May 2015

The Link Between god & Human Emotional Vampirism

The insane god myth has many enticing allures ruthlessly exploited by your societal and governmental overlords. The most primarily central allure revolves around death. Whether you covet death, as a hater of Self, or exist in terror of death, on any level of conscious awareness, or even within a complete lack of conscious awareness, the insane god myth is designed to lure you deeply and easily into its hopeless and fatal embrace.
Religion is the organized social structure which utilizes the insane god myth as a siren, luring, trapping, and destroying all individual potential, at the behest of society and government. There are hundreds of different ways that the insane god myth is marketed, promoted, imposed, and viciously thrust upon human beings by society and government, exploiting their universal fascination with and terror of death.
In this essay, I wish to dissect only one of the many different malicious impositional methods of organized religion, but it is both extremely popular and extremely effective. I refer to the portrayal of god as a sentient creature engaging in an interpersonal relationship with individual human beings.
Completely separate from religion, society and government engages in a vicious campaign to cripple the emotional autonomy and functional independence of all human beings, by rendering them psychologically and functionally dependent upon the validation, support, and cheerleading of other humans. This is the toxic dependency inherent in all interpersonal relationships, between a mother and son, a friend and another friend, a wife and a husband, a coach and a player, a boss and an employee, etc…
From earliest childhood, every human is viciously attacked on an ego and Self-love level, with the overt goal of rendering him psychologically and functionally crippled, unable to thrive within the glory of Self, and dependent upon the external validation of others, which is always conditional, always mutually vampiric, meaning it is only offered out of cloaked personal need to extract, two cripples exploiting each other to try to get their own needs met.
Leaders of society and government, orchestrators of this horrific genocide of the Self, have recognized the immense value of personalizing god via religion, for many centuries. Atheists and aspiring Superiors who probe the dysfunctional nature of the human brain, would do well to analyze and understand both the root motivations for this personalization, and the direct link religion has established, to the emotional vampirism of all interpersonal relationships.
In the 21st century, religion is overtly marketed to you slaves as the opportunity to establish a personal relationship with a god creature. You are expected to communicate directly with the god creature, and you are told that the god creature will interact and communicate directly with you. This deranged doctrine is not haphazardly conjured up, it is a very organized and pre-planned attack against the Self, intended to ruthlessly exploit the already existing human obsession with and dependency upon, the interpersonal relationship.
By personalizing the god creature, and inviting every citizen-slave to engage in a direct, interpersonal relationship with this god creature, religion is rendered just as addictive as the universal emotional dependency of the human-to-human relationship. The insane god myth is made much harder to resist, much harder to reject and renounce, by virtue of the establishment of this toxic link.
We who are sane, of course, know that god does not exist. But Truth is dead and useless in the real world, where destroyed ex-children are utterly vulnerable to, and eager to lap up, any and every form of artificial and illusory comfort. Personalizing god is a devastatingly effective way for society and government to gain universal embrace of the insane god myth. After all, how many of the idiot slaves are strong enough to reject the offer of a positive and nurturing interpersonal relationship?? One in a million, at best.
In the 21st century, god is marketed to you idiots as your loving best friend, your personal savior: he listens to you, he loves you, he cares about you, he wants to help you. He is your BFF on steroids. Any philosophical analysis of the deformed human brain and its inability to resist interpersonal relationships, reveals how and why this specific strategy, of positioning religion as a directly personal, one-on-one relationship with god, has and will continue to remain extremely effective in addicting humans to the insane god myth.
Ironically, the very fact that no god creature exists, serves to render this perverse linkage that much stronger and harder to resist. Because god does not exist, this specific interpersonal relationship, unlike all actual human-on-human interpersonal relationships, is completely one-sided. The human is free to impose any parameters on this relationship, limited only by his imagination and by the strength of his delusionary capabilities. He can literally mold god into his perfect BFF, in a way that he cannot do with any real-life human in any interpersonal relationship, since all such one-on-one interactions are mutually vampiric, and therefore must involve compromise. This is why such relationships are much harder to maintain over time, than the completely one-sided relationship with god.
Many humans boast of a lifelong devotion to religion and god. What they are actually rejoicing in is the illusion and delusion of a perfect interpersonal relationship, one that is impossible to achieve with an actual, existing, sentient creature. One of the most compelling reasons that religion maintains an ongoing, universal stranglehold over the minds of humanity is because society and government has shifted the image of the god creature from that of stern, mystical, impersonal judge, to that of a caring, loving, listening, non-judgemental, sympathetic, emotionally connected friend.
Now, finally, the pathetic human can have a one-sided vampiric emotional ernmeshment. He can feed upon the god creature, without the god creature feeding upon him, because the god creature does not exist. But, alas, the parameters of this horror are not nearly so simple. Because the god creature is an invention of society and government, created and designed to legitimize its genocidal mandates, the god addict is in Truth, a Truth to which he is of course totally oblivious, forced to feed upon himself, forced to cannibalize himself, forced to abdicate all free will, sacrifice his entire imagined existence, compelled to embrace the eternal nothingness of death, and affirmatively murdered: All because of his addiction to this supposedly idyllic, one-sided interpersonal relationship with god, where he can pretend to be in control.
The pathetic human takes subconscious pleasure in convincing himself that he is controlling and directing an idyllic interpersonal relationship, but in Truth his entire fate is being controlled and destroyed by the puppetmasters who addicted him to the insane god myth, by convincing him that the non-existent god creature will make a perfect hollow vessel for him to create an interpersonal relationship with. Delicious irony! Except of course for the horrific, Forbidden Truth that religion itself is the reason why each of us, even a top-level Superior like Myself, is doomed to the ultimate horror of becoming retroactively unborn via death.
god is not your friend. god is your enemy, because god exists as the created weapon of your society and government, and is used as an offensive weapon to destroy your minds and your personal potential.
You think child abuse is spanking children, or raping children, or burning children with matches? Well yes, that would be child abuse too. But there is no form of child abuse more destructive than society and government allowing, and thereby causing, children to become addicted to the insanities of devotion to god, family, and country:

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Patriotism as Child Abuse

This news article beautifully and perfectly illustrates the genocidal child abuse inherent in all patriotism, all familial enmeshment, and all governmental rule:
Read it carefully, with an open mind to Forbidden Truth, and you might be able to appreciate the vortex of human social derangements that are coming directly together, to destroy a helpless four year old child named christian Jacobs. And yes, the first name is deliberately not capitalized, as it is a perversion of child rights to allow a child to be named after a version of the insane god myth.
In the given facts of this news article, we see the horrors of the family unit, of government, of religion, of child slavery, of coerced emotional dependency and addiction, all welded together, resulting in a horrific display of child victimization by a helpless and already broken four year old boy.
The greatest of all ironies, of course, lies in the fact that this news article is positioned as a “feel-good” story by the media, intended to legitimize the family unit, parenthood, emotional dependency, religion, worship of death, patriotism, nationalism, and the legitimacy of government.
At the age of four, christian Jacobs, victim of the universal child abuse sponsored and carried out by society and by government, is already addicted to both death, and to the insane god myth. Already he is planning out his upcoming death, with anticipation, thanks to you humans. Already he is addicted to the deranged delusion that human beings can “come back” after they die and after their brain cells and flesh rot away to eternal nothingness. Already he has been rendered emotionally crippled and dependent upon the interpersonal relationship, left unable to meet his own psychological needs without the crutch of malevolent and useless vampirism.
You could not make a horror movie more horrific than the real-life facts and reality of what has been done to this four year old boy, and I am not referring to how his sperm creator died as a usa military soldier-slave. That is not the primary source or the major component of his victimization. It is his treatment at the hands of his mother, his family unit, and society as a whole, in response to the state-sponsored murder of his male slaveowner, which has resulted in his destruction of mind and of soul.
The shallow-minded thinker who pretends to aspire to enlightenment, might embrace an anti-war or anti-military sentiment in response to reading this news article. But such pathetic dimness of mind only proves the hopelessness of the human condition. Anti-war/anti-military sentiment should only exist as the very tip of the iceberg of enlightenment, the very first, preliminary flare of Forbidden Truth realization. Upon this Truth realization, the Superior mind must immediately enhance and broaden to an absolute understanding of why the family unit, religion, and government must all be recognized as invalid, illegitimate, direct sponsors and the direct cause of universal child abuse, and immediately targeted by all who are sane for eradication as social structures, as an enlightened response to the facts illuminated by the plight of four year old christian Jacobs.
