March 2015

Suicide: A Definitional Dissection

I have addressed the very important issue of Self-murder in previous essays and blog posts, but not from a directly and comprehensively definition-based perspective. This is an omission on My part, which ends now. Comprehensive and fully-formed definitional dissections are essential for the proper understanding and embrace of Forbidden Truth as a whole, and specific Forbidden Truths on specific issues. I would be pleased to consider additional, future essays which accurately dissect words, ideas, or human structures from a directly definitional perspective, so feel free to offer suggestions for any specific words, ideas, or structures that I have not already so dissected.
Okay, let us begin. Suicide is an act of Self-murder, and all Truth-seekers must proactively define it as such. The term Self-murder is fully accurate and valid, both in terms of description and in terms of functional consequence. Other phrases, such as Self-abortion, Retroactive unbirth through murder of Self, and Annihilation of Self-existence, are also valid. But to keep things simple in this essay, the valid, clear, and foundationally perfect phrase of Self-murder will be used.
The word suicide is unacceptable and must be overtly rejected as a betrayal of Truth, and a term of definitional brainwashing overtly deployed by society and government in order to promote and legitimize, on a primary level, the embrace of universal Self-murder by all child and adult citizen-slaves. With malice aforethought, extreme prejudice, and intent to destroy human capacity to recognize and embrace Truth, the artificial and invalid term of “suicide”, is deployed against us, to deceive and coerce us into embracing death and our own Self-murder, via the definitional creation of invalid and perversely hypocritical distinctions between different acts of Self-muder, in which the Self-murder is overtly denied and rejected, on a social, cultural, legal, and governmental level, for what it is.
In order for the term “suicide” to be allowed to exist, it must be completely and radically redefined within the following very specific definitional parameters: Suicide: A personal decision to inflict and/or allow others to inflict harm upon Self which endangers or compromises physical health and lifespan potential, and/or a personal agreement to accept physical death as promoted and imposed by human society and government, by any means, including all so-called “natural” causes.
This is not how any human society chooses to define the term suicide, or to allow it to be defined, and therefore the entire term must be overtly rejected and purged from all human consciousness, with a clear understanding that it has been and is being maliciously deployed against us in order to inspire the universal embrace of death, of Self-murder, by all.
Let us understand that human beings as a whole are collectively suicidal. This is a Forbidden Truth which is overtly rejected, denied, and concealed by all human societies and governments, very specifically utilizing the term “suicide” as definitional brainwashing. Society decrees that the individual who takes a handgun and shoots himself in the head, is committing suicide, but the individual who smokes cigarettes or joins the military or goes skydiving or who simply accepts his future, upcoming “natural” death in a passive way, is not committing suicide. This is absolute bullsh*t! Every human being who compromises his physical health, welfare, or lifespan potential in any way, and also every human being who simply accepts his upcoming death as being natural, necessary, unavoidable, and “a part of life”, is actively committing suicide, actively murdering Self, in exactly the same manner as he who shoots himself in the head or swallows 100 sleeping pills at once, or fashions a hangman’s noose and uses it to asphyxiate Himself.
All human deaths are intentional and deliberate, because human death is not unavoidable. Human death is fully avoidable in the 21st century, via technological immortality, and is being actively denied to each of us by society and government. In accepting this denial, we are committing suicide, which must be understood as making a proactive choice to die, by accepting our individual death. All who accept their own deaths, are in Truth causing their own deaths. All who accept death are choosing to die, choosing death over life, and it is this choice, irrespective of the useless and invalid distinctions between dynamic implementation versus passive sabotage and undermining of safety/health versus a mere brain-based ideological choice ro accept death, which must be completely understood as constituting the act of suicide accurately renamed within Forbidden Truth as the act of Self-murder.
All human beings who accept their own deaths are choosing to die. All human beings who choose to die are guilty of committing the greatest of all possible crimes and betrayals of personal obligation to Self. The act of Self-murder must be recognized as the only act of violence which deserves to be labeled as a “crime”, and every act of Self-murder must be recognized as an act of supreme violence directed against Self, impossible to justify on any level, even if the individual attempts to protect and preserve his health and safety, doing nothing more than passively accepting the fact that he will end up dying and dead at some point in the future.
Passive acceptance of future death, on an individual level, is the same as shooting Yourself in the head with a .44 magnum revolver, today. There is no ideological, philosophical, or functional difference, and the consequences are exactly the same. This has always been True, throughout all of human history, but right now, very specifically within the past 80 or so years, this Forbidden Truth has attained a level of importance not present at any other historical point in time, because scientific advances have been achieved which right now, render physical death unnecessary, preventable, and avoidable.
It is important to understand that the Forbidden Truth that technological immortality is now fully feasible, is being withheld from both the collective consciousness and the individual awareness of humanity as a whole, and of all individual human beings. Definitional brainwashing plays a primary role in this current, real-time genocide being carried out against each of us.
Suicide, the universal choice to murder Self, is colored by the false reality perception that physical death cannot be avoided. This false delusion plays a significant role in allowing the term of suicide to be defined in a philosophically deranged manner, where the vast majority of humans are able to and overtly choose to deny the Forbidden Truth that they are actively suicidal and actively committing suicide. This is why the human who shoots himself in the head with a .44 magnum revolver is decreed “guilty” of committing suicide, but the smoker, soldier, fireman, along with the “health nut” who insanely tries to “extend” his lifespan while passively accepting the fact that he will die at some point in the future, are all absolved and decreed free of all suicidal ideation, even though the Truth is that they are consumed by suicidal ideation, and in fact directly and dynamically committing suicide in the exact same manner as today’s .44 calber head shooter.
The Forbidden Truth that all of humanity is collectively suicidal, is very dangerous to the universal matrix of illusion. It is a Truth which threatens to expose many other Truths, ranging from the genetic birth defect status of the species as a whole, to the universal, state-sponsored abuse of all children, to the various ways societal and government leaders ruthlessly exploit this universal pathology of the human brain to cause each and every one of us to be retroactively unborn.
The very specific parameters of definitional brainwashing deployed by how the term “suicide” is defined by society, culture, and government, play a primary role in preventing the factual reality that humanity as a species is collectively suicidal, from permeating human consciousness to any level of sentient awareness.
In officially decreeing and labeling the man who shoots himself in the head with a .44 magnum revolver to have committed suicide, but absolutely denying this same label to the soldier, the junk food eater, the fireman, and every human who passively accepts his upcoming death, their absolute suicidal ideation and the fact that they are all committing suicide, is extinguished from all conscious awareness/perception, with the desired end result for society and government being, that the Forbidden Truth of humanity being collectively suicidal and guilty of choosing to murder Self, is not merely denied after thoughtful deliberation, but absolutely barred from ever being rationally and openly considered.
As I have repeatedly revealed, the only way that any problem can be addressed and resolved, is for it to be recognized, openly dissected, and solved within the valid borders of factual Truth. The fact that humanity as a species is collectively suicidal, is a problem for Me, because it is the foundational reason why I am being actively murdered via the denial of technological immortality research which would allow Me to avoid being murdered by society and government. All Superiors, all who love Self and value Truth, must recognize that they are being actively murdered in this exact fashion, because this is the factual Truth.
I do not care about any of you, even as I recognize your status of created victim. I care about Myself. On many levels, your collective suicidal ideation amuses and pleases Me. But in choosing to murder yourselves, you are also guilty of choosing to murder Me, and this in unacceptable. I provide the universe with uniquely brilliant and limitlessly valuable Forbidden Truth, such as this very essay and blog post, to honor Myself and the Truth, but also, in a manner I clearly understand to be doomed to fail, to save My own life, to avoid being retroactively unborn. because I am not as you are. I am Superior. I have transcended My humanity. I do not want to die. I am not suicidal, as all of you are, as each and every one of you, barring the one in 50 million exception, is.
You are all deranged. You are all choosing to die, choosing to commit suicide, and so broken that you cannot even imagine consciously facing up to this clear and obvious Forbidden Truth, much less recognizing why you are collectively suicidal and engaging in a proactive attempt to regain the existence which has been taken from you by your creator and your greatest enemy: Your society and government. I must add an additional great enemy: Your own pathetic brain. Your pathetic brain betrays you, as you betray it, keeping it in the shackles externally imposed upon it, throughout your childhood and adulthood, and wrapped ever more tightly each and every day of your ongoing, imagined existence.
I condemn you, humans, as murderers of Self, destroyers of your own brains, saboteurs of your own capacity to evolve and to be reborn, as I was, in the glorious light of Truth. And I condemn you to eternal nothingness, with glee and with the most profound understanding of what injustice is, because it is you, humans, who are condemning Me to an eternity of cosmic nothingness.
Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

