December 2014

Leelah Alcorn Died In Vain, Hypocrites!

A news story capturing some media attention today, is the Self-murder of a 17 year old tortured child-slave, Leelah Alcorn. Reading the news stories, the utter hopelessness of humanity as a species is completely reaffirmed. The blindness, the hypocrisy, the refusal to face up to Truth, the sponsorship of universal child abuse as concretely rooted public policy, all of this is proven, by the media and public response, by your response, as a society.
Every news story frames this Self-murder within the box of transgender discrimination. But it has nothing to do with that. Not even Leelah herself, in her suicide note, could get to the Forbidden Truths. Nobody can see the Truth, unless they transcend their humanity, as I have done. So go ahead, read her suicide note, but it will not help you to understand:
And here, someone who is transgender tries to summon forth “radical” solutions to the problem of child abuse, but she cannot. She fails miserably, because she is trapped in the human box:
And the completely mainstream media pretends to be sympathetic, but they represent society, and they are glad Leelah is dead. Their purpose is to make the citizen-slaves feel better, to absolve them of the guilt they bear. “She will not have died in vain”, parrots another tortured child, that is the takeaway from this propaganda piece:
“Fix society”, that is the plea from the suicidal Self-hater, but she was lost from herself, lost from Truth, just a broken child, broken as all your children are, broken by you. Leelah’s problem was not her gender. Her problem was that she was born into a society which decrees every child to be a worthless and subhuman piece of property. Her problem was that she was born into a society which is collectively suicidal, and therefore determined to make every child suicidal. Her problem was that she was born into a society that insists upon forcing every child to hate himself, the most macho football player and the most popular cheerleader and the biggest nerd and the biggest bully and the shyest and the most gragarious and the fattest and the thinnest and the one with the tattoos and the one addicted to god and the one who is the most anti-social. Everybody must hate himself, this is the official decree, what every child is taught and told.
Leelah hated herself because her society stripped her of the capacity to love Self, and wanted her to hate herself. Leelah did not commit suicide, she was murdered. Her murderer is 21st century amerikkkan society, and every human being who lives as a member of this society. And there you are, all of you, pretending to care, pretending to be sorry. “Oh Leelah, why couldn’t you keep on pretending things are okay, as we are all doing today. Oh Leelah, why did you have to leave behind a public blog post, you could have just quietly hung yourself in your closet, like all the others…” You do not care that she is dead, you care that her death is intruding upon your universe of Self-delusion.
And why is Leelah dead? She is dead because of you. She is dead because religion, an insane mythology and toxic plague which should have been eradicated 100+ years ago, is embraced and honored by you. She is dead because she needed support from her parents, and the only reason she needed this support is because you choose to destroy the capacity of all children to thrive within the glory of Self-sufficiency and Self-love. She is dead because of parenthood, because she was blindly enslaved to mentally ill god freaks based upon sperm cells successfully penetrated an egg. Parenthood, a concept that should have been rejected as absurd 100+ years ago.
And you hypocrites keep pretending to care. Things must change, we need to find a way to treat transgender children better. Seriously??? What a pathetic cop-out! But how can I blame you? You are human, you cannot see yourself as you are. Millions of children are dying tonight in the usa, dying, body, mind, soul, dying. And you read this fact and you do not understand, because you are already dead.
And so this leaves Me, to repeat what is so obvious, so crystal-clear, so undeniable, but it does not matter how many times I repeat the Truth, just as it does not matter how many children step in front of a tractor trailer truck because they have decided nothingness for all of eternity is better than the horror of growing up as a worthless, subhuman piece of property who exists only to serve as a Poison Container to a collectively suicidal adult population of destroyed ex-children. You cannot see yourselves as you are, and therefore you cannot see Truth as it is.
And so I repeat Myself, not under any illusion that anything I say will resonate with any of you insane hypocrites, but because only in honoring the Truth, can I honor Myself, a tortured ex-child:
Religion is wrong. It is time to eradicate all religion from the map of human consciousness. It is time to grow up as a species and face up to the consequences of death.
Parenthood is wrong. The idea that children should be blindly enslaved to their biological creators and/or their sexual partners, is deranged. It makes no sense. It cannot be justified or explained. It guarantees universal child abuse and that every adult generation will be hopelessly broken and destroyed.
Emotional dependency is wrong. Every child should be empowered and taught from birth to reject all dependency upon others, to bestow limitless love upon Self, and to renounce all emotion-based relationships.
The family unit is wrong, it is an ancient relic, useful during the caveman era, but a scourge upon humanity today. Let us emancipate every child from the horrors and shackles of tradition and culture and obligation to the past. Let every child be empowered to create a new universe for Self, grounded and rooted only within the glorious freedoms defined within reality and Truth.
None of this will happen, and Leelah Alcorn died in vain, as will every other child. So when the next school or family massacre occurs, and the perpetrator is a child, I will cheer, openly and publicly. I will cheer in the memory of Leelah, and the millions of other children who sacrificed only their own lives, politely asking you to “fix society”, and you chose not to.
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Happy New Year, Not!

