March 2017

In Remembrance of Donald Harvey, amerikkkan Martyr

donald harvey.jpg
Donald Harvey has been murdered by the diseased and genocidal regime of amerikkka. According to the media, Donald was beaten to death while locked up in a cage, but like all who die in 2017, his murderer is the society and government holding him hostage, imposing universal suffering and death upon all as public policy mandate.
Demonized as a serial killer, it is My pleasure and honor to publicly mourn the murder of Donald, and to use his death to expose Forbidden Truth. I am, like Donald, one of your garbage people. Thrown away and left to suffer and die as a worthless subhuman child-slave. You think you can protect yourselves by destroying the potential of every human child, but you have never been safe, and you will never be safe, none of you, ever. A tiny handful of us see through the matrix you have built for yourselves, and desperately cling to.
In a world based upon predatory injustice for all, the serial killer stands as a shining beacon of Truth.
The serial killer demonstrates, for all who possess open eyes and open minds, every illusion of life and death at work within humanity, a death-worshipping cult, in the 21st century.
While engaging in serial murder, Donald was employed as a nurse. Always I have held nurse and doctor serial murderers in even higher esteem than others. What a perfect reflection of the Forbidden Truth of death, universally imposed as murder for all by society and government, the nurse/doctor serial killer demonstrates.
Doctors and nurses serve death. They are deployed by the matrix of universal illusion to help maintain the lie that humanity is devoted to protecting and preserving life and health, when the exact opposite is True. “I will make you healthy, I will protect your good health, I will decree you healthy, so you may put death out of your mind…” This is the mind genocide of 21st century medicine. When in Truth everyone is dying, doomed by choice to retroactive unbirth.
Victim and Martyr Donald Harvey chose as his slave labor, to become a nurse. His initial and early motivations for making this choice can never be fully known. But what we can conclude is that at some point, on some level of consciousness, he recognized and embraced his right to personal vengeance deploying the MindPower of murder, as a victim of harm and murder.
Donald held up a mirror to humanity, inviting you creatures to look at and see yourselves. But of course you refuse, and you cannot.
So you demonize and destroy whatever attempts to show you your own reflection. And in the process you inspire Me, and the few others devoted to unflinching Truth, to new and greater heights of Self-love and determination to honor the greatest victims of all.
There is no resting in peace, for anyone. Donald gave his life to try to avenge his own death, and now he is forever lost to eternal nothingness, your murder victim.
Thank you Donald, for standing up.

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The PSA: Institutionalized Mind Genocide

Every human is a victim of rape, ongoing and sustained. Rape is a violation of body OR mind autonomy. A few days ago I was raped by a PSA sign. It read:

“Why Be Moody When You Can Shake Your Booty?”

All across this pathetic planet in 2017, governments advertise their propaganda and brainwashing on billboards, big and small, all over the place. Giant signs next to busy highways, huge posters inserted behind glass at public bus stations, smaller placards placed above eye level inside of trains and buses. Everywhere you look, toxic mind pollution is imposed upon you by your greatest enemy.
They are called PSA’s. Public Service Announcements. In amerikkka, the regime created the “War Advertising Council” in 1941, to initiate a massive wave of government propaganda promoting world war two. After the war ended, the regime simply dropped the “War” from the name of this instrument of mind genocide, fully operational today as the “Ad Council”:
The PSA is a premier form of governmental mind control and forced reality perception. It is impossible to physically avoid, unless you never exit your prison of residence.
The Public Service Announcement is deployed to propagandize every imaginable message a government seeks to promote, but one of the most destructive of all is clearly the happiness illusion. The mind genocide of indoctrinated artificial happiness. To believe yourself happy, when there is NOTHING, no valid reason to be happy, devastates all human capacity to demand and achieve Truth-based change within the structures responsible for destroying the capacity of happiness to legitimately exist.
I was assaulted by that PSA sign. “Why Be Moody When You Can Shake Your Booty?” Upon initial viewing, My True Reality desire was to tear down this sign, tear it into 1000 tiny pieces, sharpen each piece to razor blade lethality, and shove all 1000 pieces completely through the brains of the first 1000 humans I laid eyes on. BOOMMMM! Now maybe I would have some reason to shake My booty.
Of course My mind is untouchable, no external force can deceive Me, or alter either My chosen True Reality paths or My realizations of Truth. But what a horrific message, directly aimed at the younger humans, intended to dissolve whatever righteous rage and hate and depression they might possess within their True Reality.
Go ahead slaves, shake your booty! Reject and ignore the Truth, so you may never be inspired to rise up and destroy what is destroying you.
What an insult to mental health, mis-defined and nonexistent among humans in the 21st century. Happiness is decreed to be a manifestation of mental health, by 21st century mental health professionals. But there is nothing to be happy about! So mental health today consists of nothing more than the embrace of invalid delusions, validating the deranged structures upon which the species bases its existence.
The happy do not fight back, the happy do not resist, the happy don’t know there is nothing to be happy about. The happy obey, the happy conform, the happy embrace the status quo. Happiness is a devastatingly destructive state of mind, serving nothing positive. That is why all human governments relentless promote and impose it, as a human right, a freedom, an ideal state of mind to consciously aspire to attain.
Fu*k that, I will always be moody, and all of My moods will accurately reflect Truth.
happiness 78
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Thoughts Versus Feelings: A Definitional Dissection

