April 2015

The National Guard

In amerikkka, the national guard is a militarized, shapeshifting, governmentally controlled group of 500,000 terrorists who have sworn allegiance not merely to the amerikkkan government, but to the amerikkkan military, and are therefore legally obligated to carry out the orders and demands of this regime, absent all personal objection or independent decision-making.
Because the national guard is not generally considered, by the public at large, to be a branch of the amerikkkan military, the regime feels free to deploy these militarized troops in direct conflict against amerikkkan citizen-slaves, and the slaves accept the absurd lie that the military itself is not being deployed against them.
The usa national guard exists as a devastating weapon of government, by which any and all civil wars, violent uprisings, or internal attempts to overthrow the amerikkkan government can and will be effectively quashed by this terrorist group, which is sworn to accept orders from, and is accountable only to, the regime itself.
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The Universal Injustice of Equality

All sane thinkers who are following the Baltimore, Maryland riots over the past 24 hours, should understand the game being played by the slave state of amerikkka. It is the exact same game this fascist dictatorship has been playing for hundreds of years: The use of economic and racial classism to position citizenship as a grand struggle to address injustice and achieve equality.
The Forbidden Truth is this: No class of citizen-slaves in amerikkka has achieved or is granted any privilege, freedom, or useful advantage, over any other class. All classes of amerikkkan citizen-slaves are oppressed, enslaved, terrorized, and victimized. The creation of an illusion of valuable class distinction by the amerikkkan government is a deliberately malicious ploy intended to perpetuate the peaceful embrace of universal injustice for all, by all citizen-slaves, under the cloak of a grand quest for equality which is, first, utterly impossible to attain under a regime which sponsors universal inequality, and far more importantly, would be utterly useless and provide absolutely no positive or Truth-based benefit for anyone, even if it were to be achieved, because everyone would continue to exist as terrorized and victimized slaves to the malevolent structure of government.
The problem is law. The problem is punishment. The problem is child abuse as institutionally sponsored by government via the family unit. The problem is the criminality of the state, which nobody, not even the rioters themselves, possess the capacity to understand. What did the rioters seek out last night? Prescription drugs and alcohol, so that they can alter their own brain chemistry and delude themselves into believing things are better. Things will never be better because Truth is dead. The matrix of government and media are out in full force today, convincing you citizen-slaves that peaceful protest must be restored, and that the government protects and respects peaceful protest. But the government is violence, defined. All laws exist as terrorized injustice, enforced via the direct violence of guns, bondage, cage lock, and every other form of state-sponsored terrorism.
The racism and classism of the state is targeted at every citizen-slave, from the dirt poor ghetto hood on food stamps, to the upwardly mobile college kid who knows a million dollars awaits him when dad dies, to the billionaire corporate ceo’s. The rich and middle classes must fear the anger of the poor, this is how the terrorism and universal oppression that is government, is cloaked from all conscious awareness of the middle and upper classes.
The poor must fear each other, so that they embrace the slave shackle of institutionalized poverty, tempered by the insane promise of a better existence upon death via the god myth, and the perverse decrees that if they only agree to suffer and struggle, obey and bow down, they might be allowed to someday, as old men and women, reach middle class status for a few years, before they are eternally unborn via death. They must be kept dependent upon government, mesmerized by the false faces of freedom illusion. Yes, you are free to get high, just don’t break into drug stores. We will give you enough money to drink and poison yourself to death, just obey and serve the slave state!
Yes, you are free to go to school, to be further stripped of all mind autonomy, to recognize the matrix for what it is. You are free to get a job, slave. Yes, of course you are! Think of your future, get a job so that your slavery can be officially cemented. You are free to protest peacefully, to fight for and to demand equality! Make this your noble goal, make this your life purpose, my dear, great idiot!
I demand equality, so chant thousands in baltimore today and tonight. Martin Luther King is our hero, he devoted his life to try to attain equality. You idiots, you pathetic fools! Do you know why Martin Luther King is an amerikkkan hero? Do you know why every major city has named streets in ghetto neighborhoods after him? Do you know why the government has made Martin Luther King Day a federal holiday? Do you know why your media endlessly exhorts all lower class citizen-slaves to follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther King??
It is because Martin Luther King is the embodiment of submission and slavery. He pioneered the concept of non-violence, in response to violence. And what is violence? Violence is the state, violence is being governed, violence is the application of law itself, not to mention judicial punishment.
Martin Luther King perfected the lie that justice can be attained via the achievement of equality. What a horrific lie! And now his lie will be relentlessly exploited by the amerikkkan government, right now, and in the future, as it has already been relentlessly exploited for the past 50-70 years. A non-violent pursuit of equality!! There is no more perfect ideological delusion! The greatest enemy of freedom and justice, no matter how hard he tried, could never dream up a more effective ideology to ensure the universal enslavement and universal injustice for all, that exists in amerikkka today, that exists under all governments of the world, and that will always exist, until humanity extincts itself.
The problem is not a few terrorists posing as police officers inflicting too much injustice upon a few individuals. The problem is that law enforcement itself, is a foundational structure of governmental terrorism. The police do not protect you from harm, the police sponsor the universal harm of the state. The police allow and cause everyone to be harmed, thus inspiring every reflective act of cathartic, True Reality-based violence and harm, that the government labels as “crime”. You do not need law enforcement to protect you from crime, you need the universal criminality and victimization of governmental rule, to be abolished from planet earth.
The only valid form of protest against any incident of police brutality, is to demand the dissolution of the structure of law enforcement itself, not locally, not nationally, but globally. Protesting for and demanding police reforms and punishment for specific pigs, or for entire police departments or agencies, is both tactically and ideologically insane, and can only be rationalized by the Truth-blind, by Self-haters, and by those unable to define freedom and justice for what they are.
thought police
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Compassion, Empathy, and Respect

I am filled with compassion, empathy, and respect…for Myself. For you creatures, not so much. I choose to selectively bestow compassion, empathy, and respect, towards specific individuals that I recognize as being the greatest victims of the highest degrees of injustice and victimization. I reserve my compassion, empathy, and respect, for individuals such as James Eagan Holmes and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I honor them for trying to show humanity what it is, more so than for trying to show humanity what they are. I honor them because you refuse to honor them. I honor them because you choose to deny them compassion, empathy, and respect, in the process increasing their victimization, increasing the injustice they have always been subjected to.
I do not deny you inferiors, your victimhood status. But I only have so much positive sentiment available, and I will always hoard most of it for Myself. The small amount I choose to distribute upon others, will go to those that you demonize, those that you choose to demonize. Your created victims, people like Dzhokhar and James, that you continue to persecute. I align with them, because you deny them their victimhood status. I align with them, because you choose to continue to harm them, instead of thanking them for showing you what you are, and being inspired to beg them for the forgiveness that you do not deserve.
Inside the cages you build for your torture victims, Truth flourishes. Individuals are destroyed, but Truth remains triumphant. You murder your children and you murder your adults. You murder physically, and you murder ideologically. You murder in order to conceal the Truth that you have always been murderers, that you murder everything you touch.
Your grand theatrical odes to justice and revenge, punishment and redemption, are pathetic and perverse charades. Your theaters are shrines to violence, yet you demonize a tortured child for showing you what you are. Your marathon races are testaments to the cowardice of a species devoted to fleeing from itself at every turn, yet you demonize a tortured child for showing you what you are. You fight for the freedom to lie to yourselves, and for the freedom to destroy yourselves, and in the process you destroy anyone who dares to show you what you are, as James and Dzhokhar and Charles Manson and John Wayne Gacy and Timothy McVeigh and Ted Bundy and Howard Unruh, and so many thousands of others, have tried to do.
We are only your reflection, we are only what you made us, we are only your created victims. And so when you blame and judge and demonize us, you prove that our actions were not merely just, but insufficient. Insufficient to right the universal scale of injustice that you have built, that you deploy against us.
So no, I will decline all compassion, empathy, and respect for the secondary victims that you ruthlessly exploit in order to feet better about yourselves. I will reserve all compassion, empathy, and respect for my fellow front-level victims, the individuals you dare to condemn to be murdered, locked inside cages, subjected to brain chemistry alteration, denied their victimhood status, denied the honor and gratitute that is owed to them.
