July 2015

The Human Embrace of Death, Additional Truths

In response to My latest blog post featuring the uncensored legal murders being practiced by ISIS, I received an interesting question concerning why humans go meekly to their own imminent deaths, not even attempting to fight to protect and preserve their own existence. My brilliant reply below, sheds additional light on this issue, illuminating how the twin perversions of Self-hatred and obedience to authority figures and structures, serve to destroy all personal capacity to value one’s own existence.
My reply appears in bold and non-italicized text.
As always, I highly recommend you read my original essay, which inspires this follow-up reply:
“Neat video. There was something about it that I find very disturbing though. I have consumed a lot of footage of violent accidents, murders, assaults, rapes, lynchings, abortions, but the one thing that I find emotionally disturbing is execution videos by ISIS, Taliban, drug cartels, etc. This is for the reason that the victim appearing in the video is always 99.9% certain of the success impending brutal murder (even with the tiny, miniscule chance that the execution is botched, they will definitely be killed when the problem is rectified) and yet the victim NEVER makes even an ATTEMPT to fight back, if not for the miniscule chance of survival/escape, then at least the honor, dignity and self-affirming beauty in possibly taking one or more of your killers to the grave with you or at least maiming or disfiguring one or more of them permanently.
Up until the very moment that he is being PHYSICALLY MURDERED, the weak, pathetic, self-hating, cowardly human being passively accepts victimisation.
This was beside the point you were making but I didn’t have much to add because you are preaching to the choir.”
I can tell you exactly why most humans accept death at the hands of ISIS, and any military organization following their personal capture, and via the “death penalty” as carried out by the judicial wing of a government. There are three main reasons.
Reason #1 is because human beings are suicidal, be it on a conscious or subconscious level. They want to die. They look forward to death. They expect death. They groom themselves, throughout their imagined existence, to die. On a core level, they do not believe they have a right to be alive. This is the collective consequence of a lifetime of ego destruction, of the imposition of Self-hate by society and government upon every individual.
Reason #2 is the fact that all individual humans are brutally brainwashed, propagandized, and terrorized by their society, to mindlessly submit to all authority. Authority is defined by society as any organized structure which has achieved power over the individual. Humans meekly submit to being murdered for the same reason they agree to perform slave labor for money, for the same reason a child agrees to clean his room, the same reason they agree to enslave themselves to each other via the deranged marriage ritual, to pray to an invisible, non-existent creature, etc…
Respect for authority translates to contempt for Self. Submission to authority has been brainwashed into the minds of all human beings, and it is reflected by every perverse choice the individual makes, up to and including the quiet and meek submission to his own dynamic murder.
Reason #3 is the slavery that is citizenship. No human being perceives himself as autonomous. Every human being, consciously or subconsciously, knows he is an owned slave. He perceives himself as personally worthless. His value is in how others use him, his value is in how he serves the hive mind. When faced with imminent murder, the pathetic human is still consumed by the slave shackle of citizenship, he looks at his fellow humans, he follows their lead. Usually he says nothing, because to speak in such a situation requires a healthy identification with Self. Subconsciously he may realize that he is nothing in the now, just as he has always been nothing in the past. He cannot recognize what he is losing, because he never recognized in the past, what has been taken away from him. Death is perceived as merely the final, inevitable loss in an endless series of losses. But this perception is fuzzy and blurry, as befits an existence spent within a matrix of illusion.
The human who is attacked by “surprise”, by perceived peer humans, such as in a street mugging, is more likely to try to fight back, to try to preserve his existence. Why?? First, because the attack is not being performed by an organized and accepted authority figure such as the state or its representatives, such as a policeman, executioner, military soldier, etc…
And second, because the prospect of imminent death is being imposed upon him by surprise. He has not had time to finalize his suicidal ideation, to convert it to actual embrace of death in the real-time moment.
How ironically perverse is this, that the prisoner of isis, or the death row inmate, comes to meekly embrace imminent death by the process of lengthy reflection. A sane and healthy mind would be inspired by such reflection, to devise some grand attempt to destroy those he knows are going to destroy him. But no, the human reaches “peace of mind” with his own imminent death, given time to reflect. Here you see the horrific consequence of lifelong suicidal ideation.
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Prisons and Freedom, Additional Forbidden Truths