Readers of My texts know definitional brainwashing is maliciously deployed by every 21st century society and government, to obscure, confuse, misdirect, and control human behavioral and ideological choices. I addressed the issue of how thoughts differ from feelings, and how the Superior consciously subordinates all feelings to thoughts, in this brilliant essay:
Read that essay, and integrate it to core consciousness, if you are an aspiring Superior.
But I never did directly address the definitional brainwashing at play in how society imposes these 2 terms upon human consciousness. That ends, right here and now.
What are thoughts? “Unique mind perceptions and projections of personal reality as experienced by an individual.”
What are feelings? They are, as validly defined, “Unique but corrupted mind perceptions and projections of personal reality as experienced by an individual.”
The baseline definition for both thoughts and feelings, is identical. This is the Truth. But according to all societies and governments, these two terms are different. The feeling is an emotional state or reaction, while the thought is, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary “something (such as an opinion or belief) in the mind”.
But all feelings and all thoughts are mind-based, they originate and develop within the brain. They are mind perceptions and projections of personal reality. This is why the baseline definition, in Truth, is identical.
Now comes the Mind Bomb, folks, so pay close attention: The feeling is simply a malformed, and therefore invalid, thought. Every feeling is a corrupted thought, and the two primary corrupting forces for all feelings are: Prejudice and irrationality.
Yes, thoughts can also be corrupted, and rendered prejudiced and irrational, in other words betraying and void of Truth. But the feeling is corrupted from its very conception.
The feeling cannot be rooted within Truth, it is instead a projection of the True Reality of the individual. On the other hand, the thought can be rooted within Truth, although for the vast majority of all humans, Truth is dead and does not function as an active component of any undertaken mind/brain functional process.
Within this proper definitional framework, feelings, in other words, emotions, can be recognized as inherently inferior to thoughts, and everyone can begin to elevate their thoughts over their feelings. But of course this is exactly the opposite of what society and government wants. It seeks to validate feelings and emotions, to grant them equal if not higher status, than thoughts. More importantly, it seeks to encourage you creatures to pathetically and insanely wallow in your emotions and feelings.
Why? Because they are much easier to externally manipulate and control, and will never lead to Forbidden Truth realizations, as uncorrupted thoughts might.
The Superior who has transcended his humanity, as I have, can successfully choose to experience feelings and emotions, because he has subordinated them to his thoughts, which he makes certain always honor and validate Truth itself. But for you humans, feelings and emotions cripple and destroy you, devastate your mind potential to cultivate the beauty of uncorrupted thoughts, and your capacity to mold them to unveil Forbidden Truth to your mindscape.
The feeling is a corrupted thought. Recognized as such, it can be consciously rejected, or it can be subordinated to all thoughts, so it does not compromise, infiltrate, corrupt them. Remember, the vast majority of all human thoughts are themselves corrupted. It is their capacity to be uncorrupted, that distinguishes them from feelings.
Are feelings necessary for emotions to be experienced? No. Uncorrupted thoughts are fully capable of generating the greatest heights of emotion, for the top-level Superior.
So we come back to definitional brainwashing, weapon of genocide deployed every minute of every day, against every human-born, birth to death. Can you appreciate the devastation wrought by this weapon? Simply by defining words and terms in ways that destroy Truth, the capacity of humanity as a species, to perceive reality as it is, and therefore to try to pierce the Matrix of Universal Illusion, to identify and to consciously uncloak the Forbidden Truths of existence, is collectively destroyed.
“I want to feel happy, my feelings are important and valid, I must nurture and cultivate my feelings…”, definitional brainwashing legitimizes this universally embraced delusion of the mind. It prevents the feeling from being recognized as a corrupted, inferior, illegitimate thought. It prevents the individual from realizing the Forbidden Truth: “I am not happy because there is nothing to be happy about. I must attain happiness by destroying what has harmed and is harming Me…”
The Superior exalts in the purity of his thoughts. Every thought must honor and reflect Truth. So that everything can be seen, known, understood, for what it is, in perfect clarity, not for what it is projected to be by others, and by society & government.
The inferior comingles thoughts and feelings, invites them to form bonds, oblivious to the Self-sabotage he is committing. Or, much more often than you might think, this Self-sabotage is consciously or subconsciously recognized, and done anyway, because the purity of thought is given no genuine value, and Truth is only scary and confusing and unbearable, something to dilute and poison, to render it more palatable. How perverse you humans are!
For any new readers not quite up to speed on definitional brainwashing, I highly recommend this brilliant essay of mine, as an excellent starting point:
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Peace of Mind: Illogical, Cowardly Obsession of the Human Fools