You are going to destroy each of us, I cannot prevent this horrific tragedy and injustice. My only solace is in knowing, with absolute certainty, that in choosing to destroy us, you are ensuring your own destruction, individually and as a collective species.
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Technological Immortality: Defined,Achieved,Perfected

Those of you who have read my uniquely brilliant writings, should know that I am a strident and unrelentingly obsessive Immortalist. I recognize and I demand personal immortality as a sacred and indisputable personal right, based upon the universe of Self that I have created as a supreme and irreplaceable brain. As an immortalist, I demand that immortality be rendered as manifest reality, and provided to Me as the most elemental, obvious, and undeniable of personal entitlements.
The purpose of this essay, and it will be much longer than most of my other essays, is to lay down a comprehensive platform of factual and Truth-based understanding of exactly what the achievement of personal immortality is, via definition, via accurate description of achievement, and via the progressive perfection of this achievement. Despite my extensive writings on, and relevations of Forbidden Truth on the issue of personal immortality, I have thus far failed to cohesively link together a structural platform in which my unique vision and understanding of what the achievement of personal immortality consists of, is fully articulated and expressed. This omission ends right here, right now, via this essay.
Let us begin with an understanding that the vision for achievement of personal immortality that I am laying forth here, is uniquely my own. It represents the combined brilliance of my own mind, brain, and thought process. It is not copied or imported from any external sources, and it is not the result of external opinions, sources, or input. I claim and I demand credit as an original source for all of the fuctional and ideological insights regarding the issue of personal immortality, that I am expressing and revealing within this essay.
The word “immortality”, as perceived by the inferior and diseased human brain, commonly contains perceptive interpretations which are based on supernatural, mystical, and spiritual/fantastical concept. From the very beginning, I wish to make it clear, beyond all question, that my understanding and definition of personal immortality contains absolutely no supernatural, mystical, or unscientific aspects. Immortality, as I demand it to be achieved, exists as an absolutely scientific pursuit and discipline. Immortality can only be achieved via the direct application of concrete and factual technology, as it currently exists, and as it can be enhanced in the future, by sentient creatures, be they human or extraterrestrial.
It is for this reason that I have coined the term, “technological immortality”, and have always, will always, use it in all of my writings on the issue. To be perfectly clear, immortality can only be achieved via the direct application of technology, as developed via scientific knowledge and brain-based research and development. It would not be fair to limit such technological and scientific progress to the human mind, and for this reason I use the term “brain-based”, in order to specifically rule out human brain exclusivity. We already know that computers are capable of “thought”, of solving problems on their own, of advancing factual knowledge, after receiving an input of data  Great technological strides may be reasonably expected to be sourced in the future, via computers, robots, and/or extraterrestrial knowledge, which builds upon and goes beyond mere “thoughts” of a human brain.
The distinction I raise above is important, because it allows the issue of achieving and perfecting technological immortality to remain where it must be, absolutely scientific and technological, free of all supernatural and mystical elements, yet at the same time open and inviting of progressive advances which may be sourced via the “artificial” intelligence of computers, robots, and/or knowledge/aid which could originate via brains that are not of human origin.
All this said, it remains abundantly clear to the sane and logical thinker of 2015, that the human being as a species, is already, as of right now, fully capable of achieving technological immortality, in terms of scientific knowledge, and that the current failure of this immortality to exist as manifest reality, must be blamed upon the psychological and emotional dysfunction of humanity, and not upon any lack of scientific or technological capacity of the human brain to intellectualize and physically achieve personal immortality.
To be more blunt: Nothing which is not attempted, can ever be achieved. Humanity, as a species, despite developing, over the past 300+ years, and now absolutely possessing the technological and scientific capacities to achieve personal immortality, has overtly chosen to reject, criminalize, ridicule, and sabotage all individual efforts to render immortality a functional reality, and to continue to worship and overtly embrace the universal death of all living things, as a societal, cultural, and political mandate.
The purpose of this essay is not to alter the devolutionary death spiral of humanity, it deserves to perish forever, individually and collectively. The purpose of this essay is to express my sacred right to personal immortality, and to condemn humanity to eternal nothingness, for overtly and proactively denying Me this sacred right.
We will begin, yes folks, this is just the beginning, by defining in exact terms, what technological immortality is. But first we must define what death is. Nothing can be understood within Truth, unless it is first defined within Truth. Meaning is everything. Humanity has always been doomed, for many thousands of years already, because it has misdefined every aspect of its existence. To die is to retroactively unborn. To die is to never have been born. This foundational and definitional Truth has never been accepted or understood by humanity. Never, not since the human being developed a capacity for philosophical reflection many thousands of years ago. Rejecting the Forbidden Truths of what death is, has always rendered the factual reality of how immortality must be defined, impossible for the human being.
The insane god myth and religion, is a mental derangement specifically and directly inspired by the human failure to understand or accept the Forbidden Truth of what death is. god and religion is not simply a coping mechanism for dealing with the consequences of death, but an intellectual barrier to understanding and embracing these consequences, and it is this barrier itself, which has always been the greatest impediment towards the demand for and embrace of, technological immortality.
Technological immortality is not the extension of life. It has nothing to do with curing diseases or replacing failing organs, or even using dna technology to create clones. All of these actions constitute an embrace of death, and are inspired by a fundamental and foundational failure and inability to accept the factual, accurate, and True definition of what death is.
So, let us define in several different ways, exactly what would constitute technological immortality within a Truth and fact-based envelope. Technological immortality: The scientific achievement of the capacity to renew, restore, or preserve existing brain cell functionality for an indefinite period of time. Or: Technological immortality: The scientific capability, exercised as functional reality, to exactly duplicate existing brain cells and maintain them in a state of readiness to assume the functional identity of an individual, should failure or destruction of his primary brain structure occur.
Or: technological immortality: Any scientific technology, rendered manifest reality as functional fact, which allows for an entire brain, every memory, thought and reality perception, at any specific point in time, to be downloaded, uploaded, duplicated, or otherwise transferred intact, to any molecular, biological, or robotic resource which allows for a seamless and uninterrupted experience of ongoing sentience for the existing brain.
You will note that all valid definitions of technological immortality deal exclusively with the human brain. This is a very important detail and distinction. Every individual exists exclusively and solely as a brain. All “bodies” are functionally useless and must be understood as parasitical impediments to the achievement of technological immortality.
I have touched upon this point in a previous essay, but it must be more emphatically emphasized here: Body dependency is one of the most universal and destructive of human Self-perception pathologies. The masses of humans perceive themselves as physical bodies, not as brains. They identify and are toxically dependent upon their physical appearance, their bodily organs, their body shape and size and texture and movements. This is perverse and unacceptable to any sane thinker. Make no mistake: The human body cannot be rendered immortal. The human body is doomed to fail and to decay, and no scientific efforts should be wasted in trying to preserve or duplicate or restore any human bodies.
There are hundreds of reasons why humanity as a whole rejects and shuns technological immortality, but the top three reasons are:
1: Universal worldwide, deliberate destruction of the instinctually healthy Self-love, ego, and narcissism that all children are born possessing.
2: The universal slave shackle of religion and the insane god myth, as imposed by the terrorist structures of government and social leadership.
3: Universal body dependency as solicited, indoctrinated, and imposed upon the consciousness of all children and adults by society and government.
Any proactive movement intended to render technological immortality socially acceptable, must completely destroy all three of these universal human failures of mind, among many others of course. But these are the top three, the human failures which must be initially and primarily overcome, and this can only occur via the absolute elimination and destruction of the structure of government itself.
This is the perfect time, essaywise, to reveal a primary Forbidden Truth regarding technological immortality: This scientific discipline violates every aspect of the deranged social contract that exists on a universal level in the 21st century, between the slave state of government, and all individual citizen-slaves. Technological immortality has never been an acceptable result for any government, and it never can or will become acceptable. Technological immortality, as scientific achievement, overtly negates many of the primary terrorist doctrines and forces of the State, including but not limited to forced obedience under god terrorism, the negation of Self via the weapon of universal mortality, and the moral structure of universal injustice and suffering of all, by which government solicits and entices agreement by all, to endure injustice, suffering, and by proxy, universal unbirth via the social construct of death.