My brilliant essay dissecting the deranged human construct of physical imprisonment as a form of dispensing justice, generated an interesting comment which deserves a comprehensive reply. Here is My initial post, please reread it before continuing with this follow-up essay:
And now my reply, in bold and non-italicized print:
“This is one of the best posts on this site in my opinion.
One of my biological siblings is currently being subjected to the cage lock for the “crime” of stealing.
I feel a deep sense of empathy for this particular sibling and rage on his behalf. This is not because of the delusion of a “blood bond”, but because I think he is very close to being a superior and I have experienced first hand the severity of our shared childhood torture. I would describe this sibling as a level 5.9 hater using your criteria (just slightly short of being a 6), for the reason that he is a “fan” and admirer of Charles Manson and his philosophy, and also of serial killers/shooters, but also possesses many inferior traits e.g. Nazism, racist views, methamphetamine use, “might is right” view toward government, hatred for “immigrants”, etc.
The existence of the cage lock completely morally justifies any and all acts of personal catharsis by individuals.”
Personal identification with fellow victims as individuals, is a positive and appropriate state of mind. It allows you to better recognize and understand your own personal victimhood status, as well as to perceive the reality of the universal victimization each of us is subjected to, again as individuals, as a collective whole. But at the same time there are two important caveats which must be understood and guarded against.
First, we must resist and reject all external efforts to place relative values upon victimhood status. For example, the cage lock guards are just as much victims and creations of society, as the cage lock inmates. This fact must be consciously understood, even as you personally identify with your brother. Truth must never be subjugated in favor of emotional or intellectual bias. The prison is a structure of systemic, institutionalized injustice. All individuals who function within a prison system, do so as victims of the structure itself, and humanity as a whole is the creator, the sponsor, the impositional force which causes, not simply allows, but directly causes, the prison to exist.
A sane species would never have conceived of inventing the concept of cage lock. A sane species would have consciously understood the very concept of locking others inside of a cage, and this includes animals in zoos as well as humans in prisons, as being inspired by a dysfunctional psychological need to feel free, to accept a false illusion of personal freedom obtained at the cost of denying others their personal freedom, and therefore in the process betraying their own sacred right, as individuals, to obtain freedom.
Second, the existence of difference forms of personal victimization involving loss of freedom, must never be allowed to inspire false illusions of freedom level status, within the conscious mind. For example, the Truth is that you do not enjoy any greater freedom than your brother, and you are not any less of a victim of society, than your brother is. Even as you recognize him as a fellow victim, this Forbidden Truth must remain at the forefront of your consciousness, as factual reality, and not compromised or mitigated by any perception of how he “must” be suffering or enduring harm. Of course he is suffering! Of course he is being harmed! But you are suffering, you are being harmed, and you are the owner of Yourself. If you fail to recognize Yourself as the greatest victim in the universe, you betray and you destroy Truth.
Being locked inside of a cage has never deprived anyone of their freedom, and being released from a cage has never provided anyone with any freedom, because freedom does not exist, and cannot exist, as long as humanity dwells within its webs of universal illusion. To fight to obtain freedom, you must fight to destroy human society and government itself, rather than fighting to get out of a prison cage, or even fighting to eliminate the structural institution of prison itself. Even if all cage lock were to be decreed a criminal injustice and eradicated throughout the world, this would not pierce the many other layers and structures of human imprisonment of body, mind, and soul, which render all of us lifelong victims, slaves, and Martyrs.
“Not only are law enforcement and judicial structures themselves are to blame, the average citizen is equally complicit. Prison is openly acknowledged as a government-sanctioned rape dungeon where even harmless people can be punished for minor “crimes” such as selling a mildly psychoactive plant. This is joked about and the plight of prisoners is openly mocked. It is seen as a “good thing”, and something they deserve. Something that benefits society and is even necessary to society. This truth completely shatters the illusion that humans inside the cage lock are “guilty” whereas humans outside of the cage lock are “innocent”. The humans outside of the cage lock display a maliciousness and callousness towards the innocent far more twisted and perverse than any of the “crimes” committed by those individuals inside the cage lock.”
You are absolutely correct in recognizing the guilt and responsibility that every human being who lives as a citizen, bears. And this is why all concepts of “justice” must be proactively defined, as functional reality, within the light of Forbidden Truth. For example, an individual locked up inside of a cage via the judicial or mental health systems of institutionalized victimization and injustice, “escapes”. He escapes, then kidnaps, rapes, tortures, and murders 100 six year old children. Is this justice???
It is the reflective justice of institutionalized injustice. It is the reflective achievement of imperfect justice, within a structure where all justice has been destroyed and rendered impossible to achieve. This is not rationalization. This is functional reality. The 100 six year old children did not deserve to be brutally victimized, any more than the individual who escaped from the cage deserved to be brutally victimized. But society is the creator and the sponsor of injustice and of victimization, for all. And so we respect the reflection of Truth by a victim, we respect and we honor it, because we are not biased hypocrites, because we recognize that justice for none, as social decree and as imposed reality, can only be reflected, deserves to be reflected, and Truth is honored in doing so.
All judicial systems ever devised by humanity, now and in the past, reflect and express the immorality, the injustice, the criminality, of the state, of human society and government, of the harm and trauma committed and carried out by human society and government, as public policy choice. Against every human being, every child, every adult of every age at every moment in every lifetime. The choice by the state, to inflict deliberate punishment via judicial law, against any individually created victim of this immorality, this injustice, this criminality, is impossible to justify, within law, within morals, within ethics, within philosophical debate, within intellectual reasoning, or within sanity.
So let us understand that justice is dead, and let us understand who murdered justice. Let us understand that no societal demand for justice, can ever be valid. Let us understand that every attempt by a society which is guilty of murdering justice, to impose justice upon its created victims, is the most evil of all acts, and the attempt itself, grants each of us a personal right to inflict limitless harm upon others, as True Reality reflection, and as a form of imperfect justice which cannot be externally denied from any rational or Truth-based perspective.
“I use the song Over The Wall by Testament to nurture my hatred and rage towards the cage lock system, and to enhance my minds eye fantasies of prisoners escaping violently. I use the song to honor every victim, present past and future, of the cage lock, particularly my sibling currently and recently the (tragically short-lived) TRIUMPH of tortured victims David Sweat and Richard Matt in courageously escaping the cage lock in a defiant refusal to allow their freedom to be stolen from them. This is a strongly emotionally resonant subject and in the justified hate it inspires I am often moved to tears.
“I’ve been a prisoner
Trapped in by fear
Ordered for the rest of my life
Condemned in a jail cell
Ain’t seen life in years
Escape is the only way out
Restart my life
Or self destruction
To climb this wall
Of dark construction
Holding the quest for freedom
That beckons me
My sanity is all but gone
My patience is growing very weak
I need to get a hold of myself
I stare at the wall
For the right time has come
Escape must occur on this night
Stand in my way
And I’ll run you straight through
There’s no one to stop me now
For I’m on the loose
And I’m ready to start
Torture and hell on this town
Over the wall!
The search will not stop
And hounds will not rest
Till I am back in my cell
For if I am caught, I’ll try it again
Over the wall I will go, I will go”
Thank you for this post.”
You’re welcome. I appreciate your passion of mind, yet the factual reality that David Sweat and Richard Matt were never free, not from the moment of their biological conception, not from the moment of their womb excretion, not at the moment they killed others, not at the moment they escaped their cage lock, and not at the moment that Richard was shot dead by a hired criminal and murderer of the state and David was recaptured by a different criminal who attempted to murder him, to be subjected to greater attempts by the state to traumatize and victimize him., must be understood within core consciousness.
David Sweat and Richard Matt were never free. Escaping cage lock did not and could not provide them with freedom. Freedom does not exist within the human matrix of universal slavery. The only way to obtain freedom is to completely destroy the matrix itself, a feat that no individual can achieve, not even The Seer of Forbidden Truth, and a feat that humanity as a species can never find the capacity to even try to achieve.
This fact must be primarily embraced, not to minimize or denigrate the personal courage or the reflective True Reality actions of Richard Matt and David Sweat, which are honorable and praiseworthy, but to place the human condition into proper context. You cannot obtain freedom if you do not define freedom accurately. It is the prison system itself, the existence of it, which greatly helps society and government to brainwash those who are not locked inside a prison cage, to believe that they are free. It is this lie which must be destroyed. And the only way to destroy this lie is to fully and completely destroy human society and government on a foundational level, as it exists today.
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Blooming Within the Glory of Voids

My brief but  brilliant essay on how external lights blind the Self from recognizing and embracing Truth, inspired a brief comment which allows Me to enhance this enigmatic insight. Read the original essay here:
And My reply, as always in bold and non-italicized text:
“This is very interesting. I have wanted to ask for your view of this subject for while, why superiors are attracted to darkness, or its representation by the colour black. I sensed it had to be much deeper than an aesthetic choice but couldn’t think what it would be.”
Inferiors seek light in order to try to find themselves. Superiors know that all external light is a false siren, beckoning them down a path laid out by others, a path of cloaked deception, manipulation of reality, betrayal of Self. The void of darkness and blackness is very necessary and valuable, it allows the Superior to spark and ignite his own personal flames.
Darkness and silence are feared and hated by inferiors, because they are forced to deal with themselves, even if they can still ward off actual Truth. Light distracts, noise distracts, external activity of any manner, distracts. As I continue to maximize my transcendation of my human origin, I listen less to music, even music that I appreciate, even music that nurtures me, because my internal flame burns brighter, the voice of Me grows ever louder and stronger.
Blackness, darkness, and silence must be cultivated not merely as desirable environments to dwell within, but as states of personal existence which uplift, empower, nurture, and heal the Self, on a daily basis. Blackness, darkness, and silence must be recognized as voids. All consciously experienced voids are positive, because all such voids allow the Self to bloom, allow the Self to assert its rightful position of dominance within the universe the individual must claim ownership of, as an aspiring or actual Superior.
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Forbidden Truth Insights to the Human Condition

