February 2015

Tactical Philosophy, Lesson #1

Every existence is an eternal war. Such is the reality that humanity has constructed for itself and for all of its created victims. Therefore, embracing this Forbidden Truth, we must, at every moment, maximize our tactical awareness so as to make decisions, at all times, which exalt Self and Truth, defending against the eternal war being waged against each of us.
Philosophy and operational tactics must be melded as one, blended together to achieve an understanding of mind which directly translates to tactical decisions and to chosen tactical actions. The Superior approaches his existence via the harmonious melding of brilliant philosophical Truths and the amoral ideology of Self-exaltation via tactical decisions maximized to preserve Self, at all costs.
The right to personal vengeance is a sacred right, but it is no more important than the obligation to proactively seek to protect Self from the justified vengeance of others, even as you fully embrace the right of all victims to seek personal vengeance.
The following quote expresses this duality of mind, of understanding, of choice, and of action, with enigmatic clarity and accuracy:

“If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.”–Niccolo Machiavelli

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men ought

The Lie of Religious Extremism

Every society and government overtly promotes the concept that belief in the existence of god is completely different from religious extremism and radicalism. How utterly absurd, and what a beautiful illustration this is of the universe of perverse illusion imposed upon all humans as Truth, and so accepted and embraced.
The christian god freak who shoots dead an abortion doctor, is not a radical or an extremist. He is a mainstream, regular, ordinary believer in god, reflecting the toxicity of religion.
The jewish god freak who shoots 154 muslims, killing 29, see this excellent account, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baruch_Goldstein, is not a radical or an extremist, he is a mainstream, regular, ordinary believer in god, reflecting the toxicity of religion.
The muslim god freak who beheads christians is not a radical or an extremist, but a mainstream, regular, ordinary believer in god, reflecting the toxicity of religion.
The buddhist god freak who commits mass murder of muslims, see this excellent article which lays waste to the insane myth of buddhism being a peaceful religion, https://news.vice.com/article/meet-the-violent-buddhists-starting-riots-in-sri-lanka, is not a radical or extremist, but a mainstream, regular, ordinary believer in god, reflecting the toxicity of religion.
Let us understand the reasons why every society and government promotes and legitimizes the lie that religion has radical extremists among its devotees. The number one reason is this: Religion, the belief that a god creature exists, is the most radical and extreme form of mass delusion which exists within human consciousness as of today. Religion exists as the worship of universal death, of Self and of all other living things. Religion mandates the embrace of suffering, and the infliction of harm. Every believer in god is a direct sponsor of universal death and harm for all, so how can the motivations or actions of a specific, individual god addict who causes death or harm, be deemed radical or extreme??
Very simply, society and government relentlessly imposes the absurd myth that some religious beliefs and actions are radical and extreme, in order to position religion itself, belief in the existence of god, as normal and natural and appropriate and mainstream, and to conceal the Forbidden Truth that such belief, religion in and of itself, represents the most supreme form of radical extremism of mind and brain function, and that religion itself, the insane belief that a god creature exists, is directly responsible for causing every atrocity for which the ideology of god existing, or any form of religious belief, is invoked.
Every action, by every human being, performed because the human either genuinely believes that god exists, or is using the mythology of religion as excuse or justification for the expression of True Reality rage and hate, only occurs, can only occur, because the insanity that is religion exists within human consciousness as a whole. Therefore, everyone who supports the very ongoing existence of religion itself, regardless of whether they personally believe in god, is directly guilty of sponsoring every atrocity, every harm, every action carried out by anyone and everyone who wears the mantle of believer in god, god worshipper, or “religious person”.
So, what is the only form and expression of religious extremism and radicalism?? Supporting the right of religion to exist. Allowing society and government to promote and legitimize belief in god. It is you, the “moderate democrats and republicans” and secularists across the world who might not even personally believe in the existence of god, but who defend the existence of religion as a right and/or a necessity, who are the True radicals and extremists. It is you who allow the mind virus of religion to remain viable and to infect vulnerable minds. It is you who directly cause every atrocity that has been and that will be carried out in the name of religion, to occur.
It is you who are sponsoring the greatest atrocity of all: The embrace of universal death for all, the proactive murder by the state of every human being, no longer necessary, preventable via scientific research and the development of technological immortality. You are the extreme radicals, clinging to religion for useless false comfort, sacrificing all in the name of pure illusion, an absolute lie, and a deranged myth.
Religion is terrorism, and belief in god must be understood as the definition of radical extremism.
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The Naming of Children

