A Forbidden Truth Understanding of Science Fiction

Science fiction is everywhere, universally popular among humans. In amerikkka alone there are literally thousands of science fiction books that have been written and published over the past 100 years. There are thousands more science fiction movies that have been made just in the past 80 years alone. Many thousands of science fiction stories have been published in magazines, and composed as comic books, during this same time period. Hundreds of different television series, comprised of tens of thousands of 30 and 60 minute long episodes, have been created. There is even, in 2015, an entire television network, the SyFy Channel, devoted exclusively to airing science fiction shows and movies.
How can this be? And what does it reveal about the nature of humanity as a species?? Let us begin with this clear understanding: Science and fiction are mutually incompatible! Science fiction is an absurd comingling of two individually exclusive structures, which cannot be rationally justified, and which causes directly devastating harm to all who seek a path of Truth based upon personal and species-wide enlightenment of mind.
Consider: Does “math fiction” exist? No. Have many thousands of texts and movies and serial scripts have been penned and become universally popular among many millions of humans, which fictionalize the factual structure of arithmetic?? None. Upon rational analysis, any devotee of “math fiction” would be recognized as sick in the head, directly rejecting and compromising the validity of concrete numerical equation.
Science is the uncompromising pursuit and embrace of factual reality and demonstrable Truth. Fiction is the rejection of reality and Truth, the creation of false, fake, artificial realities and universes, for amusement and diversion of mind and of thought. To combine science and fiction is an abomination! Such a combination represents a direct attack against the factual Truth quest that defines the core mandate of science:

 science /ˈsīəns/ noun:
The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

The very concept of science is in its infancy, at most 400 years old, a mere drop in the bucket when contrasted against the historical existence of humanity as a species, dating back at least 200,000 years. Science is one of the most revolutionary concepts ever developed by the human mind. Science represents the first and only valid attempt by humanity as a species, to face up to reality and Truth regarding its place in the universe, as well as horrific natural phenomena such as death.
For 196,600+ years, science did not exist within human consciousness. The human being made no legitimate, Truth-based attempt to understand the universe, much less his place in the universe, for all those 196,600+ years. Then came science. But science has always been the purview of exclusive, isolated, rare minds. The typical human being in the year 1600 feared, rejected, and hated science. So did the typical human in 1700, and the year 1800, and the year 1900, and the year 2000, and the year 2015.
Nothing has changed over the past 400 years regarding the universal rejection of science by the average, typical, common human, the Unwashed Masses, as I brand them. Nothing has changed!
To the Unwashed Masses of the year 1400, science was unfathomable. It could not be imagined, it was a fiction beyond all fictions, because it could not even be penned as a work of fiction. It did not exist within human consciousness.
Today, in 2015, science, as a discipline of the reasoning mind, can be “fathomed”. But it remains universally feared, scorned, and rejected. This is the Truth. You humans will not admit to this Truth, of course. You insist that science is welcomed and embraced, you claim to offer educational courses of scientific study. You claim to employ scientists, to bestow a revered place within the social structure upon scientists. You claim to honor them as pioneers helping to shape the future.
But all this is a matrix-based illusion. You are lying to yourselves, just as surely as the salem witch burners who enjoyed human immolation by deluding themselves into believing they were protecting their way of life from evil witches.
From the very beginning, 400 years ago, science has been ridiculed, rejected, renounced, attacked, and condemned. All of this is occurring today, in 2015, with just as much venom, ferocity, and universal passion of the common man, as it did in 1600 and 1700. But it is far more and far better cloaked today. Science is superficially accepted and embraced via useless verbal claim, but covertly rejected and condemned, as practical, functional reality.
It would be easy for Me to name the existence of religion as the greatest proof of human rejection of science in the 21st century. And indeed this diseased and deranged structure provides such proof. But 21st century human rejection of science goes much further, to the pathological embrace of death, to the rejection of universal child abuse as the cause of every social problem, to the human addictions to personal slavery and mind-altering chemicals, and the list is endless.
The potential of science, rooted within the pursuit and embrace of uncompromising Truth, is to lay bare the entire matrix of illusion upon which humanity, organized via society and government, has staked its existence in the 21st century, and this is why science is universally feared, condemned, and rejected today.
So, the primary topic of this essay is science fiction, and now we return to it, to expose and reveal this Forbidden Truth: Science fiction is one of the top, main, and primary 20th and 21st century ideological platforms deployed by humanity as a species to undermine, sabotage, distort, deform, cripple, and reject science and scientific progress, accurately defined as the search for, recognition of, and embrace of functional physical, natural, and structural realities and Truths.
The fictionalization of science, is how humanity as a species destroys scientific reality, scientific fact, and scientific Truth, in the 21st century. Science fiction warps all scientific study and all scientific discovery. Science fiction distorts, undermines, sabotages  anything and everything that science discovers. Science fiction trivializes every scientific discovery, renders every scientific discovery a form of mindless entertainment and distraction, instead of uplifting every scientific discovery as a profound step towards the recognition and embrace of a universe of consciously recognized and understood Truth.
You, the Unwashed Masses, will counter that science fiction promotes scientific thought and reasoning. You will say that science fiction expands the minds of human beings, especially children, encouraging them to pursue science, respect science, become scientists. You will claim that science is scary and intimidating to the average human, that science fiction helps to make science understandable and acceptable to the common man. You will ruminate that science fiction helps human beings to recognize that through science, anything is possible, even a utopian future shaped by the embrace of scientific facts and pursuit.
You are dead wrong on all of these counts! Science fiction is the anti-science, it is a dynamic, real-time cancer, cannibalizing science, destroying all human capacity to embrace, demand, and thrive within the conscious creation of a new world and a future based upon the purity of Truth that is scientific fact, discovery, and reality.
One of the covert goals of science fiction is to discourage scientific progress by positioning science as dangerous and threatening. You see this factual reality both consciously and subconsciously expressed by the nature of science fiction, the storylines of science fiction, invariably consisting of monsters and war and violence, danger and plague, an unknown void to be feared and rejected in favor of the genocidal horrors of what is familiar: god, death, slavery, obedience, the family, suffering, addictions of all types, self-hate, breeding.
Science fiction is a primary method by which 21st century societies and governments terrorize their own citizen-slaves into rejecting science. You can draw a direct parallel to Flat Earth theory, deployed by leaders of society and government for many thousands of years to terrorize citizen-slaves into “voluntarily” chaining themselves to territorial borders: “Be careful, the earth is flat, if you venture too far you are liable to fall right off!”
Just as religion is relentlessly and pathologically promoted by 21st century society and government, so is science fiction, via book, magazine, comic, movie, television series, and carefully cultivated cultural propaganda epics such as the “space race”.
In 2015, science fiction is far more popular than science. This popularity is not an accident. It represents and it expresses the ongoing, covert rejection of science by humanity, as has occurred for the past 400 years, since the very beginning of science as conscious concept, and it provides the perfect cover for humanity to overtly reject science, while deluding itself on a species-wide level, that it supports and embraces scientific progress and scientific facts.

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  1. Science is really not true. Take for example Newton’s first law – an object will continue in motion in a straight line with a constant velocity. Have you ever seen such an object on earth or in space? No, you have not. Thus Newton is wrong. The same is true for quantum mechanics and relativity theory.
    You say – Science is a “…systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.” Is that so? Did Newton observe the nature? No. On the contrary he assumed – isolated environment – which never happens. Did Heisenberg observe nature while deriving his uncertainty principle? No. He assumed infinity among other things, which does not exist in nature. Did Einstein observe nature? No. Sitting in his home he did some math with the assumption that light speed is constant. During his time it was observed that light speed is not constant – Michelson experiment. Einstein did not even try to look at that result. The fact is Galileo was the only scientist who observed nature. After that no man has dared to observe the nature. They took the easy path – do some math in paper and pencil. So all of them are wrong. Today at least 100 professional people are saying both Heisenberg and Einstein are wrong.
    So, do not believe in science. Ayn Rand very correctly said – “Truth is not for all men, but only for those who seek it.” Only less than 1% knows the truth, but it is out there on the internet. Take a look at https://theoryofsouls.wordpress.com/ There is no truth in the main stream – a forbidden truth!

