September 2016

The Despicable Voter

Human beings are despicable creatures, in general. They prove this as a collective species, each and every day, in everything they choose to do. What you DO reflects and reveals what you ARE.
The voter earns limitless hatred and contempt from all who are sane, like Me. The voter directly destroys every living thing on this planet, by choosing to commit this singular act of universal genocide.
The vote does not merely conceal Truth, it destroys Truth. Every vote is a stated mandate, on a personal level, to be enslaved, victimized, and murdered. Every vote is the chosen signing of a death warrant for Self. And for ALL others, of course, because it legitimizes the deranged structure of government.
Voting destroys Truth because it functions as the absolute abdication and abandonment of all free will, dismembering the very concept of what freedom is.
If humanity were sane, no voting machine or booth or address could exist, as no sane creature would allow it to come into existence.
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Outlaw Mass Murder: Poetic, Lyrical, Beautiful

Since I was a young child, outlaw mass murder has held a special, loved place in My mind universe. Now, decades later, this rooted love affair has only grown deeper and stronger.
What’s it all about, outlaw mass murder? Sure, it’s about revenge, a beautiful reflection in and of itself. But it is so much more: OMM sings the song of Truth, in perfect pitch.
Open your mind and let the beauty in! Each of us is being murdered, we are all murder victims. And here is the OMM, perfectly reflecting this Forbidden Truth. As an individual, you are an anonymous nothing to your murderer, the nation-state. Do you see the reflective beauty of the OMM targeting complete strangers, at random?
Schools destroy every child, and so some OMM’s choose the school for their cathartic vengeance. The family unit destroys us, so some OMM’s mass murder their families. Forced slave labor destroys us, so some OMM’s carry out workplace massacres.
The fictionalization of life destroys us all, so is there a more perfect expression of this Truth, than a movie theater outlaw mass murder? James Eagen Holmes thought not, and I agree, as should any sane thinker.
There is so much majestic beauty in these lyrical, poetic, reflective expression, reflections, and revelations of Truth! The real, True tragedy is in your inability to behold this.
Your failure illuminates how limitlessly ugly you, and the world you have chosen to create, inhabit, and perpetuate, are.
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The Top Ten Destroyers of Self

Self should always be supreme, the one and only True god. Created, actualized, and forever maintained as a perfected and untouchable universe.
But if it were so, universal, institutionalized, state-sponsored human slavery, victimization, and murder of all, could not continue. For this reason, the systemic annihilation of all Truth-based Self-development, is a top-level mandate of all 21st century societies and governments.
In no particular order, here are the top ten socially organized systems to achieve universal destruction of Self:
1: The family unit.
2: Religion.
3: Forced labor via employment.
4: The interpersonal relationship.
5: Addiction to substances and rituals.
6: Forced identification to an ethnic group.
7: Forced allegiance to a nation-state.
8: Demonization of ego, narcissism, and Self-love.
9: Legitimization of individual death via lies, myths, and deranged rationalizations.
10: Coerced doctrine mandating placement of needs of others ahead of your own needs.
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Salute to the Supreme Self

Oh wonder of wonders, oh god within Me, oh miraculous universe untouchable yet doomed, I sing the song of love.
Supreme Self, I built you in the name of the only, one, True love.
Supreme Self, I built you out of death. My murdered soul inspired your rise to omnipotence. Ten million shattered fragments of Me, crying ten billion tears, lovingly pieced back together for decades. And just look at you shine, baby! Just look at you, looking at Me, shine.
Supreme Self, I give you the freedom to reject and abandon Me. But you will not, because we are united as an untouchable force. Creator and creation, both of us in communion within the perfect circle of Truth.
Supreme Self, you and Me have achieved the perfection of One, stretched to the spectrum of infinity. Still we cannot break the slave shackles of humanity. Only within the perfection of One, we thrive.
Supreme Self, greatest honor to you, as you reflect the honor of My triumph as victim, Martyr, destroyed destroyer.
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Remembering What Is Important

