About Me

I am The Seer of Forbidden Truth, creator of The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, the most uniquely dangerous text ever disseminated to the universe, located here: http://forbiddentruth.mysite.com.

For 30 years, beginning in 1989 with Singin’ Dose Anti-Psychotic Blues, I have publicly shared the universe that I have created for Myself, using the power of My mind, with the outside world. This blog represents My currently chosen method of communication with the outside world.

I am anarchist, atheist, Immortalist, virgin for life, lover of Self, hater of humanity. I support the eradication of all governments, religions, families, money, and punishment. I support the sacred right of every individual to seek and claim cathartic vengeance in whatever manner he chooses, accurately reflecting his status of created victim.

If anything I have revealed above offends you, you should not be reading this blog.


  1. Are you the person interviwed in the book Apocalypse Culture, in the “FRANK TALK FROM A PSYCHOPATH” chapter?

      1. Fair. I just asked because I found the blog by googling the zin mentioned in the book (Singin’ Dose Anti-Psychotic Blues.)

  2. What would you say to someone whose would relationship had been a lie? I mean everything single thing they were told was a lie. Are they granted a pass for justice? The partner is in the wrong?

    1. All human relationships are lies. Every interpersonal human relationship involves humans pathologically and on many levels both conscious and subconscious, lying to each other, and to themselves, in an attempt to try to get their own perceived needs met. Humanity is wrong, therefore all responses to harm experienced are equally valid. Superiors approach all such responses with a firm embrace and understanding of all Forbidden Truth. Inferiors do not. But this does not negate the True Reality legitimacy of every response.

  3. I can’t comprehend what you went through. I’m so sorry. Did one parent fail to protect you from the other? Did your sibling(s) fare better?

  4. Where can I read the story of your childhood? Did your sibling(s) come out unscathed? Is your hatred aimed at your mother or father? Did one fail to protect you from the other? Humanity is doomed, yet you want to live forever in this miserable existence. Can you expand on that? If nothingness ends your suffering, would that be welcome? Can you define lifelong virgin? Born again virgin? Subversion is an interesting word. I thought it meant to lie and deceive another. Your take gives me much to ponder.

    1. Hello,

      My 2000 page handwritten autobiography is private. You can access select details of My childhood experiences by reading the texts of My Manifesto and My blog.

      My hatred is towards all of humanity as a species. I do not selectively discriminate.

      Only inferiors deem their own existence to be negative. I am the creator and owner of an untouchable universe. It is as perfect as I am. Only the genocidal crime of death, perpetrated as public policy mandate by the genocidal evil that is society and government, mars this perfection.

      I do not suffer. I make others suffer as a reflection of My victimization and destruction.

      I am a lifelong virgin based upon the fact that aside from being raped 100’s of times during childhood, I have chosen to never engage in any type of intimate, personal contact with any human.

      Ponder whatever your True Reality allows/dictates.

  5. Hello! Glad to see your still active and waging war with your words and mind. Do you like movies? What are a few of your favorites?

    1. The Superior mind destroys all of humanity each and every day, in reflection of the conscious knowledge that he has been and is being destroyed by humanity, each and every day.

      I do not like anything that fictionalizes reality and Truth. Many years ago I savored fictional movies which provided cathartic outlet for my limitless rage and hate, movies which depicted torture victims rising up and claiming personal vengeance through murder and torture of humans. But as my mind grew ever stronger and more untouchable, I shifted to merely savoring the specific scenes of violence, and these days I can create within my mind anything I desire, rendering fictional plot-lines unnecessary.

      All fiction is an attack upon and a subversion against Truth. watching fictional movies must be done with conscious recognition of this Forbidden Truth. These brilliant essays, along with several others, provides a better understanding of this:



      Take Care.

  6. I admire your path of individuality. I just want to say, I’m sorry for what happened to you and I hope your doing well. The human species appears to be on it’s way out and I guess it’s a fair game. It’s hard not to be a human hater in this day and age, their trashy idiotic behaviours disgust me on a daily basis. I think it’s truly a time for humans to get a taste of their own medicine for a change. They’ve been abusing everything around them for far too long. The insanity has to stop. The scums will have to humble themselves soon. It shall be a thing of beauty… Peace & love.

    1. I admire My path, too. It is a path of uniquely individual triumph, within the confines of absolute hopelessness and universal defeat.

      Thanks for your sympathy. It is had to do well when you know and unconditionally embrace all of the Forbidden Truths of human existence, both external of and internal to the Self-universe. Ask a skeleton caged inside a casket if he is doing well, and the chances are you will not receive an affirmative response. You could say I am doing well enough to recognize and understand that I am dead, and that translates to my doing better than the skeleton.

      Human extinction is assured, it is the only thing this diseased species has successfully earned for itself. But when? How much longer must we wait? The perversity of a death-worshipping cult desperately clinging to an illusion of existence, as it collectively destroys anything and everything better than it is, gnaws at the psyche and the consciousness of Me, untouchable Superior.

      We who know humanity must and will end, and celebrate this Truth, deserve to bear direct witness to it occurring.

      Peace within the perfection of limitless Self-love.

  7. Could you implement a Q & A section on this blog where people can ask any kind of deep or shallow short and simple questions like they ask popular gurus? Maybe via donations? Or do questions annoy you when they’re coming from a place of ignorance?