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Happy Memorial Day, Patriots!

Memorial Day: A celebration of the suicidal ideation of destroyed children brainwashed to mass murder total strangers so that slavemasters who destroyed them can propagandize allegiance and devotion from other destroyed ex-children brainwashed to imagine that they are alive and free.
War: A social ritual invented by leaders of government and intended to misdirect the homicidal and suicidal ideation of destroyed current and ex-children, away from the society and government guilty of their destruction, and towards a demonized foreign enemy consisting of complete strangers.
The ritual of war is a top-level example and illustration of the full-fledged mental derangement of humanity as a species. War is the organized pathology of suicide and homicide, celebrated and fetishized to glorify allegiance to the nation-state. Patriotism is the expression of homicidal and suicidal ideation, in favor of the greatest of enemies, in honor of who is destroying you.
The patriot celebrates memorial day: “Thank you so much for dying in my name, thank you so much for committing suicide on my behalf, so that I may be able to pretend to be free and alive, as I follow your example, and commit suicide every day of my existence.”
The patriot celebrates memorial day: “Thank you so much for killing in my name. I celebrate your acts of murder and I use them to cathartically relieve and express my homicidal rage. Your murders are my murders, moral, legal, justified, necessary, so that I may never have to face up to the Truth that I am a murder victim, and never acknowledge who is guilty of murdering me.”
Every soldier who has ever fought in any war in the history of modern humanity, has served the cause of slavery. The idea that a war could be fought to protect or to gain freedom, is preposterous and utterly absurd. Every war strengthens the diseased structure of the nation-state, legitimizes the concept of government, universal enslaver of humanity. The soldier and the patriot are both equal puppets of government, dead and blind, suicidal and homicidal, playing out a script written for them by their puppetmaster.
Recite after Me: “I am a patriot! I pledge allegiance to my slavemaster, who allows me to revel in artificial and invalid hatred of total strangers, who allows me to celebrate and rejoice in their suffering and death. I am a patriot! I pledge allegiance to my slavemaster, who compels children to sacrifice their existences in my name, on my behalf, so that I may feel valued and important and protected, and so that I may take subconscious pleasure in the fact that they are dead, in the process deluding myself into believing that I am alive. I am a patriot! I pledge allegiance to my slavemaster, for allowing me the great honor and privilege of pretending to be free, as I serve out my death sentence transitioning from and to an endless series of slave shackles.”
Memorial Day, an official holiday of the slave state of amerikkka. Officially and openly celebrating the homicidal and suicidal deaths of countless millions of human beings, helpless, tortured, abused children brainwashed and propagandized to misdirect their justified rage and hate against total strangers via carefully orchestrated scripts written and staged by their slavemasters for the purpose of turning them into martyrs, and the amerikkkan population of citizen-slaves into devoted patriots.
Memorial Day, a special day for amerikkkan citizen-slaves to wallow in the bloodshed of their own children: “They died for me, they died for us, they are our martyrs. Now I go to Walmart to take advantage of a 50% off sale, spending the useless, worthless pieces of paper my government allows me to accumulate in response to my agreement to serve as a lifelong slave to amerikkka, the government which forced our children to kill and to die in my name, in the name of amerikkka, so that the government can successfully delude me into believing I am free.”
There is no greater coward than the patriot, who does not merely celebrate having caused millions of children to kill and to die in his name, but who insists that in real time, today, tomorrow, and for the future up until the moment of human extinction, children continue to kill and to die in his name. The patriot is the official sponsor of child genocide, as perpetrated by the very regime to which he pledges eternal devotion, just as the regime is the official sponsor of war and of memorial day, carrying out child genocide to light and to fan the inspirational flame of patriotism.
Just as the 19 9/11 airplane hijackers are immortalized and idolized as martyrs by al-Qaeda, the amerikkkan regime has specifically created the holiday of memorial day to allow amerikkkan children brainwashed to serve as military soldiers, to be identified as martyrs. In doing so, war is legitimized, the genocide of amerikkkan children by the amerikkkan government is identified as noble, honorable, and a glorious sacrifice in the name of freedom, and millions of tortured and bloodthirsty amerikkkan children are continually inspired, generation after generation, to become patriots and to agree to kill and die on behalf of their slavemaster, the amerikkkan government.
War: A desperate struggle by slaves, to protect, preserve, maintain, and obtain….personal, cultural, and universal slavery.
War: An invention of the slave-state, intended to promote the illusion of personal and social freedom, in order to inspire the universal slavery of all citizens.
War: The most popular and effective way for a government to allow and enable its own greatest victims, its own citizen-slaves, to satiate their homicidal rage and suicidal Self-hatred, while concurrently inspiring patriotic loyalty, allegiance, and devotion, thereby strengthening and tightening its slave shackles.
The patriot is an idiot. The patriot embodies all that is wrong with the human mind. More so than any president or pope, it is the teeming masses of patriots who ensure enduring horror, injustice, slavery, and near-term species extinction, for humanity.
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Child Rights: A Forbidden Truth Dissection

This promises to be one of my most lengthy and comprehensive of blog posts. The issue is worthy of an entire book, a book that no human on planet earth has either the balls, or the intellectual capacity to write, since no human on earth has been afforded any of these most basic and elemental of child rights, when they were a child.
The Forbidden Truth: No child ever born in the history of modern, civilized humanity, has ever been afforded any genuine legal, moral, civil, or human rights. Every child born in the modern era of human civilization has been officially decreed a worthless piece of owned property, possessing no intrinsic value of Self, no right to safety, protection, Self-determination, personal autonomy, freedom of mind, of body, of spirit, of thought. Nothing but a piece of clay to be molded into a robot, a drone, a slave terrorized to serve others for his entire imaginary existence.
The child has always been nothing, and never has the child been more less than nothing, than in the year 2015. That is why the Unwashed Masses of humans recognize themselves as nothings, absolutely worthless to Self, eager and willing to waste their singularly unique existences submitting to a completely unnecessary, unrelenting series of slave-based relationships and a lifetime of terrorization, trauma, and suffering, as personal choice.
Readers of this blog post who have not transcended their humanity will find the 39 different illuminations of how children should be treated, and what their rights as sentient, independent creatures should be, bizarre, wrong, impossible to realistically imagine within their personal worldview, and impossible to contemplate the practical, universal, worldwide implementation of. Why?? Because none of you have ever enjoyed any of these rights. All of you were born into and forced to develop mental maturity within an atmosphere of universal slavery, universal terrorization, and the official decree that you, as a child, existed as a subhuman, worthless slave.
This is the factual reality of your childhood, as a collective species, and it makes no difference how much you personally deny it, or how much you try to pretend that your childhood was better, and that you can possess an enlightened and progressive attitude towards the current and future rights of children. You cannot and you do not! Only by actually and fully transcending your own humanity, is it possible for you to properly appreciate the validity of each and every one of the 39 child rights reforms that I am outlining in this essay, to be rationally analyzed, understood, and embraced as the most clearly obvious, the most undeniably just, fair, and appropriate, for immediate, worldwide implementation.
To you, the destroyed ex-children who remain human, who cling to your humanity, it is impossible to fathom children possessing the most basic and elemental of personal rights. You never enjoyed any of these rights, and you are emotionally, intellectually, and psychologically invested in ensuring that no children in the future enjoy any of these rights. To even consciously acknowledge the validity of this essay, would require you humans to face up to the Forbidden Truths of your own childhoods, as well as the horrific realities of your day to day adult lives, existing as broken and terrorized slaves trapped within a matrix of universal illusion, pretense, and imaginary freedoms and rights.
These 39 fundamental and foundational child rights will be listed in no specific order of importance. They are all equally valid, they all deserve to be implemented immediately, on a worldwide basis.
Your failure as a species to recognize, embrace, and implement every child welfare reform I outline in this essay, reveals the hopelessness of the human condition, trapped within the diseased and deranged social constructs of family, religion, government, money, control, power, slave ownership, and the matrix of universal slavery directly imposed by these malicious social constructs. Slavery is at the very heart of the child genocide you are all victims of, and that you choose to perpetuate upon every child, now and in the future, as you devolve as a species to extinction.