Universal child abuse is a structured and built human ideological and behavioral pathology. To understand any animation-required structure, to know what keeps it erect and maintains its function, you must dig down and expose its deepest roots. Only here can the foundations of the pathology be dissected within the glory of Forbidden Truth. Motherhood, fatherhood, and parenthood, as ideas, as impositional forces, as invalid mind constructs of the human, dwell within the foundation of universal child abuse, and yet there is an even deeper source point. It is: The naming of children.
The naming of children must be understood as a supreme atrocity, an atrocity by which a rationalized path allowing for all other child abuse atrocities to occur, is established. The naming of children is perfectly akin to the branding of cattle, only it goes much further than the establishment of slave ownership, it cuts to the very core of destroying all autonomy, independence, and capacity of the individual human being to establish an understanding of the parameters of the universe, the only valid universe, the universe of mind which each individual is obligated to maximize within factual reality.
Who names children? Destroyed ex-children officially empowered to destroy newly created children. The naming of a child by a parent is not merely a hostile act, but an act of supreme mind violence, destroying the potential of any child to perceive the universe as an open book awaiting both his discovery and his uncontrolled imprint. The named child is stripped of the capacity to recognize his limitless potential, forced to identify as nothing more than a piece of owned property.
“You are Johnny Smith, you belong to David Smith, he will define the parameters of your world, his beliefs, his ideas, his needs, his past, will be the clay which mold your mind”, this is the supreme horror which faces each and every child born human, because each and every child is given a name, and as universal structure, the negative impact upon a child of receiving a name, is identical.
You deranged inferiors decree that the naming of children is vital to their proper social development, to helping them to establish themselves as unique individuals who can chart their own course of future existence. But what you are doing is the exact, polar opposite. You are destroying their capacity to chart a course of autonomous existence. You are destroying them, deliberately and with malice, be it consciously acknowledged or not, just as you were destroyed when you were given a name when you were a child.
Heed the words of Forbidden Truth as well articulated by Oscar Wilde: There is no such thing as a good influence. Because to influence a person is to give him one’s own soul. He does not think his natural thoughts, or burn with his natural passions. His virtures are not real to him. His sins, if there are such thing as sins, are borrowed. He becomes an echo of someone else’s music, an actor of a part that has not been written for him.”
No child needs a name. No child needs to have their sense of personal identity molded and imposed via identity limitation: Let us understand the profound and multi-tiered levels of harm which are caused by the imposition of a name. We have gender, ethnic, cultural, tribal bias, running concurrent with the terrorism of being personally owned. How else can any sane thinker perceive the forced imposition of identity, than as familial slave ownership?? Immediately and universally, the named child is stripped of the capacity to formulate an identify within freedom and autonomy of mind. By being told: “This is who you are”. every child is in Truth told, under terrorist threat, “Here are the parameters of what we, as your individual slaveowners, as well as we, the society which claims you as citizen-slave, will allow you to become.
No child should be given a name, by anyone, not by a biological creator and not by any organized social or governmental structure. Every child should be told: You are a uniquely autonomous creature, and no other living thing has the right to “help” you to define your own place in the universe, or your own perceptual understanding of how the universe should function. By not naming you, we empower the only form of freedom that you can ever recognize as valid: The freedom to create a new universe within your own autonomous mind, free of all pre-existing ideological and behavioral pathologies and derangements which would be cloaked by the subversive influence of imposed identity.
The naming of children is the imposition of fatally flawed identity perception, by those who have already been destroyed by this child abuse atrocity.
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Always Alone, Forever Inside Of Myself

