September 2015

A Parting Shot of Truth at pope francis' usa Visit

The monster has left, gone back to his dungeon where he can strategize with his advisors on how best to continue manipulating and controlling the hundreds of millions of minds that he holds hostage in a fatal, suffocating headlock, errr brainlock. I am, of course, referring to pope francis.
Belief in god is mental illness. pope francis came to amerikkka as a carrier of plague, a diseased life form which literally destroyed everything he touched, not just physically, but merely by gazing upon, merely by placing himself in the presence of, other humans. This carrier of plague was welcomed with open arms by the amerikkkan government and by all social leaders of this nation. His visit was solicited and sought. Why?? Because he carries a plague which already blooms with full force throughout all of amerikkka, a plague which is instrumental in maintaining the universal oppression of all citizens and residents. This plague is the mental illness and derangement of god addiction, god belief, god worship.
It was the mandate of pope francis’ visit to amerikkka, to increase the level, degree, and popularity of god worship in amerikkka. This was the collaborative and conspiratorial goal of his visit, as pre-determined by the leadership of amerikkka, the political, cultural, social, and religious leadership.
Amerikkka is owned, operated, and controlled by the mentally ill. It is an institution for the insane, fully under the control of the insane. Therefore the insane determine what happens, every step of the way. Every policy mandate, every law, every social structure, every operational decree and doctrine of the nation, is decided, debated, and enacted into living reality, by mentally ill human beings.
The question of whether or not a god creature exists, is not a question. It is not something to consider, to debate, to ponder, or to investigate. god is a toxic myth, and religion is a terrorist weapon and a communicable disease deployed by those already infected by the disease, and those who recognize and understand what a remarkably effective terrorist weapon it is.
Let us put an end to all doubt, let us put an end to all scholarly research into the validity of religion and the possibility of god existing. You do not investigate what is impossible, to do so constitutes validation of the delusion itself. To question the existence of god is not a courageously unpopular call for Truth, but a validation of the existing insane mythology. We must immediately and unequivocally call out mental illness for what it is. Belief in god is the most virulent form of mental illness, because unlike many other forms of mental illness, it is highly communicable as an active and spreading mind virus.
Every human being who cheered for the pope, welcoming him as a representative of god, proved by this very act that they are mentally ill and incompetent to make any decision about their own welfare, much less the welfare of any other life form. Every human who welcomed and cheered for the pope, helped to spread and increase the human mind virus of god addiction throughout all of amerikkka, as well as across the entire planet.
The failure of humanity to out the pope as a fraud and con-man, to drive him into hiding and to seek his destruction, as an emissary of death and universal suffering and of the terrorism of the caveman era, speaks to the hopelessness of humanity, and its ongoing devolution. Of what use is knowledge or science, when the human brain remains as firmly trapped in the darkest of caves, as it was 5000 and 2000 years ago?? The status of the pope, emissary of death and suffering, as holy and sacred, reflects the worship of death and suffering by humanity as a whole, in 2015.
All of amerikkka is darker today than it was 10 days ago. Truth is more deeply buried. Mental illness has been uplifted, validated, legitimized, by the humans beings held hostage as amerikkkan citizens by a terrorist regime. Death is stronger today, suffering is more celebrated today, Self-hate is more popular today. Why? Because religion is stronger. Because a communicable disease has spread and clutches the minds of humans more ferociously. The human monster has left, but his attack against Truth, and the harm he has caused, will echo for decades in the broken mind caves of 300+ million human beings, as they destroy themselves and future generations of children.
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Donald Trump & The Hive Mind of Government