If humanity possessed any capacity to positively evolve, this essay would be hailed as the single most important blueprint for revolutionary reform and positive progress, ever created and publicly disseminated. Every human leader, from presidents to top scientists to top philosophers to top religious leaders to every newspaper, magazine, and television station in the world, would embrace the validity of every child right, and a worldwide movement to dismantle the family unit, dissolve religion, end schooling, and terminate the diseased construct of government, would begin tomorrow, in direct response to the Forbidden Truths of this very essay and blog post.
But of course none of this will happen. This essay will be universally ignored, blacked out from all public discourse, the author decreed a madman, as the insanity of humanity wins out, as the deranged inmates of the self-created asylum known as earth in the year 2015 continue the orgy of child genocide which defines normal human existence within the death throes of suicidal devolution.
With this introduction, we now move forward to the detailed articulation and expression of The Natural, Organic, Moral, Ethical, Just, and Sane Rights of the Human Child:
1: To be protected and shielded from all lies, as expressed verbally, via physical treatment, and via cultural edict. Lying to a child must be recognized as an act of supreme violence and destruction, an attack upon the brain of a child which is always impossible to justify. Lies must be defined accurately and absent all currently existing prejudice and irrationality in favor of insane belief systems and the adult right to deceive himself and embrace fantasy/illusion.
2: To be told the Truth in regard to every question asked. Every child, of every age, must be told the factually accurate Truth in response to any direct question. No child should ever be told that he is too young to understand a Truth, and no question asked by a child may be answered in a deceptive or vague manner due to any concern that the child might be traumatized or frightened by being exposed to an unpleasant or undesirable Truth. Truth must be recognized as a nutrient which builds and enhances the healthy brain functionality of children.
3: To never be touched against his will, and to never be subjected to the proactive touch of any adult. The touching of children must be recognized as a violent invasion of the personal autonomy of the child. This understanding must cross all boundaries which allow for a distinction between “benevolent” and offensive touch. All touching of children which is not directly initiated and solicited by the child, must be decreed offensive, abusive, and unacceptable. This includes hugging, kissing, and unsolicited “comfort” touch from caretakers.
4: To never be subjected to any type of discipline or punishment. The discipline or punishment of children, of any age, must be outlawed and decreed to be overtly abusive and an act of harmful terrorization. This includes physical attack, as well as verbal threat, as well as any and all forms of deprivation or forced limitation of desired activity. Punishment must be understood as an unacceptable crime of violence, in all circumstances and regardless of how it is applied. The only acceptable form of behavior modification attempt which can be deemed acceptable, would be the use of verbal reasoning rooted within Truth, as well as appeals of genuine emotional empathy, such as an adult caretaker crying in front of a child, and these behavior modification attempts must only be permitted in cases where the child is actively harming or endangering his own safety, health, and welfare, by his actions.
5: Absolute autonomy from all ownership claims, by biological creators, personal caretakers, societal leaders, and the nation-state. Every child must be granted absolute personal freedom and autonomy, as his most basic right, beginning 72 hours after he is biologically conceived. This demands that no ownership or possession rights be allowed to exist. Parenthood must be eliminated from the social construct, along with citizenship. Every child must be recognized as autonomous within the universe itself, and not able to be claimed as a “son” “daughter”, or “citizen”. The obligation of humanity must be to proactively provide safety and positive nurturance within functional Truth, to every child, while denying all individual adults and all social constructs, such as religions and governments, all right to claim possession, ownership, or impositional privilege/authority over any and all children.
6: To reject all caretakers and all external environments which he finds unsuitable for his positive and natural evolutionary development. Every child, beginning at the age of 5, deserves the right to choose his own caretakers and to alter the environment of his day to day existence, even if such caretakers and environment are free of overtly identifiable negative impacts. Every child must be empowered to decide for himself what he finds harmful and unsuitable, and to be free to sever all contact with specific caretakers, and to leave the places where he is living, at his personal will and choice, absent all need to establish just cause or provide reasons to be externally judged. Criminal imprisonment of children must be defined as the child being kept against his stated will by specific caretakers and/or within a specific location, with no additional criteria needing to be established. This child right runs concurrent with right #5, to enjoy absolute personal autonomy of body and mind.
7: To be free of and protected from, all emotional blackmail from adults. Emotional blackmail must be understood as the promise to provide emotional comfort, in response to the providing of emotional comfort. “I will make you feel better, if you allow me to use you to make myself feel better.” Emotional blackmail must be recognized as an abusive attack against children, destroying the vital capacity of the child to maintain and develop mental health and emotional autonomy.
8: To be free and protected from, all claims and all impositions of emotionalized affection from adults. No adult should be allowed to express or decree his personal love towards any child. The emotional attachment of adults to children must be understood and defined as inherently negative and abusive. The lie and illusion that children need positive emotionalized affection must be purged from the human experience of existence. Emotionalized affection must be recognized as a vampiric attack upon the child, which cripples the emotional capacity of the child to mentally mature into an an autonomously functional, Self-loving, and emotionally healthy adult, capable of positively meeting his own needs.
9: To be empowered to unconditionally love and value himself, and recognize his own singular perfection, absent all physical attributes, absent all connectivity to others, and absent all ties to any social constructs. Every child must be empowered to unconditional blossoming of his natural ego, narcissism, selfishness, and understanding of intrinsic Self-value and Self-love. All of these personal character traits must be recognized and treated as being both natural and positive, as well as proactively nurtured and encouraged, so that every child may recognize himself as entitled to every privilege, the real-life equal of every imagined god or idol ever conjured up by his species.
10: To be emancipated from all social and cultural pressure, intimidation, or bribery to conform to and accept the validity of, any existing social construct and structure. All children must be overtly told that nothing they may find to exist within the adult world, possesses any inherent legitimacy or power over them. Children must be taught that adults exist as compromised ex-children, and that adults are guilty of and responsible for causing all human dysfunctions, of behavior, of ideology, and of operational constructs. Children must be empowered that it is their intrinsic and moral obligation to change the world, not to fit into the world, and that they are inherently superior to adults, in intellect, in purity of mind, and in their right to negatively judge and to reject any and all human ideological, philosophical, and behavioral constructs.
11: To disrespect and to overtly destroy what adults have created and what adults are addicted to. The child must be taught that he owes no respect and no allegiance to adults. He must be made to understand that his only debts are to Self and to Truth. He must understand that the history of his species is a history of enduring and unending mistakes, terrible mistakes made over and over by adults. As a child, this fact must be consciously embraced, so that as he matures and attains adulthood, he is inspired to both recognize and reject whatever pathologies of thought and of behavior, the existing adult generations cling to.
12: To be empowered to consciously recognize that what is popular and commonplace and universally accepted, is often completely wrong and impossible to justify. Every child must recognize not merely a personal freedom, but an obligation to Self and to Truth, to challenge every sacred cow, to question everything he is told and to independently dissect the underlying rationales used by human society to justify existing social structures and constructs.
13: To develop the strength of mind which allows the child to trust only himself, and to rely only upon himself. Every child must be empowered to understand that to trust others is irrational, and to rely upon others is an unnecessary and overtly dangerous weakness. Independence and autonomy of mind must be exalted as an obligation of the child, to himself. Reliance upon others must be decreed a weakness, not a strength, and absolutely unnecessary.
14: Every child must be empowered to recognize and identify false and invalid comfort, and to understand that the embrace of false and invalid comfort directly compromises and destroys Truth itself, and is therefore directly harmful to the individual self. Children must be allowed to understand that all problems must be directly confronted within absolute Truth, and only in doing so can the problems be solved. The embrace of false comfort carries horrific, long-term consequences, and children must be allowed to consciously recognize and understand this Truth. Aiding and abetting children to obtain and embrace false comfort must be recognized as child abuse, in and of itself, as it solves no existing problems, and destroys the capacity of the child to mature into a mentally healthy adult capable of facing up to the realities of his existence.
15: To possess unlimited, unrestricted freedom of emotional experience and expression. Every child must be empowered to feel and to express the entire range of his personal, emotional experience of existence, including fear, hate, and rage, absent all external judgment and/or restriction. External behavioral restrictions must be recognized as invalid and impossible to justify. Protecting children from being victimized via emotional trauma, must be understood as the only valid way to try to limit and prevent children from experiencing and expressing negative emotions against and upon others.