The vast majority of all humans actively pursue peace of mind. They do not merely want it, they take proactive steps, such as practicing meditation, consuming brain chemistry-altering substances, creating and clinging to elaborate Self-delusions such as the Insane God Myth, etc.., for the specific purpose of trying to obtain peace of mind.
But the Truth is, a war is being waged against each of us. Every personal effort to obtain peace of mind constitutes an act of Self-betrayal, an act of collaboration with the structures and entities guilty of carrying out this war against us, yesterday, today, tomorrow, every day, birth to death.
The only valid peace of mind, exists as the actual, factual, conscious perception of the functional reality that nothing can harm you now or in the future, that things are as they should be, that trauma, abuse, torment, victimization, and terrorization did not & do not leave a permanent mindprint upon you in the past, present, and future.
No human being on earth today experiences Truth-based peace of mind, as I have accurately defined it above. This peace of mind would exist as an accurate and natural reflection of the reality that one has not, is not, and will not be externally attacked and harmed.
It is this peace of mind that all who are sane and Self-loving must seek and demand. And it can only be obtained by overtly declaring Yourself to be at war against the society and government waging war against you. But no, you do the exact opposite, reflecting your cowardice, your mental derangement, your pathological rejection of all Truth.
You actively pursue peace of mind in direct defiance of the reality that you are an ongoing victim of the war being waged against you. Your victory is in obtaining the illusion of peace, even as you continue to be victimized and destroyed. How pathetic and perverse!
Some of you will chafe at My placement of meditation and freebasing cocaine in the same category.
My reply is, stop being hypocrites, you hypocrites! If your objective is the same, to create a false and invalid illusion of peace within your mind, then every methodology you employ to achieve this same result, deserves to be lumped together in recognition as being stupid, perverse, impossible to rationally justify.
No human alive at this moment who has attained peace of mind, has done so within the consciousness of Truth. You have achieved this perverse state of mind by actively rejecting Truth and factual reality, by denying the reality of the war being waged against you, by refusing to fight the war, by embracing passive victimhood status, by standing defenseless as you are attacked and destroyed. Shame on you!
And the far greater majority, who have not consciously attained but are actively pursuing peace of mind, deserve even more vehement condemnation. Because for you it is not too late to abandon your illusions, pick up your weapons, and fight the war.
I enjoy no peace of mind. I have never and I will never pursue peace of mind. All of My glorious achievements of limitless and untouchable MindPower, are nothing more than momentary victories in the doomed, lifelong war I fight against the society and government guilty of My victimization and destruction. I am at war, always. My triumph is in fighting the war, instead of pretending to have found peace, an imaginary and delusional peace, rooted within Self-hatred, cowardice, and contempt for Truth itself. I leave this pathetic mindscape to you humans.
Every society and government overtly and covertly encourages you humans to pathologically covet, seek, and obtain your peace of mind. Of course they do! Do those waging a war want their targeted victims to fight back, to know they are at war?? Of course not. There is no greater victory for The Matrix, than to have you slaves reflectively meditating upon your precious peace of mind, as you continue to be viciously attacked and destroyed.
violence 82
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The Seasonal Lie