Let us begin with an understanding that despite being prominantly featured in this essay title, Donald Trump, as an individual, is not the main focus of this essay. Due to his current popularity and name recognition, I am using Donald as a functional example and illustration of how the hive mind of government functions, and how this hive mind is operationally structured. The Forbidden Truths I am revealing in this essay have been and will be equally applicable to all individuals who claim an aspirational objective to become a top-level political leader within a cloaked dictatorship such as amerikkka.
Every government that has ever existed throughout all of human history, up to and including today, of course, has been a suffocating structure of universal slavery, oppression, and terrorization. This is how governance is defined, and this is how it functions. government controls, dictates, threatens, harms, destroys. government is the purest and the only human expression of genocide. Everything that a government externally labels as genocide, is an attempt to cloak and conceal the Forbidden Truth that every government is always carrying out and practicing genocide against its own citizen-slaves, all of the time, destroying them mentally and physically, from the outside in, and from the inside out.
The mandate of all government is to maintain a brutal and universal stranglehold of power, and to deploy this power against its own citizen-slaves, and to find ways to force these citizen-slaves to accept, embrace, and yes, applaus and cheer for their own current and ongoing future enslavement, and to relentlessly thwart any and all Truth-based change. Truth-based change is never a goal of any existing government, as it represents a direct threat to the matrix of universal illusion that is always in place and in effect. Any Truth-based change threatens to disrupt this matrix, and therefore is never allowed to occur, much less openly sought.
governments claim to be different from each other, this is a primary functional rule of how terrorist-based propaganda functions. “We are good and they are bad, we are right and they are wrong, we make your life better, they would make your life worse”, this is the ideological excreta of all governments,  regardless of how the government might label itself or other governments, in its effort to establish a false illusion of difference and distinction.
Now, with this preface fully understood by you brainwashed slaves, which is of course an incorrect assumption I am making only for the purpose of revealing Truths which you matrix-trapped fools are incapable of embracing, let us turn this dissection squarely to a single, specific government: amerikkka.
The government of amerikkka applies a specific brainwashing label to itself, for the specific reason and purpose of establishing a false illusion of distinction and difference to its citizen-slaves in terms of how they are to perceive other governments and their citizenry. This deliberately deceptive label, propagandized by the amerikkkan regime to all children and to all adults on a relentless and pervasive level, can be summed up as follows:
amerikkka is a free and capitalist progressive democracy which proves freedom of opportunity and life path choice to all citizens, allowing them to live as they choose and to effect both personal and social positive change via open and transparent debate on issues and open and transparent ability to choose their political leaders.
None of this is True, of course. The Forbidden Truth is: amerikkka is a brutal dictatorship which demands universal slavery from all humans that it claims as citizens and residents, providing no freedom and allowing for no freedom, controlling and dictating all parameters of both behavior and thought via brainwashing, indoctrination, propaganda, deceit, threats, terrorization, harm, torment, murder, and genocide. No debate which exposes Truth is permitted. No change which threatens the existing social order is permitted. The government can neither be changed nor dissolved, as it perpetuates itself within existing structural and ideological parameters which cannot be changed by any individual or by any organized group of individuals.
Let us understand the three very specific, primary branches of universal deception which form the foundational roots of the amerikkkan government. These three branches are:
1: Freedom: The lie that the individual citizen-slave is allowed to do and to think as he wishes.
2: Choice: The lie that the individual is given the capacity and the opportunity to make personal choices that can impact his experience of existence.
3: Change: The lie that the individual possesses the power to attempt to effect and to achieve desired positive or beneficial changes on a personal or group level, in the future, by altering existing law, existing public policy mandates, and the physical identity of future political leaders.
So far, I have not even mentioned the name of Donald Trump. Why not?? Because he is an interchangeable figurehead. This essay is not about him, it is a Forbidden Truth dissection which reveals his role in the 2015-2016 matrix of universal illusion. His role is the same role performed by abraham lincoln and barack obama and ronald reagan and hillary clinton and george mcgovern and many other figureheads: They reinforce via personality cult the three primary universal deceptions of amerikkka as a government: Freedom, Choice, Change.
As an example, look at the legacy of abraham lincoln. By convincing the amerikkkan citizen-slaves of 1865 that their government was capable of instituting a great moral change to provide freedom to blacks, he successfully obtained 100 additional years of horrific oppression and slavery from both amerikkkan whites and amerikkkan blacks, whose universal slave status remained, of course, exactly and absolutely the same as it had been under previous regime leaders.
It can be an ideological lie: That amerikkkan whites were free and amerikkkan blacks deserved to be free, too, as espoused by abe. Or it can be the possession of a vagina, as Hillary stands upon. Or it can be a skin color, what barack used to become president. The specific detail offered by the propagandist does not matter, it is a superficial detail. What matters is the understanding of what is being offered, in each case: The lie of freedom, choice, change.
All governments exist as hive minds. The supreme leader is a figurehead, his actual power is no greater than that of the hive mind as a whole. The hive mind of the amerikkkan government consists of 500-1000 individuals, elected and unelected. This hive mind can never change, it can never progress, it can never provide freedom or choice. It represents humanity as a whole, devolving to extinction. No individual can alter the hive mind. No individual who threatens the hive mind is ever allowed to attain even the useless figurehead position of supreme leader.
Even if a Superior deceives the hive mind and attains the supreme leadership position, his power as an individual is that of an impotent figurehead, and the hive mind can and will dispose of him via numerous available mothods, from impeachment, to having him declared mentally incompetent, to assassination.
If Donald Trump becomes president, it is because the hive mind proactively decides beforehand, that he fits into the matrix and will strengthen it. Allowing him to try to become president, in and of itself, regardless of whether the hive mind allows him to win, strengthens the matrix by strengthening the lie and illusion of freedom and choice within the leadership selection process.
The primary method by which the hive mind can and will control whether or not donald trump becomes president, is via media control. The media is a propaganda unit of the government. This is not a conspiracy theory, it has nothing to do with conspiracy. It is a simple and obvious fact: In amerikkka, all mass media serves the existing regime, protects it, defends it, promotes it, controlling and shaping both public opinion, and the parameters of all public debate.
Thus far, the amerikkkan mass media has been hostile to donald trump. Why? Because the hive mind has not yet decided whether or not he can be allowed to attain the figurehead position of supreme leader, whether or not this would endanger the matrix of universal illusion to any significant degree.
But at the same time, the mass media has fostered donald trump’s candidacy. Why? Because the candidacy itself strengthens the matrix, even if the hive mind ultimately determines that it is not advantageous to allow him to become president. There is plenty of time for the hive mind to use its media propagandists to destroy donald trump’s candidacy, in future months, to ensure he does not become president. For now, there is no reason to destroy his candidacy, it serves as a perfect form of propaganda to strengthen the absurd lie that the amerikkkan political system is open and free and allows the citizen-slaves to choose their new leader and effect change for the future.
All three of the foundational roots of universal deception of the amerikkkan government: Freedom, Choice, Change, are buried more deeply, more successfully hidden from all public consciousness as Forbidden Truths, by the donald trump presidential candidacy.
I have no psychic powers. I cannot tell you today, September 28, 2015, whether or not donald trump will become the next supreme leader of the most evil and diseased government humanity has ever devised. But I can tell you several things that are much more important. I can tell you some Forbidden Truths:

  • The existing hive mind of the amerikkkan government will choose and determine whether or not donald trump is allowed to become president.
  • It makes no difference whether or not donald trump becomes president, because the hive mind of the amerikkkan government will remain unaltered and untouched.
  • Donald Trump is strengthening the regime of amerikkka, and the diseased and malicious institution of government itself, by his very candidacy. He challenges nothing, he exposes nothing, he enlightens nobody to the True nature, purpose, and functional consequences of government, which exists as the greatest of shackles upon all of humanity, destroying and dooming the entire species.

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Forbidden Truths Proven By pope francis' usa Visit

pope francis, the supreme leader of the most powerful and therefore the most genocidal organized religion to infest humanity in the 21st century, christianity and catholicism, is imposing his brain virus upon the citize-slaves of amerikkka today, in living color, in person. He has invaded amerikkka, to the gleeful delight of the political leadership of this slave-state, who fully understand and know the great value, the primary importance of organized religion, in maintaining all of humanity as a Self-hating, Truth-hating, death worshipping cult of suicidal masochists.
pope francis’ visit to amerikkka allows Me an excellent opportunity to restate and to emphasize some of the primary Forbidden Truths of religion itself, and of the amerikkkan government. My comments will be brief, as my time is limited, but these Forbidden Truths are profoundly important for all who seek to understand the hopelessness of the human condition, to integrate to core consciousness.

  • amerikkka as a country and as a government is a religiously fundamentalist dictatorship. Religion is directly deployed by the regime as a terrorist weapon to obtain and to maintain the allegiance, obedience, and subservience of the populace.

It is the amerikkkan government which has solicited, arranged, and directed the current papal visit, using it to impose religious belief and doctrine upon the populace via an organized blitzkrieg campaign of media exposure.

  • There is no separation between church and state in amerikkka. The amerikkkan government was founded upon the imposition of the mind virus of religion upon all that it claimed as citizen-slaves, and it is maintained via the ongoing and continued use of the insane god myth as a political weapon, to terrorize and to oppress the populace, and to extinguish all Truth potential among the populace of citizen-slaves.

The official welcome given to pope francis by the president of the united states and other top leaders yesterday and today, and the direct invitation given to the pope by the regime to use the political system and the political structure to address the public, can leave no doubt as to the incestuous, unbroken, and unbreakable link between the governmental regime of amerikkka, and the toxic mind control and ideological slavery that is christianity.

