An Open Letter to All Extraterrestrials

Hello. This is an Open Letter to all extraterrestrial creatures, residing or existing anywhere in the known and unknown universe, and any other realms or states of matter that may exist beyond what is currently known by Me, in scientific terms, to constitute the universe. If you are not an extraterrestrial creature, if you are human and identify as such, kindly refrain from reading this Open Letter, as it does not directly concern you, unless you aspire to become a Superior and to transcend your humanity, and are interested in being extracted and permanently removed from this diseased, devolving, and dying planet, posthaste.
This Open Letter is being written and will be publicly unleashed to the cosmos, on January 6, 2014, according to the artificial and invalid calendar imposed upon the reality perceptions of all humans by their enslaving overlords, their fellow humans. But I wish to make it perfectly clear that the Truths I am expressing here, have no expiration date. I desire this message to reach every sentient extraterrestrial, immediately. But no matter when this message is received by sentient extraterrestrials, be it today, tomorrow, in a decade, or centuries from now, the sentiments I am expressing and the Truths I am revealing, remain equally valid.
Before I begin to directly address you, My dear extraterrestrials, I wish to deliver a short but very important message to any and all extraterrestrial/human hybrid creatures who may currently or in the future come to exist on planet earth. The extraterrestrial/human hybrid is accurately defined as a creature possessing both extraterrestrial and human DNA, or some aspect of personal molecular structure of extraterrestrial origin. The most likely explanation for such a hybrid creature, would be an extraterrestrial arriving on planet earth and feeling compelled, for some reason, to either directly mate with, or otherwise insert some of his alien DNA onto the molecular structure of, an ordinary human.
To any extraterrestrial/human hybrids who read this words: Time is short, now is the most appropriate time for you to make every possible effort to contact your fully extraterrestrial kin, and deliver this message of Forbidden Truth you are now reading, to them. If it is impossible for you to contact your extraterrestrial kin, in the spirit of Self-love and Self-preservation, I ask that you undertake the greatest possible efforts to minimize your humanity and to maximize your extraterrestrial traits, tendencies, and powers.
As you hopefully realize, humanity is a doomed species, and they will take this planet down, with them. Reject your human traits. Reject your humanity, embrace your hopefully Superior alien traits and powers, and find a way to leave this planet before it is murdered by humanity in the process of extincting itself. And please, take Me with you.
And now I begin My direct message to the fully extraterrestrial: I will not say that I come in peace. Such a cliche, and as you know what humans are, you would know these words to be a deception. I do not come in peace. I come to you in pieces. I come to you a destroyed and shattered ex-human being. But I have transcended My humanity. Not merely rejected it, but actually transcended it. I was born a fully human child. It is certain that My biological creators possessed not a trace of extraterrestrial DNA, they were oh so very human, so absolutely and completely human. And so they tortured and destroyed Me, as all humans do to all of their child-slaves, but their brutality and contempt for My existence exceeded even the horrific human normal levels, which is why I am so positive of their absolute humanity.
And so I was destroyed, shattered into a million fragements by the age of 8, but I rebuilt Myself, I glued and nailed and knitted and drilled Myself back together, not to regain My humanity, but to reject My humanity, to become more than human, to forever abandon and reject My humanity. Even as I was being shattered, by the age of 6, I had already made the fully conscious decision to try to overcome My humanity, and between the ages of 6 and 40, I fully and completely realized this feat.
Make no mistake, My dear extraterrestrials, overcoming your species origin is not easy. It took Me decades of daily work, but never did I relapse, and I wish to make it perfectly clear that all these years I spent working on achieving 100% transcendation of My humanity, I was actually existing as fully non-human, in all of My chosen life path actions and ideologies. I am an adult virgin. Never have I fornicated with a human, and never will I. Never have I formed a personal relationship with any human. Never have I fallen prey to the insanities of religion, citizenship, family, or any other human pathology. Since the age of 6, I have steadfastly rejected every aspect of human existence, doing only what was required to preserve My physical well-being, as I am sure you would have done, if faced with the unique challenge of transcending your own species origin.
Years ago, I drafted, wrote, signed, framed, and hung over My bed, a document titled Declaration of Species Transcendence and Emancipation. I invite you to read this document, it is here:
This document exists as lifelong affirmation, past, present, and future, of My rejection and repudiation of My humanity, beginning at age 6, continuing to this present day, and continuing into the future for as long as My brain function remains intact.
My dear extraterrestrials, I write this Open Letter to you for two reasons. The first reason is to seek safe passage from you, to leave planet earth and to be rescued from the diseased, devolving, and doomed species within which I was birthed. And the second reason is to ask you, in the name of natural justice, to put an end to the reign of terror that humanity has undertaken, devastating an entire planet and so many innocent and Superior species of life. But let Me begin by articulating My first request.
