November 2014

The Murder of Wilhelmina the Turkey

Am running out of time to write, as slave labor for money claims Me as victim on this day. But I cannot resist posting this news item, as the perverse hypocrisy being exhibited is just so delightful. I love witnessing the hypocrisy of humanity, it just proves how no fate can ever be too horrific for humanity. The species has earned every torment it has, is, and will receive, including of course species extinction.
So here is the news item, published just two days ago, just two days before thanksgiving, celebrated as an official day of mass turkey murder and genocide:
Read it, and understand the absolute disconnect with reality that must be present, in order for a community to mourn the murder of one turkey, to express outrage at this one specific murder, to even call for the punishment of the perpetrator(s), while actually getting ready to formally and officially celebrate the genocidal mass murder of all other turkeys, within the formalized ritual of the thanksgiving holiday.
Every other turkey in the world is an anonymous creature that deserves to be slaughtered, but this one turkey is Wilhelmina, a beloved resident of the community. Envision the humans smiling at Wilhelmina, offering her food, delighting in her presence, only to go to the supermarket and purchase a dead turkey, a turkey murdered in their names, to take it home, cook it, and eat it, completely oblivious on a mind level, to the perverse hypocrisy of their actions.
But of course the greatest hypocrisy is in judging the murderers of Wilhelmina, declaring them sick and worthy of punishment, when the only crime they are guilty of is exposing the perverse hypocrisy of those who claimed affection and care for Wilhelmina. The public, led by the media of course, demonize these two tortured victim-creations, for daring to point out to them, the insane hypocrisy of their own participation in an annual, ritualized process of turkey genocide. “Murder Most Fowl”, the newspaper writer chuckles at his clever turn of phrase, but what he is doing is trying to place the turkey below the human, beneath the human. To those of us who dwell within Truth, his effort is useless. In every way, this turkey and all turkeys, are Superior to the human, more worthy of life, love, and respect.
Here is Wilhelmina, you named her in a failed effort to try to humanize yourselves, looking at her own reflection. Only she knew what she saw, but you can be certain, she saw herself with more perceptive clarity than any of you humans could ever see yourselves.
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I Give No Thanks

The fascist and totalitarian dictators who shackle 350 million human beings to the government they have named the united states of america, have declared today to be “thanksgiving day”, an official, legal, federal holiday in which all citizen and resident-slaves are instructed that they are obligated to give thanks. Be thankful, it is thanksgiving. Give thanks to the regime that is ordering you to be thankful. Pledge your allegiance by acknowledging your humility and your servitude, bow and give thanks for all the great freedoms and opportunities your slavemaster is providing to you.

I Give No Thanks!

To whom should I be thankful, and for what?
Should I be thankful that I am being ordered to be thankful, under the collective terrorist force of lies, brainwashing, indoctrination, and propaganda as imposed upon Me from the moment of My birth by a government?
Should I be thankful that I am able to pretend to be alive at this moment in time, even as I being actively murdered and doomed to become retroactively unborn, by the very government ordering Me to be thankful?
Should I be thankful that I am allowed to pretend to enjoy some freedoms that other citizen-slaves of other regimes cannot pretend to enjoy, when in Truth nobody ever enjoys any freedom, living as a citizen-slave to any government. Is being allowed to more easily deceive Yourself, by your greatest enemy, something to be thankful for??
Should I be thankful that I might be suffering a little less today, in certain specific ways, than citizen-slaves of other regimes are suffering, when My regime is deliberately causing those citizen-slaves to suffer more, in order to terrorize Me into allegiance, obedience, and gratitude? Is suffering something to give thanks for?
Should I be thankful for being provided with the illusion of freedom, as all actual freedom is withheld from Me by a government?
Should I be thankful that I can choose to enslave Myself to different masters, even as the terrorist weapon of money is being deployed to terrorize Me with the threat of harm, suffering, and deprivation?
Should I be thankful that terrorists carrying guns, you call them police officers, are forcing Me to obey laws which are actively harming Me and depriving Me of all instinctual and natural freedom?
Should I be thankful that I can express My hatred of government in useless and impotent ways, even as I must actively censor the very words I type into this blog post, under threat of being locked inside of a cage by the government which enslaves and declares ownership over My very body and mind?
Should I be thankful  that I was destroyed as a child by the universal abuse and victimization that government chose to commit against Me, as it did and continues to do to every single child?
Should I be thankful for the freedom to travel, to marry, to breed, to seek formal education, to vote, to have sex with others, to worship, when none of these activities constitute any type of Truth-based freedom, and actually serve as freedom illusions which conceal the universal slavery that is an existence under a “free democracy” form of government?
No. There is nothing that any government has done for Me, or has provided Me with, that warrants any personal gratitude. I give no thanks to any social or governmental structure, ever. I give thanks to Myself, to My brain and to My mind, for allowing Me to break free of all external shackles of illusion. I give thanks to My inner Frankenstein, for allowing Me to recreate Myself within the glory of mind autonomy, while retaining all allegiance to My True Reality, to the past as it has been viciously carved into My body and spirit.
Those who give thanks on this thanksgiving day, are Self-cannibals, devouring and destroying themselves, allowing their greatest enemy to consume them, to destroy the most obvious of Truths, including the Truth which could allow for a revolution of mind: There is nothing for anyone born a human being, anywhere on earth or in Low Earth orbit, existing at this moment in time, to be thankful for.
So, let us pay homage to the Forbidden Truths of thanksgiving day with this 1912 photograph of civilized human savages murdering a turkey, as they destroy the mind of an innocent little girl. How many billions of children have had their minds destroyed since than day, via the cathartic reflection of deliberate, merciless trauma inflicted by destroyed ex-children. Do you want to see the future? You don’t need psychic power, you need only eyes and a sane mind, looking at this photo and understanding the hopelessness of humanity as a species:
turkey murder All Text Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Thanksgiving Day: A Celebration of Genocide