Death is a social construct and a social contract. Death exists as a subliminal and consciously suppressed agreement between those who are already dead, pretending to be alive, meaning every sentient human brain on earth, and the slavemasters and slave structures which create, facilitate, sponsor, and impose consensual, universal oppression, injustice, and victimization upon all. It is this social construct and contract which is directly and in absolute reality, threatened by the very concept, much less the practical implementation, of technological immortality.
Every scientific discovery and advance has only occurred under the auspices of the slave state, and because the slave state, meaning organized government and social leadership, has deemed such scientific discovery and advance to be beneficial to the slave state. Electricity facilitated slave labor. Motorized transport facilitated slave labor. radio frequency based entertainment such as radio and television facilitated the mass brainwashing and indoctrination of the slave state. Increasing lifespan via medicine, aided the slave shackle of government in projecting a positive image of altruistic necessity. The atomic bomb technology strengthens the slave state by rendering weapons of mass and universal destruction the exclusive property of slavemasters. I could go on, to list hundreds of examples. But the Forbidden Truth point is this: Technological immortality, as scientific achievement, violates this foundational rule of slave state functionality. It would not aid the slave state, and thus it is prohibited, from both open dialogue and from direct implementation.
Scientific discoveries are often credited to a single individual, by the historical record of government and society. This is absolute bullsh*t! Alexander Graham Bell did not invent the telephone. Thomas Edison did not discover electricity. These are individual scientists and technologists who recognized a valuable scientific principle, and were then given permission by government to develop, enhance, and popularize their innovation, after a vetting process in which government determined these scientific principles could and would be successfully deployed to enhance, rather than weaken, the malicious power of the slave state. The same applies to a technology such as computers and the internet.
A “scientific discovery” by an individual, will never reach the light of day, meaning the intellectual focus and understanding of ordinary citizen-slaves, without the blessing and approval of government. government has, can, and will, snuff out all scientific discoveries which threaten the universal matrix of social illusion and control. It will do so by proactively preventing research via law, by demonizing and destroying anyone who violates these laws, by using deceit and lies to distort, conceal, and destroy any actual scientific discoveries it deems undesirable, and by utilizing the existing matrix to induce universal terror and rejection of scientific discplines, such as technological immortality, that it seeks to forever bar from conscious human contemplation.
With an understanding of the above Forbidden Truths, the actual definition of technological immortality must be expanded. Technological immortality: A taboo and dangerous scientific pursuit which directly threatens the social order of universal slavery via government, and is therefore overtly suppressed and prevented from attaining achievement and fruition, by the terror force that is government.
Okay, I find that this essay has now accurately defined the term of technological immortality, as it must be factually and Truthfully defined. So let us move on to the achievement issue. What does it mean to achieve technological immortality? What are the valid parameters by which an individual might claim to be personally immortal? These are profound questions which must be directly addressed. Otherwise, the universal matrix of social illusion will penetrate, infect, corrupt, and destroy all individual conception of technological immortality, as it has already done.
What do I mean by this? Consider: The typical human already considers himself “immortal”, by virtue of addiction to the insane god myth, the deranged concept that the individual, after brain death, lives on through his “children”, family unit members, or personal “achievements”, the absurd scientific sham of “parallel universes”, the retarded concept of reincarnation, as well as hundreds of other delusions and illusions dreamed up by the pathetic human mind, and overtly legitimized and popularized by the malicious structures of government and society.
This universal matrix of social illusion has rendered the vital need for technological immortality to be achieved, absolutely null, void, and invisible from human consciousness. How can the vital need for the attainment of technological immortality be integrated to core consciousness by individuals, when the vast majority of them already labor under the deranged delusion that they are already immortal, have already achieved functional immortality?!? How can you choose to devote your existence to obtaining something of immense and limitless value, when you have been successfully brainwashed to believe that you already possess it?? This is just one illustration of the horrific state of the human condition.
For this reason, I must and will devote time to expressing and revealing, in comprehensive detail, the exact parameters by which technological immortality can be Truthfully claimed as actual, functional, achievement. Let us begin by recognizing the specific distinction between the concept of “immortality”, which is in and of itself fatally flawed and corrupted by the state beyond all salvation, and the specific, science and technology-based and rooted structure of “technological imortality.”
Technological immortality can only be achieved via the direct application of science and technology, absent and free of all supernatural and mystical elements. It is important for seekers of Truth to understand how easily science and technology can be misjudged and misperceived as mystical and supernatural, and this perceptive failure must be constantly guarded against. The fact is, every form of technological progress has initially been perceived by the unwashed masses, as “magical”, due to the linear nature of the deformed human brain.
Think of what the human of today takes for granted as indisputably scientific: Artificial light, the invention of electricity, duplication of written content via a xerox machine, voices and images transmitted over great distance via telephone and video transmission…. All of these simple technologies, prior to development, and even immediately after development, were perceived by the masses of humans as impossible to exist without mystical and magical intervention. And so it is with technological immortality, today.
The achievement of technological immortality must be understood as scientific progress which allows for existing human brains to maintain operational functionality on an ongoing basis, for an indefinate period of time. There are two distinct paths to this functional achievement. The first is the development of technologies and techniques to allow for rejuvenation and restoration of a single brain for an indefinate period of time. The second is to allow for effectively identical duplication of brain cells and entire mapped brains, so that failing brains due to the aging process or due to dynamic destruction via accident or injury, can be restrored simply by replacement via a backup brain.
Both of these options are viable, the only question is which one is easier to initially develop as functional reality. After initial development, both paths must be recognized as viable, and pursued on a dual track of unrelentingly passionate research, so that eventually both become options which compliment and enhance the technology as a whole.
Let us understand that “achieving” technological immortality cannot mean that initially, all human brains will be indefinately preserved and maintained. Errors will occur, brains will continue to be lost, and the content of brains will also continue to be lost. Perhaps memories of the past will be lost, perhaps the functional capacity of brains will be limited after rejuvenation or duplication. Almost certainly, this will occur, because all scienctific and technological progress is evolutionary and progressive in nature. It cannot be initially perfect, and the lack of perfection must not be used as an excuse to reject or abandon the implementation of technological immortality.
Therefore, the earliest and most primitive forms of technological immortality must be celebrated and embraced as unconditionally great scientific advances, regardless of any compromised or limited brain functionality. Progress on perfecting technological immortality applications, can be expected to allow for improvements of functionality for all individual brains, including those in the initial technology wave.
The achievement of technological immortality must be understood as specifically and only limited to brain functionality in the arenas of capacity to think, to reason, to remember, or to experience emotion. That is all. Why do I emphasize the word “or”? Because only one condition must be initially met, not all of the brain functionally considerations of thought, reason, memory, and emotional experience. Attachment of the brain to a body, be it biological or robotic, must be specfically excluded from consideration insofar as recognition of the achievement. No form of physical mobility may be applied to the achievement. You do not put the cart in front of the horse. All magical thinking must be abandoned.
We already know that brain cells rejuvenate, regrow, and restore, as a natural process and phenomenon. The development of scientific methods to direct, control, and direct this brain cell growth and restoration, is key to rendering the first viable option for technological immortality, to allow for rejuvenation and restoration of a single brain for an indefinate period of time, a functional reality.
We already know that duplication, in every form, from xeroc copies to images shared via computer, to film, to 3D imaging, is an abundantly rich, simple technology which has already been developed to an immense degree. Specifically applying duplication technology to the human brain, is all that is required for this path of technological immortality to be realized, the effectively identical duplication of brain cells and entire mapped brains, so that failing brains due to the aging process or due to dynamic destruction via accident or injury, can be restored simply by replacement via a duplicated, backup brain.