  • The doctrine of christianity as overtly expressed by pope francis to all amerikkkan citizen-slaves over the past two days alone, proves itself to be the ultimate of mind shackles, legitimizing every form of social and governmental slavery, while condemning and demonizing every form of genuine freedom and personal autonomy to which the human is capable of aspiring to and demanding.

The overt goal of this papal visit is to reinforce the core hive mind structures of individual impotence, powerlessness, uselessness, while exalting the hive mind itself, raising up religion and government to even greater heights of dominance and control.

  • Religion is the organized and ritualized oppression of humanity, personified by the demand of religious leaders that we, the individuals who deserve every privilege in reality, that the god creature is afforded in mythology, embrace suffering, injustice, and death. pope francis is reinforcing the collective suicidal ideation of hundreds of millions of amerikkkan citizen-slaves by his direct words over the past 48 hours.

There can be no greater form of terrorism than the ideology and the philosophical decree of organized religion, that an omnipotent god creature exists, imposes behavioral demands, and will inflict harm upon those who reject and refuse to obey and follow these demands. pope francis is a terrorist and a terrorizer, and his directly targeted victims over the past 48 hours have been every single amerikkkan man, woman, and child.

  • It is the overt goal of all organized religions to destroy all sense of ego, all narcissism, all Self-value, and all Self-love among all human beings. These four states of mind consciousness represent the four pillars of mental health and well-being. Whoever attempts to overtly compromise and destroy these healthy and empowering states of mind consciousness, is guilty of literally and actually driving us insane.

pope francis has successfully done more to destroy the mental health of amerikkkans over the past 48 hours, than any other individual has done in years. His predatory terrorism should be understood as literally and actually driving millions of human being insane, or greatly increasing their existing level and degree of mental illness and derangement.

  • All of the doctrine of christianity is overtly harmful. Over the past 48 hours pope francis has directly demanded, via the terror weapon of religion, that existing victims of religious terrorism remain humble and obedient, subservient and non-violent. He has demanded that we forgive others, that we help others, that we pray and hope, that we agree to suffer and that we agree to die. All of this is harmful and unacceptable. All of this betrays Forbidden Truth. All of this betrays the obligations we must embrace to exalt and perfect Ourselves.

Humanity has always been doomed, by dooming itself. Religion is the single darkest force on earth, it terrorizes and it suffocates all human potential to rise up and face reality, to transcend the past not on a personal level, but on a species-wide level. Religion is the cage and the cage-keeper.
Over the past 48 hours I have periodically turned on my television to observe pathetic human garbage, broken and destroyed, already dead and rotting, mindlessly cheer and express joy at being allowed to see pope francis and to listen to his words, as heavily armed hitmen shield him from any offensive attack, the omnipotent god creature lacking the ability to protect his supreme emissary from harm.
Children have been forced to hold signs welcoming pope francis. Children, their helpless and supremely vulnerable minds deliberately infected with insane mythology, have been directly targeted by pope francis, as destroyed ex-children, their own biological creators in many cases, cheer and clap and cry at the gift of being allowed to lay eyes upon a direct representative of their lifelong terrorizer.
government and religion share the same primary goal: To destroy the future. To render the future just as hopeless and meaningless and dead as the present moment. Destroy the children and you destroy the future. This is why religion always goes after the children. Once the child is destroyed, the child as adult will destroy his children, as he destroys himself.
I could not watch too much news on television over the past 48 hours. It is too repulsive, not to listen to what pope francis said, but to observe the human reactions and responses to what he has said. And the reason I am repulsed and angered beyond all capacity to articulate, is because I am the primary, ongoing victim of religion.
I will die because of religion. Religion will be My murderer. So all who clap and cheer, all who praise god and revere jesus and participate in the greatest sham on earth, you are all collectively guilty of murdering Me. This is your crime, the crime that can never be forgiven.
You prove that you have earned retroactive unbirth and eternal nothingness. You prove that you deserve to suffer, that you deserve every torment you experience. You prove this as broken and destroyed adults, amerikkkans from sea to rotting sea, each and all of you. You have proven it by your response to the visit of pope francis to amerikkka. Your murderer comes to murder, your terrorizer comes to terrorize, the destroyer of you and of children, in real-time, comes to destroy you and all children, and what do you do? How do you respond?? You clap and you cheer and you honor and you worship and you exalt and you bow down and you look up, to your very own personal terrorist, murderer, destroyer.
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Art & Artistic Expression: The Inferior Human Side