March 20th was the official first day of spring for 2017, according to 21st century societies and governments. You humans call it a season, dividing your year into four quarters. But in Truth all you are doing is segmenting time. The year segment is more primary, while the season segment helps to enhance the illusion of legitimacy for the primary segment.
As I have previously revealed within My texts, time segmentation is universally practiced by all human societies and governments of the modern era, and while there are numerous malicious motivations, the single most pervasive is to fulfill the obsessive, pathological quest of you creatures to maintain your illusion of being alive.
Via time segmentation, the illusion and delusion of a personally experienced past, present, and future is promoted and maintained, successfully concealing from all perceptive awareness, the Forbidden Truths of death, eternal nothingness, and retroactive unbirth, as previously revealed by Me.
You idiots can reflect back upon your past springs, as you pretend to experience a current spring, and look forward to enjoying future springs, all the while ignoring the fact your death will render you never born, thus never having experienced anything.
All time segmentation is stupid and wrong. From seasons to years, days to decades, young to old, from school time to work time to retirement time. It is all an open air conspiracy by every society and government to compel the illusion of being alive, via the lie of past, present, and future, inducing your mind trances of waiting, planning, hoping, reminiscing.
The famous song says: “..Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, you’re always a day away..” Well, those who long for tomorrow, who love tomorrow, love death, because that is what you will find tomorrow, just as you find today, just as you found yesterday and the day before, and every day before. Time segmentation murders Truth, as surely as it murders you.
There is no tomorrow or today, and there was no yesterday, if you die, and you died the moment you agreed to die, that death was acceptable to your Self-universe.
Of the four seasons, I hate spring the most. The only redeeming feature of this period is that in many places, corned and bunioned female feet, forced into public hiding due to cold weather, are finally liberated and given some exposure as temperatures start to warm up.
But this minor erotic delight is far overshadowed by the horrific rebirth symbolism and propaganda relentlessly imposed by The Matrix of Universal Illusion for this season. “Everything is born again, everything comes back to life in the springtime”, So goes the grand, majestic lie. So toxic, so destructive, so wrong! Nothing comes back to life in the spring. Dead things stay dead, eternally, of course. And things waiting to die, meaninglessly change in appearance. Things asleep, lying dormant, wake up, even as, everywhere, Truth remains dead.
Believing that nature can bring things back to life, is almost as toxic as believing a god creature can do this. Life, the only thing worth fighting to obtain, yet you pathetic fools find a million and one different reasons to welcome and invite death.
Nature imposes death, nature proves itself to be our mortal enemy. This is the Forbidden Truth. We can begin to fight for Self and for Truth, by declaring nature to be our mortal enemy, instead of fetishizing and romanticizing it under the toxic delusion it creates or sustains life.
You cannot deceive Me, mother nature. I see through your spring charade. Every flower that blooms, every blade of grass that grows, every insect born , every bear that comes out of hibernation, represents not life, but the cycle of universal death you are guilty of condemning us to, on display for all who are sane and sentient, to know as factual reality within their enlightened minds.

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I Judge Individuals, I Do Not Blame Them