Hello slaves! Are you watching CNN or other news media?? If so, you probably know that a “new year” is about to dawn. Yes, an old year is ending, and a new year is beginning. You can be certain of this because a calendar has not merely been created for you by your slavemasters, but has been maliciously imposed upon you. A calendar, complete with years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds, so that your existence as a slave may be fully and absolutely controlled, via segmentation. Yes, 9 to 5, slave labor, 6 to 7, ingest food surrounded by family, 8 to 10, feed upon media brainwashing via television and computer.
So here you are, getting ready to “revel”, to celebrate, to get drunk and high, in a useless and deranged pretense that something new and different is coming, the change of an artificially imposed number, 2014 to 2015. And listen to the media, exhorting you to celebrate and rejoice. Yes, rejoice! Look at those humans in other slave-states, errrr, countries who have already marked this arbitrary numerical shift, look at them on your tee-vee, look at them yelling and drinking and celebrating! You don’t want to be left behind, do you??
Now is the time for you to mimic them, watch the clock, count down the hours and minutes, rejoice in the utter delusion that the passage of time is something to celebrate, when of course, as long as death, or even just physical aging exists, the passage of time must be understood as a horrific injustice and trauma, something to mourn, something to rage against, the exact opposite of what you are told, by your slavemasters, to do on new years eve.
And of course this perverse delusion must be legitimized via the behavioral insanity of deliberate brain chemistry alteration. Yes, Truth must be hopelessly drowned via a planet-wide orgy of alcohol and drugs. The lie that a new year is something to celebrate, can only be sustained via deep, relentless, intoxication, the deliberate destruction by the Self, of his own rational mind, the murder, the drowning, the suffocation of reality and Truth, via intoxication. Just look at the media, exhorting you to become intoxicated.
Yes, you must escape from reality, destroy the Truth, it is very important that you do this, so that the whole planet can blindly and insanely propel forward to a new year of absolute hopelessness, mass suicide and mass genocide, everybody rejoicing in the opportunity to die in 2015, having successfully avoided dying in 2014.
Do you have safety concerns on new years eve? CNN assures you everything will be okay. All the major cities will have armies of pigs stealthily positioned on the outskirts of your delusional orgies, and even embedded deep within the orgies themselves, as undercover surveillance. At the point of their handguns and heavier tactical weapons, you are ordered to rejoice, celebrate, revel. Be happy. Be happy, or else! Don’t you dare try to soil this orgy of illusion with a massacre, or even a violent political protest. No way, slave! We are the state, we will force you to pretend to be happy, one way or another. If the lure of intoxication does not win you over, our concealed terrorists, armed with deadly weapons, stand ready to take you down, if you dare try to expose the horrors we are determined to conceal from all human conscious awareness, on this special day.
So, here’s to the new year: 365 brand spanking new days of slavery and oppression, terrorization and victimization. 365 new days for you to destroy your children, and commit ritualistic suicide, and pretend you are still alive. 365 new days to pray and to be prey, to consume yourselves as you pretend to have a future.
I will gratefully spend this day in absolute isolation, reflecting with stone cold sobriety upon My life path journey thus far, and facing up to the hopelessness of the future with unwavering courage, all the while nourishing My rage and hate towards you, towards you humans, towards humanity, guilty of sponsoring every horror, and celebrating the dawn, not of a new year, not of a future, but of the exact same continuation of the exact same horrors that you have wreaked upon Me and upon every living thing, last year and the year before that and on and on and on….
Over the next 16 hours I will get high upon Myself and upon the Truth, as realized by My conscious mind, and as expressed in the words and songs of Superior thinkers and Martyrs. Here is one example:

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Flight 8501 and the Insanity of Humanity

Been watching CNN coverage of the plane crash, flight 8501, and I cannot resist a brief post raging against the insanity of humanity. The coverage absolutely boggles the mind of any sane thinker, and glaringly illustrates the perverse and pathetic nature of humanity, and how the media shamelessly panders to and legitimizes all human perversions of brain function.
CNN anchors are repeatedly referring to the rotting bodies inside the sea, as “souls”. “We must show dignity to the lost souls, we must recover the bodies so that the lost souls can be treated with dignity and brought to a final resting place”. How insane! How perversely deranged! There are no “souls”, there are rotting carcasses, broken and destroyed beyond all possibility of recovery, not even cryogenic preservation is a viable option. All of these bodies should be left to rot, to serve as food for the fish.
There is no legitimate value to “recovering” any majority of these bodies, as there is to recovering the black box and the wreckage, which can provide useful information regarding the cause of the crash. The 10 bodies that have already been recovered at this point in time, provide ample opportunity, via autopsy, to provide full cause of death information, which is a legitimate evidentiary pursuit. Let humanity begin the process of coming to grips with the Forbidden Truths of death, by abandoning all funeral and burial rituals. All dead bodies which have begun to decay are worthless and useless, their “identification” should not be pursued, and all notions that the treatment afforded to their bodies is a legitimate concern or something for those alive to spend time and effort focusing upon, should be called out publicly as insane and absurd.
CNN anchors repeatedly refer to the need to treat the DEAD bodies with “respect”. This is deranged. Nothing that is dead, can possess any conscious awareness of how it is being treated. It does not exist. And here we have CNN repeatedly sanctifying the Sacred Family Unit, pathologically repeating the need to coddle the deranged desires of family members, from every angle, from identifying and delivering the dead bodies to “families”, to actually, amazingly, giving huge sums of money to the family members of these rotting carcasses. Yes, money. My husband/wife/son/daughter is now a rotting carcass, so…..time to cash in! Gimme the money, we were all shackled to each other as slaves, and so now, with one slave less, we demand monetary compensation! How insane. But look at CNN, with a straight face decreeing that yes, of course, they must receive monetary compensation. So now those who hate their family members have a new hope to cling to: Maybe my “loved” one will die in a plane crash and I can cash in.
CNN and all news media propagandists are guilty of overtly concealing and denying the Forbidden Truths of death, overtly promoting the insanity of religion and afterlives, overtly guilty of sanctifying the perverse structures of family unit and monetary slavery. All news media sources carry this guilt and responsibility, in all of the reporting they choose to do, and an incident like a  commercial airline crash affords the perfect opportunity for media to pander to and increase the degree of mental dysfunction and derangement among all of humanity. Shame, eternal shame, upon all who have access to the unwashed masses and choose to betray Truth!
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My 2014 Forbidden Truth Blog Statistics prepared a pretty cool webpage, just for Me, in which it outlined the key statistics of The Forbidden Truth Blog for 2014, or at least for 2014 up to the date of December 30th, since the year is not officially over, and I have decided to share these statistics with you humans. I am including a direct link to the full page below, but here is a summary, along with My comments. Keep in mind that I only started this blog on September 26, 2014, so these statistics only apply to a little over 3 months of the year:

  • I received approximately 8,500 individual page views.
  • November 17th was the most popular day for page views, with 823. As I later stated via a blog post, this day was so popular due to My posting direct links to uncensored ISIS beheading videos, and the vast majority of the 823 views were to these specific pages.
  • My three most popular blog posts of 2014 all featured direct links to ISIS uncensored beheading videos. A majority of My page views continue to go to the pages featuring links to uncensored ISIS beheading videos. Today, December 30th, so far, I have 74 page views, and 24 out of the 74 are to My 3 ISIS beheading video links, even though all three posts are more than a month old. Were it not for these three posted links to uncensored ISIS beheading videos, My total page views for the year would be…about 3,000, instead of 8,500.
  • My blog was viewed by humans from 92 different slave-states, what you humans call “countries”. The web page below has a nifty graph which shows exactly how many views came from each country. usa was number 1, britain number 2, australia number 3, canada number 4. germany is number 5, and finland comes in at number 6. I appreciate the one page view that I received from mongolia.

There are a few other interesting stats, but the overall takeaway for the seeker of Truth should be this: Blogging offers an effective way to reach a small minority of the human population of the world, but the population of the world has no interest in Forbidden Truth, and most viewers are simply seeking personal catharsis for their own pathologies, not any type of genuine enlightenment. This affirms what I already knew, of course, and it pleases Me, as I blog to commune with Myself and My own brilliance, and have no interest in having others derive anything positive from My revelations of Forbidden Truth.
The full statistical report is here, so check it out:
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Why Nothing Matters

