August 2015

Powerful Ideas Overwhelm Weak Minds

You can communicate in many different ways. By word. By sound. By video. By example. By deed. By grabbing a human in a chokehold and forcing him to observe what he has spent a lifetime hiding from. But none of these methods have ever or will inspire others to embrace reality and Truth, to see the universe and themselves as they are, stripped of all illusion, pretense, falsehood.
Truth-based communication with humans will always fail. The human will never receive an idea, a fact, a reality, within the purity of Truth, no matter how it is presented. The human filters all external communications through his genetically and environmentally destroyed brain, always adjusting incoming communication so as to maintain a harmonious blend of emotional delusion and intellectual illusion.
All Truth communications are perceived as a personal attack upon and against the homeostasis of reality perception to which the human is addicted and dependent. Don’t rock my boat! Such is the desperate demand of the human as he stands upon the pathetic house of cards that he has spent a lifetime building.
My messages of Forbidden Truth overwhelm and shatter human minds. The only defense is rejection, condemnation, and retreat. I will always be the enemy because I represent a horrific factual reality which can never harmoniously integrate to the universe of illusion which exists at the existential core of all human brains.
The expression of Truth by word, is even more terrifying to you humans than the expression of Truth by deed, as undertaken by Andrew Kehoe, Howard Unruh, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Whitman, Adam Lanza, and so many other of your created Martyrs. Deeds are easier to distort than words, it is easier to demonize the deed messenger.
In My words, by My words, I take the deed messenger and give him the life of ideological Truth. I tell you what you are, as you ferociously cling to your universe of illusion, labeling your deed messengers as evil, insane, wrong, defective, mistaken, flawed. But they are not. They are shining lights of Truth, trying to pierce your matrix of illusion.
We all fail. The deed messenger and the word messenger and the vlog messenger and the blog messenger. We fail because humanity is a failure. We fail because we represent, we manifest, we embody Truth, in what we say and in what we do, and Truth has no place in the human experience of imaginary existence. For the human, every day is a desperate struggle to keep all Truth at bay, to fend off any and all intrusions of Truth into their universe of illusion and delusion.
The human is a coward. His brain is weak and pathetic. He cannot own his own brain, just as he cannot own himself, his experience of existence, or his future. The human can never recognize himself as his greatest enemy, he can never understand that he sabotages and dooms himself in his rejection of the Truths that he is offered.
I represent Truth, in purity, in glory, in perfection. This is why I am universally ignored and silently rejected. It is too dangerous to aggressively attack Me, because the Truths I represent are untouchable, and I can hurl them back, over and over. I do not, because it is a waste of time. But you humans prefer to aggressively attack those that you have already eternally silenced, be it via murder, cage lock, or other muting. It is safer for you, safer for your pathetic and broken minds.
You cannot hide from Me, pathetic humans. I see and I know exactly what you are, and why. But of what use is this knowledge? Like maggots upon decaying flesh, you are too numerous to exterminate in a single swipe. You destroy all that you touch, and you touch all, sooner or later, in one way or another.
Communication is useless against the weak and overwhelmed human brain. The human is doomed because he cannot see himself as he is, never has and never will. And so the explosions must continue. Useless communications which achieve personal catharsis, but die, evaporating to nothingness,  before they can penetrate the consciousness of the pathetic human.
I subtitled this blog “Mind Bombs From The Seer of Forbidden Truth.” And so I conclude this essay on the impotence of all commenication attempts with humans, with this single word: Boom!!!!!
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James Eagan Holmes: Victim of Ongoing Injustice

Oh, you think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING!–Bane, The Dark Knight Rises

You humans destroy whatever confronts you with Truth. There is no greater proof of this, than your treatment of your own created torture victims. A few days ago you proved yourselves unworthy of the gift of life, as a collective species, when you dared to pass judgment upon your own created torture victim, James Eagan Holmes, condemning him to remain inside of a cage and subjected to your ongoing attempts to further victimize and traumatize him.
Your cage lock of this tortured child is an attempt not to protect anyone from being harmed, but to silence a voice of Truth. The actions of James inside of a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012 were not criminal, immoral, insane, or evil. James’ actions on that day were simply an honest, accurate, justified, and morally reflective response to the maliciousness and to the derangements of human society, which were imposed and inflicted upon him.
A few days ago, you proved James to be right, in his choice to seek and to claim personal vengeance inside of that theatre on that day. You proved him right by choosing to demonize him, by choosing to judge him, by choosing to try to punish and harm him. Here is a news article which describes the horrific injustice carried out against James, on Wednesday, August 26, 2015:
James Holmes was and will always be your created victim. He has never deserved to be punished or harmed, by anyone, in any manner. Your collective choice, as a society, to deny him victimhood status, and to maliciously attempt to inflict punishment and harm upon him, is impossible to justify on any level. All anti-social, anti-human,  reflective acts of personal catharsis that have ever been undertaken and that will in the future be undertaken, are proven justified by the exact and specific manner in which you have chosen to treat James Eagan Holmes.
You took your created victim and you demonized him. You created a fictional plotline in which you gave yourselves permission to judge as evil and insane, an individual guilty of nothing more than proving to you, how evil and insane you are, individually and collectively, as individual human beings representing your society, and as a collective species.
The criminal trial of James Eagan Holmes, as is the case with all judicial proceedings and with all judicial verdicts handed down by humanity, embodies and personifies the malice and the derangement of humanity as a species. All judicial proceedings are absurd farces, in which a structure which is utterly and completely void of all morality and justice, adopts an illusionary stance within which it pretends to possess the moral and benevolent standing upon which to judge and punish an individual it is directly guilty of creating and of victimizing.
The motivation for this absurd farce is to deny reality and Truth. All judicial verdicts of punishment and harm are motivated by the blind terror of humanity as a whole, at the mere thought of being exposed and revealed to be guilty of and responsible for the justified reflections of individual victims such as James Eagan Holmes.
On July 20th 21012, James Eagan Holmes attempted to harvest as many human beings as he could, inside of a movie theatre which was showing a fictional, fake, acted, theatrical production. This fictional production was titled: The Dark Knight Rises, and it provided humans with an escape from reality and Truth, and the opportunity to descend into a fictional world of imaginary good and evil, imaginary justice and righteousness, and ritualized violence deployed to achieve emotional catharsis.
