Legal Murder and Definitional Brainwashing

In My last blog post, “No Last Words From Peter Edward Kassig”:
I specifically referred to the ISIS murder of Peter as a “legal murder”, revealing the Forbidden Truth that Peter was legally murdered by ISIS. What exactly is legal murder, what constitutes and qualifies as a legal murder, and therefore should be referenced as such? This is a very worthwhile question to explore, worthy of an entire blog post in and of itself.
Legal murder is a term which must be understood and used by all seekers of Truth, in direct defiance of the hypocrisy inherent in any society or government of the 21st century labeling any act which takes a human life, as an act of “murder”. The term “murder” is a demonizing label, deployed by society and government to demonize specific acts by specific individuals. As such it is inherently invalid. The term “legal murder” does not exist within the 21st century dictionary vocabulary as sponsored by society and government, because to allow such a term to exist would threaten to expose the Forbidden Truth that every murder is an expression of the collective pathology of humanity as a species, not a moral, ethical, or in any way personal failure or “evil” of any individual.
When society and government label any individual a “murderer”, they do so in order to demonize him. But we must dig deeper to the Forbidden Truth question: Why does society and government desperately need to demonize individuals as “murderers”?? In order to successfully conceal from human consciousness the Truth that universal murder is a functional and operational obsession of all human beings, reflecting the trauma of universal child abuse as experienced by each and every one of “us”. I use the term “us” in quotes, because even though I have transcended My own humanity, I remain, of course, a created victim of universal child abuse.
All human beings are murderers on a genocidal scale. all human beings directly cause and sponsor the murders of millions, billions of living things, on a daily basis. Murder must be understood as any consciously chosen act which can be reasonably understood as having the consequence of causing the death of a living thing. Therefore, as example, stepping on a bug as you walk down a street is not an act of murder, but fishing is an act of murder. The Forbidden Truth that humanity as a species chooses to commit genocidal mass murder on a daily basis, as a direct result of the emotional pathologies inspired by universal child abuse, must be concealed. To admit to such a Truth would threaten to tear apart the matrix of illusion which is used by you broken creatures to maintain the living death you call life, which constitutes 21st century existence.
Is there a legitimate distinction between committing murder in order to avoid being murdered, as opposed to committing murder for emotional catharsis? The answer is Yes, but with an extremely important caveat: Exactly what constitutes an act of murder, undertaken to avoid being murdered, must be accurately and Truthfully defined. Lets look at fishing. The fisherman may claim he murders fish in order to eat them, and if he does not eat anything, he will die, therefore he is murdering fish in order to avoid being murdered. But if he can obtain nourishment, including meat harvested from animals murdered by others, yet chooses to fish, he is committing a legal murder for emotional catharsis, not as a way to avoid being murdered.
And even if he does not murder fish via fishing rod and hook or net, if he chooses to eat fish, he may be cathartically celebrating the mass murder of fish by others, carried out in his name, because he is consuming creatures murdered by others to satiate their homicidal rage, none of which is being consciously acknowledged, by either the fishermen or the eaters of fish.
Yes, in very specific and select circumstances, legal murder is carried out by an individual in order to directly avoid being personally murdered. But these situations are extremely rare. The vast majority of all legal murders are committed in order to exact personal, emotional catharsis: To destroy because you have been destroyed. A complete lack of conscious awareness of this Truth, does not alter or negate it in any way. And establishing an artificial level of detachment, such as not directly murdering the fish you eat, does not negate the fact that the eater may subconsciously relish and gain emotional catharsis from the murders being carried out on his behalf.
Let us understand the wide range of acts which constitute legal murder as sponsored and promoted by society and government. Hunting, fishing, abortion, war, the death penalty, euthanasia, death by old age, death by benign neglect, such as allowing starvation to occur, these are all overtly sponsored acts of legal murder, in the 21st century. How is death by old age a form of legal murder? Because technological immortality is now fully feasible, and being deliberately withheld by society and government, and death by old age is being actively deployed by society to convince “young” humans that they are not dying and becoming retroactively unborn with each passing moment of time.
Now, there are some minor variations within specific forms of legal murder, between one government and another. For example, some governments have a “death penalty” which they carry out as legal murder against demonized victims who dare to express their True Realities in defiance of the terrorism that is law. But other governments do not have such a “death penalty”. Yet they punish and victimize and ultimately murder everyone they hypocritically deem a “lawbreaker”, anyway. Therefore the distinction is ultimately, only cosmetic.
Some governments overtly authorize the legal murder of abortion, while others do not. But the governments which do not, still covertly legitimize and promote abortion, denying this Truth only to establish an illusion of morality and cultural superiority for their citizen-slaves to hypocritically embrace. Again, a variation that is only cosmetic: Creating an invalid distinction which cloaks the Truth that sadistic and homicidal rage of citizen-slaves is being validated and its expression encouraged in the same very specific ways, by the society itself.
Peter Edward Kassig is a victim of the legal murder that is war, as sponsored by the human structure of government. ISIS carries out legal murder via war, and amerikkka carries out legal murder via war. All other labels applied to this act of legal murder, are invalid. Amerikkka declares Peter Kassig’s murder an act of terrorism, while ISIS declares his legal murder an act of justice or nationalistic vengeance, but none of these descriptions are valid. All of these descriptions represent propaganda which conceals the Forbidden Truths of what legal murder is, and why it is deployed as a form of universal social control, by all governments.
Seekers of Truth must consciously understand the importance of recognizing every form of legal murder, for what it is: An act sponsored by government, intended to satiate the homicidal rage of all citizen-slaves, in safe and controlled ways which shield government from facing the direct wrath of the torture victims it has created and holds as hostages of body and mind.
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