Afterlife Mythology: Worse Than The Insane God Myth

Religion and the Insane God Myth is a devastatingly effective terrorist weapon of government, deployed to cause universal, genocidal harm against all human beings trapped upon this planet. In no way should we ever minimize the horrific havoc and destruction, on many different levels, that religion has always caused, does now and will continue to cause in the future.
But within any sober and reflective Forbidden Truth analysis of the state of humanity right now, in 2017, we must conclude that afterlife mythology itself, specifically separate from religion and the Insane God Myth, causes more and greater harm to humanity as a whole.
Why? Because right now, afterlife mythology is being marketed to the disillusioned god freaks, to the hipsters and the disaffected youth and the environmentalists and the new-agers and the progressives and the enlightened-wannabe’s, as a glorious new path of freedom and Self-determination and Truth. But it is nothing of the kind.
What is afterlife mythology, and how does it differ from the Insane God Myth? Afterlife mythology, in itself, requires no omnipotent creator and terrorist judge to exist, it imposes no threat of hell or lure of heaven, and it asks for no worship. But it does overtly require that you believe that existence after death is possible.
There are a hundred or more different versions of afterlife mythology, from reincarnation, to parallel universes, to becoming one with the earth, your decaying body fertilizing the goddamn soil and voila, just like that you can become a flower!
Listen to Me, you idiots: All afterlife mythology is bullsh*t. All of it. Those of you who like to pretend to be enlightened and progressive and in touch with the good mother earth and morally evolving because you reject traditional versions of religion and the Insane God Myth, you can successfully lie to yourselves, but you cannot deceive Me.
You are suffocating the Truth, and all human potential.
Afterlife mythology is more harmful than the Insane God Myth because it has become a haven for escapees of traditional religion, who use this Self-deception to continue to legitimize and fetishize death.
Society and government gladly encourages you to adopt this pseudo-rebel pose, because while afterlife mythology is slightly less useful that traditional religion, on a direct level, to the Matrix of Universal Illusion, it still serves completely the singular most important goal religion has always had: To make your death acceptable and agreeable to you.
How can death be a problem, if there is an afterlife? How can death be recognized as the most horrific fate you can ever experience, as retroactive unbirth, the prevention of your birth, if you delusional fools buy into the absurdity of an existence after death??
In coming decades, the number of traditional god freaks will likely decline. But the number of afterlife addicts will increase. The result: Horrific status quo remains unchanged.
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  1. Society is aware that they can’t addict all humans to the god myth so they provide the alternative of the “Afterlife” to those who are suspicious of god and religion. And it is working

    1. Correct.
      Once again, we see an absolute slave shackle, successfully disguised and marketed to the Unwashed Masses as a form of freedom, and the pathetic fools buy it, because they never want to be free in the first place. They only want to be able to lie to themselves that they seek, desire, and obtain freedom, as they remain terrorized, shackled slaves.
      Utterly perverse and pathetic, how the human maintains the Self-delusion he covets freedom, when in Truth he demands and will only accept, imposed slavery.

  2. Unrelated to this post but Seer you are right about everything. Jesus christ what a deranged species. I want to live forever but being reminded of them would certainly dampen things.
    You are 100% correct about pretty much everything. You deserve a medal for your childhood and the truth you express now.
    Agree with this essay but if reincarnation is real I can’t imagine what I did to get reincarnated with this lot.

    1. Indeed I am right about everything. One of the reasons is because all Forbidden Truth is interconnected. As a Superior mind, genuine recognition of some Forbidden Truths, creates a wormhole which allows all Forbidden Truths to be properly perceived. Unless a human is addicted to existing illusions, delusions, and deceptions, which is of course ALL humans. This is just one reason why both rejecting and transcending your humanity is so vital to all Truth quests.
      There will always be compromises within the attainment of a bliss such as technological immortality. The Superior mind focuses upon a Truth-based cost-to-benefit analysis to every potential event, rooted within his capacity to control and dictate the directional focus of his True Reality and mind projections.
      Within such deliberate consideration, every negative of being technologically immortal, is outweighed by positives.
      Thanks for being consistently able and willing to courageously consider and embrace the Forbidden Truths.

  3. Yeah, as long as there’s a “crack”, there’s hope :). One of the popular mantras that’s being pontificated to no end is the idea that “energy cannot be created nor destroyed, therefore, you NEVER die”. Or, “your atoms/molecules” don’t really die once you die, they keep going”. Both those statements are true, to some extent, but that does not imply that you consciously continue after death, the same way a snake’s sheded skin(it sheds all of it..) that even looks like the snake, is not the snake itself. I hate it when religious groups use this misinterpretation of science to justify/prove than even SCIENTIFICALLY, it makes sense to believe in an afterlife.

    1. As I have repeatedly revealed within My texts, science itself directly promotes and legitimizes both the Insane God Myth and afterlife mythology. Science is positioned by 21st century societies and governments as being engaged in a noble and unwavering quest to discover and unlock the True secrets of the universe, and then it is used by the Matrix of Universal Illusion to legitimize the insane myths, delusions, and deceptions within which humanity is hopelessly addicted and enslaved.
      Death is the negation of birth, the reversal of the birth process, rendering you never born. This is the ONLY perspective that allows the mind to properly, accurately, Truthfully grasp the simple and factual consequence, the RESULT, of dying.

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