The Forbidden Truth is this: Everything done to James in the wake of his movie theatre massacre was a continuation of the fictionalized illusion of justice and morality which was depicted on-screen in the movie The Dark Knight Rises. You humans went to see this movie for the purpose of escaping from reality and from Truth, so you could pretend to be representatives of goodness, justice, morality, when in Truth you exist as sponsors of every imaginable horror: Sponsors of the universal abuse, victimization, and torment of all children. Sponsors of universal suffering and death for everyone.
You go to movie theatres and watch fictional tales of morality, as in real-life you ritualistically destroy every child via organized structures such as parenthood, and education, discipline and indoctrination. You murder complete strangers and creatures innocent and morally superior to you via organized rituals such as abortion and hunting and war. You gather together to watch fictional stories to brainwash yourselves into believing that you are good, that justice is your mandate, as all around, each and every day, you inflict universal injustice upon all.
James Eagan Holmes should be honored and celebrated as a Seer of Forbidden Truth, for his specfic deed on July 20, 2012 inside an Aurora movie theater. He should be honored and thanked by every seeker of Truth, for piercing the matrix of human illusion, for demonstrating the deranged hypocrisy of humanity in creating and wallowing in fictional tales of imaginary goodness and morality and justice, as humanity does the exact opposite, carrying out evil, immorality and injustice against everyone.
And none of you get it, none of you humans. It is so obvious that the arrest, prosecution, demonization, and punishment of James exists as nothing more than a fictional extension of the mental deformation of an entire species, which motivated the creation and the viewing of the movie The Dark Knight Rises. You decree James Eagan Holmes mentally ill, when all he has done is prove the mental illness of humanity as a species.
If you creatures were sane or good, you would never create fictional stories which allow you to escape from reality and pretend that goodness and justice exist and are sought and celebrated by you. You would never hurt individuals who show you the Truth of what you are. You would thank them, honor them, apologize to them, beg them for forgiveness, treat them as victims. You would never even conceive of judging them guilty of anything. You would judge yourselves guilty, you would accept the blame and the responsibility that you bear. You would reform yourselves, instead of pretending to try to reform your created victims, as you terrorize and traumatize them further.
James Eagan Holmes, you will always be a tortured victim-creation of a species unworthy of existence. i honor your sacrifice, I appreciate you as an individual seeker of Truth, I wish you strength of mind and eternal, untouchable love of Self as you fight your daily war against humanity and the crimes it was, is, and will always be guilty of carrying out against you. Stay strong!
Colorado shooting suspect James Eagan Holmes makes his first court appearance in Aurora, Colorado, July 23, 2012. Holmes, the man accused of shooting dead 12 people in a Colorado movie theater during the midnight screening of the new Batman movie early Friday, made his first appearance in court on Monday, sitting silently in a red jailhouse jump suit and with his hair dyed bright red.All Text not in italics is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved

Vester Lee Flanagan: Amerikkkan Martyr

Just a few hours ago, a tortured victim-creation of amerikkkan society named Vester Lee Flanagan, also known as Bryce Williams, attempted to pierce the matrix of universal illusion which constitutes the social trance of 21st century human existence. During a live television “news” interview, Vester opened fire on the reporter, her cameraman, and the interviewee, successfully killing the reporter and cameraman.
You will note above, that I am encircling the word news in quotation marks. This is because the hive mind of societal and governmental leadership controls and dictates what it allows to become newsworthy. Martyr Vester was himself a participant in this matrix, having served as a news reporter for the very same television station that he targeted for personal vengeance. Let us appreciate this incident as being far more than an act of personal vengeance, but a genuine attempt to expose the news media for what it is: A primary propaganda, indoctrination, and command/control component of social and governmental leadership.
This is a dynamic and developing incident, and I will not have the time to post updates, so I suggest you follow online news sources such as CNN, for the latest developments:
Let us begin by paying our respects and sympathy to Vester Lee Flanagan, who tragically chose to commit Self-murder after his seeking and claiming of vengeance. It is important, at this time, with society demonizing Vester, as it does all who attempt to pierce the matrix, that all seekers of Truth take the time to pause, giving honor and respect to a rare individual who stood up for Truth and for Self.
This shooting attack was filmed live by Vester as he carried it out, and it is perverse beyond all measure that the news media is censoring this content, refusing to show it, even as it demonizes Vester and condemns his actions. It is therefore my pleasure to locate and to post a direct link to Vester’s uncensored recording of his own shooting attack. But first, some still images as recorded by Vester:
And now the uncensored live-recorded video perspective of Vester Lee Flanagan, in the seconds before he opens fire, recorded by him from his perspective:
So rare to get the actual, exact perspective of the seeker and claimer of personal vengeance as he carries out his seminal act. Thank you, Vester!
The news media delivers propaganda and lies, on behalf of government. Just watch the few seconds of the above live broadcast just before Vester opened fire, and you see this Truth in living color, no pun intended. A “business leader” is being given air time in order to try to promote the insane idea of tourism, convincing slaves to travel and waste the useless pieces of paper given to them for agreeing to waste their imaginary existences shackled to an economic system which owns them from birth until death.
I do not know how far advanced Vester was, in his understanding of the universal matrix of social illusion. All attainment of personal vengeance is personal, even as it reflects and expresses the reality of the horrific structures which destroy us all. What speaks volumes is how Vester is being treated now, his actions demonized as crazy, his voice of Truth distorted and silenced via censorship of his actions and his words.
Distortion is all you will ever find in journalism. Facts and reality come in rare moments when an individual transcends the matrix via a focused act which expresses both Truth and True Reality, which is exactly what Vester Lee Flanagan did just a few hours ago.
‘The church shooting was the tipping point…but my anger has been building steadily…I’ve been a human powder keg for a while…just waiting to go BOOM!!!!’ ‘ Also, I was influenced by Seung–Hui Cho. That’s my boy right there. He got NEARLY double the amount that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold got…just sayin’.—Vester Lee Flanagan
vester flanagan
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The Insane god Myth & Human Suffering

A comment and question by a reader of this blog, allows Me to expand upon the Forbidden Truths of human suffering as it directly relates to the insane god myth.  All of My writings contain uniquely valuable insights of Truth, and this is one reason why I feature many questions and comments to My existing blog posts, as new blog posts.
All Truth quests must be forever evolutionary in nature. The same question or issue can be answered 1000 times, and the tiniest addition of perspective, expressed or realized only the 1000th time, can still serve to either trigger a new avenue of understanding, or allow a Truth which has never quite penetrated to individual core consciousness, to achieve this penetration.
So ask Yourself the same questions, over and over, and answer these same questions, over and over. If you do so with a Truth-seeking mind, you will find the questions changing over time, and the answers evolving over time. Small outgrowths and enhancements on the primary Truths, but it is within these small changes, that profound progress of philosophical Truth realization can occur.
