A Forbidden Truth Understanding of Citizenship

Hello citizen. You are a citizen, of that I am certain, because every single human on this pathetic planet at this moment, is. The question I have for you is this: Do you recognize the factual reality behind the definitional brainwashing of the word “citizen”? As you accept/embrace your citizenship, do you understand what you are doing, and what citizenship makes you?
As a citizen, you are a hostage. You are held hostage, body and brain, by the universal lie that IS government. As a citizen, you are a victim: Of brainwashing, of propaganda, of terrorization, of murder, you have been murdered and you are being murdered, every day, in thousands of ways.
Whether you were born into your citizenship, or “defected” to a different slavemaster, your hostage status is the same. And why are you a citizen? Because you believe the lies of freedom, safety, solidarity, tradition. And because you have expanded upon the perverse toxicity of the closed circle of the sacred family unit.
Citizenship is the expansion of the horrors of external belonging and dependency. You belong to your parents, and to your family, and to a team, a club, a past, a tradition, a belief system. You belong to something outside of Yourself. government is simply the expansion of this deranged and universal error of mind perception.
There can never be one government on this planet. Because government defines itself via the illusion of difference, the lie of good and bad, safe and dangerous, freedom and slavery, our way and the other way.
The Forbidden Truth: Every government does exactly the same horrific things to everyone that it claims as citizens. Every difference is a cosmetic illusion. No government provides freedom, as government can only exist by destroying freedom. No government keeps living things safe, because government stands for universal oppression and victimization. No government protects you from death, because government is the sponsor of everyone’s death.
A universal Truth: Your government is always your greatest enemy and oppressor. It does not make any difference what you theoretically think or believe another government might do to you, if you pledged citizenship to it. Your own government is your slavemaster, hostage-taker of body and mind, and direct destroyer. There is nothing any other government might do to you, that could exceed the parameters of this horrific injustice.
In embracing this universal Truth, a wormhole of consciousness opens, allowing you to perceive the universal lie that is citizenship itself. Forget about eradicating government, it is citizenship itself that must be eradicated. If it is eradicated, government crumbles to nothingness: A hostage-taker with no hostages, a slavemaster with no slaves.
Citizenship is the cage, and it is a cage of mind. Because you identify as a citizen, you accept citizenship, thus you walk into your cage, chain it shut, of your own free will, as a slave who knows not what he is.
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    1. It does not increase your level of slavery, nor does it cause any decrease. Citizenship itself is forced, personal slavery to a government. government does not allow ANY human on this planet, to achieve emancipation from this slavery.
      All of the various nuances it allows, including dual citizenship, are useless, cosmetic differences that have no impact upon the universal oppression, injustice, and enslavement that is forced citizenship for all.
      How can any sane creature even begin to imagine himself free, when he is forced to BELONG to a government?

      1. It’s true, we are all owned by our government. But doesn’t that guarantee you certain rights, benefits, protection, etc.? If there was not government, you would have complete chaos everywhere, no protection of any kind, so in that sense, it would be much worse.

        1. No, it does not. government takes away every right and every protection that the individual is intrinsically entitled to clam for Self. Anything that protects you from being harmed by others, specifically so that it may harm you, is your greatest enemy.
          All harm is the reflective consequence of government existing, and inflicting universal harm against all human beings. government initiates every cycle of harm.
          If humanity cannot maintain its existence as a species without choosing to inflict universal harm upon ITSELF, every individual harming and destroying Self via the creation and maintenance of the diseased structure of government, it does not deserve to exist. Better to go down KNOWING your True enemy and fighting your True enemy, than to go down as an active collaborator with your True and greatest enemy.

  1. Excellent. It might be more ‘useful’ to list some of the “thousands of ways” government enslaves us, just to persuade those who are so distracted they don’t think about these things. But then again, distraction might keep them too busy to read your ideas. Just listening to all around me talking about the upcoming Presidential “reality television show” is dispiriting!

    1. I am not interested in trying to convince humans of anything. I reveal Truth with enigmatic full force, in order to honor Self and Truth. For this reason, you will not find Me going into lengthy and repetitive arguments within specific points of light I shed, such as the above post.
      The nature of governmental harm, of its standing as an instrument of genocide, is addressed at length throughout My Main Manifesto, most comprehensively on this page:
      And also at numerous blog posts, including here:
      amerikkka is a successful government. Successful in committing genocide upon its own citizen-slaves while simultaneously convincing them to support, defend, respect, and cheer for their destroyer. Right now, the actual 2016 election cycle, as it is playing out in real-time, is demonstrating and proving this horrific Forbidden Truth, better than any specific written argument I might make to address the issue.
      Thanks for appreciating Forbidden Truth.

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