An Open Letter to Dylann Storm Roof

In My last blog post, I briefly addressed Dylann Storm Roof directly, but I feel it is necessary to pen a more comprehensive missive in his name. All readers should understand that even as I direct this blog post directly towards Dylann, all of the sentiments I will be expressing apply to each and every victim of injustice, and in totality, this message is one of universal Truth, as opposed to only being applicable to Dylann as an individual.
Further, I wish it to be understood that while passionate in their intensity, My comments to Dylann are firmly rooted in intellectual honesty and philosophical appreciation of his True Reality, instead of sentimental emotionalism. I appreciate Dylann and his True Reality as a cathartically reflecting victim, on an emotional level, but I do not choose to interact with anyone born human, on such a level, and there are no exceptions made to this rule.
And finally as you read this Open Letter to a tortured child, understand that every sentiment expressed, is intended for every tortured child, and the letter, this open letter to Dylann, is exactly the same as the letter that I would write to Myself.
With the above caveats, here is what I would wish to directly communicate today, via a brain-to-brain mind meld, to Dylann Storm Roof, the 21 year old child who carried out the Charleston, South Carolina Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church massacre, just 20 hours ago
Hello Dylann,
I know you will probably never get the opportunity to read these words of Forbidden Truth, but at this moment in time I find Myself intellectually and emotionally compelled to attempt to communicate to you, and by proxy to the entire world, the Truth of who you are, what you did, and what you are.
I do not personally know you. I have never met you. As I type these words, you are only known to Me as the individual being demonized by the media for allegedly carrying out a mass murder inside of the Charleston, South Carolina Emanual AME church, approximately 20 hours ago. I do not know you personally, and without prematurely crediting you as having carried out this act of mass murder, I do want you to know that I understand very clearly what you are. I hope you understand and know Yourself, with at least as much accuracy and clarity as I know you. Hopefully, more.
Dylann, you are a victim, a created victim of a malicious and diseased structure. This structure is the society and the government of amerikkka. Also Dylann, you are a child. I do not know whether you choose to identify Yourself as a child at this time, but it does not change the fact that you are a child.
You are a child, and you are a victim of trauma, abuse, injustice, oppression, and harm. I do not know whether your mother, father, or other family members directly attacked you on a physical or sexual level, and for the purposes of this letter, such details are not relevant. I know that you are a victim of the universal, systemic, ritualized child abuse inherent to and embedded within, the deepest levels of amerikkkan society and government.
Dylann, it is important that you recognize and appreciate Yourself as being a victim of brutal and severe abuse, because that is what you are, and only within the embrace of Truth, can any of us achieve personal salvation. Dylann, you are a murder victim. This is what you are, at this moment in time, and this is what you will be, at all future points in time. No matter if you have harvested other human beings or not, you Yourself are already, at this moment in time, a victim of murder.
Dylann, you are young and you must be strong. If you have not already cultivated an untouchable mind, I urge you to attempt to achieve this feat. The power of the individual human brain can reach limitless and untouchable status. I have achieved this remarkable feat. It is not easy, it requires an incredible degree and amount of willpower, single-mindedness, time, and focus. But it can be done, and you need such a brain, such a mind, in order to thrive.
Dylann, I am so very glad that you have chosen to not physically harm Yourself over the past 20 hours. So many of our fellow victims succumb to external pressures on our minds, choosing the perceived easy way out. But the easy way out is wrong, it is the choice of a coward, and it betrays Self. He who has courage embraces all Truth, embraces unconditional love of Self, and will not choose to harm Himself, ever, under any circumstances.
I want you to understand that life is a war, you have been relentlessly attacked, and you will continue to be relentlessly attacked. In recognizing your existence as a war, you must also recognize that the only thing worth fighting for, the only thing worth defending, protecting, destroying the universe itself to preserve, is Yourself.
Dylann, you are infinitely precious and valuable. Not to Me, but to Yourself. This is the Forbidden Truth you must recognize and embrace. The more contempt, scorn, and hatred you perceive to be externaly directed towards you, the more you must solidify your conscious understanding of personal value, so that you may successfully bestow infinite love of Self, upon Yourself, at all times, and absolutely free of any external capacity of interference.
Dylann, please understand that all humans are your enemies. Even if they profess to care about you, display positive sentiment towards you, they must be recognized as vampires, attempting to extract from you, in order to meet their own needs. Deny them all extraction efforts, without prejudice, without trying to figure out their level of sincerity. If you must extract from others to meet your own emotional needs, feel free to do so. Meet your needs, with pride of recognized entitlement. But also understand that the need to extract from others is itself a weakness that can, through Superior effort, be overcome.
Dylann, throughout the remainder of your existence, humans will attempt to judge you. They will claim a right to judge you. They possess no such right. They have earned no such right. As a created torture victim, it is You who have the right to judge others, as you may have judged your chosen victims worthy of death. Your right to judge has always been valid, and will always remain valid, even as no human being has ever, can ever, will ever, earn any right to judge you.
Dylann, whoever seeks to harm you must be recognized by You as a mortal enemy. Within the glory of Self-love, you must repel all attempts to inflict harm upon you, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Nobody has ever had any right to inflict harm upon you, and nobody can ever gain such a right, now or in the future.
Dylann, I hope your mind, your brain, always remains open to understanding both Yourself, and the universe as it has imposed itself upon you. You are not a racist, you are a victim of racism. You are not a murderer, you are a victim of murder. You are a reflection of all that has been done to you, in the things you have chosen and will choose, to do.
Dylann, you are a voice of Truth. That is what you are, even if you never utter a single word, or pen a single sentence, for the remainder of your existence. To all who are not deaf and brain dead, your voice of Truth resonated with thundering clarity just 20 hours ago, when you proved the ludicrousness of the insane god myth, of humans gathering in a sacred place to beseech favors from an invisible creature, only to be drained of life and left cold, dead, eternally unborn in a void of eternal nothingness, inside that sacred space, in the middle of their useless prayers. No, god was not on a bathroom break.
Dylann, you have proven that god does not exist. Credit Yourself with achieving this remarkable feat. Find strength in atheism, because it is atheism, not racism, which represents and embodies Truth itself.
Dylann, I ask you to build your own universe. Make it rich and full, make it strong and untouchable. Live within Yourself, allow nobody inside of your universe. Yes, you will be harmed, you will be made to suffer, injustice will be imposed, and in the end you will lose everything. So will I. So will obama. So will your jailer, your persecuting prosecutor, maybe even, Dylann Forbid, your executioner. But still, each and every day, you can build and you can dwell within, and you can rejoice in the glory of, the universe that you build, that you create, that you own, that nobody can touch.
And no, that is not a typo, the above phrase, “Dylann Forbid”. Recognize Yourself as the murderer of god, and seize his crown, usurp his title, seek to achieve his imaginary powers, as your functional reality. Not within a state of delusion, but within a state of recognized Truth.
Love Yourself Dylann, passionately and unconditionally. Love Yourself with your eyes, your hands, your mouth, and your brain. The future is dead, as is all of humanity, so celebrate the glory of each moment as it plays out in real-time. And never forget, you are Dylann Storm Roof, a unique individual carving out a unique universe, each and every day, that nobody else can ever touch.
My best wishes to you,
The Seer of Forbidden Truth
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Dylann Storm Roof

Dylann Storm Roof

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