    1. Scientific research as well as scientific findings are often very badly flawed, because the human being, as a species, is fatally flawed. Scientists are human beings, and therefore they are subject to the same horrific and perverse failures of brain functionality and deductive reasoning, as all other humans. And when a scientist fails to deliver or stand up for Truth, the negative impacts are far greater than when other humans so fail.
      I have never expressed overt praise or admiration for scientists, what I do highly praise and respect is science itself. There is a huge distinction. As a discipline, science can and should directly lead to the discovery of extremely important Truths. The tragedy is that science is in the hands of humans, who always fail to properly honor, seek, and sanctify Truth, and embracing and taking it to its ultimate conclusions.
      We must not blame or reject the validity of science, for the failures of human scientists. Science DOES represent and embody Truth, unlike all mysticism such as religion, reincarnation, “soul theory” as you describe in your book, etc… One of the great failures of the human is in diluting and obscuring scientific Truth by intermingling science with overtly supernatural and mystical theories which have no basis whatsoever in fact or in reality.
      Scientific research is in its infancy, and not everything positioned as scientific fact, expresses Truth in the absolute. But this does not negate science as one of the only legitimate paths to the discovery of Truth. It does not legitimize the rejection of science, the study of natural phenomena, in favor of mysticism, the embrace of unnatural, supernatural illusion and delusion.
      I believe in nothing. I seek Truth, and I go where it exists. It exists within science, notwithstanding the errors made by scientists, and far worse, the overt cowardice of the entire scientific community in refusing to stand up and expose the Insane God Myth as the deranged delusion of a species that is collectively mentally ill.
      You are absolutely correct that the mainstream of humanity and society actively rejects and destroys all Truth that it is presented with. And scientists actively participate in this horrific betrayal of humanity as a whole. But science, the discipline itself, cannot be blamed or dismissed, due to this human failure.
      I looked at your website, and while it expresses a few isolated Truths, in totality it is void of Truth and positions mysticism and afterlife mythology as Truth. This is unacceptable to Me, and should be rejected by all who are genuine seekers of Truth.

      1. For – The Seer of Forbidden Truth on December 28, 2015 at 16:41
        “But science, the discipline itself, cannot be blamed or dismissed, due to this human failure.”
        First, their process is wrong. Do you think a robot will be able to find about humans by performing some experiments on some hardware? No, they cannot, because humans created them. The only way for robots to learn about humans is to observe humans.
        The same is true for humans. We will never be able to find about nature by doing some experiments in an isolated and controlled environment on some hardware, because nature created humans. To find truth, you must observe nature, just like Galileo did. But modern scientists have rejected that path.
        Second, real numbers are false, because they are not objects of nature. How can you create truth by using something false like real numbers? You cannot. Therefore math is completely false. Since physics uses math, physics must be false also.
        Third, money is false also, because money is a real number. Yet, money controls everything, and took away democracy and freedom. What I will do, how I will do, etc. are controlled by money. Truth cannot be discovered under such environment. It is called Galileo phenomenon. You must obey money power.
        Fourth, science will never discover truth unless it understands the soul theory. Can you describe an apple using mathematics or physics? No you cannot. Why? Just like any two human are different, in the same way any two objects of nature, including apples, are different. Humans have thoughts (soul). So is true for any apple, and any two atoms inside the same apple.
        Did you notice that different parts of the same apple taste differently? Why? For, different parts of the same apple have grown differently, at different environments, at different times, with different thoughts. Science ignored observing nature; it just started with atoms, isolating them (assumed only) from their environment. The atoms die, just like humans, when you try to isolate them.

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