February 2017

Envy and Jealousy: Brief But Brilliant Insights of Forbidden Truth

I received an email asking simply: “What do you think about envy?” Here is My reply, fleshed out just a little bit more for this larger audience:
The Superior knows he is intrinsically entitled to the best of everything, to gain and to experience every privilege he can imagine and desire. Within such a True Reality, there is no place for envy. To envy the perceived advantages of another human, is to fail to appreciate and know the glory of limitless Self-entitlement, on a conscious level.
How can you be jealous of what you think another human might have? It is an inferior path, a betrayal of Self-focus upon the Self-universe within which the Superior has already deduced, already analyzed for many thousands of hours, over and over, the limitless nirvanas denied him by society, by humanity, as a whole.
Nobody is lucky, nobody is advantaged, nobody has earned even the slightest bit of your envy. This is the horrific, True state of human existence, of universal oppression and victimization, of your ongoing, real-time 21st century life path.
Envy and jealousy are mentally ill, profoundly dysfunctional states of mind, the warping of reality and of Truth. Envy and jealousy are relentlessly promoted, both covertly and overtly, by every society and government, because to be envious of another human requires the overt rejection and denial of Forbidden Truth. How can you fight for Yourself, how can you demand justice for Yourself, if you believe some other human, enslaved, victimized, terrorized, and doomed to be destroyed, enjoys an existence worthy of being coveted and sought by you??
The caste system, overtly installed and maintained by every 21st century society and government, is nothing more than an elaborate cloaking mechanism, one of the foundational deceptions by which the universal suffering and oppression of all, is concealed from your conscious awareness.
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Uncensored Beheading Video: Jurgen Kantner Beheaded by Abu Sayyaf god Freaks

Watch out ISIS, a new contender has stepped into the gory islamist beheading ring. I speak of Abu Sayyaf over in The Philippines, who decided to liven up an otherwise dull Monday by releasing a beheading video. The production values are not quite as high, and it looks like the dam* cameraman accidentally, or maybe even purposefully, put his finger on the lens at a crucial moment, but still, the lack of editing actually makes this beheading video more graphic than those done by ISIS last year.
Our harvestee is 70 year old Jurgen Kantner, citizen-slave of germany. And as is the case with all beheadings of westerners, the western media is imposing 100% blackout censorship. I cannot find a single western media source, and there are many thousands of them, who will even provide a direct link to view this uncensored beheading video, much less posting it within their own website.
You see here that it makes no difference who the president is, every regime maintains terrorist control over its media.
Media is forced to serve and obey government, and all conflict between media and government, as we have seen in recent weeks with Donald Trump, is soap opera theatrics, part of the citizen-slave brainwashing and propaganda process.
It boggles the mind of the sane, how you pathetic slaves sit by silently as the media tells you that a terrible thing happened, tells you that it was recorded on video, describes the video to you, then refuses to allow you to see the video, refuses to tell you where you can go to watch the video, then tells you how lucky you are to live in a country that provides you with freedom, personal freedom and freedom of the press. And you just nod in agreement. Pathetic!
It is with great pride that I provide this direct link to the uncensored video. government censorship murders and destroys Truth, while I bring Truth to…life. No pun intended.
Only citizen-slaves over the legal age of adulthood, as decreed by their slavemasters, may click on this link to view the complete, uncensored beheading video here:
You’re welcome.
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What If The Forbidden Truth Texts Had Been Presented As A Religion?

The Church of Forbidden Truth and The Forbidden Truth Bible?? Let us do a Mind Wide Open speculative analysis:

Just about 28 years ago, I began to publicly disseminate Forbidden Truth. And just about 18 years ago, I first began considering the creation of a seminal, historically unique text, which would bind together all of the thousands of different Forbidden Truths into a single document, The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth.

Of course I gave a great deal of thoughtful, careful consideration to exactly how to structure, organize, and present this seminal text to the universe. For at least six months of time, before I wrote a single word for the Manifesto, I weighed many different options, scenarios, and text structures. At every stage of this process, My focus was consistently the same: How to best honor, glorify, and sanctify both Myself, and the Truth.
At no time was I primarily focused on how to gain human supporters, or how to best convince any humans to accept or embrace any, much less all, of the Forbidden Truths.

It was 100% clear to Me that humanity as a whole, meaning the vast majority of all humans, was certain to reject the vast majority of all Forbidden Truths, no matter how they were presented. Therefore, any attempt to cater, pander, convince, or appeal to humanity to embrace Forbidden Truth, was both a tactical and an ideological stupidity. And The Seer does not do stupid things.