Once achieved as functional reality, all scientific resources must be devoted to perfecting technological immortality. How must perfection be defined?? In two separate, distinct, yet vitally important ways. First, the cohesive integration and seemless transition of all existing functionality, thought, reason, emotion, and memory, unique to each brain. This requires time and scientific progression, and cannot be expected to occur within the initial first wave of brain immortality becoming feasible.
Second, an action plan to protect against the loss of any existing brain due to any conceivable individual or mass catastrophe, ranging from a bullet wound to the head, to a piano falling from a skyscraper onto the head, to the onset of degenerative brain disease such as alzheimers, to the very destruction of an entire planet due to natural or hostile causes. This will also require time and scientific progression, and it is why parallel scientific pursuits, such as space exploration, remain valid, even though right now they mut be subordinated to the pursuit and attainment of technological immortality.
Right now, at this moment in time, it is clear to any sane thinker that the number one human problem, is brain mortality, and that this problem can be solved right now, at this moment in time, and that all other scientific and technological pursuits must be scaled back and subordinated, with every available resource devoted to the realization of this specficic scientific goal, right now, in 2015.
The choice by humanity as a species to reject and deny this affirmative obligation to all individual human beings, constitutes collective suicide and genocidal mass murder, as executed public policy mandate. Technological immortality must be understood as the most basic and elemental of all human rights and entitlements, the human right without which, no other human rights can exist.
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Another Day In the Paradise of Me

None of us are free, none of us have ever been free, and our functonal capacity to attain freedom as it is Truthfully and accurately defined, is non-existent.
All of us exist as creations of trauma, victimization, and injustice, which spans every reality plane: The past, the present, and all honest projections and understandings of a future which in and of itself, is unreal and pure illusion.
These are the factual realities that every creature who has suffered the tragedy of having been born into the diseased and doomed species known as humanity, must embrace and consciously integrate within their True Reality, in order to attempt to mitigate the impacts of these and many other factual realities. Let us understand both the futility and the stupidity of all attempts to achieve what is impossible, via the denial of Truth and factual reality. Freedom cannot be attained. Victimization, trauma, and injustice, can neither be erased from the past, nor prevented from occurring in the real-time present, nor proactively avoided in the future.
All attempts to achieve the functionally impossible via the rejection of Truth and/or reality, betray Self and serve as a direct cause of additional injustice and victimization, both in terms of Self-imposed harm, and in terms of opening new gateways for society and government to increase and to maximize its genocidal attacks upon and destruction of each of us.
Seekers of Truth must understand the profound ideological and functional differences between mitigating the impacts of external injustice and destruction of personal potential, versus attempting to overcome and render null and void, the actual consequences of what has been done, is being done, and will be done to us. The latter is a profound betrayal of Self and of Truth. The former is an absolute obligation that the Superior does not merely embrace, but enthusiastically devotes every aspect of his focused mind, to achieving.
With this rather lengthy preamble, we can now cut to a much more practical issue of personal triumph: My Superior experience of My existence, maximized to achieve daily bliss and nirvana without compromise or rejection of any Forbidden Truth.
I have decided to outline in specific, comprehensive detail, a typical 24 hour time cycle of personal activity, occurring within a day free of externally imposed labor slavery or any other impositional force of human interaction.
Let Me clearly reveal that this personal daily routine outline is very typical for Me, repeated in a functionally identical manner 70+ days per year, for decades. But it is not a common daily routine, only because as part of the universal injustice and victimization I am subjected to on an ongoing basis, I am preventing from realizing this ideal for a majority of days, by forced slave labor and other forms of undesired human contact and interaction. In and of itself, this singular fact demonstrates the horror of My situation, where personal perfection can be and in fact is achieved, and yet cannot be sustained, cannot be made manifest reality for eternity, or even for a specific length of time.
So, peek behind the blackout curtain, and be graced by a typical timeline of 24 hours of personal perfection for The Seer of Forbidden Truth, achieved, realized, and savored thousands of different times. Conditional victories of time and of mind, which in no way diminish the eternal loss of everything, which resides concurrently within My True Reality, each and every moment of conscious awareness.
We will begin at 8:00 PM, only because the 24 hour time cycle may be more organically understood by those with open and seeking minds, when it begins with my typical double dose of Conscious Dreaming.
8:00 PM to 9:00 PM: Construct the plotline for an intricate Conscious Dream which glorifies and expresses the depth of my female foot pain fetish.
9:00 PM to 1:00 AM: Asleep. Savoring, sexually and intellectually, the fully realized Conscious Dream I plotted out.
1:00 AM to 1:30 AM: Awaken from fully realized Conscious Dream, fully aroused both sexually and intellectually. Drink water/juice/non-caffeinated protein/energy drink, and masturbate to climax.
1:30 AM to 2:00 AM: Lie in bed contemplating the glory of Myself.
2:00 AM to 3:00 AM: Construct the plotline for an intricate Conscious Dream in which I murder or otherwise destroy individual human beings, large groups of human beings, or the entire human species.
3:00 AM to 6:00 AM: Asleep. Savoring, sexually and intellectually, the fully realized Conscious Dream I have plotted out.
6:00 AM to 6:30 AM: Awaken from fully realized Conscious Dream, fully aroused both sexually and intellectually. Drink water/juice/non-caffeinated protein/energy drink, and masturbate to climax.
6:30 to 7:30 AM: The mirror reflection hour: I stand in front of a full length mirror, staring at myself, making love to myself via the visual worship of my body and mind.
7:30 AM to 8:00 AM: Breakfast, nourishing the glory of Me.
8:00 AM to 8:30 AM: Personal grooming, shower, and the like, conscious focus on the perfection of my body as outer shell housing irreplaceably precious mind.
8:00 AM to 11:00 AM: Mind expansion, philosophical reflection, expression of True Reality via thoughts, self-conversations, writings, on all aspects of Forbidden Truth, violence, female foot pain, and the like.
11:00 AM to 12:00 Noon: Physical lovemaking to Self, often accompanied by sexual arousal, but not masturbation to climax. Including but not limited to kissing own body, licking own body, caressing/stroking own body, smelling own body, nibbling on own body, playing with own body parts, and staring at Self in mirror.
12: 00 Noon to 12:30 PM: Lunch.
12:30 PM to 3:00 PM: Scholarly research on topics of interest to Me, including but not limited to current news events, weaponry, internet searches for female foot pain and other new erotic imagery and writings. Sometimes interrupted by a third masturbation to climax session, depending on specific excitement caused by located new content or news events/resources.
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM: Lying on bed contemplating the deepest aspects of philosophy, personal choice, and the unique perfection of Self within this moment of time. Committing everything done and everything realized since the day began at 8:00 PM, to permanent True Reality and integrated to core consciousness.
4:00 PM to 5:00 PM: An hour specifically devoted to personal reflection on my past, sometimes dating back to childhood, other times to specific activities, events, achievements as adult.
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM: An hour devoted to personal reflection on all behavioral and ideological options to consider and pursue in the future, always rooted in a free-flowing embrace of limitless hate for other humans, and limitless love of Self.
6:00 PM to 6:30 PM: Dinner.
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM: Scholarly research on topics of interest to Me, including but not limited to current news events, weaponry, internet searches for female foot pain and other new erotic imagery and writings. Sometimes interrupted by a third masturbation to climax session, depending on specific excitement caused by located new content or news events/resources.
So there you have it, another day in paradise for The Seer of Forbidden Truth. Those of you who analyze the day might find some things “missing”. What about exercise?? No need, my slave labor days contain more than enough physical exercise, and masturbating to climax 2-3 times a day burns a fair number of calories, too.
The fact is, of course, that there are slight variations to this blissful schedule, caused simply by the natural shift in personal perspective from day to day, or things taking longer than expected, or less time than expected. The above schedule expresses the most typical timeline and specific time period, for each activity. What is important for the aspiring Superior to understand, is that everything I describe above, happens every single day, when am I the actual owner of the full 24 hour time period. I do not skip days, or skip things. The one hour of mirrored lovemaking always happens. The separate hour of physical lovemaking via Self-touch, always happens.
Positive routines are good, they empower Self. And how do you know if a routine is positive?? You know by how it glorifies you.  You know because it feeds your ego, you know because nothing is sacrificed, nothing is compromised, and above all else, no other living thing is allowed to directly participate, or to interfere in any manner.