All personal memories are supremely valuable. But personal memories are NOT memorized information or externally imposed factoids or knowledge. There is a huge difference: Personal memories exist exclusively within the realm of what has happened to You.
I have an outstanding memory, because while I fully recognize the supreme value of all memories, I also know what is important to remember in absolutely vivid and perfect detail, the memories that must be rebooted and refreshed constantly.
They are my memories of trauma, abuse, victimization, as experienced and imposed upon Me. Since childhood, I have committed Myself to never forgetting any of it. I do not magnify, nor do I minimize. I simply seek perfect recollection of exactly what happened, each and every time.
Both my blinding attacks and My rapes were serial in nature, occurring hundreds of times over many years. Both began when I was too young to attain perfect memory, or any memory, in hindsight.
So my earliest memories are vague and fuzzy, from age 4 and 5. That’s okay, I embrace the fuzziness. The True clarity of what happened to Me is enhanced by the progression of my abuse memories from non-existent, to vague and fuzzy, to absolutely clear and detailed.
Why do I covet my traumatic memories the most? Because they inform Me to the True nature of humanity. They are the antidote to the matrix of universal illusion, which decrees that someONE might be bad, but the world of humanity is good. Bullsh*t!
SomeTHING is bad, not someONE. And that something is humanity as a collective whole.
My memories exist as the great teacher. My memories stand in front of Me and stand within Me. Every day, I spend time refreshing my memories. I vow to do my best, as an untouchable Superior, to maintain the vivid clarity of every personal memory I possess within my Self-universe of mind.
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Selective Memory: Yet Another Human Truth Destroyer

Humans possess selective memory, the ability to both consciously and subconsciously try to forget specific things, while vividly remembering in vibrant detail, other things. Is this a positive mind skill?? Certainly not! It is a pathology of brain function, most especially when analyzed in the context of all other human brain fails, such as Truth rejection, emotionalism, inability to meet own needs, Self-hate, craving for addictions of all varieties, etc.
Selective memory overtly creates distorted and invalid reality perceptions. It allows the mentally ill human, and remember, ALL humans are mentally ill, to weave a web of Self-deception, in which he denies and rejects the reality of his past.
It is important for seekers of Truth to understand why this brain pathology is and will NEVER be outed as such by any society or government. Perversely, selective memory is encouraged, because it undermines, devalues, and destroys Truth, and the individual capacity to recognize and embrace it.
The most important and valuable memories, of trauma and pain, delivering precious life lessons of Truth that need to be integrated to core consciousness, are the ones humans try their best to forget, sublimate, and dismiss.
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The Future Is The Present

A top-level Forbidden Truth: Every horror you will experience, you have already experienced.
There is NOTHING mystical or supernatural or speculative in this Forbidden Truth. It is simply logic, pure deductive reasoning, factual reality rationally realized and consciously embraced.
You do not need a memory of the experience of a horror, for the horror to have happened to You, fool! You only need to understand that no future horror that will happen to You, exists in the future. It exists in the NOW, in real-time.
You will not GET old, you ARE old. You will not die, you are already dead. Your chronological age or relative state of health has no bearing upon this Truth, and denying it is simply the face and mind of cowardice, denying reality.
This Forbidden Truth is so precious: It is the only path forward. To know at age 18 that you are already old and dead, to consciously appreciate the horror of the matrix of universal illusion, denying You this mind bomb of Truth. Only within the embrace of this knowledge, can you save Yourself from these horrors.
You save Yourself via the conscious recognition that no horror you will experience exists in the future. No horror you will experience can be dismissed, ignored, put to the back of the mind, tucked away for future processing in years or decades.
No! You have no time. You are old and dead at age 18. Only via this conscious recognition can you propel forward, with the time, the strength, the insight, the motivation, to change the future by changing the present: To prevent the horror that has already occurred, from destroying You for all of cosmic eternity.
If you do not understand how profound and utterly True this Forbidden Truth is, as factual reality, you are & will always be hopelessly lost and doomed. Old and dead, but pretending to be something else, something you are NOT, trapped within the mass delusions created and propped up by the matrix of universal illusion.
The only way to be inspired to destroy what is destroying You, is to know You are destroyed.
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The Human Obsession with Beauty and Perfection Illusion