I received two different and interesting comments to this blog post:
My reply to the comments fleshes out the Forbidden Truths of the hopelessness of the human condition, and why helping others is futile, irrational, and a direct betrayal of both Self and Truth. Read my reply to gain valuable additional insight on these issues. As always, my reply is in bold, non-italicized text:
“Thank you for addressing the issues I was confused about.
I wasn’t able to see this problem from the perspective you have talked about here, before I read this. The fact that there really is no hope, and that the horrific fate of death for all of us was set in motion hundreds of thousands of years ago, was not clear to me. We are just circling the drain.
We are like dominoes waiting to be knocked over. The pattern of cause and effect cannot be overrided.”
You’re welcome. Many humans claim to be philosophically-minded, claim to be able to see the “big picture” perspective in their deliberations on the nature of the human condition. But their claim is false, and their methodology is fatally flawed. You cannot understand the human condition when you remain trapped within its matrix, bogged down by the weight of a million illusions and delusions that the species has accumulated over hundreds of thousands of years.
Scientifically minded humans believe that their brain has been very slowly evolving over the past 400,000+ years. Most god addicts believe that they were dynamically created just a few thousand years ago. The fact is, both of these perspectives are uttery absurd and equally perverse, rendering a genuine Truth quest impossible to succeed. Both the birth defect status of the species, and the fact that it has never been capable of positive evolution, must be embraced and understood. Science is not new, science is simply a new word invented by humans to cover up from themselves, the reality of their failed past, and the Forbidden Truths this failed past reveals about them, as a species.
The past determines the present, which dictates the future. The reality of universal child abuse, a cycle impossible for humanity to break, reveals this Truth. The cycle can only be broken by top-level Superiors, and there are only 1 in 50,000,000 of us. Therefore, the cycle can never be broken, and will never be broken.
“I am glad that you addressed the issue of moral responsibility on the part of tortured children. I had a nagging moral responsibility that there was hope for humanity, because I knew I was inferior in many ways and yet hearing the truth helped me improve. But you’re right. They don’t deserve to be spat upon, let alone helped and sacrificed for.”
Helping others harms Self. Sacrificing for others, is sacrificing against Yourself. Very simplistic statements, but they reveal absolute Truth which must be embraced, and within this embrace, the factual and philosophical reasons for why this is so, as I have articulated in my writings, become clear.
“I understand now that love and compassion for others and for yourself are truly mutually exclusive.”

This is a foundational level Forbidden Truth. Without an absolute understanding and embrace of this Truth, and conscious understanding of why it is so, your capacity to move forward and embrace many other Truths, and to take steps to transcend your humanity, is permanently stunted and crippled.
“Why is it that you (and others) are able to perceive these aspects of objective reality whereas 99.9% of humanity cannot?”
The correct percentage is more like 99.99999999%. The short answer is because we have rejected our humanity, and chosen to embark upon a very long and complex effort to transcend our humanity. All objectivity requires outsider status. Humans claim the capacity to analyze and debate issues and circumstances on an objective level, but they do not possess such capacity. They are simply lying to themselves. Humans perceive all aspects of their reality through the distorted, deformed lens of the insider, where nothing can be objectively perceived, much less an objective end result determined and embraced as reality and Truth.
“By what process is truth arrived at for “superiors”, that separates them from ordinary humans? Is this knowledge a product of deliberate reason and logic, or are they as intuitive as recognising that the sky is blue?”
I was not born a Superior. Choosing to reject my humanity was a foundational level step. Choosing to transcend my humanity was a separate, additional, foundational level step. Recognizing the infinite value of all Truth, that Truth must take absolute precendence over every internal and external impulse and imposition, was another foundational level step. And then every secondary step had to be proper, had to be courageous, had to be accurate. The insane god myth had to be rejected. Sports, war, family unit, money, law, morality, justice…. Every single one of the thousands of malicious human constructs had to recognized as such, and affirmatively rejected. All Truths are linked together, failure to recognize and embrace even a single Truth, compromises and distorts all Truth.
Some humans write to Me expressing great admiration for my insights, expressing an interest in developing a mind as superior as mine, but they are hung up on “mindless violence”, they cannot respect the serial and mass murderer. I tell them they are hopeless cases, becaue all Truth is linked together. No act of violence is mindless, every act of violence is mindful, it reveals so much Truth, in its expression. I tell them they do not have to become serial or mass murderers in order to embrace the Forbidden Truths. But they must genuinely honor, respect, admire the Truths that are expressed and revealed by the fact, by the reality, of outlaw violence.
Knowledge is not intuitive. Obtaining knowledge is always a war which must be affirmatively undertaken against all that you are taught, all that you are told, all external imposition. Because knowledge does not exist among humans, it is not recognized by them, not accepted by them, and certainly not allowed to be circulated among them. Facts lead to knowledge. Facts which are factually True. You will not find such facts within the human world, and the human world maliciously imposes itself upon each of us, from the instant of our biological conception.
Reason and logic are equally lacking within the human world. You can search forever for these things among humanity, and you will end up retroactively unborn, having found nothing. Only by withdrawing from the human world, can you find reason and logic, within the Self-developed, independently developed universe of your own brain. And yes, I was born as a birth defect member of a birth defect species, and therefore I have had to overcome the impacts of this horrific reality, and this achievement of course involved conscious realization. If you do not understand and accept that your own brain is genetically deformed, how can you even imagine overcoming the impacts of such deformation, much less actually achieving the feat, as I have?
The second comment:
“SEER, you brought up a mind boggling quote in which I’m 100% sure that inferiors overlook its true meaning: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Wow! that quote may appear to be harmless, and humans have no clue of its inadvertent message and true meaning behind it. If its what I think it means, its basically encouraging humans to engage in ongoing conflict, because society is aware that humans are dealt with many injustices, and advocate them lashing out against each other, which will cause a distraction so they want go after the true enemy (society). I don’t know if my interpretation is on key, but I comprehended it in this fashion. It’s too bad inferiors can’t read between the lines of this horrific message, because it only keeps the masses at war with one another, to prevent them from coming together collectively. Great Essay!”
Thank you. Let Me elaborate on my insight of Forbidden Truth. My exact quote, extracted from the essay, is: “If you attempt to pursue a moral path in your life journey, you will be suffocated and dismembered, figuratively if not literally, by the limitless immorality of your greatest enemy. You will end up doing onto others as you would have them do onto you, even as they do onto you what has been done onto them.”
What must be exposed by my words, is the lie of morality, the illusion of morality as disseminated within a limitlessly immoral society inflicting limitless harm upon each of us. Everyone is being harmed right now, because everyone has been harmed in the past. And everyone will be harmed in the future, because everyone is being harmed now.
The human is a hater of Self. Some humans find the courage and insight to at least try to seek out and embrace some Truth, and direct their justified rage and appropriately. But at every turn these aspiring Superiors face brutal brainwashing, propaganda, and indoctrination, via the perverse lie that others are good, that others deserve to be respected and honored. No! Treating others well will not result in others treating you well. Your weakness will be exploited, you will be harmed by them, in accurate and justified reflection of the harm that they have experienced, and are victims of.
Treating others well provides nothing positive to Self, be it externally or internally. Treating others well not only compromises love of Self, it betrays and denies the Truth that others cannot and will not treat you well. Love, and all other genuinely positive personal experiences of existence, must be Self-created and Self-directed. If you wish to be cared for and cared about, you must care for and care about, Yourself. Soliciting care from others is a recipe for disaster, and it plays directly into the societal mandate of universal vampiric extraction and victimization that is the rooted core of all interpersonal relationships.
And so, let us embrace this Truth, and do onto others as they have done onto you, and as they would and will do onto you if given the opportunity. Others have harmed Me, and others will harm Me, if I give them the opportunity. The inferior wants to be harmed, and the perverse “golden rule” promoted by human society, to treat others as you would want to be treated, not only terrorizes and brainwashes the individual to accept and embrace external victimization, but to become addicted to the interpersonal relationship, forever dooming any possibility of developing the capacity to thrive within the glory of unconditional and limitless love of Self, and embrace of the absolute entitlement and Self-obligation to direct rage and hate outward, in treating others with the contempt and victimization reflected in both their desire to harm you, and the fact that they will harm you, if you provide them the opportunity.
Your interpretation of the specific message I was conveying via my quote, is not quite accurate, but still, the conclusion you reach is accurate. You are correct that society seeks to convince all citizen-slaves to blame, demonize, hate, and seek vengeance against peer-group fellow victims, by creating artificial and invalid enemy classes and groups, in order to cloak the Forbidden Truth that the society and government must be recognized as the greatest enemy and the most appropriate target for personal vengeance. This is a foundational level Forbidden Truth which must be fully recognized and embraced.
But in and of itself, this singular Forbidden Truth does not translate to directing all positive emotions inward, all negative emotions outward, rejecting all interpersonal relationships, and treating others, as individuals, as they would and as they do, in reality and in factuality, treat you. Society decrees: You have no right to harm others, because you do not want to be harmed. But this decree betrays Truth, on many levels. It betrays the Truth that you are a victim of harm, on an institutional as well as a personal level. It betrays the Truth that you do have a right to harm others, because others have harmed you. It betrays the Truth that most humans want to be harmed, lack of conscious realization does not alter this fact. And it betrays the Truth that in denying your right to harm others, if you acccept this premise, you are directly harming yourself, destroying your own capacity to nurture and develop genuine love of Self.
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The Forbidden Truths of Death, Fleshed Out

