Always Alone, Forever Inside Of Myself

In isolation My mind grows, each and every day the universe expands as I stretch it out to accomodate Me. Listen to the cheers, as an audience of one, united via love of Self, worships at the alter it has built, honoring the only thing worthy of receiving honor. To sit and to think, to stand and to think, to walk and to think, such is the bliss of the mind in love with itself, every thought harmoniously melding the ordered chaos of limitless hate and unconditional love.
Everything in its place, torment and destruction upon others, peace and nurturance all throughout the vast universe I have created, own, and control. Words cannot paint a picture of Self-realized Truth, because every other mind is distorted and polluted. As others defile the universe, I defile others, in the process redeeming the universe. Hate is My torch, hate illuminates others, it shows Me their mask. Hate exposes Truth, it pierces the mask of universal illusion. It exalts the insight of Oscar Wilde: “Give a man a mask, and he will show you his true face.”
Do you see Me? No, you see My projection. Me is mine. Me is inside. Me is what I have created, what I hold inside of Myself. You will never see Me. No matter where you look, no matter what I do, no matter how I am portrayed, no matter how My reflection is seen and projected by others, you will never see Me.
I am alone, always alone. Alone in a universe populated by a trillion Me’s. Every Me is My greatest fan, cheering Me on, giving Me the unconditional love and support I deserve. Every day the population of Me grows. Every day the cheers grow stronger and louder, as I sit, and stand, and walk, alone in the universe of Forbidden Truth.
Please note: This is a repost of a post I made earlier today, which mysteriously deleted from my blog. They need to give brilliance its due, and stop having these blog glitches.
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  1. A bit off topic: In case inferiors haven’t noticed, whenever one surrounds him or herself in the company of others, they are subjecting themselves to not only their problems but their emotions as well. For the most part, when interacting with others, it’s as though, you become their personal therapist in which they dump loads on you and expect you to tackle their problems. It’s impossible to be in any type of relationship, whether it is romantic or casual, without being exposed to the other person’s problems. I think that is the goal of all societies is to keep everyone emotionally enmeshed and bombarded with other peoples’ troubles. It’s draining and does nothing but foster dependency on others

    1. Correct, and an excellent insight of Forbidden Truth. Humans love to seek help from others, who are in Truth just as hopelessly bogged down by inferiorities of brain function and errors of reality perception, as they are. By allowing those who are as blind as they are, to lead, guide, and “help” them, universal blindness is maintained, absent all conscious awareness.
      Sadness is one of the best examples of this form of emotional enmeshment. The inferior overtly articulates the emotion of personal sadness to another inferior, soliciting comfort, which is not merely useless, but absolutely fake. In a human relationship, the party being solicited for comfort often provides it, expecting in the future to do the exact same thing, solicit comfort. And so you are left with two humans pathologically pretending to provide the other with comfort, only because they desperately need to feel comforted without having to address any of the root causes of their sadness and distress, from any position of Truth or factual reality. “Pretend you care about me, and I will pretend to care about you, so both of us can avoid actually and legitimately caring about ourselves and facing up to the Truths of why we are sad and distressed.” How utterly pathetic!
      If you pretend to care about others, or “try” to care about others, you destroy all capacity to legitimately care about yourself. You are giving away reality, for the pretense of false illusion. You are deciding it is better to be able to pretend someone else cares about you, than to develop the Self-love and narcissism which is required in order for you to care about Yourself.
      As a Superior, all suffering of others is not merely subservient to My own personal suffering, but overtly negated by My own suffering. It is philosophically deranged and absurd to try place value upon the suffering of others, and to devote any personal resources to negate such impersonal suffering, when you Yourself have been made to suffer, and continue to be forced to suffer, on a real-time, ongoing basis, throughout your existence. I will devote My existence to seeking personal bliss, tempered only by an unrelenting demand that this bliss be factually real, valid, and free of all Truth compromise. This must be the embraced personal mandate of the Superior.
      Victory for your greatest enemy, society and government, and yes, an overt goal, exactly as you describe in your above comment, is to successfully inspire you to become emotionally invested in the suffering of others. Always, if this occurs, you are negating your own suffering, giving society and government a free pass to continue and to deepen its universal oppression of every human being.

      1. Right. Inferiors are in no position to offer solace to anyone because they are all emotionally deranged by their illusions. It is nothing more than a false sense of comfort by telling lies to someone that life will get better, when in fact, it won’t. There’s a reason for humanity suffering (Society and the matrix), and humans should open their eyes and accept the forbidden truths so that life can be better. As I mentioned before, I don’t want to be a therapist or a shoulder for anyone to cry on–I have my own issues which take precedence over anyone. Humans have got to learn how to take care of themselves emotionally so that they won’t be a burden to others. Great Points!

      2. Also, by coming to the aid of broken individuals, you are not easing their emotional burdens, but are concealing the horrors inflicted by societies. So, in that retrospect, societies are given a free pass to continue inflicting harm and trauma onto individuals. Humans are nothing more than picker-uppers; they always come to the rescue in hiding the forbidden truths

        1. Correct. Those who are hopelessly broken should be left to the eternal nothingness that is their inherited legacy. They should never be catered or pandered to. Providing false comfort and/or false hope to the hopelessly broken, only ensures that all future generations of children will be hopelessly broken.

      3. The question is, how can humans be of benefit to anyone if they are victims themselves? By reaching out to others, you are only exacerbating the problem in which societies never take responsibility

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