Today, November 27, 2014, has been officially proclaimed by the amerikkkan government as “Thanksgiving Day”, a national and federal holiday for all citizen-slaves to celebrate. And what great, glorious feat and achievement does this day honor and note? Pure and unadulterated genocide.
Thanksgiving day exists to formally and officially honor the invasion of a sovereign land by a gang of homeless, homicidal thugs, armed with state of the art weaponry of the 17th century. These homicidal thugs chose to initiate a totally unprovoked attack upon and invasion of a sovereign land, populated by 15+ million human beings. The homicidal thugs labeled these 15 million people as “indians”, decreeing them barbaric savages unworthy of any freedom, autonomy, or human rights, in order to create an illusion of moral justification for their own chosen campaign of barbaric savagery intended to universally enslave each and every one of the 15 million indians. When some of the 15 million sovereign inhabitants of what is now officially decreed amerikkka and canada chose to resist their universal enslavement, the barbaric thugs who are now honored and revered as founders of your great nation, officially proclaimed the mass murder of all indians, men, women, and children, morally and legally necessary and appropriate.
Then, for 200 years, a systematic campaign of genocide was undertaken against the natives of north amerikkka, relentless and merciless, they were driven to flee their sovereign land, with their homicidal attackers pursuing them everywhere they went, across thousands and thousands of miles, murdering them in cold blood, sometimes not even attempting to obtain their surrender to absolute and utter slavery.
Amerikkka was founded and created via genocide, mass murder, mass slavery, of natives and of kidnapped africans. The history of amerikkka is one of the darkest and most malevolent of any society to have ever existed, easily rivaling the genocide of the societies of Genghis Khan and Adolf Hitler. If Adolf Hitler had successfully conquered all of europe, we would have created a holiday exactly the same as Thanksgiving Day, to honor his successful campaign of genocide.
Thanksgiving Day exists as both an open celebration of amerikkkan genocide, and as a cloaked concealment of the True origins of amerikkka, of exactly how and why you exist as you do, as amerikkkan citizen-slaves of the 21st century. It is an open celebration of genocide because, despite an absolute media blackout of Truth, any sane thinker who independently examines how amerikkka came into existence, will stumble upon this Truth which cannot be rationally denied: That a completely unprovoked attack upon a sovereign people, followed by a 200 year campaign of absolute genocide intermingled with the mass enslavement of both native indians and kidnapped african blacks, is solely responsible for the nation you now call amerikkka, to exist today.
The usa regime, utilizing the usa media, successfully maintains a blackout of this Forbidden Truth, as the holiday continues to be celebrated with grand feasts and freedom from slave labor, and monetary reward, the so-called “paid holiday” for current day labor slaves, and formal parades. The irony of you slaves being given “free money” via a paid holiday, specifically marking the governmental theft via vicious mass murder and genocide of the very land you are standing upon, is immense. And yet you are blind to it. Your chosen feast, involving the mass murder of a noble bird, mimics your celebration of the mass murder of a people more noble, more naturally healthy, than you could ever hope to be, yet you are blind to this Truth. Your ritualistic obsession with viewing of football games on this specific date, mimics the genocidal conquest of territory, the penetration of sovereign territory via violence and subterfuge, the actual war ritual itself, to which you remain a loyal supporter of, and yet you are blind to this Truth.
Thanksgiving Day is much more than a celebration of past genocide. It is a celebration of current and of future genocide. Thanksgiving Day exists as the official, state-sponsored legitimization of all acts of genocide that the amerikkkan regime has undertaken, is undertaking now, and will seek to undertake in the future. The marking of Thanksgiving Day as an official holiday, overtly seeks to legitimize the act of genocide, under definitional cloak of course, to all citizen-slaves of amerikkka, as a noble, moral, and legal act.
Let us clearly understand that the inability of the amerikkkan citizen-slave to accurately identify usa foreign policy as rooted in genocidal intent, and the initiation of foreign wars by amerikkka to have a direct goal of causing genocide to occur, is directly linked to the universal cloak of illusion within which thanksgiving day is not openly acknowledged as a celebration of genocide. The celebration of past genocide carried out by a nation-state, exists as the overt promotion of current and future genocide.
To go further, the economic genocide directly caused by amerikkka today, in african, middle east, and asian countries, which causes millions of people to starve to death every year, and many more millions to endure unspeakable hardship and suffering, is just as firmly rooted within the embrace of the same genocidal ideology which motivated the homicidal thugs who invaded the north amerikkkan continent in the 17th century, creating the regime of amerikkka via unprovoked genocide and mass murder.
Thanksgiving Day celebrates the dawn of racism, ethnic cleansing, and genocide of the modern era of human civilization. The celebration of thanksgiving day by amerikkka is a primary reason why racism, ethnic cleansing, and genocide permeate all 21st century societies all across the world, and will continue to do so until this species achieves its near-term extinction.
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The Social Propaganda of Feel-Good Stories