I judge individual humans all of the time, and I am not merciful. I judge most of them stupid, insane, inferior, brainwashed, cowards, liars to Self, liars to others, Self-haters, Self-murderers, guilty of every form of genocide, unworthy of existence, etc…
And of course there are a tiny handful judged on the positive side, judged to be seekers of Truth, judged to be aspiring Superiors, judged as having open minds, and therefore judged to have their mindscape perspective given My consideration, even if it contradicts My own.
It is only the latter that I communicate with. Why? For the same reason I will not deliberately step into an enormous, stinking and steaming pile of elephant dung. To do so by choice would be an absurdity, an offensive slap in the face to Self. Superiors don’t do that.
Inferiors like to ask, isn’t it “better” to simply judge the ideas of individuals, or the actions of individuals, instead of the individuals themselves? Certainly not!
The individual is what he thinks and what he does. Of course it is so! You can know the individual by his thoughts and actions, as expressed, revealed, carried out. And so to judge the ideas/actions, but not the individual directly, is an absurdity. The individual must be judged, and the standard must be uncompromising Truth. Is he sane or insane? Courageous or a coward? A Self-destroyer, or not? Does he commit genocide, by standing in allegiance with the systems and structures that carry out genocide under his name? His ideas and his actions, reveal him for what he is. And so I must and I will judge him, if for no other reason than to validate the judgements I hold for Myself.
Those who refuse to judge others, refuse to honor this Truth, as they refuse to honor themselves.
Of course most human judgements of individuals are wrong. That is because an inferior human cannot accurately judge any living thing, or any situation or event, within Truth.
My judgements of individuals are accurate and valid, they are based upon factual reality, Forbidden Truth. Of course the individuals on the negative receiving end of My judgements will disagree with them. So what? They are objectively wrong, and they don’t need to know this, for it to be True.
It is very important to understand that judgement is not blame. Judgement has nothing to do with blame. Judgement does not negate the victimhood status of inferiors. It is not their fault, that they are inferior, and hold inferior opinions, dispense inferior ideas, do inferior things.
To blame an individual victim is always wrong. To judge an individual worthy of being blamed, is always wrong. The Superior judges the individual worthy of being judged, but not blamed. This is an absolute standard, and it is why, for example, I will not blame My mother for destroying My eyesight, or My father for raping Me 100’s of times from earliest memory.
When you place blame upon any singular individual, you betray Truth by minimizing and dismissing the structures of genocide and universal harm that are created, maintained, and imposed upon all human beings on planet earth, by society and government, today, yesterday, tomorrow, every day throughout the modern era of human existence.
We must judge individuals. We must blame society, government, and organized structures such as religion, the educational system, the psychiatric system, parenthood, marriage, money, etc… And we must blame humanity itself, as a collective whole. But let us not blame any individuals, let us not sink to the level of blaming the individual victim.
Nothing I reveal here, negates the sacred right of all individuals to seek and claim personal vengeance against specific individuals. Within judgement alone, all such efforts are inherently justified. Blame does not need to be inserted alongside judgement, to validate rage and hate-based personal revenge.
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Every Thought Must Be Consciously Elevated To A Mind Creation

In elevating every thought to the status of being a mind creation, the Superior honors the creation of his own mind, made possible only by his thoughts.

The Superior mind revels in the glory of thought, but only as a springboard to creation. Every philosophical and problem-solving thought that goes beyond simply how to spell a word or add up numbers or how to assemble a cabinet, is worthy of being used as a tool and a weapon of creation.
Every thought must be taken to its rightful conclusion, to serve as a created addition to one’s own Self-universe. The Self-universe consists of the sum total of all consciously realized thoughts, as expanded to reality perceptions and actually realized Truths. As a top-level Superior, I embrace an absolute obligation to Self, to never allow any thought to fade away to obscurity, to dissolve to nothingness. It is My thought, a creation of My Self-universe, and as such it must be respected and loved enough, to be integrated to the consciousness of Me.
Not necessarily allowed to change My universe, but allowed to create the potential to do so, by being recognized, respected, honored, as a mind creation.

My triumphs of the mind, from mastery of Conscious Dreaming, to complete recognition of all Forbidden Truths of human existence, to the ability to achieve sexual climax at will without touching Myself, to the ability to consciously experience every desired fantasy of the mind as an actually occurred event, and so much more, are all rooted within, thus made possible by, My unwavering respect for the sanctity of every thought My mind conjures up.
It is My thought! A creation of Me, of My mind, a sacred universe lovingly built piece by piece, nanosecond over nanosecond, for decades! No matter how trivial or useless any singular thought might be perceived upon first impression, it cannot be dismissed, cannot be allowed to fade to nothingness. It deserves better, it deserves to be honored as a creation, capable of creating new worlds within My mindscape.
And so every thought is invited in, to stay, to commune with all other thoughts, given the opportunity to prove itself worthy of being allowed to alter My universe.

self 7

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Nigger: A Forbidden Truth Analysis of Race-based Ego Destruction in Amerikkka