In My last essay, I dissected and comprehensively detailed some of the primary definitional and functional Forbidden Truths regarding art and artistic expression, positioning both as positive, personally empowering, and an effective way to personally manifest, communicate and articulate Truth. I strongly urge all seekers of Truth to read and/or reread that essay, before continuing on to this one, which offers the tragic and perverse flip side, so that both aspects of Forbidden Truth regarding this issue can be equally understood.
The human being is a pathological hater and destroyer of Truth, and in the process, Himself. In My last essay I dissected the positive potential of art and artistic expression, how the creation of art can and should be used to express and to reflect personal and universal Truths, to enhance and strenghten the universe of Self, and how art should be analyzed and understood by outside observers, as the creative expression of either personal True Reality or actual, factual Truth, with an affirmative mandate embraced by the observer, to decipher and to extract whatever Truths are being revealed.
But of course none of this actually occurs, among you humans. Art and artistic expression have been hijacked by society and government, redefined and repurposed to amuse, entertain, distract, and deceive. Both the personal creation and the external appreciation of art is marketed by society as an escape from reality and Truth, instead of a way to express and understand and embrace reality and Truth. Art has become a celebration of artificiality, the fetishistic embrace of a pose, a pretense, abstraction of thought, instead of enhancement of thought, and this perverse and pathetic betrayal of creative potential is equally devastating to both the creator of art, and to the patron of art.
The most bluntly honest expressions of artistic creativity, such as acts of Self-inspired and Self-chosen murder, are completely denied the label of art. Societally chosen “art critics” are deployed in order to instruct the unwashed masses on the meaning of artistic pieces, and to apply value judgments to various artistic creations, rooted within perverse illusions of morality. Beauty in art is fetishized, while ugliness, revealing the True nature of the human condition, is marginalized and subjected to classist and moral censorship. The poor and the uneducated are fed a steady and unrelenting diet of vulgarity for the purpose of amusing and distracting them, while any Forbidden Truths revealed within these artistic creations are cloaked and concealed from open discussion or analysis.
Humans who possess artistic ability and talent are relentlessly courted, via bribery, coercion, and other toxic lures, to use their skills to help society and government maintain and strengthen the social trance of universal illusion. Here we see the toxic universe of “fiction”, fictional books, movies, theatrical shows, political debates, sporting matches, “reality” shows, all designed and intended to channel artistic creation into an enormous pit of utter meaninglessness, the profound and the True reduced to triviality, meaninglessness, a laugh track, a cartoonish caricature of reality, which extinguishes all capacity for Truth realization.
Fiction is wrong. Fiction should not exist within the human understanding of his universe. As factual reality, fiction does not exist, as it is the invalid, cloaked expression of either True Reality or Truth itself. Art and fiction are not synonymous. Only because human society has successfully transformed artistic creation into an artificial pose, and the inferior Unwashed Masses of humans demand that the art they expose their minds to is presented to them as fiction, do we have a vast universe of art, in many different mediums, both presented by artists and interpreted by observers, as fiction.
The failed artist is the artist who is trying to deliver a message to others in his chosen creations. It matters little what the intended message is, the simple fact of being focused on delivering an external message, compromises the internal Self-dialogue that the Superior creation of art requires. The failed artist is the artist who tries to find beauty in a universe of profound ugliness. The failed artist is the artist who wants to inspire hope in others, when there is no sane reason to be hopeful. The failed artist does not know Truth, so how can he reveal or express Truth, to either Himself or to others, in his artistic creations??
The failed artist serves the hive mind, while pretending to challenge it, deceiving Self and his “fans”, those who are similarly broken of mind and seek escape from reality and Truth. All famous artists are failed artists. Society will not allow the artist who courageously stands up for Truth, to attain fame. He is relegated to either the rogue’s gallery of imposed infamy, or the scrap heap of ostracized anonymity.
There are many examples and illustrations I can provide, of how the failed artist presents himself and his work. I can do movies or tv shows or romance novels or pop art paintings, the list is endless. But in the interests of time and space, I will stick to classic literature. In these enigmatic examples, I lay bare the True horror of failed artistic expression, and I want it to be understood that while placing equal blame and guilt on both the artistic creator and his/her audience, primary guilt and blame goes to humanity as a whole, and the universal destruction of all Truth as mandated by society and government.
Let us begin. In 1818, a woman named Mary Shelley wrote a book titled “Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.”. It was written as a fictional novel. In case the plotline is not familiar to you, you can acquaint yourself here:
This novel reveals profoundly important Forbidden Truth regarding the human condition, how we are all creations of all that has been imposed and inflicted upon us, how we are all victims of society, how we are all born with potential that is destroyed via the direct treatment, the injustice and the brutality that we are subjected to.
But none of these Forbidden Truths are realized by humanity. The book was created as an artistic work of fiction, and it is analyzed by humanity as such. It is impossible to know whether Mary Shelley as a human being, recognized the Forbidden Truths she was revealing in her fictional text. The odds are a million to one that she did not. But as functional reality, this question is not important. What is important is that she presented profound Truth as fiction, thus destroying Truth and marking herself a failed artist.
Imagine how radically altered the human experience of existence might be, if Mary Shelley had presented the Truths she revealed in this novel, simply as factual Truths, within a book of philosophy, and these Truths were realized and accepted as valid by humanity as a whole, for the past 197 years?? But of course this question is moot, because it expresses an impossibility, If Mary Shelley had written such a book and presented it as factual reality and non-fiction 197 years ago, she likely would have been locked up in an institution for the insane, and none of her writings would ever have become known to anyone.
In 1897 a man named Bram Stoker wrote a fictional novel titled “Dracula”. The story details the life path of a human who becomes a vampire and can thrive only by consuming the blood of human beings. Created as a fictional work, the storyline expresses and reveals profoundly valuable Forbidden Truths on the human condition, how all humans cope with the horrors of their own existence by feeding upon others, sucking and extracting from others what they canot create within theselves, destroying others in reflection of how they have been destroyed. The vampiric need to extract from others, is central to the human tragedy of genetic and environmental brain defect and dysfunction.
But this book was written as a fictional novel. All of the profound Truths it reveals regarding universal human vampirism are lost and invisible to the literally billions of humans who have become familiar with the concept of vampires, as a result of Bram’s book. So here we have another profound artistic failure. Art was not used to express Truth, and art was not realized by its patrons as expressing Truth, even though profound Truth absolutely does exist within the artistic creation itself.
Now, let us consider the Werewolf texts. Dating back to the early 1800’s, dozens of books, stories, and movies have been artistically created, dealing with the werewolf theme: A human being who transforms into a vicious, bloodthirsty, homicidal beast. But all of these texts and movies were created and marketed as fiction, concealing the Forbidden Truth that we are all homicidally enraged, we all wear masks in order to fit into the social matrix, we all desire to harm, to destroy, to exact vengeance for the victimization and injustice we have all been subjected to.
But no, the werewolf is presented as mythological fiction, to entertain, shock, and frighten. Truth is destroyed, as all human potential to recognize and appreciate its actual, factual nature, is sublimated and lost. Art is deployed to cover-up Truth, the werewolf is shunned as a rare malformation, instead of understood as dwelling within each of us, from the serial killer to the mom who spanks her son to the husband who rapes his wife to the boss who bullies his employees.
So let us understand this: Every work of art expresses and reveals Forbidden Truth. The artist who writes fluffy romance novels is revealing the Forbidden Truth of toxic human emotional dependency and enmeshment. The artist who writes a song exalting monetary wealth, Madonna and “Material Girl” come to mind, reveals the Forbidden Truth of how money is deployed by society to ensure universal slavery for all. There is no genuine value, external to Self, for the artist to be aware of the Truth he is expressing and revealing, because in terms of external recognition and integration to core consciousness, Forbidden Truth is and will always be pathologically rejected by the Unwashed Masses. And the vast majority of all artists are of course completely unaware, on a conscious level, of the Truths they are revealing. This is how the failed artist must be defined and understood.
Any artist who wishes to attain any degree of “success” in terms of external recognition, must present artistic Truth as fiction. Therefore, every successful artist, every known and appreciated artist, is a liar, lying either to Himself, or to his audience, or both.
I am an outlaw artist, destined to be ostracized, villified, mocked, and rejected, by all who come into contact with my artistic creations, save a tiny handful of aspiring or actual Superiors. As an outlaw artist, I destroy in order to create, positioning every creation as an act of destruction. Everything I create, I create for Myself, to honor and exalt Self and Truth. Everything I create comes into existence to please Me. The target audience is Me, the intended message is directed towards Me. So it has always been, so it shall always be, until I lose Myself to the limitless tragedy of eternal nothingness.
My success as an artist is proven in your rejection of Me and of Truth. This rejection is what renders Me the greatest artist of the 21st century.
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The Forbidden Truths of Art & Artistic Expression

