An Appropriate Reply To: god Bless You

Interacting with humans is always pointless and useless, a waste of time and effort, and in a very real sense, an insult to Self, for those of us who have transcended our humanity. Still, witnessing the confusion, fear, and incredulity of the inferior upon being graced with a Forbidden Truth interaction, can provide momentary pleasure and amusement.
In this spirit, I would suggest the following reply when we are confronted with the deranged overture of “god bless you”, a pathetic sentiment that everyone who is forced to spend time around humans will invariably be confronted with, even if they successfully refrain from sneezing.
Of course a Superior look of contempt and disdain upon being victimized by this perverse human sentiment, is perfectly appropriate. But for those rare occasions when you feel like blowing out the already hopelessly deflated brain of an inferior, I would suggest:
“Please do not bestow the imaginary benevolence of a non-existent creature upon Me. You are looking at god. You have just spoken to god. I became god when I murdered the imaginary creature who holds you hostage. So thank you for advising Me to bless Myself. I do and I will. I bless Me.”
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  1. Oh, SEER, I hear the phrase “god bless you”, and I hate it with a passion. What can an inferior god’s do to help me? Nothing at all. Everything that I have achieved in life has been my putting forth the effort, and not relying on a mythical, imaginary god to assist me. As of the inferiors, who receive help from people, like myself, or others, it isn’t god, so why give credence to a nonexistent god? I don’t humans to say….god bless you, because it has no use for me. It’s very annoying and childish at best

    1. Humans despise themselves, and perceive themselves as impotent nothings. This perception is rooted in the fact that they are decreed at birth to be impotent nothings. This is the official status of every child. Invoking the non-existent god creature is the socially accepted way for humans to maintain their own self-image of being an impotent nothing.
      The more “successful” a human becomes, as judged by his society, the more likely he is to pathologically cling to the god creature as being in control of his existence, because he cannot reconcile his own perception of personal worthlessness, with being judged and told that he is successful and superior by his fellow humans.
      Just another factual illustration of how universal child abuse is directly responsible for all adult human ideological and behavioral pathologies.

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