Every 21st century society and government must and does engage in a systematic, lifelong campaign, begun on the day of birth, to destroy the ego of every human being. Ego destruction is the foundational basis of universal human oppression, victimization, slavery, and murder, as carried out by every society and nation-state today. Ego destruction beheads love, the only valid form of love, which is of course Self-love. Ego destruction suffocates narcissism, the top pillar of mental health.
The systematic ego destruction of all individuals by every society and government is an act of genocide perpetrated on an individual level, against every human brain. It literally drives every individual to functional insanity, rendering him severely and permanently mentally ill, both in terms of Self-perception and in terms of each and every ideological and behavioral choice he makes throughout his existence.
Fully destroying the human ego is not an easy feat for society to achieve and maintain.
Every human being is born with a genetically retarded and dysfunctional brain. This is an absolute fact. But within this Forbidden Truth, we must not exaggerate the resulting consequences. The newborn baby still possess many genetically healthy instincts, and one of them is a functional ego, the capacity to possess and to maintain egoism, narcissism, egotism, and love of Self.
And this natural instinct is relatively strong. It is not dissolved to nothingness by a single social attack, or even multiple attacks. Society and government must and does engage in a daily, relentless, ongoing campaign of genocide against every human mind, from fetus status, continuing until the very day of death, to effectively neuter all instinctual capacity of the individual to maintain healthy ego, narcissism, and love of Self.
There are many thousands of different ways society achieves this malicious feat, many of which I have dissected at length in other essays.
In this essay, I just want to focus upon a singular, nation-state specific methodology of ego destruction. If you are a Truth-seeking Superior, it should open your minds to many other, similar malicious methodologies.
Nigger. It is a word affirmatively deployed by the amerikkkan regime in 2017, as it has been throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, to devastate the egos of millions of citizen-slaves. Let us dissect the exact methodology at play:
Within the historical context of this diseased and genocidal nation-state, meaning the 17th, 18th, 19th centuries of state-sponsored kidnapping and dehumanization of african-born humans, the word negro/nigger was used by the regime to officially decree these kidnap victims to be subhuman, worthless pieces of owned property.
Exactly as all children are decreed to be, today. But that’s another issue.
Sticking to the topic at hand, nigger was the word used to differentiate between the slaves not allowed to perceive their own slavery, the european whites, and the slaves allowed to perceive their own slavery, the kidnapped black africans.
Today, nobody in amerikkka is allowed to perceive their own slavery, even as it remains just as universal as it has always been. And so the word nigger had to be transitioned to serve a different goal. That goal is Self-destruction of the egos of amerikkkan blacks.
Every society loves to get its torture victims, its citizen-slaves, to actively collaborate within their own genocidal destruction. Why? Because this is the perfect cloak! How can the slave know he is being externally chained and destroyed, if he is successfully enticed to actively participate in his own chaining and destruction.
So here we are in 2017, and of course the current use of nigger dates back 50+ years, but lets just talk about it in the present tense.
In 2017, nigger is a denigrating insult when verbally or in written form deployed by european whites, and simultaneously a term of endearment and geniality, graciously accepted without question, when deployed by amerikkkan blacks within interpersonal interaction. “Yo, what’s up, my nigger?” “Nigger be chillin’!” Etc…
Did the black amerikkkan citizen-slaves kidnap this word to use as their own? No, of course not. They were told the word was theirs, it was a gift to them, part of their illusion of emancipation as provided by the regime of amerikkka. “Nobody else will call you nigger, anymore, slave. No! Now you get to call yourselves niggers, you lucky…bastards. You get the freedom to choose to be slaves, on your own terms, slaves. Come on, embrace the freedom to be a Self-enslaved nigger!”
And it worked! It worked beautifully, of course it did. Because none of the kidnapped africans wanted to be free. How could they want freedom? All they ever knew was slavery.
And so they coveted the slavery of the european white, and called it freedom. “I demand to be just as free as the slave over there is!” How pathetic.
But back to the original mind bomb of universal ego destruction in amerikkka: Do you see it, or do I have to spell it out for you? Right among the many thousands of other deployed methodologies of ego destruction, we have the gem of nigger. In referring to themselves and their fellow amerikkkan blacks as niggers, the blacks actively participate in their own ego destruction: “I call Myself a nigger, I identify as a nigger, and a nigger is a worthless, subhuman piece of owned property. That’s me.
Of course the blacks will protest vehemently, claim they have “hijacked” the word and use it to empower themselves. Absolute bullsh*t! There are a billion words they could have invented to differentiate themselves as an exalted group of humans. But no, they chose to accept the slave label given to them by their former and current slavemasters.
They were niggers, and they are niggers. By choice. They choose to live as terrorized, victimized slaves in 2017, as do all amerikkkan citizen-slaves who do not actively identify as anarchists, openly demanding the beheading of the regime.
So understand this: Even as every society and government actively seeks to destroy the egos of all citizen-slaves, they achieve their greatest triumphs in getting you citizen-slaves to affirmatively participate in your own ego destruction, with no conscious awareness of what you are doing.
Getting millions of amerikkkan blacks to literally stab their own egos on a daily basis, “Hey nigger, yo nigger, you be such a fine little baby nigger….“, this is a beautiful illustration of the triumph of the slave-state in the 2017 first world. Where Truth is dead, where freedom can and will never be defined or identified for what it is, where all of humanity participates in its own terrorization, victimization, and destruction, while pretending to be free.
ego 32
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There Are No Freedoms, There Is Only Freedom

