An Open Letter of Forbidden Truth to jimmy carter

Important note: While this Open Letter is addressed to jimmy carter, the profoundly valuable Forbidden Truths revealed within the text, seek safe haven within any and all sane and sentient brains capable of recognizing and appreciating them.
Hello jimmy,
Yesterday you learned that you are almost dead. A fatal disease which had already invaded your body, has now spread to your most valuable physical organ, the single physical organ which defines you as an individual: Your brain. And how did you respond to this news?? In the ways of a human, a pathetic human, a coward and a fool and a hater of Self and of Truth.
You gathered together hundreds of officially recognized propagandists, calling it a “news conference”, and you used your fame, your celebrity status, your past history of having become supreme leader of a genocidally evil government, to promote the insane god myth, to declare that death should not be feared or hated, to literally and actually promote the passive, meek, universal acceptance of personal death, concealing from all the fact, the Forbidden Truth, that to die is to have never been born, and to have never existed.
And of course your propaganda blitzkrieg was hailed by the propagandists as a shining example of personal courage, personal grace, superior mental attitude, and the benefits of optimism. You waxed poetic on your imagined achievements and accomplishments, pretending that you will leave the world a better place than when you entered it. And the propagandists lapped it all up, using your toxic words to implant and to blossom a new wave of death worship within the psyche of humanity as a species.
Here you can listen to your own words, as you lie to Yourself, as you lie to the world, as you continue the betrayal of Self and of Truth which characterizes the diseased brain functionality of all human beings:
Jimmy, it is unfortunate that I must viciously attack you at this point in time, as your illusion of being alive is almost extinguished, but the attack is something you have brought upon yourself, by the choices you have made, since childhood, dating back many decades. My attack upon you is personal of course, personal from the perspective of how you have harmed Me, and by connective effect, every creature who has suffered the misfortune of being born human. I attack you because you are guilty, as an individual, of the greatest of crimes against humanity.
Jimmy, you are a created victim of your society and of humanity as a species. Your victimhood status cannot be disputed. But you are also an inferior. You are a coward, a fool, a brainwashed drone. You are plugged into the hive mind of humanity, a hive mind where Truth has never existed, a hive mind where Truth cannot exist.
Jimmy, you think you suffer from a disease that your society has given the name of “cancer”. But you are fatally mistaken. The primary disease which afflicts you, which has afflicted you since childhood, is that of mental illness and pathological brain dysfunction manifested via the embrace of delusions and illusions. Belief in god is your fatal disease, not cancer.
Jimmy, you are guilty of the crime of genocide against humanity. You are not leaving this world a better place than you found it. As a political and societal leader of humanity, you have played a primary and integral role in ensuring not only your own eternal nothingness, but in validating and imposing universal death upon all. The horror of universal death, which you promote and have helped keep as manifest reality, marks you as as the greatest of criminals, a sponsor of harm, suffering, death, that few who have ever been born can claim title to. Ted Bundy, Genghis Khan, James Oliver Huberty, Osama bin-Laden, none of them can come close to approaching your level of achieved destruction and genocide.
Jimmy, you became the leader of the entire world in 1977, 38 years ago. In 1977 the scientific fields of computer technology, robotics, gene splicing, dna mapping, cloning, and cryogenic preservation, among many others, were exploding. As leader of the world, you were in a uniquely powerful position to challenge the hive mind, to courageously attack, condemn, and defy the toxic matrix of religion, god, Self-hate, universal child abuse, and universal human slavery, which defined all of human existence back then, as it does today.
But you failed, miserably. You chose to align yourself with the matrix, you chose to maintain and strengthen all of the malicious and diseased structures of your society. You chose to exalt death, to worship death, and in the process you have directly doomed trillions of creatures born human, including Yourself, to the horrific fate of being retroactively unborn and to have never existed.
Jimmy, cancer is not going to murder you within the next few months. You are your own murderer. It is you who are guilty of murdering Yourself. Because the fact is, if you had found the courage and the inspiration 38 years ago, as political and social leader of the humans on earth, to stand up for Truth, to embrace love of Self, and to declare all-out war against the toxic structures of religion, child abuse, Self-hate, and death worship, and to decree death as the greatest of human diseases, to decree death as the mortal enemy of humanity, to decree that the problem of death must be attacked and ended, so that each of us may be able to simply exist, technological immortality would be a functional reality as of today. So yes, you need to know that you are guilty of both genocide on an unprecedented scale, as well as the far greater crime of murdering Yourself.
We are your victims, jimmy carter. Human history is an illuminated chart of endless mistakes, occurring at endless points in time, repeated over and over and over. Every single second that passes by serves as historical record of the failure of humanity as a species. Jimmy, your pathetic and perverse choices, made 38 years ago, seal your fate, and the fate of humanity today. And today, and tomorrow, these same pathetic and perverse choices doom Me to the same horrific fate you are about to achieve as manifest reality.
And so I hate humanity, I hate humanity with full-throated, full-minded passion of mind, of soul, of essense of Self. I hate what humanity has always been, and I hate what humanity is today. Every moment that passes, the universe is darker. No light, no hope, because there is no Truth. Who dooms the universe?? Human beings. Leaders and followers, victims and predators, seamlessly blended. The matrix, indoctrinating all. The matrix, built by humans, maintained by humans, oblivious on a conscious level to the horror they are wreaking upon themselves.
So there you stand jimmy, at your press conference of Thursday August 20, 2015, maintaining your image, shining your halo, defending the past, defending god and religion, exalting death even as you pretend to continue your imaginary battle to postpone it. And the harm you caused yesterday far exceeds the harm you caused during your four years as leader of the most diseased and dysfunctional society on earth. Yesterday was when you propagandized death to a new generation of humans, inspiring millions to maintain their suicidal ideation, to reject life, in favor of death. Shame, eternal shame upon you!
I’m sorry jimmy, but you were never president of the united states. You never got married. You never sperm created children. You never helped anyone. You made no life better. Nothing has changed because of you. You were never alive. You never existed. Eternity is untouched by you. For a few more weeks, or maybe months, you can continue to pretend to be alive, continue to pretend that you exist. And you will never know the Truth. Never will you have to face up to the Truth, as I do, as a Superior who has transcended his humanity. You will never know the Truth because Truth is dead to you, because you are a coward, and because you are human, a representative specimen of your species.
I do not pity you. You have not earned the right to life, as I have, because you have never found the capacity within Yourself to face up to the Forbidden Truths of death.
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