Life as a human being in the 21st century is absolutely pointless and utterly meaningless. This is a Forbidden Truth which I articulate at great length within My Manifesto, and have already done via a blog post. But it is worthwhile for the seeker of Truth, especially as we approach the artificial and invalid renewal of existence that inferiors choose to mark as the “new year”, to consciously focus upon the pointlessness and meaninglessness of every existence, from the perspective of understanding and integrating the answer of Why.
Why does nothing we may do, matter? Nothing we may do matters, because our existence is not merely temporary, but is a falsely perceived illusion. “I am alive”, so declares the individual, trying to convince himself, almost always successfully convincing himself. But it is not True. Existence requires conscious awareness, not merely in the now, but in the always. Nothing matters because on one level everything will be lost, and on another level, nothing will have occurred. And of course I am referring to the Fortbidden Truths of death.
“I can still change the world, even if I die”, this is the mantra of the societal brainwashee, blind to the Forbidden Truth that the only world that exists, is the world of perceptive reality that he himself, as a singularity, has created within and via his brain. If you do not exist, the world does not exist. This is a Forbidden Truth which must be successfully integrated to core consciousness. When and if you cease to exist, the world which you are now pretending to inhabit, ceases to exist. Nothing that you have done to change this world, and no change which has or may in the future occur, can survive your death, your cessation of existence.
There is nothing mystical or supernatural within any parameter of this Forbidden Truth. It is simply fact, it is concrete reality. The world cannot exist absent your perceptive experience of it existing. Nothing which occurs absent your perceptive experience, is real or valid. You fly a kite because you want to experience yourself flying a kite. If you die, that kite never flew, because your perceptive experience of the kite flying, is eternally lost, extinguished.
Whether or not you are capable of embracing this Forbidden Truth as it is philosophically rooted and grounded, will determine whether or not you can understand why your existence, at this moment, and up until you die, is absolutely pointless and meaningless, and that nothing you have done, want to do, or might do, before you die, matters. But embracing this Forbidden Truth is absolutely useless, if you simply use it as a springboard to mysticism, religiosity, and addiction to supernatural mythology. These springboards simply betray and reject the Forbidden Truth, by providing you with invalid and false delusion and illusion, which serves to delude you into thinking that purpose and meaning to your current existence can be reclaimed. It cannot!
He who embraces the Forbidden Truth that life is absolutely pointless and meaningless, and that nothing he may or may not do matters, is not suffering from “depression”, he is not mentally ill, he is not blind to the possibilities of the future. He is demonstrating absolute and Superior mental health and sanity. He is exhibiting the greatest of courage, within the most difficult of circumstances. He is facing the ultimate horror, as you insane hypocrites flee from it. He is proving himself to be the most worthy of all Truth emissaries, and what he is shining upon the universe is a ray of pure light, the light of enlightenment.
But how do you judge him, inferiors?? You judge him as dark and broken, sick and wrong and insane. Why?? Because that is what you are. Because it is you who are dark and broken, wrong and mentally ill and deranged, as you desperately cling to the absurd illusion that your existence can serve some grand future goal and objective which can reach fruition and thrive, after you cease to exist. How utterly deranged! You are pretending to be alive, so that you can pretend that your death will not serve to retroactively unbirth you. But that is exactly what it will do, and pretending otherwise, only renders the horrific reality, that much more horrific.
And yet the inferior, even if he attempts to reconcile himself to this horrific Truth, remains blind. “How does it help me to accept and embrace the truth that my existence is utterly pointless and meaningless, that nothing I can do, matters or makes any difference, that my very birth is destined to be taken away from me and eternally lost, how does it help me to integrate all of these horrors to my core consciousness???” This is his blind bleat. The fool! You fools! Don’t you see, haven’t you read My other brilliant blog posts?? Every problem has a solution, as long as the problem is faced within the parameters of Forbidden Truth.
The fact, the Truth, that every human existence as of this moment in time is absolutely pointless and meaningless, and that nothing any of us can do matters, is only the symptom of a problem. It is not the problem, itself. The problem is: mortality, the  physical death of the individual brain. This is the problem. If you solve the problem, eliminate the effect of the problem, you can avoid being retroactively unborn. If you do so, your existence can regain, within absolute Truth, the purpose and meaning that it does not have, that you are pretending to have, deluding yourself into believing it can have. You idiots! You are sacrificing the capacity to obtain something limitlessly precious, just so you can continue to pretend, via pure delusion, that you already possess this limitlessly precious thing. How can you be so stupid, how can you allow cowardice and Self-hate to rob you of the opportunity to claim as reality, that which you cling to as illusion?!
I speak of course, of technological immortality, birthright of all who are sane, the only personal achievement by which any future can exist. Technological immortality, what we must rise up as one, all 8 billion of us, and demand from society and government. Technological immortality, not a fantasy or science fiction, but something science is fully capable of making a functioning reality, within 5-10 years from today. Technological immortality, the defeat of death, the murder and dismemberment of all insane god mythologies. Technological immortality, what humanity would have achieved, via science, several hundred years ago already, were it not for the crippling shackles of child abuse, Self-hate, genetic brain deformity, cowardice, hatred and rejection of Truth, and the universal mindset of the slave, by which governments and leaders of society herd the masses as sheep, extinguishing all positive human potential.
So, as you idiots get ready to celebrate a “new” year, via an artificial calendar which bears no relationship to reality, and as you try to plan out your “futures”, oblivious to the Truth that you are already dead, have never existed, and are merely awaiting retroactive unbirth,I will not wish you a “happy new year”. I will not participate in the absurd farce which dooms each of us. I will not pretend to celebrate the suicidal ideation which inspires you to get drunk and high, spitting upon Truth and in the process carrying out genocide against Me and against all Superior life forms.
I will stand, as always, within and upon the glory of Truth. I will tell you that every existence is pointless and meaningless. I will tell you that nothing you have ever done or will ever do, matters. I will tell you that as you celebrate the future on new years day, you are in Truth tearing yourself apart, as a fetus. You are murdering yourself, as a fetus. And all of these horrors, you are perpetrating upon yourself. You are your own destroyers, and you deserve, you have earned, every horror that you deny.
For any aspiring Superiors who have not read the Forbidden Truths of death and technological immortality, I recommend this page of My Manifesto:
Or, for a briefer overview, these recent blog posts:
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Four of My Blogging Policies, Explained

I do nothing unless it makes logical sense, affirms Truth, or serves Me, My Truth-based needs and desires. If the thing meets two out of these three rules, I am more likely to do it. If it meets all three of these rules, I am even more likely to do it. This is My chosen life path policy, and I do not violate My own policies, to do so would place Me among you inferiors, in the darkness of personal inferiority.
I blog because doing so affirms Truth and serves My personal desires. Does it make logical sense? Not really. But two out of three rules are met, an acceptable ratio. But within the act of blogging, I refuse to do some things that most bloggers insist on doing. Here I will detail these distinctions, and why I hold them:

  • I refuse to like other blogs. Even if I read an article or more, and find Truth is being expressed, which is very rare, I will not hit the Like button. I do not like other humans or the things they do. What I might “like”, is My own personal reaction to the article or essay. This is not enough to prompt Me to hit the Like button. All readers of this blog should understand, no matter how often you hit the Like button in response to reading MY brilliant revelations of Truth, the chances that I will hit the Like button after reading any of your blog posts, are virtually zero.
  • I refuse to actively solicit comments to My blog. I do this because the opinions of others do not impact My experience of My existence in any significant way, positive or negative. I will reply to most of the comments made, that I deem worthy of being approved and posted to this blog, after My screening and moderation, and I “appreciate” comments which indicate an appreciation and respect for the Forbidden Truths that I reveal, but this appreciation is not personal, it exists as brain-to-brain mind-meld: Truth values more Truth, because more Truth enhances the perfection of existing Truth. I do not dismiss the value of feedback, Superior ideas and thoughts can come from any living thing, and as a top-level Superior, I seek them out and integrate them to My True Reality in order to increase My personal perfection. As such, I am not actively hostile to comments, but I do not “need” them, I do not ask for them, much less delight in them, as many other bloggers do.

My replies to comments are usually not made immediately upon posting your moderated comment to this blog, because I do not place a high priority upon “answering” your comments, even if they are insightfully Superior and ask valid follow-up questions to My blog post. Be patient, and within My prioritized schedule of chosen activities, your comment, especially if it contains questions, will receive a reply, possibly a very lengthy reply, but only within My determination of priority time-frame.

