Additional Forbidden Truths on Maternal Instinct

I received an interesting comment/question to this essay:
You should read the entire above essay first, before proceeding to this followup. The comment below allows Me to expand upon the specific issue of maternal instinct, which I have written about extensively in my main Manifesto, which I highly recommend all seekers of Truth read in its entirety:
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“Is there any basis to believe that there is a maternal instinct in at least some human mothers? We see it in animals as a simple instinctive awareness of how to PHYSICALLY nurture offspring until they are able to fend for themsleves, but there is no ritualised, lifelong bond. Would this be the extent of a true maternal instinct in human females? Granted it may be a moot question given the convoluted nature of human society’s perversity.”
Your question is interesting, but the answer is complex, and several different factors must be taken into account. First, we need to look at the instinctual responses of other female animals who breed. Some female animals provide almost no care to their offspring, while other female animals provide highly nurturing levels of care. Concurrent with this fact, is the equally important fact that as a general rule, the level of care that is provided, matches the level of care that is needed by the offspring. Simply put, some species of baby require a lot of care when they are young in order to grow up safe and healthy, while other species of baby do not, being much more self-sufficient.
The next point which must be emphasized and analyzed, is that human babies do require a significant amount of physical care in order to survive and develop into strong and healthy adults. In other species, the female biological creator usually provides this care, when it is needed by the baby for survival and to thrive. This fact speaks to a natural instinct existing in female animals, to provide necessary levels of care to offspring.
Now we must move forward to the reality of how human biological creators treat their children, the universal harm they cause to their children, the fact that while a majority do not directly terminate the existence of their child via physical violence, they do universally enslave, oppress, victimize, stunt all positive development, and use all children as personal Poison Containers, none of which is done by other female biological creators, of other species.
So, let us begin a Forbidden Truth analysis: Many other species of life possess a maternal instinct, and display it by providing positive and necessary aid to babies and offspring that they create, and in many cases to specific young members of their own species that they have not biologically created, but come to know via ongoing interaction.
The human female who breeds, as a general rule, is motivated to seek and to maintain possession of their biological offspring, who need to be cared for in order to survive and to thrive. But what are the primary causes for this motivation?? Is it natural instinct? Or is it the relentless brainwashing and terrorization of human society, towards every female, that they are morally, legally, and culturally obligated to serve as mothers?? Or is it the desperate need of female humans, who exist as brutally victimized slaves, to obtain access to a human being, a baby and child, so that they may obtain personal catharsis by brutally victimizing and enslaving it?? Natural instinct is a primary motivation in the choice of other female animals to serve as caretakers to their offspring. But upon objective analysis, natural instinct is not the primary motivation of the female human being.
The term “motherhood” is itself hopelessly weighed down by countless centuries of social propaganda, brainwashing, and mythology. Other animals do not perceive themselves as “mothers”, but as caretakers to offspring, acting upon their natural instinct. To the human, motherhood is slave ownership, motherhood provides a warped sense of self-identity, motherhood is a death placebo, allowing the woman to more actively and eagerly court and embrace her own upcoming death, motherhood is a form of freedom illusion, the freedom to dictate, to terrorize, to victimize, to use a specific living thing in ways they are prohibited from using all other living things, as a Poison Container.
So yes, it is fair to say that most female babies are born possessing the capacity to develop a maternal instinct. But, in and of itself, this fact is meaningless. Because every female baby is also born deeply deformed on a genetic level, so that her maternal instinct cannot and does not develop naturally or normally, and is further warped and destroyed by the genocidally harmful external environment of relentless trauma that she is subjected to throughout her existence.
Female humans are unfit to care for their offspring, and whatever vestiges of maternal instinct they may possess, are diseased and deformed to the extent that they cannot, do not, and will not provide positive and nurturing care that allows a child to reach its potential. Female mothers hurt, harm, victimize, and destroy their children, in reflection of the fact, the Forbidden Truth, that they are hurt, harmed, victimized, and destroyed ex-children, genetically and environmentally broken.