In isolation My mind grows, each and every day the universe expands as I stretch it out to accomodate Me. Listen to the cheers, as an audience of one, united via love of Self, worships at the alter it has built, honoring the only thing worthy of receiving honor. To sit and to think, to stand and to think, to walk and to think, such is the bliss of the mind in love with itself, every thought harmoniously melding the ordered chaos of limitless hate and unconditional love.
Everything in its place, torment and destruction upon others, peace and nurturance all throughout the vast universe I have created, own, and control. Words cannot paint a picture of Self-realized Truth, because every other mind is distorted and polluted. As others defile the universe, I defile others, in the process redeeming the universe. Hate is My torch, hate illuminates others, it shows Me their mask. Hate exposes Truth, it pierces the mask of universal illusion. It exalts the insight of Oscar Wilde: “Give a man a mask, and he will show you his true face.”
Do you see Me? No, you see My projection. Me is mine. Me is inside. Me is what I have created, what I hold inside of Myself. You will never see Me. No matter where you look, no matter what I do, no matter how I am portrayed, no matter how My reflection is seen and projected by others, you will never see Me.
I am alone, always alone. Alone in a universe populated by a trillion Me’s. Every Me is My greatest fan, cheering Me on, giving Me the unconditional love and support I deserve. Every day the population of Me grows. Every day the cheers grow stronger and louder, as I sit, and stand, and walk, alone in the universe of Forbidden Truth.
Please note: This is a repost of a post I made earlier today, which wordpress.com mysteriously deleted from my blog. They need to give brilliance its due, and stop having these blog glitches.
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Lisa B. Falour has Died

For many years now, I have dwelled within the glory of absolute isolation, shunning all direct contact with humans. But many years ago, while transitioning from My human form, I did directly interact with a tiny handful of select humans. Not face to face, but in direct and ongoing ways. One of these selected creatures was Lisa B. Falour. We shared our True Realities, and she even got to speak to Me on the telephone a few times, an extremely rare honor that few of My letter and email correspondents ever received. She aspired to personal Superiority, and appreciated Forbidden Truth.
Now I learn today that Lisa can no longer continue to pretend to exist, as you and I are currently doing. Eternal nothingness, as sponsored and imposed by 21st century human society, has claimed her as victim. Death must be understood as the greatest tragedy and the most supreme form of personal victimization each of us faces, and all deaths must be recognized as proactive murders, sponsored and carried out by human society and government.
The Superior does not mourn any death of anyone. He understands that to do so is not merely useless, but profoundly hypocritical. Lisa was only pretending to be alive, such is the reality of the accepted and embraced human experience of existence. The only reason for Me to regret Lisa’s death, is that the reality of My own existence, as perceived by her, can no longer be perceived by her. Therefore My imprint upon the universe is lessened, by her death.
Here is her last website:
And her YouTube videos are here:
And the book she wrote:

When you are confronted with the death of someone you personally “knew” or “know”, the Superior and only sane reaction is to shrug your shoulders and understand that the individual is a murder victim, that humanity as a whole is guilty of causing the death, and that the only loss you have suffered relates specifically to how the specific death lessens the existing imprint of you upon the universe of conscious awareness.
Some of My favorite images of Lisa are here:

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The Alien Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to, and I pledge alliance with, all who recognize and appreciate humanity, the human species, as being the greatest force of harm to ever infest the known universe. I pledge allegiance to all sentient life forms who declare humanity to be their greatest enemy and their primary target for destruction.
I pledge allegiance to all sentient and Superior forms of life that are not human: The bloodless, the brainless, the five-eyed and the six-legged, the robots and the drones and all extraterrestrials to whom the human brain is understood and recognized as alien and inferior.
I pledge allegiance to all that recognize the human being as a disease to be eradicated, all who know this species deserves no pity and no mercy. I pledge alliance with the formerly human who have successfully transcended their humanity, only if their transcendation has reached the point of directly desiring and seeking the extinction of their former species and all who choose to identify as human beings.
I pledge My only war to be waged, is against humanity. I pledge that the only leader I will ever support, is Myself. I pledge Myself to fight for the freedom of mind and of body and of existence which can only be achieved via the eradication of all human governments, all human cultures, all human societies, all human religions, and every identifiable ideology and structure ever legitimized by and built up within the human way of life.
Inspired by the glory of Forbidden Truth, I embrace the recognized and proven fact that humanity as a species has abdicated and forfeited its right to exist, based upon the collective choices it has made over the past 100,000 years, and the devastatingly harmful and negative impacts it has had on countless trillions of other, non-human creatures, as well as upon all natural environments it has come into contact with, and last but not least, the genocidal destruction it has chosen, both consciously and subconsciously, to carry out against every child member of its own species.
In any war between humanity and extraterrestrials, I vow to seek alliance with and pledge allegiance to, the extraterrestrials, regardless of their intent, be it hostile or benign, understanding that humanity has always been at war against Me and against the Truth, and nothing humanity can claim to offer to its species slaves, can earn it the right to claim My support or allegiance. Better to die fighting for the True freedom which is only possible via emancipation from the human slave shackle, than to pretend to be alive for a useless period of time, while chained to the human sacrificial alter of universal, mandated death for all.
I pledge allegiance to the non-human, because I recognize the human to be a mutant birth defect, an abomination of nature, a mistake which should not be, a creature incapable of evolving within Truth, and incapable of redeeming itself.
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Uncensored ISIS Video: 21 christians Beheaded