  • I will not post commments to other blogs, ever. If I have something to say, I say it within the envelope of My own personal creations. I do not engage others in dialogue within the envelope of their personal creations. I do not seek the approval of others, it is of no use or value to Me, and in reflection of this Truth, I do not specifically choose to feed the neediness of others, in any manner.
  • If you Follow My blog, I visit your blog and I try to determine whether or not there is anything of Truth-based value that would justify My following you back. I try to be lenient in this determination, even if all I find is a modestly interesting story, I will reciprocate the Follow. But if you are trying to sell something, or your blog posts honor the insane god myth, I cannot bring Myself to hit that Follow button, as I do not enjoy soiling My perfection, for even a nanosecond, in this harmless way.

I understand that your blogging content might not reflect your True Reality, I understand that even as you blog religious doctrine, you could be engaging in an epic True Reality struggle to break free of the insane god myth. I understand that even if your blog posts honor motherhood, patriotism, and apple pie, you could be an anarchist plotting the eradication of all governments. But I must create a threshold determination, a standard by which to judge whether your blog deserves to be followed by Me, and examining the content of your blog is how I make this determination.
I know that just as on twitter, most of My followers are not interested in Forbidden Truth and are merely following Me in order to receive a follow-back. I do not specifically care about denying these inferiors a follow-back, but unlike Twitter, I do choose to discriminate on this platform, in terms of requiring some indication of the capacity of the Follower to blog something that is sane, rational, or could be of interest to Me, before they receive a follow-back from Me.
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Terror and Trauma, Always and Everywhere

Have you ever wondered why some serial and mass murderers, and other seekers of cathartic vengeance, go out of their way to choose difficult targets, locations as well as individuals, which limit and minimize their capacity to wreak a maximum degree of havoc and carnage? To be sure, there are many ideological as well as reflective reasons why a difficult target may be chosen over a relatively easier target. But one reason that most of you humans overlook and dismiss, is the need of the trauma victim, consciously or subconsciously, to express to the universe that he has never been safe, that there is no place on this planet that deserves to be considered a sanctuary, because he himself, as a child, lived out the horror of coming to the realization that there is no safe haven, there has never been and there will never be.
Consider the child-slave and his experience of existence. While within the womb, he may well carry no conscious memories of his suffering and trauma, but years later, liberated from this prison, he should understand that nobody cared about his fate as a womb-trapped fetus. He existed totally exposed, supremely vulnerable to any trauma his womb warden desired to inflict upon him, as well as any trauma she authorized others to inflict upon him, such as stomach punches from a boyfriend, or marijuana suffocation via a roommate.
And then the child leaves the womb and is thrust into the slave shackles of a family, his biological creators and all humans that they choose to expose him to. Supremely vulnerable, he is offered no opportunity for shelter, no refuge from harm. And then he grows older and is taken to schools, where once again his welfare, safety, and well-being is decreed to be non-existent. The child understands that as he is shuttled from the family prison to the school prison, he exists solely as an owned piece of property, possessing no rights, no freedoms, absolutely no protection of any kind is afforded him.
And then he ventures out into the “real” world, and everywhere he looks there are predators, desperate to exploit him, victimize him, use him to satiate their rage and hate. And every offer of friendship or support from a peer, is vampiric, rooted in neediness and desperation, not a trace of genuine care or altruism or respect for the child as an individual. “Are you suffering? Me too, so lets suffer together,” this is the most he can ever hope for, and there is no kindness, no benevolence here, there is only the sharing of trauma, rooted within selfishness, where the offer of support mandates that both victims continue to suffer, so that each victim takes solace in the suffering of the other.
This is the existence of every child in the 21st century, trauma and suffering at every turn, no safe haven, no refuge, no opportunity to save Self. And so we have the destroyed adults, trying to decide how to claim their cathartic vengeance, and one primary factor in how this decision is made, is to deliver the cathartically reflective message that none of you are ever safe, none of you ever deserve to feel safe, for even a single moment of your existence, because the destroyed adult, your created victim of the limitless child abuse which you sponsor, knows and has personally experienced the horror of no safety, no refuge, nowhere, as a helpless child.
And so the school is an excellent target. It is not the easiest place to kill children, as there are perimeter defenses. But it delivers an important message: No place is ever safe. And trying to kill police officers is certainly not the easiest way to kill humans. But it delivers an important message: Even if you become a cop and carry around weapoons of terror for all to see, you cannot be safe, there is no safety for you. And breaking into private houses and breaking into college sororities and opening fire inside naval bases and museums and government buildings, none of these methodologies offer the easiest way to kill the most humans, but they all deliver a message of Truth, valuable to the messenger insofar as reflecting the Truth of his own childhood torment.
The message is: I never felt safe when I was a child. Your world offered Me no refuge, no safety, no escape from child abuse. No matter where I turned, there was danger, there was attack, there was terror. And so now you should look into the mirror, I will try to recreate for you, as best I can, the trauma I lived through, of knowing that each moment could be My last, of knowing that nobody cared if I lived or died, or how much I suffered.
And so the bullets fly and the bomb detonates and the knife penetrates deeply, and maybe, thanks to media coverage, for a few hours a few million humans are gripped by the terror of being confronted with the Forbidden Truth that they have never been and will never be safe, just as they never were as children, and just as they make certain no child alive now, will ever be. But nothing changes, the incident fades away to obscurity. The messenger is demonized and destroyed, and his message of Truth never even touches the consciousness of the diseased and deranged society guilty of his destruction.
You see humans, only via the infliction of injustice, can the Forbidden Truth of justice be delivered and understood: That justice has never existed, that justice cannot be achieved by any human being, in any way, ever. It is your determination to impose justice, a pure illusion and farce, which guarantees that those who are sane enough to know that they are victims of eternal injustice which can never be rectified, will seek and claim personal vengeance, the closest any human can ever come, to claiming Truth-based justice.
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Writing and Positive Social Change