Still, one of the many options I considered, not for the purpose of trying to make Forbidden Truth more appealing to humans, but simply as one of many viable structural formats, was to present The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth as a religious text, a text of orders/commandments given to humanity by an omnipotent, supernatural force, and to pronounce Myself to be either this omnipotent, supernatural entity, or to pronounce Myself to be jesus christ returned from the dead to deliver these new orders to humanity, or to present Myself as a direct emissary and messenger of god, but not the god of christianity or any other previously known religion, but a brand new god creature never before mentioned in any existing historical human texts.
I gave all three of these options deliberate consideration, but the amount of time spent was relatively brief. And of course, as you know by now, I rejected all three options. I rejected them because they compromised and violated Truth. They would have soiled and tainted everything I wrote, every Forbidden Truth would have rested on a foundational house of cards. I could not, I would not, betray Myself, disrespect Myself and the sanctity of Truth, in such a perverse way.
But let it be clear, I understood and realized that choosing one of these three options would provide Me with unique and valuable tactical advantages. I knew then, as I know now, humanity would remain until species extinction, hopelessly addicted to the Insane God Myth.

As a student of Anton Szandor LaVey and The Satanic Bible I understood the enormous tactical advantage I could seize, in presenting Myself as a god, or as a direct emissary of a god, a god I could mold within the glorious image of Forbidden Truth, to terrorize and to reward all humans, based upon their obedience, harnessing My hypnotic, magnetic personality to embody a new god to draw in addicted god freaks from all existing religions, and manipulate their minds to become fervent devotees to all Forbidden Truth doctrine and decree.

Would it have worked? Yes, of course. But only to a limited degree. Forbidden Truth would still have terrified and repelled the vast majority. But still, many thousands would have been seduced, not by the Truth itself, but by the mythology of My mind-created god creature. Because you can believe Me, I know how to exploit and captivate the inferior human mind. I know the power of My own mind. Even 18 years ago, it was immense.

How many thousands would have been drawn into My web? Ten thousand? Fifty thousand?? More??? I can only speculate, but 10,000-25,000 genuine disciples seems like a reasonable number. Fifty thousand?? Probably not. Forbidden Truth would still have been too alien for so many to grasp onto.

As we all know, I chose the path of absolute and only Truth, the path hated by you pathetic hypocrites. And so here we are, 15+ years after I published The Manifesto, and I have approximately 20-40 genuinely sincere devotees, instead of the 10,000-25,000 I would have had had I presented Forbidden Truth as a religion. That’s a BIG difference, folks!
Speculating further on the path not taken, I want to make it perfectly clear that even if Forbidden Truth would have attained these 10,000-25,000 fervent religious disciples, they would NOT have succeeded in altering the Matrix of Universal Illusion under which all 21st century societies and governments operate. No structural systems would have been brought down.None of the Forbidden Truths would have been embraced or accepted by humanity. They would be better known, yes. But the universal rejection would be identical to now.
For Me personally, things would be very different. Right now, 15+ years after “The Forbidden Truth Bible” was presented to the universe, the odds are very high I would already have been either assassinated by the government, or jailed for life as an “infamous cult leader”. The regime could not and would not have allowed Me to amass even 10,000 devotees of the Forbidden Truth Religion. The conspiracy of silence and shunning works well for the regime with Me only having 20-40 devotees, but 10,000 would have posed an existential threat requiring them to actively and overtly take Me out of the picture, despite the risk that doing so could have led to increasing publicity and fame for Me, and therefore, in theory, an increase in the number of religious devotees to My Manifesto.

This is the power of religion, it allows anyone willing to lie, with a strong enough personality, to assemble a cult of brainwashed inferiors ready and willing to act on his commands, including to kill and to die based upon orders from the imaginary god creature. It works for christianity and islam, and it would have worked for the Forbidden Truth Religion, only on a much smaller scale, of course.

In the end, the Forbidden Truth cultists would not have changed the world in any way. They would have been demonized by society and government, massacred in an orchestrated war ritual like the Koresh followers, and/or rounded up and reprogrammed back to the mainstream cults of christianity and money worship and Sacred Family Unit slavery and all that other perverse nonsense.
Still, it would have been a hell of an interesting ride for Me.

Do I regret My decision, in hindsight? Of course not! The purity of Truth and the untouchability of Me reigns supreme at this moment, thanks to the unwavering devotion to Truth I have consistently demonstrated throughout My existence, in all life path choices I have made. I am so proud of what I stand for, so proud that nobody can ever or will ever be able to point out a lie, a deception, in any ideological or philosophical aspect of any of My Forbidden Truth texts.

