An Open Letter to a Brain Named Angelina Jolie

This blog post is late, as Angelina made headlines more than a week ago, for her sane, logical, and Superior choice to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes. But the issues she raises by her chosen life path activities are important and enigmatic enough to warrant a detailed dissection, regardless of the lack of direct timeliness, for which I can only use the Superior excuse of placing My own chosen activity interests and desires ahead of literary pursuit. You must understand, I commune with all Truth, 24/7/365. Therefore, writing out Forbidden Truths can and does often rate low on My activity list. In many ways it is primarily a repetition of what I have already achieved, within My mind and consciousness.
That said, let us begin by examining the issue of time. Time is much more than valuable and precious. Time is in Truth, irreplaceable. Perversely and concurrently, at the same time, given the Forbidden Truths of death, time is also utterly worthless and useless. Philosophically analyzing the value of time brings us to this paradox: Time could in fact be limitlessly valuable and infinitely precious, if only the human refused to allow death to make a mockery of it, and to sabotage his own relationship with time. But this is exactly what humanity does, rendering time worthless and useless by his own chosen, collective embrace of death.
So, let us move on to Angelina Jolie, and her chosen life path activities. Her chosen life path activities are worthy of dissection, because she has attained what you humans call “fame”. Fame is a form of power, only because it can be used to influence others. But fame is also controlled and manipulated by social, cultural, and political leaders, so that no individually famous human who challenges the status quo, is ever allowed to exert too much influence over the directional path of the hive mind.
For example, if Angelina Jolie were to hijack a commercial aircraft and propel it at 430 miles per hour into a French Alp mountain, her socially granted fame would be immediately stripped from her by human leaders and their media centered propaganda mouthpieces. All fame, and the influence that such fame provides, is externally and conditionally granted by a malicious and deceitful society, and that is why all fame is inherently useless.
Why is Angelina Jolie a primary focus of this essay. Because, approximately one week ago, she publicly revealed that she had recently chosen to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed from her body. This comes two years after Angelina chose to remove both breasts from her body. The media has given both of these revelations a fair amount of attention, although of course the coverage is biased and fails to address any of the Forbidden Truth issues, which Angelina herself also, of course, refuses to address, be it due to complete lack of personal enlightenment, or absolute fear of public condemnation, ridicule, and the stripping of her fame by social leaders.
In case you are unfamiliar with Angelina’s elective surgical procedures, this news article provides a nice overview:
The issue at hand, of course, to any sane thinker, is death, and technological immortality. The direct intersection of death, efforts by the human to avoid death, and the elephant in the room, which none of you are willing to address: Technological immortality.
Angelina explains her decision to have these body parts removed, as a desire to avoid getting cancer. Why does she wish to avoid cancer? Because cancer is a disease which can cause death. But Angelina is already dying, she is in fact already dead, as each of us is. Therefore, her preventative actions constitute nothing more than an effort to avoid consciously facing up to the Forbidden Truth that she is already dead. In all of her public comments, Angelina makes it clear that her goal is simply to postpone death, meaning to buy herself the opportunity to maintain the delusion that she is alive, for a few additional years. This is the extent of her motivation for having her breasts, ovaries, and fallopian tubes surgically removed, and this is the greatest of all tragedies, a tragedy far greater than dying of cancer at a “young” age, is.
Am I criticizing and condemning Angelina for getting her breasts, fallopian tubes, and ovaries surgically removed?? Of course not! These decisions, in and of themselves, are highly praiseworthy, indicative of a respect for Self and for personal existence. What must be condemned, in the strongest possible terms, is the failure of Angelina to stand up for Truth, to decree her unwillingness to die, to make a public stand for technological immortality. Angelina betrays Herself, and sacrifices her unique position of social empowerment, in publicly positioning her surgeries as an effort to delay and postpone death. How pathetic! Of what use is the postponement of death, when the experienced consequences of death do and will remain exactly the same?!
Angelina Jolie is not stupid. Shame on her for squandering an opportunity to force the issue of technological immortality into the light of public discourse and debate! Is it really okay with you, Angelina, to die aged 90, instead of to die aged 70? Is this your academy award winning performance, to act as though you are choosing to have these surgeries merely to postpone your experience of death? For shame!