Social propaganda comes in many different forms, and one of the most insidiously malignant is the so-called “feel-good story”. What is a feel-good story? Defined within Forbidden Truth parameters: A media popularized news story which contains content intentionally focused upon making readers/viewers feel better, while promoting social lies and deceptions which subvert the capacity of readers/viewers to recognize and embrace actual Truth.
Here is a perfect example of a highly malignant feel-good news story, published just today via numerous media entities:
The above link is to the original news source, but as with most other feel-good news stories, this exact same content has been reprinted and copied by many other news organizations, such as:
This is a hallmark trait of feel-good news stories which propagandize, many different news organizations work together to popularize the content, so that what begins as a very local news story with very few readers/viewers, becomes nationally and internationally known, impacting the reality perceptions of many millions of brainwashed citizen-slaves.
Let us consider this very specific news story: An 88 year old man, ill and dying, pathologically carries with him a photo of his former wife, who has already died, pretending she is still “with” him as he eats breakfast in a restaurant. He looks forward to being reunited with her when he dies, via addiction to the insane god and afterlife myths. This is supposedly a wonderful tale of enduring love and devotion, an uplifting tribute to marriage, fidelity, faith, and external love. These are the messages that this socially viral feel-good news story seeks to propagandize, and successfully does so. And what of it? What is the harm, the inferior thinker might ask. The harm is great! Whatever destroys Truth, darkens the entire universe, renders enlightenment of mind an impossibility.
The Truth is, this news story is not uplifting and inspiring. The Truth is, it is a horror story so profound that nobody will touch it, a supreme tragedy and horror story playing out in real-time, rooted within the pathological human obsession with rejecting the Forbidden Truths of death. An 88 year old man, waiting to die, clings to the illusion that death is okay, by pathologically fixating upon a photograph of another human being who has already died, that he thinks used to love and care about him. Instead of consciously facing up to the horrific fate suffered by this woman, and to the near-term horrific fate which awaits him, he flees into a mind cave of absolute mental illness, in which he uses flawed memories of an illusion of love which itself can only exist in the past tense, to dwell within an imaginary universe which denies the factual realities of death.
What is being presented to millions of you as a positive and uplifting, feel-good news story, is in Truth a devastating horror tale, but you are blind to the horror. You are being brainwashed to actively reject the horrific Truths actually inherent in the facts of the story, in favor of pure illusion, a fairy tale implanted within the broken mind of an 88 year old man, but actively communicable and intended to infect your mind, every mind, the mind of every reader and viewer, of every age.
External love is a social myth. Marriage is a devastatingly brutal form of physical and emotional and behavioral and ideological slavery, created and sponsored by government. Religion and the afterlife are toxic shackles of social control and externally promoted mental illness. And death, death itself, the greatest of horrors, is something every government and society will stop at nothing to convince you, is something to meekly accept, embrace, and even look forward to.
This singular feel-good news story overtly subverts and renders invisible, the Forbidden Truths of love, marriage, god, religion, and death, among others. And of course it does not do so in a vacuum, it is one news story among thousands of different forms of social propaganda being hurled against us as offensive weapons each and every day of our existence.
Those of us who honor Truth and Self must understand the insidious nature of social propaganda. We must be vigilant against allowing feelings to gain any foothold within our minds, over fact, reality, and Truth. The Alien Eye must never close, as we are being attacked relentlessly, in thousands of different ways, each day. Everything externally presented to us, must be critically dissected within the preconception, not a bias but an understanding, that if it originates from society, it will contain lies, deception, and intentional propaganda/brainwashing/indoctrination messages and content.
This specific news story utilizes the terror threat of death to overtly promote the insane and toxic rituals of externalized love illusion, marriage, religion, god, and the supremely deranged and universally destructive concept that an afterlife can be experienced when you are dead and possess no brain function.
If you should ever come across a news/media story which is designed to make you feel good, and you actually do feel better after reading or viewing it, you must immediately reject this feeling, and commence a critical, Truth-based analysis of why the news/media story has impacted your emotional state. Invariably, if you embrace Forbidden Truth, you will find that propagandized deceit and subversion of reality/Truth, is directly at play in invalidly altering your emotional state.
© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Forbidden Truths Exposed by Ferguson Verdict