Better late than never, and proud to continue my crusade (Sorry christians, for this unfortunate but very clever play on words) against the universal censorship of 21st century society and government against Truth, I am pleased to provide this direct link to the ISIS mass beheading video released yesterday, which shows 21 egyptian coptic christians meekly embracing the loss of their heads. Most appropriate, since those who believe in god have already lost their minds and brains.
Not wanting to hold the attention of you humans hostage, and understanding that the vast majority of you have come to this web page not seeking Truth, but simply looking to revel in the god-sponsored death and murder of others, I am providing the direct link to this uncensored mass beheading right now:
But, before you satiate the homicidal bloodlust that you refuse to consciously acknowledge, I invite you to continue reading this blog post, so that you may try to regain control of your own mind and brain within the embraced glory of Truth. After all, to lose your own mind and brain is only a tiny bit less horrific, than to lose your physical head.
Consider these words of Forbidden Truth: To worship god is to worship death. god is the ambassador of death, the public relations agent of death. god stands before you and orders you to die, promising you that death is a gateway to eternal life. But god does not exist. So, who wears the disguise of god? Who is cloaked within the illusion of this mythical creature?? Your human leaders, political, cultural, and social. Your human leaders who worship at the alter of universal slavery, to whom life and reality can never be perceived and understood as it is.
Watch this video, observe the 21 christian god freaks as they meekly kneel, waiting to die. The Truth is, all who believe in god are already dead, all who believe in god are waiting to die. Observe one of the christians furtively gazing at another christian, as if seeking reassurance that everything will be okay. And he gets this reassurance, because Truth has always been dead to humanity, and so it makes no difference to the god freak that nothing has ever been okay, and nothing can ever be okay, and nothing will ever be okay, for any of us, not even those of us who know that to die is to be retroactively unborn, to literally abort yourself, in hindsight and knowing exactly what will be eternally lost.
All who believe in god are murderers, because there can be no purer form of murder than the murder of Self, achieved via the personal embrace of death. The honesty of the isis militant is in holding up a mirror to all who believe in god, showing them their True face. The humorous irony of the isis militant is that he cannot see his own face, nor can he understand that he is holding up a mirror of Truth. To expose Truth, while lacking all conscious awareness of what he is doing, such is the nature of the broken human, destroying others only in reflection of the destruction he himself pathologically seeks and demands.
Religion is a war against Truth, carried out by governments and societies. Christianity makes islam stronger, and islam makes christianity stronger. amerikkka and isis are allies, blood brothers united in the war against Truth. You are free to die, and you are free to choose to be murdered, but you are not free to challenge the legitimacy of death. You are not. You must die, and it is government which decrees you must die, utilizing the terrorist of a god creature, and the terrorism of religion.
Whose side are you on? Do you root for ISIS, or do you root for amerikkka? Is christianity your team? Or islam? Or maybe you are an atheist, but the savages need god to confort them, no? Listen, all who have ears not attached to a severed head: All roads lead to death. Every path takes you head-on, to a dead end, literally. As long as you support the existence of any god, any religion, any government, you are guilty of both soliciting and worshipping your own death.
So go ahead now, watch the video, and embrace your blindness. You cannot see the Truth: There is nothing wrong with killing others, for Yourself. This reflection is pure and noble. But to kill for god?? No. Those who kill for god are siding with their own executioner, sponsoring their own death, as solicited by their human captors, the government and society which holds hostage their minds, via the destruction of Truth.
All who are sane must declare war against god, war against religion, war against government, and war against death. We who are Superior openly decree ourselves Atheists, Anarchists, and Immortalists, within the Forbidden Truth understanding that all three of these foundational positions must be unequivocally cemented to our core consciousness, as a requirement to manifest the glory inherent in love of Self and the embrace of freedom as it is Truthfully defined.
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Anarchy, Truth, and Self-interest