For female humans to possess a legitimate maternal instinct, would require them to reject and renounce all social concepts of motherhood and the family unit, to recognize and respect the sacred autonomy of every child, and to be able to want what it is best for the child. The last requirement might seem fairly simple, but in Truth it is the most impossible for those who are human, as they are incapable of wanting the best for even themselves. How can a creature even begin to imagine wanting what is best for another, when it can never even begin to imagine wanting, or even understanding the definitional parameters inherent, in wanting what is best for Self??
A genetically and mentally healthy female human mother cannot come to exist, given the birth defect nature of the species, and the universal external trauma every human being is subjected to from the moment of their birth. Therefore, the maternal instinct of all human females will be severely damaged, stunted, warped, and dysfunctional, and if they serve as “mothers”, they will horribly harm their children. Now, if they are aspiring Superiors who reject the entire concept of motherhood as defined by society, and consciously desire to serve as emotionally detached caretakers to help nurture children and break the cycle of deliberate, universal child abuse of humanity, they could, in theory, recover some portion of their biological maternal instinct, and combine it with the detachment of a child caretaker, to perform this task more effectively. But we are talking 1 woman out of 50 milion, and only as theory.
Within functional, day-to-day reality, natural and healthy maternal instinct among humans does not exist. The obsession with serving as a mother, runs concurrent with the obsession to harm and destroy the children a woman is given possession of, as a mother. All of motherhood is shrouded in mysticism, mythology, and fantastical thinking which spits in the face of reality and Truth. You cannot compare the maternal instinct of other animals, to that of humans. Among humans, maternal insinct is buried and crushed under the titles of motherhood and the family unit, obscene and grotesque monstrosities of slavery, oppression, trauma, mental illness, and layer upon layer of obsessive mythology.
What would be a healthy, intellectual understanding of maternal instinct, for the human female? Simply this: I will help this child to survive and to thrive because within infinite love of Self, I desire to thrive and to survive, and absent all obligation and absent all responsibility and absent all emotional connectivity, this child possesses the potential to help Me to thrive and to survive, because his mind might be able to develop within the purity of Truth, healthier and stronger than my own, recognizing Myself as a victim of universal child abuse. Therefore I will strive to protect this child from being harmed, not for his sake, but for my own sake.
But of course this is beyond the capabilities of the human being, and I respect the law of reflectivity under which universal child abuse, as well as all forms of cathartic vengeance, take place.
You cannot obtain purity of maternal instinct in a human female. You cannot. All maternal instinct is compromised and warped. It cannot and it will not be restored to any purity of form. The most you can even imagine occurring, is for the compromised maternal instinct to be reshaped, reinvented, but this is only possible within the conscious embrace of all Forbidden Truth, by the rare, isolated individual. Not by the species as a whole, or any portion.
I certainly can’t think of any women off the top of my head who are truly, selflessly “maternal”, but I wonder if they exist. Not even necessarily Superior mothers, simply females who have a natural awareness of a child’s physical and psychological needs, and a desire to satisfy them.
All women are victims of universal child abuse. They cannot treat children with genuine benevolence, because they were not treated as children with genuine benevolence. Their physical and psychological needs were not met when they were children, and so they cannot meet the needs of children, as caretakers. Do they want to meet the needs of children via maternal instinct?? Perhaps a few do. Perhaps a few try. But they fail. They all fail. They fail because they are human, and the law of reflection applies. Their needs were not met. They were victimized and harmed as children. And so they do not meet the needs of children, and they harm them, victimize them.
It is not very difficult to articulate a desire which conflicts with your own True Reality. But to render this desire a manifest reality, to turn it into functional fact, meeting the needs of a child you have created, when nobody has ever met your own needs, that is a whole other story. That is an impossibility, unless you detach from your own humanity.
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