December 2015

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Hello Humans. Have you noticed a scarcity of brilliant Forbidden Truth blog posts from Me, over the past few weeks? Well, the reason is that I have been busy posting just as brilliant Forbidden Truth, over at Yup, 117 uniquely brilliant posts, in just the past three weeks. Short ones, I must admit, at least compared to my massive missives here on wordpress, but still, uniquely brilliant.
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For anyone not familiar with Ideapod, it is a new interactive community being built along the lines of twitter, but it allows 1000 characters per post, far more than twitter. It claims to honor and support free speech and radical ideas, although of course we cannot accept such claims at face value. It focuses on ideas, not on people or on trivia.
So far, my experience there has been positive, with even the two co-founders of Ideapod choosing to follow Me and one of them expressing appreciation for my brilliant insights of Forbidden Truth, albeit in a limited and conditional way, as you must expect from humans.
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A Forbidden Truth Lesson of christmas

Tonight hundreds of millions of children wait for an imaginary creature to bring them things they have been brainwashed to desire. Hundreds of millions of adults are active conspirators in the deception. They wait too, for hugs and kisses, so they can pretend they are loved, just as they pretended to be loved, when they were children.

Everyone is waiting for something better, a future magical moment to redeem the past. Waiting in darkness, old victims of deceit, waiting together with new victims of deceit, for someone who does not exist, to continue the storyline, to make new memories out of a lie, to immortalize deception, falsehood, artificiality.
The tree will go into the garbage in a few weeks. But the memories will remain.
The child SEEMED happy, the child ACTED happy. I BELIEVED the child was happy. And so I will continue to pretend that I was happy, that I am happy. I will pretend that my life is more real than santa’s life. But it is not. <The Lesson of christmas.


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Always Alone, Forever Inside of Myself, I Thrive

Isolation and solitude are the foundational building blocks to achievement of a limitless and untouchable Self-universe. I have always been alone, always. Never had a friend, never had a lover, never had a social visitor to my house, never been on a date. And I have never been lonely, not for a single moment, in my decades of existence.
I have never been lonely because I have always been alone. I knew at the age of 5 that I was alone, and would always be alone. So I built a universe and populated my universe with Me, Myself, and I.
How can I be lonely when I have an entire universe inside of Myself? A mind of limitless strength. Whatever I desire, I create for Myself. Whatever I need, I give to Myself. And so I am never alone, even as I am always alone.
Every interaction I choose to undertake is beautiful, powerful, noble, just, and right. Because every interaction is with Myself, the universe of untouchable perfection I inhabit. Alone. Always inside of Myself.
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Philip Chism: Your Tortured Child Creation

