November 2015

The Forbidden Truths of Abortion

Imagine for a moment that you are an extraterrestrial creature, of Superior intellect and organized functionality of the brain, tasked with the mission of attempting to understand the ideological and behavioral dictates of the diseased, deranged, and devolving to extinction species of humanity.
So, you deide to visit earth. Quite by accident, your landing coordinates take you to the central portion of amerikkka, let us say Iowa, why not even Iowa City, the “heartland. The very first building that you lay eyes on is at 850 Orchard Street, Iowa City, IA 52246. So you decide, why not begin your research of the human condition right there, at that building. Look closely, this ordinary looking, blocky white structure has a sign on it. Zoom in with your laser vision, and you can read it: “Planned Parenthood of the Heartland”, it says.,-91.5414799,3a,15y,95.11h,87.17t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sB9ADvRm3YWXCWKlCw_tkDA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x3409671e084f6fb9!6m1!1e1
“How very interesting! This must be a place where humans who desire to serve as caretakers to children go, to plan and prepare to be parents, to undergo training, competency evaluation and testing, I must explore this place further!”, so you decide, as a sane scholar of the human condition.
So you begin your research into the human condition right there, and very quickly you realize that your initial, logical and sane assumption was completely and absolutely wrong. This place, this “Planned Parenthood” place, is a place where humans go to exterminate, annihilate, and murder completely helpless and supremely vulnerable children. You learn that this type of murder is completely legal, accepted, embraced. You learn that inside amerikkka alone, evenly scattered throughout the land, there are approximately 700 Planned Parenthood buildings, owned and operated by a single company, where female humans can go to murder helpless young children. Not to mention many thousands of other such companies providing the same service.
“Fascinating! They have an organized system to allow biological creators to exterminate their young at will, they have legalized this activity and they promote this activity as a valuable right and freedom to be afforded to their female slaves, who express appreciation and gratitude by pledging loyal allegiance and accepting lifelong slavery and death as imposed upon them by this very same organized system. They call it a ‘government’ ”
So begins your written report, as you reveal your research findings into the most diseased and deranged species you have ever had the opportunity to psychologically dissect.
Just a few days ago, a 57 year old Martyr and tortured victim-creation of 20th and 21st century amerikkkan society named Robert Lewis Dear went on a shooting rampage inside a Planned Parenthood Abortion Center in Colorado. He successfully harvested three humans, and wounded nine more. This incident provides Me with an excellent opportunity to restate some of the Forbidden Truths regarding the perverse human activity you creatures call “abortion”.
I have already written at great length on the legal murder structure of abortion, within my Main Manifesto, specifically the Child Abuse page, located here:
But in terms of blog essays, I have only superficially mentioned this issue, in posts that primarily address other subjects. Let us end this omission right here and now.
The derangement of humanity as a collective species is proven by the functional structures of organized and systemic genocide that it clings to, that it chooses to legalize, to maintain, to promote, and to defend. Parenthood itself is one such organized and systemic form of genocide. Parenthood, as a functioning structure, in and of itself, creates, maintains, ensures the genocidal victimization and destruction of all children.
I begin with this Forbidden Truth because it is important to understand that abortion is nothing more than a minor symptom, a side effect, of the primary hive mind structure of parenthood, which officially decrees all children to be worthless, subhuman, owned pieces of property, possessing no rights, no freedoms, no autonomy, no identity, no right to exist outside of being possessed by others, to destroy and to cripple.
It is the structure of parenthood, in and of itself, which directly causes the hundreds of different forms of systemic, organized genocide of the minds, souls, and bodies of children. Abortion is simply one of these many hundreds of forms of child genocide. Therefore, no sane thinker should fixate upon abortion as a “problem” that needs to be resolved or stopped. Abortion is not the problem. Parenthood is the problem. Parenthood, as a functional structure, must be eradicated.
Abortion is simply a word that humanity has invented, to deny the fact that it chooses to sponsor the organized murder of womb-trapped children, as a way to promote the illusion of personal freedom being provided by government, and as a way to covertly satiate the homicidal rage of all human beings, who exist as tortured and enraged victims of universal child abuse.
Using the word abortion, just like using words such as “hunting” and “death penalty” and “euthanasia”, is the method by which a society based upon the exaltation of death and murder, is able to promote and popularize ritualistic murder, and use murder to appease its population of humans, who are obsessed with harming, abusing, victimizing, and destroying others, in True Reality reflection of their own past, present, and ongoing victimization and psychological torment.
Abortion is very important to 21st century first world societies, because it is one of the only forms of legal murder specifically marketed to younger females, while younger males are offered more legal murder options. Female slaves play a vital role in domesticating and taming male slaves, therefore it is vital to society and government that their homicidal ideation be satisfied.
Abortion is also vitally important because it lays down a concrete platform of absolute worthlessness, captivity, and dehumanization, for all children, of all ages. Abortion empowers and uplifts the structure of parenthood as that of the slavemaster and the terrorist god, instructing every parent to perceive and to treat “their” child(ren) as worthless pieces of property, and bestowing upon every parent the ideological right to inflict limitless harm upon every legally owned child, up to and including direct murder.
Every moral, ethical, intellectual, and ideological argument that can and is made, which attempts to legitimize the act of abortion as being anything other than the pre-meditated and intentional murder of a helpless human child, is absurd and defies all sanity of mind.
