December 2016

Towards a Forbidden Truth Understanding of Philosophy

As a platform for mind exploration, philosophy is dangerous, because it purports to seek to uncover an understanding of why things are the way they are.
Philosophers have always been ostracized, marginalized, mocked, and silenced by every society and government, in all sorts of different ways. Never has this been more True, than today. There are no famous 21st century philosophers. No child can even begin to imagine a future in which he thrives as a philosopher. It is not ALLOWED.
Dissection of the human condition has been sterilized and neutered in the 21st century, to a far greater degree than any other century of the modern era. The job of the philosopher has been kidnapped and hijacked by the politicians, the god freaks, the psychiatrists and psychologists, the leaders of the matrix of society and government, and those on the matrix payroll, thus compelled to tote the party line.
Philosophy itself has never been allowed to expose Truth.
Always it has consisted of insiders, trapped within the Matrix of Universal Illusion, trying to figure out how to escape, for themselves and/or for their audience. Never those who HAVE successfully broken free and possess a genuine Alien Eye of detachment. For this reason, throughout all of human history, philosophers have failed to expose primary level Forbidden Truth.
The only valid dissector of the human condition is the absolute outsider, possessing the Alien Eye, who has already successfully broken free of the matrix, before he begins to try to reveal philosophical insights of Truth. As I am, and have, and do.
The philosophers of the 21st century are indentured servants to the matrix. They preach the illusions and lies of progress, change, evolution, hope, the future. They are paid to placate, obligated to legitimize the status quo.
The caged mind can never gain a True understanding of concepts such as freedom or Truth, much less articulate them to others.
Neither intelligence, nor education, nor articulation skills can ever make a valid philosopher. The philosopher must be, first and foremost, an outlaw and an outcast of his own choice and making. He must be an outsider looking in with intellect-based hatred, scorn, pity, and emotional detachment from his subject.
I am, among many other things, a brilliant philosopher. And that is why I will never be recognized as a philosopher. The matrix hands out titles: Judge, president, psychologist, journalist, and yes, philosopher, to those it owns and controls. Those who agree to serve the hive mind, instead of serving Truth.
Seekers of Truth should know and understand that throughout the 20th and 21st century, the only valid philosophers have always been outlaws and outcasts, never afforded the title, their brilliant insights of Forbidden Truth hidden away, deemed the ravings of a madman, and Charles Manson, philosopher extraordinaire, is a perfect example of this.
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Government Controls the Parameters of Possibility

The terrorist structure of government has many different malevolent goals, but right at the top of the list, is controlling all human perception of their parameters of possibility.
Nothing can ever be achieved, unless it is consciously perceived as possible by a majority of humans. Simply by successfully controlling and determining what humans are allowed to perceive as possible, government absolutely controls and limits what CAN and what WILL change. And what will change, is always NOTHING. Useless illusions of change, useless actual change that has no impact upon the universal oppression and enslavement of humanity.
Nothing is allowed to change. You slaves are given the freedom to imagine a limited, controlled, and censored set of possibilities, while every Truth-based possibility is literally wiped out of all human perception.
This is why the very real and legitimate possibilities such as technological immortality, leaderless democracy, mandatory parental competency testing, do not exist within human consciousness.
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Why Do I Post My Brilliant Ideas on NYE?

It’s not an accident or coincidence, humans. As you should know by now, I’m NOT interested in helping you creatures. I’m not interested in having My brilliant insights and proposals widely disseminated and seriously considered. I just like to throw you idiots life preservers, while I watch you drown.
And so, new years eve is the perfect time to slip in a few of My most brilliant and “helpful” ideas and insights of Forbidden Truth. You fools, the vast majority of you, are busy deliberately pouring, snorting, and injecting toxic, corrosive substances into your bodies in a desperate attempt to delude yourselves into believing there is something to celebrate, and also desperately engaging in interactive socialization, trying to find a human to give you a kiss and/or agree to play with your sexual thingie later tonight.
You are too busy to read My brilliant posts tonight, and tomorrow you will be too sick and tired, so they slip right past you, as is My intent. (Insert Evil Grin here) 🙂
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A Leaderless World: Fully Feasible in 2017

Human political leadership and representation is 100% unnecessary in 2017, thanks to technology.

Why do presidents, senators, governors, mayors, councilmen, district commissioners, prime ministers, kings and queens exist?? It is the 21st century, and technology has evolved to the point where all societal decisions can be made by popular vote, utilizing computer technology, with absolutely no need for any human figurehead leaders. It is time to end the terrorist scourge of government, and this can be achieved without any disruption to the existing social structure.

Every social issue, every popular culture decision, from how often your garbage gets picked up on your street, to whether or not to launch a nuclear weapon, can be made by popular vote, utilizing computer software which identifies every individual who wishes to participate in the political process by facial or retinal scan.
Every such individual could cast a vote, on every issue impacting his existence on a local, national, and international level.

No elected or appointed leaders necessary, only hired employees to supervise and oversee the actual implementation of every adopted law and policy.

