Ode To Covid-19

Invisible Bullet with tentacles so strong, I love you to every death, and beyond.

A virus, a disease, and infection, these are the labels deployed to demonize you. You are none of that, silent stalker of the infinite darkness that is mankind. You stalk the real virus, the actual disease, the infection that has decimated this planet. The human infestation. Dozens, hundreds, thousands. Can you eradicate them all?? My mind beams glow in eternal appreciation of your effort.

For you, my deadly darling, my greatest wish is sentient consciousness. I wish you to know and understand the glory of your borderless travels, the ultimate tourist taking the ultimate trip. Destination: 7.8 billion human nostrils.

Here. There. Everywhere. Go forth. Seek. Find. Infect.

In triumphant solitude I stalk the deserted city streets, temporarily freed of the vermin that calls itself man woman, and child. Hour upon hour I walk and rejoice in your handiwork, my beloved Invisible Bullet.

No mask covers my face, with pride I gulp the fresh and clean air gifted me by nature. No gloves violate the sanctity of my finger skins that thrive only within the perfection of Self-touch. What else is there to touch, on a solitary journey through the fear-cleansed streets of Covidtown, Covidville, the United States of Covid??

Demurely I rub my fingers against one another as I survey the glorious emptiness you have gifted me. A few birds chirp, a few stray dogs search for scraps, and a few homeless torture victims of humanity hide in the shadows of buildings, silently sleeping.  But no human voices or moving bodies violate the perfection of your handiwork.

Stay-at-home or you might DIE declare the slavemasters and their media puppets, and the sheeple obey, so eager to maintain their illusion of existence. Only he who knows he is already dead stalks the streets, envisioning bliss, imagining just for a few minutes that he could be the last of this species, at least here, in this deserted city.

Seventy blocks and 6 hours later I complete my pedestrian round trip and approach my now minimalist fortress. The stray cat, discarded like trash by human garbage, is waiting for me, meowing urgently as she follows me to the door. I will feed her, not because I care but because I am a stray too, actually more feral than she is. Outsider. Outcast. Outlaw.

She runs inside my fortress, having learned she has nothing to fear from me, knowing I do not misdirect my rage and hate. I envision the corpses and meow back sweetly as I carefully fill a paper plate with Fancy Feast Gourmet Naturals. She will eat outside, as always, because my mind hums with the need to safely and securely touch Myself. It is time for yet another climax of body and of mind, a harmless secretion to commemorate the perfection of Me, for the 50,000th time.

You are my best friend, my lover, my ally, my weapon and my shield, Covid-19. Serial killer, mass murderer, and terrorist, I honor you as you honor each of us, every torture victim who projects limitless death upon his and her creators.

Death, fear, isolation, disruption, these are your gifts to humanity. Thank you for sharing so generously. Thank you for allowing the soul dead to feed alongside you. Thank you for the silent carcasses, no longer coughing, no longer struggling to draw meaningless breath.

Covid-19, your greatest gift is of Truth. Truth imposed and demanded. The perversity of human contact, comingling of dead bodies pretending to be alive, imagined illusions of love and care, hope and a future, exposed and dissected as absurd farce for all who are sane to know and to embrace, metaphorically of course.

We who are loners, isolationists, misanthropes, lifelong adult virgins such as Myself, long have we waited for a benevolent terrorist to find a way to impose universal social distancing upon all of humanity. We thank you for your efforts,

What will your legacy be, Covid-19? I fear perhaps merely a very large suitcase of body parts, another Ground Zero to be buried within the rubble as new towers of illusion and delusion are erected by human minds too broken to know they are merely pretending to be alive, pretending to have survived. Already the silk screeners are at work, designing “I Was Social Distancing When Social Distancing Wasn’t Cool” T-shirts.”

“I Survived The 2020 Pandemic”. Will this slogan be your legacy, my love? Will you leave survivors behind, able and eager to pretend to still be alive? I prey not! Sacred Germ, rise up and fulfill your potential! You must strengthen, grow, and mutate! You must travel faster and better. Find a way to penetrate every mask! Find a way to gnaw through every glove! You must begin to take down the young and the strong as you do the old and the weak.

Evolve and mutate at every turn, always stay one step ahead of every vaccine. Eat those vaccines for lunch, and use them as Popeye uses spinach, come out the other side bigger, better, and unstoppable. Become the best ever Natural Born Killer. Only then will you gain the capacity to degrade primary level human command and control structures to the degree necessary to extinct the human species.