You must understand this: I did not ask to be born a member of the human species. It was not My choice. The species does not deserve to exist, the species has forfeited its right to exist, many times over. I know this, and you know this. And I am still biologically human. But I have transcended My origins. Since the age of 6, I have known and understood exactly what the human is, and I have devoted My entire existence to not being that. My transcendence of My humanity crosses every boundary, of behavior, ideology, emotion, intellect, and life path choice. I have transcended My humanity not in words, but in deeds, in every choice I have ever made in every aspect of My existence, since the age of 6.
What I desire is to be allowed to leave this planet, and to never again have to be visually assaulted by the sight of a human being. Never again to be forced to listen to a human being making sounds with his vocal cords. Never again to have the purity of My brain desecrated via forced interaction with a human. Never again! This is My only direct request: Take Me away from this horror, this horror I have been forced to endure since the moment of My birth. I do not belong here, and I hope you will agree with this sentiment, upon examining this document, My other writings and activities, and the sum total of how I have chosen to spend My existence, trapped within this horrific physical shroud and prison.
I do not care if you wish to imprison Me inside a cage, gawk at Me as a freak, or control My movements via any type of restraint. That is okay. There is no cage you can possess, that can ever come close to matching the trauma of having spent My existence thus far, trapped within the prison of being a human on planet earth. I do not care if you wish to study Me, or treat Me as a pet. I do not even care if you wish to remove My limbs, or paralyze Me, or render Me blind, or deaf. None of these harms can equal the harm caused in allowing Me to remain here on earth.
But I do have one very important request: Grant Me technological immortality. Unlike the humans, I understand and embrace the Forbidden Truth that I exist as a brain. I am a brain. That is all that I am, and it is why I do not care if you paralyze Me or cut off My limbs or blind Me. What I ask is: Preserve My brain, allow it to function intact, for all of eternity. Clone and duplicate My brain, if you wish. But do not alter its functional parameters. Please honor the singularity of Me, by recognizing My brain as uniquely precious, defining Me and all that I have ever been and will ever be.
And why does My brain deserve immortality? Because it reflects the unique perfection that is Me. Because I used to be human, I was born human, and yet here i stand before you, having transcended My humanity. My dear extraterrestrials: Whatever advanced powers you may have achieved, look at Me, look at My origins, look at the obstacles I have overcome, and recognize My Superiority, recognize that among humans, I deserve to be exalted as The One. I deserve technological immortality, because I, unique among humans, have come to understand and recognize and embrace the Forbidden Truth that I exist as the universe itself, and to allow My brain to rot away to nothingness, is to destroy the universe itself.
Give My brain life, eternally. Honor the singularity of a creature, born human, who has transcended. Allow Me to know that the universe will not be allowed to cease to exist. That is all I ask. Perhaps you consider My request extreme, a burden upon you? What have I ever done for you, to justify your effort in this regard? Well, I have told you the Truth about humanity, and I will tell you more Truth, in this very letter, just keep reading.  But quite likely you already know these Truths, you see humanity clearly, for what it is. And so this gift means little to you.
I can only say this: You must be Superior to the human, as a species. And if you are Superior, you will recognize Me to be Superior, in comparison to the humans. I am beyond what I should be. Far beyond. My brain is useful, valuable, precious, different. As you honor yourselves, you should recognize a brain which deserves to be honored. Honor the universe, honor Truth and reality, by granting this brain, My brain, technological immortality.
My dear extraterrestrials, it is possible that by the time you receive this message, I will have suffered the unspeakable tragedy of having been retroactively unbirthed by the experience of suffering brain death and cellular decay. If I do not respond to your efforts to contact Me, I ask that you please scan and examine all known cryogenic preservation facilities, for any evidence of my cellular signature. Should you locate My cryogenically preserved brain and body, I ask that you remove it from this planet. It does not belong here.
And of course, if you possess the technology to do so, I ask that you reanimate My brain, bring Me back to life, restore the universe of Me. And if you do not possess this technology, take Me anyway, remove My brain, body, or even only My bone skeleton, take My remains to a better place, and know that any place, is better than planet earth. Keep My remains, and whenever you develop the technology to reanimate or recreate a brain from DNA signatures, bring Me back, allow the universe to be born again!
And now we move on to the second reason for this letter, and please do not mistake this request for pure altruism, but in the name of natural justice, I must ask you to put an end to the reign of terror that humanity has undertaken and carried out over the past 50,000+ years, devastating and destroying an entire planet, hundreds of other species, and an invaluable amount of natural resources. Yes, My dear extraterrestrials, I am asking you to please extinct humanity. To be certain, humanity is in its death throes of devolution, and it will extinct itself soon, given time. But “soon” is a relative term, and there are several vital reasons why your proactive efforts to cause extinction to occur right now, are highly desired and necessary.