Yesterday, amerikkkan society and government continued its proud and unrepentant tradition of destroying every child in the world, by decreeing Philip Chism to be guilty of murder and deserving of punitive punishment, which will likely consist of being locked inside of a cage for the remainder of his imagined existence.
Philip was and is a child. A tortured, victimized, created child. A pale and tiny reflection of the limitless insanity and malice of the human society he was born into, that was imposed upon him, that shaped and molded and created him. Philip has always been your victim, your reflection, and never more so than when he raped and murdered his teacher at the age of 14, leaving a note next to her body: “I Hate You All”.
But no. You refuse to acknowledge Philip as your created victim, your pale reflection. You refuse to treat him as a victim, to beg him to forgive you for your crimes committed against him. No, you can’t do that. To do that would require you to look into the mirror and see yourselves as you Truly are. You can never bear the Truth of your own reflection.
And so you demonize Philip. He was a child aged 14 when he harvested Colleen Ritzer. And yesterday he was a child aged 16, when you officially demonized him as a murderer who must be punished. You demonized him as an adult, even though he is a child. This singular fact alone, decreeing a tortured child to be an adult just so you can feel better about sadistically victimizing him further, proves the legitimacy of all cathartic violence, proves that the True face of justice would have Martyr Philip not merely hating you all, but actually killing you all.
Did Philip ask to be born into your diseased and deranged society? Did he ask to be helplessly enslaved to biological creators and a family unit? Did he ask to be forced to endure educational indoctrination? Did he ask to be subjected to forced socialization in which he is stripped of ego and rendered dependent upon the approval of others? Did he ask to be sexually brainwashed to choose interactive sexual contact over the supreme glory and personal empowerment of masturbation? Did he ask to be born into a society that fetishizes violence, that markets all sexual intercourse as an act of cathartic violence? Did Philip ask to be abused, victimized, traumatized, harmed, stripped of Self-love and ego, as a helpless child??
Of course not! Philip is a pure victim, and any sane species, any sane society, would recognize him as a created victim, categorically reject the very idea of inflicting any punitive punishment upon him, and instead beg Philip for forgiveness, and use the factual reality of his proven victimization to initiate radical reforms to all aspects of childhood and child-rearing.
My respect and my sympathy will alway be with the victims that you demonize. I honor Philip as the greatest of all victims. I will not reserve even a single positive sentiment for Colleen Ritzer, not because she is not a victim, but because she served as part of the same collective hive mind which is guilty of directly sponsoring the genocidal abuse and destruction of all children.
Philip had the courage to stand up to the world, as a tortured child, and scream out, by his very actions: “Look, look what you did to me! Look how you have harmed me, let me show you how badly you have hurt me!!”
Philip, I see the Truth. I understand your message. I appreciate your courage. It is my honor to publicly proclaim the horror of your tragedy, which is the tragedy suffered by all children. The vast majority suffer their doomed fate quietly, content to find girlfriends and wives to sadistically rape and batter and dominate. And society honors them as mainstream citizens, rewards them for being properly socialized. The hypocrisy is more than enough to inspire homicidal rage.
Your mind is still not mature, Philip. I hope that as the years pass you will grow to love yourself more and more, and gain a full appreciation of the beauty and Truth you felt compelled to share with the universe at the tender age of 14.
You can read more about Martyr Philip here:


This is Philip Chism, a tortured and victimized child of 21st century amerikkkan society.

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A Forbidden Truth Understanding of Radicalization