Still, it is a mellow mind-meld, to consider what might have been. How much havoc could have been wreaked. Would I have made it to the national stage, live interviews on CNN, before the regime took Me out? Maybe.
Tonight, for my Conscious Dream, I think I will create an elaborate plot based upon Me going back in time and choosing to present Forbidden Truth as a religion, and playing out the scenario exactly as I would have most liked it to go… Within realistic limits, of course. I will not play it as the societal embrace of Forbidden Truth winning out in the end.

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Leslie Van Houten, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Susan Atkins. Thank you for standing up, ladies!

More G-rated Female Foot Pain Pornography, Amputee Twist


Crippled Beauty Abandoned At The Beach

Part one:
(Internal monologue:) I can’t believe he just left me here and drove off! He spend 2 years winning my trust, just to get me to go out with him in public dressed like this, and then he just laughs in my face and leaves, knowing how helpless I am?! Goddamn bastard!
Never trust anybody, Katie, never, unless you are paying them money to help you. I’ve always lived my life embracing this truth, until he came along… How could I have been so stupid!!?
Okay Katie, calm down and think…It’s at least four more miles to the apartment, I’ve managed to hobble, what…maybe half a mile so far. I can’t do four more miles, I just can’t…My foot stumps have already blistered badly, I can feel the blisters are almost about to break open. The worst thing is I can’t even try to adjust these damn boots, the bastard double-knotted them, knowing I can’t untie these laces with my arm stumps!
I just need help to get back to my apartment, I can call Janine from there, to come over and take off these torture boots and clean out my blisters, but who do I ask for help?? Everyone here is a stranger. These people won’t even look me in the eye, all they see is a deformed cripple…god, I’m gonna burst into tears any minute, the pain from these blisters and the embarrassment of this situation is just overwhelming me…
Part two:
Frank casually strolled onto the boardwalk. He hated being out among the humans, but his Female Foot Pain fetish needed some new stimulation. The beach was less inviting than the busy concrete jungle of downtown, filled with elegantly dressed women trapped in torturous dress shoes, but variety was the spice of life, and besides, traffic was too bad to justify the long drive.
While not nearly as treasure-filled for foot pain views, the beach still offered enticing possibilities, sore footed gals gingerly hobbling on the hot sand, exposing their inflamed bunions and prominent corns… Glancing around carefully, Frank could see, just within his outer field of vision, an extremely short, beautiful young woman standing by one of the boardwalk art pieces. People sometimes used these art pieces as makeshift seating.
Frank turned and slowly started walking towards this mysterious, unexpected sighting. He could not help gasping aloud as his mysterious target came into full view. She was not extremely short, but a double BTK, Below-The-Knee amputee! And could it be, she also had no arms! Only cute flaps of skin ending just before the elbow should have begun!!
Frank pinched himself, hard, trying to force himself to awaken. He was such an expert at Conscious Dreaming, he just had to make sure this was not an unrealized Conscious Dream. Ouch, that pinch hurt, and the command to awaken did not work. This was reality, an unbelievable stroke of fortune!
Frank slowed his gait down even more. There was no way this beautiful quadruple amputee could be here at the beach alone. No way. Parents, girlfriends, boyfriend, there had to be other humans with her.
Frank scanned the area, but everyone in sight was busy deliberately ignoring the singular target of all his attention. Frank knew the drill, this beautiful girl was their Elephant Man, a monster, a freak of nature to be shunned, covert glances and stares, but no contact, no acknowledgement of her uniquely shaped universe, it was too alien and terrifying for the humans.
Frank knew exactly and completely what it was like to be frankenstein’s monster. His freak and monster status was not quite so visible on the outside, but on the inside it far surpassed Katie, and as he slowly drew closer, continuing to scan for her vampiric familiars, he was drawn in, like a moth to a flame.
Part three:
Katie felt her despair beginning to overwhelm her. She had to do something, she couldn’t just keep leaning against this damn green piece of ugly art, trying to keep as much weight as possible off her left foot stump. The blisters were really bad on this stump, and the hard leather of her custom-made boots unmercifully pressed on them, and on the rock-hard corns that had formed years ago in response to the unnatural pressure Katie placed on her stumps with every step she took.
It was hot, and she was so thirsty, but most of all she was tortured by her helplessness, and her invisibility. Most of the time Katie liked being ignored by the humans, but as the throngs passed by, staring but refusing to make contact, Katie’s despair grew ever more desperate. Bicyclers and skateboarders whizzed by, taunting her with their mobility. Only four miles to the apartment, but it felt as far away as the moon to Katie, and the terrain just as impossible to navigate.
She saw him approaching slowly and cautiously, and waited for him to begin his turn, just like all the others, passing her by with at least six feet of space, as though she had a contagious disease. But no, he slowed down even more, and came directly to Katie, side-by-side, but stopping at a slightly-too-far for comfortable conversation distance. Katie peered up at Frank, he was tall and strong, but his bearing was not normal, she could immediately see he was different. And difference is scary, Katie knew this more than most anyone else, and so could not help but be frightened.
Beautiful day to be at the beach..“, said Frank, and smiled at Katie in his less-than-human way. “Yes, it is…” answered Katie, but her voice was void of happiness, a deep and raspy croak. Something was wrong, Frank immediately knew. He drew closer, looking Katie in the face, trying to see her eyes, but she wore dark sunglasses, and he could only identify sadness and some fear.
“I just want to say, thank you for showing the world what beauty really is. Thank you for being out here, today. I see your perfection. Do you see it?”
