A Thanksgiving Movie Recommendation

I watch very few movies. The fictionalization of reality is a perverse luxury that the mind-crippled human species has not earned, and can never earn. As a Superior, I choose to spend the vast majority of my time immersed in concrete and factual reality, enhancing and fortifying the powers of my mind.
In recent years I average about two new movies per year, watched from start to finish. And quite often these movies are chosen by Me with the foreknowledge that they will cater to my female foot pain fetish.
But hey, it is the perversely deranged amerikkkan holiday of thanksgiving, when humans pretend to be thankful for the horrific universe they have chosen to create and doom themselves by, a good day to step outside of the box and indulge in some fictional catharsis of mind.
Today I will rewatch one of my favorite fictional movies of recent years. The title is: Day Night Day Night. It was released in 2006 and it tells the story of a female suicide bomber preparing to detonate in Times Square, New York City, from her perspective.
There is no gory violence, and the ending is ambiguous, as the director lacked the balls, as all fictional movie creators do, to pay us off with a money shot of horrific devastation, severed limbs, victims bleeding out via shrapnel wounds.
But still, I like the movie. It does not attempt to moralize. It allows the viewer to place himself into the character of “She”, the aspiring suicide bomber. She is not even given a name, a positive detail which allows us to walk better in her shoes.
The best scenes are within the final 30 minutes, as She walks among the crowds of her potential victims, thinking, feeding, the omnipotence of her power invisible to all, but She. And yet She cannot properly revel in her human bomb status, the reasons why are left to the viewer to ponder and to draw conclusions.
How beautiful, that this movie is more directly realistic today, than it was nine years ago upon release. How many 2015 ISIS devotees, and other victims, all across the world, who understand that they are already dead, might be cathartically savoring this movie on their televison, computer, and cell phone screens?
Yes, Day Night Day Night is a fictional movie. But it contributes to Truth. It gives a face to the terrorized, the ones you demonize as terrorists, and it predicts the future, even if the future is not quite here.
I cannot provide a direct, free link to the full movie. But here is a nice trailer:

And some rental/purchase information, along with reviews:

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