I have written several brilliant blog posts which address the Forbidden Truths of death, or to be more specific, the factual consequences of personally dying, and how humanity is both unable and unwilling to face up to both the consqequences, and how death must be defined and understood, in the wake of such Forbidden Truth consequences.
In response to this essay:
I received an interesting comment which allows for a bit of insightful enhancement as to the issue of individual physical death. Please note that all of my responses appear in non-italicized, bold print, and of course, as is always the case, I stringly recommend that you reread My original post before moving forward to this one.
“Only about 5% or less of human beings are able to grasp the finality of death, and even for most of those few who can appreciate death’s significance, it comes in short, unwelcome, frightening and crippling realisations.”
Your percentage is incorrect. It is far less than 5%. 00.00001% is a more accurate number. The finality of death must be understood as the factual reality of the void of eternal nothingness, directly experienced by the individual Self, as well as the retroactive unbirth of the individual Self, meaning that death directly causes the individual who has died to go back in time to the moment of his biological conception, which then fails to occur, meaning that the individual is never born, and nothing that happens after the human being fails to be born, actually happens. This factual reality must be consciously recognized and understood, at every level, by the individual, in order for him to “grasp the finality of death”, to use your words, which are not well-formulated. Giving death the attribute of finality, helps to foster the illusion that it can be understood as the conclusion of a life. Death is not the conclusion of a life. Death is the end of an ongoing illusion of existence, as externally promoted and as accepted by brainwashed inferiors. “You are alive”, declares human society, so that the Forbidden Truths of death may remain cloaked and invisible to you.
“They can’t cope with the reality of these realisations or integrate them into their conscious mind permanently, so the realisations always must be resolved on the spot, or else they will lead to a psychological crisis.”
Correct. And the very fact of this psychological crisis speaks to the genetic birth defect status of the human being. If the human brain is capable of recognizing the True consequences of death, the human brain should be able to either cope with the factual reality of these consequences, or be inspired to overcome such consequences via relentless effort. The fact that humanity has done neither, proves it exists as a genetically defective species.
“Usually, the resolution comes in the form of an attempt to turn death into a positive thing (“Life is short, so I better go out and LIVE so that I can die happy!”) or to somehow find meaning in it (“Without death there’s no reason to live at all”)”
All rationalizations directly betray and destroy factual Truth. There are no compromises of Truth, because to compromise Truth is to fully, utterly, and absolutely destroy Truth.
“Sometimes, if this is unsuccessful in lulling the human back to blissful ignorance, they will resort to a temporary psychological hibernation to “wait it out”, until they can simply forget what they saw, or at least not think about it. This coping mechanism is often accompanied by escapism and crutches such as alcohol and drug use, watching TV and films, listening to music, overeating, physical affection with a romantic partner, until the default mind state is restored.”
Correct. And both genetic brain defect and relentless external validation of the full spectrum of lies and illusions of what death is and the consequences of personally dying, come together to render this universal trance of Truth rejection, impossible for humans to consciously pierce and overcome.
“Despite how horrifying these “rude awakenings” are to the minority of people who experience them, their realisations are still incomplete and basic. If they were able to see the complete and terrifying reality of death with the level of perception possessed by you for example, it would result in catatonia, psychological breakdown or resigned, pre-emptive suicide. I believe this accounts for many cases of the conditions and behaviour just described.”
Correct. The vast majority of those locked away inside mental institutions are guilty of nothing more than being unable to cope with the horrific Truths that their own brains attempt to impose upon them, and equally unable to accept the matrix of universal illusion that their society attempts to impose upon them. With both paths being unacceptable, a psychological breakdown occurs, and this also accounts for a high percentage of dynamic suicides, although immense hatred of Self as promoted by society, still plays a higher primary role as specifically inspiring the act of dynamic Self-murder.

“Thank you for creating this brilliant and depressing post.”
You’re welcome. And I must add and emphasize that depression is a positive gateway to the recognition and embrace of all Truth.