One argument is that the “fetus” is not a human being. That is absurd. It is like saying a kitten should be murdered because it is not a cat. It is the same as saying a 5 year old child must not be murdered, but it is perfectly okay to murder a 4 year old child. A child is created when a sperm cell successfully comingles with an egg, fertilizing it, and then the first cellular structure of the new life form, a human being, is created.
“Fetus” is a word created by human beings to dehumanize a human being for a specific period of time, for the purpose of denying this human being a right to life and to be protected from harm and murder. For the exact same reason, humanity creates the word “child”, to distinguish these human beings from “adults”, and to allow their genocidal enslavement, abuse, brainwashing, and cultural indoctrination by adults, acting on behalf of society and government.
Another argument used by homicidal pro-abortionists is that the “fetus” must not be afforded any protection from being murdered, because it cannot live and survive outside of the womb. How insane and absurd! I cannot survive on mars, or underwater, or in a thousand other places. The idea that the physical location of an individual renders him deserving of murder is deranged, yet it is exactly what this argument posits.
Another argument is that the existence of the womb-trapped child is negatively impacting the existence of the female carrier, and therefore, under the laws of freedom and personal autonomy, the female carrier is entitled to try to improve the quality of her daily life by murdering this child. I like this argument, but only if you carry it forward to its only natural conclusion: That all individuals possess a sacred and inalienable right to murder any living thing that negatively impacts their experience of their existence. The list is long, folks! At least my list is!
But of course you creatures react with shock and horror at such a logical progression of argument. You insist that only the worthless, subhuman “fetus” is open to murder, not actual adult human beings, so that the gal can try to enjoy her own illusion of existence a little bit better. How perverse!
Another mindboggling argument made by the idiots, is that the female might not have wanted to become pregnant, or maybe she was even sexually assaulted against her will, resulting in her pregnancy, and these facts somehow entitle her to carry out the murder of a womb-trapped child. How absurd! I do not want to engage in slave labor, so am I protected from legal persecution if I murder my boss, or the heads of the economic system that holds Me hostage to money?? I do not want to see human beings, so am I legally entitled to murder every human being I lay eyes upon??
This argument, as every previous argument, can only be rationalized by a deranged mind. So you were raped! This gives you the legal right to murder a helpless, innocent child that had nothing to do with causing you to have been raped?? Note my emphasis on the word legal, because of course I respect the True Reality right of all victims to commit all murders, as their True Reality dictates. But not as a legal right, not as other murderers are demonized and punished by the same society and government that sponsors all rape, and all universal victimization.
Abortion is murder. The coldest of cold-blooded, premeditated murder, of the most helpless, vulnerable, and innocent of human beings. Only a diseased and deranged species, unable to function within sanity, populated exclusively by traumatized victims obsessed with harming and destroying others, could or would legalize and popularize and promote and defend the act of murder it calls abortion.
Of course there is one argument in favor of abortion which is valid and honorable. In very rare and isolated instances, allowing a womb-trapped child to continue to exist and develop inside the womb, poses a direct medical danger of causing severe and permanent physical damage, or death, to the woman who is pregnant. How often does this occur?? Very rarely! But within medical fact, these very rare situations absolutely can and should allow for the destruction of the womb-trapped child. It is called Self-defense, the individual right to protect his direct physical health and existence from suffering permanent harm and destruction is absolutely valid and must be recognized.
To destroy a womb-trapped child under this very specific, isolated, solo, and rare circumstance of fact, must not be labelled as an act of murder, because it would be an act of Self-defense, perfectly moral and justified within the legal and ethical glory of unconditional narcissism and love of Self.
I respect and I honor all reflective acts of violence. The attack on the Colorado Planned Parenthood abortion center by Robert Lewis Dear represents an attempt by a victim of universal child abuse, to pierce the hive mind of humanity, as well as to reflect his own personal True Reality. But in terms of enlightening the minds of others to the Forbidden Truths of child abuse, his actions are useless.
So what if every abortion clinic in the world stopped performing abortions?? In terms of impacting the reality of universal child abuse, such a dramatic occurence would change nothing, in and of itself. Abortion is not the problem, it is only a tiny symptom, one of hundreds, thousands of different symptoms, of the actual problem. The actual problem is parenthood, the sacred family unit, child ownership, the dehumanization of all children as law, as public policy, as social and cultural decree and doctrine.
The problem is that every adult human being alive at this moment is a victim of child abuse, and is damaged by child abuse, and is psychologically obsessed with harming children. Every adult human! The only way to go from universal child abuse, to the elimination of child abuse, is to terminate parenthood, end the family unit, emancipate all children from the horror that is all of human history, as I have outlined within My Manifesto.
But the human being is not capable of this. He is not capable. And so we go back to the beginning of this essay, with our extraterrestrial visitor filing his report on those darn humans. In the end, he concludes that humanity is doomed, and the abortion “clinic”, staffed by medical doctors who have sworn an oath to protect and defend life, instead choosing to directly murder completely helpless and supremely vulnerable children, under the authority, protection, and instruction of law, is simply a structure which demonstrates beyond all doubt, the hopelessness of the human condition.


