A Psychological How-to Analysis of One of My Greatest MindPowers

Those of you who read all My essays and texts know I possess many superior, rare, and extraordinarily valuable MindPowers. It is important for all aspiring Superiors to fully understand all primary-level Forbidden Truths, and all top-level MindPowers achieved by Truth-seeking Superiors, are directly linked and interconnected to each other.
What this means, in practical terms, is that any failure to recognize, consciously embrace, and overtly maximize any singular Forbidden Truth or MindPower, will definitely compromise, limit, and very possibly completely destroy your capacity to recognize and realize both Forbidden Truths and personal MindPowers.
This essay is a gift from Me, to genuinely aspiring Superiors who choose to immerse in My texts. There are maybe five of you on planet earth, ten at the most. But you deserve this gift, for being the one out of hundreds of millions, who knows and appreciates the infinite value, the unique preciousness, of My gift of Truth.
In this essay I will provide a dynamic illustration of this interconnection for you to positively grasp. I will break down the psychological and ideological components of one of My most prized and useful MindPowers, explaining how it is developed, nurtured, maintained, and properly maximized.
This MindPower is My automatic, reflective, and “thoughtless” transformation of all of My personal pain, suffering, and trauma, to externalized rage and hate, directed upon others, specific humans, as well as groups of humans and human developed and maintained structures. I use the term “thoughtless” because I want to make the distinction perfectly clear, that this MindPower functions for Me, absent all conscious effort. It is automatic, any pain or trauma experienced or remembered, after exactly 5 seconds of personal experience, is ended, via automatic transformation to limitless, externally focused rage and hate.
If I so desire, I can prevent this transformation. I can choose to abort this automatic transformation, if for some reason I consciously decide that I want to remember a specific trauma at greater length, or experience a current pain at greater length. And very rarely I do exercise this option. But if I do not specifically go out of My way to abort the transformation, it always occurs, automatically and with absolutely no direct focus of thoughts and of mind.
What an extraordinary MindPower! I have trained My brilliant mind to automatically transform any and all personal pain, trauma, and suffering, from the distant past, to the recent past, to any moment of now, such as the actual real-time experience of sitting in a dentist’s chair, for example, into purely vicious and bloodthirsty and sadistic homicidal rage and hate, directed in one way, outward, at any and every available human target.
There is no conscious effort involved, no thought process that occurs or is undertaken.
This is a tremendous breakthrough of MindPower, completely different from any efforts you humans might make, to clumsily attempt, on a conscious level, to “overcome” your pain and trauma, and/or to specifically modify a singular emotional state of mind in a specific instance, from pain and suffering to external rage and hate.
Even if such an effort does work for you, it completely fails to address the next time, and the next time and the next time… Because every human existence, in Truth, consists of relentless external attacks of pain, suffering, and trauma. The only way to defeat them all, is to achieve this MindPower, this transformation of mind absent all thought and absent all conscious effort.
My process is automatic, requiring no conscious effort. It is always 100% successful, leaving behind not a trace of perceived or experienced trauma or suffering. It is Truly effortless, requiring no moral or ideological debate or resistance. I treasure this Mindpower!
But now comes the important part of this essay: How did I achieve, and how do I maintain this glorious MindPower? Understanding this, illuminates to you the interconnectivity I revealed earlier. So here is the psychological breakdown:
In order for this emotional transfer to be automatically triggered 100% of the time, As I desire and with no thoughtful effort, I must be an unconditional lover of Self. I must know with every fiber of both consciousness and subconsciousness, that I never deserve to suffer any pain, victimization, or trauma of any kind, ever. Not physical and not emotional, not inadvertent, not medically necessary, not minor or major. Nothing! Every trauma must be intrinsically recognized and understood within the core psyche as being an outrageous, impossible to justify violation of the Self. on every fundamental and foundational level. This requires the achievement of absolute and unconditional love of Self.
Continuing the breakdown: An absolute and intrinsic right and Self-obligation to both possess and direct limitless external rage and hate upon others, must also be ingrained to core consciousness, so that it can and will be automatically focused and directed upon any and every human being or human structure in sight or in mind, as a response to the pain or trauma presenting itself to your conscious mind.
This external rage and hate cannot be Self-limiting, or selective, or transient in scope or intensity. It also must not require any conscious mind debate. It must be an atomic bomb, ready to explode at any and every moment, as a reflex, a reflective response to all pain and trauma.
Continuing the breakdown: Ownership of the mind is completely essential here. You must fully recognize Self as existing separate from, and above, your brain. Your mind must have been made subservient to the will of You, of Self, and such subservience must be maintained at all times.
You tell your brain what to do, how to react and respond to stimuli. You are the master, you give the orders, you control and direct your experience of existence, as you impose your superior will upon the function of your brain.
Continuing the psychological breakdown: Ego and narcissism, completely apart from love of Self, must be achieved and constantly maintained at maximum levels, and always be kept externally untouchable.
So what if others, so what if everyone else, is subjected to pain and trauma and victimization, too??! This does not excuse or justify or render acceptable even a single nanosecond of the mildest twinge of transient pain, for You. It does not, it cannot, it will not. You do not compare Yourself to others, You do not judge your own experience of existence by contemplating the possible reality perceptions of others. You do not minimize your own trauma, ever, by dissipating injustice to Self, as comparisons to the imagined injustices of others.
So. what have we learned so far, here at Columbine Preparatory Academy?? That this singularly glorious MindPower I have achieved, is completely dependent upon four completely different MindPowers I have also achieved. And I achieved those four, first. Had I not achieved any one of those four, it would have been essentially impossible for Me to achieve the one I specifically articulate here. Not only are all MindPowers linked together, but they exist within a specific, structured hierarchy.
Some MindPowers must be achieved before others can be achieved. Trying to master this MindPower, before you have mastered limitless and unconditional love of Self, for example, will fail. In theory, your efforts could help you to find ways to master such love of Self, but it is a circular, and much more difficult route, and the route is very hard even if you take the straightest path.
Aspiring Superiors: Know how difficult the route is. Understand and follow hierarchical order.
The four foundational platforms that must be mastered first, in any effort to fully reject and transcend your humanity, are, in no specific order because all four must be mastered, and all four are interconnected to the ongoing, evolutionary process of mastery:
♥Limitless and unconditional love of Self.♥
♥Limitless and unconditional rage and hate directed outward against humans, humanity, and human structures/ideologies.♥
♥Ownership of the mind and brain as a detached and externally untouchable Self-universe.♥
♥Development of supreme, maximized, externally untouchable ego and narcissism.♥
Class is now dismissed, folks. Please ignore any gunshots or explosions you might encounter in the hallways as you make your way to the exit doors, and good luck in your homework assignment.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Amazing, a rare gift from the Seerial Killer, and it coincidentally happens to be just what I always wanted
    Thank you
    I assure you this was not wasted on me
    I will use this information for the good of society 😉