For the past week the western media has engaged in a virtual orgy of definitional brainwashing centered upon the San Bernardino mass murder rampage of 20th and 21st century victims and Martyrs Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik.
The specific term being deployed by the western hive mind to definitionally brainwash, is radicalized. The amerikkkan government and media has spent many thousands of hours, via many thousands of different news and editorial articles, insisting that Rizwan and Tashfeen were radicalized, and engaging in a grand debate on how the regime and its citizen-slaves must figure out how to prevent future citizen-slaves from becoming radicalized.
The Truth of course, is that the amerikkkan government is glad that the San Bernardino mass murder occurred, because it was a political act, extremely useful to the regime in terms of enhancing the patriotic allegiance of the citizen-slaves that it terrorizes, and promoting/lengthening the foreign war against ISIS which it initiated and uses to successfully dissipate the homicidal rage and the domestic unrest of its citizen-slaves.
By defining Rizwan and Tashfeen as “radicals”, and undertaking a comprehensive media campaign to overtly define radicalism within the very narrow boundary of political violence undertaken by supporters of ISIS, the amerikkkan regime hijacks the terms radicalization and radicalism, cloaking the Forbidden Truth that extreme radicalism is a hallmark ideological and behavioral structure within 21st century western society, overtly promoted and imposed upon citizen-slaves as constituting a normal, appropriate, and mainstream “way of life”.
So, let us briefly dissect some of the extremely radical operational and ideological structures fully cemented into amerikkkan society as mainstream and moderate.
Belief in and worship of an imaginary god creature is a supremely radical idea and action. It defies all rationality and logic, the assumption that such a creature exists, imposes behavioral edicts, and dispenses reward and punishment upon humans. Religion itself is how radicalism, the definition of a “radical concept or structure fervently embraced”, must be defined.
Parenthood is a radical concept. The ideological construct that biological creators of children deserve to obtain unquestioned ownership of their creations as slaves, when everyone knows that many are incompetent to properly care for children, many do not even want to serve as parents, and many will inflict brutal and permanent damage to these helpless and supremely vulnerable children, must be understood as radicalism at its peak.
The judicial system is a radical human construct. The idea that victims deserve to be punitively punished simply because they victimize others, is intellectually and philosophically absurd. Even more so when the Forbidden Truth that the society and government inflicting this punishment is the same society and government which sponsors and is guilty of carrying out the universal victimization of all children, is revealed and understood.
Forced labor in exchange for money, under an overt threat of being subjected to horrific deprivation such as hunger, homelessness, and death if an individual refuses to engage in slave labor, is a supremely radical construct of government, most especially when a government claims to have abolished slavery and to provide valuable freedoms to its hostages, errrr…citizens.
Citizenship itself is a highly radical concept. The functional reality that every human being on planet earth must agree to serve the hive mind of a specific government, subject himself to the terrorist laws and demands of leaders, cannot be rationally justified. It is radicalism.
Sport hunting is a radical concept: The deliberate and pre-planned stalking and murder of vulnerable and Superior species of life who are simply attempting to avoid death, the most basic and instinctual right of every living thing. The radicalism of sport hunting is heightened when the Forbidden Truth that humans undertake this form of interspecies murder in order to satiate the misdirected rage and hate that they feel for fellow humans, as a result of their brutal victimization at the hands of fellow humans, is uncloaked.
I could go on forever, there are literally hundreds of different direct and dynamically valid examples of popular, legal, and mainstream human behavior and belief, in 2015 western society, that absolutely deserves to be defined and understood as radical, as the radical beliefs and behaviors of a radicalized mind.
As I have consistently revealed in my past illuminations of Forbidden Truth, definitional brainwashing is the single most pervasive and effective weapon used by society and government to impose and to maintain the matrix of universal illusion that 21st century humanity is trapped within. Nothing can be seen and understood as it is, because society and government controls and determines how words and terms are defined, and by proxy, how ideas and philosophical/ideological debates are perceived, framed, and deliberated.
So, how must radical, radicalization, and radicalized be defined, to honor Truth and to defy the definitional brainwashing of society and government??
Radical: An individual who accepts, adopts, or embraces any ideology or behavior which is not rooted in rational thought, logical deduction, or factual reality. An individual who rejects factual Truth in favor of illogical and unsupported fantasy and illusion of mind and thought. An individual who fails to recognize hypocrisy and adopts beliefs or behaviors which effectively duplicate existing social pathologies, while maintaining an ideological stance of morality, and/or legal/ethical justification.
Radical Idea: Any concept of mind which is not concretely rooted within rational thought, logical deduction, or factual reality. Any concept of mind which defies and rejects factual reality and Truth, as determined by the sane mind via a logical analysis of known facts, free of all social distortion, propaganda, censorship, and external coercion of mind.
Radicalization: The overt and conscious embrace of ideologies or behaviors which lack rational and logical roots and foundations. A personal philosophy of mind which rejects reality and Truth. An organized, ideological effort by those who reject reality and Truth to gain converts, by convincing them to reject reality and Truth, via the overt imposition of deceit, propaganda, and cloaking of factual realities and Truths upon the mind consciousness of others.
Radicalized: The process of becoming externally brainwashed and mind-coerced to reject factual realities and Truths, and to adopt and embrace ideological or behavioral constructs which fail to achieve concrete standing within the boundaries of objective sanity, logic, rationality, and fact-based reasoning.
Under these valid and legitimate definitional standards, victim-Martyrs Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik could not and would not be subjected to demonization as “radicals”, because radicalization would be understood as a belief in god, in and of itself. Radicalization would be understood as support for the punishment of victims, the hunting of animals, the aborting of children, the placement of children in the care of their biological creators, absent Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, etc…
By misdefining radicalism, society and government does not merely get away with demonizing Syed and Tashfeen under false pretense, it cloaks the True facts of what radicalism is, thereby blinding all western citizen-slaves to the factual reality that they function as and must be defined as absolute radicals, to a far greater degree than Syed and Tashfeen.
Now, here is the official 2015 western world definition of radicalization:
Radicalization (or radicalisation) is a process by which an individual or group comes to adopt increasingly extreme political, social, or religious ideals and aspirations that (1) reject or undermine the status quo or (2) reject and/or undermine contemporary ideas and expressions of freedom of choice.
Directly compare this perverse and absurd official definition, to my Forbidden Truth definitions, and if you are sane, you can clearly see the propaganda bias, you can understand how western society is using this term to both demonize Syed and Tashfeen, and coerce westerners to personally reject radicalism.
And what are the functional and philosophical consequence of you, the western citizen-slaves, rejecting radicalism? You are forced to conform, you are forced to accept the mainstream, existing doctrines of your society and government, such as religion, as being valid. You are forced to embrace and support the status quo!  Of course you are! If you fail to do so, you might be demonized as a radical, just like Syed and Tashfeen. You are forced to accept and embrace contemporary ideas and expressions of freedom of choice. And who gets to decide which ideas are “contemporary”, and therefore must be embraced?? Your slavemasters, of course! Who gets to decide and to define what “freedom of choice” is?? Your slavemasters, of course!
According to the amerikkkan regime, belief in god is a contemporary idea, not a deranged relic of a primitive and deformed mind. According to the amerikkkan regime, freedom of choice allows you to murder animals and children and cause every child to be abused, but freedom of choice does not allow you to abstain from slave labor or to live free of government oppression or to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment.
Definitional brainwashing is at the very root of the human matrix of universal illusion, paralyzing all of humanity. How can change be achieved, if nothing can be seen or understood for what it actually, functionally is??
This brilliant essay should enlighten all Truth-seeking minds to the horrific impact of definitional brainwashing, and to the fact that it is being utilized, all of the time, in thousands of different ways each and every day, as a direct weapon of the state, against every individual human being and human mind.


