A christmas Message of Forbidden Truth

Whether you are devout, casual, or lapsed, if you choose to acknowledge the legitimacy of christmas, you are a direct participant in the ongoing commission of genocide upon humanity.
christmas exalts christianity, a religion owned and operated by 21st century government. In 2016, christianity is the foundational base of all organized chaos of the civilized, western world. Death , destruction, suffering, and slavery, this is what christianity stands for, this is what christianity demands, this is what christianity imposes, upon all humans, from the most devout to the most extreme of atheists.
So, as you prepare to mark the governmental holiday of christmas, be it via enthusiastic celebration or more muted reverence, know this: Nothing peaceful, nothing joyous, nothing good or kind or generous or noble or moral or loving has ever come, to anyone, from christmas.
The toxic mythology of the birth of jesus, brings only suffocating darkness of body, spirit, and mind, to all who believe.
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