Here is the question/comment, in italics, along with My reply, in bold print:
“SEER, why inferiors want to believe that life gets better, and that atrocities and injustices happen for a good reason? I won’t accept that and I am so sick and tired of mentally-deranged humans believing in this philosophy and accepting suffering. But, at the same time, they complain about the injustices but target individuals (children) to unleash their fury onto to better be able to deal with the nonsense.”
Because the human being is a coward and a fool. Because the human being is mentally diseased and dysfunctional on both a genetic and an environmental level. And because Truth itself, not specific Truths, but the entire envelope of all factual reality, is dead to humanity. Truth is of no value to humanity. Truth is not considered, it is not valued, it is not desired, it is not recognized nor is it recognizable to humans.
Humans are addicted to feeling good, they are addicted to finding ways to make themselves feel good, and no cost is too high for them to bear in this pathetic pursuit. At the same time humans despise themselves and desire to suffer and to die. But not to consciously acknowledge this Truth. And so we have the perfect storm: Universal self-destructiveness hidden and denied, the pursuit of useless illusions of happiness and safety in the present moment, exalted and celebrated, True motivations never consciously acknowledged, either to Self or to others. Everyone wanting to suffer and to die, hiding from this Truth via the pursuit of useless, present-moment hope and happiness.
Every child represents and embodies to the human adult all that he has lost. Every child is a terrifying specter of Truth. And so the child must be destroyed, the child must be destroyed so that the destroyed ex-child does not have to face up to the Truth of what has been done, and what is being done, to him. Children are dangerous, innocence is dangerous, because both expose primary level Truths that humanity cannot and will not face up to.
Humans harm children because they were harmed as children, because they believe that children need to be harmed, and because they are rewarded for harming children by their society.
“I am tired of helping those in need. Why isn’t the govt helping needy people? After all, it is responsible for all the issues and injustices that go on, so why isn’t society bearing the burden of helping needy humans?”
Class-based and tiered illusions of high, mid, and low-level suffering are absolutely vital to maintaining the social matrix. Everyone must be made to suffer horribly, but this Truth must never be acknowledged. Instead, an endless series of make-believe levels of suffering must be and are created and maintained, so that everyone can be brainwashed to believe that others are suffering more than they are, and that no matter how much they are suffering there is hope for the suffering to ease and to end. Death is the holy grail in this regard, marketed as the solution to the problem of suffering. Making others suffer is also marketed as a way to make yourself suffer less. And suffering more than others is also marketed as a great thing, something which will be rewarded. “Suffering builds character”, “Suffering makes you stronger”, “god rewards those who suffer and who sacrifice.” The universal embrace of suffering by all human beings, is a key component to ensuring the ongoing social trance is never challenged or even recognized as such, by the unwashed masses.
The mandate of all governments and societies is to ensure universal suffering for all, and to successfully brainwash and indoctrinate all humans to accept the deranged premise that suffering, up to and including death, is necessary, positive, helpful, and unavoidable.
“What really angers me is that god-addicted humans always invoke the “Golden Rule” and guilt onto others as a means of exploitation to get what they want. Has it ever occurred to inferiors that maybe god does not exist, and if tangible bodies, like me, are helping them, then obviously, I should be the one praised and not their mythical god? What they say to cover-up their god’s lack of responsibility…”he uses other people to his work”. Does that seem rational because it doesn’t for me? It’s time for humans to reject this system and start questioning this nonsense that’s keeping them in chains and ongoing suffering”
The human being possesses a destroyed ego. He cannot honor, love, sanctify, and worship Himself. He is the personification of personal humiliation. Humility and humiliation, squared. The imaginary god creature exists as boss and ruler, terrorist and torturer. His kindness is that of the parent, raping his child, body, mind, and soul. god represents everything that is bad, disguised as being good. god is the slavemaster, and if you observe how god is used by every single government on earth, you understand that god has always been the terrorist force behind all organized social and governmental oppression and injustice. god is what makes slavery desirable to the human, because he can delude himself to believe that he is destroying himself on behalf of something other than the sadistic pleasure of a destroyed ex-child, his own reflection as expressed by a fellow torture victim.
Humans cannot question their own deranged paths. They are trapped within a matrix of illusion, all Truth dead and buried to them. How can you find Truth when you are not looking for it?? How can you find Truth when you can never recognize it, even if it presents itself directly to you?? The situation is hopeless, which is deliciously ironic considering that your comment and question is in response to an essay in which I express with brilliant clarity, the hopelessness of the human condition.
If you choose to try to help humans, if you feel motivated to help humans, you should reflect upon the important question of why you choose to try to do this, what your True Reality motivation(s) are. Because helping others cannot and will not result in you being helped, either directly or in some third party fashion. Helping others is a waste of time, a distraction, an interruption of precious time that should be better spent on growing your own universe of Self.
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On Nature, Free Will, Hate, & The Insane god Myth

I received an interesting reply to a recent, brilliant blog post I made concerning how the Superior atheist should understand religion, god, and Himself. You can read this blog post here:
and I highly recommend you do so before proceeding with this follow-up post.
In this reply to a comment, I greatly enhance the depth of Forbidden Truth on the understanding of the roles of nature and love of Self, within the philosophical understanding of Full Force Atheism.
As always, the comments directed towards Me appear in italicized, light printed text, while My reply is in bold and non-italicized text:
“To be an atheist it is not necessary to hate everything that I do not like. As an example you write – “A lover of Self, therefore a hater of god and religion.” I agree that you should be a lover of Self. But I do not want to be a hater of anything in this world.”
To be an atheist it is necessary to hate god and religion, because those who embrace god and religion hate you, as they hate the very structure of life itself. Religion is the worship of death, the worship of universal death. Religion is the demand that you personally die, and it is made by the religious, by those who believe in and worship god.
Only inferiors make decisions based on what they want, at the cost of what actually is, and at the cost of logic and reflective reasoning. Whatever proactively seeks and demands your eternal destruction and retroactive unbirth, deserves to be hated by you, and must be hated by you, in the name of reflective Truth. Otherwise you are betraying and compromising love of Self. Whether or not you choose to consciously face up to this Truth, does not alter it. Self-love cannot be subjectively determined. It must be objectively determined.