Katie heard the words but could not process them. So unexpected, even from the longest of familiars. But from a complete stranger, impossible to process, to believe. He was mocking her. One human finally stopped, and it was just to mock her! “Fuck off, you crazy freak! Just leave me alone!!”, she yelled at the top of her lungs.
Frank froze, his face changing, as he realized his mistake. Humans hated the Truth, how could he have forgotten this. Silent stalking was the only way. He pursed his lips and shook his fingers as his arms dangled at his sides. Shrugging and ruefully smiling, he turned to walk away.
And in the three seconds before Frank turned, after her scream of rage and frustration, Katie realized something terrible: She had hurt him. She could see it in his face, in his lips, in his fluttering fingers, in his body as he turned to leave her alone forever. She had hurt him, the one who stopped, the one who looked, the one who spoke, the one who said what she could not believe.
He was already walking away, taking his third long stride away from her, before Katie could find her voice, “Stop! I’m so sorry…” And Frank stopped, but he did not turn, and did not come back to Katie. “Come back…?” Still Frank stood unturned, and so Katie propelled herself forward, hobbling towards him on her agonized stumps until she faced him, and could look up, directly into his eyes. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, I was just…so confused…”
And Frank knew Katie was expressing her True Reality, as best she could. “It’s okay, I know you were confused. But I just wanted to say, thank you for showing the world what beauty really is. Thank you for being out here, today. I see your perfection. Do you see it?” It was the exact same words, exactly repeated. Katie heard them again, and somehow knew they were exactly the same. “That’s….exactly what you said before, isn’t it??” 
“Yes, the Truth deserves to be repeated, exactly as it is, over and over.” Katie reached with her arm stump to clumsily remove her dark sunglasses, and peered intensely into Frank’s eyes: “That is not the truth, I don’t believe it…” And Frank returned the intense glare: “I’m sorry you do not know the Truth. If you knew it, you would not have to try to believe it.
They were standing in the middle of the boardwalk now, people passing by in all directions, and Katie suddenly felt all the agonies of the day overwhelm her. She turned to try to make her way back to her green egg art sanctuary, only to come down heavily and awkwardly on her poor left foot stump. Blood engorged blisters howled in protest, and Katie gasped, dropping her sunglasses, and nearly falling to the ground.
Frank reached his arm out to her arm stump and gently steadied her, as Katie grimaced in agony, keeping her left foot stump raised. “You need to sit down“, Frank said, as he gestured back towards the green egg art. “Maybe on top, I’m not sure if it’ll be comfortable to sit on…” Katie limping badly, they made their way back to the green egg, and Frank lifted Katie up onto the egg.
Are you here alone?“, Frank asked. Katie could feel tears welling in her eyes. “I’m sorry, could you please get me my sunglasses, I dropped them over there”… Frank did, placing them directly on Katie’s face. “My…boyfriend bought me here, he told me it would be great to spend the whole day together with me, but he just did it because he wanted to break up with me and make me suffer by abandoning me and leaving me helpless. Now I’m stranded here, I managed to walk half a mile mile towards my apartment, but it’s still four miles away and I don’t think I can walk anymore…
Tears were streaming down Katie’s face now, but Frank’s words were somber and dispassionate: “You’ve always been alone Katie, just like I’ve always been alone. We are all, always alone. That’s the Truth, we need to develop our minds so that we can always thrive in isolation. If not physically, then at least mentally.”
Katie tried to process this philosophical advice over the fog of her incessantly throbbing foot stumps.
I’m Katie. You’re probably right, and I really want to learn more from you, but….right now, I know it’s a lot to ask….but I have to get home and take care of my poor stumps. Is there any way you could help me to the curb and get me a taxi. I don’t have any money with me, but I have it in my apartment, we can go together and I’ll pay you right back…
“My name is Frank”, Frank replied, “And we can do a lot better than that. I’ll give you a lift to your apartment in my car, and I’ll carry you all the way to the car and then all the way inside your apartment. You can’t walk on those poor feet anymore. They are your feet, your uniquely beautiful feet, they are not stumps. And, if you let me, I will gently and carefully take off your boots and minister to your beautiful feet, cleaning and dressing every throbbing blister and your exquisitely sensitive corns. You see, I am an amateur podiatrist. I love taking care of agonized female feet, and your unique feet will be the most perfectly beautiful I have ever had the privilege to minister to.”
Katie tried to soak in the meaning of the words she never could have imagined ever hearing spoken to her. It felt like a dream, and she pinched herself, just to make sure she was not dreaming. Frank noticed the discreet pinch, and chuckled in satisfied irony.
“So….I guess maybe you are crazy and a freak…but not in a bad way, I hope…???” Katie could not stop her thought from being spoken out loud, then glanced at Frank in fear and apology. Before she could voice her regret, Frank reached down to her left foot and carefully began untying the knotted bootlace. Once unknotted, he began slowly removing the long lace from each eyelet, being careful not to press on any part of her still hidden foot. “I’m going to take the laces completely out, so your boot can be more easily pulled off. I know the moment of removal is usually the most painful of all, but this way it will hurt a lot less. I’m crazy enough to love your deformed and agonized feet, but sane enough to never love you. And I can teach you to try to love yourself, so you can always give yourself everything you need and want and deserve.
The laces were out, and Frank looked at Katie, “The moment of Truth…Can I take them off??” Katie nodded solemnly, steeling herself as she reached out to tightly grip Frank’s hand. Slowly and gingerly, eyes and mind wide open, Frank pulled the left boot off. Pain exploded within Katie as swollen, engorged, and open bleeding blisters, and throbbing, pulsating corns were freed from their torture chamber. She cried out in pain, and Frank cried out too, as he sexually and mentally climaxed.
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The Social Contract: Incinerating Every Human Being From The Inside Out

