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Forbidden Truth is expressed via thousands of different uniquely brilliant insights into humanity and the human condition of existence, recognized and articulated by Me within The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, http://forbiddentruth.mysite.com, as well as many other public creations and writings that I have chosen to release to the universe over the past 30 years.

The best way for you to familiarize yourself with the Forbidden Truths of human existence is to read every word of The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth.

I can be reached at forbiddentruth@hushmail.com. Email contact is not solicited, and replies to emails are purely at My discretion and choice.

This blog exists as supplement to My Manifesto. Content is provided as I choose, when I choose. This blog exists because I exist. All content is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All  Rights are Reserved.


  1. Greetings–My question is in regards to your interest in women suffering in high heels. Could you give me some insight as to where I’d find pix and stories of women’s feet killing them in their heels? I’ve seen Clips4Sale, and have found a few good presenters, but I was hoping for some more “personal” stories and pix. I’d also like to see some of your personal pix, as I remember you saying that you have a large collection. I have no pix to trade, but have hundreds of stories of suffering sales reps, flight attendants, customers, dates, well-heeled cocktail waitresses, etc. that I’d love to share with you. I also am a good writer and I have created many fiendishly nasty stories where my poor “star” was gnawing her tongue off trying to cope with her tormented feet, but had no avenue for relief ahead for hours.
    I hope you will find time to reply.

    1. Hi Art, There are not that many stories in the public domain. You can email me if you want to see a small portion of my photo collection. And some stories, too. I welcome your stories, but I am very busy with many things, so if you expect lengthy correspondence, or absolute exchanges, story for story for pic for pic, you will be disappointed.
      My email address is easy to find within this blog.

  2. Very interesting commentary. I came across this after viewing ‘Itz Dolly’. I cannot engage in conversation regarding what I viewed. Due to my DID…I need to be careful when further entering my feelings. It comes with risks. Thank you for your points of view.
    I cannot leave an email due to my current place of residence.

  3. we have tried in a soft fashion to expose. the only way to the freedom you chase in solitary….alone with the truth within..science and immortality are dreams. you claim solitude as a hungry, angry being in need of control…therefore your site!…stand alone and live forever.

    1. I claim solitude as sacred right of the healthy, sane, and untouchable Self-universe I have lovingly and brilliantly built for Myself, as a god who recognizes and knows what he needs, what he deserves, the difference between life and death, and exactly what is being denied Me, and why.

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