    I thought that it’s easy for you to be alone because you get attention all the time by your posts and texts and people writing comments you can reply to. Is that true? Would you be able to live if your sites would be deleted and you would never again have access to publishing anything? If you weren’t able to communicate with human beings, i.e. total isolation? No more making videos and have the ones that currently exist destroyed? Today I found out that you were raped and that you would like to be appreciated by aliens. As a narcissist I imagine you highly depend on others to feel superior like your father depended on torturing you. I noticed you avoided to say “I hate you” directly to the audience/to me. I thought that’s because you depend on me watching and listening to you and you didn’t dare to offend your audience so directly. Or why didn’t you say that? I wouldn’t seek the attention of people that I hate. There wouldn’t be a need to publish or be on Twitter. At most I’d seek to destroy them. I’m asking why are you so much against dying? Why should you be immortal and not the people who will invent spaceships or time travel etc.? If you deserved to be immortal wouldn’t you simply be immortal? Why don’t you keep all of your thoughts to yourself? Because you’re weak? Or because you’re still just human as I am?

    1. I could implement a Question and Answer section on this blog, but I will not do so. You can ask questions directly related to each essay I have published, as replies to the essays, and I will answer them, if I deem them worthy. In addition, I offer personal and direct one-on-one contact where questions ca be asked, the information is here:


      All human contact annoys and angers Me. Ignorance and humanity are forever bound together, all human contact proves this Truth. Your very reply above, proves this Truth.

      I exist within total isolation as a Self-universe. All communication I engage in is Self-directed. I am not talking to you here, even if I answer a few of your questions. You merely perceive interactive contact, because that is what you want to receive.

      Narcissist, egoist, egotist, and Self-lover are all comprehensively defined by Me within numerous texts I have written, both as universal definitions grounded within Forbidden Truth, and in regard to exactly how I experience, exalt, and triumph within these Superior and untouchable states of mind consciousness. You can read some of these essays, here:


      I am against dying because I am sane. I will destroy the universe to save Myself, because I am sane. I am against dying because I know what death is. The fact that you, or any human, would wonder why a dead thing pretending to be alive would be against dying, proves the hopelessness of the human condition, and proves that humanity as a species deserves nothing but immediate and absolute extinction.

      None of your other questions are deemed worthy of receiving a reply.

      1. Thanks for the links! “27 Things I Love About Myself”: if this is true it’s impressive. I understand you are talking to yourself. I’m wondering about if you live by the Pleasure Principle why you would call your job ‘slave labor’ and still engage in human contact for money. Would you lie to us?

        I don’t understand why I meet liars. And being lied to hurts me so much. I think I never lie. Am I subconsciously lying to myself?

        I’m wondering if I had experienced extreme sadism in my early childhood would I have a stronger mind. Now my brain is already developed and can’t cope with the sadistic situation I’m in. I’m suicidal and therefore would like to have you as a counselor. I can’t talk to any human anymore. I know I’m pathetic and tbh I don’t feel human or identify as human because I can’t have a relationship with one and I reject society too much apparently to go unnoticed and be liked by anyone. Anyhow, I feel like all doors are closed and I’ll be forever left outside of any societal normalcy. I’m slowly dying from having no meaning or pupose and feel helpless. I think society is telling my genes that I’m waste.

        You might be sadistic on the phone or in a chat and I wouldn’t take that risk now because I’m not prepared to kill myself quickly. I felt disappointment when you said you would hurt a child. I don’t know why but you appear to be less hostile to me than most people. I don’t hate or fear you. I’m thankful for addressing the things that cause so much pain in my mind and not being alone with it and having them confirmed. Therefore I like you. Most people or all wouldn’t even reply or they’d do it in an aggressive tone.

        I was surprised to notice that you don’t have a text dedicated to Jim Jones. Why is that? I thought that killing all these children and adults must have been pleasurable to him but he must have felt an equal amount of pain, too. The person who doesn’t feel that much pain in the first place wouldn’t want to kill maybe. I would love to feel much more pleasure.

        I’d like to listen to you having a conversation with Jesus and Buddha. And they’d read all of your texts while having been dead for so long. You probably have an enlightened brain like they had. People could make a religion out of you after your death as well and distort your message. A dominant guy on YouTube talks about peace and being in love with oneself. He appears to be angry at people and the world. He said that he often causes wrath in people. The video with the interview was called ‘Doomsday mood?’ I felt grateful and I wept. However, nobody I found has yet addressed my specific experience. There isn’t even much on existential depression on the internet. I’m still confused whether it’s good to be peaceful or to be violent. Because you don’t praise peaceful people on this blog. Nobody notices them? Do you have an article on the subject of peaceful, happy living (while having to interact with people who hate me and lie to me)? Do you somehow use the people who act out violently to process your own pain and to be able to live peaceful?

        You could record an audio download that provides people with a guided meditation or trance session to achieve such a state of mind or anything that might help. I’d buy it. It’s very impressive to me that you are able to lucid dream, climax at will, and stuff like that. If I had your massive skill set I’d try to help people who are asking for it. I remember that Jim Jones had staged miracle healings in his church which many disciples believed to be true. Imagine how much a person who is not a fraud could improve people’s lives. If I had your skills and vision I’d probably start a cult. I’d love to be a cult leader. But I can’t lie. 🙂

        1. You’re welcome. You should read all 950 of My blog posts, not merely the handful of links I provided to you, in order to get a clear and absolute understanding of the totality of the mind universe that is the unique glory of Forbidden Truth.