The number one news media story in amerikkka today, is that one pig, a formerly tortured and victimized child, was decreed by the amerikkkan government, blameless and not guilty for murdering one tortured child, and the domestic unrest which has resulted from this judicial decision.
There are so many different Forbidden Truths being concealed, rejected, exposed, and ignored, just within this one incident and the resulting media and public response, that it is difficult to know where to begin, in terms of dissecting and revealing them. First, understanding that this blog has an international audience who may not have followed this case, here is a good overview, first from a recent wikipedia entry, and second from an updated news article just published today:
It is important for all readers to understand that the Forbidden Truths I am revealing below are universally applicable to all societies, and not in any way limited to the governmental or cultural dynamics of amerikkka. No matter which government enslaves you, and no matter how its cultural constructs and genocidal history may vary from that of amerikkka, the Michael Brown child murder by the amerikkkan government, and everything which has transpired in its aftermath, reveals many universally applicable Forbidden Truths which transcend all cultural and societal illusions of difference.
Let us begin with one of the grandest of themes: Punitive punishment is always wrong, and always impossible to justify. This Forbidden Truth is extremely dangerous to all slave-based social structures, and therefore must be completely concealed from all conscious contemplation. Consider: In the wake of a supreme act of injustice: The murder by the state of a tortured and victimized child, Michael Brown, the state puts forth the deranged concept that justice can be achieved by carrying out a new and different act of supreme injustice, in direct response to the initial act of supreme injustice: The punitive punishment of Darren Wilson, who exists as nothing more than another tortured and victimized child.
All punitive punishment by a nation-state or by any organized social structure, is always wrong, supremely immortal, and impossible to justify. All punitive punishment serves the interests of the slave-state in maintaining and legitimizing the perverse notion that punishment can be utilized to achieve justice, when in Truth the infliction of any type of punishment can never do anything but perpetuate the cycle of universal injustice upon which citizenship itself, and the structure of governance, was founded and is sustained.
Further, the very concept of punitive punishment posessing any legitimacy as an individual act of emotional catharsis or intellectual instruction, within any approved social ritual, is fatally flawed and impossible to justify. Spanking is marketed by society as an acceptable and appropriate punishment for children. Verbal terrorization and threat, social shaming, chores and homework imposed upon children, are all marketed as necessary and appropriate child-rearing techniques, when in Truth they are acts of punitive punishment which harm every child and destroy all human potential to evolve, as a direct result.
The punitive punishments suffered by fellow victims Michael Brown and Darren Wilson, directly led both of them to make the stupid, Self-hating, and Self-destroying choices of the Inferior human being, directly resulting in the incident itself which resulted in Michael Brown being murdered by the state. The murderer of Michael Brown is not Darren Wilson, but the government of amerikkka, which is guilty of and responsible for destroying both of these children.
Understand how the media and the usa government completely cloaks Forbidden Truths such as I have articulated above, by the very specific and deliberate manner in which it covers and positions a news event such as this, boxing it into absurd illusions of racial and economic strife.
So now we can begin to understand a second Forbidden Truth being exposed: Racism and ethnicity addiction is actively promoted by all governments and societies, in order to allow for and actively foster the blind misdirection of justified rage and hate by individual citizen-slaves, against each other, instead of against the government itself. government destroys each and every citizen-slave, then deploys the completely artificial construct of racial division and strife, to pit destroyed victims against each other, in an epic and grand struggle intended to stretch over centuries of time, because government understands that this struggle can never achieve any positive result, because it is fatally flawed and ignores the Forbidden Truth that government is the puppetmaster, the creator, of all racial and ethnic division.
The usa regime and its puppetmaster media deliberately played up the Ferguson incident, because an opportunity to exploit racial division was recognized as useful in solidifying the misdirection of social unrest. Now, the inferiors cannot understand how encouraging social unrest can strengthen a regime. Does not encouraging social unrest weaken a regime and make it more vulnerable to sabotage and destruction from within?? No! Especially not when a regime is as powerfully integrated to the core consciousness of its citizen-slaves, as amerikkka is.
Domestic unrest rooted within and directly inspired by the Forbidden Truths, poses an absolutely grave threat to destroy government itself. That is why government actively seeks to promote domestic unrest which occurs absent all recognition, much less embrace, of Forbidden Truth. These manifestations of social unrest, and the Ferguson police murder of Michael Brown is a perfect example, strengthen regimes, by allowing them to raise artificial constructs such as racism, to new heights of public obsession, making the True enemy, and all Truth-based solutions to eradicating the enemy, impossible to even imagine or conceive of.
