Always Alone, Forever Inside of Myself, I Thrive

Isolation and solitude are the foundational building blocks to achievement of a limitless and untouchable Self-universe. I have always been alone, always. Never had a friend, never had a lover, never had a social visitor to my house, never been on a date. And I have never been lonely, not for a single moment, in my decades of existence.
I have never been lonely because I have always been alone. I knew at the age of 5 that I was alone, and would always be alone. So I built a universe and populated my universe with Me, Myself, and I.
How can I be lonely when I have an entire universe inside of Myself? A mind of limitless strength. Whatever I desire, I create for Myself. Whatever I need, I give to Myself. And so I am never alone, even as I am always alone.
Every interaction I choose to undertake is beautiful, powerful, noble, just, and right. Because every interaction is with Myself, the universe of untouchable perfection I inhabit. Alone. Always inside of Myself.
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  1. I have read this one a few times now, and each time, the MindGasm has increased in intensity.
    The one that prompted this response actually had Me sexually aroused.
    I hope you don’t mind that I am deriving this amount of pleasure from your writings.
    As for the message itself, I don’t see why any sane mind would choose not to follow and embrace Truth.
    A painfully simple example is having a gun pointed in your face, what made up bullsh*t can you pile up in your brain that will stop a bullet?Accepting Truth is f*cking terrifying but it is so obviously better than the alternative.
    Anyway, thanks 🙂

    1. You’re very welcome. It’s nice to know that one human in 50 million, finds pleasure and strength within a unique communion of mind, with Me. One in 50 million is a nice number, illuminating the rarified universe we inhabit.
      Sexual arousal and climax achieved in isolation, achieved to an idea, a philosophy, a mind perception of Self, is an infinitely beautiful thing, to be celebrated, savored, and honored, as constituting a perfect circle of Self-actualization.
      The fact that you are able to derive such pleasure from My uniquely brilliant writings, proves that you are worthy of deriving such pleasure. You achieve what you prove to Yourself, you deserve. A beautiful circle.
      When you are addicted to and enslaved by the matrix of universal illusion, Truth is terrifying. The very concept of personal isolation, absolutely terrifies humans. To be confronted by their own voice, their own face, their own mind, their own past, the limitless potential that comes with creating a Self-universe, is unbearable to them. Pathetic inferiors.
      Value for Truth and value of Self must exist concurrently. They must uplift and inspire each other, as Mind Bombs within the Self-universe, as they carve forward a path towards the creation of personal untouchability.

    1. Yes, but the three issues at hand are: 1: Perception. 2: Capacity to thrive. 3: Avoiding external contamination of the Self-universe.
      Most humans fail to perceive their absolute and utter aloneness. They pathologically seek external contact, to maintain the Self-delusion that they are not alone.
      Most humans are unable to positively thrive within the conscious awareness of their absolute isolation.
      And, most humans deliberately contaminate their own Self-universe of isolation, by trying to bring others into the universe, creating dependency and toxic enmeshment which directly harms their capacity to create, maintain, empower an untouchable Self-universe rooted within isolation of mind and body.

  2. A bit off topic, SEER: humans are so clingy and needy. They make me sick. They are so immature and are dependent on others to feel good about themselves. We are talking about so-called adults. These adults are on a childlike level and can’t think or do for themselves without someone else’s input or advice. I’ve noticed that when I am in the presence of a human for too long I began to feel drained and tired, and agitated by them. Why? I am extending all of my energy, time, and love for myself by sharing it with them. And I don’t like that one bit. I don’t understand why humans believe that having friendships or relationships makes one happier in life. I don’t believe that. If anything, it takes away from the love of self by giving it to someone else. Love and intimate attention should only be given to self. I despise humans

  3. Nice! I love this post. It’s ironic that we as humans are taught that being alone is bad for us, and that we were designed to be social creatures. I don’t believe that because of the havoc that it wreaks on one’s independence, privacy, and overlooking their needs for someone else. It’s draining not only psychologically and emotionally, but physical as well, on the energy that is dissipated to someone other than yourself. I like being alone and don’t want humans to interfere with it. Humans are set out to destroy the autonomy and the universes of others because they have been programmed to do so

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