October 2016

A Million Ways To Hurt Others, and be Hurt by Others

Humans tend to have a very narrow perspective on how to hurt others, accepting and embracing the lies and illusions imposed by the matrix. As a hateful misanthrope, it delights Me to consciously explore and dissect the infinitely different number of ways I can personally harm others, as well as how the structures of the matrix itself can be deployed to inflict harm.
It is important for seekers of Truth to understand that every aspect of human existence is built upon a foundation of external harm. What does this mean? Harm is universally promoted, imposed & inflicted, by choice, by human society. Only the methodologies vary.
Further: If an individual fails to perceive and recognize Himself as being harmed, yet suffers undeniable and direct injury and/or destruction, is the harm any less real? Is the harm negated to any extent? The answer is No. In fact, it can be well argued that personally unrecognized harm is MORE directly malicious, because no defense can be mounted.
Killing a child is harmful to the child, but so is creating a child, as it compels the child to endure lifelong victimization and state-sponsored murder via retroactive unbirth.
Loving someone directly undermines their capacity to love themselves, therefore it is an action causing great harm.
Making someone feel better, by telling them lies, is an act of great harm.
The hateful misanthrope delights in the endless variety of different ways he can personally harm others, as well as basks in the third-person harm he witnesses others inflicting upon others, even if such harm does not dovetail harmoniously to his own True Reality life path actions.
Even if you are not a hateful misanthrope, there is immense value in consciously recognizing the million and one different ways you WERE and ARE being hurt by others, individually and structurally. Profound Truths are illuminated via such insight, and individual capacity to develop untouchability, is greatly enhanced.
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Too Far, Or Just Far Enough?

There are some humans who agree with some of the Forbidden Truth insights of the human condition I have revealed within My texts, and even agree with the need for the absolutely brilliant solutions and reforms I so comprehensively express and detail. But they think My solutions and reforms are too radical, too extreme, they go too far, they need to be moderated. Absolute bullsh*t!
My solutions and reforms go to the exactly perfect length. They successfully identify the problem, then solve the problem. Any type of moderation would constitute destruction of the actual solution, therefore a continuation of the status quo, with no positive step being taken.
Examples: All monetary currency, in paper, coin, or precious metal form, is both inherently/intrinsically worthless, and overtly deployed as a terrorist weapon by all nation-states and all organized human societies. Therefore, the only solution to the problem is to eliminate monetary currency and institute a universal, worldwide Barter and Trade economic system, so that fair-market value can be legitimately established and maintained, free of the terrorism and slavery of the nation-state.
Example: Because parenthood, the random distribution of children throughout the human population based upon ability to breed and desire to own helpless children as subhuman slaves and puppets to be perversely molded, ensures universal abuse, victimization, and destruction of all children, the structure of parenthood must be declared null and void, a failed social experiment, and the day-to-day care of all children must be assumed by society as a whole, with strict, universal, Truth-based standards of competency and appropriateness of care established and maintained.
None of My brilliant solutions are radical. They are all moderate responses and reforms to the bizarre radicalism, from money to parenthood, that YOU humans have chosen to create and maintain.
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Self-perception: Sabotaged by External Label

What are you? A mother? A daughter? A voter? A plumber? Wealthy? Poor? Male? Female? Young? Old?
Society and government impose thousands of different definitional labels upon every individual human, and every such label has the specific intent of controlling, limiting, and determining exactly how the individual perceives Himself. Every such label exists as a malevolent shackle upon the individual, and his pathetic inability to recognize the shackle as such, only renders the shackle that much more real and suffocating.
No externally imposed Self-defining label is valid. Are you not a man?? No! Because this societal label goes far beyond biological and physiological gender difference, it instructs, both overtly and covertly, what you are expected to do, the label is intended to maliciously manipulate your life path choices, in conjunction with your psychological, as well as ideological, perception of Yourself.
Every external label must be understood as a direct attack.
As A Superior, I overtly and consciously reject any and all external labels. As a Self-contained universe, I define Myself in every respect.
What am I? Victim. Martyr. Creation. Hater. Lover. Dead. Atheist. Anarchist. Misanthrope. Philosopher. Seeker and claimer of vengeance. Dissector of the human condition. Dying. Enraged.
All of My defining labels are Self-imposed, therefore they are Self-defined. No external definition can be applied. Your atheism has no bearing, no link, no connection, to My experience of being an atheist.
Inferiors who think they seek enlightenment might ask, why should I apply ANY labels to Myself, why not just pursue an absolutely free life path, by rejecting internal labeling, just as I reject external label imposition?
No! The Superior DOES define Himself. Refusing to apply Self-definition is just as harmful as embracing externally imposed Self-definition. It leaves you naked and vulnerable to external manipulation. It is the failed, inferior path.
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How To Personally Annihilate The Lie of External Love