While falling far short of the proper ideal, the absolute freedom of anarchy, the leaderless society can justly shed all aspects of governmental structure, and humanity can rid itself of the deranged, perverse, and horrific construct of political leadership, under which universal slavery for all is assured.
There are no legitimate barriers to the implementation of a leaderless society, fully functional via joint consensus vote. The only True barrier is you, the pathetic human sheeple addicted to your slavery and obsessed with being led around in shackles forever and always by malicious psychopaths and con artists.
The leaderless society can undertake votes on an international level, thus all of humanity could collectively vote on an issue such as banning and destroying all nuclear warheads.

The mental disease of nationalism, the derangement of cultural addiction and identification, and the refusal of the human being to welcome and seize the opportunity to act as his own leader, are the only barriers to a worldwide, politically leaderless human society forming, and flourishing.

It is disgusting and repulsive how you pathetic fools allow government and its propaganda shills, the media, to dictate the parameters of all human possibility, and keep the functional reality of a freely open, “democratic”, but absolutely leaderless society, from even entering the realm of conscious perception of humanity, when in Truth there are no functional barriers to its successful implementation, beyond the pathetic inferiority of humanity as a species.


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Technological Immortality Made Real by the Acorn Worm

As I have repeatedly revealed in My brilliant texts, humanity is fully capable of realizing technological immortality within 1-5 years, IF a worldwide team of the best scientists, geneticists, computer engineers, biologists, neurologists, and other medical specialists were brought together, provided with unlimited funding and resources, and tasked to achieve this ONE feat, free of all ethical, legal, moral, and supervisory oversight by the terrorist slave structure of government.
Each of us is being actively murdered by govt, by the very fact this is not occurring right now.
Virtually every day, scientists, isolated & shackled by government, without even trying, make discoveries that are directly applicable to the achievement of human technological immortality. But these discoveries are buried by the Matrix of Universal Illusion, their applicability to unlocking the keys to technological immortality is never even mentioned by media, govt, or the scientists themselves.
This article, published a few days ago in Scientific American, provides a perfect illustration of the Forbidden Truth of technological immortality:
The Acorn Worm is genetically gifted with the ability to completely regrow and regenerate its heart, head, brain, and central nervous system. It achieves this feat naturally, as evolutionary and biological fact, requiring no external intervention of any kind. The genes of this animal regenerate naturally, literally creating a brand new and fully functional heart and brain, for the existing life form.
Any sane thinker immediately realizes this discovery can be directly applicable to scientists unlocking the keys to human technological immortality. Of course extensive, and illegal experimentation and comprehensive research is required, to make this bold leap and transition. So what?? Do it, idiots! The research and experimentation is illegal because government is committed to ensuring technological immortality never becomes a reality.
The clear and obvious usefulness of this discovery to unlocking the keys to human technological immortality is ignored, not even mentioned in the article itself, which insanely focuses on how maybe, in the future, research into the regenerative genes of this worm could help amputees or those with alzheimers. WTF! Yes, government wants to help the amputees grow new limbs, so it can extract maximum slave labor from them. FTS!
If humanity were sane, this news article would be front page on every media platform in the world. Organically, a worldwide movement would spring up demanding the immediate creation of an ungoverned scientific task force, specifically empowered to research how to apply and transfer this genetic ability to humans. Human volunteers would immediately be sought for extensive, highly dangerous experimentation, with all legal and ethical “concerns” ignored and rejected.
We are talking about eternal life, you pathetic fools!
But no, everyone wants to die.
So, as an Immortalist and lover of Self, all I can say is: FTW!

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My New Year Resolutions

I consciously make long-term personal resolutions to honor Self, each and every day, so there is nothing different or special about today, or about these resolutions, beyond the fact I am publicly revealing them. I continue to openly condemn all societal holidays, as well as the perverse segmentation of time as it is maliciously imposed by government.
In the name of Truth and Self:
I vow to maximize the amount of time I spend unconditionally honoring and loving Myself.
I vow to become even more of an isolated recluse, minimizing all unnecessary direct and personal exposure to the toxic waste that is the human being.
I vow to protect, preserve, and enhance My physical health and strength to the greatest possible degree, via My chosen life path activities.
I vow to maximize My hatred of others, and to freely, openly, and proudly direct all rage and hate outward, upon and against humans and humanity as a whole.
I vow to continue to never forgive any human for any transgression, big or small, long ago or very recent, made against Me.
I vow to always embrace, honor, and reflect all of the thousands of Forbidden Truths I know to be valid. with honesty, courage, and love of Self.
I vow to remain open-minded to realize, accept, and integrate to mind universe, new Forbidden Truths I may not currently possess conscious awareness of.
I vow to remain closed-minded to all external advice, opinions, or suggestions made by humans, in recognition of the vampiric and toxic nature of the species.
I vow to continue to attack, subvert, and compromise all human structures and ideologies, in whatever manner I choose to deem appropriate.
I vow to continue choosing and maintaining a personal life path which honors My True Reality, and accurately reflects the sum total of everything that has been, is being and will be done to Me by My mortal enemy, human society and government.
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Shopping: The Intoxicating High of Freedom Illusion