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Self-Love: The Great Shield, The Great Weapon

How do I love thee Me, let Me count the ways… This essay exalts the single most glorious of all personal achievements, the absolute foundational bedrock of mental health and personal strength, the base upon which all actual and aspiring Superiors center the universe they build and own: Love of Self.
I am a lover of Self. Everything I do and say, everything I experience and represent, everything I am now and will ever be in the future, is the embodiment of limitless and unconditional love of Self. This love is owned by Me, as it has been created by Me. I gave birth to Myself, when I established Self-love within my True Reality and built it to an apex void of all limitations, and untouchable by any external force or entity.
In writing this essay, I glorify my love of Self. But I glorify my love of Self in everything that I do. Everything! Eating and thinking and moving my bowels and brushing my teeth and shooting my guns and sleeping and vacuuming and performing slave labor and everything else. All that I do expresses all that I am. I am a Self-created creature, having built a brain that is fully under my control.
Self-love is the integration of Me to all personal consciousness. Without Self-love, I would not be Me. And I would not be Me, if Self-love was not reflected in all that I am.
The lover of Self is at the mercy of nothing he can control, and since he can fully control his own mind and brain, he is untouchable by all external enemies and attacks. Death can harm him, absolutely. And failures in his ownership capacity to direct and control his own mind and brain, can harm him. But nothing else, nothing at all.
What do I love more, Myself or the Truth?? This question can only be answered by expressing the factual reality that Truth and love of Self are inextricably intertwined to the universe of Me. Without my embrace of all Truth, I could not and would not possess love of Self. And without love of Self, Truth would not be embraced by Me. I love Truth because I love Myself, in loving reflection. And I love Myself because I love Truth, in loving reflection.
Humans sometimes ask Me what I do in my “spare time”. First of all, no sentient creature in love with Himself and with Truth, ever has any “spare” time. Time is limited and finite, I have none to spare, I hoard time, recognizing it as one of the only resources I cannot properly control. So, during my experience of all time passage, I spend it loving Myself. I express and integrate love of Self within everything I do, within all moments of time.
The power of mind ownership is expressed via the capacity to focus the mind within personal will and choice. Self-love is the achievement of the top-level Superior. Self-love is the realized and experienced reality of mind triumph, directly at odds with all expressions and with all invocations to deliver and to receive love from others. Self-love is real and Truth. The love of others, be it given, received, or reciprocal, is false and a lie, it is the illusion of the inferior, a betrayal of Truth, which directly results in a betrayal of Self, since it literally extinguishes and destroys the capacity to establish love of Self.
Let there be no doubt: Love of Self and love of others, and/or love sought from others, are mutually exclusive. You cannot attain love of self, while seeking to attain love from others, or attempting to bestow love upon others. Love must be developed and cultivated by Self, for Self, and once established, it must be ruthlessly and unrelentingly hoarded, even as it is exalted and maximized. Love externally directed, is love wasted and dissipated to nothingness. Love requested from others, is invalid, unreal, a Self-delusion. Nobody else loves you, and if you perceive yourself to be loved by others, you are suffering from a crippling and toxic false delusion.
I have already written an essay in which I describe the many ways in which I express love towards Myself, physically, mentally, and philosophically. You can read it here:
I do not wish to repeat My brilliant points over and over, but this essay would not be complete without a comprehensive outline of the need for all Superiors and aspiring Superiors to obsessively bestow love upon Self. Self-obsession is a vital positive for all who recognize their existence as an never-ending war against humanity. And the most vitally dynamic core of all Self-obsessions, must consist of establishing, developing, and then protecting & maintaining limitless and untouchable love of Self.
To all who seek Truth, there is an intersection between the physical, the mental, and the philosophical. This intersection must be consciously recognized and understood. I spend hours, each and every day, physically licking, physically kissing, physically smelling, physically caressing Myself, my body. And I spend hours every single day mentally strengthening the limitless and unconditional love I have created for Myself. And I spend hours each and every day engaging in philosophical conversation and debate with Myself, exploring why I love Myself, exploring what it means to love yourself, exploring how the love of Self integrates to and honors the hatred and destruction of others, exploring how to reach and gain ever greater heights of Self-love, even knowing I have already achieved it to an untouchable and limitless degree.
Yes, there is some overlap between this triangular pyramid of self-expression: The physical, mental, and philosophical. I can lick Myself passionately, while at the same time mentally focused on strengthening the love I hold for Myself within my mind. But all three pyramids must also be developed independent of one another. Spending time physically licking yourself, focused only on the physical pleasure of the act itself, and having a positive mind-meld as to the value and perfection of your own body, as unconditionally recognized by your mind, must also occur.
I know how you humans are. I know you find the idea of spending an hour or more every day licking and smelling your own hands, arms, and shoulders, does not appeal to you. Just thinking about doing it makes you feel weird and disgusted. Am I right?? The reason you feel this way is because you do not love yourself, but far more tragically and perversely, you cannot mentally conceive of loving yourself, within consciousness and Truth. Your consciously realized perception of disgust and weirdness, masks and conceals the fact that you genuinely hate and despise yourself.
If you possessed love of Self, you would delight in licking and kissing and caressing Yourself. Such actions would be recognized as natural and instinctual, as natural as eating food when you are hungry and moving your bowels when they are full. Those of you who like to pretend to love yourselves, to pretend you have achieved this feat, should know that you are lying only to yourself, and harming only yourself in doing so.
All Superiors who love themselves will spend hours of time, each and every day, bestowing love upon themselves on all three levels: The physical, the mental, and the philosophical. If you have any difficulty or lack of motivation in expressing love of Self on a daily basis on any of these three separate, distinct platforms, you do not possess love of Self. Period.
I titled this essay Self-love: The Great Shield, The Great Weapon, because this is exactly what Self-love is. The Superior knows that limitless and unconditional Self-love is and will always be his greatest shield, for as long as he can successfully maintain it. Inside of a grand mansion or on lockdown in a solitary confinement cell. In sickness and in health, in age and in youth, and while being harmed, persecuted, victimized, destroyed, Self-love will always be his greatest shield.
And he knows that limitless and unconditional Self-love will always be his greatest weapon. Destroying planet earth via a conscious dream, or laughing at the judge as he condemns you to be executed, or reaching new heights of exuberantly expressed hatred of others, or jumping into the extraterrestrial spaceship, or doing bad things to others, while knowing you are good, oh so very good, and justified, and entitled…. Self-love is the weapon that never runs out of ammunition. For when 120 rounds just isn’t enough.
It has taken Me about two hours to write this essay. Two glorious hours wallowing in the perfection of achieved limitless and unconditional love of Self, and strengthening it, mentally and philosophically. I even managed to get in a few tender and sweet wrist licks and delicious body odor inhalations. Time well spent!
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