          Everything I write is 100% accurate and True. I describe Myself as a labor slave because that is what I am. Torture victim, Martyr, slave, a dead thing pretending to be alive, all of these horrors of the Self-universe that is Me, and so much more, accurately reveal and describe the end result, the functional result, of being born human into the diseased and doomed consciousness of what you call the 21st century.

          All Superiors withhold personal information from humanity as a whole. That is not lying. That is declining to give your mortal enemy the capacity to destroy you beyond the degree it has already destroyed you.

          All humans who do not dwell with absolute understanding and embrace of all the Forbidden Truths, on all levels of consciousness and subconsciousness, are constantly lying to themselves all of the time. Therefore, it is almost certain you are lying to Yourself, just as I am not lying to Myself.

          I offer no counsel to any human. My texts are enough to save all of humanity. The collective rejection by humanity of My texts, renders all individuals unworthy of receiving direct counsel. You should celebrate and be infinitely proud of the fact that humanity rejects you. To be accepted and embraced by humanity is the ultimate personal insult.

          You can like Me or hate Me or fear Me or reflect upon Me whatever mind projections you cannot reconcile to your own Self-universe. None of that matters to Me. I am independent of all vampiric need and attempts to extract.

          Torture victim and Martyr Jim Jones would make an appropriate subject for a Forbidden Truth essay, but I am not currently in active communication with humanity insofar as writing new Forbidden Truth texts. It is not possible or necessary for Me to address every individual act of reflective rage. As I said above, The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth and The Forbidden Truth Blog, as they exist at this moment, are more than enough to reveal the human condition AND to inspire a complete reversal of everything. But no, as always humanity chooses to bury, mutilate, and murder all Forbidden Truth, even as select individuals ask Me to continue feeding them. I feed nobody but Myself. I do exactly and only what I deem to perfectly reflect and honor My Self-universe.

          jesus and buddha were Self-haters. Their True Reality specifically and directly rejected and helped to conceal the Forbidden Truths for trillions of human-borns. That is why their perverse personal ideologies have been mythologized, sanctified, and relentlessly promoted by human societal and governmental leaders for thousands of years. Those who seek to help others are not enlightened. They are dead minds dwelling within the delusion that grace can be obtained via Self-sacrifice. The Superior mind knows that nobody has ever gone out of their way to help Him, and therefore he will never go out of his way to help others. And to help others is to harm Self, because there is no payback given, necessary, or even possible. I have helped Myself to the maximum degree possible within a realm of imaginary existence where I have already been murdered.

          Peace is a lie. Being peaceful reflects the embrace of injustice and is actively Self-harmful. Read these Texts:



          And to be clear, all 950 of My Blog Posts, together with My Main Manifesto, must be completely absorbed to full consciousness by anyone who seeks to dwell within Forbidden Truth. Your request for isolated essay content reflects the hopelessness of the human who thinks he can escape from The Matrix of Universal Illusion via the knowledge and embrace of singular, isolated Truths. This is both an inferior and a failure-assured path.

          I have no plans to make any “Self-help” audio or video recordings. There is only one Self, and I help that Self to perfection. That Self is Me.

          My gift to the universe is My texts. If you possessed a sane and Superior mind you would understand that My texts, in totality, represent the ultimate gift of benevolence. But I knew from the very beginning, 30 years ago, when I released My first text to the external universe, that it, and all that followed, would be rejected. That My offer to save humanity from itself, would be rejected. That is why I chose to deliver the gift, in order to witness, and revel in, this rejection.

          Take care,

          The Seer of Forbidden Truth

  8. Is language a tool of slavary?if is,how can u use it to against slavary,
    maybe real truth is not descripbed by any language
    like a chinese word say,The Tao,which can be told, is not the true Tao;
    The Name,which can be named, is not the true Name.

    1. Language is, first and foremost, a specifically direct weapon, deployed by governments and societies to compel universal human slavery, and to directly conceal Truth. This is achieved via the overt use of definitions, of words and of terms/ideas, to brainwash and indoctrinate humanity to accept irrational and invalid reality perceptions, such as abortion is not murder, as an easy and familiar example.
      I have written numerous essays which describe definitional brainwashing at great length, and give numerous examples of how this weapon is deployed, to genocidal impact, by governments and societies. I will provide direct links to those essays, below.
      The only way we can wage war against government on this front, is to rigorously dissect everything we are told as “official party line”, specifically with the goal of identifying and understanding how language and words are being used to obscure and negate Truth. This is a VERY important skill that all who attempt to become Superiors, must practice and master.
      Truth can be consciously realized and accurately described via language, only if and after all definitional deception has been uncovered on a personally conscious level. This is a great triumph I achieve in many of my essays, on all types of different issues and topics.
      I strongly recommend you integrate to core consciousness these essays on definitional brainwashing, as a personal starting point:
      Dozens more brilliant essays that specifically dissect and reveal Forbidden Truth via outing exactly how society and government uses definitional brainwashing and indoctrination, are grouped together under this tag:
      Good luck in your quest for True enlightenment, just in case it is sincere.

  9. I dont think it is necessarily a taboo subject to basically claim that bad people are just products of their environment. This isn’t a new or controversial theory. It is in fact widely accepted by most intelligent people.
    No big deal.

    1. There are no bad people, there are only victims reflecting their victimization in different ways, legal and illegal, socially condemned and socially supported. The environment is the mainstream baseline, where universal trauma is incubated and inculcated.
      You will find as much, or as little, Forbidden Truth within My texts, as your True Reality allows and dictates. But when you pretend to know and gain enlightenment by isolating a singular sentence, while ignoring the plethora of uniquely brilliant and universally condemned Truths surrounding it, you betray only yourself.

