importance.
A primary-level Forbidden Truth is that the human being is a genetic birth defect on a species-wide level, that the human brain is genetically & biologically defective.
The genetic birth defect status of humanity, that the brains of all human beings are defective on a biological level, is a primary-level Forbidden Truth. It is a very important Forbidden Truth to know and to embrace. What makes it so?? The fact that it provides the potential of a Mind Bomb awakening of personal consciousness, to many other Forbidden Truths, both primary and secondary.
Without this specific Forbidden Truth realization, entire pathways of Truth-based mind enlightenment, will remain dark and unknown, impossible to even begin to explore.
For example, the most direct way to begin to consciously question the legitimacy of all of the most basic human ideological and functional structures of the 21st century, is to recognize that they are the progressive, cumulative result of the biological and genetic mental retardation and deformation of the human brain, dating back to the creation of the very first human, a birth defect who managed to survive and breed.
Within this conscious Mind Bomb realization, the insanity of humanity as it exists today, an understanding nothing is as it should be and no progressive enlightenment or Truth-based change is occurring or can occur within any 21st century human society, sharpens into perfect focus. Absent this conscious Mind Bomb realization, such an understanding is very difficult, if not impossible to attain.
Further, and just as primarily important, this Mind Bomb Forbidden Truth allows the Superior thinker to consciously recognize and reject everything put forth by the Matrix of Universal Illusion. Truth cannot emanate from something that is biologically and genetically defective. How can something that is mentally diseased and defective, be allowed to define what is “normal”? How can mental health be defined and judged by something that is mentally diseased and defective? How can anything the birth defective human being chooses to do, to believe, to create, be legitimate and valid?
To go even further, the embrace of this singular Forbidden Truth Mind Bomb allows for proper and sane solutions to the collective human problem, to be consciously uncloaked. To see the problem is the wormhole key to uncloaking solutions to the problem!
Within the understanding humanity is a biological and genetic birth defect, the solutions are uncloaked. Nothing the human perceives as a valid path of ideology or behavioral choice, can be accepted, followed, implemented. The human brain is foundationally flawed. What it deems the best course of action, is always invalid, always the wrong path. Every path humanity has followed, leading to this very moment in time, the universe of human reality perception of April 14, 2017, is wrong and illegitimate, something to be rejected and abandoned as the failed mistakes made by the collective mental retardation and brain defectiveness of humanity as a species!
Now, do you see why the hierarchical order is so vital, you idiots?!
And to go even further, what are the actual solutions?? Stop everything. End every mistake. No more government, religion, family unit, parenthood, money, slave labor, emotional enmeshment, escapes from reality, false comforts. End it all! But how can humans end it all, when their brains are biologically and genetically defective and deformed, and these brains are what created each and every one of these stupid, failed, unviable mistakes in the first place??
Only at this point of perceptive consciousness can the mind bomb solutions be properly envisioned. The need for genetic manipulation of the human brain, “radical” experimentation with surgery and drugs, perhaps even the deliberate destruction of human memory and emotions as they occur within the collectively defective human brain. Or, less “radical” paths, such as raising every child within an antiseptic environment where all Forbidden Truth is nurtured and revealed, so he may overcome his genetic defectiveness.
In this brilliant essay I have achieved a dual feat of enlightenment, call it the Mother of all Mind Bombs, if you will: While demonstrating via perfect example and illustration the supreme importance of hierarchical order for all humans engaged in Truth quests, I have also, simultaneously, uncloaked viable paths to new endgame solutions to the greatest problems of humanity.
Now, it’s just up to you pathetic, biologically and genetically brain defective and retarded creatures, to pathologically reject and universally shun the Forbidden Truth I so generously grace you with, and the solutions I so brilliantly provide and offer. I’m very confident you will do just that. You must, otherwise My brilliant insights of Forbidden Truth are proven wrong. And that cannot, and will not, happen.
Thank you for rejecting the Truth of your genetic birth defectiveness, deformation, and retardation of your collective brains. Your brains compel this. And so, in doing so, you prove Me right. Ironic! 🙂
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Brilliant post indeed, i rated this with stars :). It’s the least i can do. Just so you know, there’s individuals out there that do not reject your philosophy and Truth revelations. Would you say you had a natural inclination towards thinking this way(birth given), or made yourself this way, or both? I mean, if you’re one of the few that recognize what’s happening, you must be different, unique, one way or another.

    1. Thanks for valuing and appreciating Forbidden Truth. 🙂
      There are a tiny handful of such individuals, as there have ALWAYS been. The internet simply makes it easier for this tiny handful to “find” each other. This can create the illusion that things are somehow “different” now, than before. But they are not. The number is tiny, and it will always be tiny and it will never increase to any point where anything can or will change. Devolution to species extinction is what WILL occur, absent extraterrestrial intervention.
      My birth brain was genetically defective, as all human brains are. Of course there are degrees of defectiveness, not every human brain is equal, in terms of inborn weakness and dysfunction.
      The reason I am a Superior today, is because of what I have chosen to consciously and proactively do with the realities externally imposed upon Me. Remember, I consciously decided to reject and abandon My humanity at the age of 6.
      My brain is different because I MADE it different, and personal trauma and suffering as a child was a key component of this successful, consciously undertaken transformation. Of course, EVERYONE is traumatized and victimized as a child. It is what you do with this trauma, how you interpret it, that makes all the difference. And yes, a variation of brain defectiveness from the standard, baseline level of defectiveness, is likely a contributing factor.
      This is why what you humans call “eugenics”, the deliberate manipulation of cells in order to create sane and Superior human brains, is one of the many valid pathways for humanity to try to reverse its devolutionary death spiral. But of course it would NOT be effective, absent other universal reforms such as the elimination of all child abuse.

      1. You had epiphanies such as rejecting your humanity at age 6?!? I’d say you were pretty different to start with. I remember having a profound realization of my own, and that i’m the most precious thing in the world, the most beautiful. It felt strange. I was about 12. My very first conscious narcissistic epiphany 🙂 Yes i’m really thankful to the internet, and i do remember the first time i came into contact with your manifesto, many years back. At that point, i had come to the realization that most things that are being presented to me/us in the world are complete fabrications, lies, non-sense, and that the world is primarily constructed of these little lies, that somehow fuse together to create bigger lies. I had come to the realization that only Truth can possibly have any value, in this world of lies. So i just typed in a search engine “truth” or “what is truth?”..since i myself wasn’t sure exactly what Truth is, or if it can be quantified or defined. And that is how i came upon your site, it was in the top results. Even with a natural inclination towards this, it was difficult to traverse your texts, and i even regarded them as “too much” or far fetched. But i think i have made great strides in understanding, as years went by. I’m happy with my results.

        1. I consciously chose to begin to try to reject and overcome My humanity at the age of 6. I recall the exact moment quite vividly. I was standing alone, as always, within a cage. This time the cage was an outdoor school playground. It was “recess” time. The children were running around chasing each other, the game was called “tag”, Whoever was “touched” had to go chasing the others, to try to touch them. Nobody dared to try to touch Me, of course.
          I stood and watched, and overwhelming contempt and revulsion swept over Me. I knew then, I will NOT be THAT. I will not waste a lifetime pretending to be free, chasing after nothing worth chasing, oblivious to the cages and the jail-keepers.
          Nothing was easy within My journey. To completion it took numerous decades. The war against Truth, and therefore against Me, has and will never end.
          I’m glad My Mind Bombs have helped you to perceive and embrace some of the Forbidden Truths.

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