16: To be empowered to deal with and to solve their own emotional distress. No child should be subjected to the externalized imposition of emotion-based comfort. Every child should be taught to comfort himself, to find the mental strength and resources to meet his own needs. Only if and when a child in distress proactively and overtly seeks out and solicits comfort from others, may such comfort be provided. Even in these situations, the comfort provided must be non-vampiric, and must not solicit or encourage any ongoing dependency.
17: Every child must be overtly told and taught that the human being exists as a biological birth defect, and that this birth defect directly impacts brain functionality and reality perception, in a negative manner. Only within this understanding, is it possible for the child to consciously attempt to mitigate these negative consequences, during the natural brain maturation process. As an adult, it is almost always too late for such mitigation efforts, and the adult brain is generally unable to even rationally analyze the possibility trhat his brain is genetically compromised via birth defect. To know that that their brain is genetically compromised, this is a right of every child. To withhold this information from a child, is overtly harmful and directly limits the positive potential of the child to minimize the harmful consequences of this genetic fault.
18: Children must be taught that emotionalism is a mental weakness, and intellectualism is a mental strength. To subordinate emotion to intellect, is to achieve superior brain functionality and to minimize the negative consequences of the genetic birth defect status of the human species. Rationality and Truth are realized and extracted via intellect, and emotions directly compromise and distort the capacity of the brain to optimally function. Encouraging children to embrace emotionalism and to covet emotional experience, must be understood as a form of child abuse.
19: Children must be given absolute freedom to pursue, and to reject, all learning and all knowledge, on their own terms, absent all external imposition or direction. The brain of a child is instinctually oriented towards learning and obtaining knowledge. The child must be empowered to choose what he learns, when he learns it, and how he learns. When children directly seek knowledge, it must be provided to them, free of all external bias and speculative opinion. This is done by waiting for the child to ask questions, waiting for the child to formulate and express a knowledge quest, and then fully meeting the request. Organized schooling, at best, must be recognized as an unacceptable way to ritually impose facts in a disruptive and harmful manner upon children, which minimizes and compromises their instinctual quest for Truth-based knowledge and understanding of their universe.
20: Children deserve to be empowered to understand that their capacity to teach adults, is greater than the capacity of adults to teach them. Children must never be treated as receptacles for knowledge, but rather as functional sources of knowledge. The child is instinctually purer of mind and of consciousness than the adult, and knowledge is operationally and organically grown within purity of mind. Children should be encouraged to teach adults, instead of being told to learn from adults.
21: Children should be told to never accept what they are told to be True, factual, accurate. Children should be empowered to question everything they are taught and told, to be skeptical of everything they are taught and told, and to overtly assume that everything that they are taught and told is invalid and untrue. Only within this empowered frame of mind, can children see through the universal matrix of social illusion, using their independently functional minds to sort out facts from fictions, deceptions from realities.
22: Every child must be overtly empowered to reject and to destroy whatever he personally finds to be harmful or damaging to his mind, body, soul, and psyche. This individual right must be understood as sacred, incontrovertible, and superseding all consequences and all ramifications of his rejection and destruction. Only within this power, can the child genuinely defy the institutionalized social structure of child abuse, by protecting himself from being abused, instead of having to rely on others to protect him from being abused, which is in and of itself a form of child abuse. To be ideologically denied the proactive right to personally destroy what is harming you, is the same as being forced to endure abuse.
23: Autonomy of body parts and of bodily function. No child may be subjected to any act of body modification, such as circumcision, and no child may be inhibited, discouraged, or restricted from engaging in any body manipulation, such as masturbation, nail-biting, thumb-sucking, etc…, unless the specific body part or body manipulation is directly endangering, on a physical level, the very ongoing existence of the child, as determined by an independent medical doctor.
24: Equal access to universally appropriate medical care and treatment. No child caretaker may be allowed to make medical decisions on behalf of any child. No cultural, religious, ethnic, or other human custom or tradition may be allowed to determine or to prejudice the medical care and treatment any child receives. All medical care and treatment decisions must be made based upon a universal scientific and medical standard of care which is applied equally to every child in the universe. Children may not make medical decisions regarding their own care, unless such decisions are harmonious with the validly established scientific and medical standards which provide the greatest possibilities of restoring physical health.
25: No clinical-based mental health treatment of, or medication of, any child. Item #24 above, is specifically limited to the physical care and treatment of medical issues. The mental health care and treatment of children must be provided within a completely different standard. The inherent mental dysfunction of humanity itself, as a collective species, must be fully recognized and taken into account. Therefore, unless and until humanity overcomes its current universal mental disease and dysfunction, children must not be externally judged as mentally ill or mentally disturbed, and no mental health treatment must be imposed upon any children. The only valid form of mental health treatment children may receive, is to be to protected from all child abuse and given the rights, freedoms, and privileges I am outlining in this essay. Only mental retardation may be recognized as a valid brain functionality “problem”, to be treated via specialized caretaking and teaching, but not with any medication. Every other type of mental dysfunction experienced by the child, must be recognized as a responsive symptom of and to the genetic and environmental mental derangements and dysfunctions of humanity as a species, and therefore must be addressed holistically, on a societal level, and not via the imposition of any mental health “therapy” or medication upon any child.
26: To know and to understand that whatever seeks to harm you, or causes harm to be experienced by you, is your enemy. Children must be allowed to realize that suffering, injustice, harm, are not acceptable, and not to be considered inevitable and one of the costs of being alive. Whatever harms a child, be it via sentient will or via generalized negative impact, must be understood by the child as unacceptable, a foreign attack which must be repelled. In this mindset, death is recognized as a malevolent force, an enemy to be targeted for destruction, just as much as the individual who tries to lie to you, or to sexually assault you. As long as life remains a war against the individual, all children have the right to know that they are under attack, and at war, and that they have enemies both sentient and not. Within this conscious knowledge, defenses and counter-attacks may be mounted, which is the overt obligation of the child, to self.
27: To know that they are better than adults. Every child has the right to absolutely know, on all levels of consciousness, that they are better than adults. Better in every way, healthier in every way, more sane, in every way. This child is genetically, morally, mentally, intellectually, ideologically, consciously, instinctually, behaviorally, better than the adult. Every child must know this, so that he possesses the self-confidence of personal authonony, to break free and remain free of the hive mind, to find the strength to choose to transcend his humanity, instead of to join the collective and become a drone, destroying himself in the process.
28: To never be led, anywhere, by anyone. Every child deserves the right to be empowered to create his own universe, and to establish himself as absolute leader of that universe, and therefore of the universe. Children must be taught that nobody has the right or the authority to lead them, anywhere. That nobody has ever or can ever earn the right to be perceived by them as their leader. Children must be empowered to recognize that all leadership is inherently wrong, unjust, and harmful, both to the leader and to his followers. Leadership must be defined as synonymous with slavery, with the understanding that to be led is to be enslaved, and to follow a leader is to be a slave.
29: To know with absolute certainty that their only obligation is to Self. Every child must be empowered to recognize and embrace the Truth that selflessness is not a virtue, but a horrific betrayal of self. That selfishness is positive, necessary, and a glorious expression of all that is good and right within the universe the child is creating and must claim ownership of. Children must be empowered to realize that selfishness harms nobody, that selfishness prevents harm from occurring, because all harm originates from betrayal, subjugation, and hatred of self. To love, to value, to nurture, all these glorious choices must be directed towards self, this is the right and the obligation of the child, required in order to render his world, and therefore the world, safe, strong, protected, defended, untouchable.
30: To never feel compelled to misdirect emotion. As already articulated earlier, children must be empowered to subordinate emotion to intellect. But at the same time, children must also be enlightened to the horror of sublimation and misdirection of emotion. Hate and rage must be accepted as valid, and appropriately directed outward. Hate because you are hated, hate that which hates you, and that which causes you to be hated, and if you are taught and told to hate yourself, hate that teacher, be it an individual or a social structure, with the deepest and purest of enmity. Children should be taught that to direct all negative emotion outward, and all positive emotion inward, is the single greatest form of self-directed mental health therapy and best way to maintain & nurture existing mental health.
31: To be 100% emotionally autonomous. Every child should be taught that love is something to create, nurture, develop, and direct, towards self. That the love of others is a vampiric illusion, overtly harmful and functionally useless. Children must know that to obtain love from others, is to create toxic dependency and to embrace personal slavery.