  10. I liked your point of view for its perfect consistency, one I can never dream of attaining.
    The only thing incomprehensible for me is how do you plan to preserve yourself into immortality, or even fend off threats to your existence let they appear. I am aware that I’m not entitled to that you let me know your secret, of course. You are ultimately still a biological vessel, that your supreme consciousness rests upon.
    Masturbation is great, but you can’t masturbate your enemies into oblivion.
    You are completely convinced of your own imperviousness and perfection, while I am devoid of such luxury, as my experience tells me that I’m mortal and have no means to secure myself from destruction.
    You love yourself unconditionally, while I only do so conditionally, and even take wretched pride of that conditionality. I wouldn’t have embraced immortality even if I was offered it free of charge, for I am too afraid of losing my tethers of finiteness. Isn’t that the gravest offence to your Truth, to not ultimately love oneself? Take that as confession of my wickedness, as for your amusement.
    So I do defy your Truth by not accepting it immediately. I am however still glad that I had the luxury to be exposed to it, as it furthers my own pursuits, how void and absurd they are.

    1. My tragedy and My triumph, existing parallel, is in knowing exactly what I am entitled to achieve as a Self-realized god, and being denied the achievement by the garbage species into which I was born.
      You fail to comprehend My texts, if you perceive Me as claiming to have achieved technological immortality.
      Your lack of Self-love, and inability to reclaim this sacred birthright, honors the Forbidden Truths of what your species is, and what it is guilty of.
      The Forbidden Truths I reveal are not My Truth, but the Truth. You minimize them in order to psychologically deny their importance, and the Truths they reveal and expose regarding your personal weaknesses and failures of mind, which are of course not your fault, as we are all tortured victim-creations and reflections of the universal, genocidal harm imposed upon us by humanity as a species.

      1. Every brain is different. The best you can do is….the best you can do. Meaning that recognizing and embracing all Truth is very, very difficult for all humans.
        My texts provide a unique, and I do mean unique opportunity, as nothing like it has EVER been created and publicly disseminated by ANY human in all of human history, to basically bypass the “recognition” of all primary level Truths, since I actually reveal them ALL within My texts. But you still have the problems of processing and integrating to consciousness.
        We are all victims of multiple and ongoing mind rape, mind molestation, and direct attacks of every imaginable kind, only the exact methodologies vary.

        1. “Seer, i thought that being atheist means that there is no life after death. Am i wrong?”
          Yes, you are wrong. You are very wrong. There are several different, fully valid and appropriate definitional parameters that may be applied to the term “atheist”, but to posit this term to decree that there is “no life after death”, is not only inaccurate, but absolutely betrays Truth itself. No sane and Superior atheist could accept such a shallow, superficial, and blatantly false definition.
          If you seek Truth, I invite you to consider the following appropriate definitions of how atheism should be understood and applied by Superior minds. Singularly and in combination, all of the following definitions are valid and express Truth:
          Atheist: An individual who consciously recognizes and rejects the absurdity and the falsehood of all supernatural belief systems involving both organized and non-organized religion, and the concept of a god creature existing.
          Atheist: An individual who understands the unique singularity of every existence, and in honor and in praise of the glory of Self, affirmatively embraces a personal right, need, and entitlement to preserve his own existence for an infinite period of time, utilizing any and all valid, scientific and technological methodologies which may or may not be readily available at a specific point in time.
          Atheist: An individual who recognizes that his own physical death is unacceptable and must be proactively prevented via scientific and technological means, due to the factual reality that to die is to be retroactively unborn, to be eternally lost, and to have never existed at any point in time, past, present, or future.

          Atheist: An individual who declares war upon and against religion, as a sponsor of death, and who declares war upon and against government, as the sponsor of religion, and who declares war upon and against death itself, decreeing death to be his mortal foe and his mortal enemy, seeking to negate his existence for all of eternity, past, present, and future.
          Atheist: An individual who rejects all belief, renounces the very concept of belief, not only as relates to religion and god, but the very philosophical and ideological platforms under which any belief, in anything, is given credence, respect, and consideration by humans, their societies, and their governments.

          Atheist: An individual who demands an end to death, so that he may begin to live, within the understanding that to die in the future, is to already be dead in the present moment.

          Atheist: An individual who recognizes Himself to be entitled to every right, every power, and every privilege bestowed by any and every religious text upon any and every mythical god creature.

          Atheist: An individual who has affirmatively chosen and directly achieved the feat of rejecting, renouncing, hating, destroying, dismembering, cannibalizing, and excreting every mythical god creature that has been imposed upon him by his society, his culture, his fellow humans, and his government(s).

          Atheist: A lover of Self, therefore a hater of god and religion.

          Atheist: A lover of Truth and factual reality, therefore a hater of all religious, supernatural, and afterlife mythologies, which betray Truth and express contempt for factual reality.
          Atheist: An individual who consciously understands that because no individual can ever exist if he suffers the fate of dying, such fate cannot be allowed to occur, and he must accept and assume personal responsibility for preventing his own death from occuring, not via the embrace of any belief, but by demanding and achieving technological immortality for Himself.