  2. I feel this and I felt like I was chosen or and being guided everyday to know more about the truth of the universe, and the truth of higher consciousness. Glad there is another who thinks alike.

    1. To be a top-level seeker, and to proactively embrace all Truth, must be a directly personal choice. Truth will not come looking for you, at least not most of the time. You must recognize it’s value, and choose to seek it out.
      Good luck in your efforts.

      1. I think I agree with what that poster was trying to get at:
        Obviously we all must make a choice to pursue truth in our own lives, and exercise our “free will” to make this conscious choice. But paradoxically, this free will is also predetermined. Science and physics have revealed that all matter in the universe is deterministic, fatalistic, and depends entirely on cause and effect. Every atom in the universe, including the atoms inside our brains whose movements constitute our thoughts, feelings, experiences and perceptions, are moving in a way that was predetermined since the begginning of time and the universe
        This isn’t to say that we aren’t responsible for our choices, however
        I don’t know what foods I am going to eat tomorrow, and I will have to use my “free will” to decide when that time comes, but whatever I end up choosing will have already been determined since the beginning of time. If I eat a banana, then I was always going to eat that banana since the Big Bang happened (or whatever the origin of the universe was), and there is no possibility that I ever could have chosen to eat anything else but that banana, even though I had the “free will” choose to eat whatever I want
        So, even though superiors are only superiors because they made the conscious and courageous decision to be, the fact is that they were always going to be superiors. They were “chosen by God” to be superiors, and could never have existed as anything but superiors. (I mean “god” in the sense of the force and infinite intelligence that governs the cosmos, not the monotheistic kind with a beard and sandals, this god could also be called “truth” or “love”) They were always going to possess this courage and to act on it
        This also means that all inferiors were always doomed to be inferiors, and every unjustly destroyed innocent child was always doomed to be destroyed, even though the choice to save them could have been made by humanity, in which case that choice would have also been eternally predetermined. This is why I’m fortunate that you introduced term “Cosmic Tragedy” to my mind, because that is the only way to accurately conceptualise and describe human existence, and the entirety of Existence itself

        1. The “Domino Effect” would have been a more succinct and clear way to describe what I was saying about the nature of the cosmos and its relation to free will, but I didn’t think of it until after I posted the reply, meaning that my organic brain was always going to make this fumble since the beginning of eternity 🙂