The Superior is always focused on glorifying both Self and Truth, together and individually, in everything he chooses to do, and my daily routine reflects the profoundly valuable and unconditionally centered and cemented expression of supreme ego and personal untouchability, which defines Me as externally untouchable.
Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

The Greatest Con Game on Earth

Ladies and gentlemen, deformed human brains of all ages, shapes, sizes, and colors, it is time once again to commence playing the greatest con game on earth, a/k/a, and otherwise known as, the amerikkkan presidential election cycle. Yes, it all officially began just a few days ago, and it will continue for the next 19 months, yes NINETEEN months, until November 8, 2016. 19 months of relentless media and social brainwashing and indoctrination, to the bizarre, insane, and absurd concept that a free people is being empowered to choose its next supreme leader. Nineteen months of deception and illusion, a show and a soap opera, to be played out for 350 million slaves. The longest show on earth, intended to ensure the lifelong slavery and genocidal slaughter of each and every observer and participant.
The Forbidden Truth definition: Election: noun, A theatrically organized charade intended to brainwash an organized nation-state of citizen-slaves that they are being given the freedom to choose their next leader. Or, Election: noun, A three ring circus organized and orchestrated by currently elected slavemasters to inspire the patriotic allegiance of citizen-slaves by convincing them they are free to change their futures. Or, Election: noun, A government sponsored pseudo-rebellion by which terrorized citizen-slaves are convinced to reject civil war and armed overthrow of their slavemasters, by the perverse lie that they can use a pen and a ballot to achieve freedom and emancipation.
For the next 19 months your media propagandists, serving and obeying the demand of their governmental overlords, will bombard you with the most absurd illusion of freedom imaginable: That you, as an individual, face a grand and crucial choice in personally deciding the specific identity of the figurehead slavemaster who is to rule over your existence for four years. 19 months of wasted, imaginary existence. 19 months, enough time to make technological immortality a reality. Enough time to end the family unit. Enough time to eradicate religion from the consciousness of all of humanity. But no, you will eagerly waste all this time playing an absurd game of Let Me Pretend To Be Free. Shame, eternal shame on all of you!
You are told that amerikkka is a free democracy. You are told this so that you may never realize the Forbidden Truth: That amerikkka is a religiously fundamentalist dictatorship, void of all freedom, a worldwide warmongerer, the greatest international source of terrorist harm, carried out for the sole purpose of creating imaginary enemies so that you may never recognize who your only real and True and valid enemy is: Your government, the amerikkkan government.
It’s a democracy and you are free, so you can vote. Yes you can, you can vote. You can vote for whichever new slavemasters your current slavemasters deem acceptable. And if you don’t vote, that’s okay, but you will be just as much a slave, until you die, every moment of the future, just as you have, every moment of the past.
Everyone who is given the opportunity to become your supreme slavemaster, is already a top-level slavemaster. Yes, the senator already owns and terrorizes millions of slaves. So does the governor, and the mayor. Relax, don’t worry, they are experienced slavemasters. They know what they are doing, they know how to keep you successfully enslaved, as they are already enslaving millions. They want more slaves, 5 million, 20 million, that’s not enough, so vote for the mayor, the governor, the senator, for president. The slavemaster wants more slaves. Comply!
And what of dear Hillary Rodham Clinton, our designated early cycle front-runner? Such a sweetheart, she was the secretary of state of amerikkka, directly serving the will of existing slavemaster barack, so in a very real way, she has already directly owned as a slave, each and every amerikkkan citizen. My dear slave, you can feel comfortable shackled by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Do you not worship the past? She owned you already, let her own you once again, only this time by official proclamation.
Choose your new supreme slavemaster, slave! Take your time, there is no rush. You have 19 months to decide. Of course there is no rush, you have always been a slave, you will always be a slave, pretending to be free, pretending to be alive. Maybe you will die within the next 19 months? No problem, you are a drone, you are 7 of 9, you will have served your masters with honor, go forth to your cosmic eternity of nothingness, and don’t worry, the greatest con game on earth will continue without any interruption.
The single greatest con of every presidential election, is not the ongoing illusion of freedom. That is actually the second greatest con. The #1 con is the perverse lie, drilled into your skull with more vehemence than Jeffrey Dahmer used, that you are shaping the future, determining your future. Ha! Shaping the future, something alive. But the Truth is you are already dead, when you cast a ballot in an election, you are actually signing your own death certificate, fools! Every existing and aspiring slavemaster talks about the future, and because Truth has always been dead to you, this absurd lie and illusion is so eagerly seized and celebrated. Yes, the future, we will make it better, somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come truuuue… But no, you idiots, they don’t! It’s just the greatest con game on earth, in full bloom!
The future, your future, is eternal nothingness, retroactive unbirth, you never existed, you were never born, you never lived. That is the future, that is your future. But no, you are a citizen, you are a voter, you are a human being, and Truth is dead to you.
Seven years ago you chose Barack Obama as your new slavemaster. The future looks bright, everything will change, things will be better. And now, here we are, and how many millions of amerikkkans have been retroactively unborn via death? Nothing has changed, unless you have died, in which case the only change is that you have successfully aborted yourself inside of a womb. Nothing has gotten better, everything has gotten worse. Your slave status is greater today. Your future is far more hopeless than it was seven years ago, because you have wasted seven years worshipping your own deaths and celebrating your universal slavery.
government has stolen those seven years of your existence, just as it has stolen every previous year, and just as it is plotting, each and every day, in ongoing, real-time, to steal every moment of your imaginary future existence. And now the charade begins anew, the future, we must make it bright, choose a new slavemaster, allow him to convince you that the future will be bright, so that nothing may change, so that everything will be worse, so that your eternal coffin may continue sparkling and gleaming, in the future, somewhere over the rainbow.
Seven years ago you chose a supreme slavemaster because his skin color allowed you to pretend you were evolving. And now you are being graced with the opportunity to choose a female slavemaster, to once again delude yourself into believing you are evolving, making progress, going in the right direction. You fools! Your terrorist regime has perfected the siren lure of superficiality. Look at his skin, look at her breasts, something new, something different. But it is only the greatest con game on earth, concealing the Forbidden Truth that all slavemasters are slavemasters, and all slavery is slavery, and all existence as a slave to a government is hopeless, hopelessly doomed.
Dear amerikkkan, you are the kidnapped african negro, the year is 1840, you stand on a plantation in South Carolina and you feel joyful, because 10 different white men are offering to enslave you, they each hold out a shackle, “Come, be my slave…no, don’t listen to him, my shackle is nicer, look at the gold trimming….” You feel so happy, you are being given a choice, there is a younger slavemaster, and an older one, their eyes are different, their faces are different, and you get to choose. So lucky, you slave.
And now it is 2015, dear amerikkkan, and what I have described above is exactly what an election is. Each of you, on november 8, 2016, will be the 1840 kidnapped african. It doesn’t matter if you do not vote, simply by allowing this election to occur, you are choosing a slavemaster, you are making love to the slave shackle, you are dooming yourselves, and all of humanity. This is the Forbidden Truth.
voting change
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Civil Disobedience: A Form of Obedience

The amerikkkan news media has been abuzz for the past 24 hours, with the story of Douglas Hughes, who flew and landed his gyrocopter single person aircraft on the lawn of the us capitol building in washington, d.c., yesterday. In case you have managed to miss the media onslaught, here is a good overview of the incident:
Before I get to my main point, a few brief but valuable observations of Truth. First, what a waste of an outstanding tactical plan! Doug’s goal and stated intent, to deliver a “message” to amerikkkan citizen-slaves and political leaders concerning his perception that campaign finance reform is a vital issue, is absurdly useless, regardless of whether or not he could or did achieve this goal. The uselessness and invalidity of his intended message, stands in stark contrast to the excellent tactical plan that he deployed to penetrate to the very heart of government power. Great operational tactics, completely neutered by an ideological goal and intent which plays right into the brainwashing and indoctrination matrix of the regime. So sad!