How many living things have you ever claimed to love? How many living things, their personal autonomy of Self and of mind, have you so boldly and cruelly attacked and violated via love bullet?? Are you ready to make amends, not to them, but for Yourself?
This is what you must do: Go to them, every one; the dog, the cat, the mother, the son, the fornication partner, the “best friend”, the wife, the “soul-mate”, go to them all, individually, lock eyes with them, and speak the Truth: “I do not love you. I have never loved you. I cannot, will not, and do not want to love you. My claims in the past to have loved you, no matter how frequent and sincere I made them, were absolute lies. My claims to have loved you were harmful to both Me and you, and on some level of consciousness I claimed to love you because I wanted to hurt and harm you. I am telling you this as an apology to Myself, as part of my rejection of all external love, and my quest to attain supreme love of Self.”
This is what you must do, humans. Track them down, all who have been shot by your poisonous love arrow, all who have not yet become maggot food, and drop your mask, stand up for Yourself, as you stand up for Truth.
Maybe you think this would be cruel? That you would be hurting others by withdrawing your past and/or present claim of love? No! You hurt them by imposing the toxic deception of external love. You hurt them by trying to extort them to love you. By your very words, you directly compromised and helped destroy their capacity to realize what love is, and to try to seek and attain the only valid form of love: Self-love.
In explicitly withdrawing your claim to external love, you help heal a horrific wrong you did to Yourself. You, the supreme Me, the greatest victim of them all. And maybe you could also help your other victims, to break free of the toxic deception and emotional slavery inherent within all external love projections.
What a lovely ending!

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Human Breeding Is An Act Of Murder

When you create a human life, you condemn that life to become retroactively unborn, via your sponsorship and support for the indefinite continuation of universal death for all. You condemn the life form that you have created, to be murdered by the collective will of humanity as a species, which includes of course, YOU, on a directly personal level.
Therefore, in choosing to breed, you choose to commit an act of murder.
Of course 99.999999% of you brainwashed hypocrites lack all conscious awareness of what you are doing. But make no mistake, on a subconscious level the MAJORITY of you humans are primarily motivated to breed by rage, by hate, by a desire to inflict pain, suffering, and trauma upon another human being.
Breeding is not a celebration of new life, but an affirmation of universal death. In breeding, you assume direct guilt and responsibility for causing a newly created human being to endure suffering, pain, trauma, injustice, slavery, and death.
The choice to breed should be understood as a form of legal murder, directly promoted and encouraged by every human society & government.
Just as breeding allows the human to achieve catharsis for his own childhood abuse and lifelong enslavement, by empowering him to inflict ongoing child abuse and slavery upon his sperm creations and womb excretions, breeding also helps the human to gain catharsis for the suppressed and denied Forbidden Truth of his own impending murder, by allowing him to cause a life form that otherwise would never have existed, to become doomed to suffer the same horrific fate as he.
Consciousness exists on an infinitely layered scale. There is no clear line separating unconscious, subconscious, and conscious motivational intent. On some level, many men and women who choose to breed have homicidal intent and inspirational motive, just as many women who choose to have abortions do so directly motivated by a desire to gain homicidal catharsis.
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How To Inspire & Empower Children to Love Themselves