        2. Here we see the failure of an indoctrinated mind at work, remaining fatally flawed despite what appears to be a sincere and sustained attempted Truth quest by You. My texts clearly expose the concepts of fate and the notion of a conscious intelligence within the universe, as being wrong and false. There is no intelligence within the universe, it possesses no thought and no planning. It is random and it evolves within natural forces that are not directed by any individual or collective decision-making powers.
          Of course your “free will” is predetermined, but NOT by any universal force. It is predetermined by the fact that the human brain is genetically diseased and malformed, crippled by the fact humanity exists as a birth defect species. And it is predetermined by the genocidal violence undertaken by humanity as a collective whole against the mind and brain development capacity of every single child on earth. And it is predetermined by what is done by humanity to every single child and adult who dares to try to stand up for, expose, and resurrect the Forbidden Truths, as I, Charles Manson, and other top-level Superiors have done.
          You can equate the genetic failure of the human brain itself, collectively, to the idea that “the fate of humanity has been predetermined since the beginning of time and the universe”, BUT your equation is WRONG and FLAWED. Your perspective suggests and implies a an intelligent force was is at work, in causing human brain failure. And this is a lie. Your perspective abdicates the guilt and responsibility that humanity must bear, for not even TRYING to find the courage to embrace the fact that it is genetically deformed on a brain-development level. If I, human-born, am capable of consciously recognizing and fully embracing the reality of this Forbidden Truth, then the failure of ALL other humans to do so, 99.9999999999% of them, is THEIR failure, individually and collectively. It cannot be excused as the result of some “universal fate” decision made by something you call “god”, external of Self, that does not exist.
          And further, it IS fair to say that we are NOT responsible for our “choices”. Accepting such responsibility is a form of mind-slavery. Our responsibility must be limited to the reflection of our True Reality, and the conscious integration of actual Forbidden Truth to such True Reality, ONLY within the uniquely personal parameters and spectrum of mind horizon, that governs the external DAMAGE done to us as public policy mandates, the violence of society and government and collective humanity, that our uniquely personal BRAIN is and will always be VICTIM of.
          “You are responsible for your choices”, that is an ATTACK, that is an external attack of further mind violence, victimizing us further. And NO, even if you try to turn it around and define your Yourself which choices you can responsibly make, the abuse and the mind slavery remains intact.
          I am responsible for recognizing that I am NOT responsible for the choices I make. Within the embrace of this Truth, I gain the capacity for freedom of mind, that allows Me to choose ABSENT all external terrorism, threat, bribe, enticement, OR the delusion that “nature” is a sentient force that is controlling in real-time, the choices that I do end up making.
          You remain the victim of magical thinking. You have created a pseudo-god in order to try to rationalize your own decision-making as being caged by the limitations of your True Reality as colored by the limitations of your embrace of the Forbidden Truths. This is why humanity is doomed. You appear to be sincerely seeking Truth, and yet you are mind-captured by a rather simple failure of progressive reasoning. So be it. You can try to break free of this trap, but if your True Reality is stronger than your passion to know and accept every Forbidden Truth, you will fail, and this failure exposes the genetic malformation of the human mind.
          Instead of worshipping Yourself as god, you have created the delusion that fate has sentience, and the Insane God Myth holds you as mind hostage just as it holds the christians and muslims and jews, only you are able to convince Yourself that you are much smarter simply by rejecting their god illusions, by creating a different god illusion for Yourself. This is weakness and failure of the Self-mind, that is a Truth. So, do with this Truth what your True Reality allows and dictates. That is all I can offer, because the murder of all gods can only be successfully achieved within the conscious recognition of what god is. And your fate, is your god. Murder him, or embrace him, that is your True Reality choice.

    2. We are the few who carry this torch and we are alone in our journey. Congratulations on your awareness of the forbidden truths

  3. Cool essay! My question is..where do you have the time to come up with all this and type it, especially as often as you do? You come up with and type more essays than i have time to READ!

    1. My Superior and untouchable brain generates Truth at all times. As a Self-god I am a creator of Truth. What I publicly post is but a fraction of the Truths I realize and integrate to My Self-mind.
      I have limited time, being a forced slave laborer. 50+ hours every week are wasted by this forced labor, and it does occupy BOTH time and mind focus. Just one of the many ongoing crimes being perpetrated against Me.
      I use My limited time well, I spend this time making love to Myself in every way. Communing with Truth constitutes an orgasmic act of Self-love. And so I choose to spend much time, doing exactly that.

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