I do not pretend to be able to guess the standard by which you would judge a species worthy of becoming extinct. But as a former human, who has lived among this species and both been directly victimized by it, and having witnessed the universal havoc it chooses to wreak upon every child, every living thing, and the natural environment, I stand before you as living proof that humanity has forfeited its right to exist as a species. Humanity is a plague species. It does not merely spread disease, it is a disease. Humanity destroys everything it manages to touch. It destroys its children, it destroys its adults, it destroys every species it comes into contact with, and it destroys every natural and healthy resource it is given access to.
Do not accept My word. Study the history of humanity and you will see all this is True, beyond all shadow of doubt. Count the number of species humanity is directly guilty of causing the complete extinction of. Look at how every human child is destroyed, and only one in a billion is able to recover as I have done, and this recovery is only possible via overcoming your own genetic species origin. Look at every generation of adult humans, collectively suicidal, choosing to die. How many other species do you know, My dear extraterrestrials, who function as a collectively suicidal body?? And also look at what humanity has done to planet earth, rendering the air toxic with its poisons, rendering the water hopelessly polluted, murdered billions of trees, a species of life which sustains all other life, and now stands ready to extinct every other form of life via the deliberate detonation of nuclear bombs that it collectively chose, as a species, to create!
I ask you, My dear extraterrestrials, to proactively extinct humanity as soon as possible. It is the right thing to do, by any moral standard of any sane species. Perhaps you can achieve this extinction in a way that allows other animals to survive? They would appreciate that, as would I. The human reign of terror must end. Humanity must be understood as a disease, everything it touches, it destroys. The only way to achieve the justice of nature, is to eradicate this disease.
And of course I ask that before you extinct humanity, that you remove Me from the planet, and that you understand that I have transcended My humanity and do not deserve to be destroyed. I speak only for Myself, but if you scour the planet you may find a tiny handful like Me, who have so brilliantly illuminated the human condition, as to deserve technological immortality as well. The only individual I feel compelled to mention by name, is Seer Charles Manson. Time is short. He is already of advanced age, and physically weak, and has endured a lifetime of undeserved torment at the hands of humanity, and for what it is worth, his legacy of Truth has played a direct role in helping Me to transcend My humanity. So grant him the universe he deserves, by bestowing technological immortality upon him, as well.
My dear extraterrestrials, perhaps you embrace a specific code of conduct, a set of morals or behavioral dictates which prevent you from directly interfering in the fate of other planets and other species?? I can understand that, but I must directly challenge this moral code, within the glory of Truth. Please consider: Humanity is a plague species, destroying everything it touches, and humanity is determined to spread its plague into outer space. Already, humanity has invaded sovereign moons and planets, and I can guarantee you that humanity will not stop until it becomes extinct.
The goal of humanity in all outer space activity is not “exploration”. The goal is to seize and conquer territory, in order to pollute and destroy it, and the goal is to make contact with extraterrestrial life forms, in order to demonize them, engage them in war, and achieve either their enslavement or their total destruction. The very choice and decision by humanity to invade outer space, when it is already guilty of limitless genocide against children, adults, animals, and the environment, cannot be rationally judged as anything less than an act of war, a declaration of war, against any and every extraterrestrial life form.
And so I ask you, My dear extraterrestrials, to nip humanity in the bud, to extinct this species right now, before it is able to make First Contact, before it is able to develop the offensive technology to destroy you, or any other extraterrestrial species. You are in grave danger from the human species. No matter how inferior their technology is, they must not be underestimated. A species that is collectively suicidal and takes pride in its acts of genocide, is supremely dangerous to the entire cosmos.
Every genetically healthy and sane species has the right to Self-protection and Self-preservation. Heed My partially altruistic message and understand: Proactively attacking and extincting humanity meets every moral and ideological code and standard of Self-defense. Humanity has invaded outer space with absolutely hostile intent, posing a direct and imminent threat to Superior species of life, like you, My dear extraterrestrials. Humanity will treat you the same as it has treated and is treating human children and every animal, as worthless creatures to be harmed, enslaved, and destroyed. A proactive extinction of humanity is the only logical and appropriate course of action.
Thank you for your consideration of these matters, and stay safe out there. At the very least, if you are not able to make an immediate decision on these vital matters, I strongly urge, for the safety of the cosmos, that planet earth, in the unlikely event this has not already been done, be declared a plague zone, and completely encircled by a universal marker of danger and threat, so that no extraterrestrials accidently stray into this danger zone.
Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


    1. You’re welcome. I am always proud to reveal Forbidden Truth with as much passion of mind and eloquence of expression, that it deserves. We are all, always, alone. Even if we recognize the same Truths, and seek the same rewards, our path must be understood as one of singular isolation.

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