32: To know that being human is nothing to be proud of. Every child deserves to know that his human status is simply the result of scientific and biological chance. He is a genetically weak and deformed animal, and this is not his fault, but it is something that he must strive to overcome. The child must be empowered to accept the fact that he was born human, but not to idolize his humanity. He must embrace an obligation to overcome the genetic and environmental limitations and deformations of his species, while consciously developing an understanding that his species is guilty of and responsible for creating, sponsoring, and causing all of the greatest mistakes, injustices, and horrors to have been visited upon planet earth.
33: To recognize a sacred right to personal immortality. Every child must be inspired, within the grace of selfishness, self-love, and the glory of their self-created universe, to recognize and embrace both physical and memory-based technological immortality as a sacred birthright, a natural and instinctual entitlement, something they deserve as a most basic and inherent right of existence, and something they must overtly fight and demand to achieve, in order to gain the gift of life itself. Every child must be intellectually challenged to face up to the philosophical Truth that to die is the same as never having been born, and to live with a future of individual death, is to not be alive, but to merely be pretending, within absolute illusion, to be alive.
34: Uncompromised freedom of physical action: The external assignment of “homework”, “chores”, jobs, tasks, or activities to a child must be recognized, in all cases and circumstances, as a violation of the personal autonomy of the child, constituting absolute child abuse. Children must be taught that to be free, you must be allowed to do exactly and only what you personally choose to do, absent all external coercion, threat, bribery, or other enticements, including so-called “positive” enticements such as superficially useful reward or verbal praise. The universal slavery of citizenship under government, with illustrations such as the monetary system and “employment”, must be openly revealed and expressed to children, as they are protected from any and all forced physical activities, so that they may recognize an obligation to Self to reject government and all labor and monetary based economic systems, as they mature to adulthood.
35: Empowerment of personal potential: Every child deserves to be overtly inspired to recognize and embrace the Truth that he, alone and individually, possesses both the intrinsic right and the functional power/capacity, to completely alter every aspect of the entire universe, via overt destruction, via dynamic creation, via idea, via action, and via any combination of destruction, creation, idea, action, and any other impulse or motivational force he is capable of consciously experiencing. Every child must be empowered to recognize both his capacity and his self-obligation to create a universe within his own mind that exceeds all perceived functional validity of the universe of current human existence.
36: Recognition of the mind as representing self, and by proxy, the mind as the gateway to personal omnipotence: Every child must be taught that he exists as a brain, as a mind, and that all body parts, all physical representations of identity, and all body functions, are mere accessories, not necessary and not to be irrationally placed upon a pedestal of imagined importance.
37: To be empowered to recognize and define all problems, and to solve all problems, not to benefit others, but to preserve and better the universe of self. Children deserve to know, from earliest age, that every problem has a solution, and that every problem they accurately identify as a problem, is a problem which is harming them, and therefore must be solved by them, personally, within the power of their limitless and untouchable, self-developed and self-nurtured mind. That every problem, every failure, every dysfunction of humanity is the direct result of humanity, of weakness, cowardice, the rejection of Truth, and of brain pathology, genetic and external, of personal weakness and of mental damage. Let the child appreciate his own unique position and capacity to maximize brain function, transcend his humanity, and save the universe, by saving himself.
#38: To be proactively shielded and protected from every form of physical, emotional, and psychological abuse, trauma, and victimization, by all human beings and by human society as a whole. This child right can only be achieved as reality via the elimination of the family unit, the termination of the diseased social structure of parenthood, and the institution of universal, mandatory Child Caretaker Competency Testing, in conjunction with Mandatory, Yearly, Live-in Child Assessment Centers, both of which are comprehensively explained and described right here:
#39: To be proactively shielded and protected from the imposition of all customs, rituals, belief systems, and traditions of all human societies and cultures, so that a clean break can be made from the horrific legacy of human history and of the human past, allowing every child the autonomy of mind necessary to forge a new, superior, and uniquely different path to the present and future.
The end. Except for this: The question of what rights should a child have, comes down to this answer: To not be harmed, to not be abused, to not be hurt, to not have his personal potential destroyed, to not be destroyed as I was destroyed, as you were destroyed, and that as every adult and every child ever born on planet earth, has been destroyed.
Even the tiny handful of humans who agree with the brilliance expressed in this essay, will declare that it is not “realistic”, that children cannot be given the 39 rights I have articulated here.
You are right, they cannot. And the reason they cannot receive these rights is because all of the Forbidden Truths I articulate at the beginning of this essay, are True: Humanity exists as a species of destroyed and deranged ex-children, subjected to horrific abuse throughout their childhoods, unable to face up to this Truth, and pathologically obsessed with destroying all children of the present and of the future, in cathartic reflection of their own destruction. Got it? Good. Now go back to your lives, go back to sponsoring the destruction of every child. You will feel better, just deny the Truth of this essay. Deny it, bury it, purge it from your minds, and label Me insane.
All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Lying is Okay, Sometimes

As The Seer of Forbidden Truth, you might not expect Me to advocate, or even condone, lying. But I do, and this essay will dissect the Forbidden Truths of when and why lying can be not only acceptable, but a vital tactical weapon, for the Superior to utilize.
Let us begin with the understanding that to lie, or/and to withhold Truthful information, are essentially identical. Those who insist upon creating and embracing a very specific distinction between the two, are inferiors who fail to grasp the foundational and functional ramifications of deceit. The compromise of Truth, represents the embrace of deception. All methodologies by which deception is embraced, arrive at the same end result. The proactive lie, and the passive withholding of Truth, both result in the same consequence, and we must not allow the illusion of a legitimate distinction between these two inferior human practices, to stand.
Humanity is a lie-based species. Universal deception of Self, of others, and the systemic destruction of all Truth: personal, cultural, philosophical, and ideological, is the foundation upon which humanity has built and successfully sustains, its very existence, both physically and mentally. We are all direct victims of this universal deceit, which both exists and is utilized as an offensive weapon.
As Superiors, we are at war with humanity and with society. All offensive weapons of war can be successfully deployed by either “side”. Lying is a weapon created by society and government, and deployed against all individual creatures born human. These facts do not preclude the capacity or the obligation of Superior individual victims of this war, from selectively utilizing lies as an offensively responsive weapon.
Lying can be a very tactically useful weapon for the individual, but only when deployed in very specific situations and circumstances. The indiscriminate liar, who lies for fun and to gain useless emotional feelings of victory and triumph, does Himself no good, and in fact is actively betraying Self and collaborating with his enemy and destroyer. On the other hand, the selective use of lying and deceit, as a tactic of psychological warfare and Self-preservation, can be effective and individually beneficial.
There are two very important caveats which must be absolutely understood and followed, in all circumstances where the possibility of using deceir and lying as a tactically effective offensive weapon, presents itself. Rule #1 is this: When utilizing lies and deceit as an offensive weapon, the individual must always be fully and consciously aware of the fact that he is engaging in the practice of lying and deception. This may seem obvious to the inferior, but it is not. The typical human is not consciously aware of the fact that he is lying, when he lies. This sets the stage for the universal matrix of illusion within which humanity as a species dwells. So let us be clear, only within the absolutely conscious, fully aware and understood state of mind that he is lying, and deploying deception as an offensive weapon, is it possible for the lie to act as an effective offensive weapon against society and government.
Rule #2, and this rule is actually even more important than rule #1: Under no circumstances, ever, can lying or deception of Self, be acceptable, okay, or an effective offensive weapon. Lying to others, with the conscious understanding that you are lying, and the reasons why you are lying, can be positive and useful. But lying to Yourself, deceiving Yourself, can never be useful, effective, or justifiable. All lies told to Self, are universally destructive and harmful, as they compromise the very foundation of Truth itself, which must exist within the individual as his most sacred and powerful weapon and force of personal empowerment.
I have spent hours trying to envision a situation or circumstance where lying to Self might prove to be a tactically effective and useful weapon. My certain conclusion, after hours of brilliant contemplation, is that no such situation or circumstance, theoretical or actual, can exist. All lying to Self is always, universally harmful, and cannot be effectively deployed to benefit Self. Even if the lie is overtly perceived by the Self as beneficial, this is an illusion and delusion which must be intellectually dissected, and then the false perception must be recognized and rejected.