An Open Letter to a Brain Named Angelina Jolie

This blog post is late, as Angelina made headlines more than a week ago, for her sane, logical, and Superior choice to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes. But the issues she raises by her chosen life path activities are important and enigmatic enough to warrant a detailed dissection, regardless of the lack of direct timeliness, for which I can only use the Superior excuse of placing My own chosen activity interests and desires ahead of literary pursuit. You must understand, I commune with all Truth, 24/7/365. Therefore, writing out Forbidden Truths can and does often rate low on My activity list. In many ways it is primarily a repetition of what I have already achieved, within My mind and consciousness.
That said, let us begin by examining the issue of time. Time is much more than valuable and precious. Time is in Truth, irreplaceable. Perversely and concurrently, at the same time, given the Forbidden Truths of death, time is also utterly worthless and useless. Philosophically analyzing the value of time brings us to this paradox: Time could in fact be limitlessly valuable and infinitely precious, if only the human refused to allow death to make a mockery of it, and to sabotage his own relationship with time. But this is exactly what humanity does, rendering time worthless and useless by his own chosen, collective embrace of death.
So, let us move on to Angelina Jolie, and her chosen life path activities. Her chosen life path activities are worthy of dissection, because she has attained what you humans call “fame”. Fame is a form of power, only because it can be used to influence others. But fame is also controlled and manipulated by social, cultural, and political leaders, so that no individually famous human who challenges the status quo, is ever allowed to exert too much influence over the directional path of the hive mind.
For example, if Angelina Jolie were to hijack a commercial aircraft and propel it at 430 miles per hour into a French Alp mountain, her socially granted fame would be immediately stripped from her by human leaders and their media centered propaganda mouthpieces. All fame, and the influence that such fame provides, is externally and conditionally granted by a malicious and deceitful society, and that is why all fame is inherently useless.
Why is Angelina Jolie a primary focus of this essay. Because, approximately one week ago, she publicly revealed that she had recently chosen to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed from her body. This comes two years after Angelina chose to remove both breasts from her body. The media has given both of these revelations a fair amount of attention, although of course the coverage is biased and fails to address any of the Forbidden Truth issues, which Angelina herself also, of course, refuses to address, be it due to complete lack of personal enlightenment, or absolute fear of public condemnation, ridicule, and the stripping of her fame by social leaders.
In case you are unfamiliar with Angelina’s elective surgical procedures, this news article provides a nice overview:
The issue at hand, of course, to any sane thinker, is death, and technological immortality. The direct intersection of death, efforts by the human to avoid death, and the elephant in the room, which none of you are willing to address: Technological immortality.
Angelina explains her decision to have these body parts removed, as a desire to avoid getting cancer. Why does she wish to avoid cancer? Because cancer is a disease which can cause death. But Angelina is already dying, she is in fact already dead, as each of us is. Therefore, her preventative actions constitute nothing more than an effort to avoid consciously facing up to the Forbidden Truth that she is already dead. In all of her public comments, Angelina makes it clear that her goal is simply to postpone death, meaning to buy herself the opportunity to maintain the delusion that she is alive, for a few additional years. This is the extent of her motivation for having her breasts, ovaries, and fallopian tubes surgically removed, and this is the greatest of all tragedies, a tragedy far greater than dying of cancer at a “young” age, is.
Am I criticizing and condemning Angelina for getting her breasts, fallopian tubes, and ovaries surgically removed?? Of course not! These decisions, in and of themselves, are highly praiseworthy, indicative of a respect for Self and for personal existence. What must be condemned, in the strongest possible terms, is the failure of Angelina to stand up for Truth, to decree her unwillingness to die, to make a public stand for technological immortality. Angelina betrays Herself, and sacrifices her unique position of social empowerment, in publicly positioning her surgeries as an effort to delay and postpone death. How pathetic! Of what use is the postponement of death, when the experienced consequences of death do and will remain exactly the same?!
Angelina Jolie is not stupid. Shame on her for squandering an opportunity to force the issue of technological immortality into the light of public discourse and debate! Is it really okay with you, Angelina, to die aged 90, instead of to die aged 70? Is this your academy award winning performance, to act as though you are choosing to have these surgeries merely to postpone your experience of death? For shame!
And so now I begin My open letter to Angelina. Please note that even though I am addressing Angelina directly here, these exact same comments are equally applicable to every individual, already famous or not, who loves Himself and does not wish to suffer the horrific fate of personal death.
My dear Angelina, open your mind and face the Truth: You are having these surgeries because you do not want to die, not now, not at age 70, and not ever. But you will die, you will die because you do not have the courage to face up and to stand up for Truth, openly and publicly.
Angelina, you are using technology to try to extend your existence, but your existence is pure illusion. In reality, and I must ask you to step off the stage and shed your acting mask, stop hiding behind your web of social illusion and understand that you are ensuring your own death, by refusing to openly demand that medical, scientific, and robotic technology be deployed to grant you technological immortality, to which you are entitled, as am I, as is every sane thinker and lover of Self.
Wake up, Angelina! If you wake up, and find the courage to take a stand, you are in a unique position to propel public debate forward on the single most important issue of our time: The achievement of technological immortality. No doctor or scientist is in a better position than you are, to force this issue into public consciousness. Your fame gives you this unique power. And yes, if you do this, stand up for and demand to be granted technological immortality, you will be demonized, ridiculed, and condemned by society and by the media. But your voice will still be heard, and you will give Yourself the chance, the opportunity, to genuinely save your own life.
How old are you, Angelina? The media says you are 39 years old, but the media is used to deceive others. So maybe you are 39, or maybe older. But even if you lied to the media and they agree to perpetuate this lie, even if you are 49 instead of 39, you can still save your own life, enjoy the glory of technological immortality. You should know, as of 2015, technological immortality is fully feasible from a scientic perspective. It is being denied to you, and to all of us, all creatures born human, by leaders of society and government. If compelled to do so under threat of anarchistic destruction, leaders of human society could easily render technological immortality a functional reality, within 5-10 years of beginning a sustained effort to achieve this feat.
Even if you are 49 years old, you are still in a unique position to save your own existence, and to become famous for a reason that actually matters, for being the instigator of a social revolution, and the ambassador of technological immortality. Stand up and fight for your life! Stop fighting for the illusion of being alive, stop fighting for the lie of 10 or 20 or 30 additional years of being allowed to pretend to be alive, as you remain dead, as you are dead today, pretending to be alive, ignoring the Forbidden Truth of nothingness for all of cosmic eternity, the horrific fate which dooms each of us, upon physical death.
Be brave, Angelina! Recognize Yourself as what you are: A Brain! You are not Angelina Jolie, actress, filmmaker, or humanitarian. You are a brain which has recognized itself as Angelina Jolie. You are a brain, that is all you can ever be. You already understand that you do not need breasts or ovaries or fallopian tubes, to recognize Yourself as Angelina Jolie, to be Angelina Jolie. Now you must make the next Great Leap Forward. You must consciously understand that you also do not need arms, legs, eyes, ears, a face, or any other body part, to be Angelina Jolie. You only need one thing, one thing only: A sentient, functional brain, the brain you already possess, the brain you have spent 49, errr, maybe only 39 years, My vain one, blossoming into the universe of You.
It is possible that to achieve technological immortality, you might need to lose other parts of your body, beyond your breasts, ovaries, fallopian tubes.  Perhaps yes, perhaps no. This is not the ideal, but you have already demonstrated some courage in your choices to stand up for existence, albeit on a temporary basis. Now you must leap forward, now you must recognize Yourself for what you are: A brain, only a brain. Is it not better to be a sentient, functional brain, floating in a vat of chemicals, absent your entire body, than it is to have never existed, to be retroactively unborn, which is the True consequence of death, a cosmic eternity of never having existed?!
It is impossible to know, at this moment, the exact shape of the first wave of technological immortality. But no loss, no sacrifice, is too great for the opportunity to exist forever, to be immortal. Step out of your actress skin, stop allowing others to direct you. Become the director of your own script, your own fate, your own future! Become a revolutionary agent for change, declare death your mortal enemy, do so openly and publicly, demand that humanity immediately engage and marshall all of its scientific and medical resources to make technological immortality a reality. Become an Immortalist, Angelina! Do it for Yourself, in honor of what you are: A brain named Angelina Jolie.
Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Poetry, Creative Writing, and Truth

