A Leaderless World, or: Universal Leadership for All

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The history of humanity is a chronicle of relentless and unmitigated failure. Personal and universal. Failure to thrive, failure to change, failure to make the right decisions, failure to see things as they are, the clearest and most obvious facts and Truths forever buried, for so many thousands of years, under so many layers of perverse illusion and delusion, that not only can they never be recognized and embraced, but they cannot even be fathomed, cannot even be considered.
In my last essay, I described how I have spent the past 4 weeks immersed in the re-reading of every single thing Truth-focused thing I have ever written down, dating back well over 30 years, and the glory manifested within Me, at the growth, breathe, and depth of My uniquely crafted Self-universe of untouchable perfection.
But there was also a more practical aspect to this exercise, an attempt to discover any serious omissions of, or limitations to, important and primary-level Forbidden Truths that deserve to be completely fleshed out in detail. I did discover a few such gaps, and over the next few months, slowly, you humans will be graced with brilliant essays that fill in all of these recently realized gaps. Make no mistake, I have already fully addressed all of these issues in public writings, but perhaps not to the extensive and comprehensive degree that is warranted.
We will begin with the issue of human leadership. This issue cuts right to the very core of the hopelessness of the human condition, and deserves to be fully understood at the deepest levels, by those who seek understanding of the Forbidden Truths.
Leadership is a mistake. Leadership, as it is now known and as it has existed from the very beginnings of human development, should not exist within the human experience. It was, from the very beginning, a profound error, manifesting as a result of both the universal genetic malformation of the human brain, and the environment of universal trauma, terror, and thirst for vengeance, that has always ruled the conscious and subconscious minds of all human beings.
Leadership is slavery. Period. To be led by any human being, in any way, is to be enslaved, shackled, controlled, body and mind. Leadership and freedom are 100% incompatible, at all times. To be led, is to be stripped of all personal capacity to establish or to experience freedom, as freedom is Truthfully defined within Forbidden Truth parameters, something I have fully done in other essays.
We are not talking here of any specifically limited forms of political, cultural, or ideological leadership. We are talking about each and every type and form of leadership. We are talking about leadership itself, a husband leading a family, a mother leading a child, a boss leading employees, an individual leading a movement for change or reform, etc… All of this is wrong. Leadership as concept and as structure, cripples all human potential to all legitimate progress, autonomy, and enlightenment. Leadership cannot be benign, because the very motivation to lead is a motivation to dominate, enslave, impose, oppress, cause harm and destroy personal freedom. Leadership is dependency on steroids, disguised as a new and shiny opportunity to make things different and better.
And so here we are, in 2018, and it is impossible for you humans to conceive of an existence absent all leadership. Not even anarchists and atheists can imagine a mindscape and landscape void of leaders. Anarchism and atheism and every other overt movement of rebellion, form within the cage of leadership demand, individuals seeking to capitalize upon the universal inability of humans to function absent leadership, by positioning themselves as replacement leaders. The actual ideas of no government, no god, no money, etc.., exist secondary to the new leadership cult that is attempting to be established.
Leadership is universally perceived as essential, only because every human-born, from birth, is systematically and ritualistically stripped of their own capacity to think and to function autonomously, as part of the process of breaking every child, destroying every child as every adult has already been destroyed, primary mandate of all civilized societies, cultures, and governments. The fact that the human brain is genetically malformed, predisposed to seek commands and demands and false reassurance from others that everything will be okay, and to obey others rather than to create an untouchable universe of freedom as a Self-universe, is what allows and ensures this universal embrace of the ideological and philosophical perversion that is leadership.
You pathetic inferiors will insist that without leadership, humanity will collapse into chaos, nothing can or will be done. Nobody will be able to function because nobody will know what to do. Everybody will just stand around until they die of starvation or disease, just waiting for the void of leadership to be filled by a…leader. And guess what? That is probably 100% True. And if so, let it be so! Because if humanity cannot function absent leadership, the fault is with humanity. Lack of functionality always trumps dysfunctionality. Start over, start from scratch, end the mistake that is leadership. Teach every child to be the leader of nothing more, and nothing less, than his own Self-realized, Self-universe, erected within the beauty and perfection of Truth. If you cannot do this, end the charade and embrace your own extinction as a species!
Ideas and movements do not need leaders, you fools! You can embrace and uplift and make real any idea, movement, product, or structural reality, absent all following of, obedience and allegiance to, individuals. You can do the same thing, seek the same goal, as a collective force, while maintaining absolute personal autonomy of mind, consciousness, and body. Truth, fact, and reality are the only legitimate leaders, something real and valid that deserves to be “followed”, absent all individual promotion, control and demand.
Can you envision a world of universal leadership for all?? A world where nobody is ever recognized or treated as a leader, because everyone is too busy acting as the leader of their own universe? That is the only world that can function within sanity, Truth, and progressive reform. Every mind leading itself, making every decision within the freedom, the autonomy, of recognizing no entity, no creature, nothing external to Self, can ever be entitled to lead them, can ever earn the title, of leader.
And what of the humans in such a world, who are incapable of leading themselves? Of course there will be some, inferiors who cannot be made whole enough to lead themselves. So be it. Let them live. But they must be caged, physically caged. They must be recognized and treated as what they are: Slaves and prisoners, a lower grade of life form, than the free leaders of Self. The distinction must be clear and absolute. Their personal failure must be illuminated for all to see and to know, so that the universal failure that is leadership, may always remain crystal clear and beyond all doubt.
Since the dawn of human existence, the structural and ideological mistake of leadership has been the single greatest primary force of human destruction, incompatible with Truth itself, much less the related concepts of freedom, autonomy, Self-love, rationality, choice, independence of mind, free and deliberate thought, and everything else that is positive and empowering. Of course it is so! And yet this clear, obvious, undeniable fact has been rendered invisible, impossible to perceive, know, accept. That is the reality of Now, August 6, 2018, as it has always been. The darkest shadow of universal illusion casts its toxic spell today.
Look at yourselves, look at the world! Leadership is the universal god of universal harm. Every terrorist group, you call them “nations”, has a leader. Every company, every family, every political and ideological and cultural movement, every team and every organization, has a leader. And you waste every moment of every breath you take within your imaginary existence, insanely debating how good or how bad your leaders are. Should you stay with them, or should you reject them? Should you choose a new leader, a different leader?? Who should it be?? WHO SHOULD IT BE??! We must be wise, we must choose the right leader, we must pick a good leader, everything depends upon it! This decision is so important, our fate and our future depend upon it! We must FIND a good leader, the right leader, the best leader, he or she will lead us to safety and salvation!
godda*n motherfuc*ing idiots! The Truth is so clear and obvious, you pathetic slaves of your own destroyed minds, the solution to the problem, but you are blind to it. Dead brains forever trapped within a cycle of illusion, caged and entranced by the leadership illusion, slaves pretending they can be free by choosing a good leader, a benevolent slavemaster who can make them think and believe and feel as though they are free.
I am not your leader, seekers of Forbidden Truth. I am the leader of My own universe. I follow the brilliance of My own brain. It is recognized and understood as the only entity that can ever deserve to be followed, the only leader I have ever and will ever recognize and accept. Whoever wants to follow Me, or even My brilliant brain, is a fool. Take My uniquely precious gifts and integrate them to your own Self-universe, instead of humiliating Yourself by falling prey and bowing down to the universal illusion of leadership.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. What you advocate is a scenario of human existence even if it singular, like me and no human around me , its possible but without the stomach.
    If there is a stomach, then it can be ONLY in an environment where I can eat fruits and berries and tubers and here and there, find a fish or a rabbit to eat . But in that scenario, few doubts ?
    1. Who will raise me even to that elementary level of strength and learning that i become capable of identifying edible plants and hunting small animals ? if there’s a mother , then there’s a leader .
    2 If there will be fruits and thus plants and trees, there will be grazing animals and if the present observation of animals’ environment is correct and not an illusion , then there exist a chain of predators from small to big carnivores . And its a fact that there are some carnivores that can hunt me down and the only problem solving tactic to this problem is gathering of similar humans like me to devise ways to fight off these irrational and untrading creatures .
    And if there is a group, there will be leaders because no periphery exist without the center ? humans at least doesn’t exist with instructions from all to all, from many to many , its mostly one or few to many …very few exceptions to this mode of working of groups observed ..
    like the crowds who visits the normal or delusional markets like religious gatherings or political rallies , melas, theaters or sports stadiums. Every where the gathering and perception or mutual benefit is governed by the designs, instructions and organisation of few upon many.