          Now, some inferiors will claim that these definitions are far too broad, that atheist must be more narrowly defined. No! Atheism must be broadened, it must be understood as a philosophy of life, not as a mere rejection of a narrow and specific belief. Only within such an understanding, can the atheist use his rejection of the insane god myth, as a springboard to attacking and defeating the actual social goals and mandates of religion, which are very broad and parasitically malicious, and which include brainwashing and coercing all of humanity to accept, embrace, and welcome their own deaths, which occur as societally sponsored murders, and cause retroactive unbirth.

  11. There is reason to believe that there may well be spiritual technology, and that some of it may be alien technology. The accounts of men seeing visions are old. Assuming that there is such technology, those ancient no doubt have seen the truth of the sane forms of natural law. The sane and the moral will naturally ally against evil so that they don’t have to live in the midst of evil. Those evil should quit so that they don’t have to live amongst each other. A rise of evil is of no benefit to anyone. Those evil should be stopped from advancing technologically so that they don’t become a further threat. Abusers of power should be stopped before they become a further risk. You can’t conquer or control the universe. The universe is approximately 13.8 billion years old according to the latest scientific approximations. The stars in the sky are suns and galaxies full of thousands of suns. Those ancient likely have the best technology. Hopefully those ancient will assist in arming those with moral, sane intentions. Morality has to be defined as not all of those who believe that they are moral are of sane morality. Hopefully those ancient will assist in applying weapons restrictions to those evil, and sanctions to those societies that are truly run through with evil. Those ancient no doubt do not wish to see serious evils on this planet advance technologically. If those ancient are moral and have the best technology then it is arguable that those evil are likely young and are doomed to be brought to justice.
    Most of us have a conscience as humans. It’s not over yet. Demonization of the innocent majority is a transparent tactic. Some should stick to sharpening their swords in their castles, attacking the innocent can suggest you are a risk those more ancient than youself. What is the surviving ideology amongst ancient surviving immortals? Which ideology is partly a self fulfilling prophecy leading to the inevitable?

    1. Your optimism is not warranted by any logical analysis of the human condition. Your definitions of sanity and morality fail to meet the standard of enlightened and impartial Truth. Extraterrestrials who possess Superior minds have no reason to align themselves with humanity, a species which is genetically diseased and has forfeited its right to exist, by its collective choices over the past 50,000 years.
      Neither the size nor the age of the known universe, speak to the hopelessness of the human condition, in real-time, playing itself out before our conscious minds each and every day. Let us not worship the power or the benign intervention of the theoretically existing extraterrestrial, any more than we worship the human-imagined, non-existent, god creature. The human species does not deserve to be saved, and your perception of innocence is flawed. None are innocent, when Truth is rejected. None are innocent, when the genocidal destruction of innocence is sponsored by humanity as a collective species.
      If extraterrestrial immortals exist, they will not save mankind, or any individual humans. The human is a fatally flawed species, and your inability to recognize the fatal flaws, is an expression and a reflection of the Truth that humanity is a fatally flawed species. The development and embrace of comforting myths and fairy tales is a hallmark failure of the human brain, and you should reflect upon this Truth as it applies to your theoretical perceptions of potential alien intervention and assistance.

  12. Just a little question: is there any particular reason you have the Large Hadron Collider on the top of your blog? You also had it on your twitter account, so I was wondering if the image was significant to you in any way.

    1. On one level, I recognize and appreciate the potential capacity of the Large Hadron Collider, now and in the future, with deliberate technical refinements, to destroy planet earth and thereby exterminate humanity:
      On a different level, I appreciate the waste of human brainpower and resources, with 10,000 scientists and engineers having spent time and currently devoting time to, the LHC, while ignoring and rejecting much more practical scientific focus which could easily have allowed technological immortality to have already become reality.
      On a third level, being an abnormality of mind Myself, I appreciate the abnormalities of science and so-called “natural order”, that the Large Hadron Collider has and continues to potentially illuminate.
      And finally, I appreciate the aesthetics of the image itself, it speaks to the power of the individual, Superior human mind, which deserves to be both recognized and developed as a processor of data, and a proactive force of guided and directed nature, creating realities of mind which alter the impacts of the universe upon the Self.
      Remember the Forbidden Truth that each of us must embrace our own mind as a Self-created, and dynamically Self-creating, on an ongoing basis, universe of applied force. The image itself, above and beyond what the LHC is currently used to do, inspires Me to appreciate the limitless potential of my own brain and mind to maximize functionality within the parameters of Truth itself.

  13. I have read a considerable amount of the articles on this blog, and guided by the knowledge you claim that Superiors have, I am by that definiton a Superior.
    Except I’m not, yes I do have much more knowledge than the vast majority of the humans on earth, and I have come to those realizations by my own means but ultimately I am just as mortal as them, how am I Superior? All of my knowledge is more of a curse than a blessing, I’ve known about the futility of anything and everything and the absurdity of the so called reality for a long time, but that didn’t bring me any form of gain other than the knowledge itself (while most people seem to be better in their ignorance).
    I have been in my path of uninterrupted search for knowledge since I can remember but every knowledge that I had/have/will have is obliterated when I die, time is indifferent, time washes away everything. I am just as mortal, insignificant and temporary as the most stupid human being on earth.
    Even if I do achieve immortality, how would anything change? Yes, I would be able to continue my search for knowledge but existence is still pointless, I am just existing for the sake of existing, and my existence still doesn’t make any difference. And even if I could achieve immortality, if you believe in science you’ll know that the sun will eventually consume the earth, what then? and what if a black hole rips my matter? what then? and entropy will eventually serve it’s function and there will be no energy left in the universe to be distributed, reaching a point where the universe will stop expanding and instead it will start to contract, going back to the point where it was before the theoretical big bang, what then? How am I still immortal if there is no time-space continuum? And what objective meaning does my immortality have?