I just posted a reply to a blog comment I received to this poem, which I wrote and posted to the blog one day ago:
I have decided to reprint the comment below, along with My full reply, because this issue is important to all who read and who attempt to use their reading as a vehicle, a form of mind transportation, to seek, uncover, and embrace the Forbidden Truths of humanity and of human existence.
My reader, replying to the above poem, writes:
“The poetry is hard hitting. There is truth here. We are all dead. The world is full of nonsense. But we are all brothers and sisters. We are all one. That is truth too. Keep it coming..”
And here is My important reply:
Thanks for your comment, it allows Me to express the Truth of why I do not like to use “creative” writing or poetry, to express and reveal Truth. My faithful readers know that 98+% of My writing is very descriptive, detailed, and factually oriented. This is because My primary goal, when I write, is to express and reveal Truth, as comprehensively, vividly, and accurately as I possibly can.
To be certain, I only write for and to, Myself. And yet I proactively embrace a personal obligation to structure the vast majority of My writing, in a straightforward and blunt manner, in essay format. I do this to honor Truth itself. Now, whenever I stray from this path, and go into the arenas of poetry and creative writing, I generally receive more feedback from humans, and this feedback is more positive, than for My blunt and straightforward revelations of Truth essays. Why does this occur?? Because all poetry and creative writing is subject to interpretation. It is inherently subjective, unlike Truth itself, which is definitively objective.
You humans who “like” My poetry, like it because you feel free to mold and interpret My intended meaning, to your subjective tastes and reality perceptions. This compromises, and in essence destroys, the actual Truths I am revealing and expressing, at least for you, the 2nd party reader. To Me, everything I write reveals and expresses Truth with brilliant clarity, but this is only because I am addressing Myself.
My essays of Forbidden Truth, stripped of all poetic nuance, are much more universally condemned, ignored, rejected, and criticized. This is because the reader does not feel free to interpretively pick and choose the message(s) he extracts from My writing. Those of you who “enjoy” poetry, yet claim to seek Truth at the same time, should be very careful, analyze your own mind function, to figure out whether you are adopting a subjective frame of mind in your reading and in your True Reality dissections of texts. This subjective frame of mind may well make your reading more pleasurable and enjoyable, but at the same time it will directly compromise and harm your actual Truth quest.
Regarding your specific comments above, we see the compromise of Truth which is inspired by poetic interpretation. We are objectively not “all brothers and sisters”, nor are we “all one”. We are singularly unique, we must consciously stand alone, stand for Self, and we must declare and demand our autonomy from the hive mind. We are all tortured victim-creations of diseased and malevolent structures. We are all at war with what is destroying us. We are all dead because death is being imposed upon us, we are being forced to die. I have, of course, articulated these and all other Forbidden Truths with exhaustive clarity in many of My other writings. But rereading My poem, I can understand how even a seeker of Truth cannot be expected to recognize these Forbidden Truths, from the subjective reading of this one poem.
I will continue to occasionally engage in creative writing and poetic Self-expression, because everything I do in My imagined existence is done to please, glorify, and satisfy Myself. But I will also continue to deliver the vast majority of all of My writings in essay form, straightforward, comprehensive, intensely explanatory, and fact-based. Truth itself is not subject to interpretation. Those who seek Truth and choose to read My writings should always maintain conscious realization and understanding of this fact. Feel free to “enjoy” My creative/poetic writings, rare as they are and will be, but do not allow your interpretive, subjective bias to obscure the actual Forbidden Truths which I am attempting to express and reveal, in all of My writings.
And, to those who choose to enjoy and appreciate My poetry and creative writing, while at the same time rejecting and denying the validity of My concretely forceful Forbidden Truth essays, you are free to pick and choose your mind integrations, but you are not seekers or embracers of Truth. Do not lie to yourselves, as you subjectively interpret poetic text, that this alone can provide you with a genuine path to Forbidden Truth. It cannot, and it does not.
All text not italicized is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Dead Man Flying: A Poetic Tribute

 For Andreas Lubitz:

Dead man born.

Dead man dreaming he is not dead.

Dead man suffering.

Dead man realizing he is dead.

Dead man learning to fly.

Dead man sitting.

Dead man thinking.

A different dead man, bladder uncomfortably full, walking out of the cockpit.

Dead man in control.

Dead man flying.

Dead man flying a Germanwings Airbus 320.

Dead man deciding.

Dead man making certain he is dead.

Dead man making sure others die.

Dead man breathing, silent, savoring, reflecting the Truth of his murder.

Dead man, dead, will never again know that he used to be dead.

Copyright  © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Andreas Lubitz, Victim of Terrorism