    1. @Devs What I advocate for is simply Truth, factual reality of mind and of consciousness, its realization as being what it is. It does not matter what humanity has created for itself in the past or in the now, this is the false face of a species broken and lost and hopelessly trapped within the cages it has chosen to build.
      Conscious awareness is the Mind Bomb. To see things as they are with a completely detached Alien Eye. That is My triumph, the rejection of humanity itself, followed by transcendence of the human condition within the glory of a personally developed untouchable mind.
      No human needs a “who” to raise them. What is needed is knowledge, information, demonstration, not an individual to do anything. Right now, at this very moment, robots can be developed and successfully programmed to meet ALL of the physical, emotional, psychological, educational, and socialization needs of any newborn child, absent all direct human interaction, absent the poison that is human imposition and enmeshment upon the pure and undeveloped infant and toddler mind.
      Leadership exists as a result of the refusal of individuals to accept responsibility for their own life path choices. This refusal is caused by a combination of factors: Genetic defectiveness of the human brain, environmental destruction of the capacity of the child to embrace personal autonomy, the organized destruction of individual ego by the collective whole, the design and functional structure of parenthood and the educational systems, within which obedience and servitude are demanded by force and by punishment, etc…
      It is government that designed and maintains the diseased structures by which leadership is indoctrinated as necessary and the only viable path, because only via this form of mind genocide is the terrorism that is government, able to maintain it’s choke-hold upon the collective consciousness of human reality perception.