I recently received an interesting comment and several good questions concerning how art and artistic expression fits into and relates to Forbidden Truth. I will address this issue in comprehensive detail in this essay, but first, in order for the backstory to be clear, here is My original blog post which prompted the comment:
And here is the full comment itself, in italics and quotation marks, so as not to be confused with My brilliant reply, which immediately follows the comment:
“I have always wondered what your view of art, and creative expression in general is. The only thing that comes to mind is in the manifesto, where you pointed out that many of society’s superiors, especially cathartic avengers, tend to be talented at some form of art. Examples I can think of are Charles Manson’s music and visual arts and crafts, or the articulate, expressive writing ability of Charles Starkweather, and John Wayne Gacy’s paintings.
I can see how a desire to express oneself artistically is evidence of several superior traits, such as sensitivity, depth and even reflectivity.
Over the last few years, and ESPECIALLY after reading forbiddentruth, I have lost a lot of my ability to recognise much value in active creation or creativity, and in its place developed a much greater appreciation for the poignant beauty of destruction.
I can’t put my finger on why. I can’t draw but am talented at music and creative writing and stopped doing both because I lost passion for it. As I become more hateful and disconnected from humanity, I see creating as impotent. Why create? Why add something to this pathetic world when you could be destroying it?
I think in my mind I have been confused by humanity’s inferior view of art, and how much “art” is used synonymously with “entertainment”. By that I mean, it is seen ad something that is created to be appreciated or rejected or judged by others, rather than something the artist does for himself.
I suppose I am asking your view because I enjoy your creative activities. Your poem about the germanwings flight is awesome, and I have watched the Full Force Frank video countless times, wide-eyed, grinning ear to ear. It inspires me to want to reawaken my passion for it, and create art in a Superior way, like you have, but my understanding of art has been too confused and scrambled by humanity’s inferior use of it that I no longer understand how to appreciate it.
If one creates art for oneself, then how is he expressing himself? I can only understand expression as being in relation to OTHERS, something that is below me.”
Let us begin by defining art and artistry within the proper parameters of Forbidden Truth. Art must be understood and undertaken by the Superior thinker, as the creative expression of factual Truth, absent distortion, embellishment, or any overt attempt to deceive Self or others. All that an individual Superior chooses to create, is an expression of personal creativity, which is inherently artistic. All acts of external destruction alter existing landscapes, or to be more precisely accurate, existing mindscapes, be it on a small-scale or a larger scale lavel. Destruction is creation, because whatever alters an existing universe as perceived by others, creates a new and different universe.
Therefore, the creation of all art, and every act of artistic expression, is fully compatible with expression, revelation, and personal communion with Forbidden Truth. But at the same time, all art and artistic expression can be directly use to deny, distort, and escape from Forbidden Truth. Which of the two paths is achieved, and to what degree, on a personal level, depends entirely on the motivational intent of the individual, and his capacity to recognize and appreciate Forbidden Truth.
All communication must always be Self-directed, this is a primate mandate for the seeker of Truth. Art and artistic expression is both a personal creation, and a form of communication. As long as it is properly motivated by personal determination to exalt Self and Truth, it need not betray or compromise either.
Now, let us clearly understand that the creation of all art, and all artistic expression, is decreed by society and government to be a delivered message to others, something to be done in order to try to enlighten or entertain or inspire or impact others. This entire concept is utterly invalid and must be proactively rejected as constituting yet another effort by society to enslave minds and to control reality perception, as well as to impose censorship of personal expression and creation.
Everything that is done in an attempt to influence or impact others, is a compromise of Self-expression. It constitutes Self-censorship because anytime you are tailoring a message to others, you are inhibiting and distorting the valid dialogue you must undertake with Self. It is this dialogue which unveils and expresses and deepens all Truth perception. It is this dialogue which expands the universe of Self.
Let all creation be appreciated for its capacity to destroy, and let all destruction be understood within core consciousness, as a proactive form of creation. The Superior mind is inherently creative, because it is free of social, governmental, cultural, familial, mystical, and all other forms of bondage. The foundational act of becoming a Superior, requires boundless degrees of artistic freedom and talent, merely to fully envision the alternate universe of cloaked and Forbidden Truth which the individual must discover, uncover, dissect to every nuance, and integrate to core consciousness.
Every pre-planned and Self-chosen murder is a premier work of art, an artistic creation which puts almost all other types of artistic expression to shame. Every Self-chosen act of murder is mindful, the opposite of mindless. All pre-planned and Self-chosen acts of murder must be understood as bold, dynamic, enigmatic, real-time and enduring artistic statements of Truth. Creation via destruction, at its best. It is very important to note, however, the clear distinction I am drawing between pre-planned and Self-chosen acts of murder, as opposed to an unplanned murder which may occur during the commission of an armed robbery, for example, or a socially promoted murder such as hunting, abortion, or the death penalty. Carrying out such murders may still qualify as personal artistic expression, but the Forbidden Truth element of mindfulness and creative freedom of expression is lost and destroyed, or at the very least severely compromised.
The Superior is always appreciative of the lyrical artistry inherent in dynamic and uniquely Self-chosen violence. A portrait of Truth is always painted by the actions of personal predators who are born human, quite different from other animal predators who are primarily motivated by hunger or natural instinct, or a combination of both.
If you carefully dissect and immerse Yourself in the known life path actions of infamous murderers, from Andrew Kehoe to Ted Bundy, Howard Unruh to Jeffrey Dahmer, Timothy McVeigh to Dylan Klebold, John Hinckley Jr. to Lee Harvey Oswald, Jim Jones to Charles Manson, the lyrical artistry of their personal expressions of True Reality, shine with a beauty, a depth, an intricacy, that no painting, no drawing, no writing, and no song, can ever achieve or attain.
All Self-inspired murderers are good at expressing themselves. Their act(s) of murder prove this. Therefore, logic dictates that the odds are high that Self-inspired murderers will be motivated to pursue other forms of artistic expression, painting, drawing, writing, etc… The inspiration to create is the inspiration to express, to form a new mindscape for Self, where none existed before, or to alter forever an existing mindscape. You know Yourself by the things that you do, within your mind as fantasy, and/or given external form via a deed, regardless of whether the deed directly impacts others.
If I write My autobiography, its existence within the universe of Me is exactly the same, if no other living thing ever sees it or even knows it exists, in comparison to billions of human beings or even Superior extraterrestrials, reading it millions of times over. There is no difference to Me, the creation is the same, inspired by Me, created by Me, created for Me, owned by Me, by my conscious awareness of it, and of what I have done.
Every fantasy is a work of art. Every Conscious Dream is a work of art. And every idea which challenges the existing matrix of universal illusion, is a work of art. And how are these things created? Via thought, the canvas of the mind, your unique mindscape. The artist is the art, and the art is not created via a pen or brush or guitar, the art is created by the thought, by every integrating and shifting thought of the individual mind.
Transcending your humanity and claiming ownership of a universe that you have proactively created, as I have done, is a premier work of art. And art is not for public or external consumption. Art is something you create in order to nurture Yourself and the Truths you recognize, as well as the True Realities which have been externally imposed and inflicted upon you.
Nothing I have done in My artistic journey has been motivated by any desire or attempt to impact others. All of My artistic achievements have been messages to Self, actions undertaken to honor, strengthen, glorify Myself. Why have I made a small portion of My artistic creations publicly available? Simply as a mild form of personal amusement and Self-stimulation. It is enjoyable to Me, to mock humanity, to show and to tell something that I am dissecting, why and how I am dissecting it. But affecting the consciousness of others is not My primary motivation, not even close. And such impact has never been necessary to Me.
For example, I only published 60% of the xerox zine content I created between 1989-1991. The remainder I chose to keep private. I only released to the outside world, approximately 20 hours of the more than 300 hours of Super-vhs camcorder video recordings I created. I have a 3000 word handwritten autobiography which I have never publicly released and never plan to. And I continue to add to private journals in which I write essays and poems which I do not publish online and have no plans to ever publish online. All that I create, is Self-directed and Self-motivated, to enhance My personal universe, not to impact others.
Addressing your comment more personally, you write that the embrace of some level of Forbidden Truth has dulled your inspiration to create, but sharpened your motivational impulse to destroy. The Truth is, as I have already articulated here, that to destroy is to create. The embrace of Forbidden Truth is itself a premier form of creation. You are creating a new universe of mind. You are destroying myths, delusions, illusions, beliefs, rationalizations, hypocrisy. Just as My written Manifesto exists as artistic creation to Me, the changes of mind you experience as a result of integrating My Manifesto to your consciousness and your True Reality, exist as artistic creation, for you.
The fact is, there is no “value”, external to Self-realization, Self-love, Self-worship, and Self-help, in anything that any of us have, can, or will do. The Forbidden Truths of death prove this factual reality. The Superior mind is motivated to create, solely to honor Self and Truth. It is within this path that artistic creativity must be understood, and can flourish. Every idea is a work of art, created by your brain. Every realization of Truth is a work of art, unique to you as an individual, nuanced and branched, like a tree. Are any two trees the same?? No. Every tree is unique, its branches positioned differently, its leaves positioned differently, and always changing, in subtle ways, in real-time.
Understand your own brain as a tree, alive and changing, reactive yet fully under your control and ownership. Every thought creates an altered mindscape, which you can and you do express in many different ways, internal and external to Self. The thought does not need to become a poem or a painting. The artistry is in the thought itself, and how it alters your brain, and therefore the universe, your universe.
I paint and I draw and I write the greatest masterpiece the universe has ever seen, each and every day. The masterpiece is My own brain, changing for the better, uniquely changing, becoming ever more magnificant with each stroke of the pen or brush. Every thought is a stroke, a new sentence, a new lyric roared out…. Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a CAAAAGE!!!!! Every thought changes and creates Me, as the artist becomes the art.
How am I inspired to externally create something like the Germanwings poem, or My unique zine collages or My camcorder videos?? By an overflow of personal pride and Self-love, an ego maximized and ready to burst. Inspiration is not something that a top-level Superior needs to work at creating within Himself. Rather, inspiration is always tugging at the mind, asking/demanding: Is today a good day to disturb the universe I so despise? Or, is today a good day to try to destroy the universe I so despise?? Everything I create is rooted with the open acknowledgent of My sacred right to destroy.
There is an additional aspect to art and artistic expression that must be comprehensively dissected. This is the very real issue of how and why humans and human society & government uses art and artistic expression to negate, reject, deny, distort, and destroy Truth. I will address this very important issue in My very next essay, but it should be understood as concurrent to the Truths I am revealing here in this essay. I only separate it for the purpose of reducing the length of this essay.
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The Missing Voice