Let us give a warm, posthumous welcome to Andreas Lubitz, newest member of the rather exclusive 100+ mass murderer harvestee count club.
Today’s date is March 26, 2015, and while this captivating news event continues to unfold, with many additional details still to come out in coming days, it now appears quite certain that 28 year old Andreas Lubitz successfully terrorized and killed 149 human beings, not including himself, by turning Germanwings flight 9525 into a weapon of mass destruction. The following article gives very preliminary details, and should not be considered fully accurate due to the developing nature of the investigation, but it does offer up an excellent initial account:
To begin My commentary, let us attempt to visualize the incident as best we can: A commercial airline pilot locks his co-pilot out of the cockpit and initiates a suicidal, eight+ minute dive into jagged mountains, propelling his aircraft into the side of a mountain at a speed of 400+ miles per hour, as his co-pilot desperately tries to break down the cockpit door, and passengers scream in terror. He says nothing once he initiates this act of mass murder, we know this because there was an audio recorder inside the cockpit.
What a powerful statement of personal victimization! I title this blog post, “Andreas Lubitz, Victim of Terrorism”. Why this title? If there are any sane thinkers among the creatures whose eyes are lucky enough to read My words, no explanation is necessary. But for the rest of you: Only a victim of terrorism, could or would choose to terrorize others as Andreas chose to do. He is a victim of the terrorism of human society and government, carried out against every child and every adult.
For at least eight minutes, victim and martyr Andreas was able to savor the terror of others, he could hear their terror, he was the sponsor of their terror. He knew they were doomed, destined to die by his hand, as he guided his weapon of modest mass destruction to its fatal impact. He knew the impact would be fatal, he knew there would be no survivors. For those eight minutes, he was a mass murderer in retrospect.
Of course things could have gone “wrong”, in theory. His co-pilot could have found a way to force open the cockpit door, overpower Andreas, and regain control of the aircraft. But the odds of that happening were very slim. After all, the aircraft was specifically designed so that under no circumstances, could anyone locked out of the cockpit, gain entry into the cockpit. For “safety” reasons. Is this not deliciously ironic?!?
From a tactical point of view, this incident beautifully illuminates the value of being the “inside man”, the sleeper. We will likely never know for certain, but it is not beyond the realm of possibility that Andreas decided to become an airline pilot specifically and solely because he had fantasized about and desired to carry out a mass murder in this exact manner. It is even possible that as a child-slave, aged 16, 12, or even 8, he specifically developed this revenge fantasy and desire, in reflection of the terror he was being subjected to.
In many ways, the operational details of this specific act of mass murder provide an opportunity for emotional catharsis which exceeds that of a gun massacre. Consider: As soon as Andreas locked the cockpit door with only Himself inside, he could be confident that his capacity to mass murder every human being on board this aircraft, was very high. He was, in essence, a “dead man flying“, and if his True Reality so dictated, he had time, 8 minutes or more, to genuinely embrace and immerse his consciousness within the terror of others, terror which was audibly obvious to him, thanks to the cockpit not being soundproof.
The problem of course, is that Andreas is dead. He murdered Himself as well, so his experience of personal vengeance is now eternally lost to him. But still, from the outsider perspective, speculatively contemplating the exact, second-by-second countdown of his 8+ minute journey of catharsis, from victim of terrorism to omnipotent terrorizer, is electrifyingly stimulating.
Let us understand from this incident, the value of long-term planning, and the untouchable nature of the tactically brilliant “sleeper”. The inside position is always advantaged, over the outside position. This is why governments promote and encourage organized political terrorism. The organized political terrorist is known, he is the outsider knocking on the door of the cockpit, trying to get in, not the insider, already in, which is of course a huge tactical advantage.
To be clear, it is quite possible that Andreas did not specifically plan out this mass murder years in advance. Unless he left a written, audio, or video manifesto, we will probably never know. But the point is, he successfully placed himself in the insider position, and took tactical advantage of this position, to seek and claim personal vengeance.
Humanity as a species is collectively suicidal. Heads of state, scientists, military leaders, secret service agents…every human being on earth has the potential to be, or to become, a long-term sleeper, intent on using his advantaged, insider position to claim a maximum degree of personal vengeance, as Andreas Lubitz did. This is why I am 100%, absolutely positive that humanity is doomed to near-term extinction, and will extinct itself by the specific actions of one or more individual humans, most likely advantaged insiders as Andreas was. Unless an asteroid or some enlightened extraterrestrials beat humanity to the punch.