And so now I begin My open letter to Angelina. Please note that even though I am addressing Angelina directly here, these exact same comments are equally applicable to every individual, already famous or not, who loves Himself and does not wish to suffer the horrific fate of personal death.
My dear Angelina, open your mind and face the Truth: You are having these surgeries because you do not want to die, not now, not at age 70, and not ever. But you will die, you will die because you do not have the courage to face up and to stand up for Truth, openly and publicly.
Angelina, you are using technology to try to extend your existence, but your existence is pure illusion. In reality, and I must ask you to step off the stage and shed your acting mask, stop hiding behind your web of social illusion and understand that you are ensuring your own death, by refusing to openly demand that medical, scientific, and robotic technology be deployed to grant you technological immortality, to which you are entitled, as am I, as is every sane thinker and lover of Self.
Wake up, Angelina! If you wake up, and find the courage to take a stand, you are in a unique position to propel public debate forward on the single most important issue of our time: The achievement of technological immortality. No doctor or scientist is in a better position than you are, to force this issue into public consciousness. Your fame gives you this unique power. And yes, if you do this, stand up for and demand to be granted technological immortality, you will be demonized, ridiculed, and condemned by society and by the media. But your voice will still be heard, and you will give Yourself the chance, the opportunity, to genuinely save your own life.
How old are you, Angelina? The media says you are 39 years old, but the media is used to deceive others. So maybe you are 39, or maybe older. But even if you lied to the media and they agree to perpetuate this lie, even if you are 49 instead of 39, you can still save your own life, enjoy the glory of technological immortality. You should know, as of 2015, technological immortality is fully feasible from a scientic perspective. It is being denied to you, and to all of us, all creatures born human, by leaders of society and government. If compelled to do so under threat of anarchistic destruction, leaders of human society could easily render technological immortality a functional reality, within 5-10 years of beginning a sustained effort to achieve this feat.
Even if you are 49 years old, you are still in a unique position to save your own existence, and to become famous for a reason that actually matters, for being the instigator of a social revolution, and the ambassador of technological immortality. Stand up and fight for your life! Stop fighting for the illusion of being alive, stop fighting for the lie of 10 or 20 or 30 additional years of being allowed to pretend to be alive, as you remain dead, as you are dead today, pretending to be alive, ignoring the Forbidden Truth of nothingness for all of cosmic eternity, the horrific fate which dooms each of us, upon physical death.
Be brave, Angelina! Recognize Yourself as what you are: A Brain! You are not Angelina Jolie, actress, filmmaker, or humanitarian. You are a brain which has recognized itself as Angelina Jolie. You are a brain, that is all you can ever be. You already understand that you do not need breasts or ovaries or fallopian tubes, to recognize Yourself as Angelina Jolie, to be Angelina Jolie. Now you must make the next Great Leap Forward. You must consciously understand that you also do not need arms, legs, eyes, ears, a face, or any other body part, to be Angelina Jolie. You only need one thing, one thing only: A sentient, functional brain, the brain you already possess, the brain you have spent 49, errr, maybe only 39 years, My vain one, blossoming into the universe of You.
It is possible that to achieve technological immortality, you might need to lose other parts of your body, beyond your breasts, ovaries, fallopian tubes.  Perhaps yes, perhaps no. This is not the ideal, but you have already demonstrated some courage in your choices to stand up for existence, albeit on a temporary basis. Now you must leap forward, now you must recognize Yourself for what you are: A brain, only a brain. Is it not better to be a sentient, functional brain, floating in a vat of chemicals, absent your entire body, than it is to have never existed, to be retroactively unborn, which is the True consequence of death, a cosmic eternity of never having existed?!
It is impossible to know, at this moment, the exact shape of the first wave of technological immortality. But no loss, no sacrifice, is too great for the opportunity to exist forever, to be immortal. Step out of your actress skin, stop allowing others to direct you. Become the director of your own script, your own fate, your own future! Become a revolutionary agent for change, declare death your mortal enemy, do so openly and publicly, demand that humanity immediately engage and marshall all of its scientific and medical resources to make technological immortality a reality. Become an Immortalist, Angelina! Do it for Yourself, in honor of what you are: A brain named Angelina Jolie.
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