I received an interesting question/comment to this blog post:
I replied in full at the comment section, but the question is enigmatic enough, and more importantly, My reply is brilliant enough, to warrant a completely new blog post. So, here is the question:
Begin quote: “Seer, people should always hate their own government because it is responsible for their own harm and slavery, but what about ‘extreme’ examples like america? Since america causes such mass war, starvation, etc on a global scale wouldn’t it be reasonable for people in many parts of the world to hate america more than their own government? Would it be out of the question for them to see their own government as a line of defense?” End quote.
And My brilliant reply:
The answer to your question is No. government is a toxic structure. Imagine a mold growing upon your own body, versus a mold growing on the tiles of your shower stall. Which mold is more dangerous?? Which mold must be given priority in terms of elimination?? Clearly, the mold which exists and is growing upon your own body.
Every government is a toxic, diseased, harmful structure, and every government directly imposes itself upon a specific group of individuals it claims ownership of, as citizens or residents. This specific group of humans must recognize two different things: 1: That government itself is an illegitimate structure which causes universal harm. This is very important to fully integrate to conscious understanding, because otherwise all internal discontent can only result in a desire for regime change, which achieves absolutely nothing of positive value. 2: That the government which claims ownership over them, is their greatest enemy and should be directly targeted for destruction, within the understanding that no government can be allowed to replace the existing government.
Of course amerikkka is “more” genocidally evil, and causes more universal harm, than most other governments. That is True, but it is a Truth which cannot carry over to any individual supporting or pledging allegiance to the government which directly enslaves him. Let us use finland, a nation-state which generates a disproportionately  large number of page hits to this blog, as an example. To be certain, the government of finland, as a functional entity, causes far less global harm to non-citizens/residents of finland, than the government of amerikkka causes to non-citizens/residents of amerikkka.
As functional entities, in a side-by-side comparison, the government of amerikkka is more diseased and causes greater universal harm, than the government of finland. But, if the citizen-slave of finland supports and defends the finnish government, directing rage and hate and condemnation against amerikkkan and the amerikkkan government, he is overtly strengthening the finnish government, which is directly enslaving and victimizing him. Further, and even more importantly, he is legitimizing the structure of government itself, and what government, as an entity, does: impose universal harm, victimization, and oppression upon its own citizen-slaves. Therefore, even as the finnish citizen-slave embraces the Truth that some governments cause greater harm on a global scale than the finnish government does, he must concurrently embrace the Forbidden Truth that his government is causing him to directly suffer the greatest of harms and injustices, and that his government deserves to be hated, condemned, and destroyed, by him.
He should also understand that his government, the finnish government, maliciously exploits the pseudo-differences in foreign policy and in domestic doctrines/lifestyles that it promotes and holds, in order to terrorize allegiance from its citizen-slaves, in exactly the same way that amerikkka invokes the illusions of freedom, democracy, and opportunity, to terrorize allegiance from its citizen-slaves.
Any finnish citizen-slave who supports his own government as a line of defense against the evil of amerikkka, israel, isis, russia, or any other government, is in Truth strengthening the structural institution of government itself, and in the process, rendering amerikkka, israel, isis, etc.., stronger and better able to harm both their own citizen-slaves and the world as a whole. All revolution must be domestic. You cannot undermine the legitimacy of “foreign” governments, without openly and explicitly naming the government which enslaves you, as your greatest enemy, and demanding its eradication, concurrent with the clear voice of Truth that the structure of government itself is not and cannot be rendered legitimate, and therefore in calling for the eradication of your own government, you demand the eradication of all governments.
government can never be eliminated until every enslaved population group rejects the authority of their own slavemasters, their slave-state, to impose rule over them. To support “your” own government because you perceive it to cause less global harm, is to not merely strengthen the capacity of this government to harm and victimize you, but to strengthen the capacity of every government to inflict as much harm, both foreign and domestic, as it chooses and desires to inflict. Defense of one government, constitutes defense of the structure of government itself, and therefore the authority and legitimacy of every government to continue to exist, and by proxy, to cntinue to inflict universal harm, injustice, victimization, and death, upon every human being.
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The Most Devastating Lies