Robert Lewis Dear, Jr., Tortured victim-creation of the universal child abuse sponsored by 21st century human society.

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Assault By Word: Writing as Violent Attack

I published my first genuine, feature-length essay approximately 25 years ago. It was titled:
Handy Hints for Messier Massacres: A Guide to Maximizing the Mass Murder Kill Count
Catchy title, don’t ya think? There was no internet back then, at least not for Me. I published it within my print magazine, “Livin’ In A Powderkeg And Givin’ Off Sparks”, 400 copies per issue, lovingly crafted by Me via typewriter, razor blade, scissors, clear scotch tape, xerox copy machines, and an industrial grade Bostitch stapler that I still own and use. Instead of the internet, I distributed my Mind Bombs of True Reality expression via Priority Mail delivery, courtesy of the postal service.
Someday soon I will grace the universe with a lengthy essay describing in great detail the intricate process by which I created my masterpieces. Every issue took hundreds of hours of work to create. But not now. Lets go back to my seminal, 25 year old  Handy Hints essay.
I have never posted this essay to the internet. Never. Not even a brief paragraph, much less the entire text. But like most works of greatness and brilliance, it eventually found its way to cyberspace, courtesy of a tiny handful of aspiring Superiors who appreciated its attack upon and against the hive mind of humanity.
You can read this entire essay, unedited, uncensored, my 25 year old MindGasm, at several online websites, including right here:
Come on, I know you want to read it. Don’t pretend otherwise. Read it! Mass murder is much trendier now than it was 25 years ago, so enjoy being a trendsetter!
Now that you have been properly schooled on how to become a successful mass murderer, it is time to get to the beating, yes beating heart of this essay, a far more mundane topic than mass murder. The topic is writing.
You might read this 25 year old essay of mine, and find yourself comparing it to essays I wrote and published last week, and this week, and you might conclude that they are “different”, the tone is different, the writing style is different, the vocabulary is different. But you would be wrong. Nothing is different.
Writers have writing styles. Writers change and evolve over time. Writers carefully tailor their texts to try to win the approval of a targeted audience.
I am not a writer. I have never been a writer, and I will never be a writer. I can pen a million different texts, on a million different days, spanning a million years, and I will still never be a writer.
I am an attacker. I assault the universe. Words, sentences, paragraphs, texts, these things are simply a few of the many different and extremely varied weapons in the vast arsenal that I possess and use, to carry out my attacks and assaults.
The essay that I wrote 25 years ago, represented my first open and public use of words and language as weapons. But I recognized, nurtured, and cultivated the value of words as weapons, from the age of 5 or 6. The child who possesses a brain oriented towards Truth comes to realize, at a very young age, that words are one of the most popular, common, and effective ways for human beings to abuse, harm, terrorize, and destroy each other.
As a victim of child abuse, and as a creation of humanity, I am proud of all the attacks and assaults that I carry out against humanity. My writings, all of them, exist as violent attacks. My goal is to harm and to destroy. My writing does not change, it does not evolve. My writing does not pander, it does not seek favor, not even the favor of homicidal psychopaths.
All independently inspired violence exists and occurs as communication. All such violence is a personal expression of outrage, an attack carried out in response to Self-recognition, on some level, that the individual is a victim of violent attack.
The message is always an accurate reflection of the True Reality of the messenger. Everything that I write is a calculated attack. It does not matter what the specific subject I am addressing, is. It does not matter whether the tone I use is street-level aggressive, or university-level erudite. Vocabulary, length, tone, topic, these variables are nothing more than a gunman selecting between an available arsenal of firearms: Glock, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Uzi, Bushmaster, etc…
If you perceive a specific essay or text I write as a personal attack against you, it is only because you are particularly sensitive and hostile to a specific Truth that I am revealing and exposing. The reality is, everything I write is a personal attack against and upon you, the reader. So just be grateful that the attack is not fatal.
The best writers know that they are not writers. The best writers wield their pens, or pencils, or typewriters, or computer keyboards, as daggers and swords and switchblade knives and handguns and rifles and bombs. Every sentence is an attack, every constructed idea is wordized (Yes, I made that word up) to inflict maximum harm, to slice open human brains.
Personal, yet anonymous, hurtled with malicious intent towards you, and also towards everyone else, everyone on the planet, everyone disgraced by the shame of having been born human. I wish my words to pierce every human heart and every human mind. Not to enlighten, but to shatter, to shatter every human mind into a million fragments. Look, over there, fragment A, and B, and C, and….no, not 26 fragments. 26 fragments is not nearly enough. A million, every single human brain, forever shattered.
The writer, writes. It is his job, his hobby, his interest, his passion. A way to pass time, or make money, or feel better about himself, or try to change some minds.
The attacker, attacks. Writing is not his job or his hobby, he is not trying to pass away some time or gain self-confidence or make money. He attacks, because humans need to be sliced open and shattered into a million pieces, in one way or another. In as many ways as possible.
So I welcome you, my dear reader. Lend Me your ears and eyes and heart and brain. Immerse yourselves within my poetically beautiful texts. Let Me win your hearts and minds……..or I’ll blow your da*n heads off! Metaphorically speaking, of course. 🙂
Manson Beat You To Death
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A Forbidden Truth Understanding of Science Fiction