Let Me begin by declaring unequivocally that I have absolutely no desire to or interest in effecting any positive social change. The reason why this essay will brilliantly reveal the Forbidden Truths of effecting positive social change, is specifically because I do not want any such change to occur. Only within the negation of this desire, can the Forbidden Truth insights I reveal here, be consciously recognized and embraced.
The primary Forbidden Truth is simply this: It is impossible for any human being, via deed, word, or writing, to effect any positive social change. There is nothing any individual can say, write, or do, that will impact the path of societal devolution, in any significantly positive way. When I use the term “significantly positive”, I mean to change the devolutionary path, to an evolutionary path. In other words, to cause a genuine awakening and embrace of Truth, which alters the lie-based paths which humanity has followed for thousands of years and continues to remain hopelessly trapped within.
Before I get to you writers, let us consider the doers, some of whom are writers, too. In 1927 Andrew Kehoe bombed an elementary school in Bath, Ohio, killing 38 elementary school children and 8 adults, including his wife. Oh, and also two horses and all his other animals. He wrote too, leaving behind a sign: “Criminals are made, not born.” So, what did his actions achieve, in positively altering the path of humanity? Was any Truth awakened?? Did school, family, or the treatment of children positively change as a result of his expression of Truth? No, of course not.
And in 1949, 28 year old Howard Unruh, highly decorated world war 2 veteran, strolled through his New Jersey neighborhood, shooting 13 people dead. He later told a mental health propagandist, “I’d have killed a thousand if I had enough bullets”, mimicking the doctrine of all war rituals. And did anything positive change? Has humanity stopped engaging in the war ritual? No, of course not.
And then in 1995, torture victim Timothy McVeigh bombed the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, harvesting 168 people, and revealing much Forbidden Truth in his writings, including: Begin quote: “Whether you wish to admit it or not, when you approve, morally, of the bombing of foreign targets by the U.S. military, you are approving of acts morally equivalent to the bombing in Oklahoma City.” “Bombing the Murrah Federal Building was morally and strategically equivalent to the U.S. hitting a government building in Serbia, Iraq, or other nations.” End quote.
And did anything positive change? Was Truth embraced? No, Timothy was merely murdered even earlier than would otherwise have occurred, to shut him up and extinguish his light.
I can provide a thousand other examples, but the point has been made: No deed, and this applies to the law-abiding as well as the law-breaking, can or has positively altered the deranged paths of humanity as a species, as sponsored by human society and government.
So now we come to you writers. Yes, you writers, with your plot twists and character developments and poignant efforts to teach life lessons to your readers, mostly via fiction. Yes, fiction, as if fictionalizing reality and Truth somehow offers a better opportunity to enlighten minds?? You write your books with earnest effort, “Oh, if only I make the character appealing enough, or the plotline enigmatic and enticing enough, people will wake up and I will have changed the world.” You fools. It doesn’t work. It has never worked and it will never work.
Name one book ever written and published which has impacted the course of human existence in a significantly positive way?? Just one book?! Name it for Me! You cannot, because there has never been such a book, and there will never be such a book, written as fiction or as non-fiction. Oh, plenty of books have been used by society and government to destroy Truth and effect horrific harm, all of the various bibles are just one of hundreds of examples. But to effect positive social change?? Nothing and never.
To be certain, books have been written and published which had the capacity, via their content, to positively alter creatures who were sane, capable of rational thought, and desired to save themselves. But the human has never been such a creature, has never met any of these standards. The human insists upon sabotaging and derstroying himself and his universe. He will destroy any lifeline offered to him, consider a book such as Pay It Forward, by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Or On The Origin of Species, by Charles Darwin. 150 years later, humans continue to spit upon a gift which should have eradicated religion from the world within a few years of its 1859 publication date.
No book has positively altered the horrific path of humanity, and no book ever will. Those of you who enjoy writing, keep on writing. Those of you who find solace in leaving behind a written record of your personal True Reality, useless as it is, so be it. But do not delude yourselves into thinking that it is possible for you or for anyone else to use words to create any document which alters the hopeless current path of humanity to near-term species extinction.
As for Me, I am not a writer and I will always reject and renounce any effort by others to identify Me as a writer. I am a revealer of Truth. I reveal Truth, in everything that I choose to do.
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Why You Should Read All Comments To This Blog