Syed Rizwan Farook, demonized a radical, in Truth a created victim of human society, reflecting the radical ideologies of a diseased species.


This is Tashfeen Malik, tortured victim-creation of human society and its radical constructs of religion and government.

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Uncensored ISIS Beheading of Russian Spy

Wow, things are busy on the news front. Sure wish I was not a labor slave, but rather the owner and operator of the 24 hour a day Forbidden Truth Broadcasting Network, with many millions of loyal viewers. But I am a slave laborer, so I do the best I can with the limited time and resources at my disposal.
Even as the aftermath of the fascinating San Bernardino mass murder rampage continues to unfold, we have other major news. ISIS, just a few hours ago, publicly released a brand spanking new beheading video. To be clear, it is a beheading, not a spanking, video.
As you would expect, we continue to see virtually universal censorship by the west of all ISIS videos, even the non-graphic ones, as the west continues its propaganda campaign. Censorship is a war of ideas being waged against western citizen-slaves, by their governments. It must be recognized and understood as such, by all seekers of Truth.
Censorship is the organized concealment of fact, of reality, of imagery and words and ideas, by a government. Censorship and propaganda always go together. The regime that censors, at the same time propagandizes, and does so directly addressing the same issue, the same oppositional force it has chosen to demonize.
Well, I am fighting my own little war, it is a war against censorship, and so I am pleased and proud to provide to all who might be interested, a direct link to the fully uncensored ISIS beheading video, exactly as released by ISIS earlier today.
Here are two direct links to the same video. I post them both because one does not seem to be playing as reliably as the other, and also because if one of these links is censored in the future, the other might still work. I am posting the link that is working better at this time, first:
Those of you seeking the emotional catharsis of viewing the actual beheading, are advised that it begins at the 7:10 mark on the video, and is not as gory or graphic as you might have hoped.
To all sane thinkers, you should not be terrorized by ISIS videos, or their content. Every government terrorizes its own citizen-slaves, using many different methodologies. Demonizing foreign groups and organizations as being “dangerous and terrible terrorists” is a primary method by which a government cloaks, conceals, and successfully denies the reality of the terrorism it is inflicting upon its own.
As a quasi-government, ISIS may not be your friend, but it is far less of an enemy than the government that you swear and pledge allegiance to, as a loyal citizen-slave. Observe this censored ISIS video, and the others I have so courageously published within my blog, and you may come to understand that the censorship itself, is a premier form of western propaganda.
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Breaking Update on San Bernardino Mass Murder

Well, the clean getaway is no longer clean. Tune to CNN now as the pigs have the likely escape vehicle disabled, at least one of the mass shooters downed and likely dead, and more details are certain to emerge in the next few minutes.