Race and ethnic makeup had absolutely nothing to do with what happened to Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, usa. Universal child abuse, the slave shackle of government, the imposition of universal injustice via law, and the institutionalized contempt for all Forbidden Truth which defines the human experience of existence in the 21st century, is what caused one tortured child to murder another tortured child in Ferguson, Missouri, an act identical to millions of similar acts which occur every year all across the world, directly linking to the Forbidden Truth that each and every one of us has already been murdered by the state in certain ways, is being actively murdered on a daily, ongoing basis, and will ultimately be fully and completely murdered by the state, just as Michael Brown was.
So now we can move on to another primary Forbidden Truth: As all murder is sponsored and solicited by the State, the very notion of the state holding any individual accountable, guilty, and responsible for carrying out any act of murder, is simply insane and absurd. Darren Wilson was employed by the government of amerikkka as a police officer. The mandate of the police officer is to force citizen-slaves to conform to the terrorism of unjust law, and to directly inflict harm, up to and including murder, upon any citizen-slave who defies the terrorist law being imposed upon him, without his consent. The police officer is empowered to commit murder, by the state, by the government, just as every military soldier is so empowered. Therefore, any act of murder carried out by a police officer, is an act of murder carried out by the state, which bears absolute guilt and responsibility for it having occurred.
The concept of “legal murder” has already been fully dissected and discredited by Me in a previous essay, so I will not repeat Myself here, only to affirm that the concept that in some situations a pig may legally and appropriately kill a fellow victim while acting as hired goon for a government, while in other cases his action is illegal, inappropriate, and constitutes an act of “murder” for which he himself deserves to be punished by the state, is supremely deranged.
Law as imposed by a government is nothing more than organized criminality: The legitimization of universal suffering and injustice and harm, built upon the specific standards as set by the organized criminal enterprise that is the nation-state. government gives itself permission to steal your very life, while decreeing you a criminal for stealing a cigar, after addicting you to the toxic and deadly substance of nicotine, by overtly encouraging and rewarding its production, sale, and usage. Smoke this Forbidden Truth, as you focus upon the detail that the alleged “crime” which prompted torture victim Darren Wilson to confront fellow torture victim Michael Brown, was the theft of a box of cigars from a store.
Which leads us to still more Forbidden Truths regarding the use of monetary currency by the state to inflict universal slavery upon all, and to specifically create a caste system of economic inequality to brainwash the majority of citizen-slaves that they must protect and defend their government because it has granted them a lesser degree of monetary oppression and injustice than it has imposed upon others. The Forbidden Truth: Nobody is rich, nobody is middle-class, nobody is poor. Money has no Truth-based value, it exists simply as a diversionary tool, to cloak the supreme injustice of universal slavery which every government imposes upon every citizen and resident.
government wants you to open a store and sell cigarettes and alcohol. Deliver the instruments of death to others, even as you accept your own death at the hands of the state. And government wants the ghetto, the slum, the homeless, so you can be successfully brainwashed into believing you are rich, believing that you are different, believing you have been given something of value by the state, something to protect and defend, believing that you owe something to the state, because it has managed to convince you that others are suffering more, and that it is protecting you from their suffering, even as it is guilty of sponsoring universal suffering of and for all.
And so you can turn on CNN right now and enjoy the ongoing propaganda campaign. The blacks against the whites, the rich against the poor, the good against the bad. The blacks are upset because they are being denied justice! Oh noble cause, let them fight for justice! But they burned down a store! Now the store can’t sell deadly tobacco and alcohol. What an injustice! We must stop the violence, lets unite behind this grand idea: No more violence! Never mind that each of us is a directly victimized creation of the genocidal violence of the state of amerikkka.
Dissect what is happening right now in Ferguson, Missouri with the Alien Eye of uncompromising Forbidden Truth and you will see what the amerikkkan media is making certain you can never see and understand:
1: Your government is your greatest enemy.
2: No police force has any legitimate right to exist.
3: All punishment is injustice.
4: No nation-state has any legitimate right to punish any individual for violating any law.
5: All actions designated by a nation-state as crimes, are deceptions which serve to cover-up the criminality inherent in all governance.
6: Race and class division is a deliberate and intentional construct of government and society, to pit victims against each other.
7: Domestic unrest, in limited and controlled environments, is deliberately fomented by nation-states in order to increase patriotic allegiance of the masses.
8: No riots or other localized incidents of domestic unrest can pose any threat to a government, unless the rioters and perpetrators of violence are specifically ideated, on a conscious level, to destroy government and institute anarchistic freedom.
9: All attempts by citizens to obtain justice within a legal structure as sponsored by government, constitute absolute betrayals of Self and Truth, which only guarantee the continuation of universal injustice for all.
10: The victimization of those successfully brainwashed to serve the state, such as police officers and military soldiers, is just as great and must be just as fully acknowledged, as the victimization of anyone that these victims may harm.
11: Justice is dead. Justice is a victim of the murder that is government propaganda and brainwashing. It is not possible for any victim of injustice to achieve justice, within any state or government sponsored structure, as government exists as the foundational source and root of all injustice.
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Five Old Skool Songs Celebrating Mass Murder

