An Image of 21st Century Labor Day Freedom

Today, September 7, 2015, has been officially decreed as a celebration of the holiday of labor day by the slave-state of amerikkka. I have already written and published, just a few hours ago, a brilliant Forbidden Truth dissection of this horrific perversion of human rights and freedom. So now, I will indulge in a less strident but just as poignant visual illustration of the horror of all forced labor, with a Female Foot Pain Fetish twist.
Observe the fully candid image below, taken inside an airport concourse. We see two female labor slaves, forced to perform slave labor for money, forced to dress up in specific clothing by their slavemaster, forced to wear specific shoes, dress pumps, not even free to choose their own footwear.
And so the female slaves make do with momentarily freeing their feet from the physical pain that they are being forced to endure. They cannot ignore the physical pain in their feet, but at the same time they cannot comprehend the True and factual nature of their slavery, of body and of mind, which constitutes all employment, all labor, all economic activity, all work done in exchange for money.
Observe the sweetie on the right side: She has liberated her toes so beautifully, but not her mind! Forced to wear closed toe dress pumps, she rebels openly and publicly, in full view of complete strangers, and maybe even her supervisor/manager/boss. She defies her slavemaster, liberates her toes, frees her toes, as she stands so delicately, so erotically, on top of her pumps.
Does she have corns, or calluses?? Hard corns on top of her toes, or soft corns in-between her toes, or maybe even an IPK, an Intractable Plantar Keratosis on the balls of her feet?? Inquiring minds with a Female Foot Pain Fetish, want to know!
But in a more philosophical vein, the poignancy evoked by this image, as relates to the perversion of the labor day holiday, is very real and must not be made light of. She is freeing her agonized feet, but she cannot free her mind. Like all of you, she is a labor slave, and the chances that she realizes the True facts and reality of universal labor slavery, are almost zero.
Our sweetie seizes upon the opportunity to liberate her feet, to momentarily, temporarily relieve immediate physical pain, even as she submits to an existence of relentless and unmitigated slavery as a worker, a citizen, a worshipper, a wife, a girlfriend, a mother, a daughter. Why? Because she can deny all of those horrors, pretend she is not suffering, pretend she is not being harmed and victimized.
She can ignore all Truth, just as you humans do. But in the moment, in this moment of time, as captured by this photograph, she cannot ignore, and she cannot even tolerate, the oppression being inflicted upon her feet by the shoes she is being forced to wear, as a labor slave. This is so very poignant, so beautifully illustrative of the hopelessness of the human condition, to the deep thinker.
Philosophy and the female foot pain fetish, harmoniously melded:

21st century freedom, corn and bunion style.

21st century freedom, corn and bunion style.

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  1. It’s unfortunate that humans believe that given this day off is an appreciation for their loyalty as recognizable employees. They totally underestimate the forbidden truth that Labor Day is a ruse employed against them to honor this slavery matrix system

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