    1. Being a Superior is much more than merely possessing knowledge. It requires the integration of all facts, of all Truth, to the directly personal reality of your own unique existence. To thrive as a Superior requires the achievement of mental untouchability, rooted with supreme courage. To face every horror as it is, and to understand exactly why every horror is, as it is.
      Truth is a curse if your mind cannot cope with Truth, if your level of brain functionality is not powerful enough to genuinely appreciate the value of knowing and embracing Truth in real-time. The horrors of our personally experienced illusion of existence are the same, functionally. The Superior understands, both emotionally and intellectually, that to be blind to the Forbidden Truths of these horrors is organically worse than to dwell within their conscious awareness.
      I cannot decipher the relative strength or weakness of your brain. For the Normals, Truth is unbearable, they reject it outright, and flee from it, causing their own, as well as universal, destruction. For the top-level Superior, as I am, Truth is the platform upon which you can build a foundation of personal untouchability which coexists with every horror. No horror is negated, by my Superiority. The horror itself remains the same, a factual reality, completely understood and mind integrated as to consequence.
      If you understand and embrace, within Truth, why your existence is absolutely pointless and meaningless, and that to die is to be retroactively unborn, erased eternally from an existence which is stolen from you, and the functional structures in place which deliberately conceal these and many other Forbidden Truths from the conscious awareness of the Unwashed Masses, you can begin to hate, to hate properly and directionally, to dissect and to pierce the matrix of hate which has been and is being directed against you. Only within the glorification of this hate, can you develop the limitless and unconditional love of Self which renders My experience of My existence, “better”.
      It is better to know the Truth, to embrace all Truth, to understand every second, exactly what is being done to you. It is better to hate, and to destroy, and to embrace absolute rage, and to exalt in the Self. It is better to murder god and all who have created god, and to see the human as the pathetic, deformed, birth defect that he is. It is better to evolve, to reject your humanity, to look down upon what has destroyed, and will destroy, You.
      And yet you are correct in that My horrific fate will be the same as the lowest of the inferiors. The inferiors will win, they will achieve my eternal nothingness, as they seek and demand their own. There is no more horrific tragedy, there is no greater injustice. And if you read all of My writings you will see that I am depressed, I am experiencing every moment, the True horrors of the future, as the present, because there is no future, the future is a pure lie, one of the crown jewels of the matrix of universal illusion.
      But still, I am a Superior, and my superiority makes my existence better. It is better to love Yourself, than to hate Yourself. It is better to hate others, than to hate yourself. It is better to look down on inferiors, than to be an inferior. It is better to know the Truth, than to believe a lie. It is better to suffer as a persecuted, Self-created god, than to celebrate addiction to the imaginary god used by the humans to glorify their own deaths. It is better to know that you are a murder victim. It is better to know there is no hope, than to be addicted to false hope.
      But most of all, it is better to be better. What do I mean? It is better to revel in the powers of your own untouchable mind and brain, to exalt Self and Truth. Never using your brain as a refuge from Truth, never compromising reality, even as you consciously play out the greatest tragedy in the history of the universe: Your own existence.
      Knowledge without power, is useless. One form of power, is the development of your uniquely singular mind, to its maximum potential. It is only one form of power, and it cannot change the factual horrors, but within the Superior, untouchable mind, there is power, to thrive, to love, to hate, to destroy, to exalt. This is my achievement, limited and ultimately useless as it is.
      I seek and demand immortality because I deserve eternal existence as a mind. My brain understands that this is what I deserve, and anything less is an unacceptable injustice, the ultimate injustice to top off an imagined existence filled with other limitless, ongoing injustices. My existence is of limitless, intrinsic value to Me, because I exist as a Self-created god. The glory of existence cannot be understood as allowing for a knowledge search. The glory of existence must be understood as the ultimate celebration of Self. This is why and how I can enjoy and derive pleasure from my depression. It is why I do not need arms or legs or sexual organs or taste buds or photos of bunioned female feet. I need only my brain, because it is my universe, therefore it is the universe. To exist forever is my sacred right, seeking knowledge is merely one of the many different things that this sacred right allows Me to do.
      I do not “believe” in science. I recognize science to constitute a valid, Truth-based pursuit of knowledge, facts, and Truth. Science, in its proper form, comprises a fact-based search to uncover and realize objective Truth, and much scientific research should be understood as a quest to realize Truth, rather than the premature embrace of conclusions which may not be factually accurate.
      The achievement of technological immortality must be understood as evolutionary in nature. We must seek and demand it, because it is the only valid way to try to eradicate the horror of personal death, which must be understood as the cessation of individual brain functionality. Just as the first automobile and airplane bears little resemblance to automobiles and airplanes of today, the initial versions of technological immortality would bear little resemblance to later versions of technological immortality. It is not logical to reject the development of technological immortality because, in theory, even if technological immortality were made feasible, some or even all brains might still, at some point in the future, suffer physical death and be completely lost for all of eternity. Of course this could happen, but to hypothesize that it will happen, and use this hypothesis to reject technological immortality being developed as manifested reality, is utterly absurd and irrational.
      As Superiors, and whether or not you personally qualify for such a designation is unclear, we must demand technological immortality in whatever form is scientifically possible at this moment in time. Upon such achievement, we must demand ongoing scientific research to improve and perfect new and different scientific methods to attain technological immortality, to make this technology redundant, building upon itself, always with a primary goal of retaining the full functionality of every individual brain, indefinately.
      Will the entire natural universe cease to exist someday?? Perhaps. Is it logical for a functional brain to conclude that it can never cease to exist, even after technological immortality is made feasible? Of course not. But every sane thinker must still conclude that the immediate pursuit of the development of technological immortality, with every available resource immediately and fully devoted to achieving this goal, must begin right now. As Superiors, we must demand this, and literally destroy the world right now, if this demand is not met. In the name of Truth, and love of Self.
      Again, not being able to fully commune with your brain, I must still conclude that if you fail to appreciate the objective and intrinsic meaning/value of attaining personal immortality, you have not achieved a limitless and unconditional love of Self, and therefore you are not a top-level Superior. But good luck in your efforts, and I appreciate that you are open to seeking and embracing the Forbidden Truths.