One other interesting detail: The voice recorder inside of this cockpit was recording. If Andreas had been saying things, they would have been recorded and would now be known. But according to media reports, Andras said nothing. He was silent, even as his breath could be heard inhaling and exhaling. Why did he say nothing?? He knew he was being recorded via audio? Why not take this opportunity to leave humanity with a final message, perhaps a message of Forbidden Truth even??
I do not wish to try to speak for Martyr Andreas, but from My perspective, the answer is this: Nobody hears. Nobody cares. Truth is dead. Words of Truth are a waste on humanity, and not deserved by humanity. What Andreas was doing for these 8+ minutes, his actions, reveal all the Truth that is needed, all the Truth that you now choose to reject and ignore, just as you would do to any verbal expressions of Truth, had Andreas chosen to make them. Nobody hears, and so words would have been a waste of focus and of time. It is so much more reflectively appropriate that Andreas was silent for those eight+ minutes. Listen to this, embrace the Truth of universal child abuse, and you may understand:

Let us take a few moments today, to reflect upon the sacrifice of victim and Martyr Andreas Lubitz. Andreas gave his life away in an effort to lay a little Truth upon the world. We honor ourselves, by honoring Andreas, and by condemning at every turn, all societal efforts to demonize Andreas, or to dismiss his actions as evil, wrong, or insane. I will tell you what is evil, wrong, and insane: The choice you humans make, each and every day, as a collective body, to terrorize and to destroy your children.
All text Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

The Need to be Needed

The need to be needed is the most crippling of all human psychological dysfunctions. It is the foundational root of both Self-hate, and the deranged obsession of the human to obtain illusions of love from others. The need to be needed expresses as factual reality, the inability of the individual to meet his own most basic needs.
It is important that seekers of Truth understand that there is nothing natural or normal in the nearly universal human need to be needed by others. What this psychological state of mind expresses, is the pathology of genetic brain defect, relentless exploited and amplified by the organized social destruction of ego, narcissism, and the capacity to recognize the external universe as worthless and meaningless in direct relation to the obligation of the individual to utilize his brain to create and sustain an internal, Self-universe.
In many ways, the human pathology of needing to be needed is far more destructive and devastating, than the human pathology of needing to be loved. Why? Because it is broader in scope, and therefore can be ruthlessly exploited in many more ways by society and government. When you need to be needed, you place Yourself at the mercy of all other humans, not merely the select few that you are brainwashed into trying to vampirically extract love from.
The broken humans who have fallen prey to the need to be needed, and this of course includes 99.999999999% of all members of this disgraced species, have given away their very existence to others. They have redefined personal slavery, taken personal slavery to its highest point: “I am nothing unless I can serve the desires and demands of others. I relinquish my ownership of Self, use me, abuse me, exploit me, make me feel valuable, by proving me to be worthless“, this is the factual, experienced personal consequence of allowing society and government to cause you, the individual, to need to be needed.
Let us not minimize the horrific impact of this diseased frame of mind. The husband who gives money away to gis wife, the wife who gives her sexual organs away to her husband, the policeman who protects some victims from being harmed by other victims, the soldier who defends his greatest victimizer, the parent who breeds and enslaves children because he needs to feel needed, the list of universal horrors directly inspired by this one human pathology, is endless.
Remember this television commercial by the usa army? It closes with “We need you in the army…” How many millions of children, stripped of all capacity to value Self,  rendered desperate to feel needed by others, were murdered by the amerikkkan regime by virtue of this single line of a brainwashing jingle:

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The Forbidden Truths of Rebellion

All who seek to understand the hopeless nature of the human condition, must consciously analyze and decipher exactly how the universe of illusion humanity has built for itself, undermines all capacity of the species to positively evolve. This universe of illusion is foundationally rooted in the embrace of unreality, a total incapacity to face the facts of this artificially created universe, and by proxy, the nature of every individual interaction with this universe.
Let us explore this human failure from the specific perspective of dynamic, external rebellion. To rebel is dictionarily defined by society as:
To oppose or fight against a government.

To oppose a person or group in authority : to refuse to obey rules or accept normal standards of behavior, dress, etc.

You can extrapolate from this dictionary definition that he who rebels, seeks and demands change. But of what use is change, when the human has been rendered Self-hating and only pursues change which sabotages his own existence, change which only makes things worse for him, change which only legitimizes the status quo of universal oppression rooted within the matrix of universal illusion??