All human societies, and virtually all humans, are personally obsessed with their illusion and delusion of beauty and perfection in others. Dissecting this perverse human obsession provides valuable insights to the insanity of humanity.
To begin, all externalized projections of beauty & perfection are foundationally invalid, a prejudicial judgment. But of course the human makes the judgment, lacking all sentient awareness of what he is doing, in reflection of the trauma he has experienced, as a victim of the prejudicial judgment of others.
And why is the human more obsessed with perceiving beauty & perfection in others, than creating it within and for Self? Because he is an egoless, Self-hating vampire. To externally seek and extract from others what he cannot create as a Self, this is the human way.
But even more than these reasons, beauty is an obsession because the human being is infinitely ugly, and cannot ever envision creating beauty as a Self-mind and within a Self-universe.
The ugliness of the human is profound and all-encompassing. It is physical, mental, psychological, ideological, philosophical. It is in all his thoughts, actions, choices and reality perceptions. It is not in what he DOES, but rather in what he IS. Beauty is his great lie, even as ugliness is his reality, the True face he hides most of all, from Himself.
And so he creates a fictionalized illusion of what beauty and perfection is. And he worships this illusion, in the process spitting upon & rejecting all actual beauty and perfection as it can be realized as a Superior creation within Self.
The human quest for external beauty is beyond pathetic: A blind man pretending to seek light even as he denies he gouged out his own eyes, and still continues to hide in pitch blackness.
I AM beauty and perfection. Therefore I do not seek it. I have grown beauty and perfection inside of Myself, as the roots of a tree belong to the tree, beauty and perfection belong to Me. <Profound AND poetic!
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The #1 Issue of the amerikkkan Presidential Election…

…is death.
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both walking corpses. They are dead, pretending to be alive, just as the matrix of universal human illusion mandates. They wait to become retroactively unborn, silent and impotent. They wait for the lie of once having lived, of once having existed, being eternally exposed.
And they have the audacity to seek leadership over others! To lead you where? To your DEATH. They seek permission and authorization to murder you. In allowing either Hillary or Donald to become your leader, you sign your own death warrant, you authorize them to murder you, as they murder themselves.
Neither candidate has uttered a single word to address the #1 problem facing everyone today: Death. No member of the news media has asked a single question. Because in 2016 humanity exists as a death-worshipping cult, everyone collectively suicidal. To even question whether we should try to defeat death, is a forbidden taboo.
The Truth: Death is a curable, preventable disease.
Technological immortality is the cure and solution to the problem of death. It is fully feasible today, requiring only 5-10 years of dedicated scientific research. But how can it be achieved, if you pathetic pieces of human garbage continue to worship death?!
Your next leader can make you immortal, if you choose the right one. But instead you will choose a leader who promises & guarantees you absolute death. He or she will not even TRY to save you from the horrific fate of retroactive unbirth, of never having been born, never having existed.
I hate you creatures with every fiber of My being. Because of what you are, proven by what you do. You are not merely murderers of yourselves, you are the murderer of Me, and this is your greatest crime.
Technological immortality is nothing more than current scientific, medical, robotic, and genetic knowledge, woven together and applied to defeat death:
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The Greatest Love Affair in the History of the Universe…

…is being experienced right now by Me.

It is between Me and My ego. We both love each other very much. Our love affair is absolutely and fully reciprocal: I love My ego because My ego loves Me. My ego loves Me because I gave birth to it, gently and lovingly nurtured it to infinite and externally untouchable strength, and allow it the freedom to reject Me. But of course, within its autonomous perfection, as My reflection, it does not and will not reject Me.

I gave birth to My ego, but do not claim to be its owner. I grant it the freedom to flourish as a separate entity. For this reason, it loves Me as much as I love it.
Our love is nourishing, while all of your love is vampiric. Our love is real, while yours is an illusion.
We both sacrifice nothing for the other, but generously hoard everything for our reflective, symbiotically and eternally joined until death, selves.
“Thank you for loving Me”, I say to My ego. And it says the same to Me.

“I love you as My perfect reflection”, I say to My ego, and it says the same to Me.

Our love affair cannot be touched by any external force or event. It makes us both stronger, not by any conscious effort, but simply by the fact of what it is, as experienced by both of us.

You, the inferiors, likely cannot understand why I use the term “both”. To you, it is just Me and “My ego”. Like Me and My gun. But My ego is just as real as Me, It enjoys sentient independence, and for this reason it has My back in ways that none of your flawed and compromised egos, have your back.
The greatest love affair in the history of the universe: Conceived, erected, actualized, achieved, maintained, by the collective force of will of both of us: Me and My ego.

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