Everyone who possesses the consciousness to exist on this date, February 26, 2017, as a citizen, a voter, a member of the community, a obeyer of law, an employee, a taxpayer, a member of a family unit, a believer in god or an afterlife, has signed away their very existence via a social contract, signed in blood, sealed within mind tomb.
The social contract is the uniquely evolving agreement between the destroyed human-born, and the Matrix of Universal Illusion, guilty of his past, present, future, and eternal destruction. The social contact is promoted via relentless brainwashing and indoctrination, but enforced via the actual commission of genocide, mass murder, and every imaginable torture, by the Matrix, deploying the force of those it has already destroyed, those who are signed onto the social contract.
Am I guilty of signing the social contract? As of this moment, the answer is Yes. I cannot and I will not deny any Truth, as it exists within My Self-universe.
My sense of shame at being signed into the social contract, is far surpassed by My full-throated and full-minded rage at the success of the Matrix in terrorizing and imposing its genocidal harm even upon those who have rejected and transcended their humanity. It does not matter that My signature is less solidified than your signature, human. I will not trumpet My ego within false triumph, even as I glorify it within Myself.
The social contract can be incinerated by choice of mind, by each of you, at any moment in time. The issue at hand is only how many tentacles must be severed in order for the incineration to occur. For you there are many tentacles, human. For Me there are few tentacles. This is a fact, but it is nothing to celebrate, only a valuable fact to know.
The consequences of incinerating the social contract are to be harmed and destroyed more easily by the Matrix, but also to gain a better opportunity to harm the Matrix. Not to destroy it, for that is beyond the individual.
How many of you have read the social contract to which you have affixed your blood signature? How many of you know the agreements you have made?? I can tell you exactly and fully, but it is not necessary, because the sum total of My Forbidden Truth texts illuminates the depth of this horror, for all who deem it important enough to seek and discover.
Therefore, in lieu, just a few examples:
In exchange for submitting to the genocidal injustice of judicial law, you are protected from being murdered by select individuals, for the specific purpose of being murdered by the nation-state to which you exist as a citizen-slave.
In exchange for the peace of mind of an imaginary and non-existent afterlife, you agree to die, to be deprived of the eternal existence of technological immortality, that would allow you to be born and to gain an existence that you have never had and are currently pretending to possess.
In exchange for the reward of receiving worthless pieces of paper imprinted by terrorists with imaginary numerical figures of value, that you are compelled to use to maintain your illusion of being alive and free, you are concurrently compelled to perform slave labor and to serve the nation-state as a producer and consumer of its toxic excreta.
In exchange for the lie that others care about and love you, you are stripped of the psychological sanity and strength to develop and possess love of Self and an untouchable ego.
In exchange for the right to know and to thrive within Truth, you are graced with the universal fog of illusion, delusion, deception, propaganda, brainwashing, and indoctrination, relentless imposed upon you at every moment in time, so that nothing can ever be seen, known, understood, for what it is, for what it does to you, for what it does to the internal and external universes of Self-awareness, Self-being. Self-consciousness.
All who are signed into the social contract actively participate in their own destruction. This Forbidden Truth must be completely integrated to core consciousness, free of all rationalization and distinction. So yes, I am just as guilty of this crime against the Self as you humans. I know this to be so, and take no comfort in My profound distinctions as a Superior, in regard to this specific Truth.
The social contract is an all-or-nothing document. It cannot be selectively unsigned on specific articles. It cannot be partially incinerated. It cannot be 99% destroyed. If it is 99% destroyed, it is still destroying you, and you are participating in the destruction of Yourself.
The fact you might be destroyed far more rapidly by society and government if you incinerate the social contract, is a simple fact. Facts do not alter other facts. Facts, as Truths, stand alone within themselves.
Doomed to destruction one way, and the other way, every path hopeless. The chosen fate of humanity.
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Why I Will Always Support Open and Public Online Harassment