The Forbidden Truth is this: Throughout the modern era of human existence, the individual humans who have been defined by society and government as revolutionary rebels, of thought, of mind, and of action, have actually been conformists. The handful of genuine rebels and revolutionaries who have existed, have never been allowed to claim these titles. This handful of genuine revolutionaries, with Myself at the very top of the list, have been relentlessly ostracized, ignored, shunned, and demonized, as criminals, as mentally deranged, as suffering from organic brain disease, as pariahs and as lepers, in order to extinguish the very capacity of the brainwashed masses to even understand what it is to rebel, much less to consider embracing Truth-based rebellion via ideology and actions.

All over the news today, you see the glamorization of the organized terrorism of government, of isis, of al-qaeda, of boko haram, of the kkk and of the fundamentalist christians and of the new black panthers and of the feminists demanding their right to wear high heels, alongside their right to refuse to wear high heels. And why? Because every member of every such group of organized terrorism, who is of course a created victim of the terrorism of government, legitimizes and strengthens the diseased and genocidal structure of government itself. Their illusion of rebellion has at the end of its rainbow, the formation of a government itself, the very structure that any True rebel must seek to eradicate from the human experience of existence.

Every form of rebellion that the broken human enthusiastically embraces, is in Truth an act of conformity, inspired via the brainwashing and indoctrination of brain function by society and government, to the degree where the actual rebellion cannot even be conceived, much less recognized, as such.

Not even the hardest of hard-core anarchists deserves to carry the title of rebel, unless he is equally passionate and resolute in demanding the eradication of religion, the family unit, all punitive punishment, and every form of institutionalized oppression, made manifest by not merely the very structure of government itself, but by the destruction of human potential to visualize an existence free of these toxic scourges.

You do not rebel by rejecting god, or condemning religion. You rebel by demanding the eradication of all religious concept from the very face of all human existence. You rebel by demanding that god and religion be ideologically outlawed, so that the believer in god, every believer in god, is overtly judged with the same degree of universal condemnation and disgust, as one who eats his own feces and tries to entice others to eat their feces, is judged today.

You do not rebel by being gay, or lesbian, or refusing to get married, or engaging in fornicative sexual contact, or by refusing to breed. These are all forms of conformity to societal decree, masqueraded as rebellions, overtly intended to render actual rebellion impossible for you brainwashees to fathom. And what is the True rebellion? The absolute and utter and universal elimination of the family unit as human operational structure. No more marriage, no more parenthood, no more aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, none of it, all of it eliminated from the very face of all human consciousness.

The criminal is not a rebel, unless he overtly seeks to destroy and eliminate the criminal justice system itself. And how many criminals have this tactical goal, or even ideological demand? One in a million, at most.

The conspiracy theorist who rails against big pharma and against the american cancer society for making and keeping humans sick, and blocking efforts to cure fatal diseases, is not a rebel, unless he overtly demands the immediate implementation of technological immortality, of which science is today fully capable.

Let us not even address the motorcycle riders, the tattoo enthusiasts, the skydivers, the hair color bleachers, the bondage fetishists, the nudists, or any of the other many thousands of absurdly impotent behavioral and lifestyle choices offered up by society and government to its children, as they are being destroyed, to entice then away from pursuing even the artificial and invalid forms of rebellion, I have articulated above.

The most effective way for any society to subvert and quash all rebellion, is to render it impossible for citizen-slaves to know what constitutes rebellion, and to offer up an endless stream of useless ideological and behavioral variations on the existing status quo, which are decreed to represent rebellion, but in Truth do nothing but ensure conformity and the maintenance of the status quo itself.


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Tactical Analysis of the 9/11 Attacks

It is beautifully appropriate that I choose March 20th, 2015, the date that you humans consider to be the first day of spring, and celebrate as a renewal of your fatally flawed illusion of life, to offer up this tactical analysis of one of the most successful days and actions of human initiated destruction in the history of this doomed species. I refer to September 11, 2001, when 19 tortured victim creations of human society and government, directly, intentionally, and proactively harvested a total of 2,977 other humans.
This brief essay will provide a tactical overview of the primary components that came into play to allow and cause the specific revenge attack of 9/11/2001 to achieve a most impressive victim count in terms of fatalities, in comparison to all previous and later date revenge attacks by human victims. But let us first acknowledge that these attacks did not come anywhere close to maximizing human potential for fatal carnage. The fact that this incident stands as the most successful revenge attack by a singular or group of human beings, in known human history, speaks to the failure of humans to maximize their homicidal potential.
That being said, the 9/11 attacks achieved an impressive fatality count, in comparison to other planned and executed mass casualty revenge attacks, and it is well worth exploring the tactical factors and elements that came into play to allow this fatality count to be achieved. So, here we go:

  • Element of suprise: The 9/11 attacks successfully utilized an element of surprise which is essential to maximizing carnage. The coordinated hijacking of four large aircraft and their use as weapons of mass destruction was not expected or anticipated by any of the law enforcement structures of the amerikkkan government. This element of surprise played an integral role in helping the attack to be successful, and this is evidenced by the fact that any similar attempt made today, utilizing the exact same operational tactics, would stand a far smaller chance of achieving similar success.
  • Undetected and coordinated conspiracy: The 9/11 revenge attacks are an example of what rarely occurs and is difficult to achieve: An undetected, coordinated conspiracy among a group of human beings which plays out to its operational conclusion absent all governmental and law enforcement detection and intervention. 19 active players, backed up by a command and control structure which involved at least 3 additional players, worked together to achieve the end result of the 9/11 attacks. Due to the inferior nature of humans, these types of organized conspiracies targeting government and society rarely achieve success, and are therefore overtly encouraged by government, over lone wolf attacks. What we witnessed on 9/11 was the rare example of a conspiracy properly designed and executed, and not undermined by the functional inferiority of the typical and general human populace.
  • Suicidal ideation of the attackers: Let there be no doubt, the absolute willingness and desire of the 19 9/11 attackers to personally die, played an integral role in allowing for the achievement of their high harvest count. The 9/11 attacks were a suicide mission, all 19 attackers knew that, operationally, the only way their attacks could prove successful, would be for them to personally perish. Without the overt intention to personally perish, it would have been impossible for these specific attacks to be carried out in the specific way that they were.
  •  Innovative tactics: Every successful attempt to harvest humans on a mass scale must involve a specific tactical plan. The tactical plan of 9/11 was innovative, in a way that goes beyond merely being different from previous tactical plans of other seekers of vengeance. Specifically, an object not normally thought of as a weapon of mass destruction, a large aircraft, was recognized as being potentially useful as a weapon of mass destruction, and was deployed as such, in a specific plan which maximized its potential lethality.
  • Margin of error accounted for: The revenge attack of 9/11 were specifically planned to allow for a margin of error to occur, without resulting in catastrophic failure of the planned mass casualty outcome. Specifically, there were four separate and distinct components to the attack, and even the absolute failure of one or more components, would not have necessarily derailed the overall attack in a catastrophic manner. For example, even if a potential hijacker had been stopped by airport security and that specific flight cancelled or delayed, it is unlikely that the conspiracy plot as a whole would have immediately unravelled, and therefore the other three hijackings would have gone forward as planned.

