A Happy Veterans Day Prayer

Attention all human children and adults who are claimed as citizen-slaves by the terrorist regime of amerikkka: Your hostage-takers are pleased and proud to declare the arbitrary date of november 11, 2014 as Veterans Day, with the letters capitalized, so that all who suck upon the teat of their slavemaster may come to believe that there is value and honor in defending your greatest enemy, against your lesser enemies.
Let all vulnerable minds already broken of the capacity to love and value Self, be drawn further into the abyss of deranged identification with their destroyer. Today is the day to praise the missing limbs, to covet the brain damage caused by the exploding bombs lovingly crafted by human hands attached to human minds who cannot conceive of what freedom is. Today is the day to solidify the sucidal ideation of your reality perception. Sure, you can keep smoking weed and playing video games, but why not consider taking the next step: Face death in a more head-on collison, and help your destroyer to render death itself a cultural mandate. Die with the honor of knowing you are helping your murderer to plant the death seed within every human mind, where it may grow and flourish and reach its full fruition.
god bless you, dear citizen-slave, as you sacrifice your existence for nothing. We honor your blindness of eye caused by our flying shrapnel, and your blindness of mind caused by what we have destroyed within you, as we continue our internal destruction of you on this blessed day.
There he is, your hero, sitting in a wheelchair, in the shade of a large bank, where armed guards control the flow of worthless pieces of paper deployed to universally enslave each of you. There he is, your hero, holding out a cup as he bleets the magic words: “I’m a veteran…” Search inside your pocket, dear slave. Have you a small piece of the worthless currency which enslaves you? Give it to the hero, so he may use it to stave of starvation for another day, so that a little of the magical dust which has rendered him a hero, may be rubbed off onto you. god is great! Allahu Akbar!
There he is, your hero. You may not see him, but maybe as you walk past the middle class residence located in a middle class neighborhood inside of your national prison, you can hear him. He is cursing and raving behind the locked door, he is terrorizing women and children once again, just as he did to become your hero. He is destroying lives and minds, just as his own life and mind has been destroyed. He used to have a unit, now he has a family, individuals and structures to become emotionally enslaved to, as he feeds upon the demons your society has blessed him with.
Let us thank god for war and for death, may god bless amerikkka so that war and death will always reign triumphant, safely cloaked within the illusions of freedom, loyalty, devotion, and Self-sacrifice. This we pray in the name of the predator, in the name of the heat-seeking missile lovingly crafted with the scientific mind and hands of the ex-child who exists as terrorized victim of all the dead soldiers who have been successfully feasted upon by the genetically healthy maggot.
Soon it will be thanksgiving, and then christmas, more hallowed days to be capitalized as your name is, dear lord god. More days set aside to glorify and celebrate genocide, universal slavery to government, and the worship of the ultimate terrorist, imaginary only to those outside of the toxic matrix, the god who props up death via his advertising agency, the amerikkkan government.
So let us pray for prey. Let us pray that no eye and no mind will ever become enlightened to any of the Forbidden Truths. Let us pray for all predatory actions to remain under the direction and control of our slavemasters. Let us pray for peace and love and hope, as we wage universal war and install universal hate, and render every existence a hopeless exercise of Self-delusion, everywhere, for everyone, always, until the end of mankind.
This we pray, in the name of the insanity that is government and god, nations under god, nations created within the insanity of god, nations created by destroyed ex-children, nations which ensure every child will be destroyed. May god bless us all, the children of the beast.

© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

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