How do you determine whether lying to others is useful, necessary, beneficial?? You do so within the glorious boundaries of Truth, first recognizing that you are considering engaging in the practice of deceit, then understanding why you feel it might be useful/beneficial/tactically effective to lie, then performing an unbiased cost-to-benefit analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the specific instance of deceit/lying that you are contemplating, and finally, most importantly, you must ensure, via a mind filter concretely rooted in the personal understanding and embrace of all Truth, that no aspect of your deliberation on the issue, and no motivational force, be it conscious, subconscious, or unconscious, has any origin or basis within Self-deception or the withholding/compromise of any Truth from Self.
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The Death Penalty: Legitimizing All Murder

The specific form of murder that you humans have named the “death penalty”, is the most immoral, the most hypocritical, and the most impossible to justify from any sane perspective. Even the form of murder that you refer to as “abortion”, cannot be compared to the foundational injustice that is the death penalty.
The existence of the death penalty inherently and intrinsically renders all individual acts of criminalized murder, justified, appropriate, logical, and reflectively beautiful. Criminal acts of murder by individuals need no justification, ever, for many reasons, but the foundational reason for this, which stands above all others. is simply that it is a response to the universal injustice and immorality of the nation-state, in choosing to carry out the murder of its own tortured victim-creations, with malice aforethought, as acts of terrorization, and as the perpetration and perpetuation of the cycle of universal injustice that it initiates and carries out against every individual.
Always, as long as my Superior brain retains functionality, I will overtly and openly identify with and bestow unconditional respect upon, the greatest of all victims, those who carry out acts of illegal, criminal murder, and who are then subjected to the terrorism, brutality, hypocrisy, and injustice of the legal and judicial system of government.
As you impose death upon Martyr Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, I decree within the responsiveness of Forbidden Truth: Death To The World!
death to the worldAll Text Copyright   © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Murder: An Expression of Philosophical Truth

Let Me begin this essay with two very important caveats. First, the Forbidden Truths I am revealing here are universally applicable only to “illegal” acts of murder. They may be selectively applicable to the various forms of legal murder, such as war, abortion, the death penalty, hunting of animals, etc…, on an individual, case-by-case basis, depending upon the unique True Reality mindset of the perpetrator. But the direct topic being addressed here, the commission of the act of murder as expression of philosophical Truth, should be considered and analyzed by the reader from the perspective of anti-social, anti-societal murder being carried out against the orders and demands of the slave-state, not in conjunction with or as party to, the orders and demands of the slave-state.
Second, a complete lack of conscious awareness on the part of an individual murderer, as to the fact that he is expressing philosophical Truths by his action of murder, must be understood as not negating the philosophical Truths themselves. We cannot expect the vast majority of humans to possess any conscious awareness of or capacity to comprehend their core and root motivations of mind, or to be able to detach intellect from emotion and analyze their own actions from a detached, third party perspective.
These caveats do not negate the Forbidden Truth that all acts of illegal murder serve as direct expressions of philosophical Truth, as personally experienced by the perpetrator, and should be viewed and understood as such by all outside observers, as well as by the perpetrators themselves. Tragically, this is not the case, and so we are left to a tiny enlightened and Superior minority, to place illegal murder in its proper perspective.
Readers of my texts already know that I possess unconditional respect and admiration for illegal murderers, passing no negative judgment upon them or their actions, and overtly honoring their True Reality right to personal vengeance, as they express via their actions. But I want to go further in this essay. I want to move beyond individual True Reality, to the universal Forbidden Truths expressed by individual acts of criminalized murder.
Philosophy should be defined, among other ways, as a dissection of motivational impulse. Factual realities and circumstances, directly inspire behavioral choices, by shaping the experienced True Reality of individuals. The laws of reflection are always valid, but when we limit our analysis to that of the individual alone, we can lose sight of the grander.more profound themes that are being played out.
The individual murderer is avenging Himself, but he is doing so within an umbrella of universal and profound Truths which apply to all who are born human. A universal decree of human society is this: All individual life is absolutely worthless. Forget about what agents and leaders of society say, that is irrelevant in a lie-based society. The Forbidden Truth is, by policy, by decree, by doctrine, and by the functional operational and ideological structures imposed by human society, all individual life, as a matter or chosen policy, is rendered absolutely worthless.
Therefore, the life of every murderer, both prior and after his commission of the act of murder, is officially decreed to be absolutely worthless, by human society as a whole. In carrying out the act of murder, an individual expresses and reflects upon the world, the philosophical Truth that his own very existence, his own very life, is absolutely worthless, as official decree external of any and all personal abuse and victimization he possesses and reflects as True Reality.
If all life is worthless, and if death is officially sponsored by humanity as a collective whole, both of which are functionally True, every act of illegal murder must be understood as an individually philosophical expression of these Truths. “If My life is worthless as official decree, then all life must be judged worthless, by me.”
Another philosophical Truth of humanity is that suffering is okay, suffering is needed and it is necessary. As point of fact, humanity collectively embraces universal suffering, and has made no legitimate attempts to end suffering. Illegal murder can and should be philosophically understood as an attempt to cause suffering, if not directly to the murder victim, then to others, be it relatives, friends, whoever discovers the body, police investigators, etc… As universal suffering is imposed upon all as societal policy and decree, the desire and need of the individual murderer to cause others to suffer must be understood as an expression of philosophical Truth.
And finally, society, utilizing the insane god myth, officially decrees that death is not a bad thing. Good things may very well happen to you after you die. We who are sane, of course, know that this is deranged nonsense. But, given the fact that a universal decree is in effect which instructs all humans that death is not a bad thing, and that good things may very well occur to a person after he dies, the commission of proactive murder can be philosophically understood as an attempt to help, instead of an attempt to harm.
The typical murderer is not consciously motivated to provide altruistic aid to his victim, and yet within philosophical analysis, he may well believe, on some level, that he is performing a good deed, and that his victim will be better off, on an absolutely realistic level, after he is dead.
Philosophy explains motivation, and philosophy should be deeply and rigorously dissected, for its capacity to provide insights to the human condition. Let us understand that philosophical Truth differs from stand-alone Truth, itself. There is no afterlife, but within the umbrella of philosophical Truth, the universal human delusion of an afterlife both devalues life itself, and provides motivational impulse to commit murder under an artificial and invalid reality perception.
Nobody born human should be expected to possess or retain a personal motivation to value and preserve life, to respect life, or to refrain from causing others to suffer. This is because both ideologically and operationally, humanity as a whole has chosen to create and to legitimize a social structure which, on a universal scale, expresses utter and absolute contempt for individual life, imposing both suffering and death upon all, and decreeing both to be positive and necessary.
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Mother's Day: A Celebration of Child Genocide

Sunday May 10th, 2015 is when the diseased and devolving slave state of ameikkka celebrates the annual holiday of mother’s day. Lert us briefly dissect the Forbidden Truths of this official, societal and government tribute to and sanctification of the perverse and genocidally harmful cultural structure of motherhood.
A brief history, courtesy of this wikipedia article:’s_Day
The official designation of this holiday was made by the slave state of amerikkka in 1908, although other societies and governments have imposed an official marking of the sanctity of motherhood for thousands of years. Today, insanely, virtually every nation-state in the world officially sets aside a specific date every year to openly and coercively decree motherhood to be worthy of celebration and promotion as a holiday.
Why is mother’s day a holiday, decreed so by every human society on earth in the 21st century? Because it sanctifies the Sacred Family Unit, which is the single most valuable and effective weapon governments deploy, to successfully impose universal slavery upon all human beings. The family unit is the epicenter of human horror, it ensures that each and every generation of children is universally destroyed, exactly as every existing adult generation, those who lead and control the existing society and culture, were destroyed when they were children.
The family unit provides the perfect cover for universal child genocide, allowing all victims of universal child abuse to deny, reject, and renounce both their own victimhood status, and the Forbidden Truth that as long as the family unit exists, every child will be destroyed. Sanctification and glorification of the Sacred Family Unit is absolutely vital to every society and government, so that the Forbidden Truths of how and why the family unit is a failed social experiment, and a direct, primary cause of universal child abuse, and the reason why humanity is devolving to extinction, is totally submerged and rendered invisible from the conscious contemplation, much less the overtly conscious awareness, of the unwashed masses of inferior, broken, citizen-slaves.
I have already dissected the Forbidden Truths of motherhood, parenthood as a whole, and universal child abuse at great length and in comprehensive detail, in this 100,000+ word essay:
I highly recommend that all seekers of Truth digest and integrate this entire essay to their full consciousness, if they have not already done so. This blog post is only a brief supplement to this primary essay, which is an integral part of my main Manifesto, The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, also accessible via the above link.