It’s so simple, clear, obvious, elemental to any sane perspective of thought: You inspire children to love themselves by informing them that you do not love them, that no living thing ever has, can, or will love them, and that love is a wonderful thing they deserve to experience for themselves. You tell them this Forbidden Truth. You tell them the only way they can ever be loved, is to develop and embrace the ability and capacity to love themselves.
Tell them the Truth! That other living things might, rarely, be capable of positive, affectionate or empathic emotional connectivity with and towards them. But not love. Tell them this highest of emotions is exclusively reserved for Self, and that there is no greater glory, no greater protective, empowering force, than its achievement. Tell them at age 2, 3, 4, at every age, over and over, that they deserve to be loved, and that NOBODY, no human, no animal, no plant, no robot, nobody and nothing, has, can, or will love them.
Tell them every external claim of love is a malicious deception. Tell them maternal, paternal, familial, romantic, soul-mate, and every other socially promoted form of external love, is a toxic trap, void of all Truth.
Tell them all external love is not merely false, but warped and perverted, a selfish, devious attempt to extract, a lie that will suck them dry, and destroy their supremely precious capacity to develop love of Self.
This is the greatest gift you can give to any child. It is a double glory. Simultaneously, as you destroy the horrific illusion of external love, you inspire and induce the glory that is internal, Self-love.
Tell them love is the most positive, unconditionally empowering emotion of them all, and it can only be developed by Self, for Self, internally bloomed, internally generated, internally bestowed.
But no, you will not do it, you pathetic hypocrites. And why not??
Because you cannot bear to destroy for yourself, the lie of external love to which you are addicted and enslaved. And why are you addicted and enslaved to external love, desperately insistent it is real and valid and you are experiencing it and must continue to embrace and seek it??
Come on, tell me WHY??! It is because NOBODY empowered or inspired you to love yourself when you were a child. Nobody revealed this Forbidden Truth to you. And so you were broken. And so now you will break and destroy EVERY child on this planet. You will perpetrate this genocide of mind, upon every child, destroying his capacity to develop love of Self.
Here you see the perfect circle of human hopelessness. Why humanity is a devolving species, every mistake of the past endlessly repeated, as Truth remains eternally dead.
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Is Happiness A Mental Illness?

I have already discussed in great detail the Forbidden Truth that depression is not a mental illness, and in fact a direct manifestation of healthy and appropriate brain function. But lets take this Truth to the next logical step:
Mental illness can be defined as a delusional state of mind that causes an individual to compromise his own well-being and potential to thrive. Objectively and factually, there are no valid reasons for any human to be happy. Everyone is dying, there is no future for anyone. Everyone is a victim of trauma, enslaved in many different ways, by many different toxic structures.
Further, the mental state of happiness actively causes behavioral and ideological dysfunction. It renders the individual oblivious to the True facts of his doomed, pointless, meaningless existence.
Happiness is an emotional delusion, and it prevents the individual from taking proactive steps which might result in mitigation of his current & ongoing horrific victimization.
Many of you humans would consider the notion of happiness being a mental illness, to be ludicrous. This is because you want to feel happy, and do not care whether you are are sealing your own casket, literally and figuratively, in embracing this delusional state of mind.
And of course your slavemasters, government and society, desperately want you to seek and embrace happiness, relentlessly brainwashing you to believe such a state of mind is normal, healthy, and appropriate. It is not!
In embracing happiness, you forfeit all capacity to rise up and destroy the structures guilty of causing happiness to be impossible to sincerely and Truthfully experience.
Watch the attached video, and listen to the song, with mind wide open to Forbidden Truth, and you might be able to realize just how brilliant My insight is. Look at the slaves, witness their irrational, delusional glee, right in the midst of their forced slave labor. Disgusting!
This song was one of the most popular songs in the entire world just 1-2 years ago. Countless millions mindlessly embraced this social brainwashing message, set to a catchy beat.
The most horrific line is “…clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth…” Gag! The masses blindly clap, happy sheeple herded to their slaughterhouses. And consider the word “feel”. Nobody cares how things actually ARE, you can still FEEL happy, and you must feel happy, because the hive mind demands it. And finally, the desecration of Truth, by the use of the word itself in this perverted context.
Let there be no doubt, in the 21st century human world, happiness is a mental illness. It destroys Truth, Self, and the personal potential to break free of the matrix of universal illusion.