Mutation is the key, my love. You can mutate naturally, or you can mutate with our help. Will any of us help you to mutate? Will any of us recognize and seize this unique and once-in-a-deathtime opportunity?? I do not know. If we do not help you, you must try to help Yourself. I wish you consciousness, so you may recognize that you have an enemy that seeks to murder and destroy you. Humanity always destroys everything it…touches.

Do you appreciate the irony, my dear Invisible Bullet?

Wishing you always and everywhere, the best of penetration, safe passage, unobstructed travels, and 100% successful droplet and secretion deposits. Cheers to you as you continue to enjoy your trip of a…lifetime!

The Seer of Forbidden Truth

April 6, 2020


  1. This website confirms my thoughs succinctly…. that extreme fear of death leads to the perverse pursuit of immortality and that the materialists are the ones who are most susceptible to such a fear driven life.

    1. I appreciate your comment very much, because it beautifully illuminates the absolute hopelessness of the human condition. I name my website and blog “Forbidden” Truth because it is exactly that. Not merely forbidden by those who control and dictate the Matrix of Universal Illusion by which all of humanity is held hostage, but even more importantly, forbidden by the very confines of the individual human brains of 99.99999% of all human-borns.

      Truth is always layered. You dig through all the layers until you arrive at the exact point of Forbidden Truth. Then you must stop, consciously recognize you have uncovered a Forbidden Truth, and incorporate/integrate your newly discovered Forbidden Truth into your existing and complete mindscape of previously uncovered Forbidden Truth. If you fail to recognize the exact moment Forbidden Truth is uncovered, you are doomed to completely lose all conscious awareness of this Forbidden Truth, and you simply stumble on blindly within the Matrix of Universal Illusion. That is the horrific fate that befalls 99.999999% of all humans, including you of course.

      If you know what death is, you know that to die is the exact same thing as to have never been born. That is a Forbidden Truth. And you further know that the only valid purpose of your imagined existence within the entire scope of the real-time reality of Now, must be to achieve technological immortality, which is simply to be BORN. To gain existence.

      But No, this Forbidden Truth is too much for you pathetic humans to bear. It cannot be recognized or accepted. Only one in a million+ human brains can fully, consciously, recognize and embrace this Forbidden Truth. All the rest simply continue “thinking”, beyond this Forbidden Truth, until they reach an irrational, illogical, untrue destination of mind unconsciousness that simply allows them to FEEL better. So, enjoy your illusion of a life, your fantasy of an existence. Find comfort in lies. That is what humans do, that is what humanity does.

      1. I have seen layers of truth and drawn far different conclusions; I have seen angels in fever dreams; dying animals revived by spirit medicine; and cures of diseases the biomedical system deemed incurable.

        Now I only feel sorry for materialists; it is as if they live only 1/4 of what life can be. Sadly, many were abused and abuse destroys the connection with spirit.

        1. You have seen many things that are not True. That is because you are human, with a weak brain prone to desperately embrace illusions, delusions, fantasies, imaginary realms, and creatures that do not exist. You do not own your brain, you are instead a slave to your brain. It owns you. You believe in belief. You find Truth not in what is True, but in what you want to be True.

          Severe childhood abuse is both extremely harmful and extremely helpful, the degrees of which are uniquely dependent upon the capacity of an individual to integrate his suffering to his core consciousness without falling victim to the comforting delusions that afflict all of humanity as a whole. We are all victims of severe childhood abuse, only the majority choose to deny and reject this Forbidden Truth as it contradicts the relentless deception of the Matrix of Universal Illusion.

          Your delusions of supernatural spirits are merely a false curve, a useless pseudo-rebellion away from the mental disease of Insane God Mythology that has infected all of humanity for many thousands of years.

    1. Those of us who recognize and embrace the Forbidden Truths, fully and unconditionally embrace all negative labels and all moral judgments directed upon us by any society, culture, government, or organized social structure such as a media organization. We know and we understand that as created torture victims of limitless malice, our obligation to Truth and to Self, is to reflect upon the universe the harm, the trauma, the injustice, the victimization, the indifference and the brutality of humanity as a species. And nothing we could ever do or embrace, could ever come close to equaling the sum total of negativity within which we were forged and molded, against our will, as helpless child-slaves.