Science fiction is everywhere, universally popular among humans. In amerikkka alone there are literally thousands of science fiction books that have been written and published over the past 100 years. There are thousands more science fiction movies that have been made just in the past 80 years alone. Many thousands of science fiction stories have been published in magazines, and composed as comic books, during this same time period. Hundreds of different television series, comprised of tens of thousands of 30 and 60 minute long episodes, have been created. There is even, in 2015, an entire television network, the SyFy Channel, devoted exclusively to airing science fiction shows and movies.
How can this be? And what does it reveal about the nature of humanity as a species?? Let us begin with this clear understanding: Science and fiction are mutually incompatible! Science fiction is an absurd comingling of two individually exclusive structures, which cannot be rationally justified, and which causes directly devastating harm to all who seek a path of Truth based upon personal and species-wide enlightenment of mind.
Consider: Does “math fiction” exist? No. Have many thousands of texts and movies and serial scripts have been penned and become universally popular among many millions of humans, which fictionalize the factual structure of arithmetic?? None. Upon rational analysis, any devotee of “math fiction” would be recognized as sick in the head, directly rejecting and compromising the validity of concrete numerical equation.
Science is the uncompromising pursuit and embrace of factual reality and demonstrable Truth. Fiction is the rejection of reality and Truth, the creation of false, fake, artificial realities and universes, for amusement and diversion of mind and of thought. To combine science and fiction is an abomination! Such a combination represents a direct attack against the factual Truth quest that defines the core mandate of science:

 science /ˈsīəns/ noun:
The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

The very concept of science is in its infancy, at most 400 years old, a mere drop in the bucket when contrasted against the historical existence of humanity as a species, dating back at least 200,000 years. Science is one of the most revolutionary concepts ever developed by the human mind. Science represents the first and only valid attempt by humanity as a species, to face up to reality and Truth regarding its place in the universe, as well as horrific natural phenomena such as death.
For 196,600+ years, science did not exist within human consciousness. The human being made no legitimate, Truth-based attempt to understand the universe, much less his place in the universe, for all those 196,600+ years. Then came science. But science has always been the purview of exclusive, isolated, rare minds. The typical human being in the year 1600 feared, rejected, and hated science. So did the typical human in 1700, and the year 1800, and the year 1900, and the year 2000, and the year 2015.
Nothing has changed over the past 400 years regarding the universal rejection of science by the average, typical, common human, the Unwashed Masses, as I brand them. Nothing has changed!
To the Unwashed Masses of the year 1400, science was unfathomable. It could not be imagined, it was a fiction beyond all fictions, because it could not even be penned as a work of fiction. It did not exist within human consciousness.
Today, in 2015, science, as a discipline of the reasoning mind, can be “fathomed”. But it remains universally feared, scorned, and rejected. This is the Truth. You humans will not admit to this Truth, of course. You insist that science is welcomed and embraced, you claim to offer educational courses of scientific study. You claim to employ scientists, to bestow a revered place within the social structure upon scientists. You claim to honor them as pioneers helping to shape the future.
But all this is a matrix-based illusion. You are lying to yourselves, just as surely as the salem witch burners who enjoyed human immolation by deluding themselves into believing they were protecting their way of life from evil witches.
From the very beginning, 400 years ago, science has been ridiculed, rejected, renounced, attacked, and condemned. All of this is occurring today, in 2015, with just as much venom, ferocity, and universal passion of the common man, as it did in 1600 and 1700. But it is far more and far better cloaked today. Science is superficially accepted and embraced via useless verbal claim, but covertly rejected and condemned, as practical, functional reality.
It would be easy for Me to name the existence of religion as the greatest proof of human rejection of science in the 21st century. And indeed this diseased and deranged structure provides such proof. But 21st century human rejection of science goes much further, to the pathological embrace of death, to the rejection of universal child abuse as the cause of every social problem, to the human addictions to personal slavery and mind-altering chemicals, and the list is endless.
The potential of science, rooted within the pursuit and embrace of uncompromising Truth, is to lay bare the entire matrix of illusion upon which humanity, organized via society and government, has staked its existence in the 21st century, and this is why science is universally feared, condemned, and rejected today.
So, the primary topic of this essay is science fiction, and now we return to it, to expose and reveal this Forbidden Truth: Science fiction is one of the top, main, and primary 20th and 21st century ideological platforms deployed by humanity as a species to undermine, sabotage, distort, deform, cripple, and reject science and scientific progress, accurately defined as the search for, recognition of, and embrace of functional physical, natural, and structural realities and Truths.
The fictionalization of science, is how humanity as a species destroys scientific reality, scientific fact, and scientific Truth, in the 21st century. Science fiction warps all scientific study and all scientific discovery. Science fiction distorts, undermines, sabotages  anything and everything that science discovers. Science fiction trivializes every scientific discovery, renders every scientific discovery a form of mindless entertainment and distraction, instead of uplifting every scientific discovery as a profound step towards the recognition and embrace of a universe of consciously recognized and understood Truth.
You, the Unwashed Masses, will counter that science fiction promotes scientific thought and reasoning. You will say that science fiction expands the minds of human beings, especially children, encouraging them to pursue science, respect science, become scientists. You will claim that science is scary and intimidating to the average human, that science fiction helps to make science understandable and acceptable to the common man. You will ruminate that science fiction helps human beings to recognize that through science, anything is possible, even a utopian future shaped by the embrace of scientific facts and pursuit.
You are dead wrong on all of these counts! Science fiction is the anti-science, it is a dynamic, real-time cancer, cannibalizing science, destroying all human capacity to embrace, demand, and thrive within the conscious creation of a new world and a future based upon the purity of Truth that is scientific fact, discovery, and reality.
One of the covert goals of science fiction is to discourage scientific progress by positioning science as dangerous and threatening. You see this factual reality both consciously and subconsciously expressed by the nature of science fiction, the storylines of science fiction, invariably consisting of monsters and war and violence, danger and plague, an unknown void to be feared and rejected in favor of the genocidal horrors of what is familiar: god, death, slavery, obedience, the family, suffering, addictions of all types, self-hate, breeding.
Science fiction is a primary method by which 21st century societies and governments terrorize their own citizen-slaves into rejecting science. You can draw a direct parallel to Flat Earth theory, deployed by leaders of society and government for many thousands of years to terrorize citizen-slaves into “voluntarily” chaining themselves to territorial borders: “Be careful, the earth is flat, if you venture too far you are liable to fall right off!”
Just as religion is relentlessly and pathologically promoted by 21st century society and government, so is science fiction, via book, magazine, comic, movie, television series, and carefully cultivated cultural propaganda epics such as the “space race”.
In 2015, science fiction is far more popular than science. This popularity is not an accident. It represents and it expresses the ongoing, covert rejection of science by humanity, as has occurred for the past 400 years, since the very beginning of science as conscious concept, and it provides the perfect cover for humanity to overtly reject science, while deluding itself on a species-wide level, that it supports and embraces scientific progress and scientific facts.