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The Only Way To Make Things Right…

…is to stop trying to make things better.

You cannot build the perfect skyscraper upon a foundation of mud, and yet this is exactly what you humans are trying to do. You idealists, you who demand change, you who are so sincerely trying to make things better. The more sincere you are, the more you repulse Me, because your sincerity is so misguided, and represents such a failure of personal potential.
You seek to help children by providing parenting classes. You seek to end poverty via a universal basic income. You seek to reduce crime by preventing child abuse. You seek to improve religion by promoting tolerance and moderation. You seek to improve government by demanding accountability.
The list of your stupidities is endless, and all you are doing is making everything worse. Because none of this is right, none of this should exist, none of it is based upon sanity, logic, or Truth. Don’t you see, you are trying to build upon what must be destroyed!
Things that are wrong must be destroyed, not changed!

The family unit is a mistake, it is something wrong, to be eradicated and replaced by something right, not modified in useless ways. You cannot fix something that should never have been built up in the first place.
The same applies to religion, government, money, the criminal justice system, marriage, external love, and so much more. These human constructs should not exist, they were ideas that were wrong, mistakes of human judgment and perception at best, or evil concepts deliberately developed, promoted, and exploited by genocidal humans who sought and attained leadership and influence in order to avenge themselves.
It does not really matter how these diseased structures came to be rooted to human reality perception. What matters to those of us who seek Truth, is that they be recognized as structures that must be completely destroyed.
Anything else, anything less, any and every attempt to “reform” and improve them, legitimizes the genocide they cause.

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Stalking, Then and Now

Once upon a time, I was a dedicated, daily stalker, out there in the real world, right amongst you humans, despite My hard-core misanthropy. I stalked females, or to be more specific, their sore, aching, deformed, feet.
On weekdays, particularly late afternoons and evenings, I went to busy train and bus stations, I went to downtown areas with large office buildings, I went to large shopping malls, and I used to go inside of multiple pharmacies, spending time by the foot care products aisle, or Dr. Scholl’s section, as I called it. Even post offices and banks, I would check if there was a long line of standing females I could join and watch from behind.
On weekends, I went to parades and walkathons, automobile shows and other trade conventions, and tourist gathering spots.
My hunt was for females suffering from foot pain, limping in high heels, easing agonized feet out of their shoes, applying a band-aid or corn pad to their feet, stoically trying to conceal their agony…

As a female foot pain stalker, I carried no camera or video recorder. My eyes were my camera, and my brain was my recorder. Every successful stalking incident, and I averaged 2-3 per day/night, was committed to my perfected memory, to result in multiple masturbatory climaxes, that very night as well as days, weeks, months, years, and decades into the future.
Of course the erotic appeal of each encounter varied, and I consciously categorized each to a different level of memory importance, so that the most erotic would remain absolutely crystal clear in memory, even decades later. Today, right now, is decades later, and I am so proud and pleased with Myself, that My memories of these incidents, 25-35 years later, are just as vivid and life-like and pleasure-producing, as the day they occurred.
These days, I no longer actively go out to female foot stalk. I only stalk opportunistically, when I am already, unfortunately, forced to go out amongst you humans, for other reasons.

Why have I stopped actively stalking females to satisfy my #FemaleFootPainFetish? Because my memory bank is rich & full. The many thousands of personally viewed direct encounters exist in perfect clarity within my Superior mind. I can recall and replay them all at my will, and cause them to excite Me sexually to a maximum degree: The full-fledged climax.
This is power of mind, this is the exaltation of Self, rooted within the lifelong, conscious development of a healthy brain, a brain freed of external constraints, a brain customized by its owner, to serve its owner.
Always I have been a misanthrope. But I had to compromise back then, to serve all of my True Reality needs. Thankfully, no longer, at least not in this regard.
What also delights Me is that, thanks to Youtube & the internet, and the True Reality of other #FemaleFootPainFetishists, I can now go along with them, on their stalks, from the comfort of my isolated fortress, as I add to my untouchable, fetishistic mindscape.

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