“The reason is that there is no good and bad in nature. Do we say apple is good and orange is bad? We don’t. Similarly, we do not say sun is good and moon is bad, or rain is good and shine is bad, or dog is good and cat is bad. Then why would you say Mr. X is good and Mr. Y is bad? All humans are objects of nature. We should not discriminate things in nature; we accept nature as it is.”
You are correct in that there is no good or bad sentient intent in nature. But there are good and bad consequences. What harms Me is bad. The passive acceptance of injustice and harm, merely because it originates in nature, cannot be justified within the umbrella of Self-love and the consciously realized entitlement of personal godhood which the achievement of limitless and unconditional love of Self, mandates.
If you read My brilliant texts, you will note that I do not negatively judge individuals, recognizing each and every one as a created victim of external injustice. But this does not negate My sacred right to hate, and to seek personal vengeance, and to reflect personal injustice. Further, My refusal to embrace the prejudice that is personal judgment, places upon Me a genuine obligation to hate and to condemn organized human structures, such as government, education, the family unit, religion, and god worship, structures which are guilty of universally victimizing and destroying humanity as a collective whole.
We must not accept nature as it is. There is nothing holy in nature. Nature is a fatally flawed structure which lacks all sentient will, a structure which metes out injustice by virtue of its own mindlessness, its own random dysfunction. To accept nature as it is, is to embrace death. To embrace death is to betray Self. Religion and god are the toxic and diseased deceptions deployed by society and government, to inspire and to effect this betrayal of Self, which cannot be seperated from hatred of Self. Whenever the individual chooses to allow Himself to be harmed, he is expressing and manifesting hatred towards Himself.
What is holy and sacred? Me. I am holy and sacred, unique and irreplaceable, singular and infinitely precious. The universe is My creation, and My brain is the creator of the universe. Hatred of religion, god, and nature, is honorable, necessary, and the most natural of all responses, to all that seeks to destroy the universe of Me, be it via conscious will, as is the case of religion and god worship, or mindless dysfunctionality, such as is the case with nature.
Note that there is no freewill. This is quite obvious.”
It is not obvious, nor is it factually valid. The issue is multilayered and complex. We are all reflections of all that has been imposed, inflicted, and indoctrinated upon us. Your life path choices will reflect this external imposition, to one degree or another.
But it is possible to pierce the matrix, to become an outsider looking in, to transcend your own humanity, and the tiny handful who achieve this feat, achieve the capacity to choose what to reflect, if to reflect, and when to reflect. Which does not translate to absolute free will, certainly not. But it does represent a genuine distinction from the mindless, consciously oblivious reflections of the unwashed masses of humans.
The complexity comes from this: The very process of transcending your own humanity, as I have done, is inspired by the reflective impositions of others, therefore the original inspiration is not an expression of independently free will, even if the end result allows for freedom of choice which far exceeds that of the human drone who remains matrix-trapped.
“Have you ever done anything without any reasons? No you have not. Thus reasons come before you take action.”
Conceived reasons for executing personal choices may be either valid or invalid, rooted in factual reality or the projection of absolute fantasy and false deductive process, within the envelope of what constitutes Truth itself. But within this understanding, it is fair to reject the concept of absolute free will, within personal choice, independent of all past impositions upon reality perception. To possess absolute free will would require that all past impositions upon the Self be absolutely and completely negated, erased from all capacity to imprint upon personal consciousness, and this is not something that even I, a top-level transcendee of My humanity, have achieved.
“Your present action is controlled by your past reasons – and that is the definition of destiny.”
No. It is at this point that you stray from the path of Truth. My present actions are controlled and limited, appropriately so, by the combination of what has been imposed upon Me externally, and the sum total of all Truth and factual reality which I have actualized within My conscious mind, and My intellectual capacity to make choices and decisions which violate neither My own personal True Reality, nor objective Truth, itself. To be clear, this is my personal triumph of the mind as a Superior, not typical or accurately descriptive of human thought, behavior, or choice. For the typical human, both thought and behavior are determined by pathological brain dysfunction, the rejection of reality and of Truth, reasons deduced via a lack of sane reasoning, and the embrace of warped reality perception, of which religion and god worship is a prime illustration.
Those who “believe” in destiny as it is defined by society, and as you appear to define it within your comment, fall victim to mystical thinking and are guilty of abdicating the development of ownership of Self and of mind, which the top-level Superior achieves. It is fair to say that there are very specific things which I am destined not to do, because in doing these specific things I would be violating both My own True Reality, and objective Truth. But it would not be fair to say that there are very specific things which I am destined to specifically do, because the mind ownership I have achieved allows Me a degree of freedom of will, within parameters of Truth and True Reality, which preclude and negate the mystical pull of destiny.
“The entire universe is guided by a global plan or global destiny. Our individual destiny is derived from that global plan.”
This is where you completely veer off the course of Truth. There is no sentient will in the “universe”, just as there is no sentient will in religion, in the myth of god, or in the functions and dysfunctions of nature. You have fallen victim to mystical thinking, created a fable on the same level as any organized religion. There is no plan or destiny absent sentient will, absent conscious intent, and “the universe” lacks all sentient will, lacks all conscious intent. The organization of the universe is random, scientific phenomena such as gravity or oxygen do not alter this fact.
The destiny of the individual inferior is controlled by the limitation of his reality perceptions, his refusal to embrace the Forbidden Truths, and the sum total of what has been externally imposed upon him from the moment of his biological conception, through every moment in time up to the present moment of his perceived existence. There is no global plan or destiny, controlled by the “universe”, in play.
“No one has any control of the universe.”
I have much control of the universe, having embraced My obligation to Self and to Truth, to create a universe in which I achieve the omnipotence to which I am entitled. But My degree of control is limited by humans, and their inferior, pathetic minds, their rejection of Truth.
“There should not be any reasons to feel frustrated and remain angry. Everybody is playing his role according to the laws of nature. Why then blame anyone?”
Nature is a failure. Nature is dysfunctional. The laws of nature are unjust. The laws of nature harm Me, and are therefore unacceptable. Nature must be recognized as a personal enemy, even if rage and hate are reserved for toxic and diseased man-made structures such as religion, god, and government. We must hate what is consciously choosing to destroy us, as individuals. Nature itself, lacks such conscious intent. Therefore, hating nature can be understood as a waste of time and focus. But nature is still our mortal enemy, it must be treated as such, it must be prevented, by any and all possible means, from harming Me.