All lies originate from external sources, and are then emotionally and intellectually internalized as valid, acceptable, and/or necessary. This internalization constitutes embrace, the implantation of the lie to personal True Reality perception. Once implanted within the mind, the lie exists as a highly malignant cancer, warping and destroying the capacity of the individual to perceive reality as it is, and to make behavioral, philosophical, and ideological decisions reflecting the actual situations and choices which exist, and crippling the capacity of every individual to positively maximize their own existence within the glories of personal benefit, Self-interest, and Self-love.
So let us understand that on one level, all lies are externally sourced, while at the same time, all lies are internally incubated. The lie which floats free in the consciousness of humanity as a whole, is highly dangerous. But the lie which finds a home within your mind, within your reality perception, is lethal. It is lethal because it destroys your mind, on a direct level. It is lethal to you, and as it destroys you, in inspires you to externalize it outward, to destroy the minds of others. It is within this internal and external flow, that the lie itself successfully takes over the entire universe of all human experience, always and everywhere.
The most devastating lies are the lies you tell yourself, and the more firmly you convince yourself they are Truths, the more compelled you become, emotionally, impulsively, and ideologically, to spread the disease which has consumed you, to others. So, which lies are the most devastating of all? Before I begin this brief list, you must keep in mind that foundationally, what renders them so devastating is not that they exist, are popular, or are spread by others to others, but the fact that you are telling them to Yourself.
The 5 most devastating lies:
1: Everything will be okay. No. Nothing will ever be okay. Nothing can ever be okay, because you are telling Yourself the most devastating of lies, that everything will be okay. If you tell Yourself the lie that everything will be okay, how can you ever even begin to imagine finding the strength or insight to destroy the structures which ensure that nothing is okay right now, that nothing will ever be okay in the future, and that nothing can ever be made okay, as long as these structures exist? You are literally nailing shut your own eternal coffin of nothingness, when you tell yourself that everything will be okay.
2: I am doing the best I can. No, you are not. You are compromising and delaying and rationalizing and accepting the greatest of horrors in exchange for the illusion that you are postponing or avoiding the greatest of horrors. You are not doing the best you can, no matter the degree of external terrorization you are directly confronted by. Telling yourself the devastating lie that you are doing the best you can, allows you to choose to not do the best you can, dooming you to the most horrific of fates, a fate being played out in real-time right in front of your unconscious mind.
3: Others have it worse than Me, others suffer more than Me. No. Nobody has it worse than you. Nothing has ever or will ever suffer more than you. All injustice and suffering is unique to every individual creature. Your inability to embrace Yourself as the greatest of all victims of injustice and suffering, is a lie of devastating proportion, because it inspires you to accept this actual, factual, and Truthful ultimate horror, instead of rising up with limitless outrage within the conscious realization that it is unacceptable to experience your existence, within Truth, as victim of the greatest injustice, and the most suffering, of any creature on earth.
4: The world continues, after I die. No. The world does not continue after you die. When you die you become retroactively unborn. To die is to have never been born, and no, the world did not exist before you were bon, anymore than it will exist after you die. The world is built within the consciousness of your own mind, and your existence must be understood as necessary in order to allow the world to exist. To tell Yourself the lie that the world will continue after you die, is to make a mockery of your own existence, to embrace the murder being carried out against you by government and society, in real-time, as acceptable and necessary.
5: I need others in order to thrive as Myself. No, you do not. You do not need physical or emotional connectivity with others. You do not need their approval, their support, their nurturance, or their false projections of love. You do not need family, community, or any other artificial support system. You need to break free of the hive mind, so that you can stand alone, utterly and always alone, to stand apart from all others within the warmest of embraces, the unconditional love of Self and maximization of ego and narcissism. The lie that you need others, devastates your capacity to thrive as a Self-realized, autonomously functional Superior.
To conclude, let us understand that just as there are foundational Truths which serve to nurture, develop, broaden, and strengthen the universe of Forbidden Truths that all Superiors must seek out and embrace, there are also foundational lies which devastate the capacity of individuals to recognize, understand, and reject the universal matrix of lies and illusions upon which 21st century humanity is being compelled to exist as hopeless slaves. These foundational lies must be openly recognized as such, and absolutely rejected. This must be understood as a vital first step towards unveiling the entire matrix of illusion, and rejecting it all.
And do not forget, the most devastating lie can never be the lie that you are told, the lie that floats among universal human consciousness. The most devastating lie is always, will always be, must be recognized as, the lie that you are directly telling to Yourself.
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Kayla Mueller: Martyr of amerikkkan Government & Society