Inferiors think that those gripped by the passion of homicidal rage are always dark and brooding, depressed and despairing. No! Those of us who have mastered our minds, find euphoric joy in the expression of homicidal rage. Our hatred is simultaneously the darkest of darks, and the lightest of lights, a celebration of the glory of reflection, the transformation of Self-destruction, to the purity of destroying the world.
Integral to maximizing the creation of a Self-universe, is the euphoric celebration of the destruction of all universes which have externally imposed upon you. Mass murder, any way you define or express it, within autonomy of mind, is a lyrically beautiful and transformative expression of emotion and of thought, to be celebrated as a joyful achievement within the perceptive, conscious mind. And so I proudly present five of My favorite old skool lyrical tributes to the act of mass murder, songs which have found and formed a deep and abiding root to My consciousness, songs I have listened to over and over and over, for decades, not merely with My ears, but with My mind and My consciousness.
Allow yourselves to be swept into the majestic grandeur of rage that these songs express, and if you are strong enough, find joy in the hatred of lyrical beauty.

We begin with Another One Bites The Dust, by Queen, absolutely perfect for those family massacre situations:

Kicking it up a notch for the urbanized torture victims seeking immersion of mind via mass murder, we have Go’n Breakdown, by Suicidal Tendencies, feel the joy!

Keeping it real, both literally and figuratively, you can rock out to I Don’t Like Mondays, by The Boomtown Rats, directly inspired by one of the original school shooters, grandma of the genre, torture victim and Martyr Brenda Spencer, who opened fire on an elementary school in San Diego, California on January 29, 1979:

The Forbidden Truth universe of Seer Charles Manson has inspired many thousands to pursue unique paths of enlightened consciousness, including Ozzy Osbourne and this passionate description of rage unleashed, Bloodbath In Paradise:

And to top off our bloody journey, we have Red Rain, by Peter Gabriel. Is it really about mass murder, or just some raindrops mysteriously turned red? Well, just picture Yourself in the middle of a mass murder rampage, emptying magazine after magazine, blood spurting and erupting and oozing and running in every direction, and listen to this haunting song of personal suffering and the catharsis of the Red Rain:

The mass murderer sings and shouts and expresses himself so beautifully, but you fools are too blind and deaf and dumb to listen, and to hear. Open your minds and extinguish your hypocrisy! Just let the Red Rain splash you, let the rain fall on your skin!
Written Text © Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

Adam Lanza: Martyr of amerikkkan Society

amerikkkan media and society continues to demonize and discredit Adam Lanza, a created victim and Martyr who sacrificed his very life in the name of Truth. Always, in the wake of enigmatically dynamic claims of personal vengeance which cannot simply be hidden and shuttered away, agents of society are empowered to provide “official” reports intended to demonize, distract, and discredit the individuals who sought personal vengeance, and their justified grievances.
The below report, authored by the insanely named “Connecticut Office of Child Advocate”, demonizes Adam Lanza as mentally ill, and attempts to cover up the True reasons for his rampage of personal vengeance, via cloaks of economic inequality, class warfare, and racial/ethnic prejudice, all of which are foundational structures built into the very society that the “connecticut office of child advocate” represents and is attempting to defend:
Adam Lanza was an abused child. His abuse was sponsored by the government and society he was born into and enslaved by. Amerikkkan society does not advocate on behalf of children, it never has and it never will. Governmental organizations such as the “Connecticut Office of Child Advocate” exist solely to prop up the lie and the illusion that amerikkkan society is attempting to protect and aid children. It is not. Amerikkkan society is devoted to ensuring the functional destruction of every single child, and successfully achieves this goal.
Adam Lanza was no more mentally ill than any other child born into a mentally deranged society. His behaviors indicate a better degree of mental health than that of most children. His attempts to isolate from human contact were attempts to protect himself from further harm and trauma. The conclusion of the amerikkkan government that he needed psychiatric medication and/or mental health therapy, represent an absolute disconnect with reality and Truth. These conclusions represent the interests of society is turning every destroyed child into a blind zombie and obedient slave, willing to commit suicide slowly and over time, while serving society in legitimizing its deranged social structures.
Forcing Adam Lanza to socialize more with human beings, would only have driven him into further despair, likely prompting a suicide alone and isolated, a suicide in which he would have disappeared from the universe leaving no public trace of his torment, which is exactly what your society wants. Your society wants to quietly cull its herd, get rid of those broken slaves who are unable to prop it up, without any ripple which may threaten to expose any Forbidden Truth.
This report by The Connecticut Office of Child Advoacate is a pure whitewashing of Truth and of reality, it exists so that you diseased creatures can wipe your hands clean of the responsibility and guilt that you bear for the child abuse suffered by Adam Lanza and by all other children. It allows you to create the illusion that “your” child is not like Adam Lanza, that he was mentally ill, that he was denied the care and treatment that could have helped him. Bullsh*t! Adam Lanza was EVERY child, Adam Lanza lives on in every child currently alive, every child who is suffering the horror of being forced to mature surrounded by a deranged social structure that is overtly attempting to destroy him, body, mind, and spirit.
Here is the complete report of the Connecticut Office of Child Advocate:

Click to access sandyhook11212014.pdf

I do not have time to dissect it in its entirety. But all you have to do is read it with an unbiased mind, and the utter hypocrisy, the obvious attempt to deny actual guilt and responsibility, is clear to anyone who embraces the Forbidden Truths of child abuse as I have articulated within My Manifesto. Why do the authors choose to reduce Adam Lanza, the Name of a Child Victim, to the letters “AL”. Why would this official report strip Adam Lanza of his very name?? To reduce the length of the report? To spare the keyboard typist a sore finger from having to type a few extra letters?? No, of course not! The reason the report abbreviates Adam Lanza’s name to “AL” is to dehumanize him, to portray him as less than every other named individual in the report.
And continue reading, right in the very first few paragraphs, this pure whitewashing of Truth via an official document of the us government, declares: “This report will identify missed opportunities in the life of AL. Authors underscore however that only AL was responsible for his murderous actions at Sandy Hook.” How utterly absurd! Imagine if Martyr Adam Lanza had simply committed suicide, quietly and privately, inside of his own home, harming nobody else, and the state of Connecticut had decided to write an official report on that act. Would the report have concluded “Only Adam Lanza was responsible for causing his own suicide.” No, of course not! This is because society has a vested interest in promoting silent suicide, which is a far greater tragedy than any proactive attack upon others and upon society itself, such as Adam’s actions.
This report pretends to be critical of the Sacred Family Unit, to a measured degree, but in Truth it legitimizes and props up this absurd construct, which enslaved Adam at birth to two individuals who were unfit and unqualified to care for him. This report pretends to be critical of the care he received from “mental health” structures, totally ignoring the Forbidden Truth that all psychiatric and psychological structures are designed to promote and legitimize the mental illness and derangements which victimized Adam and resulted in his decision to seek and claim cathartic vengeance.
This article describes Adam Lanza’s father as a “financial services executive”. Does it tell you how many thousands of lives this man destroyed, as a representative of the caste system of universal enslavement to money? No. Adam Lanza is demonized because he harvested 27 human beings, while “financial services executives” who cause universal suffering and literally the destruction of all human potential to avoid extinction, via psychopathic worship of economic inequality and the forced starvation deaths of millions of human beings every year, are sanctified as role models children should aspire to become. Adam Lanza lived out his existence as a saint, causing no harm to anyone, in comparison to any and every “financial service executive”, such as his father.
Adam Lanza sought and needed social isolation, anyone who reads this entire report with an unbiased perspective must reach this obvious conclusion. Efforts by society to force Adam Lanza to socialize would only have caused him greater trauma, and may well have driven him to a silent suicide. This official report is fatally flawed and spits in the face of both Adam and the Forbidden Truths of child abuse. Forced socialization, in and of itself, is a brutal form of child abuse. Forcing any child to ingest substances which alter his reality perceptions, under the guise of “psychiatric medication” which is intended to help him conform to established social standards of normalcy, is a brutal form of child abuse.
The Forbidden Truth is: No child in the 21st century has any advocates in any social or governmental structure. Every society and government of the 21st century advocates against children, directly sponsoring the deranged and malicious structures which ensure universal child abuse is imposed upon each and every child on earth.
The hypocrisy of humanity in choosing to destroy every child and then refusing to accept any guilt and responsibility for its own actions, is sickening and perverse beyond all measure. Let us show honor and respect for the select few torture victims, such as Adam Lanza, who find the strength to try to lay a little Truth upon the consciousness of us all.
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20 Reasons I am an Atheist

In no particular order:
I am an atheist because I am sane.
I am an atheist because I am too busy worshipping Myself, to even contemplate the possibility of worshipping anything else, real or imaginary.
I am an atheist because if a god creature existed, I would be morally obligated to hunt him down and subject him to eternal torment after judging him guilty of unspeakable crimes of genocide against all other living things, despite the fact that I personally possess no morals.
I am an atheist because I have the courage to face up to the Forbidden Truths of what death entails.
I am an atheist because god does not exist.
I am an atheist because I prefer to be the terrorizer, instead of the terrorized.
I am an atheist because religion is a premeier terrorist weapon of My greatest enemy: The government.
I am an atheist because nothing that a majority of humans believe in or choose to do, could ever represent Truth, sanity, or a path of Superiority.
I am an atheist because I have already personally attacked, murdered, dissected, decapitated, ingested, excreted, and flushed down the toilet, every mythological creature ever presented to Me as a god candidate.
I am an atheist because science has proven beyond all doubt that life naturally evolves and mutates, and the human is himself the perfect illustration of this Truth.
I am an atheist because to worship a god is to worship not merely death, but your own death.
I am an atheist because religion is the ritualized humiliation of Self.
I am an atheist because belief in god is the single greatest barrier to technological immortality being established as a functional reality, as of today.
I am an atheist because those who believe in god are primitive barbarians, unfit to soil the 21st century with their caged minds and brain pathology.
I am an atheist because religion is a weapon of the universal war being waged against each of us by every society and government on earth.
I am an atheist because I have transcended My humanity and I can see the pitiful role religion plays in providing false comfort and false hope to those who are merely pretending to be alive.
I am an atheist because only dead fish go with the flow.
I am an atheist because I do not allow reality and Truth to be fictionalized.
I am an atheist because I lay down the law upon the world, the world does not get to law down any laws upon Me.
I am an atheist because the mythology of god spits in the face of every living thing, demeaning our capacity to maximize our potential.


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Emotionally Autonomous Isolationist Misanthrope

