A christmas Eve Message to all christians

Hello. Please pardon the interruption, I’m sure you have many last minute preparations to make, as you get ready to mark your holiest day. I don’t mean to intrude, but as the murderer of god, and having assumed as reality within Self, the title you imagined him to hold, I have an important message to deliver. Its all about guilt and responsibility and atonement. You know, the things you pretend your religion teaches you to embrace. Oh, and maggots too. This message is very maggoty. My apologies, but they only do as nature intended, they are only claiming their little slice of godhood.
So, do you folks remember your great-grandparents? Surely you must have photos of them, at least? Well, they are dead, no? But they are not in heaven. Their bodies and brains decayed after the oxygenation allowed by the flow of blood throughout the body ceased, and they were consumed by maggots, leaving only bones, inanimate bones. And so they ceased to exist, they were retroactively rendered unborn. Everything they ever saw or did or thought, was eternally lost. Everything was as though they had never existed, because they actually never existed. Are you with Me so far, christian?
And now tell Me, do you remember your grandparents and parents. Probably you have some memories of what they looked like and how they acted and smelled and what they said to you. Are they dead, or alive, on this day of christmas eve? Dead or alive, I ask you! If they are still alive, you can pretend that they exist. But if they have already died, they can only exist in the memories you carry within your brain, and perhaps in the memories of the maggots who consumed their flesh. If they are dead today, they never existed, nothing they did or thought, not even their biological creation of you, can bestow them with any existence. They have been eternally X’ed out of the universe, a universe they never existed within, because this is the nature of death: It renders you retroactively unborn, lost for all of eternity. Cool?
And now let us move forward to you. Yes, You! Capital letter, for the god of Self that you have chosen to murder, to betray, to abandon. Here you are, on christmas eve, pretending to be alive. Pretending the majestic gift of life is real. But it is not. It is just as great a lie as santa claus and the tooth fairy and the baby delivering stork and god itself. You are not alive, you are only pretending. You have already signed your own death certificate, by choosing to be a christian, by choosing to believe in god.
Everything that has been eternally lost by your great-grandparents, and grandparents, and parents, and every other thing that used to sentiently exist but has suffered the horrific fate of death, will be lost by you. You are not simply going to die, you are going to suffer the consequences of death. Only the maggots have reason to rejoice. And so here you are, dead. But pretending to be alive, trying to make it a memorable christmas, a christmas to remember, for the future. But you cannot remember anything after the maggots consume your brain. And so you are pretending, lying to Yyourself, and I will not capitalize the y, because you are a real coward and do not deserve the capitalization of an imaginary god.
And now think of your children or grandchildren or spouse or dog, or any living thing that you claim to care about. They can only pretend to be alive, as they wait to be retroactively unborn. And their horrific fate is your fault. Yes, it is your fault. You are guilty and you are responsible, because you are the sponsor of all death. You are a christian. Your religion, christianity, has been deployed by your governments and societies to portray death as a good thing, a necessary thing, a desirable thing. Your religion is the dominant religion among humans. And therefore you are guilty of every suicide, of every murder, of every death, of the genocidal destruction of all that is born.
But wait, before you unlock the chimney to allow Ted Bundy, errr santa claus inside, might I trouble you to face up to just one more Forbidden Truth: Every suffering by every human being, everywhere in the world, is your fault and your responsibility, dear christian. The child being abused on your block? Your fault. The homeless man freezing to death on a downtown street corner? Your fault. The child in nigeria starving to death? Your fault. The woman in Beverly Hills taking a fatal overdose of prescription painkillers? Your fault. The deer falling to the ground in a hail of sport hunter buckshot? Your fault. Every injustice and torment suffered by every living thing, as inflicted by any human being or human social structure, is your fault. Why? Because you are a christian, you carry the weight of the god who cheerleads on behalf of universal death and suffering on your shoulders, and religion is the structure by which every human perversion of behavior and ideology, is justified.
“It doesn’t matter how horrible we make things here on earth, for ourselves, for others, for every living thing. It doesn’t matter. god has a plan for us. god will make things right in the end. Let us suffer and die, let everyone suffer and die, it doesn’t matter. In the end, things will be okay, thanks to god and thanks to My religion: christianity.”
So now you may go, dear christian. Light up the christmas tree. Sing your songs. Immerse yourselves in a toxic delusion, make yourselves feel good, as you sponsor an orgy of global genocide. Revel in the lie of light, as you dwell within the deepest of darkness. god cannot judge you, because god does not exist. But I can judge you, because I see exactly what you are. I will not ask you to atone, because I know you are not capable of it. I will not ask you to reject god, reject christ, reject religion. Why should I? It’s too late. The Truth is dead, as you are dead. But I will not forgive, because I am your victim, too. You cannot murder god, you are too pathetic to achieve such a feat. But you can murder those who have murdered god, those who have rightfully claimed all of his privileges, as I have.
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