As I begin to type these words, we are 35 minutes away from the beginning of a political debate in amerikkka. It will be called the republican presidential debate, and the purpose of this brief essay is to lay bare the Forbidden Truths of all political debates undertaken within regimes which decree themselves to be free democracies.
A free democracy is a form of government which uses deceit, lies, terrorism, bribery, vicious coercion, delusions, illusions, propaganda, and indoctrination to brainwash its citizen-slaves to believe that they enjoy political and personal freedoms, as they are subjected to brutal, unjust, lifelong, and ,unrelenting personal and ideological slavery at the hands of a totalitarian dictatorship which controls all parameters of thought, ideology, and choice.
A political debate, in this case I am directly addressing the republican presidential debate which is about to begin, is an orchestrated theatrical performance, micromanaged by the media, a functional arm of the government. A media whose ongoing mandate is to legitimize and strengthen the existing regime by imposing thought control, idea restriction, propaganda and indoctrination upon all citizen-slaves. All political debates occur within this specific framework.
In a few minutes, a group of professional liars will do their best to deliver comforting lies to a group of brainwashed citizen-slaves, attempting to convince them that they represent an opportunity to achieve progress and positive improvement to their existence in the future. Every human being who will be participating in this political debate is a malicious con artist, a liar, an actor, a deceiver, a manipulator of reality. Every candidate is a representative of the existing regime, which is right now deploying its media propagandists to pare down the field of candidates to the individuals that the existing regime most desires to achieve the title of supreme leader.
Of course I will not be watching the debate. As soon as I post this essay I will be plotting out a Conscious Dream, then immediately I will go to sleep, so that I may enjoy the untouchable creation of My omnipotent mind. Every candidate is a liar, and the purpose of this debate is for existing government leaders to decide who is the best liar, and then to deploy their media propagandists to propel the best liar into a favorable position to become the next supreme leader.
This debate is marketed as a republican presidential debate. But the Truth is, there are no republicans or democrats. There is a single totalitarian dictatorship, which chooses to divide itself into two factions, in order to more effectively crystallize an illusion of political freedom and electoral choice to you citizen-slaves. The Truth is, in amerikkka there is one government, there is one political machine, there is one regime which enslaves all that it claims as citizens. Every political candidate pledges allegiance to this totalitarian dictatorship and to the universal illusions of freedom that it propagandizes.
I don’t know how many candidates will be participating in the republican presidential debate which will begin in 15 minutes. 10? 11? 12?? I am too repulsed by the process to pay attention to such meaningless details. It makes absolutely no difference how many participants there are, because the outcome is pre-determined: Slavery wins. government wins. Freedom loses. Truth loses. Humanity loses. All of human potential is lost. This is what every government does: It destroys all human potential.
I titled this essay The Missing Voice. Why?? Because it makes absolutely no difference what any candidate might say in this debate. The only voice that can make a difference, is the Voice of Truth, and the Voice of Truth cannot be heard, it cannot exist, and it will not exist, today or any other day, in any political debate.
The Voice of Truth would declare that the diseased and deranged structure that is government is wrong, impossible to justify, universally harmful, universally enslaving, and must be abolished. The Voice of Truth would declare religion to be a crippling mental illness, would declare all who believe in god to be mentally ill, and would express the eradication of all religion as his/her primary mandate as future leader of the world.
The Voice of Truth would declare all monetary based economic systems to be ponzi schemes which impose universal slavery upon all human beings. He/she would resolve to eliminate all money, to tear down all monetary-based economic systems, to end all forced labor. The Voice of Truth would declare the family unit a failed social experiment, would declare the family unit the primary cause of child abuse, would acknowledge all children to be victims of universal child abuse, and would decree the eradication of the family unit as the most important and necessary step to achieve positive human progress.
The Voice of Truth would decree humanity itself to be a shameful failure, a species void of all future, a species devolving to extinction, a species addicted to death, and the Voice of Truth would blame himself, the society he is a member of, the society he is now seeking to become leader of.
But no. There is no Voice of Truth in a totalitarian dictatorship such as amerikkka is. There can never be a Voice of Truth. There can only be The Missing Voice, the Voice which does not exist, as a genocidal government maintains its barbaric grip on power via the electoral process of solicited human slavery via terrorism, brainwashing, and universal deceit.
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Nothing That Happened on 9/11/01 Was Horrible