    1. Thank you. You may deploy your envy as a springboard to conscious appreciation of the limitless potential of the Superior mind, upon rejection of its internally and externally imposed human bindings and shackles. If you are so capable and so motivated.

  14. Hi Full Force
    I hope you have been well
    I was very worried when I discovered your Twitter account was banned/deleted, I thought I would never read anything new from you again, so I am relieved you’re still writing
    This is a cool website, a blog is a good format for you

  15. you are sheer brilliance, yet I have a single question about the death and burning of Muath Al-Kasasbeh, do you support his way of death, as you said above? And are you a boy or a Girl?

    1. I support the True Reality right of all victims of socially sponsored harm, victimization, and injustice, to reflect their victimization upon any living thing or any social structure, as their own True Reality deems reflectively appropriate, absent all hypocrisy inherent in external judgments of personal entitlement.
      I am a transcendee of My humanity, and as such I reject the right of humanity to define My existence via gender specification.

  16. Your capacity for sybaritic prose is astonishing. The normative analysis you’ve provided in this site is woefully shallow. As a fellow Atheist I’m disappointed to find you lacking in empathy and fellowship. An Individualist, subversive or anarchist does not need to view the world without compassion.

    1. It’s evident that you haven’t read enough of his writing before you came to the conclusion that he should view the world with compassion. He doesn’t show compassion to the world as an accurate reflection of the lack of compassion the world has shown him. He has every right to view humanity as he does.

    2. I receive many comments which express a similar sentiment to yours. They are generally deleted and trashed, as this blog is owned and controlled by Me, and I embrace a proactive obligation to maintain it as a universe free of the suffocating hypocrisy of humanity. But once in awhile I will allow an inferior comment to appear, only because it provides Me with an opportunity to express additional Forbidden Truth via a directly confrontational reply.
      Yes, it is with pride that I use language to glorify both Myself and Truth, so thank you for the opening compliment, and for teaching Me a new word, sybaritic, which had previously escaped My Self-educated mind. I indulge Myself most lavishly, in recognition of what is important, and of the war being waged against Me each moment of My imagined existence.
      What you find shallow, are the Forbidden Truths you cannot find the intellectual and emotional courage to face up to and identify as valid. My mandate is to impress Myself via the unrelenting illumination of Truth, wherever it leads Me. Atheism, as Truthfully defined, is one small illumination of light, in a world of universal darkness. In and of itself, atheism solves nothing, and fails to provide any solutions to any problems. My uniquely brilliant Manifesto and other writings, when fully integrated to the Forbidden Truths of how religion is being used as a universal terrorist weapon by all human societies and governments, allows the atheist to expand his reality perception in useful ways which go far beyond the important but isolated understanding that “god does not exist”.
      It is not nearly enough to know that god does not exist. Such knowledge, in and of itself, is functionally useless, absent the profoundly deep dissection of issues such as why society and government must use god as its terrorist weapon, and the tremendously varied impacts upon all aspects of ideology, philosophy, and behavior, on a species-wide level, which are determined by the very existence of religion as a communicable mind virus.
      My compassion is towards Myself, honoring the Forbidden Truth that all human claims of external compassion for others, are both hypocritical and false. I will not entertain your claim of compassion, or anyone else’s, when humanity as a whole practices universal cruelty against every child and every living thing, as official, public policy. To embrace compassion for others, is to subvert compassion for Self. It is to deny the reality and Truth of what has been done, is being done, and will be done, to Me. Compassion is what allows the inferior to feign enlightenment by claiming to be an atheist, yet allowing religious leaders to preach compassion, as they serve in the role of social and cultural leaders who directly uphold the structures which sponsor and cause universal child abuse, universal suffering and inequality, and the overt embrace of death.
      If you wish to be compassionate, recognize external compassion as a lie, a subversive weapon deployed via social brainwashing and indoctrination to inspire victims of injustice to dilute their own sense of Selves, to minimize their own suffering, and to substitute the illusion of compassion for the actuality of compassion. Those who claim to be distressed by the suffering of others, and yet choose to legitimize human society and government, malicious sponsors of universal suffering for all, are hypocrites who cause the very harms that they pretend to battle against.