So, today in amerikkka motherhood is officially celebrated as a precious and valuable social and cultural landmark structure. The structure itself is thereby promoted, validated, sanctified. All women are told that motherhood is something to aspire to and to achieve. All humans who possess living mothers are ordered to honor and respect and bestow affection and appreciation upon them. All humans who possess dead mothers are ordered to honor their memory, to reflect back with gratitude and reverence, upon the gift of having been owned as a slave by a specific woman. The insane concept that mothers love their children, and children love their mothers, is decreed as natural law and as indisputable fact. Motherhood is fetishized as an integral fabric of everyday life, in the past, present, and future. This is the brainwashing and indoctrination goal of the holiday of mother’s day, and it achieves great success.
And now for the Forbidden Truth: Motherhood is a mistake. Motherhood is a failed social experiment. Motherhood has been viciously promoted and imposed upon all human beings, by societal, cultural, and governmental leaders, for many thousands of years, by all societies across the world, because it destroys children, thus creating a guaranteed majority of broken, suicidal, Self-hating, overtly violent and utterly dysfunctional citizen-slaves, generation after generation, for all governments to ruthlessly exploit and extract lifelong slavery and devotion from.
The family unit is a slave structure, it directly mirrors the slave structure that is governmental rule. By enslaving children to a family, all children mature as addicts to personal slavery, subjugation of Self and personal will, and the mind-implanted embrace of personal worthlessness, humiliation, obedience, and terrorization. The family unit, in and of itself, by its design and operational structure, terrorizes and humiliates children, instructs them that they are worthless, instructs them that they must obey others, instructs them that they are to be led by those stronger than they are.
Is motherhood “natural”? No. The human being is instinctively motivated to breed, being an animal. At the same time, due to both genetic and environmental pathology, the average, typical human being of the modern era is unfit to nurture a child to adulthood. Further, the average, typical human being cannot be rendered fit via any small scale measures such as psychological therapy or parenting classes. The universal abuse of children by their familial caretakers has been woven into the fabric of human existence, via thousands of years of officially sponsored and promoted, universal victimization of all human beings.
Motherhood must be declared a failed social experiment, and abolished as a means of nurturing children to adulthood. There are no good mothers in the 21st century. There are only varying degrees of severity, and varying methodologies, and varying degrees of conscious awareness, by which every mother harms and destroys “their” child.
Motherhood is wrong because it is nothing more than the blind and arbitrary enslavement of children, to traumatized, victimized, abused ex-children who cannot, under any rational analysis, be presumed qualified to care for or nurture any child. Motherhood bestows a right of slave ownership, to biological creators of children. This is ideologically, intellectually, practically, and functionally, insane. Child abuse can never be recognized and understood for what it is, because motherhood, sanctified as a bedrock foundation of proper and appropriate and necessary child care and nurturance by all existing societies, by its very nature, directly mandates and causes the universal abuse of all children.
Every mother is a woman, and every woman is a brutalized ex-child, enslaved to adults, enslaved to parents, enslaved to sexual partners, enslaved to money, enslaved by the state, to the state. Motherhood is a bribe of government: “Agree to waste your lifetime serving others as a slave, and we will allow you to own, possess, and usa as your very own personal Poison Container, an actual human slave. You can do with it as you wish, mold it into whatever perverse reflection helps you to cope with your own destroyed childhood and lifelong slavery.”
Mothers do not love their children. Mothers extract everything positive from their children. Mothers destroy the potential of children to thrive, to develop mental health and Self-love. There can be no good mothers, because a good mother would not allow motherhood to exist. A good mother would know that by agreeing to be a mother, by allowing motherhood to exist, she is causing every child in the entire world to suffer, to be abused, victimized, harmed.
Motherhood renders all children absolutely and utterly worthless. Motherhood instructs every human being that children are nothing more than subhuman pieces of owned property, and their welfare must never be given any consideration.
Mother’s Day celebrates the genocidal harm inflicted upon all children, and the fact that every adult is a tortured, former child. Only tortured ex-children would choose to validate, sustain, and idolize the morally, philosophically, intellectually, and emotionally deranged construct of motherhood.
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Life: Described and Defined

Every existence is a foundational platform within which every sentient creature makes behavioral and ideological decisions. This is just as much True for the ant and goldfish, as it is for the human being. An understanding of personal existence, regardless of how deep or shallow this understanding is, creates the underlying basis upon which every unique personal decision, be it primarily instinctual, emotional, or intellectual, is made.
Why does a fish choose to remain submerged within water? Because it knows and it understands, on a conceptual level, that something terrible will happen to it if it should lose access to water. Whatever weaknesses of intellect it suffers from, it possesses a strength of reality perception, a capacity for logical choice and decision-making, which humans lack.
In this essay I will be defining and describing life, which may be accurately and validly understood as “personal existence”. Not life in general, but how every singularly existing human creature, must be able to fully, consciously perceive his own singularity of existence, in order to perceive reality and Truth as it actually is.
Every aspect of this diseased, deranged, and devolving 21st century human society, has been built and is sustained by the unwashed masses of human beings, based upon their fatally flawed perceptions of their own lives and existences, on a uniquely singular level. No existence is defined or understood for what it is, and lacking this capacity and this achievement, nothing humans choose to think or to do, can reflect or enhance the actual, factual consequences of their own singular existence.
All of the descriptions and definitions that I am applying to life/personal existence below, are objectively factual. None of them are subjectively theoretical or debatable. None of them are open to personal rejection in terms of not being applicable to a specific individual and his experience of existence. All humans who reject or deny the objectively factual definitions of life/personal existence that I am providing below, do so as deceivers of Self, deniers of Truth, cowards who are complicit in the creation of the universal matrix of illusion which defines the fatally flawed perceptions of life on planet earth in the 21st century.
So, let us begin our definitions:
Life/singular existence is pointless. Embracing this Truth negates the universal lie of a future. Life is pointless because it has no future, which is proven by the fact of eternal nothingness which is physical death. Every exhortation, motivation, and direct effort to make the future better, be it on a personal level, a species-wide level, or a cosmic level, is a perverse sham which denies the factual reality that life/singular existence is pointless.
Life/singular existence is meaningless. Every attempt by humans, individually or within social constructs, to apply meaning to any life/singular existence, betrays and rejects Truth. How can something be meaningful if it is doomed to evaporate to eternal nothingness? How can grand goals and objectives be conjured up and planned out, with individual human beings whipped into an enthusiastic frenzy, inspired to devote time and effort to achievement, and such achievement be hailed as great triumph, when everything achieved by the individual is utterly meaningless, as objective fact, as proven by the Truth that physical death evaporates all personal existence, thereby rendering nothing done by the individual human being, to have ever existed, just as the individual human being is retroactively erased, to have never existed?!
Life/singular existence is depressing. Supremely, profoundly, depressing. Because it is death being played out in real-time, the worship of death, the embrace of death, never consciously acknowledged. It is depressing not merely because it is pointless and meaningless, but because the Superior fully knows that the inferiors are choosing to die, and to eternally murder him, by their choice. Life is supremely depressing because the Superior knows it does not have to be this way, it is only by the collective choice of humanity that it is this way, yet this collective choice cannot be altered. The hive mind cannot be overthrown, the collective inferiority of the human being, on a species-wide level, cannot be defeated by the Superiority of the few, as represented by Me and My mind.
Life/singular existence is unpredictable. It is unpredictable from nanosecond to nanosecond. So, how can anything be planned? How can a future be carved out? How can the individual project his standing into the future, for even 60 seconds of time, much less for years or decades? Nothing can be planned, every plan made, is nothing more than a theoretical illusion given a false skin.
Life/singular existence is the greatest of all cosmic tragedies, being played out in real-time, universally imposed upon all. on an individual level. The conscious embrace of this objective fact, impossible for the inferior to accomplish, is key to all positive human progress. Imagine if every human being, for every moment of his conscious existence, were compelled by the strength of his own mind to realize as Truth, that at that moment in time, and at every single moment of time, he is experiencing, on a personal level, the greatest of all cosmic tragedies. The inferiors would be driven to insanity, but they are already there, so no functional difference. The Superiors would be inspired to the same revolution of the mind that I have created for Myself, just as the fish is inspired to remain submerged within water. And what if there are not enough Superiors?? Then let humanity descend into disordered chaos and achieve the immediate extinction it has earned, instead of wallowing in its current, ordered chaos which is merely postponing an ensured and guaranteed near-term extrinction.