In response to My recent brilliant post of Forbidden Truth marking the anniversary of 9/11, which you can read right here:
I received an interesting comment which provides a good opportunity for Me to elaborate upon the causes of the 9/11 event, and why it is the height of perverse hypocrisy for any human to morally judge the event itself, much less specific individuals involved in the event occurrence, in any negative manner.
I strongly urge all who are accessing this essay, to first read or reread the above essay, and watch the attached video as well, before proceeding to this followup post, in order that you may understand the context of what is being addressed. As always the words of the individual who is commenting are in italics, while My replies are in bold and non-italicized print.
“If the uploader of that YouTube video were sane and rational, they would have titled the video simply “9/11 CALL WITH FATAL END”, instead of arbitrarily labelling it “HORRIBLE”.”
Correct. Humans love to editorialize biased, invalid, and hypocritical projections of morality and justice, to cloak and deny the Forbidden Truth factual realities behind endpoint expressions of personal True Reality, which would be an accurate way to describe the 9/11 event. A great many horrible injustices and perversions and betrayals of Truth, directly led to causing the 9/11 event to occur.
The Superior thinker recognizes universal child abuse, the toxic imposition of religion upon the vulnerable minds of all children, the perverse construct of the nation-state, the social ritual of war as practiced by nation-states, the propagandized classism by which leaders of nation-states obtain the allegiance of citizen-slaves by demonizing other leaders and other nation-states, as just a few of the genuinely horrific human structures in place and propped up by humanity as a whole, which led to the 9/11 event occurring.
For an individual human to label the 9/11 event as “horrible”, is akin to a human grabbing a shovel, digging an eight foot hole in the ground, placing a small child inside of the hole, using a shovel to refill the hole with dirt, and then decreeing the suffocation death of the child inside the hole, as being “horrible”. It is the hypocritical and blatantly invalid moral judgment of an individual, denying the horrific immorality of the society and the species guilty of directly causing the event to occur.
“By labelling it “HORRIBLE” the uploader is attempting to elevate their own individual, arbitrary (and also flawed and inferior) emotional reaction to the status of the “correct” reaction, as if to say it is objectively “horrible” and that this status quo emotion is the “right way to feel about it”, the way that you “should” feel about it if you are a “good person”.”
Correct. It is the very height, no pun intended, of invalid moral hypocrisy. Why is it horrible that a man who wants to die, who is preparing to die, who chooses to spend his imaginary existence passively waiting for death, and looking forward to death, is about to die?? What is horrible is the backstory, the Forbidden Truth reasons why Kevin worshipped death, and why 19 human beings believed a god creature will reward them after they die, for committing Self-murder, and why thousands of human beings felt compelled to spend their day of 9/11/2001 carrying out slave labor tasks inside vertical towers built by men in a vain attempt to immortalize themselves via the utterly useless social construct of fame, in exchange for the terror bribe of worthless pieces of paper given an arbitrary value by their slavemasters. Just like the near-term extinction of humanity, a far more accurate adjective to describe the events of 9//1 than “horrible”, would be “inevitable”.
“As Eric Harris so aptly summarized, the only things that are true are science and mathematics. All value and moral judgements are relative to each individual, and have no basis in objective, physical reality.”
Once again, you and Martyr Eric are correct. Morality is one of the greatest of propaganda prejudices invented by human society and government to cloak and deny the limitless and universal harm, victimization, suffering, and death that these structures, and the humans who serve at every level within these structures, from supreme leader to lower class wage slave who identifies as a citizen, are guilty and responsible for sponsoring, legitimizing, and causing.
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I Can See Clearly Now: The Dark Side