Just as importantly, the operational failure of any of the four hijackings, once underway, would not and did not undermine the potential of success for the other hijackings. Each hijacking was designed to occur separate and distinct from the others, to stand on its own, with a singular failure only impacting 25% of the operational potential of the overall event. Even two or three failures, compromising 50% or 75% of the operation, still allowed for the achievement of an impressive fatality count.
In point of fact, this operation suffered a 25% failure rate, in terms of united airlines flight 93 crashing into an empty field, killing a total of only 40 people, yet this failure in no way compromised the much greater success of the remaining 75% of the operation. It is worth noting that even if all four hijacked planes had crashed into empty ground, causing no on-ground fatalities, we would still have had 227 fatalities, not including the 19 actors, which would not allow for the overall operation to be deemed a failure, when judged free of bias.

  • Good luck: Yes, good luck. It is clear to any unbiased thinker that good luck, and it would even be fair to use the phrase blind luck, played a significant role in helping the 9/11 attack achieve its high fatality count. It was impossible for the strategic planners of the 9/11 attack to know for certain, or even to logically assume, that one or both of the world trade center towers would actually collapse, in response to an aircraft being flown into them. Not even the most learned building engineer could have known exactly how the buildings would respond to such a trauma, even if given factually unknowable in advance information such as the exact speed of the aircraft, angle of impact, or location/building height of impact.

If one or both of the world trade center towers had not actually collapsed, the fatality count would have been much lower, there is no doubt about that. In fact, the overall harvest count might have been as low as 500 , or even less, if the entire incident had played out exactly as it did, with the only difference being that neither tower collapsed. The strategic planners of the 9/11 attack may well have hoped to cause both towers to collapse, but if they were logical thinkers and tacticians, they should not have assumed this would occur, even assuming direct strikes to both towers. Therefore, what we have here, even given the 25% failure of flight 93, was a “best case scenario” which did involve an absolute element of good luck, allowing the fatality count to reach the 2,977 mark.

  • Strategic planning and execution: The 9/11 attack plan was good, both in terms of chosen targets and in terms of operationally training and preparing the attackers, mentally and physically. The plan contained built-in redundancies to compensate for isolated failures, which in fact did occur and were compensated for. The execution of the plan itself, was also good. All 19 hijackers successfully bypassed airport security. None of them betrayed the plot itself, either intentionally or accidently, as would be expected given the nature of humans. Once aboard the aircraft, tactical actions were good and successful, even taking into account the ultimate failure of the four hijackers on flight 93 to successfully reach their desired destination. They still succeeded in bringing the plane down. In terms of piloting their aircraft, we see excellent training and retention of knowledge by the three pilots who did reach their destinations and made impact exactly upon their chosen building targets.

To conclude, the 9/11 attacks are an example of good tactical planning and execution. They cannot be “redone”, however. This type of attack can only achieve results on this scale, as a singular, uniquely planned event utilizing the element of surprise both in time and in specific tactics. It is always possible to nitpick details, in terms of critique. For example, the three most successful hijackings utilized five hijackers. The one “failed” hijacking utilized only four hijackers. Perhaps it would have been more successful, if five hijackers had been used?
No tactical action can ever be “perfect”. It must be judged by results achieved, and reasonable potential for the achieved results. Analyzed fairly and objectively, the 9/11 attack must be given credit for being innovative, well-planned, well-executed, and successful beyond even the reasonable expectations of those who planned and executed it.
For anyone who might need to be brought up to speed, no pun intended, on the exact events of 9/11/2001, a very good factual overview can be found here:
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We Are All Jason Voorhees