To worship nature is to worship death, the same horrific and impossible to justify choice, as the embrace of religion and belief in a god creature, both of which are deployed by humanity to coerce and to brainwash the universal embrace of individual death. Of course we must be angry. Of course we must blame and we must hate. We must hate humanity, victims and yet collaborators in creating and maintaining the matrix. We must hate the human structures which are deployed to destroy us, to murder the universe of Me. And even if we do not proactively hate nature, as we are absolutely entitled to do, we must blame nature. We must recognize nature as our enemy, not something to be respected and honored, but a rogue force of harm, attacking and destroying us.
Nature is not the antidote to religion. Honoring the right of nature to harm Me, is a betrayal of Self and of Truth just as great as honoring the right of religion or god to harm Me. The antodote to religion is Truth and love of Self, and this same antidote must be applied to our understanding of and relationship with, nature.
To the commenter: Please note that your last sentence, containing a link to your blog, has been deleted from this reply, because I will not use My own writings to promote a philosophy or ideology which compromises Truth.
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An Open Letter of Forbidden Truth to jimmy carter

Important note: While this Open Letter is addressed to jimmy carter, the profoundly valuable Forbidden Truths revealed within the text, seek safe haven within any and all sane and sentient brains capable of recognizing and appreciating them.
Hello jimmy,
Yesterday you learned that you are almost dead. A fatal disease which had already invaded your body, has now spread to your most valuable physical organ, the single physical organ which defines you as an individual: Your brain. And how did you respond to this news?? In the ways of a human, a pathetic human, a coward and a fool and a hater of Self and of Truth.
You gathered together hundreds of officially recognized propagandists, calling it a “news conference”, and you used your fame, your celebrity status, your past history of having become supreme leader of a genocidally evil government, to promote the insane god myth, to declare that death should not be feared or hated, to literally and actually promote the passive, meek, universal acceptance of personal death, concealing from all the fact, the Forbidden Truth, that to die is to have never been born, and to have never existed.
And of course your propaganda blitzkrieg was hailed by the propagandists as a shining example of personal courage, personal grace, superior mental attitude, and the benefits of optimism. You waxed poetic on your imagined achievements and accomplishments, pretending that you will leave the world a better place than when you entered it. And the propagandists lapped it all up, using your toxic words to implant and to blossom a new wave of death worship within the psyche of humanity as a species.
Here you can listen to your own words, as you lie to Yourself, as you lie to the world, as you continue the betrayal of Self and of Truth which characterizes the diseased brain functionality of all human beings:
Jimmy, it is unfortunate that I must viciously attack you at this point in time, as your illusion of being alive is almost extinguished, but the attack is something you have brought upon yourself, by the choices you have made, since childhood, dating back many decades. My attack upon you is personal of course, personal from the perspective of how you have harmed Me, and by connective effect, every creature who has suffered the misfortune of being born human. I attack you because you are guilty, as an individual, of the greatest of crimes against humanity.
Jimmy, you are a created victim of your society and of humanity as a species. Your victimhood status cannot be disputed. But you are also an inferior. You are a coward, a fool, a brainwashed drone. You are plugged into the hive mind of humanity, a hive mind where Truth has never existed, a hive mind where Truth cannot exist.
Jimmy, you think you suffer from a disease that your society has given the name of “cancer”. But you are fatally mistaken. The primary disease which afflicts you, which has afflicted you since childhood, is that of mental illness and pathological brain dysfunction manifested via the embrace of delusions and illusions. Belief in god is your fatal disease, not cancer.
Jimmy, you are guilty of the crime of genocide against humanity. You are not leaving this world a better place than you found it. As a political and societal leader of humanity, you have played a primary and integral role in ensuring not only your own eternal nothingness, but in validating and imposing universal death upon all. The horror of universal death, which you promote and have helped keep as manifest reality, marks you as as the greatest of criminals, a sponsor of harm, suffering, death, that few who have ever been born can claim title to. Ted Bundy, Genghis Khan, James Oliver Huberty, Osama bin-Laden, none of them can come close to approaching your level of achieved destruction and genocide.
Jimmy, you became the leader of the entire world in 1977, 38 years ago. In 1977 the scientific fields of computer technology, robotics, gene splicing, dna mapping, cloning, and cryogenic preservation, among many others, were exploding. As leader of the world, you were in a uniquely powerful position to challenge the hive mind, to courageously attack, condemn, and defy the toxic matrix of religion, god, Self-hate, universal child abuse, and universal human slavery, which defined all of human existence back then, as it does today.
But you failed, miserably. You chose to align yourself with the matrix, you chose to maintain and strengthen all of the malicious and diseased structures of your society. You chose to exalt death, to worship death, and in the process you have directly doomed trillions of creatures born human, including Yourself, to the horrific fate of being retroactively unborn and to have never existed.
Jimmy, cancer is not going to murder you within the next few months. You are your own murderer. It is you who are guilty of murdering Yourself. Because the fact is, if you had found the courage and the inspiration 38 years ago, as political and social leader of the humans on earth, to stand up for Truth, to embrace love of Self, and to declare all-out war against the toxic structures of religion, child abuse, Self-hate, and death worship, and to decree death as the greatest of human diseases, to decree death as the mortal enemy of humanity, to decree that the problem of death must be attacked and ended, so that each of us may be able to simply exist, technological immortality would be a functional reality as of today. So yes, you need to know that you are guilty of both genocide on an unprecedented scale, as well as the far greater crime of murdering Yourself.
We are your victims, jimmy carter. Human history is an illuminated chart of endless mistakes, occurring at endless points in time, repeated over and over and over. Every single second that passes by serves as historical record of the failure of humanity as a species. Jimmy, your pathetic and perverse choices, made 38 years ago, seal your fate, and the fate of humanity today. And today, and tomorrow, these same pathetic and perverse choices doom Me to the same horrific fate you are about to achieve as manifest reality.
And so I hate humanity, I hate humanity with full-throated, full-minded passion of mind, of soul, of essense of Self. I hate what humanity has always been, and I hate what humanity is today. Every moment that passes, the universe is darker. No light, no hope, because there is no Truth. Who dooms the universe?? Human beings. Leaders and followers, victims and predators, seamlessly blended. The matrix, indoctrinating all. The matrix, built by humans, maintained by humans, oblivious on a conscious level to the horror they are wreaking upon themselves.
So there you stand jimmy, at your press conference of Thursday August 20, 2015, maintaining your image, shining your halo, defending the past, defending god and religion, exalting death even as you pretend to continue your imaginary battle to postpone it. And the harm you caused yesterday far exceeds the harm you caused during your four years as leader of the most diseased and dysfunctional society on earth. Yesterday was when you propagandized death to a new generation of humans, inspiring millions to maintain their suicidal ideation, to reject life, in favor of death. Shame, eternal shame upon you!