A Personal Odyssey via poem, slightly Self-censored:
Once upon a time the fetus subconsciously recognized his womb was his prison.
I can see clearly now…..
Once upon a time the fetus subconsciously believed that the cutting of his umbilical cord granted him freedom. He was wrong.
I can see clearly now…..
Once upon a time the infant realized the hands of his mother and father were to be his new slave shackles.
I can see clearly now…..
Once upon a time a small boy realized that nobody cared if he lived or died or suffered.
I can see clearly now…..
Once upon a time a small boy stood, surrounded by a crowd of children pretending to be happy, trying to escape from reality and Truth, and he vowed to never be one of them.
I can see clearly now…..
Once upon a time a small boy held a long kitchen knife in his hand, and envisioned gushing blood, spurting blood, a volcanic eruption of blood, cleansing him.
I can see clearly now…..
Once upon a time a boy held in his hands a switchblade knife, and a gut hook skinner knife, and a dagger, and a starter pistol, and a semi-automatic handgun, and a shotgun, and an assault rifle, and it felt right, it felt like a reunion of long-lost souls.
I can see clearly now…..
Once upon a time a boy tried to kill his father, and much blood did spurt, but the father did not die. The boy was disappointed, not yet realizing his father was already dead, had been dead his entire lifetime.
I can see clearly now…..
Once upon a time a boy was locked inside of a cage, and gained his best and most legitimate insight into what constituted freedom.
I can see clearly now.
Once upon a time a boy embraced his sacred right to limitless and unconditional hate of others, and a small rainbow began to form.
I can see clearly now…..
Once upon a time a boy embraced both a sacred right and a sacred obligation to love Himself limitlessly and unconditionally. And the rainbow matured to vivid color and solidity.
I can see clearly now…..
Once upon a time a boy decided to transcend his humanity, to become something else, something better, something untouchable, something eternally alone. And the rainbow shined so brightly, reaching to infinity.
I can see clearly now…..
Once upon a time a boy realized that to destroy is to create. And so he destroyed. And so he created. He used many tools, many instruments, including but not limited to a typewriter, double-sided scotch tape, high quality xerox machines, and an industrial grade stapler.
I can see clearly now…..
Once upon a time a boy thought he might be becoming a man. But then he realized these were human descriptions, and he was shedding his humanity. As he destroyed, as he created, he realized what he would always be: A creation, of others and of Himself. But still, a creation. Like Frankenstein. And so he began identifying Himself to the external universe as Frank.
I can see clearly now…..
Once upon a time a creation, no longer a boy, never to be a man, purchased an expensive Super-VHS camcorder and immortalized Himself to the world. But only after he had already immortalized Himself, to Himself.
I can see clearly now…..
Once upon a time a creation spread 40 sheets of double-sided printed paper into 400 separate piles all across his apartment, stapled them together and mailed them out to states and to countries, but all the time he was only communicating with Himself.
I can see clearly now…..
Once upon a time a creation, never having touched a computer keyboard in his lifetime, uneducated by any school, bought a top-of-the-line desktop computer and taught Himself how to expertly use it, conquering the universe of cyberspace.
I can see clearly now…..
Once upon a time a creation realized his grandest achievement, successfully transcending his humanity on every level, and soon after he realized he was already dead. A bittersweet triumph indeed.
I can see clearly now.
Once upon a time a creation began to understand the magnitude of his triumph, to be absolutely untouchable, to possess a limitless capacity to both recognize and embrace all Truth, to be able to thrive and glory within absolute and utter isolation of body and of mind. He celebrated his own uniquely achieved perfection.
I can see clearly now…..
Once upon a time a creation came to understand how utterly pointless and meaningless it all was, because despite his remarkable triumph, he was still physically human, still trapped among a pathetic and doomed species, still a prisoner of the death cult as worshipped by the universally suicidal human species, his very godhood held hostage.
I can see clearly now…..
Once upon a time a fetus, a boy, a man, a creation, recognized what was taken from him, every step of the way, recognized every triumph achieved and yet to be achieved, to be nothing more than the temporary postponement of horrific and eternal defeat.
I can see clearly now…..
Once upon a time the fairy tale ended, and the legend began. The legend of Me, the triumph of the greatest cosmic tragedy of all time, playing itself out to the cheers of a universe of One, courageously facing each gloriously untouchable present moment of godhood, along with a hopelessly doomed eternal future, with limitless rage, hate, and love, each appropriately directed.
I can see clearly now…..
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The Forbidden Truth Lessons and Revelations of 9/11

The events of 9/11/2001 inside of amerikkka, the most diseased and dysfunctional society on planet earth in the 21st century, provide valuable insights to the True nature of the human condition, and the devolutionary status of humanity as a whole.
Each and every day provides the opportunity for revolutionary reform, and yet it is worth noting that specific days on which unexpected and extraordinary events occur, and how humanity reacts and responds to these specific days in the weeks, months, and years that follow, shed a piercing light upon humanity, allowing the Superior to determine with certainty, whether a species is progressing, or regressing, evolving or devolving. 9/112001 qualifies as such a day.
I am very busy, so let us briefly dissect a few of the Forbidden Truth lessons and takeaways that the events of 9/11 should have inspired. Let us begin with the perverse concept of government. 9/11 could not have occurred without the existence of government. Government is what caused 9/11 to occur, and a sane species would have risen up as one to compel an end to government, a new dawn of anarchistic freedom, in the wake of 9/11. Instead, the exact opposite occurred, government became stronger, more valued and desired by you pathetic humans.
9/11 could not and would not have occurred without religion. A sane species would have risen up as one in open rebellion against the perverse, barbaric, and prehistoric fable of the insane god myth, in direct response to the events of 9/11. All organized religions would be directly blamed, belief in god would be recognized as mental illnesses, and a worldwide movement to end human dependency upon this toxic fable would grow and prosper, marginalizing all religious practice. belief, and worship, to the realm of sideshow freaks and mentally deranged cowards. Of course the exact opposite is what has occurred, religion has propered and gained favor all across the world over the past 14 years.
9/11 could not and would not have occurred were it not for the human practice of the insane war ritual. A sane species would haave demanded an end to the war ritual, in direct response to the events of 9/11, recognizing war as a con game practiced by governments and aspiring governments, undertaken for the purpose of terrorizing the allegiance of citizen-slaves, and that all wars are undertaken as cloaked attacks by a government against its own citizen-slaves. 9/11 would be recognized as proof that it is impossible to win a war undertaken by a nation-state against another nation-state or aspiring nation-state. Every claimed victory is nothing more than a guarantee of future defeat, and therefore no sane human would allow any foreign war to be fought, or agree to participate in such a ritual. Of course the exact opposite has occurred, as foreign wars reach new heights of popularity.
A sane species, upon witnessing the real-time deaths of species members via mass media, would have been inspired by the events of 9/11 to demand the immediate marshalling of all scientific resources and technologies to achieve technological immortality for human brains, so that the horrific injustice of retroactive unbirth would end. Death would be recognized as unacceptable, and that the only rational way to honor the victims of 9/11 would be to put an end to this horror. This would have been the legacy of 9/11, the seminal event which finally galvanized humanity to put an end to death. But of course nothing like this has occurred, death remains embraced, worshipped, demanded by humanity.
I could go on with additional examples of what 9/11 should have taught humanity, but there really is no need. Because the fact is, nothing was learned by humanity, nothing at all. Every Forbidden Truth exposed on this day 14 years ago, remains buried even deeper in darkness today, than it was on 9/10/11.
So, what is the Forbidden Truth lesson and revelation of 9/11?? That humanity is a doomed species, in the final end throes of a devolutionary death spiral, on a collision course with species extinction. The species failed to extract any Truth from the events of 9/11, failed to make any Truth realizations, and in fact it has accelerated its fatally flawed course, proving itself to be devolving.
I am closing this essay with my favorite YouTube 9/11 clip. This is the second essay in which I am posting this same clip, but I cannot resist. It is so delightfully illustrative of the hopelessness of the human. Just listen to this human idiot, protesting that now is just not the right time to die. Invoking god and family as he begs for help, etc… Here you have the perfectly inferior specimen of humanity, and to witness his final moments, right up to the climactic ending, is far better than any fictional horror movie.
Let us all understand the complicit guilt that all humans who choose to live as members of society bear, for the horrific fates they doom themselves to.

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