The Gift of government and religion

Hello Citizens and Worshippers! Hello and warm greetings to you all. This blog post is directed to all citizens and to all worshippers. If you are only a citizen, it applies to you too, as the solo shackle of citizenship alone, still renders you complicit in the universal darkness which envelopes your species.
I want to draw your attention to a video that your governments do not want you to see, a video that is being censored. I will provide a direct link below, after my titilating description, but before I deliver the primary Forbidden Truth message which inspires this post.
So yes, I am talking about yet another ISIS video, taking the catharsis of reflective rage to new heights of realism. This ISIS video is not new, in fact it is almost one month old, but I would venture to guess that most of you have not even seen it. Why not? Because the governments of the world have chosen to engage in a concerted and tactically motivated conspiracy to censor it, even as they proclaim their noble defense and honor of freedom, of knowledge, of fact, of free speech and free expression and freedom of mind for all individuals. All this is of course, bullsh*t. But that is not the primary Forbidden Truth to be gleaned, so please be patient.
Let us begin with a description, to entice/titilate and/or warn away all of you potential viewers, depending upon your degree of willingness to face up to the homicidal bloodthirst which exists within each of you, no matter how fervently you may deny it.
Our video, not available on netflix or even pay-per-view television, will open with 4 humans being locked inside of a car, and a rocket propelled grenade being shot into the car, prompting the four men to burn to death. Second segment features 5 men locked inside of a large metal cage, which is then lifted up by a crane and slowly submerged into a deep pool of water, causing all 4 men to drown. Excellent production values here, including underwater cameras! And last but not least, 7 men are tied together with explosive det cord around their necks in a human chain, explosives are then detonated, causing several dynamic beheadings of a remote control variety. Quite creative, if you ask Me.
So, with the very honest and accurate above teaser, here is the direct link to the uncensored video:
So, now that the entertainment portion of this blog post is over, let us move on to the more important educational component. Seekers of Truth need to fully understand and integrate to core consciousness the factual reality that all organized atrocities and injustices which occur, anywhere on planet earth, carried out by any organized structure, must be collectively blamed on two things: government and religion.
government and religion is what causes all organized human violence. Not a specific government, and not a specific religion, but the diseased and deranged structure of government, and the diseased and deranged structure of religion, in their respective and collective totality. Western democracy and the religion of christianity, directly cause ISIS to burn humans alive, to drown humans alive, and to behead humans alive, in 2015, to the exact same degree that dictatorships and military controlled governments and the religion of islam, cause this to occur.
Exactly equal guilt and responsibility for all human atrocities which have occurred, are occurring, and will occur in the future, rests upon the structures of government and religion in their entirety, not upon any directional branch of these structures. All human beings who identify as citizens of any government, or believers/worshippers of any religion/god, bear equal guilt and responsibilty for being direct sponsors and causes of all organized atrocities, such as the ones expressed in the above ISIS video.
But wait, we are not finished with our Forbidden Truth dissection just yet. Because we have not yet defined within Truth, what an organized atrocity is. An organized atrocity is: A harmful, victimizing, and unjust action draped within an illusion of moral justification as decreed and imposed by a government or a religion. In the case of the above video, ISIS is the government and islam is the religion.
But let us go back to the Truthful definition of what an organized atrocity is. Within this definition, we who demand to see the world as it is, stripped of the matrix of illusion, understand that within the slave-state of amerikkka, as an example, abortion is an organized atrocity. The death penalty is an organized atrocity. War is an organized atrocity, sport hunting is an organized atrocity. Parenthood is an organized atrocity. Forced labor for money is an organized atrocity. Judicial punishment is an organized atrocity. The control of resources intended to cause starvation and deprivation based upon national border division, is an organized atrocity. And there are many, many more.
All organized atrocities are equal in their horrific injustice, in their victimization of the innocent, in their victimization of existing victims. And all organized atrocities are cloaked, hidden, censored, their functional motivation and their factual end result concealed via censorship of deeds, and propaganda manipulation of why they are being sponsored and carried out.
Do you see abortions being broadcast live on amerikkkan television? Or executions?? Or wars??? No. And the propaganda lies used by the amerikkkan regime to justify their sponsorship of these and many other organized atrocities, are just as devoid of all sanity and rationality as the propaganda lies used by isis to justify their organized atrocities.
Every organized atrocity occurs under the sponsorship of government and religion. Even if you divide atrocities in specific ways, such as fatal atrocities versus non-fatal atrocities, western regimes such as amerikkka directly carry out and commit far more organized atrocities, on a far greater scale, causing far more harm and death, than isis has done, can do, or will do. This is a fact, but in and of itself, it undermines the embrace of Forbidden Truth, because it allows for isis to lay claim to the propaganda position that it possesses a moral high ground.
government is immoral. religion is immoral. Both should not be allowed to exist. It is impossible to justify their existence within the parameters of Truth, of Self-love, of justice and the preservation of Self.  This Forbidden Truth is recognized via the conscious understanding that every organized atrocity is sponsored not by a government, and not by a religion, but by government and by religion, as organized structures. The murder of a womb-trapped fetus in nebraska, is absolutely and just as much the fault of the islamic members of isis that you see in the above video committing murder, as the cage drownings of the five men you see in the above video, is the fault of a moderate and mainstream democratic christian citizen-slave of amerikkka. Got it??
The gift of government and the gift of religion is universal oppression, victimization, enslavement, and murder, of all human beings, everywhere on earth, always, past, present, and future. But to be more specific, Me. Me: Oppressed, victimized, enslaved, and murdered. That is why I am an anarchist and an atheist, and it is why no sane life form who has broken free of the societal matrix of human illusion, can ever justify perceiving or identifying himself as a citizen, a voter, a worshipper, or a believer.
All text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

The Freedom and the Right: To DIE!

I have written several blog posts dissecting the issue of Self-murder, what you humans call “suicide”, in reflection of your addiction to the universal matrix of social illusion. But the topic of suicide, and I will only use this brainwashing term for the purpose of clarity, is worthy of much deeper exploration, as it cuts right to the very heart of exposing humanity as a doomed, birth defect species.
Before we continue, you must read and integrate to conscious understanding, the facts of this news story:
Because this link will eventually expire, I am reposting the entire news article below:

“Physically healthy 24-year-old granted right to die in Belgium

24-year-old right to die Belgium
According to national statistics, there are increasing numbers of young people requesting to die legally in Belgium, citing depression as their “intractable and unbearable pain” Volkan Olmez

Filed Under: Health

Updated | Doctors in Belgium are granting a 24-year-old woman who is suffering from depression but is otherwise healthy the right to die as she qualifies for euthanasia under the Belgian law, even though she does not have a terminal or life-threatening illness.
The 24-year-old woman, known simply as Laura, has been given the go-ahead by health professionals in Belgium to receive a lethal injection after spending both her childhood and adult life suffering from “suicidal thoughts”, she told local Belgian media.
Laura has been a patient of a psychiatric institution since the age of 21 and says she has previously tried to kill herself on several occasions. She told journalists: “Death feels to me not as a choice. If I had a choice, I would choose a bearable life, but I have done everything and that was unsuccessful.” The date of Laura’s death is yet to be decided.
Belgium passed a law to legalise euthanasia in 2002, the second country in the world to do so after the Netherlands. The law states that Belgian doctors can “help patients” to end their lives if they freely express a wish to die because they are suffering from intractable and unbearable pain.
Dr Marc Van Hoey, a general practitioner and president of the Right to Die Association in northern Belgium, is a vocal supporter of the legislation. Van Hoey told the Independent newspaper that he believes that sometimes euthanasia is the kindest option. “I’ve seen quite a lot of persons dying in – how do you say in proper English – agony?” Van Hoey said. “I never saw that when I gave someone euthanasia he or she asked for.”
Over the past few years there has been a sharp increase in the number of euthanasia cases in Belgium. In 2013, there were 1,807 deaths recorded compared with 1,432 in 2012. More than half of last year’s cases were patients aged 70 and over but there are increasing numbers of young people requesting to die legally, with the majority citing depression as their “intractable and unbearable pain.”
However, not everyone is in favour of the law. Carine Brochier, a project manager with the Brussels-based European Institute of Bioethics, tells Newsweek that she believes too many people are dying as a result of Belgium’s liberalised euthanasia laws.
She argues that many people who experience psychological suffering and treatable mental illnesses may be wrongly given the go ahead for euthanasia because “there is absolutely no way for healthcare professionals to measure another person’s mental suffering to decide if they should receive euthanasia.”
“Euthanasia is not the answer to all human suffering,” Brochier continues. “We need to develop better palliative care for people,” something she believes Belgium is not currently doing.
Earlier this year in February, the parliament in Belgium passed a bill also allowing euthanasia for terminally ill children without any age limit, by 86 votes to 44. The vote makes it the first country in the world to have legalised euthanasia without an age limit.
In the Netherlands, the first country to legalize euthanasia, sick children are allowed to request it, but only if they are 12 years or older.
As of June 2015, euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia and Luxembourg.
Update: After comments from readers, the headline of this article was updated to better reflect that the woman is physically healthy, but has severe problems with her mental health.”