There they are. The slaves. Wandering around the shopping mall, intoxicated by the illusion of freedom. Worthless pieces of paper, they carry. Or worthless pieces of plastic upon which an arbitrary number has been assigned, based upon their judged degree of slave productivity.
Fiercely they search for something worthless to acquire, something that will make them feel free, something they can pretend to own, something that will amuse them enough to keep the slave shackle invisible, keep the shackle from chafing their conscious minds.
Carefully they calculate: Have they been allowed to accumulate enough worthless pieces of paper to acquire the arbitrarily valued worthless items they have been brainwashed to pathologically covet?
They make their selection, walking over to directly interact with on-duty slaves. The irony is lost on them, as they transfer their acquired slave shackle, to a fellow shackled slave.
The Alien Eye watches, amused and disgusted, hoping for some gal shoeplay.
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A Timely Message of Anarchist Truth…

…to All amerikkkan Citizen-slaves.
Hello, my dear slaves.
I just wanted to take a moment to remind you, at this particular inflection point in your doomed historical timeline, that you have a choice to make.
You can allow your personal and universal slavery as a chained herd of brainwashed sheeple to seamlessly transition from an old supreme slavemaster to a new supreme slavemaster, subsequently engaging in a brand new four year long orgy of freedom illusion under which you are given the opportunity by the Matrix of Universal Illusion to pretend to evaluate the competency of your new slavemaster and prepare to choose a new and different slavemaster.
You can rise up as one in righteous indignation and outrage, breaking free of your shackles, recognizing the horrific lie, delusion, and sham of freedom, peace, equality, and opportunity that has been perpetrated against you and your ancestors by the amerikkkan government for the past 240 years, and refuse to be governed by anyone or anything, from this day forward.
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I Am The Greatest Victim In The History of the Universe…

…Past, Present, Future, Now, Always, Forever.

The above is a factual Truth. Not a personal perception, or an ideological projection, or a philosophical rationalization. It is simply a statement of fact, consciously realized, understood, embraced, integrated to the Self-mind of Me.

It is a Truth I hold dear, and I make certain to consciously focus upon, each and every day. It is a Truth nobody can touch, and if they try, I destroy them, in one way or another.
Why am I the greatest victim in the history of the universe, yesterday, today, always, forever?? Because I am the owner of Myself, the owner of all that has been, is being, will be, done to Me. It has nothing to do with ego, although a healthy and sane ego is necessary for this, and all, Forbidden Truth realization.
It has to do with factual reality: Your victimization is nothing to Me. It does not exist to Me, because I have not experienced it. And I will never try to pretend to experience it. To do so would be the ultimate insult. Not to you, but to Self.

The inferior, meaning the billions of Unwashed Masses constituting humanity as a whole, refuses to embrace the Forbidden Truth he is the greatest victim in the history of the universe. He will even attack Me, for daring to reveal this Truth to him. Why?? Because he is a Self and Truth-hating hypocrite, a mind-cripple, a masochist clinging to his own pain as a gift given to him by his slavemasters, the slave-state.

“Look at the war refugees, look at the homeless, look at the paralyzed and the dying and the babies being raped by their fathers… How dare you place your own victimhood status ahead of their suffering??” This is the insanity of the inferior humans, and it is directly implanted within their minds by the terrorist structure they call government.
“Count your blessings, citizen-slave! Others are suffering more, you are so lucky, now bow and give thanks!”
For this atrocity alone, this desecration of Truth, every government deserves to be destroyed.

The only possible path to positive change, is for the revolution of consciousness to occur, in which every human develops the sanity to know and to consciously experience, each and every moment, as I do, that he is the greatest victim in the history of the universe.

My suffering belongs to Me, it is incomparable. As long as I suffer, as long as I am victimized, nobody else suffers, nobody else is victimized. Their experiences are nothing to Me. And you say this is unfair, immoral, unjust. No! It is the Truth, it is the only path forward, the path of revolution, rooted within limitless and unconditional love of Self.
Suffering will always be acceptable to the human, if he can be brainwashed to believe others are suffering too, or more. Look your enemy in the eye and see what he has done to you!

Others are suffering too, and more?? Whoever and whatever tries to convince you of this, is committing an atrocity upon you, directly attempting to harm you, to violate your victimhood status.

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"Pardon Me", by Incubus

The Perfect Song Combination of Child Abuse, Alienation, and Rage/Hate.

This is for the Outsiders, the Outlaws, the Outcasts, who might be in the mood to discover, or perhaps rediscover, the internal refreshment of Self that can be achieved by projecting personal True Reality onto an external platform.
I call it the Musical Mindgasm.
Within My True Reality, there are better songs dealing with child abuse, and better songs dealing with rage/hate, and better songs dealing with personal alienation from humanity. But, in terms of combining all three of these mind projections into a single song, this one is right close to the very top of My list.
So, PARDON ME while I destroy the world!
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