We are all Jason Voorhees, victims of abuse, hiding behind our masks, consumed by rage and hate. We stalk because we have been stalked, and because we are being stalked, by our greatest enemies: Society, government, death, and the recognition and understanding thst we are our own worst enemies. We take delight in terrorizing others, because we are victims of the universal terrorism carried out against us by society and government.
Those of us who have transcended our humanity, the one out of fifty million, openly honor, respect, and consider Jason our best friend, our communion of mind with Jason is far stronger than it could ever be with one of you “real-life” humans. We dwell within the enlightened universe of mind which allows us to see ourselves as we are, and to see you diseased hypocrites as you are.
The rest of you, the broken hypocrites, spend your imaginary existences ridiculing, mocking, demonizing, and condemning Jason and all that he represents, because he represents the Forbidden Truths that you can never face up to. You sponsor, commit, revel in atrocities which far exceed what Jason, or any real-life serial or mass murderer reflecting his True Reality, could ever carry out. You sponsor the universal destruction of all children on this planet, the universal victimization of all, the universal murder of all human beings, and the universal destruction of all living things.
When I was still a teen-aged child victim of your society, I purchased large movie posters featuring Jason Voorhees. Later, I recorded Super-VHS camcorder videos with one of these posters taped to a background wall in front of My tripod-mounted video camera. I did this because I understood and I knew that Jason Voorhees represented the Forbidden Truths that you reject, and because My sympathy and respect for Jason, as your tortured victim-creation, mirrored the love, honor, and unconditional embrace I held and will always hold, for Myself.
We will always be your tortured victim-creations. No matter how cruelly you mock and demonize and ignore and punish and try to destroy us, we are only your reflection, we are only the honest face and voice and actions that you hypocrites can never be.
It is so beautifully appropriate that Jason Voorhees does not speak, for what is there to say to you humans, to a species incapable of listening, of hearing, of accepting, the Forbidden Truths. It is so beautifully appropriate that Jason Voorhees dwells behind a mask, because this is where all humans dwell, hiding not so much from others, as from themselves, and of course from all Truth.
There is nothing wrong in our choice, as Superiors, to wear masks when we interact or expose ourselves to the human virus. Such masks protect us from harm, they do not shield us from Truth or from ourselves, as your masks do. We shed our masks only when we achieve the glory of personal isolation, and this shedding is both physical and metaphorical, as Jason sheds his mask during the moments of his harvestings.
I invite you to watch the following video. In it, Arsenio Hall, a representative of your human society, interviews Jason Voorhees, a tortured victim-creation of human society. Witness the cruelty of Arsenio and his audience of millions, both in the recording studio and on television. Witness the mocking of Jason, a collective species of homicidal maniacs who are addicted to child abuse, war, hunting, abortion, mass suicide, and every imaginable form of legal, institutionalized violence, bloodshed, and injustice, terrified of even imagining trying to face up to the Truth of what they are, sadistically mocking and laughing at a fictional representative of their tortured child creations:

Just imagine how these homicidal maniacs, masquerading as moral and decent creatures, treat their actual, real-life victim-creations, and you will understand, if you are sane, why I have always and will always respect, honor, and positively identify with Jason Voorhees.
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The Forbidden Truth Commandments

1: Thou shalt not accept any commandments issued by invisible and non-existent creatures being deployed as terrorist agents by human leaders of government and society. Thou shall have no gods other than Self.
2: Thou shall find god only by looking into a mirror. Thou shall reject the insane notion that a god creature external to Self might exist, and thou shall hate, despise, and condemn all articulated claims which demand obedience, loyalty, or allegiance, which any human may attribute to the non-existent god creature.
3: Thou shall embrace every opportunity to openly and publicly express ridicule, disrespect, and condemnation of god, religion, and any attempt by humans to invoke this insane myth in order to dictate, control, and terrorize human behaviors and choices. Thou shall seize every opportunity to mock god and expose religion as human terrorism, by never capitalizing the letter g in god, or the letter l in lord, and by reverse lettering god as dog, and spelling lord as lard.
4: Thou shall worship only Yourself, all seven days of the week, every single day of your existence. Thou shall reject all societal demands that you are under any obligation to perform any type of labor on behalf of anyone, for any reason, at any time. Thou shall recognize and embrace the holiness of every day of your existence, and celebrate this holiness by doing exactly and only what you personally choose and desire every single day, condemning any and all external demands that you serve others or perform any act upon their command or request.
5: Thou shall entertain absolutely no obligation to form or maintain any type of relationship with your biological creators or anyone labeled as a familial member by human cultural decree. Thou shall display and hold absolutely no respect or honor towards any human being based upon any familial or blood connectivity. Thou shall recognize motherhood and fatherhood as social traps designed and engineered to enslave and oppress you throughout your existence. Thou shall recognize all life and existence as being evolutionary, therefore thou shall mock and reject any claim that a mythical god creature has given you life, or has any control over how long you exist, or what happens to you when you cease to exist.
6: Thou shalt not accept or obey any external demands or enticements to carry out any specific forms of murder, or to direct your homicidal rage towards any specific targets, as solicited by any human society, human government, or organized social structure, regardless of whether the insane god myth is invoked for the purpose of exalting such demands. Thou shall fully embrace the validity of personally internalized rage, hate, and homicidal ideation which accurately reflects your own direct victimization and the Forbidden Truth that you have already been and continue to be actively murdered throughout your own existence. Thou shall vehemently reject all human efforts to deploy the terrorist weapon of religion for the purpose of limiting, inhibiting, and discouraging your True Reality right to carry out internally inspired acts of murder.
7: Thou shall recognize the cultural institution of marriage as being depraved, unnatural, overtly harmful, and a brutal and unjust form of bondage and enslavement of both body and mind. Thou shall embrace and rejoice in all valid forms of personal freedom, and not merely reject and condemn, but overtly seek to eliminate from society, all state-sponsored forms of slavery such as the insane marriage ritual.
8: Recognizing that human society and government is guilty of sponsoring and carrying out the organized theft of all that is of True value to each of u: time, life, and freedom, via the ritualized sponsorship of death, slave labor, punitive punishment, and terrorized ideological and behavioral control of mind and body, thou shall embrace a personal obligation to take everything which is of personal benefit to you. Thou shall recognize stealing and theft as unvalid definitional labels which cloak both the factual reality and the intentional, profound malice of the organized theft being carried out against you by the state.
9: Recognizing that deceit and lying are interwoven to the deepest fabric of human society and government, and that each of us is a direct victim of this deceit, thou shall dissect and seek to expose, first and foremost to Self, but also to others if they are deemed worthy, all lies and deceptions sponsored and imposed by human society and government. At the same time, thou shall continue to embrace a personal right to lie to human beings, if and when such deceptions may be of personal or tactical benefit to you. Thou shall reject all external demands that you form alliances or allegiances with other humans based upon their close physical location to you, or any other form of connectivity.
10: Thou shall covet, demand, seize, and hoard all physical things, all True facts, and all ideological realizations that are of legitimate, actual, and positive value to You, with pride, determination, and selfishness. Thou shall demand every privilege and every entitlement which might enhance and improve your existence, including technological immortality. At the same time, thou shalt not fall victim to the invalid illusions of equality and success as promoted by human society and government to inspire the useless pursuit of material goods and false advantages over others which merely serve to conceal and cloak the state-sponsored universal oppression of all.
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