This blog is not like other blogs. The universe of Forbidden Truths it lays bare to all, the greatest gift any human could ever receive, possesses the capacity to alter the fate of humanity, and as such, the fate of every individual human being.
A singular realization of a singular Forbidden Truth, is in itself incapable of changing any individual existence, in any meaningful way. But such a singular realization can open a wormhole within the mind, it can cast a ray of light which penetrates and saturates the entire universe of darkness and illusion which constitutes normal life as a destroyed human in the 21st century.
Each and every Forbidden Truth that I articulate is limitlessly precious and valuable, not for itself, but for the light that it casts, the illumination of every dark cave. Every Truth is a stepping-stone to more Truth, to different Truth, and every Truth possesses the capacity to alight the mind of an aspiring Superior to a path which leads, ultimately, to the place where I am, the place where nobody else is, the place where everything, and I mean everything, can be seen and understood and experienced within the grace of absolute reality.
Okay, the chances that any of you can or will travel all the way over the rainbow to reach My universe of Forbidden Truth, are pretty darn slim. But still, I have an important point to make: This blog is a haven for uniquely Superior insights of Forbidden Truth. It is a moderated blog, all attempts to post comments to this blog result in each comment being intercepted and held for My moderation and approval. As a result, each and every comment you find at this blog, is both on-topic and worthy of at least momentary conscious reflection.
Further, and more importantly, most comments posted to this blog do and will receive a direct reply from Me. These replies very often address new issues related to My original blog post, enhancing the degree and scope of Forbidden Truth contained within My original blog post. Sometimes I will formulate an entirely new blog post based upon a comment or question made to one of My original blog posts. But other times, in fact the majority of times, I will comprehensively reply to a comment, via a comment of My own.
Those of you who refrain from reading the comments made to My blog posts are depriving yourselves of both the interesting perspectives of other, aspiring Superiors, and even more importantly, the additional brilliant insights of Truth contained within My replies to the comments of others, which are posted as comments themselves.
You can be certain that every single comment to this bog will always be screened and moderated by Me. No type of spam, or any comment which fails to show proper respect and to address a legitimate issue, will ever appear within this blog. All inferior comments are intercepted, deleted, and trashed, only My eyes and mind are polluted by this garbage, and I can deal with it just fine. Gotta keep the fires of rage and hate properly stoked.
Truth consists of a million different embers, and the fire is always dying for you inferiors. Society and government extinguishes every ember it can find, via relentless attack. But the seeker of Truth understands that every ember can flare up, to any size, to any degree of illumination, revealing and inspiring entirely new paths of mind enlightenment. It is for this reason that the embers must be sought out.
Every word I write is precious, every concept I articulate carries with it the weight of a unique universe of interconnected brilliance. Even those who respond to My brilliance, assuming they are aspiring Superiors, are capable of creating their own embers of Truth. This is why you should be reading every word contained within this log: My blog entries, the commented replies of others to My blog entries, and My commented replies to the comments of others. Everything you find written here, every word, is worthy of the time and focus of a genuinely aspiring Superior.
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The Forbidden Truths of Human Touch

"You will know the nature of the divine, when we join together, your cold hand in mine."