Okay, before we dive headfirst into the Forbidden Truths exposed by this specific news event, let Me express some general Truths concerning suicide. Suicide is the deliberate and conscious murder of Self. As such it is the greatest crime, the most supreme injustice, and the most impossible to justify action, that exists within the spectrum of human behavioral choice.
If you do online research, you will find numerous articles which claim that animals other than humans, commit suicide. The fact is, all of these claims are anecdotal and not based upon scientific research. In Truth, humans have a vested interest in deluding themselves to believe that animals sometimes choose to commit suicide. In fact, if you read these articles, they reference a higher level of brain function being required, in order for an animal to cognitively choose to commit suicide.
The Forbidden Truth is this: Only the human being, by far the most genetically defective and evolutionarily diseased species of life on this planet, chooses to commit suicide: dynamically and in slow motion, consciously, subconsciously, and unconsciously.
Suicide is not expressed via swallowing 100 sleeping pills, or shooting yourself in the head with a handgun. Suicide must be understood and defined as simply wanting to die, accepting death, even if this embrace is absolutely passive and does not involve what you hypocrites refer to as “self-harm”. Willingness to die is in itself an act of supreme and absolute self-harm. All who accept death are in reality, committing suicide.
As I have repeatedly revealed in my writings, suicide represents the ultimate victory for society and government. Inspiring the universal embrace of suicidal ideation among all human beings, is the overt tactical goal and mandate of every government and every human society. It is the suicidal ideation of humanity as a whole, which allows for the universal enslavement, victimization, and brutalization which all humans willingly choose to submit to, at the hands of government.
Now, let us begin dissecting the Forbidden Truths to be gleaned from the above news article. I suggest you reread it at this time. First, it is important for all seekers of Truth to understand that this news, of the government of belgium legally granting a 24 year old tortured child-slave the right to commit suicide, has been censored by the worldwide news media. Yes, Newsweek magazine published one article, and local belgian media first reported on the news, but the fact is, with there being 50,000+ online news media outlets, less than 15 published any news of this event, and none inside of amerikkka did so, besides Newsweek, which is a magazine, not even a newspaper.
Why? Because governments and their controlled medias understand that this news article comes dangerously close to allowing a Forbidden Truth to be realized by the Unwashed Masses: That their government wants them to die, that their government is actively promoting suicide in every form and manner, that their government is responsible for deliberately rendering everyone suicidal, even as it shamefully pretends to be interested in reducing and preventing suicide.
Readers of My essays might feel that I am prejudiced against amerikkkan society and government, that I view this specific regime as more diseased and perverse than other regimes. This is not accurate. Every human society and government is profoundly and hopelessly broken. You find differences in how governments present themselves to their slaves, only because every government is trying to brainwash its citizen-slaves to believe that it is different, morally, ideologically, and behaviorally superior to other governments. This is pure poppycock!
amerikkka legalizes abortion and the death penalty, in its effort to brainwash its slaves to believe they are free and that a moral standard of conduct exists and must be upheld. Belgium, in this case, allows a tortured child-slave to commit suicide, under law, in order to present a varying illusion of personal freedom and autonomy. In Truth, the ideological mandate is the same: To promote the universal embrace of suicidal ideation, to position death as the solution to a problem, concealing the Forbidden Truth from all conscious awareness, that death is the problem.
Suicide is the solution to all of your problems. Death is the solution to all of your problems. This is the universal mandate of government. Suffer! And if your suffering becomes unbearable, die! Die quietly and die alone. Die with your blindfold on, never understanding that you are a murder victim. Do not kill others by personal choice, you are not free to do that. You may kill others only as you are told, ordered, allowed. But you may kill yourself as you wish, this is your right, this is your freedom, this is your victory.
Can you imagine the headline: “Enraged 24 year old granted right to commit school massacre.” ??? Or “Enraged 24 year old granted right to assassinate head of state.” ??? No, of course not! But the Truth is, the granting of such rights would be far more logical, rational, morally appropriate, and ethically noble, than giving a tortured child-victim the right to murder herself.
This news story is consored because it opens up a wormhole of Forbidden Truth that is too dangerous for a fascist dictatorship like amerikkka to allow. Even if only a handful of citizen-slaves realize the perverse hypocrisy at play, and turn their suicidal ideation to homicidal ideation, the matrix is still weakened. What the government of Belgium has done via a judicial proceeding for a single woman, the amerikkkan government is doing to 320 million citizen-slaves: Granting them the freedom and the right to die, and positioning universal suicide as a valuable freedom and right. And of course belgium is doing to same, to each and every belgian citizen-slave. The end result is exactly the same. What differs is how these two slave-states choose to publicly shroud their promotion of universal suicide.
As long as definitional brainwashing rules all human reality perception, humanity is doomed to extinction. How can death be perceived as a right or a freedom??  How can any sane creature demand the right to die??? How can death be marketed as a solution to suffering??? How can dying be perceived as the solution to a problem, when death is in Truth the greatest of all problems??? All of these perversions of thought, deformations of reality and of Truth, are only possible when definitional brainwashing triumphs over every aspect of reality perception, to the point where nothing can be seen and understood as it is, so that the most obvious and clear facts, are impossible for human beings to recognize and accept.
24 year old tortured child-victim Laura has the right to be murdered, because she is depressed?? But she has no right to murder others, even though her state of mind results from the harm inflicted upon her and upon all of us, by others, by human beings, by human society, individually and collectively??? So she has the legal right to be further victimized, further harmed, affirmatively destroyed and rendered unborn, but she has no right to harm others????
I am not one of you humans. I am not a brainwashed hypocrite. And therefore I know that to die is not and can never be a right, or a freedom, or a choice. But I will tell you what is a personal right, a personal freedom, and a personal choice: To kill others. And why is this a personal right, freedom, and choice, inalienable, in fact?? Because your society and government wants Me to commit suicide, as it carries out My murder.
Me, you, Laura in Belgium, each and every human being not dead at this moment, we are all equal victims of society and government, seeking, soliciting, and carrying out our destruction, of body, of mind, of potential, of our universe of Self.
To all who are suicidal: You are suicidal because you are blind to the Truth of your victimization, and because the love of Self that is your inalienable right and freedom has been hijacked and murdered by others, other human beings, human beings who deserve every last vestige of the contempt, hatred, and rage that you are tragically misdirecting towards Self.
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Depression: Truthfully & Accurately Defined