How Many Shooters at San Bernardino Mass Murder Site?

As most of you should know by now, there is a dynamic, breaking news story out of San Bernardino, California, usa. Gunmen, yes gunmen, according to most news media and law enforcement reports, stormed the Inland Regional Center, a large building that houses local government offices and provides local government services, and opened fire with long guns, killing at least 14 humans, and wounding at least 14 more.
The gunmen successfully fled the scene and remain at large, unlike the vast majority of mass murder incidents which occur in amerikkka. The getaway appears to have been “clean”, especially given that 6-7 hours have passed since the rampage occurred.
One of the more intriguing and unresolved details concerning this massacre, is the number of gunmen who carried it out. The news we are being given is that there appears to be more than one gunman, and very possibly three gunmen. We must be cautious in jumping to conclusions, because the media and the pigs always seem to get a lot of details wrong, in the hours and days immediately following a high profile crime event like this.
But, for the sake of argument, let us assume that there were three gunmen. If so, this provides a significant tactical advantage to the three gunmen, especially for as long as they remain anonymous and unidentified. In terms of further tactical actions, and confronting law enforcement if and when they are located, there is an operational advantage in their favor.
If they split up, they have an advantage in terms of spreading the pigs thin, and prolonging their reign of terror. If they stay together, they are at greater risk of being located, but they retain a better capacity to fight back and take out law enforcement agents if and when they are located and confronted. Further, if they stay together, their capacity to successfully plan and execute another mass murder rampage, before they are located or identified by law enforcement, increases.
I don’t want to delve into this detail much further, especially since there is no official confirmation of the number of attackers, but it is very interesting to contemplate the tactical advantages that a trio of unidentified at-large gunmen might enjoy.
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Clean Getaway for the San Bernardino Mass Murderer(s)

Breaking news out of San Bernardino, California, where at least one and possibly as many as three gunmen went on a well-planned, well-orchestrated shooting rampage just a few hours ago, killing at least 14 humans, and wounding at least 14 more.
Unlike most other mass murder rampages, the gunmen appear to have made an absolutely clean getaway. This adds greatly to the terror aspect of the event. Terrorization on a sustained and ongoing level, is what humanity has earned. If these gunmen remain at large for a lengthy period of time, the terror level will remain high and possibly increase over time.
From a tactical perspective, this incident instructs us that from both a sustained and ongoing media focus, and a capacity to stoke the fear of others, there are significant advantages to the mass shooter who makes a successful and clean getaway.
Again, everyone interested in following this dynamic and breaking news event online, can go to:
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It's a Brand Spanking New Massacre!

Hey folks, breaking news out of San Bernardino, California. Just a few hours ago at least two, possibly three enraged torture victims of human society went on a shooting rampage inside of the Inland Regional Center, a very large building that has 670 employees, and serves humans suffering from “developmental disabilities.”
CNN is confirming at least fourteen are dead, and at least fourteen more were shot and injured. The gunmen appear to have successfully fled the scene, and remain at large. This rampage occurred just about 5 hours ago, so details are still very sketchy.
I would urge all who are interested in following this breaking news as it develops, to tune to CNN or other news sources, or go to a website that provides real-time updates, such as:
Unfortunately I have slave labor to perform in the near future, so my ability to provide real-time updates will be limited. This is a fascinating incident, I am particularly intrigued by the fact that law enforcement pigs appear convinced there were at least two and very possibly three gunmen, quite unusual for a domestically-based mass murder rampage.
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