I’m sorry jimmy, but you were never president of the united states. You never got married. You never sperm created children. You never helped anyone. You made no life better. Nothing has changed because of you. You were never alive. You never existed. Eternity is untouched by you. For a few more weeks, or maybe months, you can continue to pretend to be alive, continue to pretend that you exist. And you will never know the Truth. Never will you have to face up to the Truth, as I do, as a Superior who has transcended his humanity. You will never know the Truth because Truth is dead to you, because you are a coward, and because you are human, a representative specimen of your species.
I do not pity you. You have not earned the right to life, as I have, because you have never found the capacity within Yourself to face up to the Forbidden Truths of death.
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Death: The Perceptions of Human vs Animal

An interesting reply to this post:
prompts me to expand upon the Forbidden Truths of how humans face up to and embrace death, in comparison to other animals. A thank you to the commenter for providing an excellent visual illustration of the difference. As always, My reply appears in bold and non-italicized text.
“The willingness of human beings to embrace death is one of the key traits that reveal their departure from everything that is healthy and natural.”
You are correct. No other species of life seeks, desires, courts, embraces death. No other species of life, with full consciousness of mind, passively accepts death. Only the human being, proving himself to be the most genetically defective of all non-extinct species, a birth defect species on a brain functionality level.
“I found footage of a wounded lion, previously the dominant male, being set upon and castrated by other male lions while unable to defend himself:
At 1:50, even after being severely maimed and in agony, and near death, he still courageously roars at his attackers and fights them off, with boldness and rage, in an amazing, inspiring and beautiful display of self love and courage. The same courage, if not more, that he would have if he had switched places with his attackers.”
You are correct. I watched the video and it demonstrates the healthy mind of a sane member of a genetically healthier species. The fight to obtain immortality must be understood as the undaunted refusal to accept death. How perverse and ironic it is that other animals do their very best, within their intellectual and technological limitations, to attain personal immortality, while the one animal. the singular animal, that is in a position to make technological immortality a functional reality, for itself as well as for other animals, refuses to do so, and is too genetically and environmentally deranged and defective to desire to exist forever as a sentient brain.
Self-love is instinctual in other animals. But not so in humans. In humans it is destroyed by the combination of genetic birth defect on a species-wide level, and the relentless attack upon healthy and natural brain function that the species collectively undertakes against every child and every adult, at every moment of their existence.
An interesting issue and question to philosophically ponder, is this: How do animals perceive death on a general basis, and how do animals perceive their own upcoming death, and the consequences of their own upcoming death? To some degree, these questions are impossible to fully and accurately answer, because we can only hypothesize as to the level of conscious understanding and deductive reasoning possessed by any specific animal, or the general level of a species as a whole. But a Forbidden Truth analysis, even when it contains speculative elements, still sheds valuable light on the nature of the pathetic human animal. I may well tackle this specific issue in a future essay.
Your video shows us the simple Truth that our Martyred lion knew and understood his own death to be unacceptable, a horrific injustice that he must prevent. The specific level of consciousness within which he embraced this realization of Truth, is interesting to try to determine, but the basic and elemental fact of his understanding, as proven by his actions, speaks volumes as to the immense gap that exists between the human being, pathetic, diseased, and hopelessly broken, in comparison to every other species of life.
“It brings tears to my eyes, and I hope that I will be able to one day attain such a natural state of pure self love, like the kind wrongfully ripped from me at birth.”
Your desire to attain limitless and unconditional love of Self, in and of itself, is extremely rare among humans. The fact is, humans do not love themselves. These two things, To be human and to possess limitless and unconditional love of Self, are mutually exclusive. My achievement was made possible only by rejecting and transcending my humanity.
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Additional Forbidden Truths on Maternal Instinct

I received an interesting comment/question to this essay:
You should read the entire above essay first, before proceeding to this followup. The comment below allows Me to expand upon the specific issue of maternal instinct, which I have written about extensively in my main Manifesto, which I highly recommend all seekers of Truth read in its entirety:
As always, my reply below will appear in bold and non-italicized text:
“Is there any basis to believe that there is a maternal instinct in at least some human mothers? We see it in animals as a simple instinctive awareness of how to PHYSICALLY nurture offspring until they are able to fend for themsleves, but there is no ritualised, lifelong bond. Would this be the extent of a true maternal instinct in human females? Granted it may be a moot question given the convoluted nature of human society’s perversity.”
Your question is interesting, but the answer is complex, and several different factors must be taken into account. First, we need to look at the instinctual responses of other female animals who breed. Some female animals provide almost no care to their offspring, while other female animals provide highly nurturing levels of care. Concurrent with this fact, is the equally important fact that as a general rule, the level of care that is provided, matches the level of care that is needed by the offspring. Simply put, some species of baby require a lot of care when they are young in order to grow up safe and healthy, while other species of baby do not, being much more self-sufficient.
The next point which must be emphasized and analyzed, is that human babies do require a significant amount of physical care in order to survive and develop into strong and healthy adults. In other species, the female biological creator usually provides this care, when it is needed by the baby for survival and to thrive. This fact speaks to a natural instinct existing in female animals, to provide necessary levels of care to offspring.
Now we must move forward to the reality of how human biological creators treat their children, the universal harm they cause to their children, the fact that while a majority do not directly terminate the existence of their child via physical violence, they do universally enslave, oppress, victimize, stunt all positive development, and use all children as personal Poison Containers, none of which is done by other female biological creators, of other species.
So, let us begin a Forbidden Truth analysis: Many other species of life possess a maternal instinct, and display it by providing positive and necessary aid to babies and offspring that they create, and in many cases to specific young members of their own species that they have not biologically created, but come to know via ongoing interaction.
The human female who breeds, as a general rule, is motivated to seek and to maintain possession of their biological offspring, who need to be cared for in order to survive and to thrive. But what are the primary causes for this motivation?? Is it natural instinct? Or is it the relentless brainwashing and terrorization of human society, towards every female, that they are morally, legally, and culturally obligated to serve as mothers?? Or is it the desperate need of female humans, who exist as brutally victimized slaves, to obtain access to a human being, a baby and child, so that they may obtain personal catharsis by brutally victimizing and enslaving it?? Natural instinct is a primary motivation in the choice of other female animals to serve as caretakers to their offspring. But upon objective analysis, natural instinct is not the primary motivation of the female human being.