I am a victim of online harassment, and so the dull, unenlightened mind might assume I would oppose it, but I certainly do not. As an untouchable Superior, all attacks against and upon Me on a personal level are harmlessly absorbed within the glory of supreme ego, and turned around to nurture and uplift every aspect of My Self-perceptive universe.
All online open and public harassment should be 100% legal, and overtly supported, by all who are sane and seek Truth. Let us understand how the Matrix of Universal Illusion delivers its endless parade of propaganda brainwashing and indoctrination: It is done via control of voices. The Matrix chooses exactly and specifically which voices are amplified, and which are silenced.
Television, radio, newspapers, and magazines have always and continue today, to give the Matrix absolute control over who has a voice, how loud, meaning popular, the voice is allowed to become, and who is completely silenced and shut out.
Editorial and opinion “pages” or commentaries only worsen this perverse reality of universal censorship, as the Matrix selects and controls exactly which alternative perspectives it allows to be entered into the consciousness of the Unwashed Masses.
Only online, and only via online harassment, very specifically, can Forbidden Truth gain access to the empowered agents of the Matrix of Universal Illusion. Only via online harassment, can Truth actually be spoken to power.
The Matrix condemns online harassment, terminating the accounts of online harassers, even as it imposes the greatest of all forms of harassment, providing political, religious, and selectively handpicked social leaders with clean platforms upon which to terrorize, brainwash, and indoctrinate humanity itself, as a collective whole, from the most vulnerable child-mind on up.
This is the True face of online harassment, the face none of you are allowed to perceive.
An online forum such as twitter, claims it is important to protect users from online harassment. Yet it provides users whose doctrine society and government approves of, with unlimited capacity to impose this doctrine upon all who exist as brainwashed disciples. To harass all, with impunity.
Then, when and if a singular individual dares to step up and overtly challenge the messenger and the message, he is condemned as guilty of harassment, most especially if he does so at the timeline of his target, rather than his own timeline. Obviously the only appropriate venue is the target timeline, where millions are being harassed by the societal agent, instead of at his own timeline, where media control dictates he has only a tiny fraction of audience.
Always I will proudly support all online harassment, until the True nature of this harassment is exposed for all to know: The universal harassment that is inflicted by the empowered political, social, cultural, and media agents of the Matrix.
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The Right Story, At The Right Time

I will always enjoy creating fictional stories. Because they have always been, will always be, perfect reflections of My evolving and dynamic Self-universe, at a specific moment in time.
But when it comes to savoring the fictional stories others create, My passion has ebbed. I have moved beyond the need to commune with the minds of others, most especially when such communion simply revolves around their reality perceptions, which is what the fictional story is.
The developing mind needs external stimulation, finds it genuinely useful. The developed mind of a top-level Superior, not really. Such a mind creates for itself all it needs, such a mind perceives the external universe with such depth and clarity, that every fictional story not Self-generated rings hollow and one-dimensional.
This does not diminish the legitimacy of the past. Always I will hold a hallowed spot within My mind for the fictional text stories which shaped and guided My Self-universe development.
At age eight, the infinite potential of My mind universe was ignited by the fictional story “The Lesson Of The Moth”, by Don Marquis::