  2. OUTSTANDING, THIS IS AWESOME TO THE CORE. Most humans believe that having someone in charge of them is normal. I’ve on the other hand always resisted someone ordering me around. It makes you feel inferior to the person in charge or a so called higher status. It’s BS that’s what it is. How can any human brought up in a diseased society, planet earth be superior to any human? They can’t because they are infected and indoctrinated by the same poison and nonsense for all humans. Although there are variations to their dysfunction, but they are all dysfunctional in their own right. No human is spared from guilt, fear, and rage on this Insane Planet Earth. Equal Victims with variations that’s all

    1. Every form and every manifestation of leadership is wrong and impossible to justify. To accept being led, is to abdicate your own sacred right to build, maintain, and thrive within a personally untouchable Self-universe. Superiors understand that every form of leadership is harmful on a level of genocide, both personally and to humanity as a collective whole.
      Something like motherhood is MORE harmful as a leadership structure, than something like the political presidency. Why? Because it is foundationally destructive to the mind of a child. It is the indoctrination that strips a vulnerable and undeveloped child mind from the capacity to link leadership to slavery, obedience to the caging of body, of mind, and of personal potential, accepting instructions and commands to he forfeiture of all personal freedom.
      Top-level Superiors consciously recognize that the Sacred Family Unit is the very head of a malignant cancer that must be completely eradicated. The family unit is the structure that overtly destroys the potential of all children to recognize and embrace top-level Forbidden Truths throughout their imaginary lifetimes, on many different issues, such as the need to eradicate all leadership structures.
      How can a Normal embrace the brilliance of this essay, when they themselves were held as prisoners by their family, and never allowed to consciously perceive this Forbidden Truth, and are now, as adults, devoted to holding “their” children within the same toxic and terror-based cage.
      Mother, father, boss, boyfriend, preacher, president, every form of leadership is interwoven to create and to impose universal slavery for all, and to render the conscious realization of this Forbidden Truth, impossible for the vast majority of all humans.

  3. Movements for liberation are appearing more than ever. The initiators of these movements are only self-loathing wanting to control and dictate the lives of the broken that seek validation from others because they are unsure of themselves. They want their followers to believe they really care about them. Humans always turn to other humans and never trust themselves as worthy and reliable. That is, they always seek outward instead of inward. These new dictators, that’s what they are, do not have their interest, only self-interest in which they will exploit them for not only money, but for the accolades and attention from followers bowing down to them. No human should be trusted to take over the lives of another human, and that’s what we are currently dealing with. So, humans, therefore, do not need dictatorship replacement. They need to take charge of themselves.

    1. Every movement for human liberation is based upon the perverse construct of leadership. And every would-be leader aspires to impose slavery upon others, to cloak from his own conscious mind the reality of his own slavery within The Matrix of Universal Illusion.
      Your comment here is excellent, indicating a keen and accurate understanding of the Forbidden Truths of human leadership, slavery, and freedom, only possessed by a tiny handful of genuine top-level Superiors.

  4. I find it comical that most humans view leadership as a politician, for example a president, but never husband or mother. Both are in dominant roles and have extaordinary control over loved ones whom they are dictating to. It’s clear that humanity is more depraved than thought previously.

    1. The stupidity and insanity of humanity as a collective species is most evident in their inability to connect facts and Truths, their inability to even fathom, much less consciously embrace, even the most blatantly obvious realities.
      Leadership is slavery. To be led is to enslaved. And it is the familial forms of slavery, marriage and parenthood, that decimate the capacity of all human-borns to even possess the capacity as adults to define what freedom is, much less to desire and demand it.
      The universal slavery inherent within the Sacred Family Unit, is the weapon by which every society and culture of the 21st century successfully brainwashes and indoctrinates its population to agree to willingly waste and sacrifice their imaginary existence in obedience and in servitude to an endless stream of slavemasters who claim title of leader.
      Eradicating the Sacred Family Unit is the first and vital step, towards unmasking and disabling the universal trance of illusion that is external human leadership.

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