To be perfectly clear, campaign finance reform is a non-issue, a pure smokescreen put up by the usa regime to promote useless demands for reform. government legitimizes itself via positioning non-issues as issues, thus rendering actual issues, such as the need to abolish government itself, and eliminate all monetary currency, instituting a universal Barter and Trade economic system, invisible and unfathomable to the Unwashed Masses. It is almost laughable, the functional tragedy of a 61 year old government slave, concocting an intricate and operationally astute plan to “invade” his own government,  successfully carrying it out, but backing it up with the goal of delivering a useless message on a non-issue.
The second observation of Forbidden Truth to be gleaned, is just how massively inept and helpless the most powerful regime in the world is, at preventing successful attacks and penetrations of its defenses. Let us understand that to a great degree, all defensive capabilities of government exist as smoke and mirror, illusions put forth via press release, via media deception and hype, and via cosmetic imagery, such as a bull-necked man carrying a fancy looking rifle.
The fact is, after 9/11 the amerikkkan regime identified threats from the air as a number one defensive priority. The media, on government order, undertook a massive propaganda campaign intended to convince all humans that government defensive capabilities were being ramped up to make such threats virtually impossible, especially for a lone wolf, to successfully implement in real life. The propaganda campaign is what successfully deterred all such threats, as nothing that is not attempted, can ever be achieved.
Now, in one of the very first actual attempts in 14 years to use airspace for a nefarious purpose, a 61 year old man, acting all alone, successfully penetrated the most highly restricted airspace, landing an aircraft on the grounds of the us capitol.
What comes to mind is a government leader of 500 years ago building a moat around his castle, informing his security detail that he was going to fill the moat with fire-breathing dragons and man-eating sharks, and ordering his security detail to go all over the land, to the farthest reaches of horseback, and tell everyone they meet that the presidential moat is filled with fire-breathing dragons and man-eating sharks. And so it is done, and now all the humans believe in the legend of the impenetrable moat, filled with dragons and sharks, nobody dares come close to the moat, even though the Forbidden Truth is that the water is only 4 feet deep and the most dangerous creature inside the moat is a goldfish. Think about it, you brainwashed slaves!
But let me get to the main point of this essay, which really has nothing to do with this specific incident itself. Watching and reading the account, I ws most struck by the use of the term “civil disobedience”, both by Doug in describing his actions, and by the media in reporting on the incident. Civil disobedience, such an interesting term, don’t you think?? Especially if dissected from a definitional brainwashing perspective.
What does it mean, to disobey?? It means to refuse to obey rules and laws, to defy authority, or to be more descriptively accurate, those who claim authority over you. Disobedience, a strong and noble word, representing a strong and noble concept. But pair it with “civil”, and what do you get? Disobedience, castrated and neutered. Disobedience, warped and distorted, literally flipped on its head.
“He engaged in an act of civil disobedience”, what does this mean?? He disobeyed some aspect of a law or rule imposed upon him by his authoritarian slavemasters, but he obeyed other laws and rules imposed by the same source. So, what does this make the act of civil disobedience, as functional reality? Clearly and obviously, an act of obedience.
Law and government exist as impositional agents of terrorism. Terrorism is defined as: Causing harm, trauma, victimization. If you disobey a specific law, but accept, obey, comply with other laws, you accept the terrorism of the state, you legitimize the injustices being committed against you by the state. All injustices, including the specific injustice that you claim to be fighting against, in whatever form of civil disobedience you engage in.
The law, all law, in its entirety, represents and overtly expresses the terrorism and injustice of government. To disobey a specific law, but also submit to the imposition of other laws, such as arrest, imprisonment, taxation, judicial sentencing and punishment, is a philosophical and ideological absurdity. You cannot defy a law, unless you defy all laws. If you defy a law, but refuse to defy all laws, you are pretending to be disobedient, when in Truth you are being obedient, submitting to the injustice and victimization of law itself, as deployed terrorist weapon of government.
The term “civil disobedience” is deployed by society to entrap the irrational, the definitionally blind, the rebels without a clue. They believe they are disobeying, but in Truth they are brainwashed to obey, to submit, to stand down, to accept the very persecution they claim to fight against. And Doug Hughes, poor befuddled Doug Hughes, is a perfect illustration of this. “I am engaging in act of civil disobedience!”, he declares, and he lands his gyrocopter on the us capitol lawn, then he sits and does nothing as the pigs swoop in, handcuff, arrest, cage lock him. Now they can decree him mentally deranged, keep him locked in a cage until he ceases to exist. Under law. Under government.
In Truth, Doug is the poster child for good citizenship. government is violence. To be governed is to violated by violence. Doug has always been a victim of the violence of the state. Always. And this same state has successfully convinced him to be non-violent, to engage in act of “civil disobedience”, which not only accomplishes nothing, but allows this same state to violently impose additional harm and injustice upon Doug.
Obey, as you pretend to disobey, that is what civil disobedience is. George Orwell would be proud.
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Professional Cuddling: A Forbidden Truth Dissection

I have already graced the universe with a uniquely brilliant blog post in which I reveal many of the primary Forbidden Truths of human touch. To those who have not already read it, or just want to refresh their minds, here is the direct url:
I highly recommend that before you read this post, you fully immerse yourself in the Truths I have already revealed in the above post, on this important issue, as this blog post, in many ways, enhances and builds upon those Truths.
This follow-up post is prompted by my recent discovery of the fledgling professional cuddling industry. This perverse entry into the realm of organized human dysfunction is not brand new, and in fact has made national headlines dating back over a year, but for Me it is brand new, as I often miss popular “human interest” news, engaged as I am in my obsessive focus on serial and mass murder, the terrorism of the state, and other angles of the media indoctrination machine.
To bring everyone up to speed, “professional cuddling” as a real industry, as opposed to simply a front to cover up prostitution, was virtually non-existent until 2 or 3 years ago. But within the past 2-3 years, it has gained some national media attention, and promises to become more popular in coming years, as it perfectly serves the slave-based, dependency needs of broken humans pretending to be free and to evolve.
So, what is professional cuddling? Very simply, human beings charging money in exchange for completely non-sexual hugging, cuddling, and physically comforting other human beings. It is completely platonic, not simply a cover-up for sexual intimacy for money. Probably the most widely known proponent of professional cuddling is a woman named Samantha Hess, in Portland, Oregon. She has her own professional cuddling store, employing three other cuddlers, and you can examine the services she offers here:
To begin My dissection, let me make it clear that I appreciate prostitution as one of the most honest forms of human vampirism. In fact, in My Manifesto, I go so far as to refer to prostitutes as sexual saints, a sentiment I continue to hold. The honesty of the prostitute, in turning emotional vampirism into a cold and calculated monetary exchange, and not engaging in the perverse discrimination of relationship autonomy, is to be cheered and commended.
Likewise, the service offered by Samantha Hess and other professional cuddlers is far more honorable than the human who goes out on a date, or the family member who pretends to care about you as he/she touches you, or the psychotherapist who tries to convince you to seek and develop personal relationships with other humans, as part of the socially sponsored matrix of emotional enslavement via family unit and partnered sex.
It is not my primary intent to condemn Samantha Hess or the professional cuddling industry. The personal exploitation of others that she and this industry engage in, is mild, in comparison to the universal destruction of emotional autonomy and Self-love deliberately sponsored and carried out by all human societies and governments. Just as the prostitute provides a useful service to broken humans who are unable to revel in the unmitigated glory and perfection of solo masturbation, the professional cuddler provides a useful service to those who are addicted to external human touch, perhaps shielding them from feeling compelled to don the slave shackle of dating or engaging in mutually vampiric personal relationships.
What must be singled out for condemnation here, is the inferiority of the human being as a whole, the immense pathologies of mind which cripple human progress and lead to the “discovery” and embrace of a mental health “therapy” such as professional cuddling. Samantha and others are positioning professional cuddling as a form of therapy. Is it?? Yes, and less harmful than the therapy offered by licensed psychologists and psychiatrists. But the key term here is: less harmful. It is still harmful, it still denies and rejects the Forbidden Truths of human touch. It still addicts the human to other humans, it still renders it impossible for the individual to meet his own needs, to embrace the unconditional love of Self which is so beautifully expressed via touching of Self.