I read the above quote many years ago, as a young child. Where it comes from, I cannot say. A Google Search fails to return this sentence as a quotation from any source. But it remains a beautifully enigmatic expression of…the need for accurate interpretation of reality. You see, as soon as I read this sentence, as a child aged 7 or 8, I understood it to be an expression of menace, of homicidal intent, “Come to Me, join with Me, so that I may destroy you, murder you, leave you dead, lifeless, cold, eternally cold.”
Many years later, as an adult, upon replaying the sentence in My mind, it occurred to Me that most of the humans who might be confronted with this sentence, are more likely to perceive it as a call to romance, a hero or heroine offering a warm hand to someone they perceive to be cold and suffering. Here you see the dark shadow of mind imprints, the inferior association of personal reality to external illusions and constructs.
As a child, I never received a single benevolent touch from any living thing, human or animal. Never. Every physical contact was always menacing, traumatic, and harmful. A mother holding Me down as she inserted chemicals into My eyes. A father holding Me down as he inserted his sexual organ into My mouth. I am grateful that all of My physical contact was traumatic, because this prevented the societal lie and illusion of benevolent external touch, from ever taking root within My reality perception. How sad and pathetic it is for you who are torn between the factual Truths of human touch, and your romanticized memories of and cravings for what you falsely believe to be precious and valuable forms of human contact.
The Forbidden Truth: All human touch, which we must begin by defining as another human touching you, is motivated by malice, motivated by the need of another to extract from you, the obsession of the other, to induce false reality perception within Self, using your touch to accomplish harmful Self-delusion. “Touch me, so that I may feel cared for, so that I may be able to successfully lie to Myself, that you care about me. Touch me, so that I may be freed of the burden of knowing that I am all alone in the universe, so that I may be freed of the burden of establishing love of Self.” These are the unwashed masses of broken inferiors, using the touch of others to create toxic structures of illusion which haunt them for their entire existence.
Let us be perfectly clear: There is no such thing as benevolent or benign external touch from a human being. No such thing. There is honest touch, brute force and violence which makes no secret of its intent to harm. And there is dishonest touch, far more common, the vampire asking to be loved so that they may extract the illusion of love. The succubus with the innocent smile, offering empathic hugs or a warm squeeze of the hand, pretending to be interested in comforting you, but in Truth desperate to obtain comfort from you, false and useless and conditional and predatory.
Beware of all who offer human touch. Beware and shun them. Reject each and every one of their many thousands of predatory approaches. From the street hooker who flashes her panties, to the 60 year old homemaker who invites you to share your life story with her, to the handsome 30 year old male who stretches out his strong arm to you in a structured pretense of vulnerability. All humans are contagious, they carry mind viruses, they seek to infect you with their pathologies. It makes them feel better, to draw you into their toxic webs. Understand that their offers of touch to help you heal, are pure deceptions. They are trying to take from you, not to give to you. Every offer is an attack, no matter how gently it is presented, no matter how alluring the external facade of the presenter.
I am an adult virgin, and further, I have never engaged in any human touching rituals. No hugs or strokes, no squeezes or pats, none of this vampiric enmeshment, rooted within inferior incompetency, the inability to see Truth and to meet needs.
Who touches Me? A slave labor boss, he has been given this power over Me by your society, and I accept it. It helps to feed My homicidal rage. The barber, he performs a service, and in turn allows Me to envision his head exploding, with each touch. The dental hygienist, a female, graced by My gift of not biting off her fingers. The dentist, a male, to be murdered over and over the night before and after My dental appointment. The doctor, allowed to touch via the grace of My limitless and unconditional love of Self, and the body dependency imposed upon Me by your malicious society.
Let us understand the difference between professional and personal touch. Professional touch is solicited by Me, it serves My physical needs, it has no basis in emotional connectivity. And yet it still disgusts and makes Me shudder in revulsion. The barber could at least wear latex gloves, as the doctors and dentists do, no?? But its okay, I am strong, My mind is strong. Ordeals lead to later triumphs. I go to the barber once a month, an ordeal I could avoid. But no, I am not a coward, I face trauma, I allow Myself to be touched, but only within the supreme detachment of a godhead properly maintaining his untouchable universe.
Let us ask, is human touch beneficial to he who is touched? Is a legitimate gain being extracted by the touchee, from the toucher? Outside of professional service, a tumor being detected by a physician, a rotting tooth being mended by a dentist, a stray and rogue hair being trimmed by a barber, the answer is No. Just as nobody can ever love you, nobody can ever provide you with benevolent touch.
Do you need to be loved?? Of course! And so you love Yourself. Do you need to be touched?? Sure! Of course!! And that is why you possess hands and a mouth and lips and the capacity for physical sensation. Touch is a beautiful thing, and so you touch Yourself, obsessively and with the emotional depth and passion of the entire universe of Self. You touch and kiss and stroke and caress and lick and slurp upon Yourself. You use your hands to make love to every inch of your body, fingertip to toetip, and plenty of time is spent loving your pen*is and/or clitoris. You use your mouth to make love to every inch of your body that your mouth is physically capable of reaching. You use your tongue to make love to your lips and upper chin. Darn, why is it so short!?! I cannot reach My eyes or ears with My tongue, so unfair!
But the hands, the fingers, are fine substitutes. I lick My finger, then caress My eye, then imprint the wet fingertip upon My mind, an eternal memory, one of billions, repeated, refreshed, renewed each day. You use your foot to make love to your leg. You use one toe to stroke the other toe. You use one knee to stroke the other knee. You use one elbow to stroke your other elbow. And always you enhance every stroke by immortalizing it via vision, your own eyes, and memory, your own mind. Each day exists as an epic ode to Self. And all physical touch is understood to be mind-based. In every touch, a singularity, a uniquely perfect expression of love to the mind that is Me, is being delivered
Find a million people, and ask them how much time they spend being touched, and not even one of the million, will equal the amount of time I spend being touched. Because I am a toucher of Self, a narcissist, egoist, egotist, and lover of Self, obsessively touching Myself all of the time, in private and in public, in a million different ways. I touch Myself because I love Myself, and Self-touch is a beautiful expression of Self-love, diametrically opposite to the touching of others, or being touched by others, both betrayals of Self and Truth, perverse illusion and pretense of love, care, and affection. There is only one form of touch which expresses care, affection, and love, this is the individual who loves Himself, touching Himself.
How much time do I spend directly touching Myself with consciousness of love? If it is a slave labor day, 3-5 hours every 24 hour time period. If it is not a slave labor day, 6-15 hours every 24 hour time period. Do you understand this True glory, as it contrasts to you, the inferiors, seeking touch from others, waiting for them to pretend to care about you, so you can pretend to be cared for, even as you hate and sabotage yourselves and your own existences?? Do you understand the glory of a billion different ways to touch Yourself, each and every touch unique and uniquely perfect, a singular instant to ber immortalized within the mind, within your mind, by You??
Do you understand the glory of physical autonomy, of meeting every need, of bestowing upon yourself the limitless love of conscious mind and of physical body?? You are You, you belong to Yourself, you spend every conscious moment in sacred devotion to Yourself. This is love. This is the only valid form of love. This is the love every sane creature should aspire to. This is the love that nothing outside of Self can ever touch. You want to handcuff Me? Fine, pig. I can still make love to Myself. You want to cut off My arms? No problem. I still have lips to touch Myself with, and a tongue, and toes and knees and so much more.
My pity for you humans is superceded by supreme contempt. You betray yourselves and you betray every other living thing, when you seek to be touched by others. What a pathetic expression of emotional blindness, what a vivid demonstration of what it is like to be crippled, and to deny your own crippling, by taking advantage of other cripples.
The physical touch of others, absent professional services being rendered on your behalf, is always unnecessary and it is something to shun and to reject at all times. Any human who feels the need to be touched by others on a personal level, is an inferior who has failed to create the personal universe of limitless and untouchable love of Self, which is the foundation of Superiority and springboard to personal untouchability and the transcendation of your own humanity. Yes, I know this description covers 99.999999% of you. But this does not diminish the horror of your failure, or the depth of your inferiority. It speaks to the hopelessness of the human condition, to why humanity can never evolve beyond toxic dependency, it speaks to the universal hatred of Self which is the driving force behind the devolutionary death spiral of this entire species.
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