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A Generous Dose of Thanks, Forbidden Truth Style

Right now is a good time to give thanks, to be thankful, to launch thermonuclear missiles just full of cute looking, plutonium-grade radioactive thank you notes.
Ready? Aim?? Fire!
I am thankful to Myself for creating a beautiful and untouchable universe to inhabit, via the power of My brain.
I am thankful to be completely, absolutely, and utterly alone, to have no friends, no family, no human beings who engage in any personal contact with Me.
I am thankful to be an lifelong adult virgin, to have never allowed any human being the opportunity to soil the sacred space that is My body.
I am thankful to be the owner of Myself, able to feel and to bestow limitless and unconditional love upon Myself, at My will.
I am thankful for the gift of hate, to be able to embrace and direct as much hatred as I choose, upon and against any living thing that I choose, and to gain both the motional and ideological pleasure via the free and open direction of absolute and unrepentant hatred.
I am thankful to be the murderer of god, and for seizing the power that his mythology was used for, to attempt to destroy Me, to enhance My own personal rights and entitlements.
I am thankful to Myself for developing, possessing, nurturing, and consistently enhancing the personal courage which allows Me to face up and consciously embrace every Forbidden Truth of human existence.
I am thankful for the gift of human inferiority, consistently on display, demonstrated and proven to Me on a daily basis, enhancing My journey as a transcendee.
I am thankful to Myself for having made the decision to both reject and transcend My species origin as a human being, and for seizing the benefits and the glories of species transcendation.
I am thankful to be in possession of the sanity of mind to understand that there is absolutely nothing external to Self and to Self-creation, that I can, do, or will ever owe a debt of thankfulness to.
I am thankful for the conscious recognition and understanding that all societal attempts to inspire and to compel My external thankfulness to others, individual or structural, are violent, terrorist attacks intended to harm Me and to destroy the universe of perfection I have created for Myself as sacred birthright.
I am thankful to know that I am an abuse victim, a trauma victim, and a murder victim, and that My victimization is dynamic, ongoing, and malicious.
I am thankful for the opportunity to bear witness to a species that should have never existed, achieving the extinction it has earned.
I am thankful to know that there is absolutely nothing for Me to be thankful for, absolutely nothing, because everything will be lost, everything will be destroyed, everything will be taken away, from Me. If not today, then tomorrow, or the next day, or the next, and every day is today, every moment is right now, this very instant, because the future of 5 minutes from now, or 5 years from now, or 500 years from now, is a lie. And so everything has been lost, everything has been destroyed, everything has been taken away.
Thank You Word Drawn On The Beach Sand
Thank you, pathetic humanity, for inspiring Me to achieve the mind perfection to know that I have nothing to be thankful for.
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A Thanksgiving Movie Recommendation

I watch very few movies. The fictionalization of reality is a perverse luxury that the mind-crippled human species has not earned, and can never earn. As a Superior, I choose to spend the vast majority of my time immersed in concrete and factual reality, enhancing and fortifying the powers of my mind.
In recent years I average about two new movies per year, watched from start to finish. And quite often these movies are chosen by Me with the foreknowledge that they will cater to my female foot pain fetish.
But hey, it is the perversely deranged amerikkkan holiday of thanksgiving, when humans pretend to be thankful for the horrific universe they have chosen to create and doom themselves by, a good day to step outside of the box and indulge in some fictional catharsis of mind.
Today I will rewatch one of my favorite fictional movies of recent years. The title is: Day Night Day Night. It was released in 2006 and it tells the story of a female suicide bomber preparing to detonate in Times Square, New York City, from her perspective.
There is no gory violence, and the ending is ambiguous, as the director lacked the balls, as all fictional movie creators do, to pay us off with a money shot of horrific devastation, severed limbs, victims bleeding out via shrapnel wounds.
But still, I like the movie. It does not attempt to moralize. It allows the viewer to place himself into the character of “She”, the aspiring suicide bomber. She is not even given a name, a positive detail which allows us to walk better in her shoes.
The best scenes are within the final 30 minutes, as She walks among the crowds of her potential victims, thinking, feeding, the omnipotence of her power invisible to all, but She. And yet She cannot properly revel in her human bomb status, the reasons why are left to the viewer to ponder and to draw conclusions.
How beautiful, that this movie is more directly realistic today, than it was nine years ago upon release. How many 2015 ISIS devotees, and other victims, all across the world, who understand that they are already dead, might be cathartically savoring this movie on their televison, computer, and cell phone screens?
Yes, Day Night Day Night is a fictional movie. But it contributes to Truth. It gives a face to the terrorized, the ones you demonize as terrorists, and it predicts the future, even if the future is not quite here.
I cannot provide a direct, free link to the full movie. But here is a nice trailer:

And some rental/purchase information, along with reviews:

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The Motivation is the Justification

A man lures a 6 year old girl into his car by promising to show her a cute baby kitten, then rapes, tortures, and decapitates her.
A woman promises her 3 sons a fun trip to the movies, then deliberately drives into a lake, drowning them all.
A gunman enters a kindergarten classroom, barricades the only exit door shut, then indiscriminately massacres all of the children inside.
Over and over, you pathetic hypocrites scream out the party line that has been brainwashed and indoctrinated into your functionally broken brains: “These atrocities are impossible to justify! How can there be any justification for the intentional commission of such atrocities?!” The Truth is, your irrationality is breathtaking, and your inability to recognize and embrace factual realities boggles the mind of a sane, Superior thinker.
Of course all harmful acts which terrorize and destroy the bodies, minds, and lives of others, are justified. All such acts are inherently and intrinsically justified. With a single short sentence of Forbidden Truth, containing just five words, this philosophical reality is brilliantly illuminated:

The motivation is the justification.

Those of you who have read My writings know that I am an absolute amoralist. Amoralism represents the only ideological path which honors the sacred right of personal reflection, while at the same time rejecting and exposing all external moral edicts and principles espoused by human society as empty shells and malicious deceptions.
I have already written quite extensively on Forbidden Truth amoralism, how it must be defined and the ideological and behavioral freedoms and demands of this gloriously empowering life path philosophy. You can read a brief but very valuable beginners guide to Forbidden Truth amoralism right here:
So, The motivation is the justification. What does this mean?? It means that all external attempts by humans to impose moral judgment upon the actions or ideologies of other living things, are inherently, intrinsically, and universally invalid. All external moral judgments by humans, in and of themselves, are immoral.
The motivation is the justification means that all moral judgment must be understood as exclusively internal to Self. It means that every action is justified, by the very fact that an individual is personally motivated to carry it out.
If you lack the motivation to dismember a six year old boy, you may impose, only upon yourself, a moral code which prevents you from carrying out the act of dismembering a six year old boy. If someone else possesses the personal motivation to dismember a six year old boy, he is morally entitled and justified to carry out the act, and to face no moral judgment from any entity external to Self.
The motivation is the justification is a moral code of conduct firmly rooted in the Forbidden Truths of amorality. It honors the sacred law of reflection: Those who are harmed possess an intrinsic right to harm others.  Every decision by an individual to harm others, reflects and expresses the Truth that he is a victim of harm.
Amorality is the only honorable code of conduct that exists within 21st century humanity. Why? Because morality does not exist. Morality is a pure illusion, a pretense, a deception, the darkest of lies held up by the darkest of forces: The leaders and the loyal supporters of human society and government.
Immorality is the domain of rulers and leaders, citizens and landowners and company owners, businessmen and policemen and bankers and teachers and parents. The human world is ruled via the immorality of the immoral, who pretend to be moral and who insanely demand the right to pass moral judgment upon and against others.
No matter how hard I try, I cannot be as immoral as those who would judge Me immoral. Maybe I could rape and dismember 5, 10, 50 children. But how can this compare to human society officially sponsoring the universal abuse of all children on this planet, and the starvation deaths of thousands each and every day in the name of propping up ultra-diseased capitalist societies which enslave and murder every single citizen??
No matter how many humans I might torment and murder, how can I compete with the universal death and torment sponsored and imposed by human society and government upon every single human being on earth??? I cannot.
Immorality rules all of human existence, imposed and inflicted from the top down. As a Superior, while absolutely embracing and demanding a personal right to seek and claim limitless vengeance, as dictated by the parameters of my True Reality, I refuse to aspire to be immoral. Immorality represents the ideology of my destroyer, my victimizer. To be openly immoral only plays into the hands of the immoral propagandists who pretend to be moral.
No, that is not the path of the Superior. I am amoral, empowered by the freedom of mind to commit any act, knowing it to be justified. The Motivation is the justification.
I judge humanity immoral, even as I decline to morally judge the chosen life path of any individual created by the immorality of humanity. All who judge Me immoral, prove that they are immoral, by their very judgment.
You wish to try to prevent Me from doing “bad” things, by judging Me bad for doing them?? No! You have forfeited this right, you lost this right when you chose to impose harm upon Me, when you reflected your immorality upon Me.
In a world of universal immorality, the only revolution of mind which represents Truth and freedom and the only valid form of justice that can be claimed within the functional human construct of universal injustice, is the right to hurt, to harm, to traumatize, to destroy, to dismember, to behead, to immolate, to incinerate, within the personal embrace of amorality.
And to all the hypocrites who continue to bleat that “we” cannot be allowed to carry out such atrocities, look in the mirror and see the monster that you are and the monsters that you represent: Genocidal immorality imposed under your will upon each of “us”, your victims, your creations, your reflections.
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'No Respite', Latest Uncensored ISIS Video