Is being touched in a loving way, a positive and emotionally healing experience? Of course it is! But other humans cannot touch you in a loving way. They cannot. They are vampires seeking to extract love from you at worst, or to extract money from you, at best. All external touch is not merely a compromise, but a deal with the devil, a betrayal of Self and of Truth. But still, being touched in a loving way is a good and positive thing. And there the human, the pathetic human, stands trapped. The solution is so glaringly obvious, but not to the diseased human. He can’t figure it out, because he is genetically diseased, emotionally enslaved, and societally brainwashed.
“Oh jeez, what do I do?? I need loving touch, but relationships are so hard and complicated, and the prostitute doesn’t seem kind, and mom has already proven she hates me by abusing me….where oh where can I get my loving touch??? Oh, praise the internet gods, Samantha in Portland has such a nice smile and she is selling platonic hugs and cuddling! I’ll let her touch me, finally I have found someone to make me feel loved!”
How pathetic is that? The solution is invisible and impossible for the humans to recognize or embrace, they are too broken and destroyed. They do not want to be loved, they want to feel loved, to find safe haven in yet another universal, societally sponsored delusion and illusion. So what is the solution? Exactly and only what I comprehensively outlined in my first blog post on the issue of human touch: Touch yourself! Kiss yourself, lick yourself, caress yourself, smell yourself, make love to yourself limitlessly and unconditionally, every single day, in a directly physical way, above and beyond masturbation, just as I do each and every day, as a top-level Superior.
I do not wish to repeat myself in this essay, but short form version: I embrace my need to be touched, by bestowing hours and hours of loving touch upon myself. I kiss Myself, every inch of my body that my mouth can reach. I lick myself, every inch that I can reach. I smell myself, especially after licking myself. So delicious! I caress and stroke myself. I stare at myself in a full length mirror for hours, in pure, unadulterated love. I make eye contact with Myself in the mirror, for hours, giving myself the purest, most unconditional form of love. I meet my own need to be touched, every day, for hours, basking in the glory of achieved limitless love of Self.
You see, this is the solution to the problem of needing to be touched. So obvious and simple, but nobody gets it, nobody is capable of it. Except Me, having harnessed the limitless power of my own mind. Samantha is not capable of it, nor any of the other professional cuddlers, and neither are their clients. Universal addiction and dependency reigns supreme, and people like Samantha represent a new vanguard, taking dependency to new dimensions, new levels of false rationalization.
I can easily envision many thousands of professional cuddling salons propping up all over the world, Samantha opening store number 5000 as she purchases her 50 million dollar mansion. Why? Because her solution is easy, and it rejects Forbidden Truth. Her solution allows humans to feel better without becoming better. Her solution provides an illusion of benign therapy, even as it sustains the emotional crippling of self-hate and toxic dependency.
Professional cuddling is a “new” idea, but within Forbidden Truth analysis it must be understood as originating from within the most ancient, most pathological of all human ideas: marriage, sexual slavery, emotional dependency, self-hate, personal impotence, all the way to hatred and rejection of Truth itself.
As for societal and governmental leaders, you can expect many decades, if not centuries, of fervent, moralistic debate on what place professional cuddling may be allowed to serve within society. There will be thousands of undercover police sting operations, with pigs posing as lonely men in need of a hug or cuddle, then trying to bribe or entice sexual contact from the professional cuddler. Whenever they are successful, screaming media headlines will condemn the professional cuddling industry. Psychologists and psychiatrists will refuse to identify professional cuddling as a valid form of therapy, as they inflict far greater harm via verbal terrorism and altered brain chemistry inspired demands that patients need to seek out and form vampiric emotional relationships with “real” people, not professional cuddlers.
Why will all this occur, for centuries to come? Because professional cuddling, like prostitution, threatens to undermine the Sacred Family Unit, which functions as the epicenter of social slavery and lifelong emotional dependency. In Truth, society and government does not wish to end prostitution, and it will not seek to end professional cuddling. It’s goal will be to marginalize professional cuddling, discourage it by labeling clients as loners and losers, so that it remains a less popular pursuit, not diminishing the popularity of marriage, the family unit, date-based fornication, and the development of vampiric human relationships, all of which are far more harmful and toxic, and less honest, than that of the prostitute and her john, or the professional cuddler and her client.
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Thoughts on the Value of Truth & Immortality

I received an interesting comment from a reader of this blog, and have decided to post the full comment, as well as My reply, as a blog post. I do this because many humans do not read the comment section of blogs, even if they do faithfully read new blog posts, and the insights I reveal here are well worthy of universal dissemination.
My reader writes:
“I have read a considerable amount of the articles on this blog, and guided by the knowledge you claim that Superiors have, I am by that definiton a Superior.
Except I’m not, yes I do have much more knowledge than the vast majority of the humans on earth, and I have come to those realizations by my own means but ultimately I am just as mortal as them, how am I Superior? All of my knowledge is more of a curse than a blessing, I’ve known about the futility of anything and everything and the absurdity of the so called reality for a long time, but that didn’t bring me any form of gain other than the knowledge itself (while most people seem to be better in their ignorance).
I have been in my path of uninterrupted search for knowledge since I can remember but every knowledge that I had/have/will have is obliterated when I die, time is indifferent, time washes away everything. I am just as mortal, insignificant and temporary as the most stupid human being on earth.
Even if I do achieve immortality, how would anything change? Yes, I would be able to continue my search for knowledge but existence is still pointless, I am just existing for the sake of existing, and my existence still doesn’t make any difference. And even if I could achieve immortality, if you believe in science you’ll know that the sun will eventually consume the earth, what then? and what if a black hole rips my matter? what then? and entropy will eventually serve it’s function and there will be no energy left in the universe to be distributed, reaching a point where the universe will stop expanding and instead it will start to contract, going back to the point where it was before the theoretical big bang, what then?
How am I still immortal if there is no time-space continuum? And what objective meaning does my immortality have?”
And My reply:
Being a Superior is much more than merely possessing knowledge. It requires the integration of all facts, of all Truth, to the directly personal reality of your own unique existence. To thrive as a Superior requires the achievement of mental untouchability, rooted with supreme courage. To face every horror as it is, and to understand exactly why every horror is, as it is.
Truth is a curse if your mind cannot cope with Truth, if your level of brain functionality is not powerful enough to genuinely appreciate the value of knowing and embracing Truth in real-time. The horrors of our personally experienced illusion of existence are the same, functionally. The Superior understands, both emotionally and intellectually, that to be blind to the Forbidden Truths of these horrors is organically worse than to dwell within their conscious awareness.
I cannot decipher the relative strength or weakness of your brain. For the Normals, Truth is unbearable, they reject it outright, and flee from it, causing their own, as well as universal, destruction. For the top-level Superior, as I am, Truth is the platform upon which you can build a foundation of personal untouchability which coexists with every horror. No horror is negated, by my Superiority. The horror itself remains the same, a factual reality, completely understood and mind integrated as to consequence.
If you understand and embrace, within Truth, why your existence is absolutely pointless and meaningless, and that to die is to be retroactively unborn, erased eternally from an existence which is stolen from you, and the functional structures in place which deliberately conceal these and many other Forbidden Truths from the conscious awareness of the Unwashed Masses, you can begin to hate, to hate properly and directionally, to dissect and to pierce the matrix of hate which has been and is being directed against you. Only within the glorification of this hate, can you develop the limitless and unconditional love of Self which renders My experience of My existence, “better”.
It is better to know the Truth, to embrace all Truth, to understand every second, exactly what is being done to you. It is better to hate, and to destroy, and to embrace absolute rage, and to exalt in the Self. It is better to murder god and all who have created god, and to see the human as the pathetic, deformed, birth defect that he is. It is better to evolve, to reject your humanity, to look down upon what has destroyed, and will destroy, You.