The term “motherhood” is itself hopelessly weighed down by countless centuries of social propaganda, brainwashing, and mythology. Other animals do not perceive themselves as “mothers”, but as caretakers to offspring, acting upon their natural instinct. To the human, motherhood is slave ownership, motherhood provides a warped sense of self-identity, motherhood is a death placebo, allowing the woman to more actively and eagerly court and embrace her own upcoming death, motherhood is a form of freedom illusion, the freedom to dictate, to terrorize, to victimize, to use a specific living thing in ways they are prohibited from using all other living things, as a Poison Container.
So yes, it is fair to say that most female babies are born possessing the capacity to develop a maternal instinct. But, in and of itself, this fact is meaningless. Because every female baby is also born deeply deformed on a genetic level, so that her maternal instinct cannot and does not develop naturally or normally, and is further warped and destroyed by the genocidally harmful external environment of relentless trauma that she is subjected to throughout her existence.
Female humans are unfit to care for their offspring, and whatever vestiges of maternal instinct they may possess, are diseased and deformed to the extent that they cannot, do not, and will not provide positive and nurturing care that allows a child to reach its potential. Female mothers hurt, harm, victimize, and destroy their children, in reflection of the fact, the Forbidden Truth, that they are hurt, harmed, victimized, and destroyed ex-children, genetically and environmentally broken.
For female humans to possess a legitimate maternal instinct, would require them to reject and renounce all social concepts of motherhood and the family unit, to recognize and respect the sacred autonomy of every child, and to be able to want what it is best for the child. The last requirement might seem fairly simple, but in Truth it is the most impossible for those who are human, as they are incapable of wanting the best for even themselves. How can a creature even begin to imagine wanting what is best for another, when it can never even begin to imagine wanting, or even understanding the definitional parameters inherent, in wanting what is best for Self??
A genetically and mentally healthy female human mother cannot come to exist, given the birth defect nature of the species, and the universal external trauma every human being is subjected to from the moment of their birth. Therefore, the maternal instinct of all human females will be severely damaged, stunted, warped, and dysfunctional, and if they serve as “mothers”, they will horribly harm their children. Now, if they are aspiring Superiors who reject the entire concept of motherhood as defined by society, and consciously desire to serve as emotionally detached caretakers to help nurture children and break the cycle of deliberate, universal child abuse of humanity, they could, in theory, recover some portion of their biological maternal instinct, and combine it with the detachment of a child caretaker, to perform this task more effectively. But we are talking 1 woman out of 50 milion, and only as theory.
Within functional, day-to-day reality, natural and healthy maternal instinct among humans does not exist. The obsession with serving as a mother, runs concurrent with the obsession to harm and destroy the children a woman is given possession of, as a mother. All of motherhood is shrouded in mysticism, mythology, and fantastical thinking which spits in the face of reality and Truth. You cannot compare the maternal instinct of other animals, to that of humans. Among humans, maternal insinct is buried and crushed under the titles of motherhood and the family unit, obscene and grotesque monstrosities of slavery, oppression, trauma, mental illness, and layer upon layer of obsessive mythology.
What would be a healthy, intellectual understanding of maternal instinct, for the human female? Simply this: I will help this child to survive and to thrive because within infinite love of Self, I desire to thrive and to survive, and absent all obligation and absent all responsibility and absent all emotional connectivity, this child possesses the potential to help Me to thrive and to survive, because his mind might be able to develop within the purity of Truth, healthier and stronger than my own, recognizing Myself as a victim of universal child abuse. Therefore I will strive to protect this child from being harmed, not for his sake, but for my own sake.
But of course this is beyond the capabilities of the human being, and I respect the law of reflectivity under which universal child abuse, as well as all forms of cathartic vengeance, take place.
You cannot obtain purity of maternal instinct in a human female. You cannot. All maternal instinct is compromised and warped. It cannot and it will not be restored to any purity of form. The most you can even imagine occurring, is for the compromised maternal instinct to be reshaped, reinvented, but this is only possible within the conscious embrace of all Forbidden Truth, by the rare, isolated individual. Not by the species as a whole, or any portion.
I certainly can’t think of any women off the top of my head who are truly, selflessly “maternal”, but I wonder if they exist. Not even necessarily Superior mothers, simply females who have a natural awareness of a child’s physical and psychological needs, and a desire to satisfy them.
All women are victims of universal child abuse. They cannot treat children with genuine benevolence, because they were not treated as children with genuine benevolence. Their physical and psychological needs were not met when they were children, and so they cannot meet the needs of children, as caretakers. Do they want to meet the needs of children via maternal instinct?? Perhaps a few do. Perhaps a few try. But they fail. They all fail. They fail because they are human, and the law of reflection applies. Their needs were not met. They were victimized and harmed as children. And so they do not meet the needs of children, and they harm them, victimize them.
It is not very difficult to articulate a desire which conflicts with your own True Reality. But to render this desire a manifest reality, to turn it into functional fact, meeting the needs of a child you have created, when nobody has ever met your own needs, that is a whole other story. That is an impossibility, unless you detach from your own humanity.
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To Destroy is to Create

Who will worship at the alter of destruction? Who is wise and courageous enough to understand that to destroy is to create?
Let it burn and let it collapse. Make it burn and make it collapse. Let the blood flow. Make the blood flow. Let us find the lightness of grace in the smoldering embers of what once was, but will not be again.
We destroy because have been destroyed. We destroy because destruction is the only way for one who has been destroyed, one who is a victim of destruction, to create. Every creation destroys. Everything the human touches, lays his eyes, his hands, his mind upon, he destroys.
Procreation no more creates a life, than abortion destroys a life.
What will you create today? A sand castle? A sculpture? A blog post? A mighty river of gushing and spurting blood? A recipe for world peace?
It does not matter, because whatever you create will be used to destroy. Whatever you create will be absorbed by the hive mind, whose mandate is to ensure universal destruction of all. Your creation will serve this mandate, in one way or another.
I rejoice in the destruction that I initiate, the destruction that I represent, the destruction that I inspire. Always I have created, in order to destroy. I destroy via thought and via deed and via word and via the collective entity of what I am. My destruction is that of the free agent, the Outcast, Outlaw, Outsider.
I am what I am because others have destroyed. They have destroyed in their Name, allowing Me to rise up within the light of Truth, claiming my Name. We who have always known ourselves to be destroyed, find the strength to create our own paths of destruction. To know Yourself is to know what it is to be a victim of destruction.
Religion does not destroy. Loving others does not destroy. The atomic bomb does not destroy. Child abuse does not destroy. These are simply methods by which those of us who have been destroyed, may be inspired to destroy others.