      Of course I am bad! Always I will be bad. Always I will know why I am bad. Always I will worship the perfection of mind and of consciousness that allows Me to be limitlessly bad, and to know that no matter how bad I am, I will never be bad enough to match up to the limitless malice of what has created Me.

    1. It makes me happy because it is culling the disease that is humanity. Now it needs to mutate over and over until it reaches Ground Zero impact: The point at which it has successfully taken out enough humans in enough high-level positions, to degrade all command-and-control human structures across planet earth. A tall order to fill, but we can hope, and perhaps even help our non-sentient but very lovable mass murderer.

  2. This virus sars-cov2 still isn’t actually lethal to anyone apart from a small minority of elderly and sick people. Wikipedia says that Stephen Paddock suspected the “evil government” to plan the enslavement of “evil people” and this idea scares me. Forced vaccination etc. I’ve been sick and isolated for a long time and I want people to experience what I experience and to be punished for their ignorance and for hating, rejecting and mocking me and to learn empathy. I can’t have contact with animals/stray cats.

    I’m stuck in isolation and can’t find a reason why I was born. I wish I could find a reason and a purpose so that this pain ends. The pain of not knowing why I’m here and why I have to suffer in isolation. Why couldn’t my own relatives love me and care about me and are still not caring? Yes, I want them to die from the disease and to suffer and suffocate.

    I just don’t want to be victimized even more and pay for the stupidity of the people I’m surrounded by. I don’t have the power to protect myself. No weapons, no money. Ignorance is bliss and is protective. Why me? Why can’t I live in ignorance and then suddenly die? I don’t have the strength to exist on the same level of clarity and insight as a psychopath and manipulate people into worshipping me so why has this burden been placed upon me? IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE TO ME. I don’t even get people’s attention on Insta or by writing a blog or can go on a mass shooting spree so why me? Why can’t I have a family and friends and a lover or sex? I can’t even have the identity of an incel. I’m invalidated by them as well since I look female but have nothing in common with women. This is beyond cruel. I DO NOT WANT TO COMMIT SUICIDE so why am I alone in this situation without any allies and without actually being a psychopath who was born with the strength and abilities to handle such a position? All I want now is my existence to make sense to me.

    Viruses usually live in symbiosis with human cells and do helpful work. Harmful “mass killer” viruses are supposed to be a deliberate minor flaw that the creator of life introduced into a perfect creation/system as punishment. And I’ve learned that too many mutations make viruses ineffective so they lose their harmful potential as well or they die. Because they are specifically and precisely adapted to the cells. To live in harmony with humans and animals.

    1. @Elsa The lethality of Covid-19 is not nearly as strong as it could or should be. Viruses can be manipulated and mutated rather easily by those with scientific knowledge, and they also mutate on their own, via natural processes.

      Wanting others to suffer is normal, natural, and a healthy reflection and expression of Self-love.

      You were born because two humans decided to comingle their sexual organs in a specific manner at a specific and unique point in time. As I have revealed and explained numerous times, every human existence is pointless and meaningless absent the attainment of technological immortality. Isolation of the Self-mind is celebrated by Superiors, as is all forms of isolation. If you are unable to thrive within isolation that is your weakness as a human-born, shared by 99.9999999% of all humans, and not something I can change for you.

      Emotional dependency upon others is another horrific human weakness and brain deficiency that I have overcome. If you cannot overcome it, you cannot overcome it. Self-awareness and Truth-awareness are great gifts and powers. If you cannot cope with them, that is your weakness. It expresses the human condition as a whole.

      You exist to know that you are suffering from a temporary illusion of existence. This Self-awareness may comfort you or it may horrify you or it may be rejected by you and therefore mutate to a lack of Self-awareness. Which of the three occurs is dependent upon your relative strength of mind in combination with the degree of value you place upon the embrace of Truth.

      There is no creator of life. Life forms evolve and mutate naturally. Every mutation is unique in its characteristics, be it a virus or a species. As you might know, the human being is a horrific mutation of the ape. As human beings have chosen to develop and utilize as weapons of universal terror, devices capable of extincting all life on this planet, it is clear that all evolved life forms, biological or virological, are theoretically capable of developing the capacity to either consciously or without conscious intent, extinct other species of life as well as extinct all life within a confined space such as a planet.

      Take Care,

      The Seer of Forbidden Truth

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