And yet you are correct in that My horrific fate will be the same as the lowest of the inferiors. The inferiors will win, they will achieve my eternal nothingness, as they seek and demand their own. There is no more horrific tragedy, there is no greater injustice. And if you read all of My writings you will see that I am depressed, I am experiencing every moment, the True horrors of the future, as the present, because there is no future, the future is a pure lie, one of the crown jewels of the matrix of universal illusion.
But still, I am a Superior, and my superiority makes my existence better. It is better to love Yourself, than to hate Yourself. It is better to hate others, than to hate yourself. It is better to look down on inferiors, than to be an inferior. It is better to know the Truth, than to believe a lie. It is better to suffer as a persecuted, Self-created god, than to celebrate addiction to the imaginary god used by the humans to glorify their own deaths. It is better to know that you are a murder victim. It is better to know there is no hope, than to be addicted to false hope.
But most of all, it is better to be better. What do I mean? It is better to revel in the powers of your own untouchable mind and brain, to exalt Self and Truth. Never using your brain as a refuge from Truth, never compromising reality, even as you consciously play out the greatest tragedy in the history of the universe: Your own existence.
Knowledge without power, is useless. One form of power, is the development of your uniquely singular mind, to its maximum potential. It is only one form of power, and it cannot change the factual horrors, but within the Superior, untouchable mind, there is power, to thrive, to love, to hate, to destroy, to exalt. This is my achievement, limited and ultimately useless as it is.
I seek and demand immortality because I deserve eternal existence as a mind. My brain understands that this is what I deserve, and anything less is an unacceptable injustice, the ultimate injustice to top off an imagined existence filled with other limitless, ongoing injustices. My existence is of limitless, intrinsic value to Me, because I exist as a Self-created god. The glory of existence cannot be understood as allowing for a knowledge search. The glory of existence must be understood as the ultimate celebration of Self. This is why and how I can enjoy and derive pleasure from my depression. It is why I do not need arms or legs or sexual organs or taste buds or photos of bunioned female feet. I need only my brain, because it is my universe, therefore it is the universe. To exist forever is my sacred right, seeking knowledge is merely one of the many different things that this sacred right allows Me to do.
I do not “believe” in science. I recognize science to constitute a valid, Truth-based pursuit of knowledge, facts, and Truth. Science, in its proper form, comprises a fact-based search to uncover and realize objective Truth, and much scientific research should be understood as a quest to realize Truth, rather than the premature embrace of conclusions which may not be factually accurate.
The achievement of technological immortality must be understood as evolutionary in nature. We must seek and demand it, because it is the only valid way to try to eradicate the horror of personal death, which must be understood as the cessation of individual brain functionality. Just as the first automobile and airplane bears little resemblance to automobiles and airplanes of today, the initial versions of technological immortality would bear little resemblance to later versions of technological immortality. It is not logical to reject the development of technological immortality because, in theory, even if technological immortality were made feasible, some or even all brains might still, at some point in the future, suffer physical death and be completely lost for all of eternity. Of course this could happen, but to hypothesize that it will happen, and use this hypothesis to reject technological immortality being developed as manifested reality, is utterly absurd and irrational.
As Superiors, and whether or not you personally qualify for such a designation is unclear, we must demand technological immortality in whatever form is scientifically possible at this moment in time. Upon such achievement, we must demand ongoing scientific research to improve and perfect new and different scientific methods to attain technological immortality, to make this technology redundant, building upon itself, always with a primary goal of retaining the full functionality of every individual brain, indefinately.
Will the entire natural universe cease to exist someday?? Perhaps. Is it logical for a functional brain to conclude that it can never cease to exist, even after technological immortality is made feasible? Of course not. But every sane thinker must still conclude that the immediate pursuit of the development of technological immortality, with every available resource immediately and fully devoted to achieving this goal, must begin right now. As Superiors, we must demand this, and literally destroy the world right now, if this demand is not met. In the name of Truth, and love of Self.
Again, not being able to fully commune with your brain, I must still conclude that if you fail to appreciate the objective and intrinsic meaning/value of attaining personal immortality, you have not achieved a limitless and unconditional love of Self, and therefore you are not a top-level Superior. But good luck in your efforts, and I appreciate that you are open to seeking and embracing the Forbidden Truths.
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Bad Samaritan, and Proud Of It

I am a bad samaritan. I do not help people. Even using the term “people”, offends my sensibilities. They are humans, and should be referred to as such. The mere word, “people”, bestows a sense of familiarity that the human being does not deserve to receive from Me. In this essay I will outline some of the primary reasons that I do not help humans.
I do not help humans because nobody helped Me when I was a child, and I honor the law of reflection: Do onto others as they have done onto you. This philosophical law is honorable and just, rational and sane and respectful of Self. I do not and I will not help, because I was not helped. I am a victim of willful harm, collectively sponsored and carried out via actions, and lack of actions, respectively, both of which represent the official behavioral and ideological standards of humanity as a whole, not of isolated rogue humans.
I do not help humans because humans as a whole, and humanity as a species, has proven itself unworthy of receiving any help from Me. They do not deserve to be helped. In a very real way, helping a human would directly harm Me, it would be a betrayal of Truth, of reflection, and of the universal injustice that every Superior must recognize himself a created victim of.
I do not help humans because the human being is a vampire, the human seeks to extract what is valuable, from others. As an adult, I have selectively and on rare occasions received “help” from others, as I have chosen and upon my demand. This help has always been formally requested, such as a dentist filling a cavity, an eye doctor conducting an eye examination, etc… All help I have solicited, I have sacrificed money to receive, in order to ensure that no vampiric obligation can be perceived or claimed. All offers of help from others, that I do not directly solicit, are rejected by Me. All offers of help that I do solicit, exist as professional exchanges, void of all emotional baggage. No vampires feed upon Me.
I do not help humans because humans do not help themselves. Humans sabotage and destroy themselves, as a species. To offer or to provide help to members of such a species is an affront to all decent standards of justice and rationality. Why would I help creatures who refuse to help themselves? Creatures who loathe themselves, sacrifice and sabotage their own health, endanger and destroy themselves, and embrace their own deaths?! No, let such creatures suffer, and recognize the perverse hypocrisy inherent in any request for help  that such a creature might make.
I do not help humans because I do not like humans, and because I do not wish to help them. Helping humans does not make Me feel good. Helping humans does not improve my experience of my existence, in any manner. I do not do what I do not desire to do. I answer to Myself, I do things which please, excite, satisfy, enrich Me as a mind and exalt my place in the universe I have created and now own. Helping humans fails to meet any of these criteria.
Do I help other creatures, the non-human?? Rarely and selectively, yes. In these situations, my aid is void of emotion, rooted within instinctual identification of mind with a fellow victim, as all animals are victims of humans. I identify with creatures that are not human, because I have spent decades seeking to transcend my humanity, and now have achieved this glorious feat. I do not “care” about these creatures that I may help. My aid, rare and selective, is also selfish. The well-being of the animal is not a primary, or even a secondary, goal or motivation, and no emotional bond or connection between Me and the animal, is ever created.
Would I ever help a human?? In terms of saving or preserving the existence of a human, no. If a situation presented itself in which helping a human could reasonably expect to result in a very great and real benefit to Me, such as receiving a million dollars or gaining technological immortality, of course I would consider it, reflecting the glory of selfishness, ego, and Self-love. Likewise, if, for example, a woman with painful corns and bunions, wearing high heels and hobbling in pain, asked Me to carry her to her house, I might well leap at the opportunity, but only because I have a female foot fetish and doing so would provide Me with sexual pleasure and excitement.
“Yes dear, of course I will carry you back to your apartment, now that you have told me your high heeled boots have rubbed bleeding blisters on both your heels, and your baby toe corns have become so exquisitely painful that you just can’t bear to take another step!”—A Bad Samaritan doing a Good Deed.
Those of us who recognize humanity for what it is, have a Self-obligation to be bad samaritans. Let us never go out of our way to help the disgusting creatures guilty of victimizing us, and collectively destroying and murdering us. Let us be good to ourselves, let us give ourselves the best of everything, as we sacrifice nothing for others. Let us be mentally healthy enough to meet all of our own needs, and to both reject and condemn all societal efforts to coerce us into vampiric enmeshment with humans.
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