If I ever become famous, the media, in a deliberate effort to demonize Me and far more importantly, to discredit the Forbidden Truths which I articulate and embody, will decree Me to be a loner. Or perhaps an extreme loner, or maybe a lifelong loner. But you can be certain, the word “loner” will be prominently featured in every news media article.
Loner is a demonizing label applied by society and government to discredit all who reject the toxicity of emotional dependency and socialized enmeshment, which cripples humanity on an individual level, thereby dooming the entire species. It is My pleasure to proactively suffocate this specific form of definitional brainwashing as it may be appled to Me by My sworn enemy.
I am more than a loner, more than a lifelong adult virgin, more than an angry individual obsessed with revenge. I reject all outside labels. I define Myself within the glory of Truth, in everything I may do and say and represent. To any creature, human or otherwise, who may read or hear external descriptions of what I was or am, you are obligated, if you seek Truth, to reject all such external descriptions, and recognize Me via the portraits I paint of Myself, using the millions of words I have written, analyzed within the absolutely clarity of a life lived as outsider, outcast, and outlaw, a life lived to honor Self, Truth, and the glory of reflection, perfected.
I exist as emotionally autonomous, isolationist misanthrope. My emotional autonomy is a bedrock foundation behind all I choose to say and do. Emotional autonomy does not refer to any lack of emotion, or any inhibition of emotion. Emotional autonomy refers to freedom and to ownership. Emotional autonomy is what allows Me to own My mind, and to make every decision free of the prejudice of external imposition and manipulation of My True Reality. Within the slave state, I have maximized My experience of personal freedom, by breaking all shackles of emotional dependency and connectivity with all living things, most directly and primarily, with all human beings.
Emotional autonomy does not limit either the embrace or the expression of any emotion. Emotional autonomy allows Me, as a Superior creature, to successfully subordinate all emotions, on a specific and ongoing case-by-case basis, to rational and intellectualized judgment rooted within absolute fact, reality, and Truth. Emotional autonomy is a unique achievement of mind by the Superior individual, an achievement which the inferiors cannot even contemplate attempting to strive for, as they remain hopelessly trapped within their mind cages.
I am an isolationist. If you examine dictionary definitions of the term “isolationist” and isolationism, you will see that they consistently reference only a country, the foreign policy of a government. I fully reject and renounce this definitional limitation and prejudice, as I decree Myself an isolationist. Isolationism perfectly describes the individual choice to detach from all human contact, as a philosophical and ideological aid to maximizing positive experience of personal existence. The isolationist isolates for the very specific, foundational reason of understanding beyond all doubt, that rejecting all dependency-based human interactivity, is extremely important in achieving all that is positive and beneficial to Self.
The isolationist is not motivated by fear or bias, not motivated by a desire for comfort or a continuation of long-standing ritual or habit. The isolationist simply knows and embraces the fact that there is no other living thing worthy of experiencing a communion of mind with Him. He communes only with Himself. The isolationist embraces the Truth, rooted with the achievement of absolute emotional autonomy, that there is nothing to be gained via any form or aspect of human interaction that has a basis in personal or emotional bonding.
And finally, I am a misanthrope. There is no neutrality within My understanding of the True nature of humanity. I hate and despise humanity as a species, free of all bias, simply reflecting the factual reality of what humanity is, of what humanity is guilty of, of what humanity has done to Me personally, and does to every child, and to every adult, and to every living thing it is allowed to have contact with. I am a full-fledged misanthrope, incorporating absolute emotional autonomy and the Self-governance of mind as Truthfully defined via personal isolationism.
My misanthropy is proud and unwavering, a badge of honor I wear as created victim of the most inferior species of life to have ever infested planet earth. I am a misanthrope because I know exactly what humanity is, with the same clarity of mind as I know exactly what I am, and why I am what I am. You can define Me as a hater, but if you do so absent the context of My personal achievement of emotional autonomy, and ideological embrace of isolationism is a positive way of life, and the concrete fact that every last bit of My rage and hate is not merely justified, but necessary in order to accurately reflect both Truth and My True Reality, your definition is both inaccurate and exists as overt attack upon Me and upon Truth itself.
So, to all who seek Truth, if you should ever read an article or hear a report or access any type of information in which others attempt to describe Me, you should reject that description, and seek out the texts that I have personally written or otherwise created via audio or videotape, such as this essay, in which I define Myself within the Forbidden Truth of what I am, absent the biased attempts of others who serve as agents of society, of government, and of humanity, to demonize and discredit Truth, and to maintain the structures of universal human genocide which bear full guilt for My victimization.
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I Do Not Want

I do not want to be happy. I want the infinite reasons why no sane and sentient creature alive today can ever achieve happiness, to be eliminated.
I do not want to be healthy. I want to be immortal.
I do not want to make you smile. I want the suffering of all creatures etched onto your face.
I do not want to see you. I want to see Myself.
I do not want your prayers. I want all hopelessness to be openly acknowledged.
I do not want to have a lot of money. I want the illusion that money has value, to be torn asunder.
I do not want to be loved. I want the love I hold for Myself right now, to be eternally maintained and protected.
I do not want to kill you. I want my mind to always remain strong enough so that I can kill you again and again and again, over and over and over.
I do not want a body. I want a million brain hosts, with my primary and back-up brains free to pick and choose a new host each day.
I do not want a watch. I want to eliminate the illusion and the artificial construct of time.
I do not want to forget. I want to remember every horror, in intimate detail, so that humanity can never imagine being forgiven.
I do not want to feel free. I want each of the 1000’s of different cages humanity has built to try to imprison Me, to be shattered and stomped into oblivion.
I do not want comfort. I want every external source of trauma and stress to be destroyed.
I do not want peace. I want to win the war being waged against Me each minute of every day by society and government.
I do not want a kiss. I want My lips to be able to reach every part of My body, so that I can kiss Myself everywhere.
I do not want to own a house. I want to own the universe that I have created and inhabit.
I do not want to wear your masks. I want to tear off your masks and force you to see what you are.
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