Depression: /dəˈpreSH(ə)n/ noun: A personally appropriate, natural, and mentally healthy reaction and response to the conscious or subconscious realization and understanding of factual reality, that one’s existence is pointless, meaningless, horrific, and a functional illusion, based upon the reality of upcoming personal death and the fact that such event will result in retroactive unbirth and the eternal loss of Self, all experiences, memories, and achievements comprising the illusion of real-time existence within the externally imposed matrix of day-to-day life.
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The Noble Path: Reveal Truth, Help Nobody

Received an interesting comment to this blog post:
I strongly suggest you read or reread it now, before you proceed with this new blog post, since both the comment and My reply, expand the Forbidden Truths being expressed and revealed within this original post. The comment states:
“Regarding my comment on your writing as being potentially beneficial to humanity, I do not intend to say that I believe it is actually actively “helping” humans. I just mean to say that this is still a subject I am unsure of; whether humanity as a species is ever capable of change and psychological evolution.
Much of your philosophy is shared by Stephan Molyneux (though obviously you differ on key issues). If you aren’t familiar with the name, you once linked to a video of his called “The Story of your Enslavement”. He does have similar views to you regarding child abuse, what it is and what effect it has, he also says the state is evil, etc.
But a point of departure, which I think he makes a decent case for, is that by saying “humans are doomed, there is no hope” we are effectively dooming humans and making this a self fulfilling prophecy.”
You and I are being murdered today because human beings, now and generations before us, consciously chose, and still choose, not to pursue technological immortality. This makes them inferior and deserving of vengeance via murder.<My Writing.
“But aren’t we making the same choice, in choosing to hate and destroy humanity instead of improve it? And isn’t it worse to have a superior mind and ability to recognise truth, and yet STILL make this choice, without even the excuse of ignorance and inferiority enjoyed by the general population?
I don’t mean these as arguments, but they are real questions and doubts that I deal with. I would like to say that I am a lot more on board with hatred, vengeance and amorality than this comment probably suggests. I merely have doubts.”
And My comprehensive reply, expanding the boundary of Forbidden Truth on this issue:
Humanity as a species changes only in harmful ways, as it weaves additional webs within its matrix.
I watched that video. Stephan possesses some insights of Truth, but not to the depth of understanding that I possess. The Forbidden Truth is, humanity has doomed itself. It has destroyed all Truth, and all who have attempted to provide Truth, by word, by deed, by philosophy and ideology. Only the greatest of fools would waste his time trying to enlighten others to the Forbidden Truths, even as the “others” remain devoted to his destruction and annihilation, as they do to their own destruction and annihilation.
Every adult is a destroyed ex-child. No destroyed ex-child will ever allow children to grow up without being destroyed. Therefore every generation of humanity is doomed to follow in the doomed footsteps of all existing adults. This is fact. Nobody can change this. Nothing done by a human being can change this. Many thousands of enlightened minds have wasted their imagined existences trying to positively alter the future of humanity. All have failed, and in the process they have betrayed themselves and the Truth, by attempting what is impossible. They are guilty of optimism, of faith, of hope. They are guilty of crediting the human species with positive attributes it does not possess, and cannot gain.
How would you propose that I end parenthood? Eradicate the insane god myth? End child abuse? Inspire humanity to pursue technological immortality?? It cannot be done! There is nothing I can say or do, no fancy podcast or historical deed or clever slogan, that any creature can conceive of, will reverse the devolutionary death spiral of an entire species already at the very tip of species extinction. I will not waste time or effort engaging in such a hopeless quest. To do so betrays Truth and Self. Instead, I will sit back and take personal pleasure in calling out humanity, mocking it, celebrating its implosion, even as I mark the limitless horror of the fact that I am doomed as one of humanity’s victims.
You cannot “improve” humanity. You can only lie to Yourself and turn your personal war into a collaborative war, which means you will be aligning with your greatest enemy. Because if you fight to try to change humanity, you are fighting on behalf of humanity, and humanity will destroy you. Humanity will not change. It will change you. It will break you.
So no, I watch. I gloat. I hate. I celebrate My universe of Self. I embrace My detachment from humanity. I reveal the Truth. That is all. I do not seek to change others. My crusade is to change nothing. I look upon humanity with the dead eyes of a murder victim. Because that is what I am. The gift of Truth is far more than humanity deserves, yet I allow it to be told, to be known. Do you think The Forbidden Truth Broadcasting Network, in which I express Truth 12 hours per day on HD video and audio, 365 days per year, would change anything?? It would not. One essay on one blog is more than enough to change the world, if humanity were capable of positive change. But it is not.
The Superior is compelled to hate and to celebrate the destruction of others, in recognition of many Truths, including the Truth that he is hated and will be destroyed. The philosophy of trying to help others, is a philosophy devoid of logic and rationality. To try to help, what is trying to harm, to destroy Me?? What has already murdered Me, when I was a child? What spits in the face of every Truth it is presented with?? No.
I have already given humanity far more than it deserves, far more than it has earned. I have presented humanity with every key it needs, to unlock a fountain of Truth. But I have done so from the dark side, from a noble position of rage and hate and contempt. But still, the gift is there, it can be seized and used. Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, outlined in absolutely minute detail. The need to eradicate religion and government, punishment and money, everything comprehensively explained and detailed in open, public writings, accessible to every human being in the world who possesses a computer or a smartphone.
Is this not enough?? Am I supposed to beg my greatest enemy to save itself? Am I supposed to tone down my voice of Truth to try to ingratiate Myself as a saint or savior, to the entity which is murdering Me in real-time?? No.
Have whatever doubts your True Reality raises, but the Forbidden Truth is, if you try to love your enemy, you will only come to hate Yourself. If you abandon your reflective right to seek and claim personal vengeance, you will become an owned slave, on many more levels than you already are. If you attempt to pursue a moral path in your life journey, you will be suffocated and dismembereted, figuratively if not literally, by the limitless immorality of your greatest enemy. You will end up doing onto others as you would have them do onto you, even as they do onto you what has been done onto them.
In the end of course, it will make no difference. Humanity will destroy itself, destroy you, destroy Me, and none of us will ever have been born, none of us will have ever existed, for all of cosmic eternity. Hashtag #DeathWins, deliciously appropriate given the human obsession with external love, perfectly illustrated by their deranged orgy of hashtag #LoveWins in response to government legally sanctioning gay slavery via the insane marriage ritual.
All Text not italicized is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

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