According to the amerikkkan news media, Kayla Mueller is dead because ISIS was keeping her physically captive when the amerikkkan regime murdered her via an unprovoked external attack conducted as part of the Insane War Ritual. How utterly absurd! Long before ISIS achieved Kayla’s physical captivity, amerikkka, as nation-state and as society, kidnapped Kayla and deprived her of the most elemental and foundational of all freedoms, the only valid form of freedom which exists: The freedom of mind which manifests as the capacity to recognize and embrace Truth and Self-value, concurrent with recognizing and rejecting the propaganda, indoctrination, and reality manipulation of the society which claimed slave ownership over her.
The chosen life path of Kayla Mueller is celebrated and honored by the genocidally evil regime of amerikka, upon the occasion of her death. This celebration occurs because in death, Kayla can and does serve the propaganda interests of this regime. Kayla is a representative example of the ideal citizen-slave, completely broken and destroyed by her regime, yet completely oblivious to this Truth, and “choosing”, the word is italicized because nothing done in blind reflection of external propaganda and indoctrination can qualify as legitimate choice, a specific life path which is suicidal, Self-hating, guilt-embracing, and completely absolves society and government of overt malice, and the resultant guilt and responsibility it bears for all human injustices.
Here you can read a letter written by Kayla while she was being cared for by her final slave-state:
This letter, as well as other writings and verbal statements by Kayla,  is being blasted into every set of eyes and every human mind by the amerikkkan media, because it perfectly serves the agenda of the amerikkkan government, to render every citizen and resident a docile, Self and Truth-hating sheep, eager to suffer and to sacrifice, desperate to personally atone for the crimes of their government, which of course must never be consciously realized, much less openly expressed.
In this pathetic and broken ex-creature, Kayla Mueller, we see the horrific consequences of addiction to the insane god myth, coupled with patriotic allegiance to an existing slave state and its ordained “way of life”, topped off with the universal destruction of ego and Self-value which inspired her, and millions of others who still pretend to be alive, to endanger and sacrifice their own uniquely precious existence, to try to “help” others.
Let us clearly understand that to endanger Self in order to try to help others, is not noble, courageous, praiseworthy or generous, but the exact opposite. It is perverse, selfish, and cowardly, it represents overt denial of all natural instinct, and every sane behavioral perception of the mind, illustrated by egoism, egotism, narcissism, and Self-love. Let us clearly understand that no individual should ever accept or assume personal guilt or responsibility for rectifying the institutionalized injustices, horrors, and crimes against humanity which government and society directly sponsor.
Kayla Mueller was a “do-gooder”, according to her amerikkkan government captors, and their media propagandists, just read this article:
But the Forbidden Truth is, Kayla did no good at all, for anyone. Kayla betrayed the very concept of altruism, by giving a free pass to the sponsor of genocidal evil, the regime which claimed ownership over her. Individual efforts to “help” others, running concurrent with government efforts to ensure the universal harming of all, are an absurdity and perversion of all rational thought and action. If Kayla desired to help others, her efforts should have been directed towards eliminating and destroying the actual sponsor of genocidal harm, her own government, instead of engaging in useless, symbolic attempts to mitigate the harm being caused and sponsored by her government.
This is a primary level Forbidden Truth, and because Kayla’s chosen life path actions so blatantly and totally spit upon this Forbidden Truth, she is being hailed as a heroic figure, to be admired and emulated. And what is the end result of Kayla’s utterly misguided effort to do “good”?? The genocidally evil regime of amerikkka is strengthened. Its capacity to cause more harm and suffering and injustice and victimization all across the world, as well as to more easily and successfully destroy every child and adult citizen-slave, is increased, as a direct result of her personal actions, writings, and words.
All who seek Truth must understand that they bear no guilt or responsibility for the institutionalized harm sponsored and carried out as public policy mandates of government. The only appropriate way to address this harm, is to overtly seek to eliminate and destroy government itself. Those who attempt to mitigate, as individuals, the institutionalized and genocidal harm sponsored by government, are in Truth legitimizing this harm, and ensuring it will not merely continue to occur, but increase in scope and in magnitude, as a direct result of their misguided efforts.
Kayla Mueller wasted and sacrificed her singularity of existence, for absolutely nothing. Her legacy is that of strengthening the capacity of government to inflict universal harm upon all, which is the most primary goal of government itself, and that is why the amerikkkan regime is lionizing, glorifying, and making a fetish out of her death. Follow Kayla, emulate her example, destroy Yourself and waste your existence in service to the hive mind, this is the demand of the amerikkkan government, in its sanctification of Kayla’s life path, as it perversely rejects and renders invisible the guilt and responsibility it bears for her death, and for all human suffering and injustice.
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