Back in the day, or just a few months ago to be specific, the amerikkkan media propaganda machine claimed to be censoring ISIS videos because they contained brutally violent beheadings.
Just about 24 hours ago ISIS released a new video which contains absolutely no gory or graphic violence. The title is “No Respite”, and guess what?? It is being subjected to just as much censorship by the west as any of the previous beheading, burning, drowning, det-cord videos.
The amerikkkan regime is a malicious and diseased empire which thrives on propaganda, brainwashing, and brutal indoctrination of its young, as well as relentless recruiting of new loyalist disciples via both the demonization of other regimes, and a global war to maintain poverty within both the traditionally defined and the newly minted third world.
To the billions of human beings the amerikkkan regime forces to exist in poverty and daily danger of death, the regime offers a perverse opportunity to achieve the false illusion of freedom and safety, in exchange for lifelong slavery of body and mind, obtained via direct terrorist threat.
amerikkka and isis are bloodbrother twins, vying for the hearts and minds of human slaves too blind to understand that to be governed by people and their imaginary gods, is to be brutally enslaved and terrorized.
It is with pride and with offensive intent that I post this direct link to one of the best ISIS propaganda videos to be created to date. Yes, of course it is a propaganda video, but it reveals valuable Truth, in its design, in its message, and in its objective. The Forbidden Truths to be revealed, as you watch this video, are not about ISIS, but about amerikkka and the west.
Propaganda always exposes Truth about the “other” side, that is why amerikkka censors ISIS propaganda videos, and ISIS censors amerikkkan propaganda videos. Seekers of Truth who exist as slaves to the west, can come to realize the nature of how their regime propagandizes them, by observing this video with an open and free mind.
Nationalism, god worship, unity pledged through blind allegiance, the recruitment of foreigners to become citizen-slaves, the suicidal ideation inspired and demanded by the western way of life, all these and more Truths are exposed by this ISIS video.
To those it seeks to propagandize, ISIS is a malicious cancer. And to those it seeks to propagandize, amerikkka is a malicious cancer. This is the anarchist Truth that no government, no existing or aspiring nation-state wants you to understand and to know. This is why all human societies actively censor, while at the same time actively propagandize, their own citizen-slaves, as well as actively seek to recruit new devotees from abroad. Make no mistake, amerikkka is recruiting for its terrorist army, with even greater cunning, threat, and bribe, than ISIS can or will.
Those who ask Me if I am a supporter of ISIS, the answer is that I am a supporter of Truth, whoever expresses it. My support of Truth is unconditional and unbiased. Whatever and whomever attacks and lays bare for all to see, the propaganda of the hive mind of government, any and every government, receives My appreciation.
To not allow every single amerikkkan citizen-slave to view the new ISIS “No Respite” video, in full and uncensored format, is to conceal and to destroy Truth. The amerikkkan government and its media puppets are guilty of this crime, this atrocity.
Many thousands of so-called “free and independent” news organizations exist inside amerikkka, from television stations to newspapers to magazines to radio stations, yet none of them will even provide a direct link to this uncensored video, even as the “war” against ISIS is the number one news story in amerikkka and is being relentless flogged by the regime in order to propagandize patriotic allegiance and mass murder of a demonized external “enemy” created by the genocidal foreign policies of amerikkka.
And so here it is, the uncensored No Respite ISIS video, posted to open all sane minds to the horror that is western propaganda:
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A Message to the Loyal Patriots

As an anarchist, I am pleased to provide a brief but important PSA, (Public Service Announcement) to all the loyal government addicts who are reaffirming their patriotic allegiance to various nation-states in the wake of the recent terrorism propaganda wave.
I know you pathetic sheeple are too broken and brainwashed to understand and embrace the Forbidden Truth that your own government is both your greatest enemy and your greatest active, ongoing, daily terrorizer.
It would simply bore you, and waste My time, to type out a lengthy, erudite essay explaining exactly how and why this is so. And I have already provided this information in brilliant, complete detail, in My past writings. So, let Me try a little verbal assault, just to amuse Myself at your expense:

Feel this message implanted in your head….
Hear this message across the sea of the dead….
You will never live to see the bloodshed end….

As you devolve to species extinction, I celebrate the end of what should never have come to be: Humanity.