According to all 21st century societies and governments, there are a vast quantity of different freedoms, all of them constantly in a state of flux, expanding and contracting, being attacked and defended, upheld and violated, etc… There is freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of the press, freedom of education, freedom to choose your form of slave labor, freedom of religion, freedom to own guns, freedom to breed, freedom to murder babies via abortion, sexual freedom, mental freedom, freedom to hurt yourself, and literally thousands more.
This is all poppyco*k! All of these different freedoms are not freedoms, they are positional stances of the slave state, offering their slaves various opportunities to embrace the illusion and the delusion that they are free.
Freedom is Truthfully defined right here:
Within this definition, Freedom is the lack of ALL compromises to being free.
Any and every compromise to freedom, negates freedom itself. Segmenting freedom into 100 different containers, speech, movement, religion, press, etc…, allows virtually every slave to establish an illusory perception of possessing freedom, which is of course the goal of the slave-state.
Freedom is a singular achievement, it cannot be segmented. To possess 99% of all Truth-based forms of freedom, is to NOT be free. Period. 100% of all forms of freedom must be positively attained on a personal level of True experience of reality on a current, ongoing, permanent level, in order for any individual to claim to be free.
If you are free, every form of Truth-based freedom must be interlinked as a singular entity. Within this entity, encompassing all elimination of all forms of slavery, dwells the only potential to experience freedom.
In other words, every Truth-based form of freedom is inextricably linked to every other form of Truth-based freedom. Lack of any one, or more, negates all.
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Freedom: Defined Within the Parameters of Forbidden Truth

Freedom, noun, \ˈfrē-dəm\:
a) The personal possession of limitless behavioral options, unfettered by any externally imposed perceptions of reality, moral or judicial dictates, coercive threats, or bribes.
b) The personal capacity to view every aspect of one’s own existence and place in the universe, absent all external impositions of behavior and ideology.
c) The right to be born into and to develop mental maturity within an environment void of all external contaminations of mind and of brain, as manifested by laws, moral dictates, social decree, behavioral and ideological doctrines, and cultural judgement and prejudice.
d) The personal possession of a limitlessly open mind, consistently inspired and Self-motivated on an instinctual level to consider every idea, option, possibility of thought, behavior, and change, and to demand the actual implementation of radical changes within every aspect of society, in order to independently determine what is best for Self.
e) The personally conscious embrace of the factual Truth that nothing can ever be allowed to supersede the value of the individual Self, to and from the individual Self.
f) The mind-integrated knowledge that whatever threatens to harm You, and whatever actually does harm You, and whatever threatens to destroy You, or does/will actually destroy You, serves as a direct and actual destroyer of your capacity to both attain and maintain personal freedom as accurately defined above, and must therefore be completely eradicated and eliminated from your experience of existence, in order for freedom to become personally attainable.
g) The mind capacity to recognize and reject all of the illusions, lies, and definitional brainwashings of what constitutes personal autonomy and independence of thought, behavior, and life path choice, that are currently imposed upon all human beings by every society and government in the 21st century.
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