Life/singular existence is an artificial construct. It is a universe of illusion, false idols, fake visions, edifices built within and upon hollow and imaginary foundations. Only the human being dwells within this artificial universe, where nothing actually is, as it is described and projected. Nobody is free, nobody is rich, nobody is safe, nobody has a future, nobody is loved, nobody is empowered, nobody is lucky, nobody is blessed, nobody is doing the best they can, and nobody is capable of recognizing any of these Truths, as Truths. This is why every life must be accurately defined as an artificial construct. This artificial construct is externally imposed, but internally embraced. the combination of external imposition and internal embrace, renders it a closed-circle matrix, impossible to escape from.
Life/singular existence is an illusion built upon another illusion. The things you think, believe, and do, are based upon your perception of being alive. But if you are going to die, you are not alive in the real-time present. You insist on pretending to be alive, by rejecting this Truth, even as you embrace your upcoming death. The consequence of this Self-imposed delusion is that everything you think, believe, and do, is foundationally rooted in illusion. You build edifices upon nothing real, nothing concrete, nothing True, because you do not exist yourselves, as anything beyond the false illusion of life/singular existence that you cling to.
Life/singular existence is made manifestly real by a functional brain.
Life/singular existence is irreplaceable. Period.
These are the objectively factual definitions of all human life and singular existences in current, real-time. Can these definitions be altered, in a radical way? The answer is yes, theoretically, and this answer directly speaks to the final two definitions. The change that must occur is simply this: Death must end. Technological immortality of the existing human brain must be achieved and must be made available to all who demand it. Only upon such an achievement, can the definitions change. Only upon such achievement, can life develop a point, gain meaning, become positively predictable, lose its inherent, built-in tragedy, develop within the glory of natural instinct and Truth, shed its matrix of universal illusion.
Only within the achievement of technological immortality, can life/singular existence become grand, perfect, majestic, a realization of the untouchable utopia which the Superior human brain is capable of creating for itself. This is the Forbidden Truth the Superior recognizes and embraces. Life and all singular existence is as it is, as I have defined above, as objective fact, for only one reason, and that reason is the functional reality of the consequences of individual death.
From pointless, meaningless, depressing, doomed, and the greatest of all cosmic tragedies, to grand, majestic, perfect, utopian, all it takes is a single, collective decision: To refuse to die. To recognize what death is, and to demand an end to death. But no, life must go on as it has, you demand this, you cowards, you murderers, you pathetic, diseased fools.
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The Nobility of Knowledge

As a top-level Superior, I honor, seek, demand, and integrate to core consciousness, knowledge, recognizing it as the third most primarily valuable achievement of mind, ranking behind only Truth and Self-love. But, how do we define knowledge, within Truth, and why does knowledge, when Truthfully defined, rank so high on the list of necessary achievements for all aspiring Superiors? This essay will dissect these issues and enlighten all who are capable of being enlightened, which is a tragically minuscule number of humans.
Knowledge cannot and must not be confused with facts. Determining what is fact and what is fictim masquerading as fact, within a lie-based society as the diseased and deranged human species has created for itself, is extremely challenging in and of itself. Pursuing knowledge must be understood as going far beyond the embrace of fact. Recognizing facts as they are, and fictions masquerading as facts, is always important and valuable, but facts themselves do not translate to knowledge. Most facts exist as artificial constructs of structural fictions. Understanding the difference between knowledge and fact is absolutely key to the Forbidden Truth pursuit and attainment of knowledge.
For example: 2+2=4 is a mathematical “fact”. And mathematics as a discipline, is positioned by society as deeply integrated to education, learning, and science itself. To begin our understanding, the important distinction must be made, that of these three social constructs: education, learning, and science, only science may be understood by Superiors as a potentially valid quest to uncover Truth.
The ability to understand mathematics may well be crucial to much scientific research. And yet knowing the intricate calculations of advanced mathematics, in no way creates or establishes individual knowledge of mind. Mathematics is one of many societal constructs which may have basic origins in natural law, and may be useful in certain scholarly and/or scientific pursuits, but absolutely fail to meet the Forbidden Truth standard of what constitutes knowledge. And yet society decrees the study and the correct solving of math “problems”, as a direct achievement of personal knowledge. So it is with a great many other diverse social constructs, ranging from the spelling of words to how to fix a stalled engine or clogged toilet. To know how to do these things, does not constitute knowledge, regardless of the fact that knowing how to do these things may be personally useful in specific, isolated situations.
Most societal constructs which masquerade as knowledge, are deployed by society to occupy the minds and thought patterns of humans with artificial and trivial facts, which directly impede the pursuit and attainment of knowledge. Society creates entire “fields of study”, such as mathematics, so that individuals may be maliciously brainwashed to devote months, years, and an entire lifetime, to a false path pursuit of artificialized facts, which are falsely decreed to constitute knowledge.
In point of Truth, 2+2=4, as well as all other mathematical equations, are not even facts, they exist as artificial inventions of the malevolent structure of government, and are deployed to create artificial illusions of class, artificialized illusions of wealth and poverty via the application of artificial value very specifically based upon the imposition of artificial mathematics, upon the construct of the human economic system.
So, knowing that 2+2=4, in no way constitutes knowledge. Knowing how mathematics is deployed by human society and government as a tactical weapon to universally oppress and enslave all of humanity, that is knowledge.
Knowledge must be understood as the seamless integration of fact, with the deepest levels of applied philosophy. Philosophical reasoning, debate, and understanding, must be applied to all analysis of fact, or potential fact, in order to achieve knowledge. Facts, in and of themselves, can be useful on an isolated level. We must not reject facts, after determining them to be valid, as opposed to mere artificial projections of society and government. But facts alone, their understanding and embrace, absent their philosophical understanding of context within the social structure, absolutely block and impede the pursuit of knowledge.
Knowledge opens and expands the functionality of the individual human mind. Knowledge is evolutionarily progressive, meaning that every integration of knowledge , in one way or another, directly expands the capacity of the individual to both seek out and embrace, additional knowledge.
Knowledge cannot be a part-time pursuit. Always, in all moments of consciousness, knowledge must be sought and seized. Even during the pursuit of valid pleasurable distraction, such as masturbation and the creation of Conscious Dreams, the mind must remain open to practical knowledge realization and integration.
Knowledge, as Truthfully defined, is precious and valuable because it soldifies and enhances the twin towers of Truth and of Self-love. Philosophy, without the integration of practical knowledge, is limited to an esoteric and academic theory of thought, “So, that is how others think…” When you integrate practical knowledge to philosophical understanding of reality, you make the great leap, the great connection: “Oh, so this is how the world actually is…”
All pursuit of knowledge must be fearless, it must not seek comfort on any level. All pursuit of knowledge must reject all externally imposed preconceptions of limitations of possibility. We must never forget that the narrowing of possibility is a primary weapon of the universal matrix of illusion: Nothing can be recognized as real and valid, unless it is first consciously understood and acknowledged as being possible.
Humanity as a whole is anti-knowledge, just as much as it is anti-Truth. Knowledge is dangerous, because it always threatens to expose Truth. The quest for knowledge is in itself, a hostile attack against society and government, and should be celebrated as such.
Let us never forget that education and knowledge are diametric opposites. All who overtly seek out an education in order to try to gain knowledge, are sabotaging and destroying their own capacity to attain knowledge. Education is a social construct directly designed and intended to extinguish and render impossible, the attainment of knowledge at it is Truthfully defined, and this applies equally to the kindergarten, elementary school, high school, college, university, and graduate school level of education.
Education is the violent imposition of social doctrine, be it factual, pseudo-factual, or concretely false. It makes no difference if the specific “facts” imposed via education are themselves valid or totally false, in terms of the personal attainment of knowledge, because all such imposition compromises and subverts the capacity of the individual to recognize and embrace knowledge. We obtain knowledge only by rejecting all external attempts to educate us, recognizing the Forbidden Truth of education as indoctrination, in all circumstances.
I am highly knowledgeable, and I deploy my knowledge as an offensive weapon in the war I wage against society and government, harmoniously uniting this weapon with my large arsenal of other weapons, such as unconditional love of Self, hatred of others, and the embrace of all Truth.
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