Adam Lanza: Martyr of amerikkkan Society

amerikkkan media and society continues to demonize and discredit Adam Lanza, a created victim and Martyr who sacrificed his very life in the name of Truth. Always, in the wake of enigmatically dynamic claims of personal vengeance which cannot simply be hidden and shuttered away, agents of society are empowered to provide “official” reports intended to demonize, distract, and discredit the individuals who sought personal vengeance, and their justified grievances.
The below report, authored by the insanely named “Connecticut Office of Child Advocate”, demonizes Adam Lanza as mentally ill, and attempts to cover up the True reasons for his rampage of personal vengeance, via cloaks of economic inequality, class warfare, and racial/ethnic prejudice, all of which are foundational structures built into the very society that the “connecticut office of child advocate” represents and is attempting to defend:
Adam Lanza was an abused child. His abuse was sponsored by the government and society he was born into and enslaved by. Amerikkkan society does not advocate on behalf of children, it never has and it never will. Governmental organizations such as the “Connecticut Office of Child Advocate” exist solely to prop up the lie and the illusion that amerikkkan society is attempting to protect and aid children. It is not. Amerikkkan society is devoted to ensuring the functional destruction of every single child, and successfully achieves this goal.
Adam Lanza was no more mentally ill than any other child born into a mentally deranged society. His behaviors indicate a better degree of mental health than that of most children. His attempts to isolate from human contact were attempts to protect himself from further harm and trauma. The conclusion of the amerikkkan government that he needed psychiatric medication and/or mental health therapy, represent an absolute disconnect with reality and Truth. These conclusions represent the interests of society is turning every destroyed child into a blind zombie and obedient slave, willing to commit suicide slowly and over time, while serving society in legitimizing its deranged social structures.
Forcing Adam Lanza to socialize more with human beings, would only have driven him into further despair, likely prompting a suicide alone and isolated, a suicide in which he would have disappeared from the universe leaving no public trace of his torment, which is exactly what your society wants. Your society wants to quietly cull its herd, get rid of those broken slaves who are unable to prop it up, without any ripple which may threaten to expose any Forbidden Truth.
This report by The Connecticut Office of Child Advoacate is a pure whitewashing of Truth and of reality, it exists so that you diseased creatures can wipe your hands clean of the responsibility and guilt that you bear for the child abuse suffered by Adam Lanza and by all other children. It allows you to create the illusion that “your” child is not like Adam Lanza, that he was mentally ill, that he was denied the care and treatment that could have helped him. Bullsh*t! Adam Lanza was EVERY child, Adam Lanza lives on in every child currently alive, every child who is suffering the horror of being forced to mature surrounded by a deranged social structure that is overtly attempting to destroy him, body, mind, and spirit.
Here is the complete report of the Connecticut Office of Child Advocate:

Click to access sandyhook11212014.pdf

I do not have time to dissect it in its entirety. But all you have to do is read it with an unbiased mind, and the utter hypocrisy, the obvious attempt to deny actual guilt and responsibility, is clear to anyone who embraces the Forbidden Truths of child abuse as I have articulated within My Manifesto. Why do the authors choose to reduce Adam Lanza, the Name of a Child Victim, to the letters “AL”. Why would this official report strip Adam Lanza of his very name?? To reduce the length of the report? To spare the keyboard typist a sore finger from having to type a few extra letters?? No, of course not! The reason the report abbreviates Adam Lanza’s name to “AL” is to dehumanize him, to portray him as less than every other named individual in the report.
And continue reading, right in the very first few paragraphs, this pure whitewashing of Truth via an official document of the us government, declares: “This report will identify missed opportunities in the life of AL. Authors underscore however that only AL was responsible for his murderous actions at Sandy Hook.” How utterly absurd! Imagine if Martyr Adam Lanza had simply committed suicide, quietly and privately, inside of his own home, harming nobody else, and the state of Connecticut had decided to write an official report on that act. Would the report have concluded “Only Adam Lanza was responsible for causing his own suicide.” No, of course not! This is because society has a vested interest in promoting silent suicide, which is a far greater tragedy than any proactive attack upon others and upon society itself, such as Adam’s actions.
This report pretends to be critical of the Sacred Family Unit, to a measured degree, but in Truth it legitimizes and props up this absurd construct, which enslaved Adam at birth to two individuals who were unfit and unqualified to care for him. This report pretends to be critical of the care he received from “mental health” structures, totally ignoring the Forbidden Truth that all psychiatric and psychological structures are designed to promote and legitimize the mental illness and derangements which victimized Adam and resulted in his decision to seek and claim cathartic vengeance.
This article describes Adam Lanza’s father as a “financial services executive”. Does it tell you how many thousands of lives this man destroyed, as a representative of the caste system of universal enslavement to money? No. Adam Lanza is demonized because he harvested 27 human beings, while “financial services executives” who cause universal suffering and literally the destruction of all human potential to avoid extinction, via psychopathic worship of economic inequality and the forced starvation deaths of millions of human beings every year, are sanctified as role models children should aspire to become. Adam Lanza lived out his existence as a saint, causing no harm to anyone, in comparison to any and every “financial service executive”, such as his father.
Adam Lanza sought and needed social isolation, anyone who reads this entire report with an unbiased perspective must reach this obvious conclusion. Efforts by society to force Adam Lanza to socialize would only have caused him greater trauma, and may well have driven him to a silent suicide. This official report is fatally flawed and spits in the face of both Adam and the Forbidden Truths of child abuse. Forced socialization, in and of itself, is a brutal form of child abuse. Forcing any child to ingest substances which alter his reality perceptions, under the guise of “psychiatric medication” which is intended to help him conform to established social standards of normalcy, is a brutal form of child abuse.
The Forbidden Truth is: No child in the 21st century has any advocates in any social or governmental structure. Every society and government of the 21st century advocates against children, directly sponsoring the deranged and malicious structures which ensure universal child abuse is imposed upon each and every child on earth.
The hypocrisy of humanity in choosing to destroy every child and then refusing to accept any guilt and responsibility for its own actions, is sickening and perverse beyond all measure. Let us show honor and respect for the select few torture victims, such as Adam Lanza, who find the strength to try to lay a little Truth upon the consciousness of us all.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Adam get’s nothing but admiration and respect from me. Adam was living in sheer hell on this insane asylum planet. He was pushed to the breaking point and only fought back

    1. Well said. There is personal honor in the seeking and claiming of cathartic vengeance via direct action against any existing social structure, and against society itself. Those who commit suicide in silence, be it in an instant via a gunshot to the head, or over decades of time by smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol or in any way needlessly endangering or harming their own bodies and minds, betray Truth and themselves, collaborating with their destroyer.
      In Truth, Adam has achieved nothing of value, his fate is the same as that of every other human victim. Yet the grace of his reflection can still stand, his voice of Truth rings out, to those who contemplate his life journey free of prejudicial hypocrisy. Truth possesses inherent value, its expression is always honorable, no matter how functionally useless it is to the expressor or to those who bear witness to the expression itself.

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