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Religion Is Terrorism

You pathetic humans spend your time debating whether or not a specific religion promotes or legitimizes terrorism. How blind can you be! Every organized religion exists as a direct instrument of terrorism, and every promoter of the insane god myth exists as a terrorist.
Religion is terrorism. The purpose of religion is to terrorize and to terrify, to deploy the most horrific threats of violence and torment, to compel obedience, servitude, and agreement to endure horrific suffering, injustice, and death.
god, the insane myth of an omnipotent and malevolent creature watching, judging, and punishing, is the terrorist. Religion, promoting the existence of god, is the weapon used to terrorize. And everyone who teaches religion, promotes religion, imposes religion upon the consciousness of others, are the terrorist masterminds, successfully inflicting universal harm upon all.
Every religion demands the worship of death, demands that death be recognized as the grand prize to be rewarded for those who agree to let themselves be brutally terrorized. Every religion demands suffering. Every religion demands slavery of mind and of will and of consciousness. Every religion holds every god addict hostage.
To believe in god is to terrorized at every level of being. To promote belief in god is to terrorize others. No religion can ever be benign or moderate or beneficial. Religion is the height of radical extremism: The sacrifice of the eternal and singular glory of Self, in agreement to suffer and to die, for the  insane and absurd lie that an omnipotent terrorist will reward you for agreeing to commit this ultimate betrayal of Self and of Truth, after you cease to exist for all of cosmic eternity.
Religion positions god as the ultimate of terrorist masterminds: Agree to obey, suffer, and die, or god the terrorist mastermind will exact horrific vengeance upon you and cast you into the greatest torment you can ever imagine.
The worship of god is the worship of terrorism, as promoted and mandated by the governments of the world. government knows that it can always get away with imposing any torment it wishes upon you slaves, as long as you are held hostage by the even greater terrorist threat wielded against and upon you by the insane god myth.
You can murder a million demonized victims upon whom you have pinned the label of terrorist, from Timothy McVeigh to Mohamed Atta to  Osama bin-Laden, but you will remain doomed to an imaginary existence of continuously terrorizing others, and being terrorized by others, and embracing in fetishistic fervor a desire and a need to be terrorized, for as long as you continue to cling to the insane god myth.
Terrorism feels good. It feels right. It feels needed. Because it is needed. You have been terrorized for your entire existence. It is all you know. To terrorize others, and to be terrorized by others. This is the human way, the human path. It is, and it must be this way because you were terrorized as a child, terrorized since birth. Terrorism is your safety blanket, it is your pacifier.
You fight not to feel terrorized, even as you fight to protect your right and your freedom to terrorize others, and to terrorize yourselves, and to inspire others to terrorize you. The circle is complete, and religion is the foundation upon which you have built your pyramids, your statues, your idols, to suffering and death, for yourselves and for everyone else.
Look!!!! Up there, up in the sky!!! Is it a Hellfire missile?? Is it a cleverly constructed suicide vest?? Is it a u-haul truck disguising a massive fertilizer bomb?? No! It’s just your imagination, creating god, the ultimate terrorist, just so you can always enjoy that very special feeling of being terrorized.
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Barricaded Shut, and Wide Open

My mind is absolutely barricaded shut, and at the same time, limitlessly wide open. A contradiction? Of course not! My mind is perfectly positioned to decipher Truth, and to repel the relentless onslaught of brainwashing, propaganda, and indoctrination that all human minds are subjected to.
The Superior who has transcended his humanity understands exactly how important it is to maintain a mind that is barricaded shut, and simultaneously, limitlessly open.
To all external excreta that all of humanity deliberately and inadvertently hurls upon My mind, an impenetrable, immovable barricade is in place. Nothing is allowed in, every external idea meets My mind fortress.
But to internal contemplation, no notion, no concept, no shadow of bizarre thought, is ever turned away. The inventions of the Self-mind are always welcomed, always invited in for limitlessly open, considerate, unbiased contemplation.
The typical human cannot even recognize the vast majority of external mind attacks. External indoctrination is his only method of acquiring new thoughts, new ideas. This inferior creature is hopelessly lost, his brain an empty vessel waiting to be filled up by his slavemasters and puppet-string pullers.
The difficulty for the aspiring Superior is in recognizing and distinguishing between external mind attack, and internal idea and concept contemplation. On top of this problem, his attempts at internal contemplation are always compromised and contaminated by ongoing external mind attacks which manage to leak through his imperfect mind fortress, to varying degrees.
But not Me. My mind barricade is automatic and absolute. I know exactly what humanity is, what humanity does, and I have no use for either human beings or the pathetic illusions humanity peddles. I know the difference between a thought that I originate within My own brain, and a thought which travels towards Me, a thought which attempts to attach itself to My brain, by virtue of external imposition.
Where does the idea come from? Who wants Me to think this, to consider this, to accept this?? Is this idea a functional construct of the hive mind of universal mind control and social illusion as created by modern-era humanity?? These are the questions a Superior automatically demands concrete answers to, before he even considers whether an idea may be allowed entry to his mind fortress.
The inferior will say that ideas are not dangerous. He will say that his mind should always be open, so that he may fully consider every possible idea from every conceivable angle. He is a fool. He does not understand the nature of mind contamination. He is blind to the Forbidden Truth that a mind infected via external brainwashing, propaganda, and social indoctrination, is a mind incapable of even considering, much less recognizing and embracing, Truth.
To aspiring Superiors: You must eradicate the entire enormous sum of mind contamination as it has been imposed upon you since the moment of your birth. Then you must erect and continuously maintain an impenetrable barrier against the continuing wave of daily external mind attack. Then you must develop and perfect internal thought, maximize brain functionality via analytical and rationality scale development and measurement.
The only open mind is an independent mind, a mind that cannot and will not, ever, be externally influenced. A mind directed and owned by an individual who owes no allegiance to anything other than Self, an individual who needs nothing that is being peddled or promoted by humanity.
Such is My mind, the mind of an untouchable Superior who knows exactly what he is, and why he is what he is. Within My Manifesto and other writings you will find the Forbidden Truths as only a barricaded mind that is simultaneously wide open, can recognize, understand, decipher, and articulate.
Close your mind, and open your mind. Understand the difference, the need to do both things, simultaneously. If you cannot understand, you will remain hopelessly lost, a seeker of Truth who cannot even begin to imagine trying to identify Truth, even as it directly confronts him.
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