the lesson of the moth

i was talking to a moth
the other evening
he was trying to break into
an electric light bulb
and fry himself on the wires
why do you fellows
pull this stunt i asked him
because it is the conventional
thing for moths or why
if that had been an uncovered
candle instead of an electric
light bulb you would
now be a small unsightly cinder
have you no sense
plenty of it he answered
but at times we get tired
of using it
we get bored with the routine
and crave beauty
and excitement
fire is beautiful
and we know that if we get
too close it will kill us
but what does that matter
it is better to be happy
for a moment
and be burned up with beauty
than to live a long time
and be bored all the while
so we wad all our life up
into one little roll
and then we shoot the roll
that is what life is for
it is better to be a part of beauty
for one instant and then cease to
exist than to exist forever
and never be a part of beauty
our attitude toward life
is come easy go easy
we are like human beings
used to be before they became
too civilized to enjoy themselves
and before i could argue him
out of his philosophy
he went and immolated himself
on a patent cigar lighter
i do not agree with him
myself i would rather have
half the happiness and twice
the longevity
but at the same time i wish
there was something i wanted
as badly as he wanted to fry himself

Then at age ten, “Frankenstein”, by Mary Shelley:
Then, at age 11, Moby-Dick by Herman Melville:
Then at age 13, The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe:
Thank you, fellow victims of mind-bleed, for feeding Me when I was mind-hungry, and for inspiring Me to seize the glory of feeding Myself.
“All that most maddens and torments; all that stirs up the lees of things; all truth with malice in it; all that cracks the sinews and cakes the brain; all the subtle demonisms of life and thought; all evil, to crazy Ahab, were visibly personified, and made practically assailable in Moby Dick. He piled upon the whale’s white hump the sum of all the general rage and hate felt by his whole race from Adam down; and then, as if his chest had been a mortar, he burst his hot heart’s shell upon it.”—-Herman Melville, Moby-Dick.
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Five Favorite Psychological State of Mind Quotes From Outlaw Murderers

Listed in no particular order, because all are True and uplift the Self:
“Society had its chance, I’m going hunting, hunting humans.”—James Oliver Huberty
“I’d have killed a thousand if I had enough bullets.”——Howard Unruh
“I see myself more as a victim rather than a perpetrator. I was cheated out of my childhood.”—-John Wayne Gacy
“The whole thing – the cries, the blood, the agony – gave me relaxation and a certain pleasure. What I did was not for sexual pleasure. Rather it brought me some peace of mind.”—-Andrei Chikatilo
“You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You’re looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!”—-Ted Bundy
Rage, hate, suffering, victimization, experienced and reflected, with courageous honesty. Facing Yourself as you are, there is tremendous honor within this path, there is clarity of Self, Truth and True Reality integrated to consciousness in a way humans almost never achieve.
Let us thank all who stand up!
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Howard Unruh, Trailblazing Pioneer of Modern Era amerikkkan Mass Murder Movement.


Howard Unruh, Torture Victim and Pioneer Outlaw Mass Murderer, Interrogated By amerikkkan Prosecutor/Persecutor, September 7, 1949.