Every decision to destroy, is a decision to create. I am a creation of all that has been done to Me, a creation of every attack, of every humiliation, of every injustice, of every abuse, of every harm directed and imposed upon Me. As your creation, as your created victim of universal destruction for all, I destroy.
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The Happiness Problem

“I just want to be happy”, so bleat the pathetic human sheeple. “I must find a way to make myself feel happy”, this is the defeated and perverse yearning of the emotionally crippled masses of slaves.
Happiness is one of the most deeply entrenched and rooted of all human ideological perversions of thought and of reality, and in this essay I will comprehensively dissect this topic. Let Me begin by stating that I have already discussed this issue at significant length in my past writings, and just recently in my brilliant essay promoting the seizure of personal pleasure concurrent with the rejection of all pursuit of happiness. I strongly urge all readers to read, or reread that essay now, as the Forbidden Truths I am discussing here will build upon and deepen the Truths I have already revealed right here:
Happiness is not something that should ever be sought or desired. Why not? Because happiness is an external and artificial construct, built as such, defined as such, marketed as such, and imposed as such, by human society and government. The greatest of all enemies of the individual, instructs the individual that he needs to feel happy, that he needs to acquire happiness, and he is then told, by his greatest enemy, what he needs to do, to think, to feel, to believe, in order to attain this happiness.
The goal of society and government is to addict every individual to the delusion, to the mentally dysfunctional concept, that he needs to feel happy. Once this addiction is established, society and government is then fully empowered to impose upon all individuals, propaganda, lies, enslaving structures, insane ideologies, and the like, all of which are marketed and promoted as ways to obtain feelings of personal happiness, which are of no valid or factual value to any individual.
Wanting to be happy, harms you. Wanting to be happy, destroys you. Because happiness, the emotional experience of happiness by an individual, has absolutely no foundation in objectivity. All individual experience of happiness is subjective, meaning it is not based upon valid facts, Truths, or criteria, but is inherently rooted in Self-delusion. Any human who wants to be happy, who allows himself to be addicted to the idea that happiness is good, necessary, and must be proactively sought and attained, partners with his greatest enemy in harming and destroying Himself.
The use of objectivity versus subjectivity as a weapon of ideological and definitional brainwashing and indocrination is worthy of an entirely new essay, but for now let us comprehensively dissect these two terms within the specifically narrow issue of personal happiness.
A sane species would never attempt to feel happy. Never! A sane species would demand that all objective criteria that are required in order for personal happiness to be naturally and instinctually experienced, be met. The very fact that a human being finds it necessary to try to feel happy, proves that the factual reasons for him to objectively experience happiness within his True Reality, do not exist.
Attempting to achieve personal happiness, absent the existence of valid, objective reasons for you to be happy, betrays both Self and Truth, and directly causes immeasurable harm, by causing the individual to embrace lies, delusions, false perceptions, both internally and externally inspired.
The sane creature must ask Himself: What are the reasons for Me to feel happy, given the factual reality of my existence? Are there any reasons for Me to feel happy, given the horrific reality of my past, my present, and my future?? What do I lose if I pretend to be happy, if I deceive Myself into believing that I am happy, even as no objective criteria for Me to experience happiness, exist or can be established?
Subjective judgments that are made outside of established boundaries of objective fact and reality, are inherently invalid. If no objective facts exist for a sane mind to experience happiness, no effort or attempt should be made by the individual to feel happy. Instead, the objective facts must be altered, by whatever means necessary, in order to render the achievement of personal happiness viable and rational.
Society and government provides you pathetic fools with thousands of different avenues to pursue and to achieve feelings of happiness. You are told that this is what you need to feel happy: A lot of money, fame, marriage, children to own as slaves via parenthood, consuming alcohol, winning a war, having tasty food to eat, to be loved by others, murdering animals via hunting, hope for a better future, etc… The list is endless. But the Forbidden Truth is that all such enticements are equally and inherently invalid, because the objective and factual reality is that your existence is pointless, meaningless, doomed, a real-time fantasy which will end in eternal nothingness and retroactive unbirth.
Every external attempt by society and government to encourage you to feel happy, or to convince you that you should feel happy, or to blame you for not feeling happy, should be understood and interpreted as a vicious and brutal attack upon and against you. An attack intended to destroy Truth, and in the process, to convince you to destroy Yourself. Because that is exactly what you are doing, when you agree to try to experience the emotion of happiness, based upon subjective judgment which has no basis in factual, objective reality and Truth.
Pleasure is not happiness, as I have already revealed in my previous essay. Pleasure is a proactive and temporary personal triumph of the mind and of consciousness, in which an individual nurtures and empowers Himself. The achievement of personal pleasure does not obscure or compromise reality and Truth. It is not externally dictated or inspired. It is internally motivated, achieved, then allowed to fade away to nothingness, so that it has no lasting consequences upon reality perception. This is the Superior path of mental health and personal empowerment. At no point, is pleasure allowed to intermingle with happiness, or to dilute/negate the objective reality that there is no valid reason for any of us to feel happy, ever.
As long as humans seek happiness, they will never be able to destroy the organized structures which render happiness impossible to objectively achieve. It is these organized structures which control how happiness is defined, and who brainwash and propagandize false and invalid illusions of happiness, as being real and valid.
The Superior understands and knows these Forbidden Truths:
1: There are no objective reasons for any human being in the 21st century to feel happy.
2: There is no value of any kind in feeling happy, if such feelings of happiness betray and subvert Truth and factual reality.
3: Objective criteria exist, under which the pursuit of happiness could be validly undertaken. Unless and until such objective criteria are met and becomew functionally real, happiness must not be sought or desired, because the subjective experience of happiness, absent such objective criteria being met, is simply and purely a useless delusion and a direct betrayal of Self.
4: The objective goal and demand of all Superiors must be to terminate the objective realities, such as physical death, slavery to government, universal victimization, and universal injustice, which render happiness impossible to objectively experience.
To all who are pathologically unhappy, to all who resolutely reject the maliciously ongoing extortion efforts of society and goverrnment to brainwash, bribe, entice, terrorize, ad trick them into feeling happy or attempting to try to feel happy, to all who embrace their unhappiness with pride and with mindfulness, knowing that happiness is a toxic lure dangled by their greatest enemy, I offer my congratulations. You are not defective, you are not mentally ill, you are not dysfunction. You are aware and awake. You are mentally healthy and consciously wise. Your orientation is to Truth and to reality, and I hope you are able to mindfully appreciate the positive value of your conscious rejection of happiness.
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