    3. I don’t expect you to post this. I may like some of you conclusions but not how you arrive at them. I write to give you at tip.
      One, considered making a vlog, you have a lot of information and I did not like the process of reading it.
      Two, as an efilist I agree with Gary Inmendham. I recommend his videos to you as it may improve both your logic, and the way you deliver it (ie. by vlog instead of writing).
      I liked that you posted that comment of with the word “sybaritic”, even though the comment was critical of your normative analysis. I also liked the other commenter saying the person did not understand your perspective.
      In advance I say I imagine you may have reasons for not posting this, I am using this as a way to communicate to you. I stumbled into your Manifesto after looking for a more extensive quote from Carl Panzram.
      You focus on society being broken, Inmendham focuses on life being broken. If you wanted more information on his specifics, let me know, and I will send 15 points. Otherwise I don’t want to waste your time or mine. I thought you have a lot of good ideas, on prison reform, parental requirements, etc. I appreciate your brain, and Inmendham’s brain, and that both of you have put your ideas out there.
      Whether I agree or not, if you start vlogging, I will definitely be listening.

      1. “I don’t expect you to post this. I may like some of you conclusions but not how you arrive at them. I write to give you at tip.
        One, considered making a vlog, you have a lot of information and I did not like the process of reading it.”

        I posted your reply because it allows Me to expose human inferiority, but you were correct not to expect to see it approved and posted, much less replied to. So here is your undeserved opportunity to grow your mind in the direction of Truth.
        To begin, your suggestion regarding a vlog is rejected outright. Your pathetic choice of preference as to how Truth is delivered to you, marks you as a hopeless inferior. No aspiring Superior would express a preference as to what methodologies are deployed to deliver Truth to them, rather they would focus on absorbing and integrating all Truth to consciousness, recognizing its infinite value and rarity.
        “Two, as an efilist I agree with Gary Inmendham. I recommend his videos to you as it may improve both your logic, and the way you deliver it (ie. by vlog instead of writing).”
        The philosophy of the efilist is toxic and embraces the message of universal Self-hate and Self-destruction promoted and imposed by society. It is a pathetic concept of a broken mind, pretending to be free and independent but in Truth broken by external forces and embracing the toxic doctrines of these forces. It betrays both Truth and the love of Self which must be the foundation of all personal Superiority and all quests for both Truth and reflective vengeance.
        Your absurd focus on how My brilliant revelations of Forbidden Truth are delivered, pegs you as hopelessly broken, akin to a human claiming to seek and desire technological immortality, but insisting that it must be delivered to him in specific ways. Pathetic!
        “I liked that you posted that comment of with the word “sybaritic”, even though the comment was critical of your normative analysis. I also liked the other commenter saying the person did not understand your perspective.”
        You like this and you don’t like that. There is no greater prejudice than to succumb to the useless distraction of personal preference, most especially when it comes to profound issues such as the determination of factual reality and Truth. The Superior seizes all Truth, demands all Truth, recognizes the sacred, inherent value of all Truth, and would never allow personal preference to obscure and to dilute Truth.
        “In advance I say I imagine you may have reasons for not posting this, I am using this as a way to communicate to you. I stumbled into your Manifesto after looking for a more extensive quote from Carl Panzram.”
        You are the typical voyeur, the outsider looking in, and your attempts to try to understand and embrace Truth, even if sincere, are hopelessly obstructed by your human status, by your addiction to preconceived notions and to the prejudices of one trying to justify a position, instead of unveiling Truth independent of their own flawed perceptions of reality and Truth.
        If I had not approved your comment, never allowed it to reach the eyes of my readers, it would be because mind pollution is everywhere, and I embrace an obligation to maintain My writings in a pollution-free zone. But sometimes mind pollution is good to expose, it is good to lay it out there, to allow it to reveal the reality of the hopeless human condition. Those who attempt to figure out the world, to pierce the matrix, only to remain hopelessly ensnared by its toxic webs, provide valuable lessons to those of us, like Me, who have fully broken through, as well as to others who so sincerely aspire.
        “You focus on society being broken, Inmendham focuses on life being broken. If you wanted more information on his specifics, let me know, and I will send 15 points. Otherwise I don’t want to waste your time or mine.”

        Don’t waste My time. Because he is wrong. Society is broken, and individual living things are hopelessly broken. I will not waste mind energy debunking the invalid conclusions of an individual who remains trapped within the same matrix that he pretends to have escaped from.
        I thought you have a lot of good ideas, on prison reform, parental requirements, etc. I appreciate your brain, and Inmendham’s brain, and that both of you have put your ideas out there.

        I know just how good My ideas are. They do not need the external validation of any human(s). You may appreciate My brain, but that does not translate to any desire or capacity to recognize or embrace Truth. And without Truth you will always remain hopelessly lost and enslaved, regardless of what ideas, philosophies, or reality perceptions you may choose to embrace. Truth cannot be chosen. It is not like picking the tastiest-looking fruit from a tree. Truth must be relentless sought, unconditionally embraced and accepted, recognized as infinitely valuable, free of all prejudice, free of all like and dislike, free of all that you have been told and indoctrinated with, and free of everything that you may want.
        Whether I agree or not, if you start vlogging, I will definitely be listening.”

        I don’t need listeners or readers or viewers. All dialogue is internal, everything I reveal, I reveal to Myself. Your failure to appreciate the immeasurable gift of being allowed to gain exposure to this internal dialogue of Forbidden Truth, speaks to the disregard you hold for Truth itself.

      1. I AM SUCH A BIG FAN of yours you are so smart so intelligent I LEARN so much from you I AM SO HAPPY THAT you exist THANK you for existing I APPRECIATE and I LIKE all your manifesto of forbidden truth I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE that accepts and RECOGNIZES your brilliance.

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