Eight Ways To Force Humanity To Embrace & Adopt The Forbidden Truths

Take careful note of My use of the term “force”. Let it be clearly understood, humanity can NEVER be benignly persuaded to embrace any, much less all, of the Forbidden Truths. Overt and punitive force is the only conceivable way for the progressive brilliance of Truth to gain any leverage among the Unwashed Masses.
I have already mentioned and discussed most of these eight methodologies in past essays. This text brings all the brilliance together in a singular Mind Bomb, and also provides more in-depth details on how the methods could achieve the desired result.
A final, very important caveat: None of these potentially viable solutions to the human problem of universal Truth rejection, mitigates or even addresses the fact that the human brain is utterly diseased and deformed on a genetic level. Therefore the odds of achieving a successful transformation of mind from hater and pathological denier of Truth, to embracer, even by force, will always be microscopically low.
All that understood, lets dive right into the universe of possibility:
1: The Sterility Virus: One of My most uniquely brilliant methods of forcing human change, at least regarding the Forbidden Truths of death. If a virus could be developed to render ALL of humanity absolutely unable to procreate, and unleashed upon all of humanity, the latent and dormant species survival instinct of the species, viciously compromised via Self-hate and suicidal ideation, could be reawakened to the degree necessary to compel the species to sincerely pursue and make viable, technological immortality as I have outlined it within My texts.
2: Extreme Minority Rule: The majority of humans will always be Truth-hating cripples. If the tiny majority who are not, meaning less than 1 out of 500,000 humans, were somehow able to attain absolute domination and political/social control over the majority, and were willing to deploy genocidal violence against them, they could terrorize and compel the majority to embrace the Forbidden Truths, under direct threat of extreme torture and torment.
3: Positioning Forbidden Truth as a Religion: One of the brilliant ideas I considered approximately 18 years ago, just before I began working on the Main Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, was to declare Myself either god, or a direct emissary from god, in all of the Texts I wrote. I knew, with 100% certainty, that such positioning would result in MANY thousands of loyal disciples flocking to the Forbidden Truths.
But I could not do it. I have always had too much respect for Myself and for the Truth, to contaminate brilliance with perverse human frailty and dysfunction. Besides which, My goal has NEVER been to gain ANYTHING from My mortal enemy, the human species.
Still, the fact remains: 18 years later, honoring ALL Truth, I have maybe 40 sincere disciples. Had I deployed this ONE deception, I would have at least 40,000 now.
4: Extraterrestrial Intervention: A species with far superior might and weaponry, could invade planet earth, establish dominance, imposing mind control over the entire human population, and compelling obedience to and acceptance of the Forbidden Truths.
5: The Lie Virus: A worldwide virus could be scientifically developed that would make it impossible for any human mind to fall prey to Self-deception, Self-delusion, or Self-illusion. The virus would have to be able to organically “know” the Truth, and “read” the minds of all human beings, so it would have to be highly advanced and unlike any currently existing virus. It would have to cause extreme physical pain, torment, or death, to everyone who rejected the Forbidden Truths.
6: Selective Breeding/Eugenics: If ONLY the tiny handful of Superiors who know and embrace Forbidden Truth were able to breed, the overall mental sanity level of the species could be increased enough, to compel acceptance of the Forbidden Truths.
7: The Absolute Power of One: If a singular human individual, a Superior who knows and embraces all Truth, were able to attain absolute and unchallengeable control, domination, and rulership over all of humanity, he could compel obedience and acceptance of all Forbidden Truth.
This method would require the development of a uniquely powerful weapon capable of causing limitless destruction pain, death, by the supreme ruler.
8: The Universal Memory Loss Virus: Human memory is at the heart of the human problem. Every existence consists of the imprint of limitless trauma, abuse, victimization, destroying the human capacity to thrive within Truth. If all human memory capacity were destroyed, the potential exists for a forward movement to develop unimpeded by the toxic death grip of the past.
There you have it, folks, eight different solutions to the greatest human problem. None of which will ever become a reality, thanks to your pathetic inferiority as a species.
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Afterlife Mythology: Worse Than The Insane God Myth

Religion and the Insane God Myth is a devastatingly effective terrorist weapon of government, deployed to cause universal, genocidal harm against all human beings trapped upon this planet. In no way should we ever minimize the horrific havoc and destruction, on many different levels, that religion has always caused, does now and will continue to cause in the future.
But within any sober and reflective Forbidden Truth analysis of the state of humanity right now, in 2017, we must conclude that afterlife mythology itself, specifically separate from religion and the Insane God Myth, causes more and greater harm to humanity as a whole.
Why? Because right now, afterlife mythology is being marketed to the disillusioned god freaks, to the hipsters and the disaffected youth and the environmentalists and the new-agers and the progressives and the enlightened-wannabe’s, as a glorious new path of freedom and Self-determination and Truth. But it is nothing of the kind.
What is afterlife mythology, and how does it differ from the Insane God Myth? Afterlife mythology, in itself, requires no omnipotent creator and terrorist judge to exist, it imposes no threat of hell or lure of heaven, and it asks for no worship. But it does overtly require that you believe that existence after death is possible.
There are a hundred or more different versions of afterlife mythology, from reincarnation, to parallel universes, to becoming one with the earth, your decaying body fertilizing the goddamn soil and voila, just like that you can become a flower!
Listen to Me, you idiots: All afterlife mythology is bullsh*t. All of it. Those of you who like to pretend to be enlightened and progressive and in touch with the good mother earth and morally evolving because you reject traditional versions of religion and the Insane God Myth, you can successfully lie to yourselves, but you cannot deceive Me.
You are suffocating the Truth, and all human potential.
Afterlife mythology is more harmful than the Insane God Myth because it has become a haven for escapees of traditional religion, who use this Self-deception to continue to legitimize and fetishize death.
Society and government gladly encourages you to adopt this pseudo-rebel pose, because while afterlife mythology is slightly less useful that traditional religion, on a direct level, to the Matrix of Universal Illusion, it still serves completely the singular most important goal religion has always had: To make your death acceptable and agreeable to you.
How can death be a problem, if there is an afterlife? How can death be recognized as the most horrific fate you can ever experience, as retroactive unbirth, the prevention of your birth, if you delusional fools buy into the absurdity of an existence after death??
In coming decades, the number of traditional god freaks will likely decline. But the number of afterlife addicts will increase. The result: Horrific status quo remains unchanged.
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